Elden Ring Guide – Deeproot Depths Location and Walkthrough

In the Leyndell Region of Elden Ring is where you’ll find the larger underground region known as Deeproot Depths, as well as the hybrid dungeon. It is an optional underground area that is slightly more linear than the overworld, but it maintains many of the overworld’s core mechanics, such as fast travel and the restoration of flasks upon the defeat of enemy groups. This page contains information on the location, a walkthrough, and a guide to traverse this area, locate all of its treasure, and find out how to defeat the enemies that are located within it.

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EnemiesBossNotable Loot
Ants, Basilisks, Mausoleum Soldiers, Mausoleum Knights, RunebearsCrucible Knight Siluria, Fia’s Champions, Lichdragon FortissaxStaff of the Avatar, Ash of War: Golden Land, Numen’s Rune, Rune Arc, Elden Stars, Ash of War: Vacuum Slice, Prince of Death’s Cyst, Mausoleum Soldiers Ashes, Siluria’s Tree, Crucible Tree Helm, Crucible Tree Armor, Crucible Gauntlets, Crucible Greaves, Prince of Death’s Staff, Fia’s Mist, Remembrance of the Lichdragon, Mending Rune of the Death-Prince

How to Get to Deeproot Depths

The dungeon known as Deeproot Depths can be reached from two different points. One of them is a teleporter, and the other is a coffin that can be ridden up a waterfall in Nokron, Eternal City, after you have defeated the Valiant Gargoyles there. This walkthrough will begin with the coffin ride.

after the Gargoyles have been vanquished. You can find a coffin to rest in if you go all the way back to the very back of the arena and stand up against the waterfall. You can trigger a cutscene by interacting with it, which will involve riding the coffin up the waterfall to Deeprot Depths, where you will find yourself standing next to a Site of Grace.

Deeproot Depths Walkthrough

You can reach a dead body that is holding a Smithing Stone by heading southwest from the Site of Grace and then using Torrent to platform up the tree roots. The dead body is facing east (6). You’ll notice an Erdtree Avatar guarding the area to the southeast of here. Conquer it to obtain the Staff of the Avatar, and beyond it, you’ll find a Scarab guarding the Ash of War: Golden Land.

After navigating around the tree roots, turn to the northwest and look for a slope with a branch that is guarded by two winged ants. Before going any further, you will come to a fork that winds its way up into the rock face and has a narrow opening.

After entering the building and travelling through a short tunnel, you will find yourself in a cavern that is inhabited by ants and ant queens. Although the regular ants will become hostile as soon as they detect your presence, it is up to you to decide whether or not you will eliminate the Ant Queens. You will, however, obtain a Numen’s Rune and a Rune Arc for every one of them that you kill. In addition, there are four Queens located within this passageway.

When you reach the bottom of the area with the three Queens, there is a dead body to the right that is holding a Somber Smithing Stone (6). You can find the Elden Stars Incantation by continuing through the cave until you reach its conclusion and defeating any remaining Ants along the way. The corpse will be holding the item.

From this vantage point, descend onto the platform while holding onto two Winged Ants. After reaching that point, proceed along the branch to the west until you find a dead body holding a smithing stone (4).

If you head left (to the southeast), you can head along a small piece of wood to reach a corpse that is holding a Golden Rune. If you head southwest, you will see seven winged ants: six of them will be flying in the air, and the seventh will be standing on the ground to your right (4).

After defeating the Winged Ants, you’ll find three dead bodies in the clearing that they were circling above; one of them is holding a Smithing Stone (4), another is holding a Warming Stone x3, and the third is holding a Golden Rune (6). Keep climbing all the way up to the west until you reach the edge of a cliff where there is a Finger Reader Crone and a Site of Grace.

From the Site of Grace, travel to the northeast along the path that is close to the rim of the waterfall. You will come across a small ruin hidden among the trees on the right that is full of Basilisks. They are keeping watch over two dead bodies, one of which contains a Rune Arc and the other contains Smithing Stone (6) times 3. There are a number of dead bodies strewn about the pathway; some of them have Smithing Stones, while others have Hefty Beast Bones. One particular body can be found in the middle of this abandoned town, on the steps of the circular structure that houses the Map: Deeproot Depths.

From this structure, travel to the north-northeast and enter through the doors that are open to confront the enemy that is protecting the Ash of War: Vacuum Slice.

After reentering the main area, travel to the east until you reach the waterfall that is located behind the ruined church. There, you will find a cave containing a Runebear. You will receive the Prince of Death’s Cyst if you are successful in defeating the Runebear.

After that, travel to the southwest through all of the ruins, and you will eventually come out on the other side close to a Site of Grace. From this Site of Grace, head west into the ruins among the water to find corpses among the coffins that are holding Human Bone Shard x5, Smithing Stone (4) x2, Clarifying Boluses, Golden Rune (9), Golden Rune (8) x2, and a Nascent Butterfly. You can also find a Nascent Butterfly in the ruins. In addition, there is a Ghost Glovewort (5) located next to the nearby tree. You can find another coffin that you can rest in that will take you to Ainsel River Main if that is where you want to go. It is located to the southwest of the waterfall’s edge.

As you head north, you will see in the distance what appears to be a Walking Mausoleum that is being protected by Mausoleum Soldiers. Another Runebear can be found hidden away in a cave across the water from the large building that resembles a cathedral and is located close to the Walking Mausoleum.

You must vanquish it in order to pillage the three bodies it was guarding, which will net you a Somber Smithing Stone (7), a Golden Rune (8), and Fan Daggers x4 respectively.

You will need to platform up the tree branches to the southwest in order to lower the Mausoleum. After that, you will need to clear the skull clusters that are located around the rim of the Mausoleums building.

The Mausoleum Soldiers Ashes can be found in the far north, close to an old tree stump that has rotted away. The optional Field Boss, Crucible Knight Siluria, can be found in a small clearing that can be reached by heading southwest through the thicket of tree roots and branches and continuing past it. This will lead you to the giant tree.

Should you prevail over them, you will be rewarded with the spear of the Siluria’s Tree. The Crucible Tree Helm, the Crucible Tree Armor, the Crucible Gauntlets, and the Crucible Greaves are all contained inside the chest that Siluria was guarding while she was standing guard over the Crucible Tree.

When viewed from the tree, the structure to the east contains a spirit spring that is located below and to the right of it. You can retrieve a Stonesword Key from a dead body on the roof of the building next to the spirit spring by using it as a springboard to launch yourself onto the roof.

You can see a number of the large fire-breathing enemies lining the roofs high above if you backtrack to the ruined town, which is located near the most recent Site of Grace that you activated, and then platform up the branches (with or without Torrent).

As you make your way up the branch that curves to the left, you’ll need to avoid the flames that are coming from the enemy that is above you. On the roof of the building that curves to the left, there is a dead body that is holding the Staff of the Prince of Death. After falling from the branch onto the roof below on the left, obtain the Arteria Leaf x5 from the dead body that is there, and then follow the branches back up to the top.

As you continue up the branch to the right, you will soon come face to face with two more enemies that can breathe fire above you. It is recommended that you take the branch that leads to the right and pass both of them before jumping back across on the roof with one of them. After that, you will be able to safely eliminate both of them.

Continue climbing the branch to the southeast, and then jump back to the northwest to face another fire-breathing foe on a level higher than the two you just defeated. This should be done before you cross the branch to the northeast and move on to the next area. On the farthest edge of that roof is a dead body holding three copies of the Nascent Butterfly.

Now turn to the northeast and you will see an archway through a thicket of tree roots on the left and a Site of Grace below you. The Site of Grace is located on the other side of the last bit of branch. If you’ve gotten far enough in Fia’s Questline, an encounter with the boss will start as soon as you get close to the giant corpse that’s on the other side of this expansive open area. However, this will only happen if you’ve made it this far.

Boss Fight – Fia’s Champions

This fight is one of a kind, but if you are appropriately levelled, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue for you. The boss fight consists of three waves in which you face off against spectral opponents.

The first wave of spectral invaders consists of a single foe, which can be any of the spectral invaders currently available in the game. Because of this, the moveset you’ll be working against will change depending on the specific foe that spawns in at any given time. If you intend to make use of a Spirit Ash in the future, it is best to call it in at this time, as you will have fewer opportunities to do so later on, when it may actually be of greater benefit to you.

Once the first invader has been eliminated, the second wave, which consists of a single invader, will begin. Once more, you need to clear this one before the third wave can begin.

The third wave is where things have the potential to become difficult because all three invaders will spawn in at the same time. If you have already summoned your Spirit Ash, it will assist you in deflecting some of the aggression that at least one of the other players is directing towards you. When engaging in the dance of battle against the spirits that are more focused on close-quarters combat, if one of the invaders is a magic user, you should focus your attention on them first. This will prevent any ranged attacks from catching you off guard. After you have defeated all three ghosts, the battle will end, and you will be awarded the Fia’s Mist Sorcery and a Site of Grace will appear close to the large corpse. You will also see Fia waiting for you directly beneath the corpse.

Fia’s Embrace

When you get close to Fia and start talking to her, you need to tell her that you want to be held, then you need to give her the Cursemark of Death when she asks for it, and finally you need to finish talking to her.

When she starts repeating herself, retreat away from Fia and take a break at the Site of Grace behind you. When you return to Fia, you will find that she is acting as if she is resting. When you make contact with her, you will be given the option to enter the Deathbed Dream. Carry out this action to start a new boss fight!

Boss Fight – Lichdragon Fortissax

The Lichdragon Fortissax is a formidable foe that is a large dragon and relies on claw swipe attacks and electrical moves that deal significant damage.

It is possible for Fortissax to perform a variety of moves that are similar to those that other dragons are capable of, such as breathing fire, lunging forward, performing a 180-degree tailspin, and flying into the air before crashing back down into the ground.

However, Fortissax will begin the battle by calling down a series of multiple small lightning strikes, each of which will leave behind clouds of vapour that inflict Death. This makes it immediately more difficult to navigate the arena safely, so it is recommended to use this time while Fortissax is in the animation to summon an upgraded Spirit Ash to draw some fire and get in some extra damage. This should be done while Fortissax is in the animation. You should keep your attacks focused on the area just behind Fortissax’s legs in order to give yourself the best chance of stunning the dragon. The only significant attack to watch out for in this area is the opponent’s foot stomps, which can be easily avoided by rolling dodge.

Additionally, Fortissax possesses the ability to slam rods of electricity into the ground in front of it, thereby producing a significant shockwave that spreads out across the majority of the arena. Keep an eye out for these rods to be summoned in Fortissax’s hands because they can be lethal and dangerous even if they only temporarily incapacitate or stagger you. Keep your head turning every time you go in for an attack because the head and chest are both relatively difficult to reach for melee builds. It is best not to lock on to Fortissax because you will either be directed to the head or the chest, which are both relatively difficult to reach for melee builds.

You will be rewarded with the Remembrance of the Lichdragon once you have successfully brought Fortissax’s health down to zero and vanquished the dragon. You will then be able to go back to Fia’s body and retrieve the Mending Rune of the Death-Prince, which is an item that is required for you to reach one of the alternative endings in Elden Ring.