Elden Ring Guide – Mountaintops of the Giants (East) – Dungeons, Points of Interest, and Secrets

One of the last two regions to be explored in Elden Ring, Mountaintops of the Giants is one of them. On this page, you will find an overview of the region, which details the primary dungeons, bosses, loot, and secrets that can be discovered in this area.

After completing the quests in Leyndell, the Royal Capital on the Altus Plateau, and defeating Morgott, Omen King, you will finally be able to travel to the region known as Mountaintops of the Giants.

This snowy region is home to some of the most difficult bosses and enemies in the game, but it also conceals a wealth of secrets, gear, and high-level upgrade materials that can assist you as you make your way through the persistent blizzard.

Because the ground is entirely covered in snow, there are no roads in this region. The Mountaintops of the Giants, on the other hand, are where you’ll find the hidden entrance to the western half of the region, which is the Consecrated Snowfield. This is a side quest that will lead you to Miquella’s Haligtree.

Mountaintops of the Giants Map Fragment Location

You will need to locate three Map Fragments in the Steles that can be found in the East and West Mountaintops of the Giants, as well as in the Consecrated Snowfield, in order to uncover the specifics and topography of the entire Mountaintops of the Giants region.

If you are able to track down all three of these Map Fragments, you will be able to finish the map of the Lands Between and see the entire world of Elden Ring.

The Mountaintops of the Giants, East Map Fragment can be found at a Stele that can be reached by travelling south of Guardian’s Garrison and crossing the chain bridge. The Stele can be found in close proximity to the Site of Grace, which is a Giant’s Gravepost.

Mountaintops of the Giants (East) Roaming Bosses and Invasions

This region is home to a number of world bosses that can be encountered outside of dungeons. Some of these bosses freely roam certain areas, while others will remain hidden until you approach them to a certain distance, at which point they will emerge. In addition to this, there are multiple scripted invasions carried out by NPC humans that will engage you in combat. Simply select a Boss from the list below to read more about how to take them down.

Boss NameReward
Borealis The Freezing FogDragon Heart, Borealis’s Mist (Dragon Communion Altar)
Roundtable Knight Vyke (Lord Contender’s Evergaol)Fingerprint Set, Vyke’s Dragonbolt (Incantation)
Chief Guardian ArghanthyOne-Eyed Shield
Bloody Finger Okina (NPC Invasion)Rivers of Blood, Okina Mask

Mountaintops of the Giants (East) Minor Dungeons

Mountaintops of the Giants (East) is home to a few Minor Dungeons that are scattered across its snowy landscape. These dungeons range from a cave that has been sealed off to a hero’s grave that is full of unkillable foes. These areas can be completed in any order, and at the conclusion of each one is a miniboss that guards a treasure trove of great value. Simply click on any of the dungeons in the list below to read the detailed walkthrough and strategy guide for navigating that dungeon and discovering all of its secrets.

Dungeon NameBossNotable Loot
1Spiritcaller CaveGodskin Apostle and Godskin NobleBlack Flame Ritual (Incantation), White Reed Set, Godskin Swaddling Cloth
2Giant-Conquering Hero’s GraveAncient Hero of ZamorCranial Vessel Candlestand, Zamor Curved Sword, Flame, Protect Me (Incantation), Giant’s Seal, Zamor Set

Mountaintops of the Giants (East) Merchants and NPCs

There are no merchants or NPCs that you can interact with in this part of the Mountaintops of the Giants, making it unique from the other half of the region. Melina, however, will be waiting for you inside the Forge of the Giants. It is here that she will be able to assist you in destroying the Erdtree and becoming the Elden Lord.

Mountaintops of the Giants (East) Points of Interest

During your travels, you will come across a variety of interesting locations, enemy camps, and other points of interest in the Limgrave region. These can be found throughout the region. Each location has something that is interesting enough to warrant exploration, despite the variety of foes and treasures that can be found there.

If you click on any of the points of interest, you will be taken to the sections below that provide a more in-depth explanation of that particular point of interest, including the foes you will face and the secrets you can find.

Point of InterestEnemies or NPCsNotable Loot and NPCs
1Freezing LakeBorealis the Freezing Fog (Boss)Somber Smithing Stone 7, Ash of War – Seppuku, Dragon Heart
2First Church of MarikaSpirit Jellyfish (Passive)Somberstone Miner’s Bell Bearing 3, Sacred Tear, Smithing Stone 3 x3
3Guardian’s GarrisonFire Monks, Flame Guardians, Rotten Strays, Rats, Chief Guardian Arghanthy (Boss)Smithing Stone 7 x1, Stonesword Key, Giant’s Prayerbook, One-Eyed Shield, Ash of War – Prelate’s Charge
4Church of ReposeBloody Finger Okina (NPC Invasion), Trolls, Giant CrowsRivers of Blood, Okina Mask, Sacred Tear, Somber Smithing Stone 8 (Teardrop Scarab), Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone, Ash of War – Troll’s Roar
5Foot of the ForgeTrolls, Giant Crows, Spiderhands, Lesser SpiderhandsGolden Seed, Somber Smithing Stone 7, Crimsonwhorl Bubbletear
6Flame PeakFire Giant (Boss)Remembrance of the Fire Giant

Freezing Lake

When travelling through the eastern half of this snowy region, you should find that the first location you come across is this enormous frozen lake. Make sure to visit the Site of Grace at Freezing Lake, which is located close to the Birdeye Telescope.

If you face the telescope and head directly east, you should be able to spot the footprints of an invisible Teardrop Scarab relatively quickly. When it is killed, it will drop the Seppuku, which is Ash from the War.

As you move closer to the centre of the lake, you will notice that your screen is covered by a constant blizzard that prevents you from seeing the surrounding area. This will happen as soon as you reach the centre of the lake. Prepare yourself for a fight against a Field Boss, as Borealis, the Freezing Dog dragon, will soon fly in to start the battle for you.

Borealis, Elden Ring’s Great Enemy, is widely considered to be one of the most difficult Dragon bosses in the game. Because of the persistent blizzard, his breath attacks not only cause Frostbite, but they also blend in well with the frozen lake. It is strongly advised that you do battle with him during the daytime, as this will improve your visibility, and that you bring Thawfrost Boluses with you so that you can melt the ice that has accumulated.

After you have vanquished him, you will receive one Dragon Heart and be able to make a purchase at the Cathedral of Dragon Communion in Caelid for the dragon incantation known as Borealis’s Mist.

First Church of Marika

This is the final Church of Marika you will encounter in the game; in addition, it has a Sacred Tear that can be used to upgrade your flask. As you move closer to the church, you’ll soon find a corpse outside its entrance—pick up the Somberstone Miner’s Bell Bearing 3 from it. Additionally, the interior of the church houses a Site of Grace that can be activated.

Guardian’s Garrison

The Guardian’s Garrison is a fort that is occupied by Fire Priests and has a sizable camp situated around its perimeter walls. It is recommended that before continuing to explore the garrison, the Whiteridge Road Site of Grace that is located just before the wooden barricades be visited first. In the area close to the eastern wall, you’ll also find a Stonesword Key.

The staircase that leads inside the garrison is guarded by a Fire Monk; to avoid luring in additional foes, you can either circumvent him by running around him or engage him in combat from a higher vantage point. Enter the building and immediately turn left onto the balcony; the Golden Rune 10 is hidden on the balcony behind some wooden crates. Watch out for the Rotten Stray that is off to your right.

Return to the interior of the building and finish off the remaining Rotten Strays there. The heart of the garrison is guarded by a Flame Guardian who will try to attack you there; however, he is not particularly powerful and is extremely vulnerable to spells and incantations. After you have eliminated all of the enemies, head back down the level; there is a ladder concealed behind some crates below where you will find the rats.

Continue walking along the wooden walkway until you reach an additional Flame Guardian on the upper level; there should be a third one at the very end of this floor. After you have successfully eliminated both of them, search for a body that is lying on the ground while holding a Smithing Stone level 7 item. You will need to make your way slightly back and look for wooden crates that are blocking a broken section of the garrison wall. Once you have found them, you will need to break them and then jump down to the wooden platform.

You will need to navigate around the central tower and past the frozen bodies to reach the exit. Heal up if you need to, as there is a miniboss around the next bend in the path. Due to his extensive repertoire of powerful flame incantations, Chief Guardian Arghanthy presents a formidable obstacle for adventurers to overcome. Be especially wary of his flame pillars; he will bring his hands down to the ground before casting this spell any time he is about to cast it.

After he is vanquished, the One-Eyed Shield will fall from his grasp. After you have vanquished him, proceed inside the corner tower and ascend the ladder once you reach the top. Open the chest that is surrounded by several frozen corpses in order to retrieve the Giant’s Prayerbook that is hidden inside.

Church of Repose

In addition to being a simple church with an appropriate name for the final safe haven in the area, this particular building houses a Sacred Tear as well. When you get closer to the entrance of the dungeon, Bloody Finger Okina will soon invade you; however, you should not underestimate him because he is one of the most powerful NPC Invaders in the game.

After being defeated, he will abandon his katana, the Rivers of Blood, and his mask. A Dead Giant’s Skull to the Southeast of the Church also contains an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone. This can be found inside the skull of the dead Giant. You can climb up to the top of the enormous rock using the nearby Spiritspring, where you’ll find the Ash of War – Troll’s Roar at its highest point.

Foot of the Forge

The Foot of the Forge is an unmarked location that can be found in the region that is located to the northeast of the Church of Repose. You’ll find several enormous bodies here, all of which are frozen in place.

Ride northward from the Foot of the Forge Site of Grace until you come across the Phantom Tree and the Golden Seed. If you keep moving to the north and descend the hill, you should be able to find a few Lesser Spider Hands here that, when killed, will drop a Somber Smithing Stone 7.

Take the left fork to access the steep cliff, but be very cautious as you make your way along this path because the foes can use their attacks to push you over the edge. A number of Lesser Spider Hands will stand guard over the Crimsonwhorl Bubbletear when you finally locate it. After that, you can descend via jumping and seek healing at the Site of Grace located below the Giant’s Gravepost.

Flame Peak

Aside from the fact that it is the location of the main boss fight for the Fire Giant, there is not much more to say about the Flame Peak. You can get there by leaving the Church of Repose and heading in the opposite direction across the chain bridge.

After you have vanquished the Fire Giant, you will be granted access to the Forge of the Giants. There, Melina will work with you to destroy the Erdtree.

Mountaintops of the Giants (East) Scarab Locations

As you make your way through this area, you might come across a few scarabs dashing off in different directions. Some of them will refill your flask of tears, but others can reward you with unique items, including the following:

Frozen Lake Scarab

  • Reward: Ash of War – Seppuku

This Scarab can be found a short distance to the northeast of the Site of Grace at Freezing Lake. It can be located by following the footprints it leaves behind as it rolls around on the frozen lake. It is recommended that you try to find this one at night when the footprints are easier to spot because it may be difficult to spot this one during the daytime due to the constant blizzard. If you are successful, you will receive a reward.

Guardian’s Garrison Scarab

  • Reward: Ash of War – Prelate’s Charge

This Scarab can be found inside the Fire Monk Campsite, which is located just outside of the Guardian’s Garrison. There are a few other scarabs in the area, but the one that possesses the ability to bestow the Ash of War is actually perched on the base of one of the trees. To hit it, you might need a bow or some sort of magic or incantation.