Elden Ring Guide – Mountaintops of the Giants (West) – Dungeons, Points of Interest, and Secrets

One of the last two regions to be explored in Elden Ring, Mountaintops of the Giants is one of them. On this page, you will find an overview of the region, which details the primary dungeons, bosses, loot, and secrets that can be discovered in this area.

After completing the quests in Leyndell, the Royal Capital on the Altus Plateau, and defeating Morgott, Omen King, you will finally be able to travel to the region known as Mountaintops of the Giants.

This snowy region is home to some of the most difficult bosses and enemies in the game, but it also conceals a wealth of secrets, gear, and high-level upgrade materials that can assist you as you make your way through the persistent blizzard.

Because the ground is entirely covered in snow, there are no roads in this region. The Mountaintops of the Giants, on the other hand, are where you’ll find the hidden entrance to the western half of the region, which is the Consecrated Snowfield. This is a side quest that will lead you to Miquella’s Haligtree.

Mountaintops of the Giants Map Fragment Location

You will need to locate three Map Fragments in the Steles that can be found in the East and West Mountaintops of the Giants, as well as in the Consecrated Snowfield, in order to uncover the specifics and topography of the entire Mountaintops of the Giants region.

If you are able to track down all three of these Map Fragments, you will be able to finish the map of the Lands Between and see the entire world of Elden Ring.

After utilising the Grand Lift of Rold, you will be able to locate a Stele that holds a Map Fragment for the Mountaintops of the Giants, West. Take the path that leads forward and turn right at the fork in the path; the Stele and the Map Fragment are just around the bend.

Mountaintops of the Giants (West) Roaming Bosses and Invasions

This region is home to a number of world bosses that can be encountered outside of dungeons. Some of these bosses freely roam certain areas, while others will remain hidden until you approach them to a certain distance, at which point they will emerge. In addition to this, there are multiple scripted invasions carried out by NPC humans that will engage you in combat. Simply selecting a Boss to investigate further will reveal more information on how they can be defeated.

Boss NameReward
Fell TwinsOmen Killer Rollo (Spirit Ashes)
Night’s CavalryAsh of War – Phantom Slash
Black Blade KindredGargoyle’s Black Blades, Gargoyle’s Black Axe
Tibia MarinerHelphen’s Steeple
Death Rite BirdDeath Ritual Spear
Juno Hoslow, Knight of Blood (Invasion)Hoslow’s Petal Whip and Hoslow Set
Erdtree AvatarCerulean Crystal Tear and Crimson Bubbletear

Mountaintops of the Giants (West) Minor Dungeons

There are a few different Minor Dungeons that can be found dotting the snowy landscape of Mountaintops of the Giants (West). These dungeons range from hidden catacombs to a massive castle. These areas can be completed in any order, and at the conclusion of each one is a miniboss that guards a treasure trove of great value. Simply click on any of the dungeons in the list below to read the detailed walkthrough and strategy guide for navigating that dungeon and discovering all of its secrets.

Dungeon NameBossNotable Loot
1Giants’ Mountaintop CatacombsUlcerated Tree SpiritGlovewort Picker’s Bell Bearing 2 and Deathroot
2Castle SolCommander NiallVeteran’s Prosthesis, Eclipse Shotel, Stormhawk Axe, Cerulean Amber Medallion +1, Haligtree Secret Medallion (Left), Sorcerer Painting

Mountaintops of the Giants (West) Merchants and NPCs

As you travel through the Mountaintops of the Giants, you will come across a number of friendly (or at least what appear to be friendly) faces that you can find and speak to. You can even buy and sell with these individuals to obtain one-of-a-kind goods.

Shabriri is a non-player character that you come across for the first time on the mountaintops of the Giants, close to the Zamor Ruins Site of Grace. She has the same appearance as Yura, the Bloody Finger Hunter. He will direct you in the direction of The Three Fingers so that you can access a unique conclusion to the game.

After successfully completing his quest, you will receive the Ronin armour set as a reward. You also have the option of engaging him in combat and killing him in order to obtain it.

You can find this Nomadic Merchant right next to the Ancient Snow Valley Ruins Site of Grace in the Snow Valley region of the Graceful Lands. After you have traversed the isthmus that is watched over by the Fire Monks, you should be able to find him.

The entire Vagabond Knight set as well as the Missionary Cookbook 7 are two notable items that he sells.

Nomadic Merchant’s Wares

Rune Arc x3 (8000 Runes)Thawfrost Boluses x10 (1200 Runes)Stonesword Key x3 (5000 Runes)Missionary Cookbook 7 x3 (7500 Runes)Arrow (20 Runes)
Great Arrow (300 Runes)Bolt (40 Runes)Ballista Bolt (300 Runes)Lightning Greatbolt (500 Runes)Vagabond Knight Helm (1000 Runes)
Vagabond Knight Armor (1500Runes)Vagabond Knight Gauntlets (1000 Runes)Vagabond Knight Greaves (1000 Runes)

After completing Brother Corhyn’s storyline on the Altus Plateau and in Leyndell, he and Goldmask will relocate to the area to the south of Stargazer’s Ruins. This will happen once the storyline has been completed.

Mountaintops of the Giants (West) Points of Interest

During your travels, you will come across many interesting locations, enemy camps, and other points of interest in the Mountaintops of the Giants (West) region. These can be found in various parts of the region. Each location has something that is interesting enough to warrant exploration, despite the variety of foes and treasures that can be found there.

If you click on any of the points of interest, you will be taken to the sections below that provide a more in-depth explanation of that particular point of interest, including the foes you will face and the secrets you can find.

Point of InterestEnemies or NPCsNotable Loot and NPCs
1Divine Tower of East AltusLeyndell Soldiers, Leyndell Knights, Foot Soldiers, Fell Twins (Boss)Somber Smithing Stone 6, Omenkiller Rollo (Bosses), Blade of Calling, Official’s Attire
2Grand Lift of RoldKnights Cavalry (Nighttime), Black Blade Kindred (Boss), Vulgar MilitiaGargyole’s Black Blades, Gargoyle’s Black Axe, Ash of War – Phantom Slash, Somber Smithing Stone 7, Golden Seed
3Zamor RuinsKnights of ZamorSmithing-Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing 3, Zamor Ice Storm, Shabriri (NPC)
4Shack of the LoftyVampire Bats, Misbegotten, Juno Hoslow (NPC Invader)Hoslow Set, Hoslow’s Petal Whip, Traveling Maiden Set
5Stargazer’s RuinsVampire BatsBrother Corhyn (NPC), Spirit Jellyfish (NPC), Primal Glinstone Talisman, Nomadic Merchant (NPC), Greathood (Painting Reward)
6Snow Valley OverlookSkeletons, Tibia Mariner (Boss), Death Rite Bird (Boss)Deathroot, Helphen’s Steeple, Death Ritual Spear
7Minor ErdtreeGuardians, Vampire Bats, Erdtree Avatar (Boss)Cerulean Crystal Tear, Crimson Bubbletear, Golden Seed
8Heretical RiseAvionette Soldiers, Marionette SoldiersFounding Rain of Stars

Divine Tower of East Altus

You should immediately return to the elevator and use it to return to the upper level once you have gained access to the Site of Grace in the Forbidden Lands. While the elevator is moving, turn your back to the north-northeast and look for a gap that you can jump across. This hidden corridor houses both the Official’s Attire as well as the Blade of Calling.

Bring to mind the elevator, and this time ride it all the way to the top floor. You should head in the direction of the southeast until you reach the bridge that will lead you to the Divine Tower of East Altus. As you make your way across the bridge, the game’s screen will go black, and the Fell Twins field boss will be triggered.

The battle shouldn’t be too difficult for you, especially if you were able to vanquish the first Omen Killer before the second one came charging in after you. In addition, players can call upon Spirit Ashes to assist them in this battle. When they are defeated, they leave behind the Omen Killer Spirit Ash.

Your journey to the Divine Tower of East Altus, where you can repair Morgott’s Great Rune, should continue. SPOILER: Once you have obtained Mohgwyn’s Dynasty Rune inside Mohgwyn’s Dynasty Mausoleum, you will be able to restore Mohg’s Great Rune here.

Grand Lift of Rold

Ride your horse towards the Grand Lift of Rold from the Forbidden Lands Site of Grace and head in the direction of the east. The Night’s Cavalry is one of the two roaming bosses that can be encountered in the Forbidden Lands. The other is the Black Blade Kindred, who is stationed at the entrance to the lift and watches over the area.

The former is located in close proximity to the Site of Grace, and upon being vanquished, he will drop the Ash of War – Phantom Slash. Both of the Black Blade Kindred’s weapons are left behind when he is defeated. In the area surrounding this boss fight, there is also a Phantom Tree that has a Golden Seed buried underneath it.

Zamor Ruins

Following your ascent on the Grand Lift of Rold, you should find the Zamor Ruins to be the very first point of interest you come across. As you make your way around the bend on the main path, you will find Shabriri standing next to the Site of Grace in the Zamor Ruins. This location also contains the Map Fragment for the Mountaintops of the Giants (West) region.

The vast majority of the ruins can be found to the south of the Site of Grace, which is heavily guarded by several Knights of Zamor. Because these knights are among the most dangerous regular foes you could face, it is best to eliminate them one at a time or simply stay away from them entirely.

You have the opportunity to obtain two significant items here. The first of these is the Zamor Ice Storm sorcery, which can be found on a dead body in the most southern part of the ruins. The second item is a Smithing-Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing 3, which can be found in an underground chamber of Zamor Ruins. The entrance to this chamber is to the southwest of the corpse where you found the sorcery earlier.

Shack of the Lofty

After leaving the Ancient Snow Valley Ruins Site of Grace, travel to the north until you reach the middle of the valley, and then turn left. This will bring you to the Shack of the Lofty. Under the bridge, you should soon see some Vampire Bats engaging in battle with some Misbegotten.

As you approach the shack, Juno Hoslow will begin to make her presence known in your world. Defeat him to retrieve his entire set of armour as well as his whip. On a dead body inside you’ll find the Traveling Maiden Set that you can pick up.

Stargazer’s Ruins

You can reach the Stargazer’s Ruins by travelling across the bridge that is located above the Shack of the Lofty. These ruins are situated on a plateau that is elevated above the western side of the valley.

The reward for the Sorcerer Painting, which can be found inside Castle Sol, can be found on that very same bridge.

As you proceed further into the ruins, you will come across a Spirit Jellyfish who is looking for her sister. She is friendly and will not attack you. Even though you can’t engage in conversation with her, you can bring the sisters back together by calling upon the Spirit Jellyfish Ashes. Following a short discussion between the two Spirit Jellyfish, one of them will vanish, thereby allowing access to the previously inaccessible underground chamber. You will need to make your way down, open the chest that is located inside the room, and take the Primitive Glinstone Blade from within it.

Snow Valley Overlook

This unmarked location encompasses the entirety of the landmass and looks out over Castle Sol to the north and the Snow Valley to the south. Near the bridge that leads from the overlook to the Minor Erdtree plateau, there is a location that has been designated as a Site of Grace.

This overlook’s eastern half does not have any significant loot in it. On the other hand, the western half of the map is home to two wandering bosses that drop magnificent weapons. On a ridge that is directly south of Castle and just to the north of the area’s Site of Grace is where you’ll find the Tibia Mariner. After being defeated, this boss will leave behind a Deathroot and a greatsword called the Helphen’s Steeple.

The second boss, Death Rite Bird, can be found on the section of the overlook that is furthest to the west, down the snow-capped cliffs, just before Castle Sol. It is strongly advised that you do not engage in combat with this boss while mounted, as the area of effect of its attacks will still hit you even when you are moving at full speed. It is important to keep in mind that the Death Rite Bird is extremely vulnerable to holy damage before engaging in combat with it. After it is defeated, the boss will drop its weapon, which is called the Death Ritual Spear.

Minor Erdtree

This is the final Minor Erdtree in the game, and it can be found just south of the Snow Valley Ruins Overlook and on the other side of the bridge. When you defeat the Erdtree Avatar field boss that is housed within this dead Minor Erdtree, you will obtain both the Cerulean Crystal Tear and the Crimson Bubbletear as loot.

If you look across the valley in the direction of the Heretical Rise, you will notice that there is a Phantom Tree with a Golden Seed hidden somewhere down below. It is possible to descend to that location by bringing down the series of enormous tombstones that extend out from the side of the cliffs.

Heretical Rise

People entering the Heretical Rise almost certainly approach it from the southern direction. You will need to locate an alternative means of accessing the tower as the primary entrance has been sealed off.

Ride east from the Snow Valley Ruins Overlook until you reach the broken bridge that spans the tower. This will require you to travel to the Snow Valley Ruins Overlook. Although it appears to have been destroyed, the bridge is actually invisible, which means that you can walk across it and reach the balcony of the Heretical Rise.

As you get closer to the tower, it is highly recommended that you make use of Rainbow Stones because doing so can assist you in tracing the correct path. You can also make the process of revealing the path easier by using the Ash of War – Hoarfrost Stomp ability.