Elden Ring Guide – Nokron, Eternal City Location and Walkthrough

Within Elden Ring is a location known as Nokron, the Eternal City. This location can be found underground, one level above Siofra River. It is an optional underground area that is slightly more linear than the overworld, but many of the overworld’s core mechanics are still present. While you are underground, your abilities to ride Torrent, fast travel, and replenish your flasks when you defeat enemy groups do not change. This page contains information on the location, a walkthrough, and a guide to traverse this area, locate all of its treasure, and find out how to defeat the enemies that are located within it.

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EnemiesBossNotable Loot
Ancestral Followers, Fallen Hawks Soldier, Swordstress, Silver TearsMimic Tear, Regal Ancestor Spirit, Valiant GargoylesGhostflame Torch, Silver Tear Mask, Remembrance of the Regal Ancestor, Stonesword Key, Order Healing, Missionary’s Cookbook (5), Rune Arc, Larval Tear, Mimic Tear Ashes, Fingerslayer Blade,Great Ghost Glovewort, Crucible Hornshield, Gargoyle’s Greatsword, Gargoyle’s Twinblade

How to Get to Nokron, Eternal City

Although it is possible to technically visit a portion of Nokron through the waygate located at the top of the ruins in the middle of Siofra River, which is where you will encounter the Dragonkin Soldier, you will not be able to enter the city proper until you have vanquished Starscourge Radahn.

After defeating Radahn, teleport to Fort Haight West in eastern Limgrave, which is located south of Mistwood. When you arrive, you’ll notice that a massive crater has formed to the northwest of the location, and rocks are floating into the air from the centre of the crater. You will find a slope leading down if you go to the northern side of the area. You will need to traverse the ruined building by jumping from platform to platform and then going through the tunnel that is located to the north. After returning to the starting level, proceed forward until you find yourself in Nokron.

Nokron, Eternal City Walkthrough

When you first emerge, you’ll find yourself in a large cavern that’s filled with crumbling structures that resemble cathedrals. Turn to your right so that you are facing east after you jump up to the small square platform, and you will see a dead body lying on the roof of the building that is located on the opposite side of the chasm from where you are currently standing. After performing a running jump to land on the column, continue running up the column and jumping across to loot the body and acquire the Ghostflame Torch. This small platform’s northwest corner is the starting point for the running jump.

You can get a drop attack on a Silver Tear if you drop off the northwestern side, then continue around the side to face two more Silver Tears on the left, and four more up the roofs to the right. Take the ramp up the collapsed building, then follow the narrow edge of the next building until you reach an open window arch on the left side of the structure (pictured above). Take care of the two Fallen Hawks Soldiers that are patrolling the area, as well as the three archers that are located in the back of the room, after dropping the platforms. You’ll come across a Site of Grace as you make your way down the stairs.

After passing the Site of Grace, you will find yourself in a town center-like area with a number of buildings to investigate inside and around. Be wary as you navigate around corners in this area, as there are dozens of Fallen Hawks Soldiers roaming around, and try to avoid getting cornered in the area’s centre, which is where a large number of them have gathered. On the southwest ridge, you will find a large number of Dew Kissed Herba, Melted Mushroom, and Silver Tear Husk for you to collect, in addition to several groups of Silver Firefly.

You’ll find a large set of stairs leading down to the northeast, and when you reach the bottom, you’ll be confronted by a Swordstress and a Silver Tear if you turn right at the top of the stairs. After you have defeated them, continue descending towards the large pantheon; as soon as you enter it, you will be engaged in a boss battle.

Boss Fight Guide – Mimic Tear

The Mimic Tear can be used to create an exact copy of yourself. Even though it starts out as a blob on the ground, as soon as you approach it, it will take your form and acquire all of your abilities as well as any items you have equipped.

As a consequence of this, the approach that you will need to take will be extremely different depending on the build that you choose. If you are primarily concerned with casting spells, you should time them in such a way that the Mimic is unable to fool you with its own spells. If you plan on focusing on melee combat, you should be on the lookout for parries and heavy attacks that the Mimic will attempt to launch against you.

You can give yourself an advantage by immediately summoning Spirit Ashes, as this will provide distractions for the Mimic. This is one thing you can do to give yourself an advantage.

After you have vanquished the Mimic Tear, you will receive the Larval Tear and the Silver Tear Mask as rewards. Check out our walkthrough to learn how to acquire the Mimic Tear Spirit Ashes.

Ancestral Woods Walkthrough

After you have vanquished the Mimic Tear, activate the Site of Grace that is located to the left, and then proceed forward up the steps and ride Torrent along the lengthy path. As you get closer and closer to the finish line, there will be a slope on your left that will take you down into a forest that has a significant number of Ancestral Followers.

You’ll notice right away that there’s a pillar off to the left side of the stone pathway. Interact with it to light the fuse, which you’ll need in order to find the other items that are comparable to the Siofra River’s starting level. Following the Ancestral Follower Shaman to the northwest from this first pillar will bring you to the ridge. When negotiating with the Shaman, you will be able to light the pillar that is adjacent to it.

From there, head in a northeasterly direction; another stone pillar can be found perched on the cliff edge to the right of the final stone column.

Then head to the northwest, where you’ll find the next pillar guarded by some Ancestral Followers and an Ancestral Shaman in a small open pantheon area with a dead Ancestor Spirit.

Proceed to the north-northwest until you reach the enormous stone column that is encircled by wolves and an alternate form of the Red Wolf of Radagan. Another stone pillar to light can be found tucked away on the opposite side of this column.

The final pillar can be found in a direction that is due north from where you are currently standing. This pillar is located on the edge of a cliff and is guarded by two Ancestral Follower Shamans and some small Rats.

After you have lit all of the pillars, head back down east and you will see that the pillars that line the stone staircase are also lit (this is the same procedure that you followed down at the Siofra River). After climbing the stairs and interacting with the corpse at the far end of the structure, you will be thrust into a boss fight.

Boss Fight Guide – Regal Ancestor Spirit

The Regal Ancestor Spirit is very comparable to the Ancestor Spirit that you will face on the initial level of the Siofra River, with the exception of a few specific stipulations.

The Ancestor Spirit will frequently perform a jump into the air that consists of three bounces, with the Ancestor Spirit pausing in the air for a brief period of time after the third bounce before crashing to the ground and causing a shockwave. It is also capable of bouncing into the air and performing a strafing run while breathing blue fire. This takes place while it is in the air. This strafing run attack is significantly easier to avoid, even without Torrent, and it shares a similar design with the dragons that appear in Elden Ring. Once it hits the ground, the breath of the Ancestor Spirit does not spread out horizontally; therefore, it is important to keep moving while the boss is in the air and to move in the opposite direction when it begins to fire.

The Ancestor Spirit is also capable of performing a variety of ram attacks, including either a charge in a straight line or a dash to the side followed by a diagonal thrust with its horns. These attacks are classified as “ram attacks.” You will be knocked unconscious or launched into the air, depending on your build, but you can sidestep either effect by rolling towards the Spirit at the exact moment it is about to strike you.

It is also possible for the Ancestor Spirit to breathe fire as it approaches you while it is doing so, but in order to do so, you will need to be in close proximity to its head, which is unlikely given the degree of manoeuvrability that will be in play during this encounter. If you stay behind it for too long, it will kick out with its hind legs, which, if it connects, will knock you over and cause you to fall.

There are also two different stomp attacks that the Spirit will use against you, and they both depend on where you are in relation to it. It is capable of performing a charge 3-move combo at a distance, which consists of swinging its head from side to side, rearing up into the air, and stomping down in a shockwave afterward. If you are underneath it, it can stand back up on its hind legs and slam down on you with the same amount of force as the first time.

The previously mentioned one-of-a-kind catches include the fact that this Ancestor Spirit has the ability to infuse a large number of its attacks with magic, thereby making them significantly more damaging. This is especially clear when looking at the rams with horns. If you see the Spirit beginning to glow and striking a kangaroo pose, you should keep running and rolling away from it as quickly as possible. The Spirit has the ability to rear up on its hind legs and bunny hop around you, locking on with each return to the ground. Aside from the fact that it is able to teleport, the most challenging aspect of this battle is the fact that as the Spirit’s health bar gets lower, it has the potential to start absorbing the life force of nearby beings in a spherical radius around itself. This is the function of the dozens of spirit animals that are standing around doing nothing in the arena. The bad news is that this absorption can almost impact you and quickly diminish your health while replenishing its own. If you see the Spirit initiating a call and starting to pulse and emit light, run as fast as you can away from it.

You will be rewarded with the Remembrance of the Regal Ancestor once you have vanquished the Spirit of the Regal Ancestor.

Night’s Sacred Ground Walthrough

Once you’ve returned to the Ancestral Woods, head to the southwest behind the Ancestral Shaman by the pillar. Climb the slope behind him to locate the Site of Grace. It is possible to land on the roof of the building below if you leap off the right side of the cliff face while standing on this Site of Grace.

You can enter Night’s Sacred Ground by jumping down the far end and then circling back around to the right. Jump over the chasm onto the lower balcony, then immediately jump back down and turn around to jump onto the dome on the left side of the building. When you jump down from that location, you will be confronted by two Silver Tears; one of them will take the form of you armed with a crossbow, and the other will wield a close combat weapon. Make your way around the building’s corner in the southeast, and once you’re there, drop down onto the top of the destroyed arch.

After you have traversed the gap, you will be able to enter a sizable cathedral. The location of an Imp Seal can be found on the back left side of the room. After using a Stonesword Key to unlock it, you will proceed down a short corridor and meet a Swordstress at the end of it. The Mimic Tear Ashes are a particularly potent form of Spirit Ash, and they are located inside the chest that she was watching over.

As you make your way back out of the area and descend the ladder to the lower level, you will see a Swordstress and a Living Boulder beyond the area. The Living Boulder can be killed for a Larval Tear. It is possible for you to get by these two, but you should be on the lookout for a second Swordstress hiding in the alcove to the right of the chairs. After going through the doors that are open and descending the stairs on the right, you will see another Site of Grace to the left, and there will be a long walkway filled with Silver Tears to the right of you as you move forward. One of them will transform into a warrior armed with a spear and shield, and the one that is in the last position closest to the steps at the far end will become a troll.

Once all of them have been eliminated, you will find a chest at the bottom of the enormous throne that contains a Great Ghost Glovewort and the Fingerslayer Blade. At the bottom of the steps leading up to the throne, there is a waygate off to the left that will take you back to the Ancestral Woods Site of Grace.

Siofra Aqueduct Walkthrough

There are some Jellyfish swimming around to the north of the Hallowhorn Grounds. They can be found among the trees. If you head in their direction, you will find a dead body perched on the edge of the cliff with an Old Fang. You will have the opportunity to descend below the cliff edge that they are guarding in order to reach a ledge that leads left into a cave. On the right side of this lower platform, just before you enter the cave, there is a dead body that contains a Stonesword Key. As you make your way deeper into the cavern, you will come across a few more Jellyfish before coming across a Site of Grace.

Follow the tunnel that leads east from the Site of Grace, and when you get to the edge, jump down onto the column that is bridging the gap. After that, drop down onto the lower platform where a Lesser Crucible Knight is patrolling. It is a good strategy to head to one of the open archways in these structures, and get the Knight’s health down to about half, at which point it will begin performing flying sweeping attacks. Once you have accomplished this, head to the archway. You can earn the Crucible Hornshield by goading the Knight into performing this flying sweep and diving off the edge of the cliff if you can line it up correctly. This will cause it to die instantly and give you the item.

You’ll find a dead body along with the Missionary’s Cookbook in the building that’s located to the southwest (5). As you travel further north, you will come face to face with a second Lesser Crucible Knight who is perched on the edge of the aqueduct. This Knight is armed with a large mace-like weapon, just like the one you find in the Road’s End Catacombs. Even though there is no failsafe method like there was with the first Knight, this one is likely to stagger if you perform three to four jumping attacks in quick succession. There are three Fallen Hawks Soldiers in the room to the east. One of them is armed with a sword, another is armed with a shield, and the third is an archer. It is in your best interest to take care of them first, as they will likely attack if you draw the Knight’s attention to themselves.

After leaving the room with the Fallen Hawks Soldiers and heading outside to the south, enter the structure, and look for a Golden Centipede on the ground in the structure’s centre. In addition, there will be a Scarab that needs to be killed in order to obtain the Order Healing Incantation. A dead body with a Golden Rune can be found hanging off the building’s ledge in the rear (7). There is a dead body dangling off the edge of the northwestern exit (which is where the destroyed bridge is), and the body is holding a golden rune (13).

As one makes their way back inside and travels upstream, one will find a dead body in the water holding a golden rune (6). From this point, you can go to the left or the right. However, concealed behind the waterfall is a hidden room that contains four Fallen Hawks Soldiers. This room can only be accessed through the waterfall. In addition, there is a Smithing Stone being held by a dead body, as well as a Golden Centipede (4). A short corridor leads to a room on the left that contains three Fallen Hawks Soldiers, a dead body that is holding a Rune Arc, and a Golden Centipede in the far south corner of the room. It is likely that you will also attract the attention of four additional Fallen Hawks Soldiers, who will come up from behind while you are in this room if you haven’t dealt with them behind the waterfall; therefore, you should take care not to ambush yourself and allow yourself to be attacked.

If you turn right from the aqueduct, you will find a Golden Centipede against the outer wall and another one near the bannister. There is also an NPC cowering nearby who, upon being spoken to, will provide you with the Inner Order emote.

After ascending the stairs to the north-west, you will find yourself in a boss arena.

Boss Fight – Valiant Gargoyles

If you go into this fight unprepared or without the proper gear, it has the potential to be extremely punishing. If you want to deal enough damage with your melee build, it is recommended that you have a blunt weapon with at least a +9 damage bonus. It is also a very good idea to bring the Mimic Tear Ashes into the fight, upgraded to around +8. The Mimic can draw aggro from either one of the Gargoyles or both of them, and it can replicate the damage output of whichever build you are using.

As soon as you step into the arena, you’ll be challenged by a Gargoyle armed with a greatsword and an axe. This foe will descend from a ledge located to the right of the arena’s entrance. This Gargoyle is primarily concerned with performing rapid combos and swings with its axe, and, similar to its counterpart, which joins the battle at a later point, it has the ability to expel a poisonous cloud from its mouth. This lethal cloud of venom is at its most dangerous when it is in close proximity to the Gargoyles, and it will almost always move in a direct line in front of them. As a result, you should move away from the gargoyle and either run or dodge to the side as soon as it starts spewing out the poison. A double set of two slashes back and forth, culminating in an overhead slam down, is the slashing combo that has the highest probability of catching you off guard. You can avoid the slashes by rolling towards the gargoyle, but you have to be careful because the slam can catch you off guard if you don’t perfectly time your rolls.

This Gargoyle will occasionally perform a backflip into the air, pause for a split second, and then swing its axe at you as it comes crashing down to the ground in front of it. You won’t be able to ride Torrent in this arena despite its size, so you’ll need to do your best to dodge roll out of the way of as many of these attacks as possible. The majority of these attacks are risky to block. You may be able to easily get in some jumping heavy attacks by distracting it with your Mimic Tear Ashes. If you are successful in executing these attacks half a dozen times, the Gargoyle will be staggered and you will be able to land a critical hit on it.

The second Gargoyle, which is armed with a twin-blade, will appear from behind the waterfall in the centre of the arena once the first Gargoyle’s health has been reduced to between two-thirds and half of its maximum value. Maintain your concentration on the first Gargoyle, and if at all possible, bring the fight against it as close to the entrance as you can. This will buy you some time before the second Gargoyle joins the fray. If both Gargoyles are still alive, are relatively close to you, and have the ability to manoeuvre in all directions around you, you have a much higher chance of being overpowered, surrounded, and killed. Keeping the wall of the entryway close to you not only restricts their range of movement but also pins you in a little more than you would be if you were in the open in the centre of the arena.

This Gargoyle is able to perform flurries in which it juggles the twin-blade and creates a whirlwind. It is significantly more aggressive than the first Gargoyle and performs swipes that are comparable to those performed by the greatsword Gargoyle. The primary attack that you need to be on the lookout for is the rapid spinning of the twin blades, which is followed by an ascent into the air, a brief pause, and then a lunge with the tip of the blade in your direction, bringing the spinning vortex with it. If you try to avoid its dive too early, it will perform a 360-degree spin with the blade as it lands, which has a good chance of catching you off guard.

After you have vanquished the Valiant Gargoyles, you will receive the Gargoyle’s Greatsword as well as the Gargoyle’s Twinblade as rewards. You can interact with the coffin at the back of the arena, climb inside of it, and then ride up the waterfall to get to Deeproot Depths.