Elden Ring Guide – Redmane Castle Location and Walkthrough

The dungeon known as Redmane Castle can be found in the southeastern most part of the Caelid region in Elden Ring. The boss fight against one of the Elden Lords takes place in this unremarkable but important structure, which is a modest castle with not much going on inside. This page will contain walkthrough and guide information on how to reach Redmane Castle, as well as information on all of the treasures and items that can be found inside, as well as information on how to defeat the castle’s intimidating boss.

How to Get to Redmane Castle

Redmane Castle is located in the extreme southwestern part of the Caelid region, a significant distance from the majority of the locations to which this guide has taken you up until this point. Therefore, in order to save some time, we are going to use a teleporter trap to bring us relatively close to our destination!

It is recommended that you make your way to the Dragon-Burnt Ruins in Limgrave, which are located in the lakebed directly east of The First Step Site of Grace. You will find a cellar here that is infested with rats, as well as a treasure chest that, when opened, will ensnare you and transport you to a hut located within the Sellia Crystal Tunnel.

After leaving the hut, turn right after leaving the building. and race down the hill, passing everyone who is mining for crystals. You will find a tunnel leading back to the mine entrance at the very bottom of the mine. Once you get there, you will be able to activate the Site of Grace.

When you finally emerge from the tunnel, you will find that you are staring out over a filthy swamp in the region of Caelid. You will find the Sellia Under Stair Site of Grace tucked away in some rubble between the swamp and the city of Sellia if you get on Torrent and ride it down to the beachfront. After that, turn left and continue to follow the beach until you reach it.

You can access Sellia, the Town of Sorcery, from this location by ascending the nearby staircase. Almost immediately, make a sharp turn to the south and continue on the main road all the way through the town until you reach the front gate. If you stay on this road and keep going in the same direction, you will eventually arrive at the Sellia Gateway.

If you continue travelling in a southerly direction towards the southeast on this same road, you will eventually reach the Southern Aeonia Swamp Bank Site of Grace.

If you continue to travel west along this road for a short distance, you will come across a shop that sells goods and a map of the surrounding area.

Now that you have the map in your possession, you can locate the castle that is located to the southeast. Keep moving forward along the road, and avoid getting into a fight with any of the foes that you encounter along the way. A Golden Seed will be right in front of you at this point, so make sure to pick it up before moving on. If you follow this road all the way to its conclusion, you will find the Impassable Greatbridge Site of Grace hidden behind a massive siege machine.

Get back on Torrent and ride across the bridge while avoiding the shots from the flame turrets. Once you reach the other side of the bridge, follow the road all the way up to the castle gates while dodging the enemies and the ramparts along the way. Due to the fact that the gate is locked, we will have to travel a significantly longer distance. Take a right at the gate, and as you ride along the cliffs, you will come across a hidden path that goes all the way around the castle. There are some bats in the way, but as long as you don’t get hit, you can simply jump over them without any difficulty.

You will find a ladder that will take you to the top of the castle walls in the small graveyard that is located in the back of the area. After reaching the summit, descend the wooden walkway to the right and continue straight ahead to arrive at a roof located inside the castle walls.

After descending into the castle via the ladder, proceed through the nearby doorway to reach the barracks. From there, open the backdoor leading into the castle so that you won’t have to descend via the ladder on subsequent visits. These barracks also contain an Armorer’s Cookbook and a Smithing Stone, both of which have the number 5.

Redmane Castle Walkthrough

There isn’t much of a need for a walkthrough because Redmane Castle is so small; however, before we head to the boss, there are a couple of random items that we can find here and there. You can get to a lower part of the castle by leaving the barracks and jumping over the wall that is behind the Stake of Marika. You will find a Golden Rune [6] inside the guard tower that is located to your left after you have climbed the stairs.

You will come up on a plaza right in front of you that contains two of the formidable lion foes that we have fought in the past. Ignore them for the time being and head in the opposite direction, to the right, where you will find a staircase and a teleporter that will lead you out of the castle and back to the Impassable Greatbridge. If you continue forward along the road that you reached at the top of the stairs, you will come across a heavily guarded rampart that is full of soldiers and flame turrets. You can sneak past this barrier or force your way through it to reach the other side, where you will find a small room containing a Site of Grace.

You are now able to go back and kill both of the lions while the Site of Grace is active; however, I suggest using a ranged weapon to lure each of the lions out one at a time before killing them. Every one of them will leave behind an Old Fang, Beast Blood, and a Somber Smithing Stone [4]. It is possible to find a Smithing Stone and an Arteria Leaf by searching the courtyard here [4].

Return to the Site of Grace from where you came and exit through the side door. Immediately in front of you will be a door that belongs to the boss.

Redmane Castle Mid-Boss Fight

At first glance, it would appear that this fight is nothing more than a rematch against the Leonine Misbegotten, just like the one you would have been forced to endure at Castle Morne. Nevertheless, somewhere around the middle of the battle, a Crucible Knight will join the Leonine, which will significantly complicate the situation.

When it comes to the Leonine, I cannot emphasise how important it is to acquire a shield that has the ability to act as a barricade shield enough. When this ability is active, nearly all of the Leonine’s sword attacks will be deflected, leaving it vulnerable to a free Guard Counter. Because of this, any interaction with a Leonine becomes fairly unimportant, and this particular interaction becomes much simpler.

As soon as the Crucible Knight enters the fray, you should direct your attention towards eliminating the Leonine as quickly as possible because you do not want to have to divide your attention between these two adversaries. You will be relieved to know that the Leonine is a much faster moving opponent than the Knight, which means that you will be able to draw it away from the Knight and continue your Barricade into Counter assault until he is defeated.

Now that you’ve dealt with the Leonine, you can turn your attention to the Crucible Knight, who poses a much greater threat. This foe is not easily guard broken and possesses powerful multi-hit combos with deceptive pauses in between attacks. Additionally, they have powerful multi-hit combos.

Because of everything that has been stated, I believe that the most effective way to deal with the Crucible Knights is to simply parry their attacks. Unfortunately, we were armed with a Barricade Shield shield to deal with the Leonine, so you will need to take a step back and go through a few menu options to change your shield. Maintain your shield’s position and wait for one of his telegraphed diagonal slashes, which can be easily blocked in comparison to his more powerful swings. This is a good way to start yourself off on the path towards parry mastery. It might take a few tries to get the timing just right, but it’s a good way to get started.

If you are unable to master the timing of the parry, you will be forced to wait out one of his heavy slams or powerful thrusts, which he typically saves for the end of a combo. This will provide you with a brief opportunity to land one or two hits before he begins his next sequence.

At the point where his health is reduced to half, the Knight will fortify himself and add some dragon magic to his arsenal. Your best defence against these attacks is to avoid engaging in combat altogether. If you see him breathing fire, move away from him or try to strafe behind him, and do a quick roll out of the way when he starts swinging his tail. When he goes up for his flying dive attack, you should hold your breath until the moment he charges and then sidestep through it. You should not rush into combat and should rather wait for his normal sword combos to punish you (yet another reason why parrying is optimal here, more damage when he does leave himself open means less chances for him to use his magic).

Redmane Castle Festival Walkthrough

After the mid-bosses have been vanquished, reload the area, and then proceed to the arena where the boss is located. You should now see a group of NPCs gathered together in this area. The beginning of the festival will be announced by a crier who is stationed on the gate that is located in front of you. Proceed through the gate and up the stairs in order to have a direct conversation with him. He will inquire as to whether or not you are prepared for the celebration. You will be taken to the beginning of the Radahn Festival, where you will also be given the Heartening Cry emote, if you choose to watch a cutscene that explains the backstory of Radahn after you answer yes to the question.

You should face the opposite direction and go through the gate to enter the building. After entering the chapel and retrieving the Smithing Stone [6] from the altar, leave the building and look for the elevator that will take you down to the beach behind the castle. You can be transported to the boss arena if you run down to the teleporter that is located in the water and use it.

Starscourge Radahn Boss Fight

The mighty Elden Lord Starscourge Radahn prowls around the Wailing Wastes looking for trouble. The fight against him is an intriguing combination of fun and difficulty, but it can also be a little repetitive and random at times.

As soon as you spawn in the Wailing Wastes, the battle will commence, and Radahn will immediately begin shooting powerful arrows at you. Hold your position until the very last second before the arrow reaches you, and then roll to the side to avoid it. Keep a close eye on him at all times because you will need to repeat this process several times at the beginning of the fight.

The unique aspect of this fight is that you will have the opportunity to recruit several NPCs to work alongside you during the celebration. You will notice that their summon signs are strewn about the sand in front of you in a disorganised manner. In the midst of taking arrow shots, make a beeline for the signs and summon the NPCs there. Continue doing this until all of the potential allies have been called, at which point the actual battle can begin. The following are examples of allies that you can call forth:

The Great Horned Tragoth, who carries a monstrous hammer in his hands

Lionel the Lionhearted, who is capable of calling forth large hordes of wandering souls
Okina, a samurai who attacks with fiery blood slice, is someone you may have seen earlier on in the game. Alexander the Iron Fist is the warrior jar he is going after.
As part of Ranni’s questline, you might have already interacted with Blaidd the Half-Wolf at an earlier point in time.
Patches (if you encountered him and didn’t kill him, even though he’ll take a few steps before deciding to flee quickly rather than engage in combat)
Finger Maiden Therolina, who can be called upon close to the peak of the dunes, will cast healing spells in an effort to strengthen the party as a whole.
Radahn is going to switch up his tactic and begin firing shotgun blasts of arrows in addition to a rain of homing arrows from his bow. During this time, you should simply move around at a safe distance and strafe in different directions until your NPC army reaches him, at which point he will switch to using melee attacks. At this point, you should get on Torrent and rush in with the rest of your allies to deal with the threat.

It is not absolutely necessary to mount up for this fight; however, due to the incredible onslaught of his moves, it is strongly recommended that you remain mobile on horseback unless you are an expert at dodging rapid attacks. Mounting up is not required in any way.

This is the point in the fight where things start to get a little unpredictable. Radahn possesses a wide variety of devastating attacks with a wide range, and he can move incredibly quickly. The various summoned NPCs will become the target of his rage, and he will dispatch the vast majority of them with relative ease. You need to time your dash past on Torrent so that you can pull off a hit-and-run during one of these times when everyone else is preoccupied.

Because you will only be able to hit him once or twice with each pass, you should look for a weapon that has a good range and deals a lot of damage (Bleed is helpful, too). As he attempts to hit your summoned allies, he will most likely be attacking forward, so it is best to focus most of your attacks on hitting him in the back. Your objective is to ensure that you are never the focus of attention and to escape from the situation the moment he turns his attention to you. If you hang around for too long, there is a good chance that you will be caught in a sweeping strike that will stun Torrent for a sufficient amount of time that you will not be able to dash away in time to avoid being killed by a killing blow.

It is important to keep in mind that the majority of his attacks consist of multi-hit combos. His double overhead slams with both weapons are among the most punishing of his attacks. Because he uses two or three distinct ones, it is important to keep an eye on him. You have a window of opportunity to strike whenever you see him slam both of his weapons into the ground.

Be wary of the purple charged blades, because when he pulls them back out of the ground, they will cause a massive explosion. You may even have the good fortune for your allies to strike him a sufficient number of times to cause a stagger, at which point you will be able to hop off Torrent and get in a powerful attack.

You should also think about making a large quantity of Rowa Raisins so that you can feed Torrent during the portions of the fight in which you are not being attacked. Losing Torrent in a fight like this can often mean instant death, and your mount’s health doesn’t always regen to full when you die and respawn – so make sure you heal him up to full before trying again!

It is important to remember that Radahn possesses a few ranged blade attacks, the first of which is a barrage of purple orbs that can be easily sidestepped by strafing. The second is a wave of electricity that runs across the ground, which you need to double-jump over with Torrent. Leaping over this dive attack can frequently give you a free hit or two, so make sure you do so whenever possible.

When Radahn’s health drops to half, he will suddenly launch himself into the air and vanish from the fray for approximately ten seconds. You can use this time to heal, and you should also search the area for any nearby summon signs, as they will reappear for anyone who died during the first phase. Keep an eye on the sky because you will be able to see Radahn coming as he shoots back down to earth. Keep an eye on the sky because you will be able to see Radahn coming. You will also be able to summon Castellan Jerren, the fiery flamberge-wielding master of ceremonies for the festival, at this point. Castellan Jerren is one of the allies you can call upon, and he has been added to the mix at this point.

During the second phase of the battle, Radahn learns some new moves, but your strategy stays largely the same thanks to the revitalised group of summoned allies that you have at your back. The power of his attacks increases, and they either reach further or have more devastating effects. You need to stay focused and redouble your efforts if you want to win this fight. You can’t let Radahn kill all of your allies a second time or let him use his powerful meteor summons, which are both difficult to avoid and lethal. You can’t let the fight drag on for too long.

The outcome of this boss fight relies at least in part on the player’s good fortune, taking into account the overall picture. It is possible that Radahn will never even look in your direction if the allies you have summoned manage to stay alive and carry out their duties, giving you the opportunity to score free hits and staggers. However, if he eliminates all of them with just one or two combos, you might be forced to flee for your life. You will eventually emerge victorious in the competition if you keep at it long enough, once you have mastered the patterns that were discussed above and it will simply come down to the number of attempts.

You will receive the Remembrance of the Starscourge and Radahn’s Great Rune if you are successful in killing Radahn. In addition to this, it will start a cutscene that shows a meteor landing somewhere on the world map, which in turn will start the next part of Ranni’s questline…