Elden Ring Guide – Siofra River

In the Limgrave Region of Elden Ring is where you’ll find the larger Dungeon known as Siofra River. It is an optional underground area that is more linear than the overworld, but many of the overworld’s core mechanics are still present. While you are underground, your abilities to fast travel, ride Torrent, and refill flasks when you defeat enemy groups do not change. This page contains information on the location, a walkthrough, and a guide to traverse this area, locate all of its treasure, and find out how to defeat the enemies that are located within it.

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EnemiesBossNotable Loot
Clayman, Ancestral Followers, Rats, Land OctopusesAncestor Spirit, Dragonkin SoldierDragon Halberd, Ancestral Follower Ashes, Rune Arc, Golden Seed

How to Get to Siofra River

A small building with a dome can be found at the Siofra River Well, which is located just north of the Minor Erdtree and east of the Mistwood. Be wary of the large bears that are known to roam the nearby forest as you make your approach.

Step onto the lift as soon as you enter, and ride it all the way down until it stops, at which point you will have arrived at a Site of Grace just to the right.

Siofra River Walkthrough

You’ll come across a number of Dewkissed Herba plants as you make your way down the slope. You can find a pair of Melted Mushrooms if you look behind one of the larger tombstones that are located on the left side of the slope. When you get close to the dead bodies floating in the water, you’ll have the opportunity to collect a number of Golden Runes (1). You can avoid the larger group of Claymen that are located within the ruins directly ahead of you by taking a path that curves around the left-hand side of the structure while remaining in the water. This path will bring you into contact with a number of Claymen armed with spears.

There are approximately a dozen of these spearmen spread throughout the ruins, and there are two spellcasters located at the top of the two sets of stairs to the left. All of these foes move extremely slowly, making it possible for any class to sneak up behind them and land critical hits. However, if they attack in large groups, their lunging spear attacks—which not only cause damage but also pull you towards them—can easily be overwhelming. A dead body with a smithing stone can be found at the top of the stairs on the right. You can find additional Golden Runes and Rainbow Stones on the dead bodies that line the stairs on the left side of the screen.

You’ll come across a larger set of stairs with blue flames just next to a waterfall once you pass the ruins. Be careful, as multiple Clayman spearmen will emerge from the ground around the water’s edge on the left-hand side of the waterfall. You can find multiple Silver Firefly on this side of the waterfall.

After climbing the more extensive flight of stairs located beyond the ruins, you will reach the next lift. You’ll emerge in a large canyon. As you leave the room, immediately turn left and continue down the path until you reach a room on the left that contains Preserving Boluses on a dead body.

As you make your way downward, you’ll notice a number of smaller crabs scattered throughout the moving water. Additionally, a monstrous crab will emerge from behind the first large tombstone on the left, which emits a white glow, so be prepared for an ambush. You will find a dead body in the alcove that the creature emerged from, along with some Crab Eggs.

Grab the Grave Glovewort that is located on the right side of the large stone column as you get ready to turn left at the end of the canyon. After that, jump up the sections of the steps that have been destroyed in order to reach the dead body and grab the Golden Rune from it (3).

You will now see a Site of Grace just to the left as you turn out of the canyon, and you will have a number of different paths available to take as you make your way there. The best thing to do first is to climb Mount Torrent, and then from the Site of Grace, head in a southerly direction towards the stairs that lead up to the ruins. Upon approaching, retrieve the map of the Siofra River from the dead body that is situated to the right of the pillar, and then make your way up the hill to the right to engage in combat with three Ancestral Followers. Hidden behind the rock that is directly in front of you is a corpse that is dangling from the edge of the ledge. It is holding two copies of Oldfang. As you make your way up the hill, you’ll find two dead bodies. One of them will have an Arteria Leaf, and the other will have an Inverted Hawk Heater Shield.

You will find a lower level to drop down to if you backtrack down the hill and look on the side of the stone steps that is opposite from you. You can get the Horn Bow from the dead body that is located on the other side of the platform that is located underneath the steps.

If you keep moving along the area’s eastern border, you will eventually come across a Torrent jump point. Jump to your feet and try to land on one of the shattered pieces of the bridge that is overhead. You can retrieve a Stonesword Key and three Ghost Glovewort from the corpse that is located around the back end of the room. After disembarking from Torrent, drop down onto the various broken segments of the bridge where you had to jump across to reach the previously mentioned supplies. If you then loop around and drop down again, you will be able to retrieve ten Dwelling Arrows from the body that you could see during the Torrent jump.

You’ll have to make another loop around the eastern side of the map, and this time, as you get closer to a larger tree, a horned spirit will materialise and pursue you (which can easily stunlock you into an insta-kill scenario, so be careful to dodge roll or sprint away with Torrent). Defeat it; doing so is very simple if you continue to circle it on Torrent; after it is vanquished, it will drop the Great Horned Headband. A Golden Rune can be found on a dead body that is propped up against the large tree (3).

As you continue to move around, you will come across a band of Ancestral Followers who are wandering around, as well as four more of them on the ridge to the right. After you have vanquished them, light the torch at the pillar that is located on the ridge. After that, you’ll notice just to the north of where you are an abandoned building that has two large braziers. You’ll find a Smithing Stone at the very top of the hill. Be wary, as the wooded area to the west is inhabited by multiple Ancestral Followers who, when at a greater distance, can fire enchanted Dwelling Arrows that are capable of inflicting devastationally high amounts of damage.

Eliminate the spirits; the one located in the southernmost part of the area has a tendency to drop the Fur Raiment. You can access the teleporter in the centre of this forest if you climb the fallen pillar in the middle of the clearing. The moment you activate it, you will be taken to Nokron, The Eternal City, which is located one level above Siofra River. To find a large body of water with a large enemy crouched over in the middle, head right from where you spawn to arrive at the location.

Boss Fight – Dragonkin Soldier

Be wary of the Dragonkin Soldier, a massive dragon-like warrior that wears armour and possesses a select few moves that deal a significant amount of damage. Despite its name, the Dragonkin Soldier does not actually possess the ability to breathe fire. The majority of the assaults consist of sweeping blows with the arms and low-impact strikes from the ground.

As a result of this, you might get the urge to use Torrent during this fight; however, in all likelihood, staying on the ground is going to be your best bet. The Dragonkin Soldier has the ability to swipe in any direction, including left, right, behind, or in front of themselves. The primary tactic, particularly for melee builds, is to dodge roll in the same direction as the swipes. This is especially important. Do not start to panic if you take a strike; the Soldier will not pursue with a follow-up attack before you can recover from the first one if you are struck by one of them.

If you are engaging in close-quarters combat, you will want to make sure that you aim your attacks at any part of the Dragonkin Soldier’s body other than its chest. If you have your sights set on the chest, a significant number of your swipes will either be unsuccessful or will collide with the armoured belt that the Soldier is wearing.

The Soldier will let out a massive roar when its health drops to around half and will become significantly more nimble and aggressive in its attacks at this point, which will make you lose the freedom and calm that the first phase of the fight gives you. It will pursue you much more frequently, and when it gets close to you, the Soldier will slam its fists into the ground, releasing a shockwave in the process. However, it will release a second shockwave as it wrenches its hands back out of the ground, so be careful.

You will be rewarded with the Dragon Halberd if you are successful in killing the Dragonkin Soldier.

Continuing to Explore

Follow the left wall until you reach a path that curves up and eventually leads to some Ancestral Followers and a pillar that needs to be lit at the dead end. The original Site of Grace is located on the bank of the Siofra River. You’ll find a small island with another pillar to light if you head out into the main body of water and look for it. This island is guarded by three Ancestral Followers who are armed with bows.

Another one of the Sites of Grace, known as Worshipper’s Woods, can be found at the northernmost tip of the body of water. As you continue to the north up the hill, you will come across three Ancestral Followers who are tapping their feet in a rhythmic pattern. Across the field, you will notice a pathway on the right-hand side that leads to some Rats as well as an additional two Ancestral Followers. While riding Torrent, you have the ability to separate the Ancestral Followers and the Rats, which will make it much simpler for you to eliminate them. However, you must be careful because the Ancestral Followers have a tendency to charge you with their horns, which is a move that can repeatedly hit you in a stun-lock fashion and often comes dangerously close to eliminating you entirely. After you have dealt with them, light the pillar, and then proceed to the left and up the slope to find more Ancestral Followers and rats (including a large rat) on the ridge next to another pillar. The same tactic of drawing the rats away from the area works here, and once all of them have been removed, you can light the final pillar, which will give you an indication that a lifeform has awakened somewhere else.

At the crest of the hill, you will have to ascend a flight of stone steps to reach an additional lift that has been secured with an Imp Seal. You can activate the lift by using a Stonesword Key, which will then allow you to ride it up and unlock an alternative exit/entrance to Siofra that puts you in the centre of Caelid.

When you turn around to go back to the Hallowhorn Grounds, there is a natural stone bridge off to the right of the path. You will find a Golden Seed Tree if you head over it and look up and to the left. If you continue to follow the narrow path to the right, you will eventually arrive in a cave where there is a dead body with a Rune Arc.

Return to the stone staircase that is close to the Site of Grace; each of the pillars should now be illuminated; then approach the horned remains that are located at the opposite end of Hallowhorn Grounds. You will be transported to a cave in front of a mist wall if you interact with the corpse in any way. As you make your way through, you will come face to face with the reanimated corpses you dealt with earlier.

Boss Fight – Ancestor Spirit

An enormous reanimated deer that has been endowed with spiritual power, the Ancestor Spirit gives off the impression of being much more menacing than it actually is.

As you break through the mist wall, you will find yourself on the opposite side of the arena from the Ancestor Spirit. During this time, you are free to call upon any Spirit Ashes you like. It is recommended to use Spirit Ashes with ranged capabilities because the Ancestor Spirit travels quickly around the arena and frequently prances into the air, making it difficult for melee Spirits to do their job effectively.

The Ancestor Spirit will frequently perform a jump into the air that consists of three bounces, with the Ancestor Spirit pausing in the air for a brief period of time after the third bounce before crashing to the ground and causing a shockwave. It is also capable of bouncing into the air and performing a strafing run while breathing blue fire. This takes place while it is in the air. This strafing run attack is significantly easier to avoid, even without Torrent, and it shares a similar design with the dragons that appear in Elden Ring. When it reaches the ground, the Ancestor Spirit’s breath does not spread out horizontally; therefore, it is important to keep moving while the boss is in the air and to move in the opposite direction when it begins to fire its weapons.

The Ancestor Spirit is also capable of performing a variety of ram attacks, including either a charge in a straight line or a dash to the side followed by a diagonal thrust with its horns. These attacks are classified as “ram attacks.” You will be knocked unconscious or launched into the air, depending on your build, but you can sidestep either effect by rolling towards the Spirit at the exact moment it is about to strike you.

It is also possible for the Ancestor Spirit to breathe fire as it approaches you while it is doing so, but in order to do so, you will need to be in close proximity to its head, which is unlikely given the degree of manoeuvrability that will be in play during this encounter. If you stay behind it for too long, it will kick out with its hind legs, which, if it connects, will knock you over and cause you to fall.

There are also two different stomp attacks that the Spirit will use against you, and they both depend on where you are in relation to it. It is capable of performing a charge 3-move combo at a distance, which consists of swinging its head from side to side, rearing up into the air, and stomping down in a shockwave afterward. If you are underneath it, it has the ability to rear up on its hind legs and slam down with enough force to send shockwaves through the air.

You will be rewarded with the Ancestral Follower Ashes once you have vanquished the Ancestor Spirit.