Elden Ring Guide – Weeping Peninsula (South Limgrave) – Dungeons, Points of Interest, and Secrets

Within Elden Ring, the Weeping Peninsula, also known as South Limgrave, is a more compact region of Limgrave. On this page, you will find an overview of the region, which details the primary dungeons, bosses, loot, and secrets that can be discovered in this area.

The region known as the Weeping Peninsula can be found to the south of West Limgrave. The Bridge of Sacrifice, a bridge camp populated by Soldiers of Godrick, must be traversed in order to gain access to this region for the first time.

Weeping Peninsula does not have a Legacy Dungeon due to the fact that it is a subregion. On the other hand, there are a large number of side quests, roaming bosses, and smaller dungeons to explore. A treasure chest can be used to transport you to Lleyndell Divine Bridge in the north, despite the fact that this mainland is not connected to any other mainlands.

Weeping Peninsula Map Fragment Location

It is necessary to acquire three Map Fragments from the Steles in West Limgrave, East Limgrave, and the Weeping Peninsula in order to uncover the specifics and topography of the entire Limgrave region. These Map Fragments can be found in West Limgrave, East Limgrave, and the Weeping Peninsula, respectively.

Just to the south of the Castle Morne Rampart Site of Grace is where you’ll find the Weeping Peninsula Map Fragment. At this location, a Golem will begin launching enormous arrows from a distance. You will be able to see as soon as you pass the stone wall that is located next to it if you proceed in the direction that is indicated by that Site of Grace.

Weeping Peninsula World Bosses and Invasions

Even though the Weeping Peninsula does not have a Legacy Dungeon, it is home to a few Field Bosses, one of which is located in an Evergaol and can only be accessed with one Stonesword Key. In order to defeat this Field Boss, you will need to have one Stonesword Key.

Boss NameReward
Erdtree AvatarOpaline Bubbletear, Crimsonburst Crystal Tear
Night’s Cavalry (Nighttime Only)Ash of War – Barricade Shield, Nightrider Flail
Ancient Hero of Zamor (Weeping Evergaol)Radagon’s Scarseal
Weeping DeathbirdSacrificial Axe

Weeping Peninsula Minor Dungeons

You can find a list of all of the minor dungeons that can be found throughout the Weeping Peninsula, as well as the respective dungeon bosses and the unique reward that can be earned by completing each of the dungeons. To read the walkthrough for navigating the dungeon and discovering all of its secrets, select a dungeon from the list below and click on it.

Dungeon NameBossNotable Loot
Eathbore CaveRunebearSpelldrake Talisman
Impaler’s CatacombsErdtree Burial WatchdogDemi-Human Ashes
Morne TunnelScaly MisbegottenRusted Anchor
Tombsward CatacombsCemetery ShadeNomadic Warrior’s Cookbook 9 (Imp Seal), Lhutel the Headless Spirit Ashes (Legendary Ashes)
Tombsward CaveMiranda, the Blighted BloomNomadic Warrior’s Cookbook 8, Viridian Amber Medallion
Castle MorneLeonine MisbegottenGrafted Blade Greatsword (Legendary Weapon)

Weeping Peninsula Merchants and NPCs

Limgrave is a region in which you can find various friendly (or seemingly friendly) faces that you can find and speak to, and even buy and sell with to obtain one-of-a-kind wares. This can be done as you travel around the region of Limgrave.

Irina is a young girl who was born without sight and is a member of a royal family. During an enemy invasion of her family’s castle, she was separated from her family and forced to flee the building. As a side quest for her, you will need to take a letter to Castle Morne and deliver it there.

Nomadic Merchant – This is the same merchant that you find in West Limgrave. This merchant provides slightly better wares than you’d find in the other parts of Limgrave, including a Talisman to equip if you haven’t already found one to equip yourself with.

Nomadic Merchant’s Wares
Kukri (60 Runes)Cracked Pot x1 (600 Runes)Stonesword Key x1 (2000 Runes)Bastard Sword (3000 Runes)Light Crossbow (1500 Runes)
Arrow (20 Runes)Great Arrow x8 (300 Runes)Bolt (40 Runes)Ballista Bolt x8 (300 Runes)Red Thorn Roundshield (600 Runes)
Round Shield (1000 Runes)Iron Helmet (1500 Runes)Scale Armor (2400 Runes)Iron Gauntlets (1500 Runes)Leather Trousers (1500 Runes)
Crimson Amber Medallion (1500 Runes)Note – Demi-human Mobs (500 Runes)

Isolated Merchant is the name given to a trader whose storefront can be found at the most southwestern tip of the Weeping Peninsula. It has been years since he last had a client walk through his door. He deals in a variety of goods, including arrows, Stonesword keys, and other items. Most importantly, he sells an item that is important for your travels and that you can wear on your waist, which is a lantern.

Isolated Merchant’s Wares
Lantern (1800 Runes)Arteria Leaf x5 (1000 Runes)Stonesword Key x3 (2,000 Runes)Lost Ashes of War x1 (3000 Runes)Zweihander (3500 Runes)
Arrow (20 Runes)Great Arrow x15 (300 Runes)Bolt (40 Runes)Ballista Bolt x15 (300 Runes)Sacrificial Twig x3 (3000 Runes)
Note – Walking Mausoleum (600 Runes)

After traversing the main ramparts in the direction of the cliffs, you will find Edgar, the commander of Castle Morne, on the most eastern ramparts. To reach him, head north past the soldiers and Misbegotten who are engaged in combat. You’ll receive a Sacrificial Twig as a reward for checking in, and he’ll let you know that he won’t be able to leave the castle until the legendary weapon guarded by the leader of this outdoor dungeon is recovered. If you comply with his demand, he will go back to Irina, but you shouldn’t anticipate a happy ending.

Weeping Peninsula Points of Interest

You can find many interesting locations, enemy camps, and other points of interest on the Weeping Peninsula as you travel around the area on your own. Each location has something that is interesting enough to warrant exploration, despite the variety of foes and treasures that can be found there.

If you click on a location of interest, you will be taken directly to the sections that provide a more in-depth explanation of that location, including the foes you will face and the secrets you can find.

Point of InterestEnemies or NPCsNotable Loot and NPCs
Bridge of SacrificeSoldiers of GodrickSmithing Stone 1
Stonesword Key
Irina’s Letter
Ruined CaravanTroll,
Soldiers of Godrick,
Attack Dogs,
Strip of White Flesh
Morning Star
Golden Rune 2
Smithing Stone 2
Ash of War – Mighty Shot (Scarab)
Forest Lookout TowerPoison Plants,
Foot Soldiers,
Attack Dogs
Golden Rune 1 x6
Hand Ballista
Ballista Bolt x5
Demi-Human Forest RuinsDemi-Humans,
Demi-Human Chief,
Demi-Human Queen
Shield of the Guilty (in cellar behind low walled ruins)
Demi-Human Queen’s Staff
Crystal Burst Spell
Arteria Leaf x2
Faith-knot Tear (to the north)
Crater-pocked GladeAlabaster Lord,
Gravity Acolytes
Stonesword Key (to the north)
Oridy’s RiseWolvesMemory Stone
Ailing Village and the Callu Baptismal ChurchFrenzy Rats,
Frenzied Commoners
Yellow Embers
Eye of Yeloughs
Flame Crest Wooden Shield
The Flame of Frenzy (Spell)
Sacred Tear
Lightning Strike CanyonDemon BatsLightning Strike (Spell)
Tombsward RuinRats,
Assassins x2
Beast Liver
Winged Scythe
Divine Fortification (Scarab on top of nearby ruins)
Church of PilgrimageSkeletonsSacred Tear
Blood Grease x2
Gilded Iron Shield
Sliver of Meat and Bewitching Branch x3 (over the cliffs on a far ledge below)
Fourth Church of MarikaMausoleum GuardsSacred Tear
Tower of ReturnFoot Soldiers,
Soldiers of Godrick,
Godrick Knight (on horseback)
Great Dragonfly Head x3
Trapped Chest (transporter to Lleyndell Divine Bridge) – if you can beat the Golem you can get a Smithing Shard 5 and a Blessed Dew Talisman
Isolated Merchant’s ShackLots of UndeadGolden Rune 1
Golden Rune 5
Isolated Merchant (NPC)
Witchbane RuinsMarionnette Fighters,
Giant Magic Head Sphere
Great Dragonfly Head
Ambush Shard (Spell)
Sorceress Sellen
Morne Poison FieldPutrid Undead, Toxic Slime, Giant CrabGolden Rune 4,

Bridge of Sacrifice

  • Enemies: Soldiers of Godrick
  • NPCs: Irina

The Bridge of Sacrifice, which connects West Limgrave and South Limgrave, is the first attraction that a visitor should check out on the Weeping Peninsula. In this area, Godrick’s Troops will be found conducting patrols around the bridge. Even though you have the ability to completely avoid them in order to cross, the loot they drop (a Smithing Stone 1 and a Stonesword Key) could be useful to you early on in the game.

If you continue on past the bridge, you will eventually come across Irina, a young girl who is a member of the royal family of the area but cannot see. She will ask you to take a letter to her father, who lives in Castle Morne, which is located at the most southern point of the region.

Ruined Caravan

  • Enemies: Troll, Soldiers of Godrick, Attack Dogs, Misbegotten

A caravan very similar to the ones you might come across while driving down the primary road in West Limgrave. On the other hand, this one had been deserted, and the remains of several Soldiers of Godrick could be found strewn about the area.

Be wary of the Troll that is located on the right. There is a chance that you will be able to sneak past the enemies here, despite the fact that there is a scarab nearby that contains an Ash of War – Mighty Shot.

Forest Lookout Tower

  • Enemies: Poison Plants, Foot Soldiers, Attack Dogs

A few of the soldiers who are assigned to provide surveillance for the nearby base camp make their home in this lookout tower. Be wary of the Soldier of Godrick who is armed with a ballista and is stationed atop the tower; there is a chest next to him that contains a Hand Ballista along with some bolts.

Demi-Human Forest Ruins

  • Enemies: Demi-Humans, Demi-Human Chief, Demi-Human Queen

This abandoned town is home to a large number of demi-human foes, who are ruled over by a demi-human queen. When you have to avoid not only her spells but also her minions, she can be a challenging opponent to fight. Before engaging the queen in combat, you should attempt to approach the conflict from the front, eliminate all of the Demi-Humans and the Demi-Human Chief, and then use throwing knives or a bow to draw the adversaries inside.

At this point, you ought to have the Spirit Calling Bell, so make use of any Ashes that you have at your disposal to assist you. After you have vanquished her, make your way back to the front ruins with the low walls as soon as possible. Make use of Torrent and then jump behind it; behind it, in a cellar, is a chest that contains a Shield of the Guilty.

Crater-pocked Glade

  • Enemies: Alabaster Lord, Gravity Acolytes

The Crater-pocked Glade can be reached from the Site of Grace on the Castle Morne Rampart. In order to ascend the nearby cliff using the Spiritspring, you will need to make use of Torrent. From this location, you can reach another Site of Grace by travelling to the north.

Because there are many Gravity Acolytes in this area, it is recommended that you call upon Ashes. The Alabaster Lord presents the greatest difficulty; be wary of the moment that he casts his violet orb. You are drawn closer to him by this spell just as he is winding up his sword to strike you. Outside of the Stonesword Key that can be found a short distance north of the meadow, there is no significant loot to be found in this area.

Oridys’s Rise

  • Enemies: Wolves

When you first jump using the Spiritspring, the tower known as Oridys’ Rise will be directly in front of you. It is located in close proximity to the Site of Grace on the Castle Morne Rampart. There is a pack of wolves that is loitering near the entrance; you should eliminate them as quickly as possible before entering the tower.

A sigil that is placed in front of the main entrance to the tower serves as a protective barrier. To complete this short side quest, you will need to locate three wise beasts in order to disable the sigil and enter the building. The solution to the puzzle is quite straightforward; all that is required of you is to eliminate the spirit turtle that is wandering around the tower.

The first turtle can be found facing away from the statue and in the general vicinity of the earlier pack of wolves.
The second turtle can be found immediately to the left of the tower, right next to the stairs.
Even though it is not visible, the final turtle can be found in the middle of the shallow pond that is located to the right of Oridys’s Rise.
After you have accomplished that, go inside the tower and rummage through the chest there to retrieve the Memory Stone. This item will increase the number of spell slots available to your character, which can come in very handy if you plan to go with a faith-based or sorcery-based build.

Ailing Village and the Callu Baptismal Church

  • Enemies: Frenzy Rats, Frenzied Commoners

This former village and church are only inhabited by a small number of Frenetic Rats and Commoners, despite the fact that they are located next to each other as two points of interest. They are not a formidable foe due to their low strength. On the other hand, the loot that can be obtained from this location is particularly useful for early-game content.

When you use your Flask of Crimson Tears or Flask of Cerulean Tears at a Site of Grace, the effect will be enhanced if you have the Sacred Tear, which can be found inside the Callu Baptismal Church in Callu. The centre of the village also contains a Flame Crest Wooden Shield and a The Flame of Frenzy spell. Both of these items can be found there.

Lightning Strike Canyon

  • Enemies: Demon Bats

The Ailing Village can be found directly to the west, and in order to descend into the canyon, you will need to negotiate the enormous tombstones that protrude from the canyon walls. Once you’ve made it down there, watch out for the lightning strike, and keep in mind that the Demon Bats will make it difficult for you to pick up the Lightning Strike spell that’s lying on the floor.

Tombsward Ruins

  • Enemies: Rats, Pages x2

These ruins can be found on the western landmass of the Weeping Peninsula, directly to the south of the location of the Church of Pilgrimage. It should not be difficult to locate these ruins given their proximity to the main field, which is where the walking mausoleum is located.

Rats and two people named Page can be found in the neighbourhood. Eliminate them before proceeding down into the cellar to open the chest and retrieve the Winged Scythe. On top of the nearby ruins is also a Scarab that is holding a Divine Fortification spell in its mouth.

Church of Pilgrimage

  • Enemies: Skeletons

Churches in Elden Ring are an excellent location to search for valuable loot, particularly items that augment the durability of flasks. In this location, right next to the Site of Grace, you’ll find another Sacred Tear. The skeletons that are located outside shouldn’t present much of a challenge; however, after you have successfully eliminated them the first time, you must ensure that their deaths are permanent; otherwise, they will rise from the grave.

In addition, there is a Gilded Iron Shield to be looted, and if you travel to the northern cliffs, you will find a Sliver of Meat as well as three Bewitching Branches.

Fourth Church of Marika

  • Enemies: Mausoleum Guards

The Fourth Church of Marika is another location with a Sacred Tear that can be used to access the Site of Grace. There are very few adversaries in this area, with the exception of the guards who walk around protecting the walking mausoleum.

Tower of Return

  • Enemies: Foot Soldiers, Soldiers of Godrick, Godrick Knight

The Tower of Return is another lookout tower, similar to the one in the Forest Lookout, but this one is home to several Soldiers of Godrick and a Godrick Knight who is mounted on a horse. You should make an effort to lure the Godrick Knight further away from the tower so that you can engage him in combat while you are riding Torrent; however, you should be wary of the angles you take because there is another foot soldier using a ballista atop the tower.

After defeating all of the foes, you will be rewarded with three Great Dragonfly Heads, but the chest at the very top is the most important reward. You will be teleported to the Divine Bridge in Lleyndell if you open this chest, which is actually a transporter trap. Once you have activated the Site of Grace on the bridge, you will be able to teleport back to the starting point. However, if you defeat the Golem that is further up, you will receive a Smithing Shard 5 and a Blessed Dew Talisman as a reward.

This fight is going to be difficult because your weapon is going to be in poor condition when you first enter this area, and the Golem is going to be able to two-shot you with his attacks. The fight should not be too difficult for you as long as you maintain your pressure on his ankles and keep the distance between you and him relatively close. Be wary of his ground fire attack; this is one of his attacks from which you should try to stay away as much as possible.

Isolated Merchant’s Shack

  • Enemies: Lots of Undead
  • NPCs: Isolated Merchant

This Isolated Merchant, like the others you’ll find throughout the game, will sell you a variety of items, some of which may prove to be of the utmost importance to you as you travel through the Lands Between. One of these is the Lantern, which can be purchased for 1800 Runes. This Key Item is an excellent substitute for the Torch due to the fact that it can be worn around the waist. This frees up one of your equipment slots on your left hand, allowing you to equip a shield or another weapon there instead.

A variety of arrows, Stonesword Keys, Lost Ashes of War, and the all-time favourite Zweihander are also available for purchase from him. There are a large number of undead in the area, but the vast majority of them are located on the western coast of the Weeping Peninsula, so you do not need to be concerned about being attacked while you are here shopping.

Witchbane Ruins

  • Enemies: Marionnette Fighters, Giant Magic Head Sphere
  • NPCs: Sorceress Sellen (chained in the cellar)

These ruins can be found to the southwest of the Fourth Church of Marika, directly below the cliffs in that general direction. From where you are positioned, you should be able to see the Marionette Fighters moving about the area. The entrance to the cellar is guarded by a Giant Magic Head Sphere, which emits spells into the air and causes destructive magic to fall from the sky onto those who are in its immediate vicinity.

It is recommended that you begin your fights with the foes that are located around the ruins, as the magic sphere will draw more enemies to you. You can talk to the NPC who resembles Sorceress Sellen in the cellar once all of the foes have been vanquished, but you won’t be able to interact with her until much later in the game when you take on Sellen’s quest. Until then, you won’t be able to interact with her. You should also make sure to loot the Ambush Shard Sorcery spell that is located on a corpse inside.

Morne Poison Field

  • Enemies: Putrid Undead, Toxic Slime, Giant Crab

There is a large poison swamp with two protruding rocks just to the northeast of Castle Morne. The place is crawling with putrid undead that will try to shamble around and lunge at you or cause poison goo to explode outward from them.

As long as you remain mounted, the poison field will do no damage to you. This will allow you to easily deal with the shambling undead and outmanoeuvre a Giant Crab that has burrowed underground. However, there is not much in the way of rewards other than gaining Toxic Mushrooms from the dead or Poisonbloom growing here; the second protruding rock, however, does have a Golden Rune 4 at the base of one of the crucified bodies screaming out. Other than that, there is not much to be gained from this location.

You can also ride your horse just to the north of the poison field to find a glowing Scarab that you can kill to obtain a Poison Mist Incantation spell.

Weeping Peninsula Scarab Locations

As you make your way through this area, you might come across a few scarabs dashing off in different directions. Some of them will refill your flask of tears, but others can reward you with unique items, including the following:

Ruined Caravan Scarab

  • Reward: Ash of War – Mighty Shot

You will need to take the main road through the large gorge after you cross the bridge into the Weeping Peninsula to the south of Limgrave. Along the way, you will see a wrecked caravan full of adversaries. You will find the scarab on the road just after you pass the Misbegotten. The road will begin to slope upwards toward the Castle Morne Ramparts at this point.

Tombsward Ruins Scarab

  • Reward: Divine Fortification Spell

The Tombsward Ruins are located in a large valley that can be reached by travelling around to the west side of the Weeping Peninsula. They can be found along the north side of the valley between two churches. A scarab hides on top of one of the larger ruined chunks that are located just to the side of the main ruined walls.

Weeping Peninsula Poison Field Scarab

  • Reward: Poison Mist Spell

When approaching Castle Morne from the south along the main road, there is a sizable poison field located to the northeast of the castle. You can find a smouldering scarab in a small clearing to the north of the poison; however, you need to be careful when you attack it because it will explode once it is killed.

Weeping Peninsula Secrets

In this location, you will discover all of the mysteries that have been uncovered so far in the Weeping Peninsula (South Limgrave) region.

Walking Mausoleum

As soon as you enter the western portion of the Weeping Peninsula, you will hear the sounds of a ringing bell in the distance. This will happen as soon as you enter this area. These noises are coming from the mausoleum-sized creature that is walking around on four legs and has a bell attached to its stomach.

You can get inside the building by attacking the legs where you see the barnacles that look like skulls. Once it has been weakened enough, you will be able to enter the interior of the structure. You have the ability to duplicate any Boss Remembrances that you have acquired from bosses; however, you are only allowed one use of this ability per Mausoleum, so choose carefully!

Tower of Return Transporter Trap

You can find a chest at the very top of the Tower of Return, which is located in the far southwest corner of the Weeping Peninsula. However, this chest, like the one in the Dragon-burnt Ruins of West Limgrave, is a trap that will transport you to a different part of the world. Once you’ve made it through to the other side, you won’t be in any danger, unless you consciously decide to put yourself in harm’s way.

You will suddenly find yourself standing atop a Divine Bridge in Leyndell, the Royal Capital, which is located a great distance to the north of the Weeping Peninsula. Because of how far north it is, you won’t be able to get to her in a normal manner for quite some time. Additionally, the lift behind you can only be activated from the ground level up. You will be able to be teleported back to your starting location as soon as you have rested at a Site of Grace, but there is a reward that lies ahead…

You will see a fallen Golem through the large archway, and as soon as you get close to it, it will get back up and attack you. This Golem, in contrast to the ones that were damaged in West Limgrave, has a significant increase in its health and deals even more damage than the golems that dealt a heavy amount of damage in the past. If you open the chest to the right of the golem, you will find a Blessed Dew Talisman inside. This is an excellent item to have early on in the game, but if you try to open it, you will most likely die unless you are able to defeat the golem while you are still a low level. It is not impossible, but you will need to perfectly time your dodging and watch out for the golem repeatedly slamming its halberd into the ground or spewing fire from its chest in order to succeed.