Elden Ring Guide – West Limgrave – Dungeons, Points of Interest, and Secrets

In Elden Ring, West Limgrave is considered to be one of the most important regions of the Lands Between. On this page, you will find an overview of the region, which details the primary dungeons, bosses, loot, and secrets that can be discovered in this area.

In the starting region of West Limgrave, you will begin your journey as a Tarnished, beginning with the tutorial dungeon known as the Cave of Knowledge, then meeting the Finger Maiden Melina, and finally venturing into the first legacy dungeon, Stormveil Castle.

It is a good place to begin your adventure because it contains many different types of enemies that are easy to overcome and will teach you the ropes of this world. However, it also conceals a lot of secrets and features boss fights that are surprisingly challenging and will allow you to test your mettle against more formidable foes once you have a few levels under your belt and access to better equipment.

The land is traversed by a network of major roads, one of which leads across the Bridge of Sacrifice towards the Weeping Peninsula, while another road leads out of Storm Hill and across the Saintsbridge to East Limgrave, which is home to the Mistwood. Both of these roads are accessible from the centre of the city of Storm Hill.

###West Limgrave Map Fragment Location
You will need to locate three Map Fragments at the Steles that are located in West Limgrave, East Limgrave, and the Weeping Peninsula in order to uncover the specifics and topography of the entire Limgrave region. These Map Fragments can be found in order from west to east across Limgrave.

Following the main road out of the tutorial dungeon, past the Church of Elleh, through a small forest, and into a large enemy camp at the foot of the Stormgate is where you will find the West Limgrave Map Fragment. This can be found at a Stele that can be found in the Gatefront Ruins, which can be found by following the directions given above.

###Limgrave Legacy Dungeon
Limgrave’s Legacy The name of the dungeon is Stormveil Castle, and it is the initial major dungeon that you will come across on your own while adventuring in Elden Ring. It is an extremely large fortress that dominates the surrounding area from its perch on a fortified clifftop on the northern side of Limgrave. One of the demigods, Godrick the Golden, presides over this region as its ruler.

You will either have to challenge the Stormgate and its formidable defences in order to enter the dungeon, or you will have to vanquish a very formidable boss in order to enter the main part of the castle. It is strongly suggested that you postpone your journey to that location until such time as you have completed additional exploration of the surrounding area, gained a new level, discovered new items and rewards, and improved your arsenal by forging stones at the Church of Elleh’s Smithing Table.

When you are ready, check out our walkthrough of Stormveil Castle to learn how to vanquish the many foes that reside there and uncover every hidden passageway.

Stormveil Castle
Magrit the Fell Omen
Godrick the Golden

Gatekeeper Gostoc
Nepheli Loux

###West Limgrave Roaming Bosses and Invasions
The region of West Limgrave is home to a number of world bosses that can be encountered outside of dungeons. Some of these bosses freely roam certain zones, while others remain hidden until you approach them at a distance that will cause them to appear. In addition to this, there are multiple pre-written invasions carried out by NPC humans that will engage you in combat. Simply selecting a Boss to investigate further will reveal more information on how they can be defeated.

Boss Name Reward
Tree Sentinel Golden Halberd
Flying Dragon Agheel Dragon Heart
Bloody Finger Nejirus (Invasion) Reduvia
Bloodhound Knight Darriwil (Forlorn Hound Evergaol) Bloodhound’s Fang
Recusant Henricus (Invasion) Hammer Talisman
Night’s Cavalry (Appears at night) Ash of War – Repeating Thrust
Deathbird (Appears at night) Blue Feathered Branch Sword
Crucible Knight (Storm Evergaol) Aspect of the Crucible – Tail
Bell Bearing Hunter (Appears at night) Bone Peddler’s Bell Bearing

###Limgrave Minor Dungeons
There are a variety of different kinds of miniature dungeons dotted across the landscape of West Limgrave. These include hidden caves, island tunnels, and deep, foreboding mines. You can tackle these locations in any order you like, and at the conclusion of each one is a miniboss who guards valuable treasure. Simply click on any of the dungeons in the list below to read the full walkthrough and guide for exploring that dungeon and discovering all of its hidden treasures.

Dungeon Name Boss Notable Loot
1 Cave of Knowledge (Tutorial) Soldier of Godrick Strength! Emote
2 Fringefolk Hero’s Grave Ulcerated Tree Spirit Poisonbone Dart x5, Dragonwound Grease, TBA
(Req 2 Stonesword Keys)
3 Groveside Cave Beastman of Farum Azula Flamedrake Talisman
4 Stormfoot Catacombs Erdtree Burial Watchdog Wandering Noble Ashes, Noble Sorcerer Ashes
5 Coastal Cave Demi-Human Chief (x2) Tailoring Tools, Sewing Needle
6 Murkwater Cave Patches Cloth Garb, Cloth Trousers, Shop
7 Murkwater Catacombs Grave Warden Duelist Battle Hammer
8 Limgrave Tunnels Stonedigger Troll Smithing Stones, Roar Medallion
9 Highroad Cave Guardian Golem Samshir, Blue Dancer Charm
10 Deathtouched Catacombs Black Knife Assassin Uchigatana, Assassin’s Crimson Dagger, Deathroot
(50% Health)

###Limgrave Merchants and NPCs
Limgrave is a region in which you can find various friendly (or seemingly friendly) faces that you can find and speak to, and even buy and sell with to obtain one-of-a-kind wares. This can be done as you travel around the region of Limgrave.

White-Faced Varre is a sour and condescending character who appears in every game developed by From Software. He can be found on a small hill just as you emerge from the Cave of Knowledge, and he will provide you with scant information regarding your mission in the Lands Between before escorting you away.

The Trader Kale can be found in the Church of Elleh, which is located directly to the north of the Tutorial Dungeon. This merchant can sell you a wide variety of starting items, including a Crafting Kit, Recipe Books, and some basic armour. They also reside next to a Smithing Table that can bolster weapons to a maximum of +3 strength.

Merchant Kale’s Wares
Throwing Dagger (40 Runes)
Telescope (500 Runes)
Furlcalling Finger Remedy x5 (1,000 Runes)
Cracked Pot x3 (300 Runes)
Crafting Kit (300 Runes)
Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook 1 (500 Runes)
Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook 2 (500 Runes)
Missionary’s Cookbook 1 (1,000 Runes)
Arrow (20 Runes)
Bolt (40 Runes)
Torch (200 Runes)
Large Leather Shield (600 Runes)
Chain Coif (1,000 Runes)
Chain Armor (1,500 Runes)
Chain Gauntlets (1,000 Runes)
Chain Leggings (500 Runes)
Note – Flask of Wondrous Physick (200 Runes)
Note – Waypoint Ruins (200 Runes)

Melina – The Finger Maiden Melina is in a position to provide the Tarnished with a means of enhancing their power through the exchange of runes. You can find a Site of Grace at the foot of the Stormgate by the Gatefront Ruins by following the trail marked by the Sites of Grace. When you sit down to rest, she will appear in front of you to offer assistance, as well as access to a spectral steed named Torrent through the use of the Spectral Steed Whistle. This path can be found by following the road that leads from the Cave of Knowledge past the Church of Elleh and through a small forest.

After speaking with Melina, if you fast travel back to the Church of Elleh, you might be surprised to find a chill mist surrounding the place, Merchant Kale sleeping, and a curious blue witch sitting nearby. This is all thanks to Renna, the witch. After talking to her, you will be able to acquire the Spirit-Summoning Bell and the Lone Wolf Ashes, both of which can be used to summon additional help in certain areas of the game, particularly during boss fights! She will vanish not long after that, but if you continue on your journeys, you might have another chance to see her…

This merchant is located further west from the Church Elleh, down on the northern beachfront, and hiding under a large section of ruins by the cliff. He has even more wares for sale, including a few starting melee and ranged weapons, and can be found by going further west from the Church Elleh.

Nomadic Merchant’s Wares
Neutralizing Boluses x5 (600 Runes)
Stanching Boluses x3 (600 Runes)
Stimulating Boluses x2 (1,500 Runes)
Armorer’s Cookbook 2 (600 Runes)
Broadsword (1,800 Runes)
Club (600 Runes)
Shortbow (600 Runes)
Arrow (20 Runes)
Bolt (40 Runes)
Iron Roundshield (900 Runes)
Note – Land Squirts (200 Runes)
Note – Stonedigger Trolls (400 Runes)

Boc, a peculiar Demi-Human who seems to be friendly, can be found on the main road that leads south of the Gatefront Ruins by a small copse of trees. Boc’s location can be found on the map. Because of the magical power of someone else, Boc has been physically altered to take the form of a tree. If you attack the tree just once, he will return to his natural form. After that, he will give you some mushrooms and make a promise to help you in the Coastal Cave, which is located along the western coast of Limgrave. He will ask for your assistance in reclaiming a Sewing Needle from the bosses that reside in the mini dungeon, and in exchange, he may eventually assist you in modifying certain clothes at no cost!

Patches, everyone’s favourite prankster, has taken refuge in West Limgrave, and he can be encountered functioning as a sort of boss in the Murkwater Cave. You will have the opportunity to spare him at a certain point during the fight, and eventually he will open a shop in his cave where he will sell you some rare items. However, you should stay away from the chest that is located in the back of his cave. If you choose to exact vengeance on the sneaky brat, you will be rewarded with an item that gives you the ability to purchase the items he sells at the Roundtable Hold instead.

Patches’ Wares
Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot x3 (600 Runes)
Fan Daggers x20 (160 Runes)
Margit’s Shackle (5,000 Runes)
Grace Mimic x15 (100 Runes)
Glass Shard (100 Runes)
Furlcalling Finger Remedy x3 (1,000 Runes)
Festering Bloody Finger x5 (1,000 Runes)
Stonesword Key (5,000 Runes)
Missionary’s Cookbook 2 (800 Runes)
Parrying Dagger (1,600 Runes)
Great Arrow x10 (300 Runes)
Ballista Bolt x5 (300 Runes)
Horse Crest Wooden Shield (1,000 Runes)
Sacrificial Twig (5,000 Runes)

Sorceress Sellen is a sorcerer who conceals herself in the Waypoint Ruins, which are located off of the main road that runs through Limgrave and past the large lake. She is a teacher of the mysterious Glintstone Magic Arts. If you have the ability, she can teach you a variety of spells related to magic, but in order to get to her, you have to vanquish a powerful foe first.

Sorceress Sellen Spells
Glintstone Pebble (1,000 Runes)
Glintstone Stars (3,000 Runes)
Glintstone Arc (1,500 Runes)
Crystal Barrage (1,500 Runes)
Scholar’s Armament (3,000 Runes)
Scholar’s Shield (2,500 Runes)

Bloody Finger Hunter Yura is a friendly non-player character (NPC) fighter who can be located in two different areas of Limgrave. This character, who appears to be a samurai, can be found early on underneath a collapsed overpass on the southern edge of Lake Agheel. He will advise you to avoid the lake and the dragon that lives there. If you travel past the lake and under the tall bridge into the ravine, you will be attacked by a hostile NPC; however, Yura will come to your aid and then leave his previous location after he comes to your rescue.

A solitary woman can be seen taking a break at the Stormhill Shack, which is located on the road leading north from the Stormgate in the direction of the Stormveil Castle. She will appear somewhat disheartened and explain to you how the other travellers who were travelling with her have all been abducted and grafted at the castle. If you continue to engage in conversation with her, she will eventually hand over the Ashes of the Spirit Jellyfish and then proceed to stay at the Roundtable Holding.

You can find the Warmaster’s Shack in a wooded area near East Limgrave if you travel east from the Stormhill Shack along a dirt road. This will take you toward East Limgrave. Knight Bernahl Inside, Knight Bernahl will sell you a variety of different kinds of Ashes of War. These can be attached to a wide variety of armaments, and you can switch them out whenever you find new weapons to determine which one suits your playstyle the best. Caution is advised, however, as returning to the shack at night after exploring Stormveil Castle might reveal that Bernahl is no longer there and that a very dangerous Bell Bearing Hunter has taken his place.

Knight Bernahl’s Skills
Ash of War – Stamp (Upward Cut) (1,500 Runes)
Ash of War – Kick (800 Runes)
Ash of War – War Cry (800 Runes)
Ash of War – Endure (600 Runes)
Ash of War – Spinning Slash (1,200 Runes)
Ash of War – Impaling Thrust (1,000 Runes)
Ash of War – Quickstep (800 Runes)
Ash of War – Storm Blade (1,800 Runes)
Ash of War – Parry (600 Runes)
Ash of War – No Skill (600 Runes)

Alexander the Iron Fist: A voice may entice you to find a giant pot man stuck in a ditch by the cliffs that are located above the west side of the Saintsbridge that leads to East Limgrave. Give him two hard smacks to free him and earn his thanks (as well as some Exalted Flesh), as the giant friendly Living Jar tells you of a festival being held in the far east (and very dangerous) land of Caelid. Give him two hard smacks to free him and earn his thanks (as well as some Exalted Flesh).

This questionable non-player character, known as Gatekeeper Gostoc, can be found just inside the main entrance to Stormveil Castle. You will receive advice from him to sneak into the castle through a nearby breach in the wall, or you can send a signal to him to open the main gates. You’ll need to return to him after venturing further into the castle in order to purchase certain items. On the other hand, he will close up shop once the dungeon has been cleared out by you.

Gatekeeper Gostoc’s Wares
Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot x3 (2,000 Runes)
Ruin Fragment x5 (100 Runes)
Furlcalling Finger Remedy x4 (1,000 Runes)
Festering Bloody Finger x2 (1,000 Runes)
Stormhawk Feather x5 (500 Runes)
Caestus (800 Runes)
Great Arrow x5 (300 Runes)
Ballista Bolt x5 (300 Runes)
Buckler (1,500 Runes)
Bandit Garb (1,500 Runes)
Bandit Manchettes (1,000 Runes
Bandit Boots (1,000 Runes)

You may first meet this deft spell-slinger as an optional summon for Margit the Fell Omen as you enter Stormveil Castle. Later, you will find him in the large chapel of the castle, which is located about halfway through the dungeon. After you have a conversation with him, he will proceed to the Roundtable Hold to continue selling his wares there, and he will offer to sell you a few Ashes of War that have spells incorporated into them.

Sorcerer Rogier’s Skills
Ash of War – Glintstone Pebble (1,500 Runes)
Ash of War – Carian Greatsword (2,500 Runes)
Ash of War – Spinning Weapon (1,000 Runes)

Nepehli Loux is a champion who wields two axes and can be found in a room in Stormveil Castle just before the gateway to the boss of the dungeon. Should you decide to take advantage of her offer to summon her during the battle, she will offer her services to do so. After Godrick has been vanquished, she will make a brief trip to Roundtable Hold regardless of whether or not she assists you.

###Limgrave Points of Interest
During your travels, you will come across a variety of interesting locations, enemy camps, and other points of interest in the Limgrave region. These can be found throughout the region. Each location has something that is interesting enough to warrant exploration, despite the variety of foes and treasures that can be found there.

If you click on a location of interest, you will be taken to a section further down the page that provides a more in-depth explanation of that location, including the foes you will face and the secrets you can find.

Point of Interest Enemies or NPCs Notable Loot and NPCs
Church of Elleh Tree Sentinel Smithing Table
(With Smithing Stone)
Merchant Kale
Gatefront Ruins Soldiers of Godrick, Lordsworn’s Greatsword
Attack Dogs, Flail
Godrick Knight Ash of War – Storm Stomp
Kaiden Mercenary Camp Kaiden Mercenaries, Armorer’s Cookbook 1
Attack Dogs
Northern Beach Land Octopus, Ash of War – Stamp
Demi-Humans, (Sweep)
Skeletons, Nomadic Merchant
Church of Dragon Spirit Jellyfish Dragon Communion Spells
Communion (night only) (requires Dragon Hearts)
Seaside Ruins Alabaster Lord Ash of War – Gravitas
Haligdrake Talisman
Dragon-burnt Ruins Wandering Nobles, Twinblade
Giant Rat, Stonesword Key

Agheel Lake South Ruins Demi-Humans, Ash of War – Unsheathe
Soldiers of Godrick, Large Club
Wandering Nobles, Great Epee
Noble Sorcerers, Royal House Scroll
Kaiden Mercenaries
Waypoint Ruins Miranda Flower, Sorceress Sellen
Giant Miranda Flower, (Sorcery Merchant)
Mad Pumpkin Head,
Moving Caravan Trolls, Greataxe
Kaiden Mercenary,
Noble Sorcerer,
Wandering Nobles
Stormgate Troll, Arrow’s Reach Talisman
Soldiers of Godrick, Golden Seed
Kaiden Mercenary,
Storm Hill Cemetery Spirit Jellyfish, Godrick Soldier Ashes
Warmaster’s Shack Troll, Stonesword Key,
Kaiden Mercenaries, Strength-knot Crystal Tear,
Noble Sorcerers, Spirit Jellyfish Ashes,
Bell Bearing Hunter Roderika,
(night time invasion) Knight Bernahl
Saintsbridge Pumpkinhead, Lance,
Godrick Knight, Beast Crest Heater Shield,
Soldiers of Godrick, Ash of War – Golden Vow,
Foot Soldiers, Lance Talisman
Attack Dogs, Alexander the Iron Fist
Damaged Golem

###Church of Elleh
NPCs include Merchant Kale, EldenR, and ChurchofElleh.jpg as enemies, and Tree Sentinels that patrol the area as hostile NPCs.

It is located a short distance to the north of the tutorial Cave of Knowledge, and in order to approach it, you will most likely need to go around a roaming field boss called The Tree Sentinel (though you should be safe inside).

The church features a Site of Grace where visitors can relax as well as a merchant who can be spoken to about items and with whom they can buy and sell items. You should take advantage of the many helpful items that are available from Merchant Kale as you begin your adventure. These items include a Crafting Kit, which will allow you to begin crafting items, as well as various recipe books and a Torch, which will assist you in navigating dark caves.

In addition, the church houses a Smithing Table, which is currently housing a Smithing Stone Shard. You can increase the level of your weapons by a maximum of +3 by interacting with this table and using the Smithing Stone Shards that you find.

###Gatefront Ruins
Opponents include eight Godrick Soldiers, four Godrick Attack Dogs, and one Godrick Knight (1)

This massive abandoned encampment is teeming with soldiers, many of whom are hiding within the crumbling walls and the two large carriages that are located on either end of the camp. A sentry and a much stronger knight patrol the main road that runs through the ruins. If the sentry is spotted, they will use their trumpet to call all of the nearby enemies to converge on their location.

It is recommended that you attack the encampment from the northern side, close to the nearby Site of Grace. Pick off the soldiers on the outskirts while keeping a safe distance from the sentry, and then loot the back of the first large carriage to obtain the Lordsworn’s Greatsword.

From this vantage point, you can wait until the sentry is alone and then sneak up behind them to backstab them. At that point, you can either avoid the armoured knight with the spear or lure them into a one-on-one fight with you. Both of them are keeping watch over a large stone stelle monument in the centre of the area. This monument protects the West Limgrave Map, which can expand the topography of your map.

Be wary when engaging the Godrick Knight because he is much more durable than the other soldiers in the area and will hit faster and harder. However, he can still be parried to open up opportunities for critical hits, or you can wait until the end of his barrage of thrusts or charge to perform a Guard Counter on him.

Once the area in the middle of the ruins has been cleared, proceed to the western part of the ruins and eliminate additional soldiers along with their attack dogs.

Look among the ruins near the central road on the west side to find a hole you can walk down leading to a room with a chest that contains the Ash of War – Storm Stomp, as well as a Whetstone so that you can customise your Ashes of War each time you rest at a Site of Grace, rather than having to find a smith to do it for you. Moving along south are more guards with attack dogs.

When you return to the ruins, clear out the area on the east side of the camp, look for the guards watching the second carriage on the south side of the camp, and then loot the back of the carriage to find a flail.

###Kaiden Mercenary Camp
Enemies: Kaiden Mercenaries (4), Attack Dogs (4)

A line of wooden barricades has been erected to the west of the Gatefront Ruins, in between two large stone ruins. This is where you will find the location of the small camp.

A Kaiden Mercenary on horseback patrols the camp, while three others wait on the other side of the wooden walls. In addition, there are several dogs that roam the area and the ruins that it borders on both sides of the camp.

It is best to try to lure the mercenaries out one at a time due to their aggressive nature. This will help you avoid being overwhelmed by their powerful melee attacks; however, you can also use the ruins to gain some height over them.

After the guards have been vanquished, search the small camp for a dead body that may be hiding the Armorer’s Cookbook 1.

###Northern Beach
Land Octopus, Skeletons, Demi-Humans, and Northern Mercenary are some of the enemies you will face. NPCs include Nomadic Merchant EldenR NorthBeach.jpg.

This region can be found along the coast of Limgrave’s northwestern region, and beach access can be found along the cliffs that are located just to the north of the Cave of Knowledge tutorial dungeon (though a Troll wanders the path down to the beach).

On the most northern part of the beach, there is a lone Kaiden Mercenary who is in possession of a Strip of White Flesh. Directly to the south of this location, there is a mysterious glowing trail that winds its way through the rocks. Attacking the trail as it approaches you will result in the death of an invisible Scarab Beetle and the acquisition of the Ash of War – Stamp (Sweep).

Further to the south, past a number of imposing Land Octopus, you may come across a group of Demi-Humans standing in front of the entrance to a small Mini Dungeon known as the Coastal Cave. This cave also functions as a tunnel to the nearby island, which is the location of the Church of Dragon Communion.

You can find a Nomadic Merchant who will sell you a few starting weapons inside of a large fallen slab of a stone ruin that is nearby. This slab serves as a shelter from the elements and can be found nearby.

You will find a group of skeletons on the most southern part of the beach. These skeletons will attempt to swarm you and will keep coming back after they have been killed, unless you strike at their bodies while they are glowing and beginning to reform. If you do not do this, they will continue to come back. You will be able to jump all the way back up to the Stranded Graveyard if you use the nearby Spiritsprings.

###Waypoint Ruins
Miranda Plants, the Giant Miranda Plant, and the Mad Pumpkin Head are your foes (Mini boss)
NPCs: Sellen, the Sorceress.

A hillside ruin known as the Post Town Remains can be found just off the large main road that cuts through Limgrave. It is located on the western outskirts of the region, past the large bridge, and up on the hills that overlook the road.

The actual ruins are infested with small, moving Miranda Plants that release spores that poison you when you get too close to them. These plants must be eliminated quickly or from a safe distance in order to avoid being poisoned. To make matters even more difficult, they are supervised by a Giant Miranda Plant, which has the ability to call down magical projectiles from the sky in addition to releasing a larger poison cloud. Because of this, it is imperative that care be taken during combat in order to avoid their manoeuvres.

While a larger one in the middle of the ruins watches over bodies that hold Immunizing Cured Meat and a Golden Rune, a group of smaller ones have huddled together in the ruins on the south side of the area and are protecting some glowstone. You can see a body hanging off some ruins directly above the enormous Miranda Plant. You can use Torrent to jump to the body, where you will find four copies of Trina’s Lily.

You can avoid going through the entrance to the underground tunnel that is located in the middle of the ruins by descending from the ruined slabs that are located above it or by using Torrent to perform a double jump over the walls.

One single Mini-Boss, a Mad Pumpkin Head, can be found inside. Even though this location does not have a dungeon connected to it, Mad Pumpkin Head is still a challenging foe to face. He wields a spiked flail in a seemingly never-ending stream of vicious attacks that are difficult to evade.

Even if you manage to block Pumpkin Head’s attack, you will still take damage from his weapon, and to make matters worse, he will try to slam his armoured head down on you, which will significantly reduce the effectiveness of any attacks that hit his head.

It is possible that you should rely more on dodging than blocking; alternatively, you could try to judge his attacks in order to parry the swings from the flail, and then get around to attacking him on his side or back, where his helmet won’t block the blows. You could also try to divert his attention by summoning a spirit that has a lot of health and then attacking him from behind by using this opportunity.

Always save some of your stamina so that you can quickly sidestep his follow-up flail swings or punches, and be ready to let out a few of your own attacks until he starts up again.

Once the Mad Pumpkin Head has been vanquished, he will sadly not drop any loot; however, you will gain access to a back room in which Sorceress Sellen resides. She will be able to teach you several Glintstone sorceries, as well as the Nod in Thought Emote, once you have defeated the Mad Pumpkin Head. She will, for a fee, instruct you in a variety of spells, and you will be able to return to her with any sorcery scrolls you discover in order to add to the items in her collection.

###Moving Caravan
Troll (2), Kaiden Mercenary, Noble Sorcerer, and Wandering Nobles EldenR MovingCaravan.jpg are some of the enemies you will face.

This roving point of interest will always start on the road to the south of the Waypoint Ruins, and by the end of the day, it will have made its way all the way up to the Gatefront Ruins. The caravan is pulled forward by two Trolls who are shackled to the carriage with large chains, and in its wake is a large group of foes who, thankfully, are spread out enough that you can eliminate them in smaller groups.

You can get the attention of the mounted Kaiden Mercenary first and then knock him off his horse to kill him quickly. After that, look for the ghoul with a cape to defeat the Noble Sorcerer so that you don’t have to worry about random spells coming your way. After that, you can look for the ghoul with a cape to kill the Noble Sorcerer so that you don’t have to worry about random spells coming your way. Following that, it will be simple for you to eliminate the Wandering Nobles that are following the carriage because they move and attack slowly.

You won’t be able to plunder the caravan until it comes to a complete stop, which requires either following it all the way to the Gatefront Ruins or engaging in combat with the Trolls that are in charge of it. Because they are tethered to the carriage, you are able to execute hit-and-run attacks, and all that they can do to defend themselves is stomp around in a furious manner.

After you have dealt with both of them, you will be able to retrieve the Greataxe from the back of the carriage.

Trolls, Foot Soldiers, Godrick Soldiers, Wolves (above), and Kaiden Mercenary guarding the gatehouse are your foes. EldenR StormGate.jpg

The imposing Stormgate can be found at the base of the Gatefront Ruins, which are located on the north-eastern side of Limgrave’s primary road. As the primary route leading up to Stormveil Castle, it is the first line of defence for anyone planning an assault on the fortress. To make matters even more difficult, a large Troll Warrior waits on a large ruin that covers part of the canyon, and it will jump down to meet you as four Soldiers of Godrick open fire with crossbows. This will make the situation even more difficult.

As a result of this, there are two strategies that are recommended for dealing with this area: one is to lure the troll out of the gate and away from the crossbowmen, and the other is to head east to find a Spiritspring jump point in order to get around the chokepoint and face the troll on the top (though there are wolves on both sides of the gorge that may rush in to make things harder).

Getting the troll to fight alone will make things simpler for you, regardless of whether you want to try a hit-and-run attack while mounted on a horse or get up close and personal with him and try to avoid his large sweeps and stomps. When he turns, he has a few quick backhands, and when he’s down to half health, he’ll pull out his sword and slam it down, and if you don’t perfectly time your dodge, you’ll be sent flying. Be prepared to avoid his downward slams and stabs, as well as his loping sweep attack, which requires quite a bit of dodging, and take your time learning the troll’s movement patterns in order to attack without risking injury.

After you have finished off the troll, you can go back to the chokepoint and rush the crossbowmen and the two foot soldiers who are helping them. Once you have eliminated all of these enemies, you can then loot the bodies that are nearby to obtain a Golden Rune and a Lump of Flesh.

A solitary Soldier of Godrick can be found further up the path as it leads out; however, you should not be fooled by him. He has a horn, and he will blow it in order to call forth a number of Soldiers who are hiding in the bushes in the area so that they can overpower you. After you have vanquished him and his henchmen, head back out of the gorge and look for a Golden Seed growing along the road.

If you turn around and go back along the ridge that overlooks the gorge, you should be able to find a body containing a Golden Rune 2 in the spot where the Troll was standing. You can find an entrance to the gatehouse ramparts further up on the west side, where a Teardrop Scarab is hiding along a rock wall. The entrance is guarded by a Kaiden Mercenary, and further inside there are two more Soldiers of Godrick guarding a chest that holds an Arrow’s Reach Talisman. This chest is located further inside.

###Dragon-burnt Ruins
Enemies: Wandering Nobles, Giant Rats, Mongrels EldenR DragonBurntRuins.jpg

Large water-logged ruins can be found in the middle of the southern side of the large Lake Agheel. They are not far to the south of the location where the Great Dragon Agheel himself will land at a large bonfire. The ruins are also not far to the southwest of a tomb that contains some Arteria Leaf and several poison barnacles.

The ruins are teeming with Wandering Nobles; however, the vast majority of them will run away from you. The exceptions to this are the Wandering Nobles who are carrying torches; these individuals will attempt to slowly push you away from the flames. If you search the ruins to the south very thoroughly, you should be able to find a tunnel that leads to a chest that contains a Twinblade by hopping over the crumbling walls.

The flooded ruins are narrow, and several mongerls patrol them. They can ambush you from the sides of the ruins. A large crumbling tower with an open side can be found in the centre of the ruins. Within this tower, a Giant Rat and a Stonesword Key can both be found hiding.

A hole in the stones can be found on the opposite side of the crumbling tower, among a large group of Wandering Nobles. If you go through the hole, you will find a passage below ground that leads to a large chamber and a chest; however, you should be careful when you go there. When you open this chest, a teleportation trap will be activated, and you will be transported to a very hazardous dungeon from which there is no easy escape.

###Church of Dragon Communion
Spirit Jellyfish are our adversaries (Nighttime only)
ChurchDragonCommunion.jpg was named after EldenR.

This strange, uninhabited island can be found off the west coast of Limgrave, but getting there using conventional methods is impossible because the waters are too dangerous. You won’t get there any other way than by going through the nearby Dissenter’s Cave, which is located along the coast and connects to the island.

The island is home to a large ruin that contains the skeletal remains of a large dragon; however, other than the local wildlife, you won’t find very many creatures on the island, and at night, you may come across some wandering Spirit Jellyfish.

After you have vanquished a dragon, such as the Great Dragon Agheel in the middle of the lake in West Limgrave, you can bring the Dragon Heart you gained from vanquishing them to this church and exchange it for one of three dragon-inspired spells. The church is located in the middle of the lake in West Limgrave. Each one of them requires a respectable amount of faith and arcane to wield, but they will all invoke a terrible dragon power, and they have the potential to cause significant harm.

Dragon Communion Powers
Dragonfire Incantation (1 Dragon Heart)
Dragonclaw Incantation (1 Dragon Heart)
Dragonmaw Incantation (1 Dragon Heart)

The island’s circumnavigation reveals very little, with the exception of the following: a dead body in the southwest of the island contains four Great Dragonfly Heads; a lower platform on the island’s southern side conceals a Scarab Beetle that, if you run it down, will give you a Somber Smithing Stone 1; and further down the ledge, another dead body contains a Smithing Stone 2.

###Seaside Ruins
When you leave the Stranded Graveyard and head southeast along the cliffs, you will come across some ruins that look out over the beach below. You will also come across a body near a hole that is holding a Smithing Stone 1; however, you should not jump into the hole. You are however able to descend to the beach itself. You can do this in one of two ways: either by riding Torrent in such a way that you land on a lower ledge to the north of the Site of Grace, which leads down to a large platform where an Alpha Wolf is guarding some flowers; or by travelling to the south and jumping down to where you see the Spiritspring jump point along the beach; landing inside it will cushion your fall.

You might also come across a solitary Alabaster Lord here, in addition to a Giant Crab that patrols the northernmost part of the beach. Because he is able to use gravity-based magic to pull you in, he is surprisingly tough and may give you a run for your money. He will surprise you with his toughness. Either he will slam his sword into you and create a massive pulling shockwave, or he will raise one hand and attempt to hit you with a gravitational projectile that he will launch with it. Following either of these moves, he will typically follow up with a long chain attack or a frontal stab to skewer you on his long sword. Alternatively, he may choose to do neither.

Be sure to dodge around behind him, even if you do get pulled in, and watch for when his long swings end. However, don’t be fooled if he stabs forward into the ground with his sword because he will pull it back to deal damage close to himself.

Fight with caution, and he will fall, then you will receive the Ash of War – Gravitas, which will enable you to create shockwaves of your own using the weapon of your choice.

You can also look to the north along the cliffs for a secret entrance back into the Cave of Knowledge. This entrance will put you out on a ledge where you can find a Haligdrake Talisman. Do this before you take the Spiritspring out of the beach.

###Agheel Lake South Ruins
A small dip in the lake in West Limgrave contains a Scarab guarding the Ash of War – Unsheathed that is surrounded by many Giant Crabs. To the south of the large lage in West Limgrave is a Site of Grace that looks out over a large battle that is taking place to the west between soldiers and demi-humans.

Two distinct hills can be found to the south, and there is a road that cuts through the middle of them to reach the Weeping Peninsula. The Evergaol miniboss can be found on the hill in the southwest, and an encampment has been established on the hill in the southeast. You can also investigate the area on the opposite side of the hill to the southeast to find a large number of Demi-humans; some of them will be guarding a Large Club.

The path that leads up to the encampment is guarded by a few Noble Undead and Kaiden Mercenaries. Some of the undead are equipped with horns, allowing them to call for assistance from the soldiers stationed higher on the hill. Once you have gotten close enough to the barricades to engage the mercenaries and soldiers, the real trouble will begin. Two Noble Sorcerers will be perched on two large ruins, and they will cast magic at you from their vantage point. This magic will be difficult to constantly avoid as you fight your way up to the barricades. You should consider charging up Torrent’s slope in order to quickly reach the crest of the hill and ambush your opponents before the soldiers can catch up with you.

Once the sorcerers have been dealt with, there will be a body on the east side of the room that contains a Royal House Scroll. You’ll be able to direct your attention to the Soldiers of Godrick up on the hilltop because the majority of the other Noble Undead in this area will run away. Make an effort not to become overpowered, and if necessary, let them chase you so that they can be divided.

Search the main camp around the tents for a chest that contains a Great Epee once the group has been cleared out. After that, search the ridge of the hill along the top for a monument that contains Starlight Shards.

###Warmaster’s Shack
A little further to the north of the Stormgate, on top of Storm Hill, you’ll find two shacks that are home to friendly non-player characters. You can find Roderika, who is terrified of what is hidden in Stormveil Castle, living in the Storm Hill Shack, which is the first building along the road. Keep talking to her and you will eventually receive the Spirit Jellyfish Ashes as well as the Emote for Sitting Sideways if you do so. In addition, there is a dead body sitting on a platform just outside the shack, holding a Stonesword Key in its hand.

You can take another path that leads east, away from the castle, but make sure to keep an eye out for a large plateau to the north where a solitary Troll Warrior patrols. Along the ridge, he watches over a small basin that contains a Strength-knot Crystal Tear. If you have the Flask of Wondrous Physick, which can be found in East Limgrave, you’ll be able to use this tear to heal yourself.

A little further along the eastern path, just before you reach a crossroads where the Warmaster’s Shack is located, keep an eye out for patrolling Kaiden Mercenaries and Noble Sorcerers hiding in the bushes. You can purchase Ashes of War from Knight Bernahl the Warmaster at this location. These will allow you to customise your weapons with a variety of different skills.

Be wary, because once you’ve explored Stormveil Castle, you might find him missing from the shack when you return there at night, but in his place will be a very dangerous invader!

The expansive Saintsbridge serves as a boundary for the West Limgrave region, but there are a great many other regions in the vicinity of this one.

You will come across a large encampment of soldiers if you travel eastward from the shack where the Warmaster is stationed. Some of the soldiers on both sides will be holding horns to sound an alarm. You can ambush them by creeping in from the sides or even by jumping from the ridge above to a large ruin where a body is holding a Lance. Either way, you can get behind them.

A small number of Foot Soldiers stand guard at the entrances, but once inside, you’ll find a larger number of them along with several attack dogs and a Godrick Knight armed with a longsword. Because of the potentially devastating power of his weapon arts, you should make use of spirit summons whenever possible to divert his attention and throw him off balance.

After the camp has been cleared of enemies, you should make it a point to search the bodies in the area for Exalted Flesh and a chest at the base of the ruins for a Beast Crest Heater Shield once you have finished clearing the camp.

A lone Godrick Knight on horseback can be seen atop the ridge that is located to the north of the camp. When he is armed with his spear and has the ability to charge his attacks with holy might, he can be a very difficult opponent to face. You should use a long-range weapon of your own to out-joust him, and you should aim for his horse to unseat him. This will cause him to struggle to rise, giving you the opportunity to land a critical hit on him while he is on the ground. Defeating him will reward you with his Ash of War – Golden Vow, and if you look around the nearby square ruins, you should be able to find a Scarab that is guarding a Somber Smithing Stone 1 that you can pursue and kill.

You can make out the voice of a man calling out for assistance not far to the south of the Saintsbridge. It turns out that Alexander the Iron Fist is not a human being but rather a Living Jar with that name. Because he appreciates your assistance, he will provide you with some Exalted Flesh and provide information regarding a celebration that will take place in Caelid.

In conclusion, the entrance to the Death-touched Catacombs can be found to the north of the Saintbridge. If you continue to travel north along the underside of the great bridge, you will come across a second Damaged Golem that will come to life. It won’t give up any loot, but it is watching over a dead body that is holding a Lance Talisman nearby.

###West Limgrave Scarab Locations
As you make your way through this area, you might come across a few scarabs dashing off in different directions. Some of them will refill your flask of tears, but others can reward you with unique items, including the following:

###Agheel Lake Bridge Scarab
Ash of War – Determination Elden Scarab LimgraveBridge.jpg is the reward for your hard work.

This Scarab can be found sitting on the main road that leads south from the Gatefront Ruins towards the large bridge that spans the ravine close to Agheel Lake. There are a few soldiers camped in the area, so make sure you don’t catch them by surprise when you’re racing for the scarab.

###Agheel Lake South Scarab
Ash of War – Unsheathe Elden Scarab AgheelLake.jpg is the reward for completing this quest.

Although it is surrounded by a giant crab and a great number of other crabs of various sizes, this scarab can be found in a small pool of water at the southernmost point of the large lake in Limgrave. Caution is advised if you get too close to the giant crab because it can cover a great distance in a short amount of time and another giant crab will surface from the water not far away.

###Limgrave Beach Scarab
Ash of War – Stamp (Sweep) Elden Scarab LimgraveBeach.jpg is the reward for completing this quest.

Due to the fact that it is primarily invisible, this scarab can be difficult to find. You can only tell that it is moving because of the light trail that it leaves behind as it navigates between the tall rocky pillars that are located at the top northwest edge of the waterfront, to the northwest of the Church of Elleh. Instead of attempting to follow the trail on horseback, you should simply wait for it to come to you by watching the trail for a while, and when it gets close enough, you should swing your weapon or cast a spell that has an area of effect.

###Church of Dragon Communion Scarab
As a reward, you will receive a Somber Smithing Stone

In order to retrieve this scarab, you will need to navigate your way through the Coastal Cave dungeon, which is located just off the coast of Limgrave. After you have arrived, proceed through the ruined church until you reach the back, and then look off to the left to find a series of lower platforms on the edge of the island. The scarab will be located on one of these platforms.

###Stormveil Castle Main Gate Scarab
Ash of War – Wild Strikes will be your reward.

This scarab can be found in plain sight on the main road that leads north from the Stormgate up past the Stormhill Shack, and directly before the series of barricades that lead to the main gate of Stormveil Castle and the first boss fight inside it. You should move quickly or you run the risk of being struck by a ballista that is aimed in your direction. However, it is also within the firing range of the ballista.

###Northeast Ruin Scarab
Reward: Somber Smithing Stone

From the Warmaster’s Shack, which is located east of Stormveil Castle, you can find this scarab by travelling to the north and then to the east. You’ll find a large chunk of ruin guarded by a Godrick Knight just below the large bridge that leads to the Divine Tower of Limgrave. If you jump up to the top of the square ruin, you’ll find a scarab perched there.

###West Limgrave Secrets
You can find everything from veiled imp statue doors to teleporters, chest traps, and mimics all over the region of Elden Ring, as was to be expected. These hidden features will keep you on your toes for quite some time. In this location, you will discover all of the secrets that have been discovered thus far in the West Limgrave region.

###Imp Statue Door
When you first start the game, you’ll find an Imp Statue Seal in the Stranded Graveyard. This will happen relatively quickly. You have the option to use any Stonesword Keys you started the game with in order to gain access to the Fringefolk Hero’s Grave if you started the game with one. However, even if you do unlock it now, it’s best to visit this later on when you’ve levelled up as the boss fight against the Ulcerated Tree Spirit is a challenging one. This is true even if you unlock it now.

###Stonesword Key Locations
If you didn’t begin the game with a Stonesword Key, you’re in luck because as soon as you enter the West Limgrave area, you’ll be able to find some nearby and pick them up. You should look for them in the following locations:

At the Ruins that were Torched by the Dragon
Regarding the dead body at the Stormhill Shack
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###Runebear Mimic
You’ll come across a number of noble undead toiling away on the rocks in the area south of Agheel Lake. There is a particular undead that, once it has been vanquished, will reanimate as a formidable runebear. In the event that you are successful in defeating it, it will drop a Larval Tear, which is a consumable item that can be used later on in the game to respec your attributes.