Pokemon Compass – Other World Changes Documentation

Hidden Items

The loot tables for the hidden items — those random, indistinct little sparkles that you or your Let’s Go partner can interact with that pick up items — have been significantly changed.

Healing consumables have been replaced with their Auto Heal equivalents, better fitting the general playstyle of using Let’s Go and picking up items. Revives and Max Revives have been added to some areas, somewhat rarely.

All Poké Loot items have been removed, and have been replaced with cash items, exp. candies, or berries.

Some interesting Pokéballs can be found in the wild, such as Moon Balls around where the Moon Stone can be found.

Consumables, Exp. Candies, and Pokéballs tend to get better the further into the game you are.

All beach areas in the game have EV feathers, and you will pick up 2 feathers at a time. Similarly, the EV feathers found on Casseroya Lake’s water surface have been increased from 1 to 3.

Evolution stones can still be found in the world via hidden items, but they are more rare and limited in location :

Water StoneWest Province areas Two and Three (river)South Province Area Six (river)
Fire StoneAsado Desert
Thunder StoneEast Province Area Three
Leaf StoneTagtree Thicket
Ice StoneGlaseado Mountains
Sun StoneSouth Province Area Six (topside)Glaseao Mountains (rocky areas)
Moon StoneSouth Province Area Six (topside)Glaseao Mountains (rocky areas)
Dawn StoneEast-coast beaches
Dusk StoneWest-coast beaches
Shiny StoneNorth-coast beaches
EverstonePokémon League EntranceSouth Province areas Two and Three

Evolution Stone Locations

Poké Marts

Upon completion of the story-gated section that enables you to change your Pokémon’s Tera Type, Poké Marts will also begin to sell Tera Shards, at 600 Pokémonies each.

Notice: You’ll have to use the Tera Type change feature once before the Poké Mart will sell the shards. Well, guess that’s why the NPC hands over 50 of ‘em, right?

Chansey Supply

All Chansey Supply can now buy items from the player. :>

Delibird Presents — New Items 

Delibird Presents now holds a number of important items relating to evolution or acquisition of some Pokémon you may not be able to find in the wild. 

Delibird Presents in all major cities can also buy items from the player.

The availability of Delibird evolution and EV items is restricted based on the player’s progress through Victory Road :

ItemPriceBadges Required
Dawn Stone8,0003
Dusk Stone8,0003
Ice Stone8,0003
Moon Stone8,0003
Sun Stone8,0003
Shiny Stone8,0003
Galarica Cuff8,0003
Galarica Wreath8,0003
Auspicious Armor15,0005
Malicious Armor15,0005
Strange Mirror25,0002

Delibird Presents General Goods, Evolution Items

ItemReduces EV by 10PriceBadges Required
Pomeg BerryHP3,0005
Kelpsy BerryAttack3,0005
Qualot BerryDefense3,0005
Hondew BerrySpecial Attack3,0005
Grepa BerrySpecial Defense3,0005
Tamato BerrySpeed3,0005

Delibird Presents General Goods, EV Berries

Badges refer to the Victory Road badges, not all story badges.

Additionally, all of the Delibird Presents also now sell the save-file locked Rotom cases that required a save file from other games. They are available from the beginning for 8,000 Pokémonies.

Wild Pokémon Adjustments

Some Pokémon have had their spawn rates adjusted to be a little less relatively rare — those primarily affected are : Charcadets, Eevee, the alternate form of Rockruff, and Dusk Form Lycanroc. Eevee will still be uncommon, and the particularly rare Charcadet, Rockruff, and Lycanroc are still rare, just a fair bit less so than before.