Pokemon Compass – Pokémon Changes Documentation

Only a few Pokémon see changes : 

Both of the “mascot” Pokémon, with Pikachu having its base stats increased to match the Let’s Go Partner Pikachu, and Eevee … basically getting completely reworked. 

The Eeveelutions also all get a special little something with these changes in the form of many new moves, and Flareon gets an adjustment to its stat allocation. 

A few other Pokémon have been changed, such as Stantler’s Legends Arceus move being given to it as a learnable move, and no-trade evolution methods being added.


Pikachu has been adjusted to have Base Stats matching the Partner version (with a 430 total) :


Pikachu Base Stats Update

Pikachu also gains a few new moves of rough-equivalence to the Partner moves : 

Move LearnedLevel
Extreme Speed50
Volt Tackle60

Pikachu Updated Moves

The special event Pikachu raids (New Special Raids) are all the alternate Cap-form Pikachu. The only difference between these and normal Pikachu is that these Cap-form Pikachu cannot evolve; they are, however, given an empty evolution, allowing the player to make use of Eviolite if they would like.

Eevee and the Eeveelutions

The design principle behind the Eevee (and subsequent Eeveelution) changes is to bring it more in line with the Let’s Go Partner Eevee and gaining thematic changes to bring some of the feel of Koharu’s Eevee from Pokémon Journeys into Compass — matching the increasing notion of Eevee’s versatility (also its genetic instability) and the proclivity toward the types that they can evolve into. 

Basically, we’re callin’ this Journeys Eevee~


New moves are given that match the types of the Eeveelutions, and all new moves to be learned when evolving into an Eeveelution. Eevee also sees an increase in its Base Stats, and Eevee’s Hidden Ability, Anticipation, has been changed to Protean. Additionally, Espeon, Umbreon, and Sylveon have new evolution methods — partly for thematic reasons, but primarily for a quality of life bump for people who might like to level their Eevee without having to interrupt its evolution frequently.

Eevee’s Base Stats are increased to match the Partner Eevee’s total, 435, but are modified slightly.


Eevee Base Stats Update

Eevee’s moveset sees significant changes, losing many of its standard level-up moves in favor of new moves thematically designed around the Eeveelutions. The moves chosen are in the “generally kind of weak” tier, but might have some uses in some setups later into the game.

Move LearnedLevel
Baby-Doll Eyes1
Helping Hand1
Quick Attack 5
Disarming Voice13
Icy Wind16
Chilling Water19
Flame Charge22
Razor Leaf31
Baton Pass40
Tearful Look45
Teeter Dance50

Eevee Updated Moves

None of the Eeveelutions can learn any of these moves outside of the level 1 moves, so if there’s one of these you definitely want on your Eeveelution, you’ll need to learn it as an Eevee before evolving. 

Evolution Changes

Some Eeveelutions have had their evolution method adjusted, to be consistent, using evolution stones across the board now. The changes are : 

EeveelutionStone Required
EspeonSun Stone
UmbreonMoon Stone
SylveonShiny Stone

Eeveelution Evolution Update

All other Eevee evolution methods remain the same.

This change retains the use of Eviolite on Eevee, and acts as a Quality of Life change to raise their levels to learn specific moves without having to go through the slow evolution cancel event frequently.


Flareon is the only Eeveelution to get any stat adjustment — their allocation was unfortunately quite weak, causing them to be taken out far too easily for such a slow (if powerful) attacker. This change keeps to the theme of “slow but hits hard” while giving them a better defensive setup, hopefully allowing them to take a hit more regularly and actually participate in battles.


Flareon Base Stats Update

All Eeveelutions also have new movesets :

All Eeveelutions have access to the level 1 moves that Eevees have, but all the other moves they can learn only come from their evolved forms, so if there are moves an Eevee knows that you would like your Eeveelution to have, you will need to learn it as an Eevee first!

Every Eeveelution learns a new move when they evolve, and then at consistent levels, they learn a variety of moves that are close to the same moves they could learn in vanilla, but with a few legacy / underused moves replaced or outright removed. Additionally, each Eeveelution can learn the typed move the Eevee could learn matching that Eeveelution’s type (e.g. Vaporeon can learn Chilling Water, since that is the Water-type move Eevees learn, at the same time as when an Eevee would normally be able to learn it).

EvolveBrineShock WaveFire FangExpanding Force
10HazePin MissileWork UpCalm Mind
19Chilling Water
20Aqua RingNuzzleFire SpinPsychic Terrain
22Flame Charge
30Acid ArmorChargeFlame WheelPower Gem
35Flip TurnAgilityCrunchMorning Sun
40Life DewVolt SwitchFire LashGuard Split
45Aurora BeamThunderboltScreechPsych Up
50WhirlpoolRising VoltageDouble-EdgeExtrasensory
55SurfElectric TerrainFlare BlitzFreezing Glare
60Hydro PumpThunderRaging FuryFuture Sight

Eeveelution Updated Moves

EvolvePaybackGrassy GlideFrost BreathDraining Kiss
10Mean LookSweet ScentPowder SnowAromatic Mist
13Disarming Voice
16Icy Wind
20Night ShadeSunny DayMistAttract
30Confuse RayGrassy TerrainSnowscapeDazzling Gleam
31Razor Leaf
35MoonlightSynthesisMirror CoatMisty Terrain
40Cosmic PowerGrass KnotFreeze-DrySkill Swap
45Foul PlayLeech SeedIce BeamFairy Lock
50GlarePetal BlizzardSheer ColdStrength Sap
55Dark PulseLeaf BladeAurora VeilMoonblast
60Night DazeSolar BladeBlizzardSpringtide Storm

Eeveelution Updated Moves

Stantler and Wyrdeer

In order for Stantler to evolve into Wyrdeer using a similar method to its evolution method in Pokémon Legends Arceus, Stantler was given Psyshield Bash as a learnable move at level 25. This is a few levels after it would normally learn it in PLA, but is slightly more in-balance relatively.

Leveling as a Stantler while knowing Psyshield Bash will cause it to evolve into Wyrdeer.


East Sea Gastrodon can now learn Earth Power at level 39, same as West Sea, matching previous gens.

Other Evolution Changes

Many Pokémon that would be otherwise unavailable are given new evolution methods so that they can be obtained in Compass. 

Pokémon that require trading or playing with someone else have new evolution methods : 

SlowpokeLevel up while holding Destiny KnotSlowking
HaunterUse Dusk StoneGengar
ScytherLevel up while holding Destiny KnotScizor
FinizenLevel up while holding Power Bracer
@ Level 38 and above

No-Trade or Co-Op Evolution Updates

Pokémon that normally would evolve into a Hisuian form from a non-Hisuian Pokémon have new evolution methods, all of which involve holding a Strange Mirror while leveling at or above a certain point. The exact values are : 

BergmiteLevel up @ 37 and aboveHisuian Avalugg
DartrixLevel up @ 36 and aboveHisuian Decidueye
DewottLevel up @ 36 and aboveHisuian Samurott
GoomyLevel up @ 40 and aboveHisuian Sliggoo
QuilavaLevel up @ 36 and aboveHisuian Typhlosion
RuffletLevel up @ 54 and aboveHisuian Braviary
ScytherLevel up @ 30 and aboveKleavor
UrsaringLevel up @ 40 and aboveUrsaluna

Pseudo-paradox Hisuian Evolution Updates (Must be holding Strange Mirror)

Other Hisuian Pokémon evolve without the use of Strange Mirror. Evolution methods that relied on specific-Legends mechanics were not transferred over entirely, so their evolution method is a little different : 

Hisuian QwilfishLevel up while knowing Barb BarrageOverqwil
Hisuian SliggooLevel up @ 50 and above while in the rainHisuian Goodra
PetililUse a Shiny StoneHisuian Lilligant
StantlerLevel up while knowing Psyshield BashWyrdeer
White-Striped BasculinTake 295 points in damage from recoil (without fainting), then level upBasculegion

Standard Hisuian Evolution Updates

There is one other evolution change : 

PikachuUse Shiny StoneAlolan Raichu

Other Evolution Change