Pokemon Compass – Quality of Life Changes Documentation

Better Buff Bistro

Compass includes our “Better Buff Bistro” mod, which provides quick access to a number of useful food buffs to avoid the tedium of the picnic minigame. These are not meant to be replacements for the best buffs in the game, and we will not be putting other things like Lv.3 Sparkling Power, but this will make it easier to go do the raids to get the rewards you want, or just a quick stop-over to get a buff an’ go~

The Bistro takes the place of the restaurant in Montenevera :

All foods are 6,500 Pokémonies.

Ren’s Specialty Quiche provides Lv.3 Egg Power, making it that much simpler to breed and hatch the Pokémon you’re wanting!

All the other items in the Bistro are relatively self-explanatory : They list what type the effects are for, and then the effects themselves, in descending order, with Lv.3, then Lv.2, then Lv.1 buffs, all matching that type.

With the Bistro, you can get two kinds of other foods (for every type) : 

  • Lv.3 Item Drop Power, Lv.2 Encounter Power, and Lv.1 Sparkling Power
  • Lv.3 Raid Power, Lv.2 Title Power, and Lv.1 Sparkling Power

Better Gliding

Pretty self-explanatory : Compass includes our “Better Gliding” mod, which significantly increases the amount of time you can spend gliding, all-but eliminating that sudden altitude loss when your mount decides it’s had enough of the sky.

Shiny Lock Removal

All restrictions on shiny Pokémon have been removed. You may now attempt to catch shiny versions of all of the legendaries. Good luck!

Do Your Best

With Compass, your Pokémon that are sent out during the Let’s Go mode will follow you more readily, taking significantly less time to start following you, and being able to stay out on the field from a further distance.

This does not change the speed with-which any of the Pokémon move in the world, however.

Modified Map

Many changes have been made to the map, including new labels and changes to existing labels to provide new information (such as the inclusion of new labels for each of the Team Star bases) or add more flavor (such as changing the labels from the event’s type to something lore-based and thematic instead).

Recommended level values have been added onto each of the area labels to make it easier to discern general progression flow or approximate strength of each area / challenge. Similarly, recommended level values have been added to the major event encounters.

Compass effectively segments out the progression into different “chapters” of a sort, and the overworld map has been modified to include approximate boundary markers with a simple glowing effect, meant to help tell at-a-glance general regions that the player is meant to tackle during the same “chapter”.