Pokemon Compass – Raid Changes Documentation

Compass completely overhauls raids, changing nearly every facet of vanilla’s raids and adding plenty of new ones : 

  • 210 new standard raids and special “event” raids from 1★ through 7★, including many HOME Pokémon, special alternate forms, mythicals, and legendaries
  • Changes to the fight level and catch level of nearly all raids to be more relevant or powerful when you encounter them
  • Adjustments to HP multipliers, base stats, and moves for nearly all raids
  • Reworked loot rewards pulled from 89 all-new reward tables
  • Modified appearance rates and general progression
  • Reworked raid allies with improved partners
  • Removal of all exclusive raids

Compass reworks raids at all stages of the game, generally increasing difficulty and providing better rewards (both in terms of items and the Pokémon themselves).

Compass also disables all version-exclusive raids, allowing everyone with the mod to host all of the available raids.

Raid Brackets

The game has five brackets it separates raids into, each providing a set chance to get a specific ★-rating. The determining factors for when you are in one or another bracket is based on (approximately) the following :

Game PeriodStart PointEnd Point
EarlyAfter the Treasure Hunt beginsAcquisition of third Gym Badge
MidAcquisition of third Gym BadgeAcquisition of seventh Gym Badge
LateAcquisition of seventh Gym BadgeCompletion of The Way Home
EndCompletion of The Way HomeA notification from Jacq following the first completion of the Academy Ace tournament and successful completion of 15* 5★ raids
PostAfter Jacq’s first notificationA notification from Jacq regarding dangerous raids

Don’t listen to his warning~ Go beat ‘em up!

★-Rating Encounter Rates

Compass adjusts the chances of getting raids of a specific ★-rating, reducing lower-tier raids in the mid-game and end-game, to keep raids generally more relevant during the progression.

6★Twice Daily
(One Normal & Event)
7★Once Daily
(Event only)

Frequency of Special Raids

Compass also adds special event raids, starting at 3★ and up to and including 7★. These appear any time you are normally able to find raids of that ★-rating, and will take up an equivalent raid spot. These raids are a bit more rare than the others, so fewer of them will appear.

At any given time, there will be at most one 3★ raid, five 4★ raids, and three 5★ raids.

Only a single event raid will appear each day for 6★ and 7★. The 6★ event raids are in addition to the normal once-daily 6★ raid, however.

Raid Levels and Difficulty

The levels of nearly all raids have been changed, both for the level at which the raid itself is fought at, and the level of the raid Pokémon when you defeat and then catch them : 

★-RatingFight LevelCatch Level

The levels of the raid Pokémon when caught from 1★ to 4★ are at what is generally expected to be the highest level the player can command at the time of completion. Each bracket is separated into effectively “beginning” and “end” segments, so that e.g. 2★ raids are valuable for a player that just hits mid-game, while 3★ raids will become valuable after a few more badges have been collected.

Challenge and Design Principle

Most raids have been changed with the aim of being a bit more difficult in the same progressive fashion as the rest of Compass : early on, the differences won’t be significant, but as you progress, they will become increasingly more pronounced.

In addition to the level changes (see above), the raids have different pushback components based on the ★-rating : 

★-RatingMax IVsHP MultiplierTime LimitShield?Extra Actions?
1★2600%300 seconds
2★2800%300 seconds
3★31000%330 seconds1-2
4★31200%360 secondsYes2-4
5★41600%420 secondsYes4-5
6★52000%450 secondsYes5-6
7★62500%480 secondsYes6

The total amount of shield and its damage reduction effects vary from encounter to another. Some special encounters also have modified HP Multiplier values.

Additionally, some raids have other factors that increase their difficulty which are not included as above, such as changes to stats, held items, or a potential for multiple actions.

The 6★ and 7★ raids in particular are meant to be pretty tough, especially if you’re going solo; you might not win your first time around! It might even take several attempts.

These encounters have been designed with specific kinds of mechanics and requirements in mind, and you should expect you’ll need to tweak which Pokémon you bring and what moves you use, because you’ll likely need to find answers to each raid specifically.

You’ll want to keep an eye out for strong users of stat boosts or condition cleanses, effective status effects, methods of stopping ramping sweepers, and ways to break through escalating defenses, among other strategies.

Adjusted Loot

Compass completely changes the loot rewards from raids, providing plenty of experience candies, EV-related consumables (feathers, vitamins, and EV Berries), and Tera Shards in particular: 

Reward Type1★2★3★4★5★6★7★
Exp. CandiesXS, SS, MM, LL, XLL, XL
Cash Rewards500500100010002000
EV Boosting Consumables4681010
EV Decreasing Berries112
Tera Shards51010152550

In addition to these changes, you’ll also receive additional random rewards similar to the above, or get some basic healing items (those used by the Auto Heal function), or various consumable berries.

Starting with 5★, there are opportunities to get Bottle Caps and other useful items such as Ability Capsules and Ability Patches.

6★ raids now have Herba Mystica as their primary reward, giving you one of each Herba for successful completion of the challenge.

The event Raids have their own loot tables, as well, which have more unique rewards.

Worth mentioning that Better Buff Bistro can help get you extra rewards. 

All Poké Loot rewards (used for TM creation, and dropped by Pokémon during the Let’s Go mode) have been removed from the raids. This only affects the early raids, as later raids already did not have this loot as a potential reward.

Additionally, many of the cash loot rewards have been removed or reduced in quantity to offset the increase in available EV consumable rewards.

New and Changed Raids

Compass contains 210 new raids across both normal raids and special raids. This section will list all of those :

BergmiteAlolan DiglettCharmanderGrookey
CubchooAlolan MeowthCyndaquilScorbunny
GrimerGalarian MeowthOshawottSobble
MareepJohtonian WooperChespinSprigatito

New 1★ Raids

AxewMareanieBraixenHisuian Voltorb
BagonMarillFrogadierHisuian Sneasel
CetoddleRioluDartrixHisuian Growlithe
CorvisquireSkiploomThwackeyHisuian Zorua
DollivRabootHisuian Qwilfish
DratiniAlolan GrimerDrizzileKantonian Tauros
DunsparceGalarian SlowpokeFloragato

New 2★ Raids

Alolan DugtrioWhite-Striped BasculinDecidueye
Alolan GrimerAlolan PersianRillaboom
Hisuian VoltorbPerrserkerCinderace
Hisuian SneaselHisuian ElectrodeInteleon
Hisuian GrowlitheCharizardMeowscarada
Hisuian ZoruaTyphlosionSkeledirge
Hisuian QwilfishSamurottQuaquaval
Kantonian TaurosChesnaught

New 3★ Raids

Alolan MukPerrserkerHisuian ZoroarkKubfu
Alolan RaichuSneaslerGalarian Slowbro
Alolan PersianHisuian ElectrodeGalarian Slowking
Hisuian Sliggoo

New 4★ Raids

Hisuian ArcanineCharizardRillaboom
Hisuian ZoroarkTyphlosionCinderace

New 5★ Raids

Galarian ArticunoGalarian ZapdosGalarian Moltres

New 6★ Raids

New Special Raids

Just like official event raids, the new special raids in Compass are identified by a glow and sparkle effect on the Raid Icon on the map and on the Tera crystal itself, and by a different raid screen background with blue stars denoting ★-rank instead. See Identifying Raids for images.

These special raids follow the same general difficulty and design rules as the normal raids for the equivalent tier, but are slightly stronger.

Event 3★ Raids

Original Cap PikachuHoenn Cap PikachuSinnoh Cap PikachuUnova Cap Pikachu
Kalos Cap PikachuAlola Cap PikachuPartner Cap Pikachu
Eevee (Normal)Eevee (Fire)Eevee (Water)Eevee (Grass)
Eevee (Electric)Eevee (Ice)Eevee (Fighting)Eevee (Poison)
Eevee (Ground)Eevee (Flying)Eevee (Psychic)Eevee (Bug)
Eevee (Rock)Eevee (Ghost)Eevee (Dark)Eevee (Dragon)
Eevee (Steel)Eevee (Fairy)

Event 4★ Raids

DragoniteGarchompSalamenceSingle Strike Urshifu
HydreigonDragapultBaxcaliburRapid Strike Urshifu
TyranitarGoodraHisuian Goodra

Event 5★ Raids

Chien-PaoDelphoxLeafeonOriginal Color Magearna
Wo-ChienTinkatonVaporeonDada Zarude
Ting-LuUmbreonGlaceonIce Rider Calyrex
Chi-YuEast Sea GastrodonMeowscaradaShadow Rider Calyrex
Hoopa Unbound
World Cap Pikachu

Event 6★ Raids

KyogreGroudonOrigin Forme Dialga
RayquazaDialgaOrigin Forme Palkia
PalkiaGiratinaOrigin Forme Giratina

Event 7★ Raids

The 7★ raids in particular are meant to be quite the challenge, and may take coordination with your friends to bring Pokémon and moves specifically to counter these fights!

The raids marked in blue are special raids we’ve designed to be fun and challenging encounters — totally not our favorites or anything~ These Pokémon cannot be caught, but have some extra special loot! 

Removed or Adjusted Raids

Some existing raids have been moved around for better gameplay progression, given the increase in level (see Adjusted Raid Levels), or to reduce overcrowding of certain tiers. The following tables indicate these changes :

Buizel → FloatzelDiglett → DugtrioFletchling → FletchinderGastly → Haunter
Gothita → GothoritaHoundour → HoundoomMankey → PrimeapeMareep → Flaaffy
Meowth → PersianPhanpy → DonphanRolycoly → CarkolShinx → Luxio
Slakoth → VigorothTandemaus → MausholdTinkatink → Tinkatuff

Changed 2★ Raids

Axew → FraxureBergmite → AvaluggBronzor → BronzongCarkol → Coalossal
Bagon → ShelgonCetoddle → CetitanCorvisquire → CorviknightCubchoo → Beartic
Dratini → DragonairDolliv → ArbolivaDunsparce → DudunsparceFenizen → Palafin
Frigibax → ArctibaxFlaaffy → AmpharosFletchinder → TalonflameHippopotas → Hippowdon
Gible → GabiteLuxio → LuxrayMagikarp → GyaradosMakuhita → Hariyama
Goomy → SliggooMareanie → ToxapexMarill → AzumarillNaclstack → Garganacl
Larvitar → PupitarNumel → CameruptRiolu → LucarioSkiploom → Jumpluff
Staravia → StaraptorSteenee → TsareenaZorua → Zoroark

Changed 3★ Raids

Removed 3★ Raids


Changed 4★ Raids

Eelektrik → Eelektross

Removed 4★ Raids

Blaze Breed TaurosSableyeGreedentPincurchin
Aqua Breed TaurosAbomasnowFlappleIndeedee (male)
EeveeWeavileAppletunIndeedee (female)
DelibirdOranguruAmped Toxtricity
HoundoomPassimianLow Key Toxtricity

Moved to 4★ from 5★ (As Common Raids)


Moved to 5★ from 6★ (As Uncommon Raids)


Removed 5★ Raids

All vanilla 6★ raids have been removed and replaced with new raids.

Raids that have been moved from one tier to another have had their levels reduced and general adjustments made to fit within the appropriate ranges alongside the other raids of that tier.

The 5★ raids that have been removed are duplicates of other raids, or can now be found in the special event raids with new moves or extra actions provided. Same with the 6★, since they were all effectively duplicates of 5★ versions with only minor differences.

Ally Raid Overhaul

Raid NPC trainers have been significantly reworked in Compass, with improved movesets, better IVs, adjusted EV distribution, the inclusion of beneficial Natures, a held item, and the occasional complete change in Pokémon used. Their levels have been modified as well, in order to match the adjusted levels of the Raid encounters (see Raid Levels and Difficulty), as below : 

Early- and mid-game“Beginning” tierLate- and end-game“Middle” tierPost-game“End” tier

Raid Ally Levels

In vanilla, all raid trainers have an IV setup of 31/10/31/10/31/31 and an EV distribution of 252 HP, 128 Def, and 128 SpDef. These have been changed to match the adjustments in relative difficulty of the Raids :

EVs252 HP252 HP128 distributed252 HP256 distributed

Raid Ally IVs and EVs

All allies at all tiers get a positive Nature and a specific manually set Ability instead of the default choice.

A Held Item has been granted to every Pokémon starting in the middle tier of raid trainers. Broadly speaking, these are “generally useful” items, and do not include overly-specific items such as Cell Battery or Choice-type items.

The majority of the Pokémon used by the allies have remained the same. For the most part, these are appropriately “strong” for the general tier of the raid, and are sufficiently bulky or defensive enough to withstand a few rounds. In the end tier, the trainers are considered quite strong and have access to some more powerful Pokémon, including Paradox ones (the player and friends are not the only trainers to have ever gone into and survived Area Zero, after all). 

Changed ToFrom
Iron JugulisStaraptor
Iron HandsTauros
Brute BonnetWeavile
Great TuskClodsire

Raid Ally Pokémon Changes

Most importantly, however, the moves used by all the Pokémon have been changed in some capacity, usually to the point of entirely new movesets. For one, in vanilla, every ally has only three moves to pull from, and a lot of the support options or setup are incredibly weak and minimal, or outright useless. The changed movesets include four moves that have improved type coverage, are more generally consistent moves, and often have some form of utility such as stat reduction or group protection.

All Raid Allies have the highest AI settings enabled and can Terastallize. If they have been defeated, or are currently out of combat when the player chooses to Terastallize, then they may not be able to, but otherwise, they should Terastallize after the player does.

Raiding with Friends in Compass

It is strongly recommended, and basically required, for all players who are participating in a raid to be running the same version of Compass, or if they are playing SV+, then they must also have the SV+ compatibility patch.

All participants must have the same trainer data or it will cause a desync or crash. 

Any other mod that modifies trainers and is loaded after Compass will break raids when playing with a player who has Compass. This does not matter if you are hosting or joining.

Be sure to read Playing Online.

Identifying Raids

There are visual indicators for what kind of raids that can be found :

Normal RaidEvent Raid6★ Raid6★ and 7★ Event Raids

Raid Dens, Icons, and Main Screen

For normal and event raids from 1★ to 5★, there are no ways to distinguish one ★-rating from another without interacting with the den itself.

Other Event Save Blocks

Using save blocks downloaded via official events or created by other players will overwrite all of the special raids included in Compass, and you will lose access to all of Compass’s event raids on that save file until you revert the changes back to a null state! 

This change can be reverted by importing a set of Null Event Save Block Data. Follow the directions in Re-installing Compass’s Event Save Block to return to Compass’s event raids.