Pokemon Divine Sword and Blessed Shield – Shop Data & Item Locations/Changes TMs

If you are having trouble finding a wild Pokemon with the item you are looking for, try using a Pokemon with Compound Eyes or Super Luck in order to increase the odds of finding an item

Hulbury City – Incense ShopAll Pokemon Centers (0-8 Badges)Item Changes
ItemPriceItemPrice# Of Badges RequiredItemNew EffectNew Name
Focus Sash₽4,000Mints₽7,5000X AttackLowers Attack EVs by 10Attack Down
Air Balloon₽4,000Exp. Candy XS₽6000X DefenseLowers Defense EVs by 10Defense Down
Red Card₽4,000Exp. Candy S₽1,0002X Sp. AttackLowers Sp. Attack EVs by 10Sp. Atk Down
Electric Seed₽4,000Exp. Candy M₽2,0004X Sp. DefenseLowers Sp. Defense EVs by 10Sp. Def Down
Misty Seed₽4,000Exp. Candy L₽8,0006X SpeedLowers Speed EVs by 10Speed Down
Grassy Seed₽4,000Exp. Candy XL₽50,0007X AccuracyLowers HP EVs by 10HP Down
Psychic Seed₽4,000Power BracerIncreases Attack EVs by 16
Eject Button₽4,000Hammerlocke City – Central Pokemon Center Right CounterPower BeltIncreases Defense EVs by 16
Dusk Ball₽1,000ItemPricePower LensIncreases Sp. Attack EVs by 16
Terrain Extender₽4,000Power BandIncreases Sp. Defense EVs by 16
Hulbury City – Herb ShopWeakness Policy₽4,000Power AnkletIncreases Speed EVs by 16
ItemPriceAbility Patch₽50,000Power WeightIncreases HP EVs by 16
Sitrus Berry₽80Ability Capsule₽10,000
Power Herb₽4,000Wishing Piece₽5,000Hammerlocke City – West TM Shop
White Herb₽4,000HP Down₽1,000ItemPrice
Mental Herb₽4,000Speed Down₽1,000TM50 (Bullet Seed)₽10,000
Power Bracer₽3,000TM13 (Fire Spin)₽10,000
Motostoke City – Southern Pokemon Center Right CounterPower Belt₽3,000TM55 (Brine)₽10,000
ItemPricePower Lens₽3,000TM23 (Thief)₽10,000
Heal Ball₽300Power Band₽3,000TM32 (Sandstorm)₽10,000
Net Ball₽1,000Power Anklet₽3,000TM33 (Rain Dance)₽10,000
Nest Ball₽1,000Power Weight₽3,000TM34 (Sunny Day)₽10,000
Attack Down₽1,000Destiny Knot₽4,000TM35 (Hail)₽10,000
Defense Down₽1,000PP Up₽10,000TM52 (Bounce)₽100,000
Sp. Atk Down₽1,000Razor Claw₽5,000TM59 (Fling)₽100,000
Sp. Def Down₽1,000Protector₽2,000TM60 (Power Swap)₽50,000
Speed Down₽1,000Reaper Claw₽2,000TM61 (Guard Swap)₽50,000
HP Down₽1,000Whipped Dream₽2,000TM62 (Speed Swap)₽50,000
Sachet₽2,000TM63 (Drain Punch)₽50,000
This list does NOT include items found on Pokemon in the base game. Only items added by Divine Sword & Blessed ShieldTM70 (Trick Room)₽50,000
Stealable Items From Pokemon50%/5%/1% -> 60%/20%/5% with Compound Eyes or Super LuckTM71 (Wonder Room)₽50,000
PokemonItem% ChancePokemonTM (Can still be bought)% ChanceTM72 (Magic Room)₽50,000
SneaselRazor Claw50%PangoroTM03 (Fire Punch)5%TM83 (Razor Shell)₽100,000
RhyhornProtector5%BewearTM04 (Ice Punch)5%TM92 (Mystical Fire)₽100,000
RhydonProtector5%LucarioTM05 (Thunder Punch)5%
JigglypuffMoon Stone5%LurantisTM12 (Solar Blade)5%
DusclopsReaper Cloth1%Koffing/WeezingTM20 (Self-Destruct)1%
DusknoirReaper Cloth1%Pumpkaboo (Not XL)TM28 (Giga Drain)5%
SlurpuffWhipped Dream50%MagikarpTM52 (Bounce)1%
MagmarMagmarizer5%PassimianTM59 (Fling)5%
MagmortarMagmarizer5%PorygonTM60 (Power Swap)1%
ElectabuzzElectirizer5%Mr. MimeTM61 (Guard Swap)5%
ElectivireElectirizer5%WoobatTM62 (Speed Swap)5%
Happiny/Chansey/BlisseyLucky Egg5%MienfooTM63 (Drain Punch)5%
PelipperLucky Egg5%OranguruTM70 (Trick Room)5%
Koffing/WeezingToxic Orb5%StonjournerTM71 (Wonder Room)5%
HeatmorFlame Orb5%KlefkiTM72 (Magic Room)5%
ClefairyMoon Stone5%CorphishTM83 (Razor Shell)5%
AromatisseSachet50%SolrockTM92 (Mystical Fire)1%
Meowth (All forms)Nugget50%
PorygonDubious Disk5%