Pokemon Luminescent Platinum – Tutor Movelist V2.0

Originally inspired by Drayano’s one and only Renegade Platinum, Luminescent Platinum brings you a next-generation Platinum experience to your TV (or your Nintendo Switch console directly!) Here’s just a few of the things you can look forward to:

1st Badge (Coal Badge)2nd Badge (Forest Badge)3rd Badge (Relic Badge)4th Badge (Cobble Badge)5th Badge (Fen Badge)6th Badge (Mine Badge)7th Badge (Icicle Badge)8th Badge (Beacon Badge)
SnoreElectrowebHeal BellFire PunchBounceLow KickGravityLast Resort
BindWorry SeedSpiteIce PunchSky AttackIron HeadPower-Up PunchEndeavor
Helping HandMud-SlapUproarThunder PunchRole PlayTrickIcy WindLiquidation
CovetSpikesSignal BeamIron DefenseTailwindDrill RunHeat WaveFoul Play
After YouDual WingbeatStomping TantrumMagic RoomZen HeadbuttDual ChopSuperpowerSuper Fang
BulldozeLaser FocusGastro AcidWonder RoomSeed BombScorching SandsKnock OffOutrage
Ally SwitchBlockSynthesisMagnet RiseMagic CoatAqua TailDraco MeteorTwister
Air CutterSelf-DestructAncient PowerSeismic TossPain SplitVacuum WaveSucker PunchEarth Power
RolloutFury CutterOminous WindDiveSwiftLeech LifeZap CannonGunk Shot