Elden Ring Guide – D, Hunter of the Dead Questline

Where to Find D, Hunter of the Dead in Limgrave

The very first location where you might run into D in the West Limgrave region. You’ll find D standing over a dead body if you go to the outskirts of Summonwater Village and look for him there. He will caution you about the perils of going to Summonwater Village and advise you to avoid going there. You are free to heed his warning; however, if you continue into the village, the Tibia Mariner field boss will appear. Defeating this boss will provide an important item that is required for moving forward with D’s storyline.

When you defeat the Tibia Mariner and reload the area without going to the Roundtable Hold, D will move closer to the southwest side of Summonwater Village. This will happen when you reload the area. Regardless of whether you choose to show him the Deathroot here or at the Hold, he will have the same conversation regarding Gurranq, which is detailed further down in this article.

D, Hunter of the Dead at Roundtable Hold

In the event that you are unable to locate D in Limgrave, he will eventually show up at The Roundtable Hold; however, the specific event that will cause him to move is currently unknown. However, in order to advance his questline, you will still need to show him a Deathroot. This Deathroot can come from a Tibia Mariner field boss (the one closest to D’s starting location in East Limgrave is the one that is easiest to reach at this point), or it can come from any of the other locations listed in the table below.

After you have obtained your first Deathroot, you will have the option to show it to him. If you do so, he will then advise you to speak with the Beast Clergyman Gurranq, who is located in the Ruins of Gurranq. He will mark the location of the Beastial Sanctum in Caelid with a crimson dot on your map, which will enable you to teleport there.

When you arrive at this location, you will find a hooded figure that resembles a cat. This figure will angrily demand that you feed it Deathroot, and if you comply, you will be rewarded with a variety of spells and items that are listed below. The first reward will consist of the Clawmark Seal as well as an item that will sound an alarm and warn you whenever you are getting close to an area that contains deathroot.

Deathroot Locations and Rewards

You can acquire Deathroot from the Field Bosses or from Those Who Live in Death that are hidden in certain dungeons if you search for them in the following locations and defeat them:

  • Deathtouched Catacombs – West Limgrave, defeat the Black Knife Assassin and loot the chest in the room.
  • Summonwater Village – East Limgrave, defeat the Tibia Mariner on the north side of the zone.
  • Southwest of the Carian Study Hall – East Liurnia, defeat the Tibia Mariner located along the main ridge road going towards the Divine Tower of Liurnia
  • Black Knife Catacombs – East Liurnia, defeat the Cemetery Shade and loot the chest in the room.
  • Wyndham Ruins – Altus Plateau, defeat the Tibia Mariner located at the ruins.
  • Gelmir Hero’s Grave – Mt Gelmir, defeat the Red Wolf of the Champion and loot the chest in the room.
  • Stargazer’s Ruins – Mountaintop of the Giants, defeat the Tibia Mariner located at the ruins.
  • Giant’s Mountaintop Catacombs – Defeat the dungeon boss of this catacomb to receive a Deathroot.
  • Hidden Path to the Haligtree – Defeat the Ulcerated Tree Spirit field boss in this dungeon.
Deathroot GivenItem Reward
First DeathrootClawmark Seal (Incantation Catalyst)
Second DeathrootBestial Sling Spell
Third DeathrootBestial Vitality Spell
Fourth DeathrootAsh of War – Beast’s Roar
Fifth DeathrootBeast Claw Spell
Sixth DeathrootStone of Gurranq Spell
Seventh DeathrootBeastclaw Greathammer
Eighth DeathrootGurranq’s Beast Claw
Final DeathrootAncient Dragon Smithing Stone

A word of caution: If you give Gurranq approximately three Deathroots, he will become temporarily insane and try to kill you the next time you see him. You will have to engage in combat with him and reduce some of his health before he will come to his senses and retreat from the situation. If you’re having trouble keeping up with his never-ending attacks, one strategy you can try is to lure him outside so he can attack through the doorway, and then you can hit him.

D, Hunter of the Dead and Fia

This is the point at which D’s narrative becomes intertwined with Fia’s questline. After leaving Carian Hall with the Death Cursemark, you will need to speak with Fia using the “talk in secret” dialogue prompt in order to do so. She will hand you a blade that has seen better days and ask you to give it back to the person who originally owned it. If you talk to D, he will be surprised that you have the dagger, but he will agree that you should give it back to the person who originally owned it. After reloading the area, proceed to the corridor close to Master Hewg and Roderika, where you will find that the door to the far left is now open.

When you first enter the room, you will see Fia standing over D’s body, and it will appear that she has just murdered him. After Fia has confessed her betrayal and acknowledged her role as a Deathbed Companion, she will leave the Roundtable Hold and never return. At this point, D’s quest is over, and you will no longer be able to make any more purchases from him regarding incantations. Despite this, you still have the opportunity to exact revenge upon Fia with the assistance of D’s identical twin brother.

D, Hunter of the Dead’s Younger Brother Location and Sub-Quest

After you have made it all the way to Nokron, take a break at the Ancient Grounds Site of Grace, and then continue heading north along the cliff face until you come to a buttress that you can scale down to the lower level. Pass through the aqueduct to the opposite side, and continue walking until you spot a slender figure sitting near a covered staircase that leads upward into an arena. This particular individual is D’s younger brother.

You now have the option to bestow the Twinned Armor set upon D’s brother if you removed it from D’s body before giving it to D’s brother. This will reveal to him that D has been killed, and it will cause him to show up later on if you choose to continue pursuing Fia’s quest. If you do this, D will no longer be available to you.