Elden Ring Guide – Dung Eater Questline

One of the non-player characters (NPCs) you’ll run into in Elden Ring who has a primary quest for you to finish is called Dung Eater. In this section of our guide to the Elden Ring, you will find information about where to find him, how to begin his questline, and how to obtain the ending that is associated with him.

Where to Find Dung Eater

The best place to start looking for Dung Eater is in the Roundtable Hold. When you have progressed far enough in the game to reach Leyndell, the Royal Capital, this will take place. The door to the room next to the Twin Maiden Husks will open, and a red ghost of Dung Eater will appear inside.

If you do not have Seedbed Curse, he will tell you to leave him alone and you will not be able to move forward with his quest.

You will receive a Sewer-Gaol Key from Dung Eater in exchange for the first Seedbed Curse that you bring to him. This key will allow you to access the sewer that lies beneath Leyndell, the Royal Capital.

How to Find the Sewer-Gaol in Leyndell

From the Lower Capital Church, which is located close to the damaged section of the city just beyond the dragon’s wings, travel to the north. You can descend into this well if you come here often. You’ll find a cell to unlock right next to the ladder leading down into the well. Activate this lock, then proceed through the opening and descend the ladder. Proceed to the right and downward into the room with the rats and clean it up. Proceed through the door located to the southeast, then descend the ladder located on the left, and make your way to the Site of Grace, which is located in the second alcove on the left (northwest).

From this Site of Grace, head left, and once you reach the left side of the room, drop down through the open grate in the floor.

Follow the path around to the right until you reach the area with the poisonous flowers, and then climb the ladder. Caution is advised as you approach the room’s centre, where a colossal hand will suddenly materialise from the floor (and two smaller hands will also appear). You need to quickly get to the cell on the right side of the room and unlock it using the key to the sewer gaol.

Speak to Dung Eater

If you talk to Dung Eater, he will enquire about your identity. Choose Leave your gaol! after which you should go back to the Roundtable Hold and enter the room in which you had your initial conversation with Dung Eater. It’s likely that he’ll be gone, but a message will be left behind that reads: “I’ll defile you next. Please meet me at the outer moat.”

How to Find the Outer Moat

When Dung Eater talks about the outer moat, he means the tiny body of water that can be found on the map to the north-northwest of the Capital Rampart Site of Grace. As soon as you step foot in the water, a horde of Dung Eaters will attack you. If you manage to kill him, he will drop a Sword of Milos.

Return to the Roundtable Hold

If you return to the Roundtable Hold, Dung Eater will be waiting for you there once more. If you continue to talk to him, he will eventually ask you to contaminate his flesh with the Seedbed Curse. In order to accomplish this, you will need to acquire Seedbed Curse and continue bringing it to him.

Where to Find Seedbed Curse

After making your way through the East Rampart Site of Grace and entering the capital for the first time, you will find yourself in a room with a lift on the right-hand side. Once you have this in hand, you should follow the Perfumer into the room. Climb this ladder, then continue climbing until you reach the very top. There is a dead body sitting in this chair, and it possesses the first Seedbed Curse that you need in order to convince Dung Eater to hand over the Sewer-Gaol Key.

Blackguard stationed at the perimeter of the moat

If you have begun the Rya Questline, you should have run into the Blackguard at the Boilprawn Shack in Liurnia of the Lacks by this point. The Blackguard will eventually relocate to the Outer Moat, which is located close to Leyndell, the Royal Capital. You can talk to him, and he will give you information about the Dung Eater that is located at the moat. After leaving the area, you came back to find the Blackguard in a terminal state. When he does so, he will cast the Seedbed Curse, which will result in an invasion by Dung Eaters.

Leyndell, the Royal Capital, and the Fortified Manor Therein

You will find a room within the Fortified Manor that is very similar to the one the Dung Eater is located in within the Roundtable Hold. You can reach this location by exiting the Fortified Manor, turning right, and then utilising the wooden shacks to ascend to the second floor. This will bring you to a copy of the Roundtable Hold that you can explore. You can find the corsep with the Seedbed Curse in the room that Dung Eater is in when you are in the normal Roundtable Hold.

Volcano Manor Corpse

You will not be able to access this room until you have unlocked one of the Imp Seal Statues. You can get here by beginning at the Temple of Eiglay Site of Grace and defeating the Godskin Noble there. From there, you can make your way here. Take the lift up to the second floor, and once you’re there, exit onto the balcony that’s outside.

Continue through this level until you reach a point where you can descend onto a ledge to the right that has slugs and lava. Follow this path up, to the left, with the waterfall from the volcano, and then enter the building with a door that looks like a jail cell near the abductor virgin. You can enter the cell through the broken window, and then you can unlock the door.

After you have opened this door, proceed along this path until you reach a different section of the manor. When the door on the right is opened, an altar will be revealed. Take the stairs on the left, turn around, and continue climbing up the stairs. The Imp Statue Seal is located beyond this door and can only be accessed with two Stonesword Keys.

When you are inside this location, descend the crates in a secure manner to reach the lower level of the room. At one end of the room, you should see a dead body sitting in a chair, and the Seedbed Curse should be on the body.

Miquella’s Haligtree Corpse 1

After leaving the Prayer Room Site of Grace, head in a northeasterly direction until you reach the part of the area where there are stairs leading up and down. After descending the stairs, position yourself so that you are looking out from the balcony to the right of the adversary, and leap onto the slanted archway there. After that, you should hop to the left, where the scarab is located. Another archway can be found on this area’s opposite side, and it leads upward and to the left. You’ll find the body at the very end of this ledge, to the north-northwest, if you climb up here.

Miquella’s Haligtree Corpse 2

After leaving the Prayer Room Site of Grace, head in the direction of the northeast and descend the stairs until you reach the room with the two knights. Do not enter this room; rather, scale the wall to your right and jump off (which is just below the first slanted archway you jumped on for the above Seedbed Curse). You will need to descend to the right in order to land on the roof. After that, you should turn around and enter through the doorway that is directly underneath the arch. After descending the stairs on the right, you will find a dead body perched on a ledge in the room’s northeast corner. The ledge is at the very end of the room.

After Giving Dung Eater Enough Seedbed Curse

To access one of the game’s alternative conclusions, you will need to collect five instances of the Seedbed Curse. This brings us to the conclusion of the Blessing of Despair. Dung Eater will hand over the Mending Rune of the Fell Curse to you once you have handed over five instances of the Seedbed Curse to him. After defeating the final boss, you will be able to use this item to access the Blessing of Despair ending.