Elden Ring Guide – Edgar Questline

Where to Find Edgar

Proceed through the courtyard of Castle Morne, past the Pumpkin Head, and up the ladder to your right when you reach the location of Castle Morne, which is at the most southern point of the Weeping Peninsula in Limgrave. Fight your way past the misbegotten, both on the ground and in the air, that guard the wooden bridge that leads to the upper level of the courtyard. After you’ve crossed the bridge, head northeast in the direction of the soldiers and the Misbegotten who are engaged in combat.

Continue to the northeast along these ramparts until you reach a stairway that wraps around the side of a crenellated tower. After you have vanquished them (we recommend that you do not simply run past them because they may follow you and accidentally kill Edger), you will come across this stairway. Climb these, then continue forward on this tower until you reach Edgar, who will be sitting against the opposite wall. Talk to him here so that you can hand him Irina’s letter and reassure him that she is, in fact, still alive and doing well.

Progressing Edgar’s Quest

Edgar will express his relief that Irina is okay, but he will not abandon his duty as the warden of Castle Morne even though he will be relieved that she is okay. You need to demonstrate victory over the boss of the area in order to advance his quest. You need to go all the way down to the bottom of Castle Morne, where there are sandy beaches full of jellyfish. To defeat the Leonine Misbegotten that is located in this area, you will need to go through the boss fog door. Return to Edgar and let him know that you’ve killed it; this will allow him to finally leave the castle and go to his daughter. Return to Edgar and let him know that you’ve killed it.

You will need to return to the place where you initially discovered Irina in order to meet Edgar in his new location. You will find him huddled over her body, wallowing in guilt over the fact that he prioritised his duty over protecting her, and threatening vengeance against whoever was responsible for her death. You are at a point where further interaction with him is impossible at this time, so continue on with your journey.

Edgar the Revenger

You will eventually arrive at the Revenger’s Shack in southwest Liurnia, just to the north of the minor Erdtree, if you keep playing the game until the very end. The ground in this area is littered with the bodies of dead Misbegotten, which is a portent of the senseless violence that will be committed by a man who is seeking vengeance. As you get closer to the Site of Grace, you will receive a warning that an antagonistic NPC named Edgar the Revenger is attempting to take control of the area.

You will receive a Banished Knight’s Halberd+8 and a Shibriri Grape if you are successful in defeating him. It is important to note that the latter can be utilised for Hyetta’s questline. It is important to keep in mind that Edgar the Revenger will attack you at this location regardless of whether or not you participated in the questline associated with Edgar or Irina before arriving here.