Elden Ring Guide – Hyetta Questline

In Elden Ring, you’ll run into a lot of different NPCs, and one of them, Hyetta, will have a side quest for you to finish. In this section of our guide to the Elden Ring, you will find information on how to begin her questline, where to find her, and the consequences of your actions along the way.

First Encounter In Liurnia

If you want to see Hyetta for the first time, you have to talk to Irina (for more information, see the section of this guide titled “Irina’s Questline”) and acquire the important item “Irina’s Letter.” Because Hyetta will now spawn regardless of whether or not you finish Irina’s quest, you have the option to either finish it or abandon it at this point.

Proceed to the Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace in Liurnia, which is located close to the Church of Irith. Hyetta will spawn here if you wait long enough, and you can talk to her to make her introduce herself if you do so. The only way to move her further along in the quest is to hand her a Shabriri Grape at this point in time. Although there are several of these important items dispersed across the world, the one that is the least difficult to acquire at this point is on a ghostly figure that can be found immediately after the boss room for Godrick the Grafted.

To locate the Shabriri Grape in question, once you have descended the ladder from the throne room, turn around so that you are facing the northeast. After you have accomplished this, speak to Hyetta here and give the grape to her; continue to engage her in conversation here after she has eaten the grape in order to convince her to move to her second location.

Second Encounter in Liurnia

You will run into her once more if you continue through this region until you reach the Purified Ruins, which are situated just to the south of the Site of Grace on the Liurnia Highway North in East Liurnia. You are obligated to offer her another Shabriri Grape at this juncture. One is, fortunately, found in the neighbourhood. You’ll need to head into the main part of the ruins and look down to see some horizontal boards; you’ll need to roll across these boards to break them, which will reveal an underground cellar.

After entering this room, you will be given the Shabriri Grape as well as the Two Fingers Heirloom. From this point, proceed in a direct westerly direction until you reach the section of the ruins that is situated closest to the water’s edge. Hyetta will be waiting for another grape here while she stands still. Give it to her and engage her in conversation until she has no more to say in order to convince her to move to the third location.

Third Encounter in Liurnia

Continue to the north along the eastern shore of Liurnia until you reach the Site of Grace at the Gate Town Bridge. Once you have arrived at this Site of Grace, turn around and look due north to find her standing against the cliffside. At this point, she will enquire about obtaining an additional grape. At this point, the Revenger’s Shack in southwest Liurnia, which is located just north of the minor Erdtree, is the location with the simplest retrieval process. To obtain another Shabriri Grape, you must first travel to this location and defeat Edgar, the Revenger. Come back and have a conversation with her. When Hyetta asks what the grapes are, you have the choice between two different explanations. You have the option of responding with “they’re human eyes” or simply remaining silent.

If you do tell her, she will be angry, but she will tell you not to think any further about it. Take some time to relax at the nearby Site of Grace, and then try to reconnect with her. She will divulge to you the news that she has arrived at the realisation that she is destined to work as a Finger Maiden. At this point, she will proceed to move on to the subsequent location in her journey.

Fourth Encounter in Liurnia

Proceed in a northerly direction once more until you arrive at the Bellum Church and can see Hyetta once more. This time around, she will request that you bring her a Fingerprint Grape. Visit the Church of Inhibition, where you will be confronted by Festering Fingerprint Vyke, in order to acquire this item.

You must first travel to the Grand Lift of Dectus Site of Grace before you can enter the Church of Inhibition. Continue climbing higher until you reach the path that will lead you to the Frenzied Flame Village, and then continue climbing higher until you reach the ruins of the church. When you reach this location, a Festering Fingerprint Vyke should attack you. If you are successful in killing him, you will be rewarded with a Fingerprint Grape. You should go back to the Bellum Church and give this to Hyetta there. Be aware that although you have the choice to withhold it from her, in order to advance the storyline of her quest, you will need to eventually give it to her.

In the Subterranean Shunning-Ground

After you have vanquished Mohg, the Omen, you should strike the altar located at the far end of his boss room to expose a false wall. Continue to make your way downward along this path, lowering yourself from beam to beam until you reach the ground. At this point, the floor beneath you will collapse, and you will fall even further into the Frenzied Flame Proscription.

Hyetta will be waiting for you here, and she will provide you with hints regarding the actions that you need to take in order to complete her quest (as well as unlock a potential ending to the game). Go to the door that is in front of you, and remove your clothes so that the Three Fingers can be seen behind the door that is on fire.

Return to Hyetta and speak with her after you have witnessed the Three Fingers; she will offer to become your Finger Maiden at that time. She will specifically ask for you to touch her. The fact that you have to do that in order to complete the quest chain associated with her also means that you have to touch her, which causes her to catch fire. She will suffer greatly until she finally passes away. You are now in a position to pillage her body in order to retrieve the Frenzyflame Stones and the Frenzied Flame Seal.