Elden Ring Guide – Miquella’s Haligtree Location and Walkthrough

A Legacy Dungeon known as Miquella’s Haligtree can be found in the hidden northern area of Elden Ring. This dungeon is completely optional. It is a massive tree that is reserved for late game players because it contains powerful enemies as well as great treasures. This page will contain walkthrough and guide information on how to reach the Haligtree, as well as information on all of the treasures and items that can be found inside, as well as tips for navigating the dungeon, and instructions on how to defeat the boss of the area.

How to Get to Miquella’s Haligtree

To begin, you will need to have access to the Miquella’s Haligtree region. This region can only be reached by acquiring both halves of the Haligtree Secret Medallion and utilising it at the Grand Lift of Rold. Utilize the page of our guide that is titled “How to Access Elden Ring’s Secret Region” so that you can finish this step.

You will be transported via the lift to the Hidden Path that leads to the Haligtree dungeon, which you will be able to quickly traverse in order to reach the Consecrated Snowfield outside. It may be difficult to navigate in this area due to the snowstorm, but if you look for the glowing spots that run along the ground, you will be able to find your way out of danger. Alternatively, you can just ride in a northerly direction until you reach the exit.

When you are sure that you are safe, head to this location just to the north of the river to pick up the map of the surrounding area. If you head north from the map stele, you will find the town of Ordina, also known as the Liturgical Town. The teleporter that will take us into the dungeon of Miquella’s Haligtree is hidden here, but before we can proceed, we need to complete a test first. Before you take on this challenge, you need to make sure that the Site of Grace that is located at the front of the town has been activated.

You can find four of these peculiar altars dotted around the town, as shown in the previous image. One of them can be found on the ground in the middle of the town, and the other three can be discovered atop the roofs of various buildings located all over the town.

Climb up onto the rooftops and make a mental note of where each of the four altars are located. Also, pay attention to the blue flame lanterns that indicate where you can find the ladders that will allow you to climb up onto the rooftops.

After you have discovered the locations of all four altars, travel to the northwestern part of the town and look for an evergaol that has a statue standing next to it. In order to obtain the hint “Light the four figures in the evergaol,” you must first examine the statue.

If you enter the evergoal that is located next to this statue, you will be transported to a different version of Ordina in which you will not be able to use Torrent and there will be a number of powerful enemies. In order to finish the quest, you have to make it through all four altars without getting killed.

Begin your search with the one that is located on the outskirts of town. You need to get out of the city quickly and then run around the perimeter of it while heading in the direction of the western edge. You are being pursued by unseen assassins armed with black knives, but as long as you keep running, they shouldn’t be able to catch up to you and kill you. Locate the ladder that is attached to the outside of the structure, and then ascend it in order to reach the first altar.

Proceed downward to the structures that are located below the altar. You can see the next ladder that you need to climb from this vantage point. Once more, descend into the snow, and continue running in the direction of the stairs. You can get to the ladder if you first hop onto the railing and then jump your way up.

To reach the second altar, climb the ladder and make your way to the top. At this point, the rooftop archers will begin their assault on you and try to kill you. If you are ever in close proximity to one of them, be sure to eliminate them to make this section easier. If you are not, however, just keep track of their locations and avoid getting shot at whenever possible.

After lighting the second altar, descend once more to the area below to access the buildings. From this vantage point, the rooftops will lead you directly to the base of the subsequent altar; therefore, all that is required of you is to navigate your way there while avoiding the arrows fired by the archers. Climb the ladders to reach the third altar and light it up.

That only leaves the altar in the middle of town, which is on the ground level. This one is the simplest to get to; all you have to do is descend to the building below you, then make your way across the rooftops to reach the peak of it. From there, descend to the street level, and once you’re there, light it up to finish the evergaol challenge.

You will be able to access the teleporter within the building that will take you directly to the legacy dungeon once you have successfully completed the test. This teleporter will take you directly to the legacy dungeon once you have successfully completed the test.

Miquella’s Haligtree Walkthrough

After activating and resting at the Haligtree Canopy Site of Grace that is ahead of you, immediately climb the branch to the right, and at the very top of it, you will find a Stonesword Key. If you look below you, there will be a branch with a couple of envoys on it just below you. You must descend and eliminate the envoys before you can seize the Sacramental Bud that they were guarding. If you continue down this fork, it will eventually lead you back to the main path, where you will find a number of envoys gathered near a ledge. Even though they won’t pay attention to you, you should eliminate every one of them anyway.

When you reach the end of this branch, turn to your right and look below you; you will see another branch that leads to a large envoy. You should descend, then engage in combat with the envoy, taking care not to be knocked back over the edge by him. After the envoy has been vanquished, the Golden Rune [10] that was sitting next to it is now available for collection.

You should climb back up the branch you descended on, then look down to find another branch and three envoys below you. Head back up the branch. Drop down and engage the envoys in combat, taking special care not to lose your footing on this more precarious branch. After the envoys have been vanquished, the Prattling Pate (My Beloved) can be looted from atop one of the mushrooms in the immediate area.

From this point, continue down the branch until you reach the point where it connects to the largest branch in the middle of the tree. Towards the very end of this path, on top of the mushrooms, you’ll find four Warming Stones.

As you climb the middle branch, you will run into a large number of giant ants. Proceed with caution. They are not particularly difficult to defeat; all you need to do is hold up your shield, block the attack that they are about to deliver, and then either guard counter or just spam attacks in order to stun them. However, take care not to become overwhelmed, and be on the lookout for their potent ranged attack.

After the ants have been eliminated, you can climb the branch to reach the point where it has split into three distinct sections. To begin, we need to move to the left side of the tree and take the branch that is the thinnest there so that we can deal with the obnoxious envoys that have been shooting at us the whole time. You should keep running along this path while avoiding the spells and projectiles that are being fired at you. Take out the envoys that are standing in your way. At the second fork, make a brief detour to the right to retrieve the Aeonian Butterfly that is being guarded by the small plant foe. After retrieving the butterfly, you should then turn around and make your way up to the thicker branch at the very top, which is where the group of envoys is located.

First, head in the left direction and eliminate the previously mentioned group of envoys. Next, head to the end of the branch and grab the Preserving Boluses from the mushrooms there. After that, cross over to the opposite side of the branch, where you will find a number of hostile plant species, one of which is among the larger ones. If you are able to, you should try to make some Fire Pots to throw at the large plant in order to temporarily stun it. After all of the plants have perished, you will be able to take the Fire Grease x3 from the corpse that is nearby.

If you turn your head to the right, there is another thing at the very tip of a branch to the right of you. This thin branch splits off the middle of the larger one you are standing on, so you will need to backtrack a little bit to find where it connects, and then make your way over to the item, which is a Stonesword Key.

Find your way back to the point where the branch was divided into three sections. At this point, you should climb the branch to the right, which will lead you to the envoys at the top. During your travels, pick up the Dappled Cured Meat and then eliminate the two envoys who are preventing you from moving forward. After you have retrieved the Smithing Stone [8] from the small branch that is off to the left, make your way back to the path that split into two.

Continue climbing up the middle branch at this point. At the very end of this branch, you will find a colossal envoy waiting for you. Obtain the Golden Rune [10] from the dead body that is located along this path, and then approach the giant envoy stealthily. You need to get the jump on it in order to deal some quick damage, and then you need to put your guard up and get ready to block its heavy slam attacks, which threaten to blast you off the edge. Block and Guard Counter for a simple topple into kill, then loot the Envoy Crown it was guarding after it has been killed.

Now that we have every one of those things, we can at long last move forward with our plans. You should work your way all the way back down the main branch to the spot where we obtained the Warming Stone some time ago. You will spot one of those gigantic envoys perched on a lofty branch off in the distance.

If you continue to travel along this branch, the envoy will begin firing homing attacks at you. Because we don’t want to deal with that, we are going to drop down onto a smaller branch below from the right side of the tree instead. Begin to run along this branch, ignoring all of the foes and items that you encounter along the way for the time being. Always keep an eye on the giant envoy, as he will continue to fire at you; therefore, you should be prepared to dodge roll in order to avoid getting caught in his onslaught of bubbles.

If you travel all the way to the tip of this branch, you will find yourself at the location where the envoy is waiting for you. Killing it will allow you to access the altar located behind it, where you can retrieve a Lost Ash of War from the chest there.

If you go back along the branch where you had your encounter with the giant envoy, you will find that there is another path that leads even higher. Following this path will bring you to a large group of envoys, one of which is another gigantic one. After eliminating this small army in a careful manner, you will be able to claim the Oracle Envoy Ashes that they were guarding.

Now we need to go back along the thinner branch that we took earlier so that we could reach the envoy. This branch is infested with even more plant foes, but fortunately, there is only one item to be found on it: a Golden Rune [13] is located near the tip of the branch.

Next, head back to the perch where the giant envoys are waiting and descend onto the main branch that we avoided earlier. This area is now safe for us to loot because we won’t be targeted by any projectiles. Because this branch is home to a significant number of plants that exude crimson rot, you should probably just come to terms with the fact that you will become rotted while you are here looting the items. This route offers a Numens Rune and ten copies of Flaming Bolt as its rewards.

Finally, descend all the way to the end of this branch until you reach the bottom, where you will find a platform with a ladder already attached to it. Climb the rocks until you reach the hut down below. You’ll find the Haligtree Town Site of Grace inside this building.

Haligtree Town

When you leave the shack through the doorway in the back, you will find yourself on a walkway that follows the rim of the enormous tree. You will almost immediately come under attack from a misbegotten. You will need to make your way around it and then descend the stairs that are in front of you to reach a lower platform where there are two more misbegotten praying and a body that has a Golden Rune [10] on it (at this point it is possible for the Leonine above you to become aggressive and drop down on top of you, listen for any strange enemy sounds).

Find the ladder that is situated in the far corner of the platform, and then start climbing it. Be careful not to let yourself be grabbed or pushed off the ledge by the rot zombies as soon as you reach the top of the structure. They will attack as soon as you get there. After you have eliminated all of the zombies and any nearby misbegotten, you can loot the body to obtain two additional Rot Grease.

If you turn around, you will find another platform behind you that you can jump to, and one of the more powerful Leonine Misbegottens will be standing on it. This is assuming that it has not already become hostile towards you and begun chasing after you. After you have jumped across the chasm and killed the Leonine (a reminder: the Barricade Shield makes them completely easy to kill), you will be able to loot the item it was guarding, which is the Pearldrake Talisman +2.

When you reach the first platform, jump back over to it, then walk to the opposite side of it and look over the ledge. You are going to see a branch that is below you that you can drop down to. If you continue along this branch and then cross the rooftop that it connects to, you will arrive at a platform that is currently occupied by a significant number of zombies. You can easily kill them all while they are grouped together if you have a weapon or an attack that has a wide range, but you can also just walk past them as they are fairly slow moving if you don’t have either of those things.

Ignore the staircase that is close by and make your way to the end of the platform where there are zombies. There, you will find another ladder. Bring it down to the platform below where there is a Fire Grease x5 on a nearby bridge. You can find it by taking this item. Below you, you will see a variety of formidable plant foes of various sizes. You can defeat them with a combination of Fire Pots and other types of attacks if you drop down.

As soon as the plants have passed away, it is safe for you to ascend the nearby ladder (the one that is on the south side of the platform, not the one on the north side), and enter the structure that is directly above you. You are going to run into one of those axe-wielding, misbegotten enemies here. Be wary of their extremely delayed attacks, which can be difficult to predict, but also keep in mind that you can easily take them down with a Barricade Shield and Guard Counters. Once all of the foes have been eliminated, you will be able to retrieve the Hefty Beast Bone x6 from the corpse that is located near the ladder.

If you go up the staircase behind where you will find the Smithing Stone [8, you will also find some more misbegotten enemies and some zombies. [8] Once you have descended the stairs, exit the building through the back door, and proceed to the balcony. There, you will find a Golden Rune (13).

Go back to the ledge that contains the ladder, and then use it to descend to the plant platform. From there, we will climb the other ladder that is located on the north side of the platform. Following this will lead you to a narrow ledge where you will be able to launch a stealth assault on a misbegotten that is hiding nearby to ambush you. Kill it, then make the Leonine your target and attempt to lure him into the nearby hut while avoiding drawing the attention of the other misbegotten who are standing on the platform. No matter what happens, you need to eliminate both foes (I’ll say it again: Barricade Shield, Guard Counters), and then you need to seize the Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone that Leonine was guarding.

Leave this platform by going through the building that is located on the opposite side. As you make your way through this room, be sure to exit through the door on the left side and grab the Somber Smithing Stone [8] that is located on the balcony, but watch out for the zombies that are waiting there.

After leaving through the other door, proceed across the bridge to reach the platform that contains the Site of Grace for the Haligtree Town Plaza and a Golden Rune [12]. You are free to take a break if you feel the need to, but if you do, don’t forget to descend to the branch below this platform that has ants on it in order to obtain four Aeonian Butterflies.

Haligtree Town Plaza

You can descend from the platform at the Site of Grace onto the nearby rooftops. You will almost immediately come across a dead body bearing a Smithing Stone [6].

If you look over the building’s right side and look down, you will see one of those white snails sitting on a ledge below the building. You can immediately dispel the crystalian that it is trying to summon if you drop down and kill it.

If you peek around the corner, you will see another snail summoning another crystalian from the other side of the rooftop. Move quickly over there and take care of that one, hopefully killing it before the crystalian can cast one of its more potent spells.

When you have finished killing that snail, immediately turn to the right, where you will find another crystalian being called forth. You will need to run towards it and then over the edge in order to reach the last snail. Watch out for the spear crystalian’s attacks, and be sure to take out the snail before proceeding to the rooftops.

Return to the location where you eliminated the first snail. You will find a house there with some zombies already inhabiting it. After you have finished off the zombies, head over to the far corner and loot the Somber Smithing Stone [9]. After that, return to the area outside where you killed the second snail to discover a Golden Rune [10] in that location.

You can make the leap to the adjacent rooftop from here, which leads to a larger rooftop that is full of zombies. Because these zombies will make an effort to follow you as you investigate the rest of the area, it is in your best interest to wipe out the entire horde as soon as possible to spare yourself the trouble later on. The Smithing Stone [6] is located in the middle of the roof and can be looted once all of the enemies have been eliminated.

After climbing back up onto the smaller roof that we descended from, you will see a large room that you can jump into and that contains some zombies. Because the jump is a little low, you should make sure to get a head start when you take it. Once you are inside, you must first eliminate a couple of zombies before opening the chest in the back room to retrieve the Golden Rune (level 12) and the Viridian Amber Medallion (level 2).

Once you have cleared the large rooftop where the zombies were located, you can get back to the large rooftop by jumping back across the gap and climbing the ladder. You will find yourself between two buildings if you go to the left edge and drop down from there. You need to go inside the building you were just standing on top of and search through the two rooms inside in order to find some additional misbegottens and one item, which is a Sacramental Bud.

You will find two more misbegottens if you leave this building and go into the next one over, which is where you will find the exit. Once you are sure that they are no longer alive, look around the room. You will see a window that is open, which will lead you to a branch, as well as a doorway that will take you to a bridge. Ahead of you are two formidable mage foes, and if at all possible, you should try to avoid drawing the ire of both of them at the same time.

Utilizing the aforementioned branch as a springboard, one should make their way to the platform on the right side of the screen where the first mage is located. If you immediately crouch after landing, he shouldn’t initiate combat with you even though he will hear you. You can get a strong start by walking around the platform until you are behind him and then backstabbing him. Be wary of the powerful close-range melee attacks that the mage can unleash, especially his magic hammer attack, which can cause a significant explosion. If you see him calling forth the hammer, you should immediately run away as far as you can. Guard Counters can be used to defend against their head slam and club swing attacks, but you should watch out for their endless club swing combo, which can easily get through your defences. Before you get off of this platform, you need to make sure that you have the Hero’s Rune [4] that is located inside the hut.

Once the first mage has been eliminated, you are free to approach the second and eliminate him as well. After that, you can loot the two items that are located on his platform, which are a Smithing Stone [7] and a Smithing Stone [8].

Do not, at this time, proceed to the large area that can be reached by connecting from the central platform. Instead, cross over the bridge to the third, smaller platform. There, you will find a lift that will take you directly to the Haligtree Town Site of Grace. After getting some rest to prepare for the upcoming boss fight, head back down the lift and into the large area to find…

Loretta, Knight of the Haligtree Boss Fight

Deja vu! Loretta, formerly of the Caria Manor, has resurfaced and is more powerful than ever before. She now goes by the title Loretta, Knight of the Haligtree. She uses a combination of powerful halberd swings and magic spells, so prepare to execute some Guard Counters by equipping your best magic resist shield and talismans.

This should be an easy victory for either side. Loretta will alternate between charging you and attempting a number of different melee attacks and retreating to cast a few spells before continuing her assault. It appears that the homing swords are her most frequently used spell. When she uses this attack, you should simply step back and wait for the projectiles to be launched before dodging rolling to the side just before the moment of impact. This holds true for the majority of the spells, but her magic bow and arrow spell is one that requires special attention. You can get in 1-2 attacks while she is recovering if you rush towards her as she is charging it up and then roll through after you have reached her.

When it comes to her close-range attacks, her swings are very slow and easy to avoid, but her combos are sneaky and difficult to predict. You should be able to Guard Counter the majority of them, but she will probably still land a hit on you in return. Watch out for the sweep into powerful overhead swing (her horse will rear up onto its hind legs and whinny), as well as the magic double slash. These are the ones you want to avoid at all costs (telegraphed by the tip of her halberd glowing blue). You have the ability to predict and roll through both of these, and then you can engage in multiple attacks during the cooldown period that follows.

She will enchant herself with magic when she reaches about half of her health, which will make all of her spells and attacks stronger. However, the fight will not change in any significant way, other than the possibility that you will take more damage. Keep an eye out for the rapid fire spells that she shoots out of the handle of her halberd (roll towards her to get into melee range, which causes her to stop), and be careful of the slight variation on the magic halberd slash, which includes some additional swings and a new slam at the end of the attack (this seems to be avoidable by just sticking close to her).

Be patient, carefully avoid her attacks, and capitalise on any of the many times she will use one of her many slow attacks. As long as you equip a few good resist items, you should be able to hold out for a considerable amount of time. After you have vanquished her, you will receive Loretta’s Mastery and Loretta’s War Sickle as rewards. In addition, you will be granted access to the Haligtree Promenade Site of Grace.

Haligtree Promenade

Take the stairs down to the lower level, where you will find a ladder, and then exit the boss arena through the doorway in the back. Follow it through to its logical conclusion. At the bottom, there is a building that has a lift in it; however, you should not enter it just yet. Instead, you should go around the building and up the stairs to get on top. There, you will find a chest that contains an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone and some Aeonian Butterflies. You can also get some of these butterflies on top.

Now turn around and ride the lift down to the lower levels inside the building. Using this method will take you straight to a new region known as Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree.