Elden Ring Guide – Mohgwyn Palace Location and Walkthrough

Mohgwyn Palace is a region that can be found in the Siofra River region of the underground in Elden Ring. It is a region that is not required to be explored. This late-game area is home to the Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum, which is occupied by a formidable optional boss that, upon death, leaves behind both a Great Rune and a Remembrance. This page will contain walkthrough and guide information on how to get to Mohgwyn Palace, as well as information on how to defeat the boss of the area, as well as all of the treasures and items that can be found inside.

How to Get to Mohgwyn Palace

If you have already acquired both halves of the Haligtree Secret Medallion and have been granted access to the hidden area in the Mountaintops of the Giants, getting to Mohgwyn’s Palace is as simple as using a teleporter. This is only the case if you have already completed the previous two objectives.

This teleporter can be found at the location indicated on the map that is located above. Simply teleport to the Site of Grace in the Inner Consecrated Snowfield, then ride in a westerly direction until you reach the edge of the cliff. Investigate the area until you find an Albinauric and a teleporter that has been harmed.

After using the teleporter, you will find that you have been transported to a cave that is completely dark. You will emerge from the cave onto a cliff that looks out over Mohgwyn’s Palace if you continue walking forward.

Mohgwyn Palace Walkthrough

You can exit the cave by walking along the edge of the cliff until you reach the end. There should be a pillar down below you when you get there. First descend to the pillar, and then proceed downward until you reach the ground. You will find a Golden Rune [11] on a body if you turn around and go back up the hill where you were previously. To locate the Palace Approach Ledge-Road Site of Grace, you will need to turn around and head in the opposite direction, down the hill.

If you take a look down the path that is close to the Site of Grace, you will find a sizable group of Albinaurics lounging around on the cliffside. You won’t have to worry about getting attacked by the white flesh Albinaurics, and they drop a respectable number of runes, so this presents a good opportunity to farm some runes in case you do. However, you should be wary of the red flesh Albinaurics because they have the ability to deal significant damage to you by rolling into you with a high-speed kartwheel and can also fire spikes into the area around themselves. If you see someone kartwheeling towards you, the best thing you can do is simply step in front of them so that they can pass right through you. You should not let multiple of these guys roll around at the same time, so if at all possible, you should try to aggro them one at a time. Once all of the foes have been vanquished, you will be able to retrieve the Golden Rune [11] from a body that is located among the Albinaurics.

You will come across a group of red Albinaurics out on patrol if you keep going down this path and circling the corner where they are. Again, if you are able to do so, try to take them on one at a time; however, if this is not possible, put some distance between yourself and the group and wait for them to approach you on their own. Once all of them have been eliminated, you will be able to loot the bodies in the area for the Smithing Stone [6] and Bloodrose x5 items.

From this vantage point, we are going to make our way to the left and into the path that is partially hidden by the gravestones. Continue to follow it until you reach its conclusion, at which point you will be forced to leap off a ledge and land in the blood swamp below. If you continue straight ahead, you will run into one of those enormous crows that looks as though it is covered in rotting red flesh. These adversaries are the most dangerous in this region, and there are a few of them nearby; therefore, you should engage them one at a time while being extremely cautious. You should try to keep yourself underneath them or slightly off to the side in order to avoid the majority of the crows’ pecking attacks. Doing so will give you the best chance of survival. The crow’s dive attack, in which it slides along the ground while wildly snapping its mouth, is the most punishable form of the animal’s attack. Keep your distance until its writhing slows down, at which point you can charge in and unleash a barrage of unrestricted attacks.

After you have finished off the first foe, look to your left and you will see a body hanging off a ledge with the Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook 24 attached to it. You can grab it from the body that is under the cliff just ahead of you. You can also get the Rot Grease x3 that is on the body. Before we get started with the proper exploration of this region, I just wanted to quickly mention that you can ride Torrent here. When you need to get out of the swamp quickly or move through it, get on your horse and ride.

If you continue along the ledge, you will eventually reach a large statue that has been broken into several pieces, and at its feet will be a Bloodrose x5. You will be attacked by a Nameless White Mask as you approach a rock platform that has some scarlet rot infected dogs on it; therefore, you should back away from the platform so that you do not draw the attention of the dogs while you are being attacked by the Nameless White Mask. Because of their lightning-fast dagger attacks and powerful blood magic, these individuals can prove to be quite challenging. You should make every effort not to become entangled in the spell of the bug swarm that he casts, especially not when the White Mask is attacking you at the same time. They can move very quickly, but despite this, they are still vulnerable to the odd Guard Counter. You will receive a Furlcalling Finger Remedy, a White Mask, and the War Surgeon Armor Set as your reward for successfully fending off the invader.

From this vantage point, you will want to eliminate the previously mentioned pack of canines so that they are unable to follow you as you explore the area. If you keep walking along the cliff wall, you will eventually come across a grassy clearing among some trees that has an item in it. If you do this, you will have completed the quest. Be cautious as you try to seize the item because another enormous crow will ambush you at the same time. To obtain the item, a Stonesword Key, you must first kill the crow.

From this location, proceed into the graveyard on the opposite side of the grassy opening. One of the gravestones in this cemetery contains the Haligdrake Talisman +2, which can be looted. If you turn your head to the right, you will see another enormous crow picking at something. Kill this crow, then take the Holy Grease that it was guarding after you’ve finished it off.

Take out the next pack of canines that are standing on the platform in front of you, but watch out for the enormous crow that will join the fight as soon as you get close to it. You are going to want to get as far away from the enemies as possible before engaging them in combat. You should be able to spot a gap in the cliff wall to the left of this platform. Proceed in that direction, where you will find a number of additional dogs and a four-pack of Arteria Leaves.

Leave the path that runs along the cliff face, and proceed to follow the wall to your left. You are about to come upon a path that will lead you to a new region of the swamp that is teeming with red Albinaurics. We don’t want to go there just yet, so instead, look to the right. In the middle of the blood swamp, along the blood fountains, you will find an item there. Grab the item, which is a Smithing Stone [6], then grab the Golden Rune [13] that is hiding behind the nearby pillar. Make sure to avoid the blood spurts that are erupting from the ground.

If you take a good look around, there is a rocky platform to the east that has a golden tree standing on it. Walk over there, climb up on the rock, and kill the dogs as quickly as you can because another person wearing a white mask and no name is about to invade your territory. If you defeat this invader using the same strategy that you used to defeat the previous one, you will be rewarded with another Furlcalling Finger Remedy. Once all of the foes have been eliminated, you will be free to retrieve the Golden Seed from under the tree.

Once we have the seed in our possession, we will no longer need to explore this portion of the swamp; therefore, we should get on Torrent and travel back to the path that we avoided earlier because it was populated by Albinaurics. As soon as you step onto this path, you will see a body to the right that has Clarifying Boluses on it, and you will be confronted by yet another Nameless White Mask. This will happen as soon as you step onto this path. You will receive yet another Furlcalling Finger Remedy if you are successful in killing this foe.

Continue moving forward until you reach what looks like another enormous crow, but it is actually just a dead body in the ground. Deal with the small group of red Albinaurics that are lounging around behind the dead crow with extreme caution. You will find an even larger group of red Albinaurics circling around a tree if you go to the right side of the enormous tree that is in front of you. You will also find a Smithing Stone [8] on a body that is leaning up against the base of the tree.

If you don’t use an Ash Summon to help distract some of these enemies while you fight them, you are about to become the focal point of about a dozen kartwheeling warriors. Using an Ash Summon is strongly recommended in this situation. When you have eliminated all of them, you will be able to collect the Blood-Tainted Excrement x8 near the bonfire on the left and the Hero’s Rune [3], Drawstring Blood Grease x4, and another Blood-Tainted Excrement x8 from the base of the tree that they were circling. In addition, you will be able to claim the Blood-Tainted Excrement x8 from the tree that they were circling.

If you turn your attention to the east from this vantage point, you should be able to make out a small cave with a few Albinaurics lingering outside of it. Killing these enemies is completely optional because they are passive foes; once you have done so, proceed into the cave to locate the Swarm of Flies spell.

When you emerge from the cave, take an immediate left turn and you will find another small cave, this one containing an Ash Scarab. After you have eliminated the scarab and obtained the Ash of War: Blood Tax reward, pick up the Smithing Stone [9] that is sitting nearby. Be wary of any nearby Albinaurics who might try to corner you after they see you enter the room and follow you in. As you emerge from the cave, you will see a second, slightly larger Albinauric encampment straight ahead. After eliminating any remaining foes, you should pillage the Hero’s Rune [4] that is located close to the stone altar they have set up.

You might see another path leading to the south, but it will take you right back to the Site of Grace, which is where we began our journey, so instead, get on Torrent and ride in the direction of the grassy area that we skipped over earlier. As soon as you set foot on the grass, you will see a crimson Albinauric with a massive horn. It is in your best interest to sneak up on him as quickly as possible and finish him off before he can conjure the enormous ghost skeleton that you can see above. Take hold of the Smithing Stone [7] and the Golden Rune [12] that are located nearby.

There are actually four of these Albinaurics hiding in this area, and you can expect one skeleton to materialise from each of them. These skeletons are equipped with lethal lasers and powerful arm sweeps that can knock you over and kill you. It goes without saying that we don’t want them to stick around for very long. Continue along the wall on the right side to locate one that is tucked away behind some trees. The third and final Albinauric can be seen standing atop a massive tree stump in the far northwest corner of the area. The second Albinauric can be found standing in the centre of the clearing.

These foes have large healthpools and pose a moderate threat to you despite the fact that their attacks are fairly heavy. This is a good area for some horseback combat if you are confident in your ability to execute good hit and run tactics, but as usual, it becomes extremely lethal if you get caught out and knocked off of Torrent. If you are confident in your ability to execute good hit and run tactics, this is a good area for some horseback combat. Once all of them are dead, you are free to collect the loot that is strewn about the area. This includes a Golden Rune (x12), a Sacramental Bud, three Nascent Butterflies, and a Rune Arc that is located in an alcove close to where the first summoner was standing.

Once all of the enemies have been eliminated from the area, you can go to the mausoleum that is located behind the summoners to retrieve the Map: Mogwyn Palace. Climb the nearby stairs to reach the Dynasty Mausoleum Entrance Site of Grace, where you will be able to activate it and take a break.

Dynasty Mausoleum Entrance

Proceed up the stairs located close to the Site of Grace, where you will find a few zombies waiting for you. After being killed, these zombies detonate, leaving behind a cloud that causes an accumulation of blood. They are everywhere in this area, but the vast majority of them are not hostile, so you can choose to ignore them for the most part if you want to. Keep running until you get past the first group of zombies and up the next set of stairs, where there will be even more of them. You can get the Smithing Stone [7] on the tombstone to the right of the path after you have walked right past them.

Proceed up the path, ignoring the zombies you encounter along the way unless they make a direct attack on you. When you reach the third clearing, turn to the left and you will see a body hanging over the edge of the cliff with an item. You can get the Numen’s Rune by walking over to the body and looting it. Get back on the trail and continue climbing the winding stairs that are built into the side of the mountain as you make your way forward.

At the very top of these stairs, you will come face to face with a massive slime foe. Although this foe has a large health pool, it spends most of its time standing still, and its attacks do not deal a significant amount of damage. Wear it down with whatever type of damage you have available (bleed is particularly effective), and make sure to take a step back whenever it begins to well up and prepares for its stab attack. After you have dispatched it, there will be three Stanching Boluses lying on a body behind it.

After passing through the slime, there will be a fork in the path off to your left. Keep going until you reach the end of the path, where there will be another large group of zombies as well as a Stonesword Key. Obtain the key, then make your way back to the primary path. After following it to its conclusion, you will come across the entrance to a cave as well as a Bloodrose x8 lying on a body that is close to some tombstones.

Put on some sort of light source, such as a lantern or torch, and then enter the cave. If you continue down the path on the left, you will soon come face to face with a blood mage who emerges from the ground. To avoid becoming frustrated while defending against his long-range jab attacks and area blood magic in this confined space, simply keep your shield raised and take a few steps back whenever he calls forth his blood swamp on the ground. If he is preparing to parry and holds his dagger high while holding his sword at an angle, you should refrain from engaging him in melee combat during that time. Instead, you should wait for one of his melee attacks and then Guard Counter it until you are able to topple him and kill him easily.

You can find a merchant who sells some potentially useful items like Rune Arc and Stonesword Key if you take the path to the left when you reach the split in the path; however, if you don’t need anything, take the path to the right to continue.

You will then enter a room that is significantly larger, and immediately in front of you you will notice something leaning against a tombstone. The Lord’s Rune can be obtained by plundering the item.

Follow the path to the right of the tombstone until you reach the back corner of the area. There, you will find a large pit that is brimming with zombies and one Great Ghost Glovewort. You simply need to descend the ladder into the pit, retrieve the Glovewort, and then exit the area before the zombies have a chance to react. Go back to the tombstone from which you obtained the Lord’s Rune, but this time take the path on the left side of the tombstone. Be sure to turn around and look behind you, as there is an item glowing in the cave’s corner that you need to find [8]. It is a Smithing Stone. As you reach behind you to grab the item, a blood mage will appear there.

You will find the cave exit and the Dynasty Mausoleum Midpoint Site of Grace if you turn around and head up the path that is in front of you. If you follow this path all the way up, you will find the cave. Although this is supposed to be the halfway point, getting to the boss room is really just a matter of taking a few more steps.

If you ascend the nearby stairs, you will find yourself in front of a makeshift chapel in the open air where a significant number of red Albinaurics are venerating one of the blood mages. If you have any kind of powerful attack that has an area of effect, now is the time to use it, as you want to reduce the number of these foes as quickly and effectively as you can. Mainly, the most important thing is to not let them overwhelm you, and to not be afraid to flee if you need to. After you have eliminated all of the foes, you will be able to freely loot the chest that is on top of the altar in order to obtain a Somber Ancient Smithing Stone. After that, check behind the altar to locate a Golden Rune [13].

When you are ready to engage in combat with the boss of this area, use the lift that is located directly across from the altar to transport yourself to the peak of the mountain. Proceed into the large temple that lies in front of you, and you will find…

Mohg, Lord of Blood Boss Fight

In Elden Ring, Mohg, Lord of Blood is among the optional bosses with the highest difficulty. BEFORE you even reach his much more powerful second phase, he possesses physical attacks that are powerful and have a wide range, attacks that combine magic and physical damage, and many spells that cause bleeding, and this is all before you even reach his second phase. In order to get ready, you will need a high defence and a good shield with 100 percent physical block. You should also think about using some protective talismans, such as the Dragoncrest Shield Talisman or the Pearldrake Talisman.

If you have already fought Mohg in the Subterranean Shunning Grounds, then you are already familiar with this phase of the battle; however, in case you haven’t, here is a brief recap of what to do:

When he scratches the ground in front of him, there will be a brief delay followed by a small explosion. Hold your breath for a beat, then do a dodge roll in the opposite direction to avoid taking damage. If he charges up the spell from behind and releases it in front of him, the explosion will be more powerful but concentrated directly in front of him, making it simple to side step and strike him multiple times.

If you are too far away for him to strike you with his melee weapon, he will conjure a magic rune in the air above him, reach into it, and then throw a wave of blood at you. You can avoid this by rolling towards the blood as it is flying towards you. This will protect you from getting hit.

He is about to call forth his blood rain if he reaches into that same magic rune and keeps his hand there for a second or two. You can respond to this attack with one or two hits from behind, but once the blood actually starts falling from the sky, you will need to take a step back in order to avoid getting caught in the damage cone.

Because nearly all of Mohg’s melee combos consist of three hits each, you should avoid attempting to punish or guard counter until the very last possible second of the sequence. Be especially wary of the ground stab, as it possesses a secondary hitbox that occurs when the enemy pulls the spear out of the ground.

The overhead slam and the forward thrust are the types of attacks that are subject to the most punishment. It is possible to avoid both of these attacks by simply rolling into him before the weapon makes impact. This will give you the opportunity to land a few hits before he follows up.

If Mohg takes damage equal to 15-20% of his total health, he will thrust his spear into the air and perform a diagonal slash. This attack can be avoided by simply strafing to Mohg’s offhand side or behind him. Even if you are successful in avoiding this attack, a ring of blood will still appear around your character. This will continue until you have three rings on you, no matter how much health he loses. Each time he loses 15-20% of his health, he will do this. At this point, he will activate the rings, which will result in three instances of a highly damaging bleed that heal Mohg. In order to survive the instances of bleed, you basically just need to chug flasks in between them, and then you need to get ready for phase two, which is the fight against Mohg after he has been refreshed.

Even if you don’t have the necessary damage or execution to kill Mogh in phase one, it is still a good idea to try to maximise the damage you deal to him in that phase. If you do this, he will begin phase two with less health, giving you more time to phase this hellish opponent. During the second phase, Mohg develops wings, his attacks become capable of inflicting even greater bleeding and magical damage, and he begins to mix in some new attacks.

His basic moveset has not changed much, with the exception that his melee swings now fling blood that deals additional damage, and he prefers to fly around in the air while casting spells. Both of these changes were made recently. If you are utilising a shield, all you can do is take the damage that is being dealt to you and make sure that your health is well managed in between each of his combos. It will be more difficult to put some distance between us and heal when it is necessary because he also appears to be more unyielding in this regard.

The thrust attack now has a second instance of damage that occurs when Mohg twirls the spear to fling blood, and the explosion that occurs after the ground stab is larger and more damaging, so you should strafe around and get away from it by any means necessary. Some new additions are also included.

When you are at a distance from him, he will also occasionally throw in an attack that has a long range and multiple hits. He will telegraph this attack by leaning back with both hands on his weapon, flapping his wings slightly, and then charging forward. When you see this one coming, it seems like the best strategy would be to sidestep to the side. The same is true for his uppercut into ground slam combination, which culminates in an explosion very comparable to that of the ground stab. Although there is a strong desire to exact revenge, it is in everyone’s best interest to simply watch from a distance.

So, all of that sounds pretty risky; so, when exactly are you going to hit him? As is customary, the move entails waiting for the opponent to attempt an overhead slam. If you stand outside of his melee range, you can tempt him into two highly punishable attacks. His long range slam is an attack in which he holds his spear by the very end and slams it down in front of him. If you stand outside of his melee range, you can tempt him into an attack in which he holds his spear by the very end and sl You can land a few easy hits if you dodge roll forward and move forward. Another one of his moves involves him jumping into the air before bringing the spear crashing down; the concept is the same, and it carries the same level of punishment.

The second is a flying uppercut into thrust that he delivers. This is the thrust that does not lead to an explosion caused by the ground stab. As he descends to ground level, you can score some additional free hits by dodging into him as he descends. If you are nimble enough to avoid the hitboxes that he creates with his blood rain or claw explosion, you can still land a hit or two on him even after he casts one of those abilities.

Overall, it’s going to be a tough battle, but there are ways to make it easier on yourself if you go about it the right way. Staying in his melee range for an extended period of time puts you at risk of being caught in his combination of melee attacks and dying from stray bleed damage. Instead, you should flee and try to draw out his slower attacks so that you can slowly build up damage (funny enough, you will notice Bleed weapons work really well on him). If you are able to defeat Mohg, you will be rewarded with the Great Rune of Mohg as well as the Remembrance of the Blood Lord.