Elden Ring Guide – Nepheli Loux Questline

First Encounter at Stormveil Castle

Your first encounter with Nepheli Loux will take place in Stormveil Castle, immediately prior to the fight with Godrick the Grafted. You can find her in a room to the right as you make your way through the barricades and the Warhawks just before you reach the Golden Sapling. This room is located just before the Secluded Cell. Because of the close quarters, you should take extra precautions to ensure that none of the footsoldiers in this area follow you into this room. If they do, they could easily provoke her or even kill her.

Nepheli will tell you that Sir Gideon Ofnir is her foster father and that she has been sent to slay Godrick the Grafted if you speak with her. After you have finished speaking with her at this location, proceed to the Godrick battle and look for her summons sign on the ground close to the golden fog that leads to his boss arena. It is important to keep in mind that summoning her is completely voluntary; doing so will not affect the progress she makes on her quest, and if you do decide to summon her and she passes away, she will continue to exist in your world.

First Encounter at the Roundtable Hold

Nepehli can be located at Roundtable Hold after Godrick has been vanquished there. It is necessary to exhaust Sir Gideon Ofnir’s dialogue while he is standing in his initial spot close to the Roundtable Hold Site of Grace in order to bring her to this location so that she can spawn there.

After you have done so and reloaded the area, you will find that Gideon has relocated to his study, and Nepheli has taken up residence in the nook that is located just beyond the entrance to his room. You will receive an Arsenal Charm from her. After you have finished talking to her, reload the area to find that she has left the area.

At the Village of the Albinaurics

Keep playing the game until you reach Liurnia of the Lakes, then travel around the lake to the southwest shoreline until you reach the Village of the Albinaurics. It will be possible to locate the entrance due to the transformation of the lake into a toxic swamp and the presence of a large number of crabs that patrol the area. As is customary, you should make sure that none of these creatures follow you on the path leading up to the village because they could accidentally aggro Nepheli or kill her.

You can find her here, squatting down under the stone bridge that leads up to the village and staring down at a pile of dead bodies that have been laid out on the ground. Talk to her here until you’ve exhausted all of her options to convince her to go back to Roundtable Hold.

Second Encounter at the Roundtable Hold

Once you have returned to the Rountable Hold, descend the stairs located near Master Hewg, and look for Nepheli. She will be crouching on the ground. You won’t be able to proceed with her quest any further until you have gone to the Chapel of Anticipation and retrieved the Stormhawk King Spirit Ashes. At this point, she will simply ask to be left alone.

This is also the location in which you can give her Seluvis’s Potion, as detailed further down in this article, if you have no interest in continuing the questline that she is currently involved in.

Seluvis’s Potion

When you begin the questline for Ranni the Witch, you will have the opportunity to unlock a location in Renna’s Rise known as Seluvis’ Tower. The Seluvis Questline kicks off with Seluvis asking you to retrieve a potion and deliver it to Nepheli Loux when you pay him a visit in his tower. This action marks the beginning of the quest. If you make your way back to the Roundtable Hold, Nepheli will be waiting for you downstairs. Talking to Gideon is required in order to advance with this quest. After doing so, a new dialogue option will become available, giving you the option of informing him about the potion or not. During the course of this conversation, he will give you the option of either handing the potion over to him so that he can dispose of it or complying with Seluvis’s request and giving it to Nepheli.

If you go with the first option, you won’t be able to finish Seluvis’ quest, but Nepheli won’t have to suffer the fate of turning into a summonable puppet Spirit Ash because you’ll have saved her.

However, you are free to go back to Seluvis and tell him that you have complied with Nepheli’s request by handing the elixir over to him, as Gideon hints that you should do when he throws away the potion. This should allow you to learn incantations from Seluvis after they have been unlocked.

After the Chapel of Anticipation

If you did not give Nepheli the potion, you can convince her to move to her final location by giving her the Stormhawk King Spirit Ashes. This is assuming that you did not give Nepheli the potion. You will have to go all the way back to the area where the game first began in order to accomplish this. You have the option of completing this task in one of two ways: either as part of the White-Faced Varre Questline or by employing an Imbued Stonesword Key on the sending gates in the Four Belfries that are labelled “The Precipice of Anticipation.” In either case, you need to eliminate the Grafted Scion in this location to unlock the exploration of the surrounding area and collect the ashes before returning to the Roundtable Hold. These Ashes are located in a chest that was previously locked away behind a door that was located at the very top of the chapel.

It is necessary to go back to Nepheli and give her the Spirit Ashes in order to activate new conversation options and get her to move to her final location. It is necessary to reload the Roundtable Hold area before continuing on, and you must go back to the location where she was sitting in order to retrieve two Stormhawk Axes.

Second Encounter at Stormveil Castle

You will need to have advanced the Kenneth Haight Questline to the point where Kenneth Haight has returned to his fort in Limgrave and stated that he will search for a new leader in order to convince Nepheli to move back to Stormveil Castle. Only then will she agree to return there. In the event that both Kenneth and Nepheli’s requirements are satisfied, the two of them will be waiting for you in the throne room of Stormveil Castle (just beyond the Godrick, the Grafted Site of Grace).

When you talk to Nepheli in this area, she will express her gratitude for your assistance and let you know that she has parted ways with her foster father Gideon. If you continue to speak with her, she will eventually hand over an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone to you. She promises that if you become the Lord of Elden, she will make things easier for you. Her mission is over and she has successfully completed it at this point.