Elden Ring Guide – Rogier Questline

Where to Find Rogier

The first place you should look for Rogier is in Stormveil Castle. If you start at Rampart Tower and make your way down the stairs, then traverse the rooftops until you reach the ladder, you will have the option of going to the left or the right. If you turn right, you’ll find yourself heading in the direction of the Grafted Scion, but if you turn left, you’ll be able to locate Rogier.

After Godrick has been vanquished by you, the Grafted Rogier will make his way to the Roundtable Hold. After you have a conversation with him, you will be given a Rogier’s Rapier+8. The next step in completing his questline requires you to locate his bloodstain.

Where to Find Rogier’s Bloodstain

When you leave the Liftside Chamber Site of Grace, head east and then make a sharp right turn, which will bring you full circle. You should descend from the position where the body is seated on the ledge. Keep moving downward and make your way through the ditch, which is filled with dead bodies and rats. Continue in this direction until you come to the Ulcerated Tree Spirit as the boss. It is necessary to vanquish Rogier in order to gain access to the bloodstain in a secure manner.

You will find a bloodstain to the right of a grotesque face in the ground a little further along the boss arena. The face is carved into the ground. Rogier will be put to death if you choose to interact with it in any way. Go back to Rogier and select the “Talk” option on the menu to get him to talk about how he’s feeling like he’s about to enter a deep sleep.

If You Find the Bloodstain After Speaking with Ranni

When you talk to Rogier, he’ll tell you that he has a feeling he’s about to have a wonderful sleep soon, and after you find the bloodstain on his shirt, he actually will. When you come back, he will have passed away by that point. In the event that this takes place, you will get:

  • His Bell Bearing that you can give to the Twin Maiden Husks
  • Spellblade’s Pointed Hat
  • Spellblade’s Travelling Attire
  • Spellblade’s Gloves
  • Spellblade’s Trousers

Engage in further conversation with him, and you will subsequently be sent a letter that reads as follows:

“I forgot to tell you, but it seems D has a younger brother. I heard he lies in a deep sleep in the aqueduct beside the Eternal City of Nokron. And it’s said he stood before the Prince of Death not far beyond that spot.”

If you want to make further progress with the Fia Questline, you will need to head in this direction.

If You Find the Bloodstain Before Speaking with Ranni

If you go back to Rogier after you’ve observed the bloodstain, you can engage in conversation with him, and he’ll tell you some background information about Godfrey. In addition to that, he will explain that he has been searching for the Black Knifeprints. You have the option of giving him a Black Knifeprint if you have one. You can obtain one of these from the Black Knife Assassin boss located in the Black Knight Catacombs.

You’ll need to exit the Roundtable Hold and then reenter it. Rogier will have reached the end of his investigation of the Black Knifeprint and will have come to the conclusion that Ranni was responsible for the murder of Godfrey. As a direct consequence of this, Ranni ought to have a cursemark somewhere on her body. Rogier requests that you acquire the cursemark on his behalf, and you have the option of inquiring about her whereabouts and the reason he is interested in the cursemark.

Caria Manor

The next thing to do is make your way to Caria Manor, which is located in the northwestern part of Liurnia. In order to gain access to the Three Sisters subregion, which contains Ranni’s Rise, you will first need to clear Caria Manor by vanquishing Royal Knight Loretta.

When you reach Ranni’s Rise and have a conversation with her. She will say that she does not remember inviting you, and if you have completed all of Rogier’s lines of dialogue, the option that says “You must be Ranni the Witch, behind the Night of the Black Knives” will become available to you.

If you make this choice, Ranni will reveal to you that she removed the cursemark using her previous body. You are free to enquire about the location of the body, but she will not reveal it to you and will instruct you to leave.

You must now go back to Rogier and tell him that Ranni has successfully removed her cursemark. He will dispatch you once more to Ranni and give you the mission of persuading her to accept you as her vassal while you continue your search for information regarding Rogier. Despite the fact that Ranni is not easily fooled, she will grant you permission to serve her, marking the beginning of the Ranni the Witch Questline.

Unfortunately, if Rogier has not yet passed away in your world, this conversation marks his passing as official; once you return to him, you will find that he has passed away.