How to setup melonDS and play DSiWare games on PC!

This article won’t show how to download DSiWare ROM. YOU SHOULD REMEMBER!

This article will show you how to set up melonDS, it’s a DS/DSi Emulator, to run DSiWare games on your windows 10. You can set up and run it on Mac or Linux if you want to try it!

What should you do now?

  • You can download melonDS 0.9.4 or higher at google
  • DSi NAND Setup – It has DSi NAND, BIOS and more
  • ninfs v1.6.1 – tool to mount DSi Nand
  • UltraISO – tool to open ISO

Now, we going to set up melonDS!

Step 1: Set up melonDS to boot DSi

Open melonDS, Config –> Emu Settings

In General Tab, you choose (DSi experimental) at Console type: label.

In DSi-mode Tab, you will set up something as same as the screenshot above.

You can find biosdsi9.binbiosdsi7.binfirmware.binDSi-1.mmc in DSi NAND Setup File! You can download by the link here: Download DSi NAND Setup Files Here

After all, you set up DSi NAND on melonDS.

Step 2: Boot DSi NAND firstly.

Open melonDS, File —> Boot firmware – It will be boot into DSi firmware.

Step 3: Mount NAND and import DSi game into NAND.

If you want to download ninfs v1.6.1, you can download here: Download ninfs v1.6.1 here

Moving the Cursor to – Choose a type or drag a file/directory here – and choose Nintendo DSi NAND backup (“nand_dsi.bin”)

At File label, click Browse… and open DSi-1.mmc

At Console ID*, you will fill 08A1522617110121 – this id is just working on DSi-1.mmc we provided.

At Options, check Allow writing.

At Mount type, check Drive letter and click Mount button.

I will create a virtual disk with Nintendo DSi NAND name

Step 4: Download DSi ROM and import into DSi NAND

You should download title app has 00030004 folder

Find twl_main.img in Nintendo DSi NAND disk and open it with UltraISO or any application you can open ISO.

Double-click title folder, Copy 00030004 folder into it and File –> Save (Ctrl+S)

Step 5: Run your DSi Game on your melonDS

Open melonDS, File —> Boot firmware – It will be boot into DSi firmware. You can see your game. Remember to set up control and you can play it! The save file will be stored in NAND.