Nano Assault EX Cheat Codes (3DS Game)

Buckle up for a frenetic blast from the past with Nano Assault EX, a top-down arcade shooter that reignites the glory days of bullet hell mayhem. Pilot a high-tech fighter craft and engage in intense aerial dogfights against swarms of enemy spaceships and colossal bosses. Nano Assault EX throws everything it’s got at you: waves of bullets fill the screen in a mesmerizing ballet of destruction, demanding sharp reflexes and strategic maneuvering to survive. Nano Assault EX Cheat Codes will list all cheat code for this game. It’s working on USA Version.

Unleash a variety of firepower from your ship’s cannons, lock-on missiles, and devastating bombs to obliterate your adversaries. But beware, even the mightiest fighter needs to dodge! Master the art of weaving through bullet patterns and exploiting enemy weaknesses to emerge victorious. As you progress through increasingly challenging stages, you’ll unlock new ship parts and weapon upgrades, allowing you to customize your craft for maximum carnage. Nano Assault EX is a pure adrenaline rush, a perfect homage to classic arcade shooters with its blend of intense action, pulsing electronic soundtrack, and dazzling visuals. So, fire up your engines, pilot, and prepare for a white-knuckled adventure into the heart of alien armageddon!

Cheat Codes for Nano Assault EX

[Infinite Nano Coins]
089FBF34 00000063

[Start With 99 Lives, not Infinite]
089FBE90 00000063

[Infinite Lives]
089FAC18 00000063


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