Pokemon Azure Encounters and Misc Documentation

Pokemon Azure is Fan-made Game by PKtheDragon. It has a New Story, New Region with Full Pokedex, Challenge the Pantheon, Increased difficulty, Good Music and some QoL. It’s Beta in English. Pokemon Azure Encounters and Misc Documentation will list all information about Wild Pokemon Locations, Evolutions, Moves and more.

Tensions are high as age-old hostilities between two powerful sects are showing signs of swelling into civil war. As the day you and your childhood friend finally embark on an adventure draws near, it becomes increasingly clear that you couldn’t have picked a worse time to leave.

There’s still a chance that you might be able to avoid the conflict and enjoy a quiet journey by your friend’s side, but every step you take seems to draw you closer and closer, and it becomes apparent that your role in the origins of the schism seems to be far deeper than anyone could begin to realize.

The king has washed his hands free of the conflict and the people have no one to look to as an answer to the impending civil war. In a near war-torn Zakos, it’s up to you and your allies to pacify the two sects and put an end to the hostilities, lest the region become ravaged by war and left at the mercy of two ancient and godlike forces.

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