Pokemon Big Blue Missions

Pokemon Big Blue is a hack heavily influenced by Pokemon Crystal Clear by Pokemon Big Blue. It’s a reimagination of the Kanto region with a full Open-World format. That means, immediately after naming your character you’ll pick from 42 different starters and choose where you start. Pokemon Big Blue Missions will list all information about missions/quests in this game.

All Missions of Pokemon Big Blue

Pallet TownShow woman a ChanseyLucky Punch
Pallet TownShow Oak a CharizardMega Stone X, Mega Stone Y
Viridian CityShow old man a Pokemon with the move “Payday”Amulet Coin
Viridian CityGive Bird Keeper 3 PokeballsSharp Beak
Pewter CityBattle Bug Catcher’s Team of 6 MetapodSilver Powder
Pewter CityShow Ace Trainer a GeodudeHard Stone
Pewter CityShow May a TorchicMega Stone
Pewter CityShow Brock’s little brother the Boulder BadgeStick
Cerulean CityShow Dragon Tamer outside Cerulean Cave a BagonDragon Fang
Cerulean CityShow Young Girl an AzurillChoice Band
Lavender TownShow Brendan a TreeckoMega Stone
Lavender TownBattle Psychic outside Pokemon Tower.Quick Claw
Vermilion CityShow Birch a MudkipMega Stone
Vermilion CityShow Blackbelt a MachopBlackBelt
Vermilion CityBattle SailorTwistedSpoon
Celadon CityBring Gentleman a Fire Stone for his GrowlitheCharcoal
Celadon CityBattle Game Dev.(20x) Rare Candy
Celadon CityShow Elm a StantlerHisui Stone
Celadon CityBattle Game Tester(5x) Rare Candy
Saffron CityTalk to Rocker after battling Snorlax on Route 16Silk Scarf
Saffron CityShow Steven a MetagrossMega Stone
Saffron CityGive Ace Trainer 2 CalciumFocus Band
Fuchsia CityShow Archie a KyogreBlue Orb
Fuchsia CityGive 5 Premier Balls to ManFluffy Tail
Fuchsia CityShow Nerd in front of Gym the SoulBadgePoison Barb
Fuchsia CityShow Psychic an ExeggutorMiracle Seed
Cinnabar IslandShow Maxie a GroudonRed Orb
Cinnabar IslandShow Scientist a DittoMetal Powder
Indigo CityBattle Will(3x) PP Max
Indigo CityBattle Karen(5x) Rare Candy
Route 3Give Hiker a Fresh WaterRare Candy
Route 4Show Ruin Maniac near PokeCenter a Pokemon with the move SandstormSoft Sand
Route 8Show Nerd a PoochyenaBlackGlasses
Route 10Battle Hiker near entrance of Rock TunnelNeverMeltIce
Route 14Give Camper 10 PokeballsMacho Brace
Mt. MoonBring man in Mt.Moon Square a Sun StoneScope Lens
Power PlantHelp Watson turn on the PowerMagnet, Rare Candy
Mt.Silver (Peak)Battle Silver(3x) Master Ball


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