Pokemon Righteous Red Trainer Info

Pokemon Righteous Red is a GB ROM Hack and based on Pokemon Red. It’s a Difficult ROM Hack has Steel, Dark and Fairy Type, some new Pokemon, the map is tweaked and more… It’s Complete in English. Pokemon Righteous Red Trainer Info will list all information of Trainers in this game.

A Rom-hack of Pokémon Red version, and a large scale one at that. The goal of this project was to enhance what Red is in many different ways, from the Pokémon themselves to the experience of Kanto as a whole. From fixing bugs and glitches, adding new places to explore, fighting new or stronger adversaries and perhaps even discovering some mysteries beyond what I’ve described– the original charm of Generation 1 has never been more charming.

Ok… can you give some examples on how you’ve changed things?
Sure thing!
Every single Pokémon has been altered, be it in stats, typings (including Steel, Dark and Fairy) or the moves they learn– you will always find new and useful ways to use them.
Amongst the new Pokémon, you will also encounter new attacks that they can learn from leveling up or from a TM, ones that are either more powerful, have new effects or perhaps originating from different regions altogether…
Alongside all Pokémon from Red/Blue/Green being available to catch, you will also be able to obtain some rather hard-to-get ones such as trade evolutions by level up, you may also find that certain Pokémon are able to evolve beyond what was originally thought possible in Generation 1.
New Key Items you find along your way will help provide a more enjoyable experience…. while I don’t want to spoil all of the fun, just know that the issue of item space is no longer there.
Your journey itself will be larger but also different while keeping the spirit of Kanto fully intact. There will be many new twists and turns, both in the routes you travel and the people/Pokémon you meet. The challenges provided with these changes will keep you on your toes without letting things feel dull or out of place.
A built-in level cap that aligns with the highest level of the Gym Leader’s ace, alongside the addition of Common Candies at every mart to keep you up to pace…. and….
…. much, much, much more…

All Trainer Info of Pokemon Righteous Red


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