Paper Mario Sticker Star Cheat Codes (3DS Game)

Unfold a hilarious adventure in Paper Mario: Sticker Star, a quirky RPG brimming with creative charm. Play as Mario, crafted entirely from paper, as he embarks on a quest to restore the Sticker Fest after Bowser’s devious plot scatters magical stickers across the vibrant paper landscape. But beware, the once-simple stickers have become lifeless and need reactivated. Outsmart enemies in turn-based battles by strategically placing these enchanted stickers on Mario. Paper Mario Sticker Star Cheat Codes will list all cheat codes for EUR, USA and TWN Versions.

A fiery sticker might grant a scorching attack, while a spring sticker could propel Mario into the air for a surprising stomp attack. The environment itself becomes part of the combat; strategically peel off pieces of the paper world to create makeshift platforms or uncover hidden items. Explore a world crafted from paper, from bustling forests to bustling origami cities, each location bursting with colorful characters and witty dialogue. Unravel the mysteries behind the missing stickers, solve creative puzzles, and restore balance to the paper kingdom. Paper Mario: Sticker Star offers a delightful twist on turn-based combat, all wrapped in a charming paper aesthetic, perfect for RPG fans seeking a unique and humorous adventure.

Cheat Codes of Paper Mario Sticker Star Cheat Codes USA Version

[18 Sticker Pages]
082BDA78 00000012

[Unlimited Coins]
082BCE9C 0000270F

[Infinite Health]
082BCEA0 000003E7
082BCEA4 000003E7

[Max Health Modifier]
282BCEA4 000000AF
282BDBE0 000000AF

[8 Sticker Pages]
082BDA78 00000008

[Reset Amount of money]
082BCE9C 00000000

[Reset Health to 20]
082BCEA0 00000014
082BCEA4 00000014

Cheat Codes of Paper Mario Sticker Star Cheat Codes EUR Version

[18 Sticker Pages]
082BF3B0 00000012

[999 Health]
082BE7D8 000003E7
082BE7DC 000003E7

082BE7D4 0000270F

[8 Sticker Pages]
082BF3B0 00000012

[Reset Amount of money]
082BE7D4 00000000

[Reset Health to 20]
082BE7D8 00000014
082BE7DC 00000014

[Max Health Modifier]
082BE7D8 000000AF
082BE7DC 000000AF

Cheat Codes of Paper Mario Sticker Star Cheat Codes TWN Version

[9999 coins]
082BC33C 0000270F

[999 HP]
082BC340 000003E7
082BC344 000003E7

[18 Sticker Pages]
082BCF18 00000012

[8 Sticker Pages]
082BCF18 00000008

[Reset Health to 20]
082BC340 00000014
082BC344 00000014

[Max Health Modifier]
082BC340 000000AF
082BC344 000000AF

[Reset Amount of money]
082BC33C 00000000


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