Pocket Soccer League Calciobit Cheat Codes (3DS Game)

Dive into the world of Pocket Soccer League: Calciobit, a charming and strategic soccer management simulator brimming with personality! Take the reins as a small-town soccer club manager and lead your team to glory in the national league. Personalize your experience by selecting your hometown from over 1700 locations in Japan, fostering a deep connection with your virtual club. Design your team’s unique uniform and emblem, fostering team spirit. Pocket Soccer League Calciobit Cheat Codes will list cheat codes for ポケットサッカーリーグ カルチョビット.

Gameplay goes beyond just managing matches. Develop your team’s playstyle by setting training strategies and tactics. Between matches, tackle challenges that focus on specific aspects like physical conditioning or technical skills, shaping your players into well-rounded athletes. As your players progress, their playstyles may even evolve, adding a layer of depth to your team management. Witness the culmination of your efforts on the field, strategizing during matches and relishing the thrill of victory. Pocket Soccer League: Calciobit offers a delightful blend of soccer strategy, team building, and pixel-art charm, perfect for both casual and hardcore sports fans!

Cheat Codes of Pocket Soccer League Calciobit JPN Version

[No fatigue]
2036ABDB 00000000

[All cards x9]
C0000000 00000007
0036ABDC 09090909
DC000000 00000004
D1000000 00000000


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