Pokemon Soulstones 2 Time Wardens Quest Listing

Pokemon Soulstones 2 Time Wardens is a Fan-made Game by Jos_Louis. The Main Story is complete in English with over 800 Pokemon, Mega Evolution, 3 new types, new moves and more. You feel a voice calling out to you in your sleep on the night before your 21st birthday. The voice is calling out to you for help and to find her as she is in trouble and vulnerable. Pokemon Soulstones 2 Time Wardens Quest Listing will list all information about all quests such as details, rewards.

You will soon find yourself caught up in a plot that involves assisting a visitor from an alternate universe as she investigates and attempts to unravel the objectives of the Ethereal Guild, a loosely associated band of mercenaries, pirates, and profiteers who have ambitions for intertemporal dominance. While their organization lurks in the shadows, it appears as their influence runs deeper than anticipated, threatening the stability of the Orion region.

The following contains a list of the features of the game:
The flagship feature of this game is that it contains a Pokedex of over 800 regional variant Pokemon and ONLY regional variant Pokemon (i.e. no canon forms at all!)
Generation 4-style graphics
Mega Evolution
3 new types (Cosmic, Sound and Light) with accompanying changes to the type chart
New moves and abilities, both for the new types as well as existing types.
Estimated 25 hours of content
Similar to Soulstones 1, this is not a gym/league challenge story and is more of an RPG with story progression.
Similar to Soulstones 1, side quests are making a return, and some have multiple steps to it to create “mini-stories” which will compel players to pursue side plots.
Features a number of unique scripts such as Voltseon’s pause menu, Encounters UI, Randomizer X, multiple save files, and the Quest Log UI.

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