Pokemon Unbound Location Guide

Forge your own path to Pokemon greatness in Pokemon Unbound, a fan-made RPG that expands upon the beloved Pokemon formula. Journey beyond the confines of a predetermined narrative and carve your own destiny in the vibrant region of Feloria. Unlike traditional Pokemon titles, Pokemon Unbound doesn’t restrict you to a single version-specific storyline. Instead, you’ll encounter Pokemon from both versions throughout your adventure, building a truly unique team. Pokemon Unbound Location Guide will list all information about wild pokemon locations, TM & HM locations, Mega Stone locations, Z-Crystal locations and more.

The game boasts an expansive post-game filled with challenging side quests, allowing you to test your mettle against formidable trainers and legendary Pokemon long after the main story concludes. Explore a meticulously crafted region brimming with diverse landscapes, charming towns, and hidden secrets waiting to be uncovered. Pokemon Unbound respects the core gameplay fans adore while introducing new twists, like the innovative “Difficulty Spikes” system that scales the challenge based on your gym badge count. With a wealth of Pokemon to collect, an open-ended approach to exploration, and a deep post-game experience, Pokemon Unbound offers a captivating adventure for trainers seeking a fresh take on the Pokemon formula.

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