Pokemon Vanguard Guide

Pokemon Vanguard is a Fan-made Game by Ayrei, PrismShrimp, and Rexaura. It’s a Great Fan-made Game which I made a video a long time. Now, we will play it again. It has a new region, a new story with 270 Regional Variants and Fakemon, side content, Grindless experience, and more. Pokemon Vanguard Guide will list all information such as wild pokemon locations, type chard, rewards, monotype guide, and more.

You awaken in front of a girl named Destiny, who claims to have found you unconscious in a nearby forest. Other than your own name, all of your memories seem to be lost. With no other options, you accompany Destiny to the Vanguard Academy, a school designed to transform novice Pokémon Trainers, into professionals with the goal of defending the region from threats known as Renegades, Pokémon Trainers who refuse to abide by the new laws set in place.

While attending the Vanguard Academy, you’ll meet and befriend a variety of different characters!
Powerful and Professional Trainers will guide you through your journey!
Renegades and Rivals will stand in your way, overcome them and prove your worth!

Uncover Truths you would’ve previously thought impossible. This world is filled with mysteries that are more than meets the eye.

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