Pokemon Weird Type Fun Pokemon Locations

Pokemon Weird Type Fun is a simple rom hack with an even simpler concept: to have even series veterans be confused about type matchups. With 18 all new types and a completely reimagined pokédex to match, WTF makes the ever familiar Kanto a little bit less so. While WTF sticks mostly to the core FireRed story and structure, some characters and lore has been changed around to keep things fresh. Event only areas (aka Navel Rock and Birth Island) have been made accessible through gameplay and a couple of new locations and small events have been added in. Pokemon Weird Type Fun Pokemon Locations will list all information about Pokemon Locations, Evolution Methods, Evolution Stone and more.

All types have been replaced with new alternatives. Type matchups do not mirror original.
400-ish pokémon, assembled from up to gen 9 (thus including Hisui and Paldea). Also includes a couple of beta pokémon and fakemon.
Each pokémon has been redesigned to fit its new type (think Fool’s Gold, except more nonsensical)
Moves and items updated to match the new types
Mostly faithful Gen III Kanto experience with some new twists

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