The Legend of Zelda NES Full Guide and Walkthrough

/\=====================================================================/\/__\———-={ Z E L D A C L A S S I C F O R P C }=———-/__\/\ /\ [LOZPC] /\ /\/__\/__\===============================================================/__\/__\+————————–+|–= ZELDA CLASSIC FAQS =–|+————————–+ Q: How can I cheat in Zelda Classic? A: Cheats are only enabled in certain quests. As an example, you cannot usecheats in the First Quest on Zelda Classic. Q: How do I get the custom quests? A: From the character selection screen, select your character and press A (orwhatever you’ve keymapped A to be). This will take you to the Quest Optionsmenu. From there, you can press A to load a custom