The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Guide – Trail of the Master Sword

Once you have completed the Spirit Temple and spoken to Mineru, she will explain the story behind Princess Zelda’s plan in ages long ago, and how she intended for the Master Sword to be restored so that Link might use it here in the present to defeat the Demon King Ganondorf.

It is up to you to decide in what order you complete the quests, but if you haven’t already, now would be a good time to look for the remaining memories of Dragon’s Tears if you haven’t done so already. These memories are relevant to both this quest and the one that comes after it.
Mineru is unsure of the location of the Master Sword at this time in the present, but she will suggest that you find the Great Deku Tree. This tree has always served as the protector of the Master Sword, and it was in this location that the Master Sword could be found in Breath of the Wild.

You’ll find the Great Deku Tree in the middle of the Great Hyrule Forest, which is a region that is located directly to the north of Hyrule Castle. You can get there by taking the road that leads north from the Woodland Stable, which is located on the edge of the Eldin Canyon region.

You won’t be able to make your way through the Lost Woods in the same way that you did in Breath of the Wild. In that game, you had to find your way through a labyrinth of flickering torchlights by following the direction of the wind. In point of fact, there is no way to enter the Korok Forest from above because doing so will result in you becoming “lost” and emerging from the forest on the other side.

After you have completed the Regional Phenomena, you will find a few NPCs outside, including a Hylian and a Korok. These NPCs will provide you with information that is similar to what you have already received, but the Korok will also mention his friends who may have fallen down a hole.

Though there are several chasms around the Hyrule Great Forest and Eldin regions, you may find it harder to approach the area beneath the Lost Woods than you might expect. This is due to the fact that the enormous lake that encompasses the forest up above is blocked off by impassable rock walls in the Depths. That leaves just one entrance, which is on the southeast side of the building.

If you look at the topographic map, you should be able to locate a smaller chasm in the region known as the Minshi Woods. This chasm is located along the road that leads north from Woodland Stable towards the Lost Woods.

Diving into this chasm, you can immediately spot a trail of Poes leading up a path up north into the darkness into the Korok Grove.

Follow the road northwest, and if you get turned around, just look at the map of the surface above to get your bearings on the entrance to the underground Korok Grove.

The area beyond will be dark and full of Gloom, but you will have some help getting across. If you look to the left of the path, you will find a Zonai Device Storeroom that is stocked with a variety of items that can assist you in flying or driving across the vast expanse of the Gloom. Be sure to attach a Giant Brightbloom Seed to your vehicle to help light the way as you make for the center of the underground grove.

Note: Due to the tendency for Gloom Spawn Hands to spawn along the path towards the center of the Korok Grove, we highly recommend taking a flying machine to soar past it, so be wary if going by ground!

Aim for the large bright area in the center of the underground woods, and you can find the Rikonasum Lightroot on a platform next to a large stone platform with a pillar coming down from above.

You can completely avoid the Lost Woods if you climb up through this pillar and enter the Korok Forest right in front of the Great Deku Tree instead of going through the Lost Woods!

However, things are not all right up on the surface. The Deku Tree won’t respond to you, and even the Koroks seem to be in a daze under the purple haze that has enveloped the woods. Be sure to pick up the Musanokir Shrine that is located near the Deku Tree before you begin your exploration of the area. This will make it much simpler for you to navigate your way back to this location in the future.

You will need to get to the bottom of the problem, which can be found within the Deku Tree, in order to restore order to the Korok Woods. Once inside the tree, head to the back to find another chasm. This one goes into the heart of its roots. It is unlikely that the gloom will lift without a struggle, so be sure to stock up on Sundelion-enhanced food, potent weapons, and armour that is either hardy or resistant to the gloom.

Boss Fight – Phantom Ganon

As soon as you make your way down into the Great Deku Tree Chasm, a number of Gloom Spawn Hands will start to materialise in the middle of the cavern. Maintain your position on the arena’s periphery and use whatever Bomb Flowers, Elemental Keese Eyes/Wings, Elemental Like Stones, and precious elemental ore you have available to you in order to decimate their number before they are able to close the distance between you.

Because, unlike the other similar Gloom Hand encounters that can be found in Hyrule, these ones won’t disappear after a certain amount of time on their own, you’ll need to be swift and decisive with your attacks in order to reduce their numbers before they can encircle you. If you can reduce the number of hands they have early on, it will be much simpler for you to perfect your dodging and launch flurry attacks against the hands that are still standing.

When they are defeated, Phantom Ganon will reappear, this time armed with the Gloom Sword that has become his trademark weapon. In contrast to the fight in Hyrule Castle, he will not have an army accompanying him; however, he will spawn his own puddle of Gloom. If you are unable to hit him multiple times, the puddle will continue to emanate from him, causing you to take damage simply by being in its vicinity.

Recreate the strategy that allowed you to defeat him in Hyrule Castle by waiting for Phantom Ganon to fly up to you, noting whether he holds his sword vertically or horizontally, dodging after a brief pause to score a perfect dodge, and then hitting him with a flurry attack using the weapon that deals the most damage to you.

You should have a good amount of hearts, upgraded armour, and hard-hitting weapons at this point in the game, so the fight shouldn’t go on for too long. Once you have the timing down, all that is left to do is keep washing and repeating the process until he is defeated.

After you have vanquished your foe, the gloom that had been cast over the Great Deku Tree will at last begin to lift, and a number of Korok will come to offer their congratulations. You have two options available to you at this point: one is to search for a series of ledges in the corner that will allow you to ascend upward and return to the surface, and the other is to just fast travel to the Shrine that is located outside of the Great Deku Tree.

Up on the surface, you’ll find that the Kokiri Forest is pretty much back to normal, and the place will function very similarly to how it did in Breath of the Wild. The Koroks that live here will offer you quests, a place to rest, and items to purchase from the shop located in the Great Deku Tree.

Even Hestu will have moved in with the other Koroks and established a permanent residence here from Lookout Landing, so make sure you bring back any additional Korok Seeds you find and bring them with you when you come back!

If you want to talk to the Great Deku Tree, you have to climb up his branches to a platform above where you can talk to him. When you do, he will remember the last time you spoke to him, which was right before your journey in Tears of the Kingdom began.

Following the completion of the memory, he will have the ability to determine that the Master Sword is, in fact, located in Hyrule and will mark the precise location of the sword on your map, mentioning that it seems to be in motion.

This will kick off the next quest, which is to actually retrieve the Master Sword. If you haven’t already, you should definitely look for the remaining memories of the Dragon’s Tears, as completing the quest will result in the Master Sword being brought to you.

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Guide – Guidance from Ages Past

The side quest, “Guidance from Ages Past,” will immediately start after the main quest, “Secret of the Ring Ruins,” is completed. On Dragonhead Island, you have made the discovery of a peculiar Zonai relic, and a ray of light is emanating from within it. Now is the time to move forward and follow the ray of light to see where it takes you.

First, before you do anything else, pick it up and bring it with you as you walk down the ramp. You will find the construction materials, such as Wings, a Fan, and Steering Control, over on the right. These components are required in order to build an aircraft. First you must construct your aircraft, and then you must attach the beam to it.

When you are ready, fly it down, and the beam will remain stationary, directing you to the precise location where you should land.

When you reach the bottom, you will need to detach the beam from the Wing and bring it to the Altar, which is where the light beam is currently shining. You simply have to position the beam so that it aligns with it, and once you do that, a secret door will open, exposing a flight of stairs.

Bring the laser down the stairs and into the hollow chasm that Tobio has created. When you get to the bottom, position it so that it’s in the middle. You will arrive in the Depths after watching the cutscene in which Link descends below the chasm. You will then be able to see Lightroots all around you as you explore this area.

If you turn around so that you are facing south, you will find that one of those Lightroots, the Muokuij Lightroot, is directly behind the lift. Interacting with this will illuminate the area around you and reveal the map to you.

Climb back up and head in the direction of the Construct Factory. Once there, pick up the Zonai device that has the laser beam coming out of it, and then move it in the direction of the disc that it is pointing at. To create the head of the statue, you will need to carefully align it, and then place it inside the base.

After you have done this, Mineru will start talking to you and will tell you that in order to collect the remaining parts and finish assembling the body of Mineru, you will need to travel to the depths and visit four different storehouses. As Mineru continues to speak, the green lights atop each storehouse will illuminate, making it simple to pinpoint exactly where they are located.

Collecting the Mineru Parts

To advance to the next stage of the quest, you will need to locate the four pieces of Mineru that are still missing and then return them to the statue so that it can be finished. Due to the fact that the four storehouses are situated in the following directions: northeast, southeast, southwest, and northwest, we will refer to them in this manner along with their respective depot names in the subsequent detailed walkthroughs:

Northeast Storehouse – Right-Leg Depot

From the statue, head in a northeasterly direction; however, once you enter the shadows, turn to the north. Make use of a Brightbloom to shed light on this region so that you can make out the massive skeleton that serves as a stairway leading to another Lightroot.

Climb the bones while keeping an eye out for the geese that will appear here in a bit. Activate the Uisihcoj Lightroot once you have reached the peak of the mountain. From this vantage point, the Storehouse can be seen to the southeast of where you are.

Follow the path until you reach the area in the east where the Aerocudas are, then make your way to the structure’s edge and jump off. The Right-Leg Depot can be reached by gliding over to the floating platform, making a U-turn, and then descending straight down.

You can activate the Zonai terminal as you go all the way in, which will lock you inside the depot but will bring down the Right Leg and open up a gate on the right. If you do this, however, you will be trapped inside the depot.

Grab the Right Leg and bring it with you as you head in the direction of the stairs on the right (south). After you have positioned your right leg in a secure position on one of the platforms on either the left or the right, step onto the platform. To advance to the next level, you will need to hit the fans that are stacked and attached to these, and then ride the lift up.

You will find yourself in a room that has a broken track, but the track winds its way back up and into another room. The goal at this point is to move the box that contains the Right Leg further along the spiral track and into the following room. To accomplish this, turn the block on the track that is shaped like a U into a backwards C, and then move the gap to the left side of the track.

Attach the box with the Right Leg on the bottom, and then either use the fans that come with the lift or one of your own fans and place it on the back of the box in such a way that it drives the box forward. You need to make sure that you leave enough space for yourself so that you can ride the hook up along with the box.

After you have placed the Right-Leg Box on another lift, you should hop off at the top. After you have ridden this to the top, you will enter a room that contains a ramp leading down. If you follow the path that the ramp takes, you will find that it takes you directly back to the Construct Factory. At the very top of this room is where you will find all of the necessary components to construct an aircraft. There is also the possibility of finding a Treasure Chest.

On the platform with the wings is a treasure chest, and inside it you can find Zonaite x 3.

Attach a Steering Control and some Fans to the Wings, as well as the Right-Leg Box. Fly this back down to the Statue, then bring the box to it, and using your ultrahand, grab the box and crush it.

After doing so, the Right Leg will become visible, and you will be able to use Ultrahand to position it inside the impression.

Southeast Storehouse – Left-Leg Depot

After leaving the Construct Factory, head in the southeast direction. This particular storehouse is much simpler to access than the others because you can simply walk over to it. Just remember to be cautious as you make your way past the Bokoblin camp.

You’ll notice a Zonai terminal off in the distance as you approach the Left-Leg Depot for the first time. You can interact with it by going down the stairs, and then you can grab the box with the Left Leg inside of it. You will be unable to leave the room once more, and a new door will become accessible.

Send the Left Leg Box up to the upper level using the lift to the left of where you are standing. This lift makes use of Rockets, so not only will it ascend quickly but it may also descend just as quickly.

In the event that this occurs before you are able to grab the box, use Recall to bring the platform back up to its original position, and then use Ultrahand to detach the box and bring it with you.

You will now find yourself standing on the upper level, where you can observe a wheel as well as a bridge that has been damaged. Rockets can be found strewn across the ground, and a Zonai Device Dispenser can be found tucked away in the corner to the southeast.

To lower the bridge, turn the wheel in the anticlockwise direction.

After you have reached an angle of approximately 45 degrees, place the box on the ramp. Attach Rockets to the box and then hit it with a blow to send the box flying.

You should be able to land safely on the alcove above, and using Ascend will allow you to get up to the platform by going through the gap in the wall that is to the left of the water.

Grab the box and set it down on the runway with your back to the Construct Factory and your eyes focused on the direction of the northwest. You can Ascend up on the ledge on the right side of this room, and if you look behind the laser beams, you will see a Treasure Chest in addition to two planks that have Zonaite on them. Make use of Ultrahand to fasten the Treasure Chest to one of the platforms, and then steer it through the lasers while it is attached.

Treasure Chest can be found in the Left-Leg Depot hidden behind the laser beams. Contains Large Zonaite.
You have the option of using a cart to transport the box that contains the Left Leg to the destination, or you can simply throw it down, pick it up, and carry it over on foot.

Southwest Storehouse – Left-Arm Depot

From the Construct Factory, head to the southwest and make your way towards the sloping tree trunk. Caution is advised around the trees that will come to life as you get closer to the base of the trunk. You can reach the Left-Arm Depot by climbing up this slope.

You’ll find a wheel next to a door on the left side of the room, which is where the Zonai terminal to bring down the Left Arm is located. Turn on the machine, and then bang the wheel against the entrance door. This wheel will lift the door, providing you with the opportunity to use Ultrahand and manoeuvre the Left Arm Box through the opening.

Take two of the wheels that are located near the door, as well as the Steering Control, to transform the box into a vehicle that will allow you to ridge across the lava.

Once you have crossed the gap and reached the metal grate on the other side, turn to your left and climb the ladder that is there.

You can find a Treasure Chest by climbing across to the broken platform from where you are currently standing.

Treasure Chest: In the room with the lava, on the top level, on the platform that has been broken. Includes Five Steering Sticks in Total.

Reduce yourself to the ground and reorganise the car you made for yourself so that the box is oriented lengthwise and the wheels can roll along the lava on either side.

When you get to the other side of this area, turn to the left, and climb up the ladder until you reach the top. You can find a Grand Poe in this particular room.

Return to the previous level, remove the wheels from the box, and then secure them to the door. The blocks that are currently at the end of the chains should then be attached to the wheel.

The thought is that as the wheel goes higher, it will shorten the chain, causing the door to go higher as well. After the door has been raised, proceed through the opening while carrying the box, and then turn to your right to see two fans. A Treasure Chest is attached to the fan that is located the furthest away from you. You can detach it and open it by using Ultrahand.

Upon leaving the Left-Arm Depot, look for the treasure chest on the second fan to your left. Contains Zonaite x 3.

This room features an internal body of water that drains into what is essentially a waterslide leading out of the building. You can use the Steering Control to navigate down the waterslide and back to the Construct Factory after attaching the two fans that are located near the larger fans to the box and using the Steering Control.

As soon as your vehicle approaches the riverbank, you should get out and be ready to grab it as soon as possible. Then, head on over to the statue located in the Construct Factory with the Left Arm.

Northwest Storehouse – Right-Arm Depot

It’s time to move on to the very last body part! When you turn to the north-northwest from the statue, you will see another raised structure in the distance that is the Storehouse. On the other hand, you can simply walk across the bridge and ascend the stairs that are located on the left. Be wary of the Bokoblins that are patrolling this area as well as the excessive amounts of Gloom that cover the staircase.

Immediately after entering the depot, make your way to the Zonai altar and activate it in order to obtain the Right Arm. You’ll notice a wheel and a conveyor belt spinning to the right of the screen. If you place the box on the conveyor belt, it will ascend immediately to the next available level.

There is an electrified bridge on the second level, but the ridge that runs along the left side is the feature that is most important to take note of. You need to find a way to align a wheel on this, so that it can move along without tipping over and carry the box along with it. Utilising the rock on the right and propping the box up against it is the simplest method for achieving this goal. After that, you can manipulate one of the wheels that are nearby until it is flush against the box and will ride along the ridge. When you are prepared, please send it over.

Go underneath the electric bridge and down to the bottom of this area, then cross over to the south alcove. If you continue to circle the area until you reach an impasse, you will find a treasure chest at the coordinates 0548, -2179, and -0527.

The Treasure Chest is located on the lower level, directly south of the electrified bridge, and underneath it. Contains Large Zonaite.
Climb the ladder until you are face-to-face with the box, then pick it up and take it outside. Out here you’ll find construction materials, which you can use to fashion into a cart of some sort.

This will allow you to ride with the box all the way back to the Construct Factory, where you can slot in the final piece of the body. This can be accomplished by descending the stairs and crossing the bridge.

After Returning All the Body Parts

Now that Mineru’s body has been repaired, it is time to retrieve the secret stone, which is located in the southernmost part of the depths. Due to the abilities of Mineru’s Construct, Link is able to ride on Mineru’s Construct. Approach the structure, choose the Let’s Go option, and head in the direction of the platform.

While you are in this area, you will have the ability to equip your construct with weapons that will assist you in warding off the monsters that you will encounter in the Depths as you make your way to the hidden stone. You have the ability to attach things to both hands as well as Mineru’s back.

While you are riding Mineru, pressing X will unlock the options to fuse weapons. After that, you can use the buttons that correspond to the respective weapons to select which ones you want to combine with which ones (from the left hand, the right hand, and the back). You can access the attack menu while you and Mineru are strolling around by pressing X a second time.
After you’ve put in some work and determined that you’re prepared, it’s time to head towards the south. When you first start out on the journey, you’ll notice that your battery starts to run low when Mineru is walking around. This will continue for the duration of the journey.

When the battery is completely depleted, you won’t be able to attack, but you will still be able to walk around. While riding Mineru, not only can you traverse Gloom in complete safety, but you can also continue to gather items along the way.

You don’t have to rely on Mineru for the entirety of the journey. If you get stuck, all you have to do is walk, and Mineru will catch up with you and automatically attack anything that stands in its way.
You can get down to the Spirit Temple via a number of different paths, but while you’re doing so, it’s a good idea to look for additional Lightroots so that you can repair any damage done by the Gloom and set up a new fast travel point. You can gain access to the Sijotu Lightroot if you head southeast from the Muokuij Lightroot.

When you get closer, you’ll be able to make out the Spirit Temple, which can be identified by its snow-white exterior and a glow that extends into the Depth. Because the steps leading up to the temple are damaged, you will need to stop by the shelves to secure a rocket to Mineru’s back before you can proceed. After that, you can reach the top of the temple by pressing Y and utilising the rocket to get inside.

How to Complete the Spirit Temple

Proceed inside the Temple and have Mineru engage in conversation with the stone structure located in the centre of the room. This will result in the creation of a Zonai portal and will cause the platform to descend all the way to the base of the temple. You need to make your way towards the centre of the lower level as well as the stone on the opposite side.

Naturally, nothing can be straightforward, and Mineru and Link will end up being encircled by a ring. An opening will appear in the floor, and a Seized Construct will come into view.

How to Beat the Seized Construct

The blows delivered by the Seized Construct are notorious for being so devastating that they frequently cause instantaneous death. You can block them by pressing ZL, and then you can unleash an attack in those moments when it is temporarily knocked back from a hit that you blocked.

Unfortunately, hitting it isn’t enough; you also need to try to push it towards the edge of the ring so that it can be stunned and electrocuted there.

In the meantime, I will outline the various assaults that you can anticipate receiving from it.

While you are blocking, make forward progress so you can move the ball closer to the outside of the ring. However, you should avoid getting too close to it because it will start going for overhead attacks and eliminate Link if you do.
It will then wind up and launch a punch attack, which, if blocked, will cause it to ricochet backwards. At this point, you should go in for the kill by landing three to four blows to send the animal flying back, hopefully into the electric fence.
After it has been incapacitated, it will immediately leap to a new position to the right and then proceed to draw hand cannons. Maintain your side-to-side strafing in order to avoid as many of these blows as you possibly can so that it does not bring down your shield.

In addition, it will launch a stunning attack at you in which it will charge at you while simultaneously producing two yellow emitters from its hands. The key to success in this attack is to maintain forward momentum until it has been neutralised.

After that, you need to keep an eye on the spot from which it is going to bolt in the opposite direction. It will take quite some time for this to build up, but while it is charging up, you should make sure to keep moving so that you can avoid being hit by it.

This is the Second Stage

The second phase will begin when you get its health bar to half, and unfortunately, new arms will appear at that time. In addition to this, it will start flying and will proceed to unleash the attacks that it has been using since the beginning of the fight.

You’ll need to practise patience during this phase of the fight in order to make the most of your options, which include waiting for the Seized Construct to fall and expose itself to attacks or striking it when it dives.

It will start dropping additional weapons, which you can pick up and use as a weapon against it. You need to search for a Cannon that is located on the ground so that you can fire at the Seized Construct while it is in the air to force it to come crashing to the ground. Then you should just attack it in the same way that you did before, aiming to strike it approximately four times in order to send it flying into the electric fence.

After you have vanquished the Seized Construct, you will be able to retrieve the Heart Container, use it to restore your health, and obtain the hidden stone.

Following the conclusion of the cutscene, the quest “Guidance from Ages Past” will be finished, and you will be able to return to Lookout Landing to finish “Find the Fifth Sage” and “Trail of the Master Sword.”

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Guide – Secret of the Ring Ruins

It is necessary to travel to Kakariko Village, which can be found to the south of the Lanaryu Wetlands, in order to begin the Secret of the Ring Ruins.

If you want to get to Kakariko Village as quickly as possible, you should go to the Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower, which is located in the West Necluda region, to the southeast of Central Hyrule. The coordinates for the Tower on the map are 1344, -1170, and 0166.

This not only provides you with a fast travel point in the event that you need to go back, but it also gives you a quick way to glide straight down into Kakariko Village, which can be found to the east of the Skyview Tower. It’s possible that as you glide, you’ll notice the Makasura Shrine, which is the shrine closest to the village and can be found at these coordinates: 1170, -1051, 0166.

After descending into the centre of the village, proceed to the north in the direction of the crowd that is gathered in front of the Ring Ruins. You’ll run into Tauro and Chief Paya here, and it just so happens that they’re having a conversation about how significant the Ring Ruins are.

This conversation is what kicks off the chain of quests that must be completed before you can continue with Find the Fifth Sage. The first quest in this chain is called Secret of the Ring Ruins.

How to Complete Secret of the Ring Ruins

Take note that in order to finish this quest, you will need to have the camera unlocked first. If you haven’t already done so, you will need to initiate Camera Work in the Depths and have Robbie unlock the camera function on your Purah Pad. If you have already done so, you can skip this step.
Using the ladders that are located directly in front of Paya and Tauro, you will be able to ascend directly to the floating Ring Ruins.

When you have reached the top, ascend into the Ring Ruins, and then take a picture of the stone tablet using your camera. Ascend to the area outside of the Ring Ruins, take a picture there, and then descend to Tauro.

If you show Tauro the picture, he won’t be able to make it all out, but he will be able to read some keywords like “southeast” and “Mineru.” Paya now has a deeper understanding, so she hypothesises that the stone is referring to “dragon land” before “southeast.” Calip is the one who will put all of the pieces together and propose the possibility that the Zonai Ruins in Faron are connected to the dragon land that is located to the southeast.

Popla Foothills Skyview Tower

Tauro has stated that a base will be established at the Popla Foothills Skyview Tower before the crew travels to the Zonai Ruins. The tower is located in close proximity to the ruins. Your map will be updated to reflect this change. You can simply use the fast travel system to get there if you’ve already unlocked it. If that is not the case, then to get to the Popla Foothills from Kakariko Village, head in a southwesterly direction and cross West Necluda.

Calip will be waiting for you in a camp that he has established at the bottom of the stairs, close to the Popla Foothills North Well, when you arrive there.

He will tell you that Tauro has already travelled in advance to the Dracozu Lake that is close by. Over the Popla Foothills and to the southeast of the Skyview Tower is where you will find this.

At Dracozu Lake

The Jiukoum Shrine can be found directly to the southeast of the Skyview Tower and to the north of the Dracozu Lake. Both of these locations are in the Dracozu region. You can glide all the way down to the south from here and look for a campfire there.

You will notice a light emanating from within the ruins if you look to the left of the campfire. The coordinates for this light are 0968, -2531, 0008. Tauro is currently investigating the ruins and translating the text, so you should come in here to find him. He will tell you that he has cracked what he believes to be a poem or a code, and that it says, “Wear the electric garb hidden at the long-necked dragons along the wide-mouthed forest serpent.”

He will say that this makes him think of the tall pillars that can be found around the ruins, some of which have dragon heads, and that the “forest serpent” could be the Dracozu River, as it was once compared to a forest dragon in a song.

The enigma continues by instructing you to “offer a Zonai charge to the altar at the tail.” There is more to the puzzle than meets the eye. In addition to this, Tauro will direct your attention to a Zonai relic that is actually a Treasure Chest and is located at the back of the ruins.

Even though Tauro is unable to open it, Link can still get a Charged Shirt by going straight up to the Treasure Chest and getting it for himself. Given that the riddle makes reference to wearing “electric garb,” it is reasonable to assume that you are required to acquire the remaining Charged Amor; accordingly, the following is a description of where you can locate these items.

Where to Find the Charged Trousers

Continue to the south along the river, making a mental note of the dragon mouths that appear on the pillars along the way. You will eventually reach an area where Lizalfos can be found swimming in the water. A second light will be glowing from the ruins just beyond them, so keep an eye out on the right bank of the river.

This one can be located at the coordinates 0980, -2693, 0007, and it has rocks stacked at the entrance to prevent access.

Destroy the rocks blocking your path using your hammer or another item, such as a Bomb Flower, to gain access. Once inside, you’ll find another Treasure Chest at the top of the room. This chest contains the Charged Trousers.

Where to Find the Charged Headdress

After leaving the ruins, continue along the river to the south. You’ll spot some Lizalfos perched just above you as the river begins to curve around a bend. They’re perched on a bridge and a wooden ledge that protrudes from the rock.

Keep a close eye on them in case one of them shoots electric arrows in your direction. Take them out of the way to ensure that you will have a safe passage, and then smash the boxes on the ledge to obtain the Roasted Bass and the Arrows.

Continue travelling down the river, and not much further after them, you’ll come across an Electric ChuChu on the right bank. Another light can be seen shining through the ruined buildings on the opposite side of the river, on the left bank, at the coordinates 0968, -2800, 0007.

You just need to cut through the roots that are in the way to open this door, and the chest will be in the same location as the other two chests, at the back of the room.

When you have found all three pieces of the Charged Armour, you should immediately don it and proceed along the river in the direction of the west.

Finding the Zonai Ruins Alter

This ruin, like the others, will emit a glowing light from its centre, just like the others. It is hidden in the northwest corner, behind a tree, and the coordinates for finding it are: 0688, -2744, 0014. Climb your way up the crumbling ruins until you reach an altar in the room’s far back corner. Hold down the Zonai charge button after selecting the charge from your inventory in order to remove it.

After you have placed it on the Altar, allow the cutscene to begin, which will show the dragon heads being struck by lightning and lighting up. Calip and Tauro will come to you, at which point you will have the opportunity to tell them more about what took place. After that, Tauro will return to Kakariko Village, but Calip will stay behind to continue his investigation.

Heading for the New Sky Island

To get a better view of the surrounding area, climb the Popla Foothills Skyview Tower. Once you have access to the glider, you should immediately begin flying towards the southeast in order to reach the Thunderhead Isles, which are shaped like a dragon in the sky.

You can give any of the following a shot if you feel like you don’t have the stamina to make it through: Using Tulin and his gust of wind technique to give you a boost, drinking Stamina Elixirs to replenish your Stamina mid-way, or completing Shrines to unlock more Light of Blessings and improve your Stamina wheel are all good strategies.

On Thunderhead Isles

If you don’t have the stamina to make it to the top, descend to the first part of the island, which is at the bottom and is the northernmost tip of the island. From this vantage point, you can ascend to the next level, which features a body of water in the middle of the landscape.

As soon as you step foot on Thunderhead Island, you won’t have to wait long before the frequent and potentially lethal lightning strikes start occurring. If you want to avoid having Link zapped, you should make sure that he isn’t wearing anything metal. If your weapons break, you can easily find replacements made of wood all over the island.
You will want to make your way down to the south of Thunderhead Isles from here, eventually making your way around to the section in the east that looks like the head of a dragon. You’ll need to combine jumping and gliding as you make your way between the floating platforms and the ascending path in order to accomplish this.

There are a number of significant points of interest to visit as you make your way along the Thunderhead Isles. You should also be aware that you will face a large number of foes, some of which include Soldier Constructs, Electric ChuChu, and Thunder Wizzrobes.
In the first part of the level, you will follow a natural path along the main body of the isles; however, you will eventually arrive at a second platform that is located to the east of the main body.

It is well worth your time to travel to these coordinates in order to retrieve a Treasure Chest: 0082, 2788, 0727.

On the second floaty island you come across off to the east is where you can find the treasure chest. Contains eight copies of the Mighty Zonaite Spear.Walkthrough of the Ruins in the Secret of the Ring (49.png)

The next interesting feature is a dragon’s head that has a golden sphere resting underneath it. These are spring platforms very similar to the ones you have seen on the Sky Islands in the past. The mechanism inside of these ones is similar to others, but in order to get it to move, you need to have lightning strike it first.

There are a few different ways to get these to work using electricity, the most straightforward of which is to simply wait for lightning to strike. Another option is to have Riju charge her electrical attack, then hit the orb to launch Link to the next platform.

After you have successfully landed on the following platform, you will continue along it until you come to a body of water that contains Ancient Arowana. In order to cross to the next area, you can construct a bridge out of the planks of wood that are located here.

Be wary as you go about your business because there is a Thunder Wizzrobe zipping around the area. If you simply want to avoid it, you should try to freeze it with some kind of ice before you proceed.

You can sneak onto the next platform and collect some Thunderwing Butterflies, which, when added to an Elixir, can be used to increase electrical resistance. If you drop down to the next platform, you can do this. You can head left or right from this location. You will find a track to the left, which is ultimately where you want to go, but before you enter this building, you need to go to the right because there is a treasure chest there.

Another of the dragon heads adorned with an orb can be found in this location. You will be able to drop straight down and open the Treasure Chest at these coordinates if you use electricity once more on this object; doing so will cause it to break the grates that are on the floor.

After breaking the grate, you’ll find a Treasure Chest down below, along with an Old Map.

Climb your way out of this area and make your way to the railing. Take the rail to get to the next platform, and then climb to the top and make your way to the middle.

A column can be seen in the centre of the body of water that can be found here. A Treasure Chest can be found on the very top of the structure. It can be located at the following coordinates: 1010, -3825, and 0808.

Located in a column in the middle of the water is the Treasure Chest. A Shock Emitter can be found on the inside.

It should be possible for you to see a Shrine through the grate as you get closer to the water. There are a few different routes you can take to get here, but they all require you to ascend directly into it through the grate that is located underneath. You have two options once you reach the water: you can either head east and down into the blank circular part of the map, where you will find a mini-boss called the Flux Construct III, or you can go straight up into the circular part of the map.

You also have the option to use the glider to descend to the platform that is to the right of the shrine in the south. On this platform, Soldier Constructs stand guard.

Once you have eliminated them, you will be able to construct a cart that can be used to travel across the rail. As you begin to move, prepare your Ascend ability, and as soon as you are ready, quickly press the button to ascend vertically into the room containing the Joku-usin Shrine. This is the approach that we took, and after that, we Ascended all the way to the summit and made some preparations before attempting the Flux Construct III.

Treasure Chest: You don’t have to defeat the Flux Construct III if you don’t feel like it. You can just skip that part entirely. When you first damage it, however, it will drop a Treasure Chest that contains an Old Map whenever you choose to engage it in combat. This will occur whenever you decide to do so.Walkthrough of the Ruins of the Secret of the Ring (58.png)

To proceed, first climb back up onto the platform with the Zonai Dispenser, and then turn around to face the opposite direction to find a room containing three Like Likes floating in the water.

They are keeping a close eye on a Treasure Chest that is located in this area. You can gain an advantage in this situation by making use of the water and the electricity to attack and keep them stunned. After the area has been cleared, proceed to the Treasure Chest, which can be found at the coordinates 1042, -3367, 0819.

Contains a Big Battery and can be found in the Treasure Chest in the room with the three Like Likes.

Ascend once you’ve opened the chest to reach a platform with a wheel in the middle of it. This platform is the next step in the process. Turn this anticlockwise so that the launch pad is facing southeast, and then use the lightning to float over to the subsequent island.

Broken platform can be seen directly in front of you from this vantage point. Put that out of your mind for the time being and proceed to find another Treasure Chest. You can use the construction materials and Rockets to fashion a cart that will propel you to the other side of the island, where another chest can be found at the following coordinates: 1042, -3513, 0862.

Treasure Chest: Located in the western part of the island, on the part of the island that resembles the front leg of the Dragon. Contains Zonaite Bow (30).

Proceed back to the rail that was broken. You do not need to use the carts or make an attempt to use the rail in this location; rather, you only need to use the ones that are underneath in order to ascend to the platform you need to get to. Glide down to them, then ascend, making sure to go all the way to the top to find another treasure chest at the coordinates 1234, -3492, 0847.

The Mighty Zonaite Shield (50) can be found in the Treasure Chest.

You need to make your way to the easternmost point of these islands, and then you need to glide down to the subsequent launch pad. You will need to make use of the lightning in order to propel yourself to the subsequent and final section, which is located directly above the dragon’s head.

Once you have landed on the lowest level, you will find another Treasure Chest at the coordinates 1310, -3397, and 0884.

Located on the island that is directly above the Dragon Head is a Treasure Chest. It can be found on the ground floor. Includes three separate Shock Emitters.

Continue in this direction until you reach the ledge that has the circle platform that is lit up in green. To jump, go to the edge of the cliff, look down at the dragon head that is below you in the east, and then step off the cliff.

As you get closer to Dragonhead Island, you should make a beeline for the Joku-U Shrine, which can be found in the eye of the dragon.

After the shrine has been activated (or the task has been completed), exit the room through the northern door. You simply need to make a cut through the roots in this area to enter the next room.

You will notice a statue of a goddess to your left as you enter, in addition to a door that is locked.

At this point, if you do not have 10 Hearts or if your health is low, you will not be able to pass through the door. It is time for you to either make use of Light of Blessings or go find some more so that you have at least 10 Hearts available.
Open the door only when you are completely ready and have a full complement of 10 Hearts. A Zonai relic will be waiting for you inside, and it will be positioned in the middle of the room.

Come closer and take a closer look. The final step in the process of completing Secret of the Ring Ruins will involve the release of a beam of light. As soon as this event takes place, a brand new quest called “Guidance from Ages Past” will start right away.