Pokemon Elysium – Walkthrough

Pokemon Elysium based on pokemon fire red so you can use pokemon fire red cheat code if you want. Here is Pokemon elysium walkthrough.

Recommended: SET type battle for additional challenge.
Recommended: Use many and different SAVE STATES to save.
Playing this game at normal speed is strongly suggested to avoid a specific type of emulator bugs (usually scripts that are not triggered). Can speed up in battles, or when grinding/looking for Pokemon.

The game consists of two files.
-File A
Prologue (Done)
Chapter 1: The Girl (Done)
Chapter 2: Foreign Lands
Chapter 3: Going North

-File B
Chapter 4: Elysium


Your adventure starts in the village of Cyan, located in the southern part of the tiny but beautiful island of Crysta. Visit PROFESSOR RAMA at his LAB to choose your first Pokémon. Your next destination is Port RINA, where the newly opened gym will award you your first badge if you defeat the Leader. On the way, you will encounter your friend, PHILLIP. He is visiting his sisters but first he will battle you. He will win the battle but he will gift you the RUNNING SHOES. Continue north and don’t forget to take the TOWN MAP from the girl on ROUTE 1.

Face APRIL at the port’s entrance and then head to the gym, where you can have an optional battle with your other friend and rival, BRENDAN (for the purpose of this walkthrough, we will use this name). Enter the GYM to find that the gym leader is not ready to battle you yet; then, go to the town’s PokeCenter. Near the door, you will see GRAY, a young man who works for the World Pokémon Association. He informs you that he suspects the Gym Leader of cheating and will send you on a mission to PECKER’S FOREST, where a wild SYLVEON lives.

In the forest, you will soon find a hut. Once inside, you will be ambushed by GRAY, who will use his GASTLY to hypnotize you. Moments later, you will find yourself in a desolate land. Follow the road, and you will soon encounter a girl with a creepy CUBONE. Speaking to her will wake you up from the dream. Unfortunately, while you were dreaming, GRAY stole your CYNDAQUIL from you. Get the Pokéball from the table and exit the building. You will be ambushed by the forest’s SYLVEON, but you will manage to catch it, making it your actual starter. Return to Port RINA.

Now it’s time for your first badge. The mysterious gym leader is none other than PROFESSOR RAMA. He is going to use a Pokémon with a type advantage over yours, so against your SYLVEON, he will use a VENONAT. Defeat the professor, take the badge, and head to the docks. Speak to the sailor, and he will transport you to RHEA, which is the main region of the story

                                                        Chapter 1: The Girl


You’ll arrive at the port city of BLUEBELL. Head to the local GYM for your second badge. The gym leader will ask you to help him evaluate his students by battling them. There are four students in total, two in single battles and one in a double battle. You must catch one more Pokémon, so buy some Poké Balls from the local market and head north to ROUTE 1. There you can find a fisherman who will give you the OLD ROD. Return to the GYM, defeat the students, and then challenge the leader, who has BUG-type Pokémon. After you defeat him, a spectator, a woman named JANE AXCEL, will ask you to meet her at Mountain Lonelytop in the south. That mountain is your next destination.

Points of interest:
Bluebell’s BUG-type GYM
Bluebell’s Library (Bluebell City)
Bluebell’s Coast Guard (Bluebell City)
Bluebell’s Meeting Room (Bluebell City)
Murder scene (Bluebell City – sidequest)
Old Man SIFU’s home (Route 1)
Old Fishing brother (Route 1)


Head to Route 2. A mini-tournament takes place there, where you can have an optional battle with BRENDAN. The CYCLING ROAD to the west is closed for now, so head south until you reach a small village called BACKTOP, near the base of MT. LONELYTOP. Go to the entrance of the mountain and meet JANE. She will inform you about her mission: to enter a locked room deep inside the mountain and discover what the organization named FREE WINGS was seeking down there. Enter the mountain and meet JANE; she will lead you to the locked door. You will sneak through a hole in the ground that leads you to the opposite side. A small puzzle blocks your way. You need to navigate by remembering the color sequence north of your position, rotated two spaces to the right. Unlock the door to let JANE in and follow her down the corridor to your right. After some battles against the traps that FREE WINGS left behind, you will find yourself at a dead end. Although you didn’t learn what FREE WINGS were up to, JANE will reward you. Once she leaves, you will have a vision of the creature that was living down there: GROUDON! FREE WINGS were after that legendary Pokémon!

Determined to find and inform JANE about these events, navigate your way through the mountain. On your way to the other side, you will encounter your rival APRIL, and you will be asked to choose who is the stronger of the two guys. Depending on your choice, you will receive an egg with either ELEKID or MAGBY.


Unfortunately, FREE WINGS got to JANE first. A cruel woman named MADAME MASQUE abducted JANE, and you will have to rescue her. Head to the nearby BRYONY TOWN, a small and quiet town with many dark secrets. There you will meet your friend PHILLIP. Enter the building in the northwestern part of the town. There is a door that leads to a cave named WITCHWOOD GROTTO. While PHILLIP is facing the bulk of the FREE WINGS agents, find the exit of the cave. There is a monument for the witches that used to live in the area centuries ago. After some battles with her bodyguards, you will finally meet MADAME MASQUE. You will make an agreement: win a battle against her, and she will let JANE and you go. She will not keep her promise, of course, but luckily, JANE’s SUICUNE will come to the rescue, forcing MADAME MASQUE and her FREE WINGS to escape. Afterwards, JANE will reveal that she is an ELITE FOUR member, the #3 trainer in the world, and one of the leaders of the group named POKEMON RANGERS. She will invite you to visit her in ASTRANTIA City, the capital of RHEA, which is your ultimate destination.

Return to the town, and now it’s time for the 3rd badge. The local gym leader has no students at all, and she employs grass-type Pokémon. Defeat her, take your 3rd badge, and head to the west, to OWL FOREST.

Points of interest:
Bryony’s GRASS-Type GYM (Bryony Town)
Name Rater (Bryony Town)
Witchwood Grotto (Bryony Town)
Witches’ Memorial (Witchwood Grotto)


You’ll find yourself in a big forest named OWL. A bug-maniac named ZIZAN is harassing a girl, and you will have to battle him so he will leave her alone. This jackass will swear revenge and leave for now. Follow the route, and you will find an old man and his daughter blocking your way. Naturally, that ZIZAN guy ambushed the old man and stole his RUST berries. You will need to visit the northern part of the forest and collect 3 RUST BERRIES for him. Return them to the old man and the woman. They will reward you and allow you to continue. Near the exit of the forest, you will face ZIZAN once again. He will employ a very nasty tactic to defeat you, but you will kick his ass. Fortunately, it will take a while to meet him again. Exiting the forest from the northern gates will lead you to route 4.

Battle your way to the other end of the route. You will find yourself at a crossroads. Going north leads to the CYCLING ROAD, which is still closed, while heading east takes you to the lovely LAKE MALTA. Head west to LILYA, a town that sits on an island in the middle of the river LIDA. BRENDAN will greet you and ask you to join him and APRIL to form a team to compete in the local Team Tournament. You will form Team CRYSTA and face the teams from BLUEBELL, KARYAP, and ASTRANTIA. Winning the tournament will reward you with an EEVEE.

Go west, and once you reach the sea, head north to Astrantia’s southern gates. The keeper there will inform you that Professor RAMA is expecting you and your friends at ASTRANTIA’s PORT.

Points of interest:
Owl Forest
Pokemon Fan Magazine (Route 4)
Lady SHELIA’s Estate (Lake Malta – accessible only in a sidequest)
Lilya Town
Pokemon Day Care (Route 5)
West Edge Bazaar
West Edge Bazaar Mansion (accessible only in a sidequest)


ASTRANTIA is the capital of RHEA and by far the largest and most vibrant city in the game. You will spend much time here, both for the main story and many side activities. Once you arrive, you’ll meet BRENDAN. He will tell you about a tournament hosted by the local Gym Leader. Visit ASTRANTIA’s Gym; it is located in the western part of the city. In the tournament’s final, your friend PHILLIP is facing WADE SILVER, the #5 trainer in the world. Once the battle is over, it’s time to go to the city’s port. Exit the city to the west to Route 6. PROFESSOR RAMA, your MOM, and the members of your friends’ families await you at the southern docks. Talk to your MOM, and she will give you some valuable items. Then talk to PROFESSOR RAMA. He will tell you and your friends to join the team called POKEMON RANGERS to fight the evil FREE WINGS. Their Headquarters are located in ASTRANTIA’s National Park. He will also reveal that this GRAY guy who stole your CYNDAQUIL is his son and hand you an IMAGEPHONE to communicate with him if needed. Before leaving the port, don’t forget to visit the local Fisherman’s house and take the GOOD ROD.

Return to the city and head to the National Park. The entrance is located in the north-eastern part of the city. Enter the parliament building and find JANE. She will show you who the FREE WINGS Leader is, LORD BRAXIS. You will also learn that the Pokemon World Champion is actually his daughter ENNA, a 12-year-old girl! Now it’s time to visit the Rangers Headquarters, in the southern part of the Park. Enter the building and go to the second floor to meet Director HILTON, the Leader of the Rangers and APRIL’s uncle. After meeting with him, you’ll have to pass a test to become a full member of the team. Go to the basement and find WADE SILVER, who is also a Pokemon Ranger. You will need to battle 5 Rangers, including WADE’s PIDGEOT, to succeed in the trial. Return to the 2nd floor, and you and your rival APRIL will be assigned your first joint Ranger Mission! Apparently, two Rangers who went to EERIE town to help with the situation there need an item. You have to go there, find them, and hand them the item. Before you leave ASTRANTIA, make sure to visit the local Bike Shop and get your bicycle.

Points of interest:
Astrantia’s Electric-type Gym
Police Department
Lady Shelia’s Palace of Spirit
Store Department
Mama-Yummy’s Berry Shop
Battle Museum (Route 6)
Fashion House
Game Corner/Casino
Move Reminder
Tonya’s Pokemon Beauty Saloon
Bike Shop
Archaelogical Department (Accessible on Chapter 2)
National Park
Pokemon Rangers HQ (National Park)
Middle Fishing Brother (Astrantia’s Port)


Exit Astrantia from the North to Route 7. APRIL was supposed to wait for you here, but she is nowhere to be found. Keep following the main road until you reach a place called NOXIN SWAMPS. You can easily get lost in this place, but sticking to the western part of the Swamp will get you to EERIE Town without much trouble.

The Town looks deserted, like something very bad has happened there. Go to the PokeCenter and speak with the town’s mayor. He will inform you that a terrible Witch is living in a nearby Tower, and she has imprisoned EERIE’s villagers. Even worse, the two Pokemon Rangers who were sent to help are also prisoners there. Head west, into the Dark Forest. There you’ll see APRIL from afar, behaving somehow strangely. Try to follow her, and four of the Witch’s Daughters will ambush you and cast their spell on you.

You will wake up inside the Tower transformed into a cute JIGGLYPUFF! A mysterious woman dressed in white will help you get out of your cell, and you will soon learn that the majority of the villagers have been transformed into Pokemon by this evil Witch. You have to reach the tower’s top floor and make the Witch break her curse. You have to face her daughters (who will turn out to be women from the village too) and solve some puzzles. Her last daughter appears to be APRIL herself, who also fell under the Witch’s curse. The Witch is waiting for you on the top of the Tower in a place called CORE, where she can boost her Pokemon and her own Psychic Powers. Despite that, winning the battle against the Witch will reveal that she was also under the influence of a dark creature known as the “Wings of Death.” She will thank you and provide you with an object that can release the villagers from the spell. Go down and back to the basement with the cells. Stand in the center of the room and transform them back to humans. Exit the Tower and find the two Rangers. They will thank you for your help and make sure to inform Director HILTON about your achievement. Return to EERIE town, where the villagers are now treating you as a hero, and speak to the Mayor for your reward. Now, it’s time to return back to Astrantia and the Rangers HQ.

Note: On your way back, you’ll receive a call from Lady SHELIA to visit her in her Palace of Spirit, a blue-colored building in Astrantia. It’s not mandatory, but visit her for both main and side story missions.

Points of Interest:
Old Mausoleum
Kern Mines
Noxin Swamps
Old SILPH Factory (Route 7)


Return to the Rangers HQ. During your absence, WADE discovered that some time ago, FREE WINGS infiltrated the old SILPH factory near ASTRANTIA. Director HILTON suspects that this may be connected to FREE WINGS’ hunt for GROUDON, so he assigns you and WADE the task of investigating the deserted factory to learn the truth.

Exit Astrantia from the North. Very close to the city gates, on Route 7, you will see an entrance to a small forest nearby. The old factory is located on the eastern part of that forest, and WADE is waiting for you there. Inside, WADE discovers a part of a diary that may explain what FREE WINGS were seeking in the factory, but unfortunately, he falls into a trap. Now it’s up to you to find the remaining diary parts and a way to release your friend. WADE lends you his loyal KELDEO to help you. There are three other diary parts scattered around the factory, and you can find them in consoles across the factory rooms. During your search, you find a thief named FIN, who confirms that he was hired by FREE WINGS to keep an eye on the factory. His boss is an elite FREE WINGS Trainer, a SHADOW HUNTER. He ambushes you in the Generator room once you have gathered all the diary parts. After defeating him, you can activate the generator that opens up the trap door to release WADE. With the diary completed, you learn that FREE WINGS have stolen a device called the MEGA TERRAFORMING MACHINE (MTM) that can terraform the land using Pokemon energy. Head back to the Rangers HQ to inform Director HILTON and JANE about this turn of events.

Now you have to find out when and where FREE WINGS are going to use this machine. To do that, you need to infiltrate their Headquarters, located in the eastern part of the National Park, but unfortunately, the main road is heavily guarded. JANE proposes a secret road through the infamous ASTRANTIA’s Underground City, and you join her on this mission. Head to the Underground City’s hidden entrance, located in southern ASTRANTIA, through a building guarded by a biker. This wretched city is full of scumbags, so it’s only natural to meet PROFESSOR RAMA’s son, GRAY, the guy who stole your CYNDAQUIL. Defeat him in battle, but proceed until you meet the ruler of the Underground City: His majesty KING RUFUS.

RUFUS, an old apprentice of JANE, informs you that he is allied with FREE WINGS and has been promised the legendary Pokemon RAYQUAZA for his cooperation. Being a greedy gambler, he accepts JANE’s bet: a battle against you. If you win, he will help you get to FREE WINGS HQ. If you lose, JANE will have to give up her SUICUNE. Defeat RUFUS and then ask his aide, FIN, for instructions. There is a dark cave that leads behind the enemy HQ, and you can find the exit by following the instructions. There are also markers on the ground that can help you. Mentioning RAYQUAZA, RUFUS unwillingly makes you suspect that FREE WINGS are trying to collect the WEATHER TRIO and perhaps use them to power the Terraforming MACHINE for their nefarious reasons.

Following the secret road leads to a backdoor behind the FREE WINGS HQ in the National Park. Finding the card key is the way to access LORD BRAXIS’s office on the top floor. Defeat the SHADOW HUNTERS who guard the office. While JANE is searching their computer for information, head to the ladder that leads to the attic. There you’ll find a child’s room with a couple of creepy dolls and a depressed CUBONE. LORD BRAXIS’s daughter ENNA will appear to you through a projection. She will reveal that they are indeed planning to test the Machine using KYOGRE’s power. They will place the Machine on an island named GHOST, a location which is a CORE, meaning that it will boost the Machine’s Output. More importantly, they are planning to use your home island, CRYSTA, as the target! Fight the dolls and quickly return to JANE down below. Frightened, JANE confirms ENNA’s words. You have to urgently return to the Rangers HQ to plan your next move and save CRYSTA!

Before proceeding, it’s a good time to challenge ASTRANTIA’s Gym Leader, ELLARIA, for your fourth badge if you haven’t done so already.


GHOST ISLAND has a notorious reputation, with sailors actively avoiding it due to their belief that it’s cursed. However, for you and the Pokemon Rangers, it’s the next destination. Head back to BRYONY Town, heal your Pokemon at the local PokeCenter, and speak to the Ranger at the docks. The ship will transport you to the island.

On the island, you will meet Director HILTON. He orders you to secure the beach by dealing with a group of Free Wings agents located a few clicks to the north. Once you’ve completed this task, the Director instructs you to identify a spy among your ranks. This spy is actually a Ranger sleeper agent watching over the beach from a small cliff to the east. Apprehend the spy, and then report back to the Director for your final orders: Proceed onward to reach WADE’s position deeper on the island.

Find BRENDAN and continue eastward, where you will eventually meet up with WADE near a small river. WADE has secured the area, but a barricade is blocking your access to the island’s interior. To progress, you must visit three underground bunkers, retrieve the two secret keys granting access to the control room at the main bunker. Visit the top-left and bottom-left bunkers first to retrieve the two keys. Now head to the bottom-right bunker an interact with the panel to open the door. Once inside interact with the laptop on the table to turn off the power and open the barricade.

Enter the cave, but be prepared for a trap that sends you plummeting into a dark dungeon. Here, you will face the BANISHED MEN, the animated skeletons of an evil species that inhabited this place millennia ago. Escape the dungeon to reach a bridge where a lone SHADOW HUNTER awaits. However, this Shadow Hunter is actually ENNA, controlling his body with her psychic powers. She challenges you to a battle, wielding a SNORLAX empowered by her DEOXYS. Overcome her and proceed to the next area, which is the GHOST ISLAND’s Core.

Here, you’ll meet up with APRIL, who can help you heal your Pokemon and resupply. Together, you’ll engage in several battles against SHADOW HUNTERS in succession. Eventually, you’ll reach the other side of a lake, where an ancient temple is built into the mountain. Your meeting with BRENDAN is brief, as an earthquake splits you apart. Head east within the chamber, where a conflict rages between the Rangers, Shadow Hunters, and Banished Men. Fight your way through these enemies, and at the end, you’ll confront GENERAL STENIX, the leader of the SHADOW HUNTER SQUAD. Defeat him and continue deeper into the temple, where you may encounter MADAME MASQUE, although BRENDAN and APRIL will keep her occupied, allowing you to proceed further into the temple’s depths.

Just outside the temple’s central room, you’ll encounter ENNA, LORD BRAXIS’s daughter and the reigning Pokemon World Champion. However, you won’t be alone in this confrontation. JANE, WADE, and PHILLIP will engage her in battle, keeping her occupied just long enough for you to proceed to the final chamber. Inside, you’ll find the TERRAFORMING MACHINE and KYOGRE. Interact with KYOGRE and engage it in battle (please note that KYOGRE is uncatchable in this battle). By defeating KYOGRE and exhausting it, the Machine becomes inoperable.

Return to your friends, but find them defeated by ENNA, who now challenges you with her notorious DEOXYS. Overcome her DEFENSE FORME DEOXYS, and ENNA will reveal that she transferred DEOXYS’s power to KYOGRE. Unfortunately, this means that the Terraforming Machine can once again be used against CRYSTA. As the Machine activates, quickly exit the central room and make your way to the ladder in the eastern part of the room where ENNA previously battled your friends. The island is collapsing, and you try to escape, but you find yourself unconscious once more.


With the Terraforming Machine in action, chaos reigns. WADE will FLY you to BLUEBELL. Make your way to the Coastal Guard building and speak with your MOM and PROFESSOR RAMA. The Professor will give you his LAPRAS, which can use the SURF move. Use LAPRAS to travel eastward to CRYSTA.

You’ll come across a group of survivors stranded on a tiny island. Help them by defeating the TENTACRUEL that have surrounded their ship, and then inform the officer that they are free to leave. Continue to SURF east until you reach the now submerged CRYSTA. Head south and navigate through the currents until you arrive at a small piece of land that remains. Here, you’ll encounter PHILLIP, who is emotionally devastated and confused, having apparently lost his sisters. He may attack you in his confusion, so be prepared for a battle. After defeating him, watch the scene that marks the end of the first chapter of the game.

                                                        Chapter 2: Foreign Lands


After the destruction of your home, your singular mission is to travel to SAVAHNN, where you will meet Professor RAMA’s old aide, Professor MATKINS, and obtain the REMOTE CONTROLLER. This device has the power to nullify the MEGA TERRAFORMING MACHINE. Begin your journey by traveling from BLUEBELL to ASTRANTIA, utilizing the now-open CYCLING ROAD. Once in ASTRANTIA, make a quick stop at the RANGERS HQ for a meeting with Director HILTON, JANE, and WADE. Afterward, proceed to ASTRANTIA’S PORT. On the northern docks, speak to the sailor, and he will guide you to the ship named S.G. ANNE, which will take you to SAVAHNN.

During your voyage, engage in a discussion with Mr. SIMON. Participate in a betting game that involves battles and riddles. Challenge the individual with glasses who is seated at the same table as Mr. SIMON. Next, face the Nurse and then the Blonde woman. Subsequently, you’ll need to confront a child who is hiding near the craters. Finally, engage in a battle with Mr. SIMON himself. As a reward for your success, he will give you HM SURF. However, the voyage takes an unexpected turn as the ship is attacked by a small team of AQUA Pirates. Defeat them and then speak to the sailor to continue your journey.


You’ve finally arrived at PORTA ARKASIA. Make your way to the laboratory located on the western side of the city, and have a conversation with PROFESSOR MATKINS. He agrees to provide you with the REMOTE CONTROLLER, but he requires some time to retrieve it. Proceed west along the road until you reach the city’s GYM. The Gym Leader here is CROCO-ROKO, specializing in GROUND and ROCK-type POKEMON. During your visit to the Gym, you’ll also encounter RAINER, a member of the ELITE FOUR and the #4 Trainer in the World.

Challenge CROCO-ROKO for the Gym badge and engage in a battle to defeat him. However, he refuses to hand over the badge, prompting you to chase him down. Return to PORTA ARKASIA and head south. The city is currently hosting the annual FOSSIL HUNT competition, and CROCO, along with his team, is participating. Register for the competition in the building and then follow him into the jungle.

Travel south, past the REST CAMP for the competition’s contestants, and continue heading south until you reach AKRA DESERT. Keep moving south and you’ll encounter a sandstorm that requires the use of GO-GOGGLES for safe navigation. Head west and then south to find an entrance to an underground cave. A person here will provide you with the necessary item. With the GO-GOGGLES in hand, you can now traverse the sandstorm.

Continue heading south until you reach an oasis and a significant cave. Although the entrance is guarded, you can enter through the quicksand located next to the cave. Inside, navigate to the main chamber where you’ll encounter CAPTAIN ORANIA, the leader of the Aqua Pirates. She has stolen the OLD AMBER and plans to revive it. After she departs, deactivate the bomb she left behind. As a reward for your efforts, CROCO-ROKO will present you with the EARTHBADGE, and RAINER will provide you with HM FLY.


Return to PORTA ARKASIA and head behind the lab, where you’ll witness PROFESSOR MATKINS and his wife being kidnapped by the Pirates! To proceed, use SURF and travel west. Make your way through ROUTE A and ROUTE B, and you’ll eventually arrive at ALABASTA City. Don’t forget to acquire the SUPER ROD, which is available in the house located north of the city.

In ALABASTA City, visit the saloon and engage in a conversation with CROCO-ROKO. He reveals that he’s also pursuing CAPTAIN ORANIA to recover the stolen OLD AMBER. With this information, you can now proceed to the city’s port and board the ship that will transport you to the AMIRA Islands, where CAPTAIN ORANIA has fled to.
Points of Interest:
Alabasta’s Saloon
Pirate Woods
Pirate Arena


After arriving on AMIRA, head east and then north. You’ll encounter Mr. SIMONS again, who will inform you about trouble on the nearby NEKO Island. Travel north, where you’ll come across a bounty hunter who is after you. Apparently, someone known as the “AMBASSADOR” has placed a bounty on your head. Defeat the bounty hunter and then use SURF to move further north.

On NEKO Island, you’ll meet Mr. SIMONS once more. Proceed to the island’s port and then to the Game Corner, where you should speak to its owner. Afterward, return to Mr. SIMONS and head north to the cape until you reach a warehouse. It seems that, under the orders of the AMBASSADOR, the PIRATES have blockaded this warehouse. Enter the warehouse and make your way to the second floor. However, the AMBASSADOR is a psychic individual who has set a trap for you, and you’ll find yourself trapped in a vision. During this vision, the AMBASSADOR will steal the TEA that the old lady in ROUTE A gave you. To escape the vision, either enter the chapel and engage in battle or turn right and search for the red strelitzia flower, which will help you exit.

After returning to NEKO Town, SURF west and then south to reach the next island, FYTOPIA. The pirates have taken control of this island, so engage them in battles to drive them out of the town. Next, proceed to the eastern docks of the town, where you’ll find the ship belonging to the AMBASSADOR. Enter it and locate the AMBASSADOR’s cabin, where you can use the transporter. This will take you to the peak of a snowy mountain. Follow the route, and you’ll discover a deserted tower. Ascend to the top floor, where you’ll confront the AMBASSADOR. However, it turns out that the AMBASSADOR is actually a SHADOW HUNTER, and you’ll learn that CELEBI has assumed the form of Mr. SIMONS to guide and assist you in retrieving the TEA, which is of some significance.

Return to FYTOPIA and proceed south. Use SURF to head east until you reach the final island, AMIRA. Here, you’ll find that the pirates have established a presence. Battle them to drive them out of town. Then, go to the eastern docks of the town, where you’ll discover Captain ORANIA’s ship. Board it and find her cabin, where you can access a transporter. This will transport you to the peak of a volcano. Traverse the route, battling pirates on your way to the summit, where you’ll finally confront Captain ORANIA. She will reveal her plan to resurrect AERODACTYL from the OLD AMBER and lure out an even greater prize: LUGIA, the Guardian of the Seas. After battling ORANIA, a cutscene will play, revealing that the OLD AMBER is actually a RELICANTH, a dangerous Pokémon from the past. This leads to the emergence of LUGIA, and your mission now is to assist LUGIA in locating and eliminating the RELICANTH. Descend into the cave, where you’ll need to engage in three battles against the growing RELICANTH. Additionally, you’ll hear about the Tree of life, the 4 Masters and the 4 Guardians, and the decline of the species of the ENLIGHTENED MEN that existed before humans.

LUGIA will then return you to the volcano’s summit. Here, PROFESSOR MATKINS will thank you and tell you to go visit him on his lab where he can finally provide you with the REMOTE CONTROLLER. DRAKE AXCEL, JANE’s father and captain of the S.S. CHALLENGER, will apprehend ORANIA and the pirates, effectively ending their reign of terror in SAVAHNN. Return to the town and speak to the sailor next to the port to be transported back to ALABASTA. You can choose to either visit ALABASTA’s GYM for an optional battle against DRAKE or return to PORTA ARKASIA. Return to Porta Arkasia and visit professor Matkins for one last time. Head to the docks of PORTA ARKASIA, where you’ll encounter and battle RUFUS. He will inform you that the UNDERGROUND City has a new KING. After defeating him, speak to the sailor next to the ship that brought you here. This marks the end of the second chapter as you finally return to RHEA.

                                                        Chapter 3: Going North


After returning to RHEA with the REMOTE CONTROLLER, the device crucial to nullifying FREE WING’s MEGA TERRAFORMING MACHINE, you’ll receive a call from Director HILTON. He instructs you to come back to the HQ urgently. Once you arrive there, he explains that during your absence, a major battle took place between the Pokemon Rangers and Free Wings in the northern mountains. The situation remains unclear, with communication from the team being challenging. Therefore, you are tasked with traveling to the North to investigate what happened. Additionally, you need to journey to AZUREA and deliver the device you obtained from SAVAHNN to PROFESSOR RAMA. (Attention: if you can’t proceed with Director Hilton, you must have to patch the game to the version 1.0.3 or later.)

Start by heading to EERIE Town, and from there, go east. Eventually, you’ll reach the Northern Road, the route leading to the KARYAP Monastery, home to the legendary YAMAN MORTAGNE, the #2 Trainer in the world. Follow this route, and you’ll reach a clearing where someone has set a trap for you. It turns out to be ZIZAN, the asshole BUG-MANIAC. Not only does he trap you, but he also steals one of your Pokemon. After escaping his trap, continue north until you reach a wooden bridge where ZIZAN waits for another confrontation. After defeating him once again, he’ll toss your stolen Pokemon into the river as a sore loser. He will soon follow it to the water, however, your immediate concern is to retrieve your Pokemon.


After arriving at the gates of the KARYAP Monastery and dealing with the Gatekeeper, you’ll learn about where you can find your stolen Pokemon and how to challenge the local GYM Leader for your 5th badge. Make your way to a girl practicing running on a trunk in the river. She has discovered your stolen Pokemon while fishing and agrees to return it after a battle with her and her partner.

Proceed to the Monastery’s main building and meet with KARYAP’s Conclave. They explain that the Monastery’s Grandmaster YAMAN is absent, temporarily replaced by his fierce daughter, ARYA. The Conclave informs you about the significant battle that took place between the Rangers and Free Wings up the mountain at an ancient location called DRAGON SANCTUARY. The Monastery remains neutral in this conflict and has temporarily closed the road leading there. To gain access, you must earn the FIREBADGE by completing three ELDER Challenges and defeating ARYA in a battle.

The first challenge involves facing Master SENJI and his partner Master LIJA with two of your Pokemon against two of his. The second challenge is a single Pokemon battle against Master HIMEMOTO, who provides a list of Fighting-type Pokemon you can choose from. You can catch one of these Pokemon in the small forest west of the village. The final challenge is against the “Kuroshinobi” Master HAJAN. He’s hiding somewhere within the Monastery, and your task is to find and battle him. HAJAN is located inside a building on the western part of the Monastery, concealed behind a tile puzzle. Solve the puzzle to reveal a secret doorway, then battle and defeat Master HAJAN.

After completing these challenges, you’ll face ARYA herself for the badge. ARYA follows official battle rules, allowing you to use only three Pokemon with no reviving or healing items other than four FULL RESTORES. Once you defeat her, she will share her reasons for harboring bitterness toward JANE and her friends. ARYA will grant you permission to proceed to the DRAGON SANCTUARY and learn more about what transpired with the Rangers’s battle against the enemy.
Points of Interest:
Karyap’s Fire/Fighting-type Gym (Karyap Monastery)
Monastery’s Library (Karyap Monastery)
The Fairy Queen’s Shrine (Karyap Monastery)


The Dragon Sanctuary is a complex of caves located inside Mountain GRAY. ARYA will give you HM STRENGTH so you can navigate it. Climb up to the mountain and you will find the legendary Pokemon ENTEI blocking your way to the Sanctuary. Its owner is nearby to your left. In the conversation with Grandmaster YAMAN, you will learn that FREE WINGS were after the Protector of the Sanctuary, RAYQUAZA. With the RAYQUAZA captured, FREE WINGS will have the WEATHER TRIO completed and they will be able to fully power-up their machine threatening all RHEA.

You can finally go into the Sanctuary. A hiker will warn you that this place is protected by a spell that evaporates all kinds of REPELS. You can sneak up to 6 REPELS by having your Pokemon holding them (note: having completed the GARDEN OF THE FAIRIES sidequest will allow you to break that spell and pass without your repels evaporating). You have to navigate though the Sanctuary which is a great place to catch some DRAGON-type Pokemon. Near the exit you will encounter and battle a SHADOW HUNTER but you’ll find no trace of your friends the the Pokemon Rangers. Continue on to the exit, which leads you to the FROZEN DUNES.


You find yourself in the northernmost and coldest region of RHEA: the FROZEN DUNES. Proceed east along the route to CHIONA Town. In CHIONA Town, visit the Gym to earn your 7th badge and gather information about the whereabouts of the Pokemon Rangers. The Gym Leader will inform you that they are currently based on the 2nd floor of the local PokeCenter. Head there and locate JANE. She’ll brief you on the situation: The Rangers won their battle against FREE WINGS, but the enemy has managed to capture RAYQUAZA and has fortified themselves inside CASTLE HOUNDBURG, further north. Moreover, they’ve taken BRENDAN and APRIL as hostages, while WADE is nowhere to be found.

Travel north toward the castle. On your way, you’ll encounter a group of UNDERGROUND CITY Bikers who mention that their new KING is in the area as well. When you arrive at the castle’s main gates, you’ll find them locked, as JANE warned you. Fortunately, CELEBI, your tiny guardian, appears once more and guides you inside through a secret door. Once inside, defeat the FREE WING trainers and free the captive Rangers from their cells. JANE and the rest of the team will enter the castle, and your task is to search the rest of the castle for your missing friends and RAYQUAZA. You can heal and resupply from the Rangers guarding the main gate.

Continue battling your way to the upper levels of the castle. Eventually, you’ll reach a dead end. Explore the castle’s library and search for a secret corridor, revealed when you interact with a bookshelf in the lower left part of the library. This leads you to a maze-like area guarded by SHADOW HUNTERS. Find the CASTLE KEY to access the Castle’s throne room. Inside, you’ll finally encounter BRENDAN and APRIL, but they’ve been brainwashed and you must battle them. During your absence, they acquired LATIOS and LATIAS for the DRAGON SANCTUARY, so you must defeat these two legendary Pokemon. Once you do, and help your friends return to their senses, continue further into the castle until you face GENERAL STENIX himself.

Following this battle, a cutscene unfolds in which you learn that PHILLIP, the new Underground King, now controls the fearsome Dragon known as “WINGS OF DEATH,” which has the ability to drain the souls from the bodies of its targets. A final discussion between the Rangers concludes with an agreement to meet at AZUREA City to reunite with Professor RAMA and earn your final badge. Return to CHIONA town and head east to the ICE CAVE. The southern end of the cave leads down to Route 11, the final big route of the region.

Points of interest:
Chiona’s Ice-type Gym (Chiona Town)
Move Deleter (Chiona Town)
Hot Springs
Lake VERA Resorts (Lake Vera)


Travel south, battling every trainer you encounter, including the twin sisters on the bridge. After passing a small garden, continue east, and you’ll eventually arrive at the small village of CRAB. Note that you’ll need to return to this village in the future, but for now, continue on to AZUREA. Here, you’ll have to choose between the mountain or sea route. The sea route is somewhat easier but requires SURF, while the mountain route has more items and trainers to battle. Regardless of your choice, you’ll reach AZUREA City’s golden bridge.

As you enter the city, you’ll meet APRIL and soon after, BRENDAN. One of Professor RAMA’s aides will approach you with the news that the Professor has been kidnapped. Head to Professor RAMA’s lab, located in the north-eastern part of the city, to investigate. Here, you’ll uncover the truth: the aide had assisted a mysterious man in kidnapping the Professor. Professor RAMA was abducted near the city’s STAR CENTER, and you’ll need to visit there to see if you can find any evidence from their security camera recordings.

Make your way to the STAR CENTER, which is located atop the city’s northern heights. To meet the center’s owner, MARION, you’ll need to participate in a competition. Choose a strong Pokemon and battle MARION’s six students in the following order: Karate Girl, Psychic Woman, Free Wings Agent, Pokemon Ranger, Aqua Pirate, and the Camper Girl. Finally, defeat MARION herself. She will reward you and grant you access to the Center’s control room. Here, you’ll discover that the Professor was kidnapped by an AQUA Pirate, who is currently holding him hostage in the city’s LIGHTHOUSE.

Exit the city from the north and cross the bridge. You’ll find the path to the LIGHTHOUSE on your right. Although BRENDAN and APRIL are already waiting for you outside the LIGHTHOUSE, you’ll notice that it’s blocked by a psychic barrier. APRIL mentions that only a Psychic-type Pokemon can get you past this barrier, and BRENDAN suggests seeking out a psychic woman who lives on an island north of CRAB village. Return to CRAB village (you can choose a different route this time) and use SURF to reach the small island to the north. The woman living on the island is none other than MORGANA, and she agrees to help you. Return to the LIGHTHOUSE, whose interior is now accessible, and make your way to the upper floor. Here, you’ll discover that the kidnapper is none other than GRAY, PROFESSOR RAMA’s son. Additionally, you’ll learn that MORGANA is Gray’s mother, who abandoned him when he was a child. Engage in a battle with Gray and watch the subsequent cutscene.

Once the LIGHTHOUSE situation is resolved, return to the lab and hand the device to Professor RAMA. Visit your mom (her house is located in the southern part of the city), and then proceed to the Gym to challenge JANE, the Gym Leader, for your 8th and final badge. You’ll need to battle her using one of BRENDAN’s and APRIL’s Pokemon along with one of yours. You’ve now completed your journey around RHEA, and it’s time to prepare for the Pokemon World Championship!

Points of interest:
Azurea’s Water-Type Gym (Azurea City)
Star Center (Azurea City)
Mom’s new house (Azurea City)
Anomaly Enquirer’s Bunker (Azurea City)
Azurea’s Lighthouse (Route 11)
Old Fortress (Route 11)


Now you have to take part in the Championship and ensure you are one of the top 16 trainers who will have the chance to travel with Captain DRAKE on the S.S. CHALLENGER to ELYSIUM. Head to ASTRANTIA and then west to Route 5. The road to BATTLE COLOSSEUM is now open. Before you proceed, you have to register yourself at the nearby office. Then go to the huge building that will host the games, where you’ll have an encounter with ZIZAN and WANDA, the #7 Trainer in the world. Get inside the COLOSSEUM and go up to the 3rd floor, to the Trainers’ booth. There you’ll see PHILLIP, who’s having an argument with WADE, and you’ll first meet ALLEN, the #6 Trainer in the world and the rival of WADE. Go to the table that WADE has reserved for you, and soon the championship ceremony will start. The World Pokemon Association’s President, MAXIMUS, will explain the rules of the Championship. In the 1st round, you have to give 5 battles, and you have to win at least 4 to qualify. Your first battle is against PHILLIP in the PREMIER Battle of the Championship. Select 3 of your Pokemon (the entire Championship follows the rule of no reviving or healing items, only 4 FULL RESTORES are allowed) and head to the Main Arena for the PREMIER BATTLE. Defeat PHILLIP’s first two Pokemon. He will be forced to use his terrifying DRAGON Pokemon, HYDREIGON. The chilling and terrible aura of that creature will make you and many of the spectators lose consciousness. You’ll wake up at the president’s office having learned that you technically lost the battle. You have to win all of the remaining four.

Return to your table at the Trainers’ Booth and then go and speak to the receptionist to learn about your next opponent, ELLARIA, in the – very convenient for her – water room. Defeat her and return to the booth and the receptionist. Your next opponent is DIXON, the #8 Trainer in the world. Having such bad luck in the selection of your opponents, WADE suspects foul play. Get outside the building and meet him; he is waiting for you near the sea. You’ll have to SURF west to a small village named SMATA, where W.P.A. has hidden the Generator that randomly draws every trainer’s opponents in the championship. WADE was right. A duo of ex-FREE WINGS agents had sabotaged your draw, making you face the hardest opponents. Battle and defeat them. After this event, President MAXIMUS will ensure that you’ll have a fair draw from now on, but you have to face DIXON regardless. Return to the COLOSSEUM and defeat DIXON, and the next two relatively unknown trainers to qualify for the second round on the next floor.

On the next floor, BRENDAN will lead you to the private booth that WADE has reserved for all of you. APRIL will refuse to join you. Now you have to engage in two more battles, one with 3 Pokemon and the other with 4. Your opponents will be VIRGIL and ORAN. Before your battle with ORAN, WADE’s rival ALLEN will invite you to his room and propose an alliance with you. You will refuse, and he, ever annoyed, will challenge you to a 1vs1 battle. You will choose one of your Pokemon, but he will cheat and use 3 of his strongest ones. Once you lose that battle, return to the BATTLE COLOSSEUM and WADE’s room. Defeat ORAN, and then it’s time for the final battle on the building’s top arena!

Find your way to the upper floor. You will split with BRENDAN and WADE as you have to go to the arena on the upper floor, through the door on your right. APRIL is on your floor but has apparently allied herself with ALLEN. As you wait for your battle to begin, go to the COLOSSEUM’s rooftop for an interaction with PHILLIP and WANDA. Your next battle will be announced! You are going to battle ZIZAN, the Bug-Maniac, and shut his mouth once and for all. Choose 5 of your Pokemon and enter the arena. He will, of course, cheat by having the building’s anti-fire sprinklers pour water on the arena to weaken the FIRE-type attacks against his Pokemon. Defeat that asshole and meet your family and PROFESSOR RAMA. You have qualified for the Top 16 Trainers in the world and earned the right to board the legendary S.S CHALLENGER.

Finish your business in RHEA (if you have any) and head to ASTRANTIA’s PORT. On the western docks, bid a final goodbye to your mothers and receive some advice from Director HILTON and PROFESSOR RAMA. ELYSIUM island is not only the location of the Championship Final but also the largest CORE in the world. FREE WINGS plan to place their MEGA TERRAFORMING MACHINE there, and you, along with the Pokemon Rangers, will stop them. Follow BRENDAN to the ship to end Chapter 3.

                                                        PATCHING THE FILE/PART B

Step 1: Save a new SAVE STATE (use the Emulator’s saving utility, NOT the ROM’s SAVE option from the game menu) when the game prompts you with the “SAVE NOW!” message. Keep that save file in a folder somewhere.
Step 2: PATCH the second file, PART B or FILE B, to a clean ROM.
Step 3: Load the save state you stored in step 1.
Step 4: If everything goes well, you will find yourself inside S.S CHALLENGER’s interior. Save a NEW save state and continue to Chapter 4.

                                                        Chapter 4: Elysium


Chapter 4 starts aboard CAPTAIN DRAKE’s legendary ship: S.S CHALLENGER! The ship has left RHEA for its 2-day journey to ELYSIUM. Go to the ship’s PokeCenter and heal your Pokemon. Exit the center and head to the left upstairs. Follow the corridor to the end and you will reach the room where the rest of the TOP-16 Trainers have gathered. Have a chat with them if you like and then speak to WADE who will tell you that he has info about a possible FREE WINGs spy somewhere on the ship. The W.P.A Admin will begin the draw that will determine the brackets and the pairs of the finals. You are going to face your friendly WANDA, #7 trainer of the world. The ceremony ends and WADE invites you to his cabin to discuss about the matters at hand.

Go down to the level where the PokemonCenter is located. On the southern part of the level there are two doors that lead to the trainer’s cabins. Find WADE’s room, it is one of the southern cabins, second from the right. WADE will brief you, BRENDAN and APRIL about ELYSIUM and the spy on the ship. He will also warn you about WANDA and her powerful HAXORUS. Once BRENDAN and APRIL are gone, speak with WADE for some more dialogue and then head to your cabin. You own cabin is located on the northern part of the room, first door from the left. Go to your bed, to end the 1st night aboard S.S CHALLENGER.


The morning arrives, and BRENDAN bursts into your room, waking you up from your sleep. He informs you that the ship has docked at the final port before ELYSIUM: FLORTA PORT. This port is located on the island of FLORTA, one of the THERIAN Islands, a renowned vacation resort. You disembark from the ship and have a conversation with BRENDAN and APRIL. The Championship battles are scheduled for the evening, granting you a full day to explore the islands and relax.

As you explore FLORTA, head towards the LIGHTHOUSE, which also serves as the local Police Department. Here, you encounter an irate individual named KEVAN, passionately mumbling about some sort of excavation. Enter the LIGHTHOUSE and ascend to the top floor, where you find BRENDAN’s newest friend, STEPHIE, in a heated argument with her older sister, Police Chief LAUREL. After a brief argument and a battle to demonstrate your capabilities, Chief LAUREL permits STEPHIE, BRENDAN, and you to investigate KEVAN’s activities, ensuring that his plan to excavate the legendary THERIAN GODS, entities that shaped these islands eons ago, does not come to fruition.

Depart FLORTA and travel north, eventually reaching a renowned tavern known as “THE PRANCING PONYTA.” Here, you discover that KEVAN is indeed involved in something suspicious and is presently on IOVA island, located to the north of FLORTA. Leave the tavern and head towards the UNION BRIDGE to the left. You’ll witness KEVAN hiring a group of former AQUA Pirates as his private militia. Continue along the road to your left, leading to the town of MERNA, known for its mercenaries. It appears KEVAN has acquired DRILLS for the excavation of the GODS. Contrary to STEPHIE’s belief, this excavation will transpire on MIRIN ISLAND, not LPATA ISLAND. Depart through the northern gates and embark on a journey across the water, ultimately reaching the midpoint of ROUTE 4. From there, use SURF to sail eastward and arrive at MIRIN Island.

Continue eastwards, leaving the town and go up to the grassy heights. Head north until you reach the island’s highest point, then use SURF to travel eastward. You’ll encounter STEPHIE and BRENDAN in conversation with the Pirates, who have set a trap. Fortunately, a fellow TOP-16 Trainer, Ninja HARAN, helps you escape. It turns out the claims of the excavation taking place on MIRIN island were false, and he and his gang are actually on LPATA island. Return to MIRIN town and ROUTE 4, then use SURF to go north.

Battle the Aqua Pirates as you make your way to LPATA town, where KEVAN has already begun his excavation in an untouched tomb. Inside, the Pirates block your path with their Pokémon. Find an alternative route to the east within the cave, defeating the remaining Pirates. Eventually, you’ll reach the tomb’s central chamber, where the three THERIAN GODS slumber in statue-like forms. KEVAN reveals his ambition to rule the islands using these three Pokémon. Approach the throne, and a battle against KEVAN and the three THERIAN Gods will commence. After defeating him, Chief LAUREL arrives to apprehend KEVAN. Now, ensure the three Pokémon leave the tomb to restore peace to LPATA island. Choose one of LANDORUS (Orange), THUNDURUS (Blue), or TORNADUS (Gray) to either battle or capture. Following the battle and the welcoming return of peace on the islands, exit the tomb and meet up with HARAN, who surprisingly turns out to be a disguised ARYA MORTAGNE, the daughter of KARYAP’s Grandmaster YAMAN.

Return to FLORTA to bid a final farewell to STEPHIE and Chief LAUREL before reboarding the ship. It’s time for the Championship Battles.

Points of Interest:
Police Lighthouse (Florta Port)
The Prancing Ponyta Tavern (Florta Island)
MILTANK Farm (Feta Island)
Mirin’s non-official Normal-type GYM (Mirin Island)
Mercenaries’ Lounge (Merna Town – Iova Island)
Galdor Estate (Iona Island – Sidequest)


Now it’s time to face WANDA and secure your spot in the Top 8 of the Championship. Head upstairs to the newly accessible room where the arenas are located. The battles will be split into two waves, and you are in the second one. While waiting for your battle, strike up conversations with the other trainers. Eventually, the ADMIN will announce that the time to battle has come.

Once you enter the arena, make sure to store all your healing and reviving items using the PC. This battle against WANDA will be a 5 vs. 5 encounter. Once you defeat her and exchange goodbyes, return to the room where you initially gathered to watch the bracket draw. The ADMIN will update the pairings, confirming your next opponent, your rival, APRIL. Once the briefing ends, Captain DRAKE will invite to his cabin for a battle. Before you head there, you canNavigate up to the ship’s deck through the ladder, near the store room that is infested by RATICATES. After a short interaction with APRIL, exit the deck and head to the eastern sector of the ship. It will be easy to find the captain’s cabin. DRAKE will challenge you to a battle. Follow him outside and facing him. After the battle, speak with him and he will give you HM WATERFALL. Return to your cabin and to your bed.

Upon waking, head back up to the ship’s deck. Unfortunately, your friend BRENDAN appears very ill. ARYA suspects he may have been poisoned, and APRIL rushes him to the ship’s medical center, located on the second floor of the ship’s PokeCenter. Accompany them to the medical center to find out more. WADE speculates that Lady MRALIA is the FREE WINGS spy, possibly LADY MASQUE in disguise. While ARYA is busy preparing an antidote for BRENDAN, both you and WADE decide to search for Lady MRALIA.

Begin your search by checking her cabin. Look for the cabin that faces north, it’s the fourth room from the left. Inside, you will discover a peculiar sphere. Investigate this ancient artifact by touching it. However, be cautious, as it turns out to be a trap—an ancient mind prison. You must engage in a mental game called Take One – Take Two to outwit the current prisoner (check the puzzle guide for tips on solving this mini-game). Once you successfully return to your own body, go back to the medical center. While BRENDAN is recovering, he’s not in a condition to battle Lady MRALIA/MASQUE. However, you decide to take his place in this confrontation.

Head to the upper deck and enter the arenas (accessible now). Equip your rival’s Pokemon to your party and allow ARYA to disguise you as BRENDAN. To make the disguise more convincing, BRENDAN’s guardian LATIOS will assist you. Now, go face Lady MASQUE while posing as BRENDAN. After defeating her, she departs, leaving behind an indirect threat. Once you return to your own clothes and return BRENDAN’s Pokemon, exit the arena.

A sailor informs you that there’s trouble in the ship’s engine room, which is located on the eastern sector of the ship via an accessible ladder. In the engine room, you discover that FREE WINGS agents have infiltrated the ship in an attempt to sabotage it. Defeat these agents, leaving WADE to defuse the bomb while you work on restoring the ship’s navigational system (by solving an easier version of the tower of Hanoi puzzle). MADAME MASQUE escapes using a submarine, but S.S CHALLENGER and everyone aboard are safe.

Return to the arena to witness PHILLIP defeating ARYA. Now, it’s time for your match. But before it begins, go to the ship’s bow to respond to the call of an old friend: LUGIA. The legendary bird decides to join you temporarily. Then return to the arena to face APRIL. This is a 6-vs-6 Pokemon battle with the usual rule of only four FULL RESTORES allowed. After defeating her and BRENDAN’s speech, APRIL finally reconciles with you. Follow her to her cabin (southern part, 4th from the left), where she entrusts you with her Guardian: LATIAS.

Now, return to the arena to watch the final battle between WADE and ALLEN, which WADE wins. Congratulations! You, WADE, BRENDAN, and PHILLIP are the trainers who will advance to ELYSIUM for the Finals against the ELITE FOUR. Return to your cabin and get some rest; this is your last night aboard the ship.


The S.S CHALLENGER has docked on ELYSIUM. Disembark from the ship, and a guard will welcome you to ELYSIUM’s CAMP A, where you will have one day of rest before the finals. Traverse the underground tunnel to reach the camp. Here, PRESIDENT MAXIMUS will give you an official welcome, and DAISY will provide a tour of the facilities.

Enter the Administration building and proceed to President MAXIMUS’ office. Here, he will explain all the necessary rules and the format of the Finals. You and BRENDAN have been selected to give an exhibition battle. After leaving the building, head to the small arena below. You’ll be paired with MORGANA, who will lend you her MEGA BANNETE. Defeat BRENDAN and then visit WADE’s house for a strategy meeting with JANE. It turns out that once the Finals begin, you will need to help the rest of the team gain access to the island’s interior. Exit WADE’s room and speak with BRENDAN. Then, return to your room and try to get some good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, that won’t happen as you witness a nightmare involving CELEBI and a TREE.

The next day arrives, and everyone is prepared for the Finals. Store your REVIVAL items in your PC, purchase any other necessary items, make your final preparations, and select your best 6 Pokemon. The opening ceremony commences, and shortly afterward, you find yourself teleported into ELYSIUM’s jungles. The Finals have officially begun! Head down to the small field with cute PARASECTS wandering around and proceed to the first ladder you encounter (there’s also a shorter route going straight ahead that requires HM STRENGTH). Descend into the hole leading to the PARASECT colony and find your way out on the other side. Continue east and then north until you reach the first checkpoint. If all your Pokemon faint and you need to return to the Pokemon Center, you can use the teleporting tile in CAMP-A to return to the last checkpoint.

Continue your journey by moving east and then north until you arrive at a location known as THE SUN’S VALLEY. Enter the valley and look for the checkpoint situated east of your current position. There, you will meet JANE, who will guide you to the PASSAGE CAVE. Defeat the mercenaries of W.P.A and assist the Rangers in gaining access to the Valley. Director HILTON and Professor RAMA will explain the plan: they intend to install the REMOTE CONTROLLER on a hill called HILL-101. Once the device is operational, FREE WINGS will no longer be able to use the MEGA TERRAFORMING MACHINE. Your mission is to reach that hill as well.

All the RANGERS have been ordered to proceed to that location and safeguard the device. Return west and follow the road north, deeper into the VALLEY, until you reach another checkpoint. Soon, you will encounter one of the ELITE FOUR members, RAINER, who is battered and exhausted. He informs you that he is being pursued by the SHADOW HUNTERS. Head west and then turn south, passing the souless bodies of FREE WING agents -victims of PHILLIP’s HYDREIGON- until you reach the coastline. Use SURF to reach the nearby island. On this island, you’ll discover a cave where FREE WINGS have stationed the submarines that transported them here. Defeat their agents in the cave and secure their submarines, effectively cutting off their only means of escape. Exit the cave and SURF north toward HILL-101.


Make your way to the summit of HILL-101. The REMOTE CONTROLLER must remain active, and after a strategy meeting with the Director, you are designated as the leader of the hill’s defenses, with JANE remaining behind as the last line of defense. Descend the hill and head north. FREE WINGS have initiated their assault, and they will attempt to breach your defensive line at the three bridges. Defeat them, and soon you’ll receive orders to launch a counterattack against the enemy camp located to the north. Proceed to the camp and witness a cutscene where ARYA and APRIL open the camp’s gates for you. Search for the enemy leader, LORD BRAXIS. Engage his bodyguards in battle, and he will flee to the caves beside the mountain ATERRA. Pursue him inside the cave, and you’ll come to an intersection. You and ARYA will take the right path while APRIL and BRENDAN follow the left path.

Upon leaving the cave, you’ll discover that ARYA is missing. Suspecting she fell victim to a teleportation trap, head to the high ground to the north, then turn west. In a cutscene, you’ll encounter PHILLIP, who battles BRENDAN. You need to return to the intersection and follow the left path to locate BRENDAN. However, you’ll be ambushed by a team of SHADOW HUNTERS and their new ally, ALLEN. ALLEN will use the captive RAYQUAZA to battle you. Defeat him and witness the subsequent cutscene. Retrieve RAYQUAZA’s Pokeball from the ground and rush back to BRENDAN, who now lies lifeless, another victim of HYDREIGON. Before you can process your shock, you’ll receive an emergency call from JANE, who requires assistance back at HILL-101.

Return to the hill, and on your way, you’ll witness a cutscene in which ENNA herself decides to enter the battle. After the cutscene concludes, head back to the checkpoint and begin your ascent of the hill. You’ll have to battle the SHADOW HUNTERS guarding the route. Unfortunately, they will manage to kidnap Professor RAMA. JANE and ENNA are locked in a climactic battle, but before you can intervene, you fall into another trap that teleports you away.

You’ll find yourself trapped inside an ancient ENLIGHTENED MEN’s shrine. Luckily, a peculiar CHATOT that can speak human language can assist you! Examine the statue to proceed. To do so, you’ll need to insert a coin into it. However, before that, you have to locate one. The coin is hidden within the walls (refer to the puzzle solutions document). Once you retrieve it from the broken section of the wall, return to the statue, insert the coin, and then take 8 steps to the right. Pass through the wall to your freedom. Exit the shrine, SURF to the opposite side of the river and watch a cutscene featuring YAMAN MORTAGNE and MADAME MASQUE.

Continue to the next checkpoint, where you’ll encounter a group of W.P.A mercenaries and RAINER. RAINER has been defeated by WADE and is relieved to be out of the Tournament. To earn the right to enter CAMP-B, you’ll need to find an opponent. Near the checkpoint, there is a small ladder that appears to lead to nowhere. Investigate the spot, and a cave entrance will appear. Enter it, and you’ll soon meet YAMAN. After an argument, YAMAN will invite you deeper into the cave. He explains that FREE WINGS have blackmailed him with the life of his daughter, ARYA, and he is compelled to battle you. Win your battle against his FIRE Pokémon. Congratulations! You are now a member of the newest ELITE-FOUR! More importantly, you are allowed to enter CAMP-B and continue the story.


Inside the camp, heal your Pokémon at the PokeCenter and proceed to the administrative building in the northern part of the camp. President MAXIMUS is determined to keep the Championship running with you, WADE, PHILLIP, and ENNA as the semi-finalists, despite the massive battle between the Pokémon Rangers and Free Wings. However, he promises to inform you about JANE’s whereabouts after her battle with ENNA since she is currently missing. Give him some time and head to the PokeCenter’s second floor to speak with WADE. BRENDAN remains hospitalized and unresponsive to his surroundings, along with other victims of PHILLIP’s Hydreigon. Exit the building and go through the narrow passage below. Head west and enter the TRANSMISSION TOWER. On the top floor, you will encounter PHILLIP, who appears entirely consumed by HYDREIGON’s influence. Now it’s time to return to President MAXIMUS.

The President is absent, but you now have access to his private quarters. To progress, you must solve a mini-puzzle in the room. Start by retrieving a CD disk from the plant on the far right of the room. Next, locate the password, which is “PAR,” from the monitor on the table. Finally, use the password on the laptop to unlock the entrance to a secret passage. Follow the passage to find yourself in a strange cave with walls and ground that have a peculiar shiny blue-ish hue. This place is called JADE CAVE. Be cautious of teleport traps in this cave. Eventually, you’ll arrive at a location with a strange well in the ground. MADAME MASQUE will invite you to follow her if you wish to save JANE, and you have no choice but to comply. Proceed along the linear path, witnessing moments from JANE’s life, until you finally encounter her at the end. JANE is behaving oddly, and you can’t help but suspect that she is MADAME MASQUE once more in disguise. Engage in battle with “JANE” and KYOGRE. After your victory, you’ll receive KYOGRE (locked in a Pokéball for now), but you’re not out of the trap yet. ENNA appears in the area and commands her DEOXYS to attack and eliminate you. Your ever-present guardian, CELEBI, intervenes in the nick of time to save you, although it ends up being captured.

You find yourself in an unknown location somewhere on the island. The talking CHATOT reappears and encourages you to follow it to finally uncover more about certain past events. First, head to the nearby PokeCenter to heal. While you’re there, you feel a tremor, indicating that the MEGA TERRAFORMING MACHINE has been activated despite your possession of RAYQUAZA and KYOGRE. Return to CHATOT, and it will teleport you to a place known as Hidden Valley.

Once you’re in the valley, follow the path behind the waterfall to the east, then navigate to the east-northern part of the valley. Pass the berry crops and make your way up to the treehouse. Here, you’ll encounter the talking CHATOT, which will transform into an old man. The old man goes by the name AZIHA and invites you to accompany him into the cave behind his house. Inside the cave, you’ll find ancient wall paintings that narrate the story of the TREE of LIFE and its ancient battle against THE DARK ONE and its followers, a conflict that took place thousands of years ago. Additionally, you’ll part ways with LUGIA and LATIAS as they sense that their brother LATIOS is in danger and need to depart to assist him. Now, AZIHA assigns you a new task: locate the abandoned laboratory hidden somewhere within the valley. Your mission is to uncover the events that transpired more recently, around 100 years ago.

Head to the western part of the valley and climb the stairs. There is a hole in the rock where you can place the key to uncover the secret door of the lab. On the first level, you’ll encounter a puzzle. Retrieve the Generator Card from the south-eastern section of this level and activate the Generator located in the opposite room. Then proceed to the central room and solve the puzzle to unlock the door (refer to the Guidelines and Puzzle Solutions document for details). Descend to the lower levels of the lab. On the lowest level, in the residential area, make your way to the door that leads to the small shrine to obtain the key and uncover the shocking truth: the woman in the white was actually a scientist named Dr. EVANS. Return to the residential area and enter the laboratory (now that the door is unlocked). Locate the final room and confront REGIGAS, who has been in slumber down there for almost a century. As you face REGIGAS, you’ll experience a vision that reveals the connection between ENNA and Dr. EVANS. In this vision, you’ll follow Dr. EVANS to a cave known as THE CRADLE, the very place where the TREE OF LIFE is hidden. Tragically, ENNA will kill Dr. EVANS on the spot. However, you’ve managed to obtain the coordinates for the location of this significant place. Return to AZIHA’s treehouse and piece together the information you’ve gathered. Your mission now is to locate the TREE OF LIFE. Follow AZIHA outside to the valley’s exit, which is located west of the house. You’re now ready to go out onto the island once more, in search of a map or GPS device that will aid you in pinpointing the TREE’s exact location.


The island has undergone a dramatic transformation. Utilizing the power of the MEGA TERRAFORMING MACHINE and CELEBI’s abilities, ENNA, now referred to as THE DARK ONE, has reshaped the landscape into a nightmarish dystopia. Follow the road and confront the BANISHED MEN and THE SHADOW HUNTERS obstructing your path. Eventually, you’ll arrive at a crossroads where MORGANA will provide you with the latest updates. It appears that THE DARK ONE has resurrected its three most formidable generals, who are now hunting down any humans they encounter on the island. MORGANA will also disclose the whereabouts of the REFUGEE CAMP, located to the west of this crossroads. Your destination is the camp, hidden inside a hill. There’s a path seemingly obstructed by a rock wall, but in reality, it’s an illusion created by MORGANA to conceal the camp’s entrance. Inside the camp, you’ll reunite with APRIL and receive an account of the events that unfolded during your absence. Proceed to the eastern section of the camp, where you’ll find Director HILTON’s office. There, with the help of a GPS map, and by providing the coordinates, you’ll unveil the precise location of the TREE OF LIFE: near the summit of MT. ATERRA.

Return to the crossroads and head north. You’ll encounter two roads: one that takes you through the mountain, focused on lore and puzzles, and another that involves scaling the mountain and facing many of THE DARK ONE’s servants. Regardless of the path you choose, you’ll eventually reach a valley filled with Dark Temples and tall grass. Here, you’ll run into WADE and come close to encountering one of THE DARK ONE’s generals: The BONECRUSHER WARIMO. Follow Wade into the temple and make your way to the other side. Up ahead is an even larger temple, serving as the enemy’s command center. While the place is guarded, CAPTAIN DRAKE and the S.S CHALLENGER’s crew will arrive to assist you in gaining entry. With the combined efforts of WADE, YAMAN, MORGANA, and DRAKE, fight your way through and head to the upper level of the temple.

YAMAN will present you with the GROUDONBALL, completing your possession of all three members of the WEATHER TRIO. Then proceed to the final chamber, where you’ll face THE DARK ONE’s fourth general, GRAY, who happens to be Professor RAMA’s and MORGANA’s son. Despite his parents’ attempts to bring him back to the right path, he’ll refuse and challenge you to a battle. You’ll ultimately defeat GRAY, and in a moment of remorse, he’ll reveal that prisoners are being held in the temple’s dungeons. Head back to the first level and approach the northern door in the chamber. Descend to the dungeons, where you’ll encounter WARIMO. WADE will assist you in defeating this formidable creature. In his rage, WARIMO will injure GRAY, but MORGANA will step in and eliminate the beast. Proceed to the cells and release JANE, ARYA, and the other prisoners who have been held captive.

Return upstairs and gather your allies for a final meeting. JANE and ARYA are suffering from a plague created by one of THE DARK ONE’s generals, which has also infected WADE. You’ll reveal that you need to reach the mountain’s summit to find the TREE, and Professor RAMA will provide you with a MASTERBALL for use at the right moment. Keeping the MASTERBALL until you find the TREE will make your life way easier. Exit the temple from the north and begin your ascent of the mountain. You’ll notice that a number of dark Unown are flying towards the mountain’s peak. After some time, you’ll encounter another DARK GENERAL, NESNOR, the King of the Underworld. He’ll ambush you with an army of BANISHED MEN, but fortunately, they will suddenly disintegrate. NESNOR will flee, but this won’t be the last time you encounter him. Keep following the path until you meet up with WADE, MORGANA, and GRAY. Traverse the snowy and icy terrain until you reach the entrance to the UNDERWORLD.

Enter this dark realm, where you’ll encounter many wandering souls. Something terrible has occurred. Head south in the cave and witness a cutscene with NESNOR and PHILLIP. Battle your way deeper into the Underworld until you reach a room where NESNOR has imprisoned LUGIA, LATIAS, and LATIOS. NESNOR will propose an alliance to stop PHILLIP, who has opened a rupture to the island’s CORE. You’ll refuse the alliance but are determined to halt PHILLIP’s plans. Continue onward and enter the next two small caves you find. In the first, you’ll be transported to a somber version of CRYSTA for a final farewell to BRENDAN. In the next one, WADE, who is ill and exhausted, will bid farewell to his mother. Now, it’s time to confront PHILLIP, who has caused the rupture in search of his sisters. Engage in a climactic battle with him. WADE will provide support with his KELDEO, and you’ll face off against MEGA HYDREIGON. Once you defeat PHILLIP, HYDREIGON will weaken and disappear. PHILLIP will finally have the chance to say goodbye to his sisters and seal the fissure. However, NESNOR will ambush you at that moment. Fortunately, GRAY will release LUGIA, LATIAS, and LATIOS, and they will join forces with you to defeat the second of THE DARK ONE’s generals, eliminating him once and for all.


Exit the Underworld through the northern gate. In the intersection, head east toward the CRADLE, where the TREE is hidden. Unfortunately, WADE is not in a condition to follow you, so leave him behind and proceed eastward. To enter the place, you’ll need to climb through the hole above the cave, as the old door is blocked by rocks. Exit the room, and you’ll find yourself in a vast underground chamber with a lake of poisoned water at its center. You need to cross the lake and reach the small island on it, and to do that, you’ll need to rebuild a bridge located just behind Dr. EVAN’s tombstone. You’ll need to find three pieces to reconstruct the bridge, which are located on the northwestern, northeastern, and southeastern sides of the chamber. Once the bridge is complete, cross to the island and enter the small cave where you’ll encounter the third and final of THE DARK ONE’s generals: HANDU. He is responsible for the plague that has infected numerous humans around the island and is a master of Poison-type Pokémon. Defeat him and exit the cave to the north, where you’ll finally find the last gate. You’ve had the key with you all along, so unlock the gate, enter the chamber, and meet the TREE.

The TREE of LIFE will share insights about the circle of life and your enemy. It will take on the form of the Pokémon XERNEAS, and now you need to catch it using the MASTERBALL. (If you’ve used up the MASTERBALL, you can try using ULTRABALLS. There’s a teleportation tile in the northeastern part of the room with the TREE). With XERNEAS by your side, return to the intersection and follow the other path back to the summit. THE TREE will unlock the balls containing KYOGRE, GROUDON, and RAYQUAZA, and they will join you for the final battle. You are now near the summit, and you’ll come across a small camp set up by Captain DRAKE’s crew. Here, you can have a final conversation with your allies, resupply, and rest.

Now, it’s time for the ultimate battle. Proceed upward and meet GRAY. Apparently, THE DARK ONE is constructing an impenetrable dome at the mountain’s peak to protect the Machine forever, continuing the process of terraforming and engulfing the world in darkness. To enter the fortress, you’ll need to bring XERNEAS and five LEGENDARY POKEMON with you, without the use of healing or reviving items. Equip your POKEMON with six such items of your choice and enter the fortress. Here, you’ll face DEOXYS in its three formes (SPEED and ATTACK & DEFENSE in a standard battle). They will attempt to weaken your POKEMON, but keep XERNEAS alive no matter what. You can also visit a place called ECHO CALLED, which serves as a diary of THE DARK ONE. In the last room, the product of the DARK ONE’s 60+ years old on War Golem research will be the penultimate obstacle before the final victory. This Golem is designed to specifically counter XERNEAS, so use your other pokemon to take it out. (Physical moves are recommeneded for this battle).

Finally, the ultimate confrontation has arrived. THE DARK ONE, taking on the form of ENNA, stands before you, protecting the Machine with the captive CELEBI that powers it. It will unleash the real form of DEOXYS as its sword and its oldest child, METASTACIA, as its shield. DEOXYS is only vulnerable to FAIRY-type moves, while METASTACIA will block any attack targeting it. Therefore, your strategy should involve defeating METASTACIA first and having XERNEAS take down DEOXYS. After winning the battle, THE DARK ONE will disintegrate and fade away, returning the world to its normal state. Bid your farewells to the TREE and reunite with your friends and allies for a final celebration. Congratulations, you’ve saved the world!


You’re finally back in RHEA and Azurea City. Speak to your mom about your upcoming battle with WADE and head out to meet APRIL. JANE is waiting for you at the GYM, which you can enter through a door at the back. After a humorous conversation with JANE and BRENDAN, it’s time for your battle against WADE, which will serve as an unofficial Championship Final. WADE is waiting for you at Azurea’s Golden Bridge, and you’ll have to face him without XERNEAS, the WEATHER TRIO, and LATIOS. He has the 4 Swords of Justice so the battle is not going to be easy. Defeat him, and that’s it! Bid a final farewell to the region of RHEA and these characters. I want to express a big thanks for playing, and I hope you thoroughly enjoyed this adventure! It’s the end of Pokemon Elysium.