Pokemon Emerald Encore Edition Move Changes

Pokemon Emerald Encore Edition is a hack of Emerald that seeks to touch up some of the game while preserving the original feel. This include buffing weaker Pokémon, adding buffs that came from future generations, and tweaking a handful of Trainers. Certain Pokémon have gotten type changes, their availability altered, and a small group of older Pokémon have been added to flesh out the region a bit more.

Air CutterFlying6095%25High Crit Rate
Leech LifeBug80100%10Heal Half Damage
BounceFlying9085%152-Turn, Paralysis chance
Rock ThrowRock50100%20
FlyFlying90100%152 Turn
Weather BallNormal75100%10Changes on Weather
Future SightPsychic80100%15Damage in 2 turns
UproarNormal70100%102-5 no Sleep
Leaf BladeGrass80100%20High Crit Rate
ThiefDark60100%25Steals Item