Rockman 7 Shukumei no Taiketsu Cheat Codes

Rockman 7 Shukumei no Taiketsu or ロックマン7 宿命の対決! is an action platform video game developed and published by Capcom for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It is the seventh game in the original Mega Man series. The game was released in Japan on March 24, 1995 and was localized later in the year in North America and Europe.

Main Code

7E19EE01boss energy gauge 1
7E0C2FFFinvinciblePass through enemies/translucent
7E0C2E1CLife does not decrease
7E0BA6E7Number of screws: 999
7E0B8109Number of aircraft left: 9
7E0C7700Super Rockman can fly infinitely

Special weapons

I recommend you use it to defeat boss

7E0B859Cfreeze crackersenergy is limitless
7E0B879Cthunder strike
7E0B899Cjunk shield
7E0B8B9Cburning wheel
7E0B8D9Cslash claw
7E0B8F9Ccrash noise
7E0B919Cdanger wrap
7E0B939Cwild coil
7E0B959Cblues shield
7E0B979Crush search
7E0B999Crush jet
7E0B9B9Crush coil
7E0B9D9CBeat (Is there a bug?)
7E0B9F9Csuper rockman adapter

Code for item 

7E0BA0044 E cans
7E0BA1044 W cans
7E0BA2011 S can
7E0BA4FFItems other than those listed above+01h=R plate
+02h=U plate
+04h=S plate
+08h=H plate
+10h=Lightot’s screw (not displayed on item screen)
+40h=Hyper Rocket Buster
+80h=Energy Balancer

Funny code 

7E0C5FFFSuper lock buster automatic fireDoes not fire automatically while holding down Y
7E0C2963Jump freely
7E0C1AFFsuper jumpIt also comes with a slow fall, but be careful as it will fall quickly if you take damage.
7E0C0950self-destructWhen you can’t proceed \(^o^)/ When
7E0C1073move while sliding
7E0C08xxRockman’s position fixedThe higher the value, the lower the value.
7E0C0650Move to the right without permission
7E0B52xxsome sound effectVarious sound effects are produced by changing the value.
7E0C0A50Super Rockman?It works fine, but there are times when the screen gets very buggy.
7E0C61FFsliding all the waySlide anywhere as long as there are no obstacles
7E17061FDoes not lose footingAdd +30h to the address thereafter 
7E19C5xxFixed enemy position (horizontal)+40h to the address after that
7E0CF7FFWith burning wheel attachedAs long as the button is pressed, it will not release
7E0BB001Makai Village without tricksEven if you don’t use the trick, the BGM of the Shademan stage will change to Makai Village. It
is also valid after defeating the Shademan.

Other codes 

7E0BC800Removal of limit on number of shotsCan fire more bullets at once than normal
7E0C1CxxRockman’s jumping performance20h = Underwater, 40h = Normal
When the value is low, jump power increases &
falls slowly When high, jump power decreases & falls quickly
7E0B73xxstage00=Opening Stage
01=Freeze Man Stage
02=Cloud Man Stage
03=Junk Man Stage 04=Turbo Man Stage
Slash Man Stage 06
=Shade Man Stage
07=Burst Man Stage
08=Spring Man Stage
09=Robot Museum Stage
0A= Wily Stage 1
0B=Wily Stage 2
0C=Wily Stage 3
0D=Wily Stage 4
7E0B74xxStarting point of stage00=Start point
(the final point of the Robot Museum stage)
01=Return point 1
(the final point of the opening stage, but
you will not be able to proceed with the game when using the code)
02=Return point 2
(8 boss stages, the final point of Wily stages 3 & 4) Point)
03=Return point 3
(Final point of Wily Stage 1 & 2)
7E0B7601opening stage cutIf you start the game with it on, you will suddenly be taken to the 4 boss selection screen.
Conversation flag with Bruce on Cloudman & Turboman stage

If you turn it on, you can get Bruce Shield by fighting Bruce in the hidden room of the Shademan stage.
7E0B7CxxStarting stage when selecting Wily stage00=Robot Museum Stage
(The map display screen before the start is strange)
01=Wily Stage 1
02=Wily Stage 2
03=Wily Stage 3
04=Wily Stage 4
7E0BA5FFAll 8 bosses of Wily Stage 4 defeated flagIf you turn on the code immediately after defeating any of the 8 bosses, you will be
immediately taken to the next map.
Please note that if it is turned on from the beginning, it will not respond even if you enter the entrance.
7E1DF201Special password input statusAt the password screen, turn everything on
and turn it off immediately. If you start it as is,
it will start from Wily Stage 4 in the strongest state. If you start while holding L and R, it will go to Versus mode.

Code for Versus mode 

*Use only in Versus mode

7E0C2E1C1P/Remaining life gauge maximum
7E19EE1C2P・Remaining life gauge maximum
7E0C3E01Immediately removes invincibility when receiving 1P damageWhen turned on, you can deal damage continuously.
7E19FE01Immediately removes invincibility when receiving 2P/damage
7E0C3FDA1P/Tame automatic fireDoes not fire automatically while holding down Y
7E19FFDA2P/Tame automatic fire
7E00E4021P/Number of winning rounds 2If the number of winning rounds is 2, the match ends with just one win.
7E00E5022P/Number of winning rounds: 2
Below is the code to easily activate 1P’s special move technique.
7E0C5708R. Leg Breaker (activated by pressing B)
F. Booster Kick (activated by pressing Y)
7E0C5208R. Arrow Slash (activated by pressing Y)
F. Sonic Crusher (activated by pressing Y in the air)
7E0C4D08Common – Feint Warp (automatic activation)
Below is the code to easily activate 2P’s special move technique.
7E1A1708R. Leg Breaker (activated by pressing B)
F. Booster Kick (activated by pressing Y)
7E1A1208R. Arrow Slash (activated by pressing Y)
F. Sonic Crusher (activated by pressing Y in the air)
7E1A0D08Common – Feint Warp (automatic activation)
R. Rockman, F. Forte, common – Common to both characters
R. Leg Breaker has the disadvantage of not being able to jump
– Be careful as Feint Warp is activated automatically, so you will not be able to move properly.