Pokemon Liquid Crystal Walkthrough

Pokemon Liquid Crystal is a ROM Hack developed for the GameBoy Advanced system using FireRed V1.0 as the base ROM. It’s a complete remake of the Original PokΓ©mon Crystal game from the GameBoy Color. The story is the same as the Original Crystal with a load of extra events and even a brand new region to explore; the Orange Islands. Here is Pokemon Liquid Crystal Walkthrough which gives you more useful information to play game such as Pokemon Location(s), Battles Information, Guide and more. It’s working on version 3.3.00512. If you need cheat codes for this game, you can use Pokemon Fire Red Cheat Codes.


Places of Interest

  • Our House
  • Elm’s House
  • Elm Pokemon Lab

Pokemon Found

  • Surf: Tentacool
  • Fishing: Magikarp (Old Rod), Krabby (Good Rod), Shellder, Horsea (Super Rod)

**NOTE: As far as Pokemon Found is concerned I have to say that while I’m making use of a helpful Pokemon Locations for Crystal version guide done by EOrizzonte at GameFAQ as reference material, I’ll be indicating what Pokemon I am lucky enough to encounter. They won’t be shown based on what time of day they appear because let’s be honest here, this game may be a fan-made remake of Crystal but obviously it isn’t following the original game completely, to allow for changes and creative liberties here and there.

It’s still amazing to see this Gen 2 game in Gen 3 form. Elm’s House is below from ours, you’ll find his wife and child there. To the east is Route 27. Then we got that all-too-familiar character skulking about near the Lab, he’ll still push us back after spotting us. In the Lab we meet Elm and find out what he’s up to. He wants us to raise a Pokemon he caught recently for research purposes so he can complete a paper he’s working on. An email arrives, it’s from his good friend Mr. Pokemon and he has made a major discovery. Elm asks us to go see him, given that he’s so busy here. Then we get to pick our Starter from the PokeBalls on the table. From nowhere someone shouts that they’re watching Elm, but we don’t know who that is (or do we..?) so Elm continues with his instructions and gives us his phone number. On our way out we’ll receive a Potion from the Aide. 

Return home to see Mom and leave town, heading west for Route 29 and beyond!


Pokemon Found

Hoothoot, Pidgey, Rattata, Poochyena (Rare), Sentret

In the northeast corner area you’ll find a Potion. Make a note of those smaller trees you can see everywhere, if you have a Pokemon that knows Headbutt you can hit those trees to check for sleeping Pokemon. Along the way is the Gate leading to the southern portion of Route 46. We can have a brief look.


Pokemon Found

Rattata, Geodude, Spearow, Phanpy

When you’re done, back to Route 29. Only a few more steps and we’ll reach Cherrygrove City.


Places of Interest

  • PokeCenter
  • PokeMart
  • Guide Gent’s House

Pokemon Found

  • Surf: Tentacool, Mantine
  • Old Rod: Magikarp
  • Good Rod: Magikarp, Horsea
  • Super Rod: Horsea, Qwilfish, Gyarados

That old man standing by the city signpost is the legendary Guide Gent, quick to spot a rookie Trainer and offering to show us around. As a reward for taking the mini tour, he’ll give us the Map Expansion Card. We’ll be back later when we got HM Surf to reach that man across the water. 

In the PokeCenter, speak to the blonde man if you got a Poliwag to trade for his Mareep.

No PokeBalls in the Mart at the moment but there are other essentials in stock:

  • Potion P300
  • Escape Rope P650
  • Antidote P100
  • Parlyz Heal P200

Moving on north to Route 30.


Pokemon Found

  • Hoothoot, Ledyba, Spinarak, Ralts (Rare), Pidgey, Caterpie, Sentret, Weedle 
  • Surf: Psyduck
  • Old Rod: Magikarp
  • Good Rod: Magikarp, Poliwag
  • Super Rod: Poliwag, Poliwhirl, Gyarados

The man living in the small house we find here will share an Oran Berry with us. The potted plant he tells us to check on our way out has a Revival Herb. North from the house is an Antidote and two paths. The left path is blocked by Trainers battling each other and the right path takes us to the man we’re off to see. 

Mr Pokemon will give us a Mystery Egg to pass on to Elm. Then we speak to Elm’s other famous friend Prof. Oak, who heard about the errand we are on and has been waiting for us. He gives us a PokeDex and rushes off to do his radio show. Mr Pokemon heals our team. Afterwards, outside we receive an urgent call from Elm. He’s in trouble at the Lab! Hurry back over there!

But just as we’re leaving Cherrygrove we bump into that red-haired fellow we saw standing outside the Lab. Normally this is when we’ll battle him for the first time, but there’s a glitch. A technical message about NPCs appears if you talk to him and if you move aside to pass him he’ll then run into the trees below while we still get the reaction as if we’re meeting him again. Nothing we can do at the moment but later when we have to go back to New Bark this glitch will be gone and we get to battle him.


Rival ??? (Lv6 Starter) Prize: P216

At the Lab is a policeman who has heard that a Pokemon has been stolen from there. This is where we get to give that thief a name. Of course his official name is Silver but you can give him any name of your choosing. Back in the day when I played, no pun intended, Silver version for the very first time I named him Gino (don’t laugh, I thought it was a cool name back then xD!). This was many years before I found out his real name and what’s funny is in Japanese the word for Silver is Gin (the “G” sound is pronounced like in words such as Get or Go, etc). The policeman leaves and we hand the Mystery Egg over to Elm. Now that we got a PokeDex he believes we’re ready for the big time, challenging Gyms and aiming for the Championship. First Gym is in Violet City northwest from Cherrygrove. He suggests we speak to Mom before we go. The Aide will give us 5 PokeBalls.

Back home Mom has a couple of gifts for us, a Nugget and a pair of Running Shoes. I honestly thought she was just going to give us the Nugget for a moment there, which would’ve been quite the plot twist πŸ™‚

This time round when we return to Route 29 we are stopped by the old man who has been in the grass nearby. He’ll offer to show you how to catch Pokemon like an Old Dude Boss. Back in Cherrygrove City Silver still shows up but no change. PokeBalls are now available at the Mart, selling for P200 each.

The left side path on Route 30 is open now, those 2 Youngsters are done battling each other but are ready to face us. First up is Joey. Someday he’ll go on to be a fine Duelist, believe me.

Youngster Joey (Lv7 Rattata) Prize: P112

He lost to Michael.

Youngster Michael (Lv8 Rattata, Lv9 Weedle) Prize: P252

A little further up, past that non-Trainer woman, is Martin.

Bug Catcher Martin (Lv9 Weedle, Lv10 Caterpie) Prize: P40

If it is Monday you’ll find a Camper near Martin. He loves Mondays and gives us an Ultra Ball as a gift. Just before you even reach those steps another character stops us, he’s called Zane and he’s aiming to become the world’s greatest Trainer. We don’t even know you, bro!


PokeTrainer Zane (Lv9 Porygon) Prize: P1080

Looks like we may have ourselves a second Rival. I’m not really a fan of the multiple Rival system (especially in the ROM hack/fan-made game world) because in most games you just get Rivals who don’t add anything to the story, they’re just there to bother players for battles that grow more unnecessary as time goes on (as if dealing with one such Rival isn’t enough haha). Here’s hoping Zane will be a fresh character. Head up the steps and enter Route 31.


Pokemon Found

  • Bellsprout, Ledyba, Caterpie, Weedle, Spinarak, Hoppip, Hoothoot, Nincada (Rare), Rattata, Pidgey, Swablu (Rare)
  • Headbutt: Aipom
  • Surf: Poliwag, Tentacool, Poliwhirl
  • Old Rod: Poliwag
  • Good Rod: Poliwag
  • Super Rod: Poliwag, Poliwhirl, Tentacool

Dark Cave will come into view soon enough, to be explored further when we have HM Flash. In the corner to the right from the entrance is one PP Max and to the left is a Potion. 

After the Potion we find the sleepy guy, south from him is Matthew who is looking at a PokeBall.

Bug Catcher Matthew (Lv9, 10 Caterpie x2) Prize: P36

Gabe is on the left.

Ace Trainer Gabe (Lv8 Pidgey, Lv9 Charmander, Lv10 Machop) Prize: P360

No Bug Catcher Wade sadly, who would be found around here. The Gate is above from Gabe.


Places of Interest

  • PokeCenter
  • PokeMart
  • Gym
  • Sprout Tower
  • Earl’s Pokemon Academy


  • PokeBall P200
  • Potion P300
  • Escape Rope P550
  • Antidote P100
  • Parlyz Heal P200
  • Awakening P250
  • X Defend P550
  • X Attack P500
  • X Speed P350
  • Orange Mail P50

Pokemon Found

  • Surf: Tentacool
  • Headbutt: Graveler
  • Old Rod: Tentacool
  • Good Rod: Tentacool
  • Super Rod: Poliwag

Home of the first Johto Gym, good old Violet. Let’s look around before seeing Gym Leader Falkner.

In the house to the west from the PokeCenter you can trade Bellsprout for Rocky the Onix. 

We’ll be back with HM Cut to explore that path on the right of the Pokemon Academy. Earl isn’t in the Academy though, where’s he at? To the north is the ancient Sprout Tower.


Pokemon Found

Rattata, Zubat, Gastly

The aim here is still the same – reach the top floor and receive an HM as a prize. On this floor you’ll find Pokemon in the northern section beyond the fence. 


The first Sage is found here, Bob. Still the world’s biggest Bellsprout fans these guys πŸ™‚

Sage Bob (Lv8-10 Bellsprout x3) Prize: P240

To the right from him are steps leading back to the first floor. We’ll appear near the top right corner and can pick up an Escape Rope. Go to the left to meet Jujutsu and find the steps heading back up to 2F.

Sage Jujutsu (Lv10 Bellsprout x3) Prize: P288

On 2F we are now on the western side. That is an X Accuracy above us. Below is Caimin and steps going up.

Sage Caimin (Lv10-12 Bellsprout x3) Prize: P288


That item on the left is a Potion. 2 Sages spotted along the corridor going on ahead, let’s meet them:

Sage Feng (Lv12 Bellsprout) Prize: P288

Sage Hoshiko (Lv12 Bellsprout) Prize: P288

The 3rd Sage found is Kojiando on the left, you can easily avoid battling him. But he’s the last one, give him a chance to show off his non-Bellsprout partner (he broke the cycle!).

Sage Kojiando (Lv12 Hoothoot) Prize: P288

Then we move up to witness the scene of Silver receiving HM Flash from the Elder and being told that he’s too harsh with his Pokemon. But Silver only cares about strong Pokemon and off he goes with help from an Escape Rope, which is also the item in the top right corner. Talk to the Elder and show him how much you and your Pokemon have learned!

Sage Christo (Lv13-14 Bellsprout x2, Lv15 Hoothoot) Prize: P336

HM05 (Flash) obtained. Now we need the right Gym Badge to activate it, so let’s go and see Falkner.

Right by the door of the Gym we are stopped by a spikey-haired new face who is in rush, dashing off west. I thought we were in for the usual case of someone stopping us for a battle right outside the Gym. Dodged a bullet, for now πŸ™‚


Leader: Falkner – “The Elegant Master of Flying Pokemon”

No fuss, no gimmicks in this Gym. Just going to the northend of the room to find Falkner. Here are his Gym Trainers:

Bird Keeper Kevin (Lv13 Spearow) Prize: P364

Bird Keeper Alan (Lv12 Spearow) Prize: P336

Falkner is ready, are you?


Leader Falkner (Lv15 Pidgey, Lv17 Pidgeotto)

Prizes: P1020 + Zephyr Badge + TM31 (Mud-Slap)

Hmm, so not only are TMs one-time use but the set available is the Gen 2 TM set. Darn, it would’ve been okay if they were at least reusable. Anyway, Flash has been activated. 

Outside the Gym (I always expect to be ambushed by a Rival haha) we get a call from Prof. Elm, with news about the Mystery Egg. He says we should meet up with his assistant in the Violet PokeCenter. Make some room in your party before you speak to him because he’ll ask us to travel with the Egg. When the Pokemon within it (Togepi) finally hatches we should return to the Lab. Elm will reward us with an Everstone.

Our time in Violet City ends for now. Next destination should be Azalea Town way south from here, but let’s return to Dark Cave and explore what we can of it.

DARK CAVE (Route 31 side)

Pokemon Found

  • Paras, Zubat, Aron (Rare), Geodude, Dunsparce
  • Surf: Goldeen, Seaking
  • Old Rod: Magikarp
  • Good Rod: Magikarp
  • Super Rod: Tentacool

From the entrance move up to the top left corner to find a Moon Stone. As you can see on the right side we’ll have to come back with HM Surf to cross that pool. The cave opening is just an exit for when you’re coming from Blackthorn City, there’s just a ledge waiting in that next area. South of the pool is the path leading to the eastern side of this area, currently blocked by a rock that needs to be smashed. 

From the Violet City Gym to the south is the path leading onto Route 32 and the eastern entrance for the Ruins of Alph, but we’ll instead go in through the northern entrance which is found on Route 36, west of Violet. After our time at the Ruins we’ll eventually get on Route 32, so no worries.


Pokemon Found

Hoothoot, Rattata, Wurmple (Rare), Bellsprout, Pidgey, Growlithe, Gastly

Also found on this famous route is a certain “tree” blocking the way further. That man standing near it (who tried to punch it), make a note of him for later. To the Ruins!


Pokemon Found

  • Natu, Wooper (Rare)
  • Surf: Quagsire 
  • Old Rod: Poliwag, Wooper
  • Good Rod: Poliwag, Quagsire
  • Super Rod: Psyduck, Poliwag

Only two chambers are reachable for now, we’ll be back with HM Surf to explore the rest of the area. The chamber to the south of the Research Center is just occupied by visitors so go for the north one to tackle a slide panel puzzle of Kabuto. After the puzzle is completed the floor under us opens and we drop down to the chamber that has visitors. HAD visitors I should say, because they ran out when Unown appeared and took over. Make your way south to a ladder to leave. Onwards to Route 32.


Pokemon Found

  • Pineco, Hoothoot, Ekans, Rattata, Bellsprout, Exeggcute, Pidgey, Zubat, Pineco, Numel (Rare)
  • Eastern Area: Cascoon, Weedle, Gastly, Caterpie, Ekans, Haunter, Exeggcute
  • Surf: Tentacool, Qwilfish
  • Old Rod: Tentacool, Horsea
  • Good Rod: Tentacool
  • Super Rod: Tentacruel

The guy in green that we meet here would’ve stopped you earlier if you had come before defeating Falkner but now that we got the Badge he’ll present us with a Miracle Seed. South from him is a man on higher ground, can only be reached when we got HM Cut. He has TM05 (Roar). Continue on southwards to find Richard.

Gentleman Richard (Lv13 Rattata, Lv15 Nidoran[F]) Prize: P1200

To the left from him is a grassy area which serves a little shortcut if you want to avoid Kristian below.

Guitarist Kristian (Lv15 Spearow) Prize: P480

Next is Paul near the fishing spot. That item on the left side from him is a Nest Ball. 

Camper Paul (Lv16 Nidoran[M]) Prize: P320

If you’re not yet ready to take on the Fishermen just continue south along that left side. In the grass near the water is a Hyper Potion. 

Fisher Vincent (Lv14-16 Poliwag x2) Prize: P384

Fisher Johnny (Lv17 Horsea) Prize: P408

Fisher Jackson Prize: P336

(Lv11 Goldeen, Horsea, Lv14 Krabby, Lv16 Staryu)

Past the fishing spot, hidden between the trees on the left is Sky.

Lass Sky (Lv15 Aipom) Prize: P420

Then we find a fella who’s looking to make a quick buck by selling Slowpoke Tails for ONLY a million PokeDollars/Pounds/Euros/Rubles/Pesos! How much you got? In the PokeCenter speak to the Fisherman to get an Old Rod. Outside the building is James.

Bird Keeper James (Lv13 Spearow, Pidgey, Lv15 Farfetch’d) Prize: P420

South from him is a Max Revive near the signpost and we see the entrance to Union Cave. Zane shows up, fresh off of his win over Falkner and now he’s aiming for Azalea Town. He’ll be waiting for us there. Question is will he be blocking the Gym entrance or will he ambush us after we defeat Bugsy…?


Pokemon Found

  • Zubat, Rattata, Onix, Raticate, Geodude, Golbat, Numel, Wooper, Psyduck, Golduck, Dewgong, Seel, Sandshrew, Diglett
  • Surf: Tentacruel, Horsea, Seel
  • Old Rod: Goldeen, Krabby, Magikarp
  • Good Rod: Staryu, Wooper, Quagsire, Krabby, Horsea, Magikarp
  • Super Rod: Magikarp, Wailmer, Kingler, Krabby, Horsea

Another area to make note of for later, we’ll be back with HM Surf. Not only to explore the rest of Union Cave but to reach other parts of the Ruins of Alph. The first item found, on the left, is an X Attack. Below that is Dan the man.

Hiker Danny (Lv16 Onix) Prize: P512

To the right from him is Rupert.

Hiker Rupert (Lv12 Geodude) Prize: P384

South from him the path branches to the left. Continue south to meet William the fire starter and find a Great Ball below from him.

Firebreather William (Lv12 Koffing, Lv18 Slowpoke) Prize: P504

Follow that left side branch path to find a Potion and Phil the PokeManiac on higher ground. He’s standing near a ladder going under.

PokeManiac Philip (Lv18 Slowpoke) Prize: P864

Nothing in the area under the ladder for now except TM39 (Swift) and an X Defend. Needs HM Surf. From Phil’s spot go south to pick up another Potion. Move east along that pool of water to face Ray and see the exit.

Firebreather Ray (Lv16 Slugma) Prize: P448


Pokemon Found

Ekans, Rattata, Geodude, Heracross, Spearow, Pidgey, Zubat, Taillow (Rare)

I have to say, am not digging the weather in this game. It’s been raining since I got to Violet City! What’s up with that? No problem if your Pokemon knows moves like Thunder or Hurricane (since they won’t miss during rainfall) but bad luck if you’re rolling with Fire-types. That item you see in the top right area from the cave entrance is MooMoo Milk but you’ll have to come back here with HM Cut to get it. You cut the tree blocking the steps found below. To the left we’ll meet Ant…and look, there’s Zane! 

Hiker Ant (Lv16 Geodude, Lv17 Machop) Prize: P680

Zane can’t get into town because of the little boy standing next to him. He won’t let anyone into Azalea until his PokeDoll is returned to him, which he lost in Union Cave. What if someone has an emergency to attend to in town?? Zane gives us a Repel and we march on back into the cave. Descend the ladder near PokeManiac Philip and pick up the Doll from the left side corner in the area below. After getting his Doll the boy thanks us and leaves, Zane too.


Places of Interest

  • PokeCenter
  • PokeMart
  • Gym
  • Kurt’s House
  • Charcoal Kiln
  • Slowpoke Well


  • Charcoal P9800
  • PokeBall P200
  • Potion P300
  • Super Potion P700
  • Escape Rope P550
  • Repel P350
  • Antidote P100
  • Parlyz Heal P200
  • Orange Mail P50

A Rocket Grunt blocks the entrance to the Slowpoke Well, being a good Samaritan and all. Another Grunt is blocking the Gym. Where’s Zane though…?

At the Mart the man in white will teach the move Rock Tomb.

Go visit the old school PokeBall maker Kurt and get the story about Team Rocket’s business here. Determined to show them what’s what the old man rushes out and heads for the Well. Wait for us!


Pokemon Found

  • Zubat, Slowpoke, Golbat 
  • Surf: Goldeen, Seaking
  • Old Rod: Goldeen
  • Good Rod: Goldeen
  • Super Rod: Goldeen

We find Kurt in the well, unable to move because he took a bad tumble and injured his back. But he sent the Grunt from outside further on ahead. He’s not too happy about being scolded by an old man.

Rocket Grunt (Lv15-16 Rattata x2) Prize: P600

Past him is a female Grunt and a Super Potion. 

Rocket Grunt (Lv16 Zubat, Lv17 Ekans) Prize: P680

Last two Grunts follow her.

Rocket Grunt (Lv15 Rattata, Lv16-17 Zubat x2) Prize: P640

Rocket Grunt (Lv19 Koffing) Prize: P760

We’ll be back with HM Surf and Strength for more exploration. The Grunts can’t do any more here so they flee. Kurt’s back has eased up and he joins us, it’s time to leave. The Slowpoke are saved, their tails will be growing back any time now…

At Kurt’s house we’ll receive a Net Ball as a reward. If you find any Apricorns bring them to him and he’ll work his magic. 

Another problem has come up despite that the Slowpoke have come back. At Charcoal Kiln house the Apprentice of the Charcoal Master has not yet returned from Ilex Forest. Head west of town for the Gate, and we’re stopped by that spikey-haired guy who was in a rush back in Violet City. Now he wants to talk, through battle!


Trainer ??? Prize: P340

(Lv17 Quagsire, Bagon, Lv18 Growlithe, Electabuzz)

All we get from him is his name, Axel, and that we’ll meet again. Good talk. Rival #3 ladies and gentlemen. After he leaves we are met by the original Rival Silver, who can’t believe that we took on Team Rocket and beat them…so we have to prove ourselves to him. Back to back battles, baby!


Rival Silver (Lv18 Gastly, Lv19 Zubat, Lv20 Starter) Prize: P684

Then he’s gone. A future ally against Team Rocket perhaps?


Pokemon Found

  • Headbutt: Pineco
  • Butterfree, Caterpie, Metapod, Weedle, Oddish, Shroomish, Kakuna, Cascoon, Paras, Venonat
  • Old Rod: Psyduck
  • Good Rod: Poliwag
  • Super Rod: Poliwag, Psyduck

Follow the path up to where we find the Apprentice. He’s fine but the master’s Farfetch’d has run away deeper into the forest and the Apprentice can’t chase after it. Continue on south, we’ll see the bird on the other side but Farfetch’d will flee when spoken to. That item behind the trees on the right is a Revive. Don’t approach Farfetch’d from here, instead circle round and get to it from the north side. This is will force Farfetch’d to flee back and eventually get caught by the Apprentice and the Master who has arrived. Turns out the bird has been disobeying the Apprentice because he doesn’t have a Gym Badge, well well. For helping out, we’ll receive HM01 (Cut). Head back into town and let’s see Bugsy.


Leader: Bugsy – “The Walking Bug Pokemon Enyclopedia.”

I’m remembering watching the anime years ago when Ash and company met Bugsy. Like a lot fans I’m sure, I initally thought Bugsy was a girl! He looks like a girl and he was voiced by a woman for crying out loud haha but it would’ve been quite the twist eh? A female character who is fascinated by Bug-type Pokemon and is the first Gym Leader (at the time) who battles using that type, instead of the stereotype female who squirms when a Bug-type appears. In the Gym we find Zane (was he hiding in here the whole time while Team Rocket were busy??) but hold off on talking to him because based on his dialogue we’re supposed to take him on after defeating Bugsy. Move on up to fight the first Gym Trainers, Twins!

Twins Ami & May (Lv17 Ledyba, Spinarak) Prize: P204

To the right from them is Ali. 

Bug Catcher Ali (Lv12 Weedle, Kakuna) Prize: P48

In the top left corner is Joe. 

Bug Catcher Joe (Lv19 Paras) Prize: P76

Bengie in the middle is the last one. 

Bug Catcher Bengie (Lv16 Weedle, Metapod, Lv19 Beedrill) Prize: P64

And then we get to Bugsy, still aiming to be the authority on Bug-types.


Leader Bugsy (Lv18 Metapod, Lv20 Beedrill, Lv22 Scyther) 

Prizes: P1320 + Hive Badge + TM49 (Fury Cutter)

Now we can Cut and any traded Pokemon up to Level 30 will obey us. Zane is next, say Yes to his question and let’s battle.


PokeTrainer Zane Prize: P2640

(Lv18 Porygon, Lv20 Shroomish, Lv22 Eevee)

The road to being a Champion is going to be a tough one for this guy if he continues to lose to us, after the battle he’ll leave to fight another day. 

Speak to the Apprentice at the Charcoal Kiln to receive Charcoal that he made, just his way to say thanks for helping him. If you got time then make a quick trip back to Violet City to test out the new HM. Cut the tree above the PokeCenter and search the space by the big tree at the end of this little area, you’ll find a Poison Barb (which would’ve been located by an ItemFinder). Back to Azalea Town and Ilex Forest.

Cut the tree in front of the famous Shrine. Is the time-travelling Guardian of the forest in this game…? Continue on north to find a pool of water and an X Attack just below from it. To the right from the pool, between small trees is an Antidote. Circle round to the south to reach that Youngster, he’s just trying out TM02 (Headbutt) which he’ll share with us. Follow the path north, picking up an Ether behind a big tree, and finding Walt on the left. 

Bug Catcher Walt (Lv17 Ledyba, Lv19 Paras) Prize: P76

Carry on past him to find the Gate. Speak to the lady on the right to get TM 12 (Sweet Scent).


Pokemon Found

  • Mankey, Snubbull, Pidgey, Ditto, Rattata, Exeggcute, Gulpin, Zangoose, Jigglypuff, Spinarak, Drowzee
  • Surf: Tentacool, Psyduck (Rare)
  • Old Rod: Staryu, Krabby
  • Good Rod: Krabby
  • Super Rod: Kingler

We’ll be back here with HM Surf for that item behind the fence on the left and to explore the southwest area. First person we meet is Sam.

Youngster Sam (Lv18-20 Rattata, Sandshrew, Spearow x2) Prize: P288

Northwest from him is Gina while northeast has Don going round and round.

Picnicker Gina (Lv19 Hoppip x2, Lv20 Bulbasaur) Prize: P560

PokeFan Don (Lv19 Snubbull) Prize: P836

By the Day-Care house is Rob. 

Youngster Rob (Lv19 Mankey, Lv20 Diglett) Prize: P320

The Day-Care Man is in the backyard, go talk to him. He was surprised to find that Pokemon Egg which we got from Mr Pokemon and wouldn’t you know it, he has another Egg to give us! An Igglybuff will hatch from it.  

North from the patrolling policeman is Calvin. 

Camper Calvin (Lv19 Ninetales) Prize: P380

Then we step into Goldenrod City. Cue that signature theme!


Places of Interest

  • PokeCenter
  • PokeMart
  • Gym
  • Goldenrod Department Store
  • Goldenrod City Radio Tower
  • Goldenrod City Game Corner
  • Goldenrod City Station
  • Goldenrod Science Center
  • Underground
  • Name Rater
  • Flower Shop
  • Bike Shop
  • Bill’s House

Pokemon Found

  • Surf: Psyduck, Wooper
  • Old Rod: Magikarp
  • Good Rod: Goldeen, Poliwag
  • Super Rod: Poliwag, Poliwhirl

Quite the list we got there, eh? Where to start…


  • Vending Machine:
  • Fresh Water P200
  • Soda Pop P300
  • Lemonade P350

-2F- (Trainer’s Market)

  • Potion P300
  • Super Potion P700
  • Antidote P100
  • Parlyz Heal P200
  • Awakening P250
  • Burn Heal P250
  • Ice Heal P250
  • PokeBall P200
  • Great Ball P600
  • Escape Rope P550
  • Repel P350
  • Revive P1500
  • Full Heal P600
  • PokeDoll P1000
  • Fab Mail P50

-3F- (Battle Collection)

  • X Speed P350
  • X Special P350
  • X Defend P550
  • X Attack P500
  • Dire Hit P650
  • Guard Spec. P700
  • X Accuracy P950
  • Fab Mail P50

-4F- (Medicine Box)

  • [Each costs P9800]
  • Protein
  • Iron
  • Carbos
  • Calcium
  • HP Up 

-5F- (TM Corner)

The Youngster here is looking to trade his Machop for an Abra. The Lass near him has a hint about a Mystery Gift and the woman (I forget which Trainer sprite that is for) on the left says another woman comes around here on Sundays, she gives away either TM21 (Frustration) or TM27 (Return) depending on if your Pokemon like you or not. She’ll be the red-haired one by the counter.

  • [Each costs P3000]
  • TM41 (Thunder Punch)
  • TM48 (Fire Punch)
  • TM33 (Ice Punch)
  • TM02 (Headbutt)

Just more vending machines on the 6th floor and on the rooftop are vending machines which have PokeDolls instead but they’re empty. Take the elevator to the Basement, where you’ll find a Potion in the bottom right area. Can’t reach the other areas from this side. Shopping done!

Some interesting facilities are at the PokeCenter but currently not functioning. I don’t remember now if they will work later in the game or if they were just something set for a future version. Just northwest from there is the Game Corner, but we need a Coin Case before going in there. One of the regulars tossed his Coin Case in the Underground. Travel south from the Game Corner to find one of the two entrances leading to this dodgy place. Be ready to battle.


First Trainer spotted is Eric. 

Super Nerd Eric (Lv18-20 Grimer x2) Prize: P432

Above from him is Issac…and the Coin Case!

PokeManiac Issac (Lv19 Licktung) Prize: P912

If there is an old woman after Issac you can buy herbs from her:

  • EnergyPowder P500
  • Energy Root P800
  • Heal Powder P450
  • Revival Herb P2800

Next up you’ll meet either the older or younger one of the (Super) Haircut Brothers. The younger one is less expensive. All your party Pokemon will receive the P300 service. Move on to find Terry.

Super Nerd Terry (Lv17-18 Magnemite x3, Lv19 Voltorb) Prize: P408

Make a note of the locked door on the right for later. Final Trainer is next, the Don.

PokeManiac Donaldbain (Lv19-20 Slowpoke x2) Prize: P960

He tells us that Hiker Ant on Route 33 will phone us whenever he finds rare Pokemon. This worked in the original Crystal but not here because we didn’t even get his number after battling him (I went back to talk to him again, no change). We got the Coin Case so let’s hit the Game Corner.


No free Coins from some of the patrons like in other Game Corners haha, nah, go speak to the old man by the left side counter to buy them:

  • 50 Coins P1000
  • 500 Coins P10000

On the right side are the prizes:

  • Abra 100 Coins
  • Cubone 800 Coins
  • Wobbuffet 1500 Coins
  • Bagon 3500 Coins
  • Spoink 6500 Coins
  • TM14 (Blizzard) 5500 Coins
  • TM25 (Thunder) 5500 Coins
  • TM38 (Fire Blast) 5500 Coins
  • TM30 (Shadow Ball) 6000 Coins
  • TM28 (Dig) 6000 Coins

South from the Game Corner is Bill’s house, but the world’s greatest PokeManiac isn’t home. He’s been called to visit the Ecruteak City PokeCenter. 

There’s a Rocket Grunt loitering outside the Radio Tower, a sign of future troubles.


Speak to the Gentleman by the front desk to receive a Premier Ball. There’s a special promotion going on involving a quiz. Answer 5 questions correctly and you win a Radio Expansion Card…although the Radio doesn’t work in this game :/ The lady on the right of the Gentlemen has the questions. Here they are:

Question 1: Is there a Pokemon in this game that appears only in the morning?

Answer: Yes

Question 2: Is this statement correct – You can’t buy a Bicycle at a Mart?

Answer: Yes

Question 3: Does TM02 contain the move Blizzard?

Answer: No

Question 4: Does Prof. Oak live in New Bark Town?

Answer: No

Question 5: Are there any Pokemon that are not catchable in this game?

Answer: Yes

Was it going to work in a future version? You can go up to the next floor but a guard is blocking the stairs leading further. He says that the Director is acting strange. Noted. 

The Station is right next door from the Tower, but the Magnet Train isn’t running. East of the Station is the Goldenrod Science Center. It’s basically like the Cinnabar Island Lab where you can get Fossils resurrected. In the first room (Meeting Room) you can trade a regular Ditto for a Shiny blue one by speaking to the big guy. In the next room there is a Super Nerd who teaches Dragon Claw. Check the computer next to the regular PC for an email about Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres. Last room is where you resurrect Fossils. 

South from the Science Center is the Bike Shop, where you can get a free Bike just as long as you can advertise it. 

Across the train tracks is the Gym and to the east from it is the Flower Shop. The owner’s little sister is out, having gone to see the strange “tree” on Route 36. We’ll be seeing her soon, but for now it is Gym time.


Leader: Whitney – “The Incredibly Pretty Girl!”

Ahh, THIS Gym and it’s Gym Leader…I remember you very well haha. Normal-type is the order of the day here, way before Norman made Normal-types cool in Hoenn. In the top left corner is Vicky.

Beauty Vicky (Lv19-23 Sentret x3) Prize: P1656

Sam is near the top right corner.

Beauty Sam (Lv18-20 Meowth x2) Prize: P1296

Then Carrie in the center.

Lass Carrie (Lv24 Snubbull) Prize: P672

And final Gym Trainer Bridget. 

Lass Bridget (Lv21-22 Jigglypuff x3) Prize: P588

Here comes Whitney, who got into Pokemon like they’re a popular fad πŸ™‚ there’s a joke in there somewhere about fads and Pokemon…


Leader Whitney (Lv22 Clefairy, Lv25 Miltank) Prize: P1320 

The girl bursts into tears after losing. Bridget will stop us to explain that Whitney will calm down soon. Talk to her again, she’s done crying now. She remembers to give us the Plain Badge, which lets us use Strength outside of battle. She also gives us TM45 (Attract). 

When you’re ready, head north for the Gate. Make some room in your party too and speak to the guard, he has a Pokemon that he can’t take care of. It’s a Level 10 Spearow holding a Green Apricorn. Interesting clue about that “tree” from the lady. Continue on out to Route 35.


Pokemon Found

  • Drowzee, Spinarak, Psyduck, Hoothoot, Seviper, Abra, Wynaut, Pidgey, Growlithe, Ditto, Ledyba 
  • Surf: Psyduck
  • Old Rod: Poliwag
  • Good Rod: Psyduck
  • Super Rod: Poliwag, Poliwhirl

First Trainer we find is Kimly. 

Picnicker Kimly (Lv22 Vulpix) Prize: P440

Following her are the couple Elliot and Brooke

Camper Elliot (Lv21 Sandshrew, Lv22 Marill) Prize: P440

Picnicker Brooke (Lv23 Pikachu) Prize: P460

Past them is Ivan the not-so-terrible.

Camper Ivan (Lv19-22 Zubat, Diglett x2) Prize: P440

Got a Firebreather and a Juggler near the Gate. 

Firebreather Walt (Lv17 Magmar) Prize: P476

Juggler Irwin (Lv12-22 Voltorb x4) Prize: P880

Step into the grass on the right and continue so we can circle round to that house we saw below. Just near that policeman is TM04 (Rollout) in the grass. Arne is near the small tree. 

Bug Catcher Arne (Lv20 Venonat) Prize: P80

Before reaching the house we’ll find Bryan.

Bird Keeper Bryan (Lv19 Pidgey, Lv22 Pidgeotto) Prize: P616

The house is the Stat Corner of the EV Training Center, you can learn about your Pokemon’s IV scores. Go back to Arne and Cut that tree to open up a shortcut back to Route 36. Don’t worry about the National Park, we’ll get to it on our way back because we got a little sister to find. Just to the north near the Gate is Markus. 

Psychic Markus (Lv21 Abra, Lv22 Mr. Mime, Kadabra) Prize: P792

To the east is Alan. 

Schoolboy Alan (Lv23 Tangela) Prize: P1288

The little girl is Floria the little sister. She has found out that the so-called tree is actually a Pokemon after sprinkling it with water. Who would’ve thunk it? She’ll then return to the Flower Shop to speak to her big sister about the Squirtbottle. Go back there and speak to big sis, since we defeated Whitney she’ll give it to us. Back to make use of it and get attacked by a Level 20 Sudowoodo. Funny thing is, thanks to the crazy weather in this game, it is raining when I’m out here haha so technically I shouldn’t need the Squirtbottle when nature is doing the job for me! Afterwards we drop the Squirtbottle for some odd reason and then big sis shows up to give us an upgrade – the Berry Growing Starter Kit! Contains 4 Berries and the Squirtbottle’s Gen 3 cousin the Wailmer Pail. Remember the guy who tried to attack Sudowoodo? Now that we’ve cleared the path he’ll give us HM06 (Rock Smash). No Gym Badge needed for it at least. Let’s check out the Park.


Pokemon Found

  • Caterpie, Metapod, Taillow, Venonat, Kakuna, Beedrill, Weedle, Nidoran[both], Sunkern, Butterfree
  • Surf: Tentacool, Poliwag
  • Old Rod: Poliwag
  • Good Rod: Poliwag
  • Super Rod: Psyduck, Goldeen, Relicanth

In the Gate have a look at that poster on the wall. It’s a notice from the Park Warden saying that the Bug Catching Contest will no longer be held here (?!) make your way to the southern Gate, the guard there is finding out this information first hand from the new Park Warden. The previous Warden moved to the Orange Islands so the new guy has just decided to shut the contests down. Unbelievable. At least he didn’t confiscate the PC in the corner πŸ™‚ make use of it if need be. 

Speak to the lady sitting on a bench with her Persian in Relaxation Square. She’ll give us a Quick Claw. Here are the Trainers:

In the southern grassy area is Beverly.

PokeFan Beverly (Lv21 Snubbull) Prize: P924

Near the eastern Gate is Jake.

Schoolboy Jake (Lv21 Oddish, Lv24 Beedrill) Prize: P1344

That item behind the fence on the right is a Parlyz Heal, just go straight up from Jake to reach it. In the western area is Krise.

Lass Krise (Lv19 Oddish, Lv22 Cubone) Prize: P616

Go to the area on the other side of the fence and circle right round to the southwest corner where you’ll find TM28 (Dig). That’s all, time to leave. Back to Route 36 and beyond. Because the Bug Catching Contest is no longer happening there are a couple of Pokemon missing like Scyther and Pinsir, which are among those that only appear during the Contest. The only other place I can think of where they could be is the Kanto Safari Zone and clearly we’re still very far from jumping borders between regions :/

Past the Sudowoodo spot we’ll join a confrontation in progress between new Rival Axel and a pair of unknown Grunts. Axel is trying to find out where their leader is but the Grunts won’t talk, instead they make a plan to find Elm in New Bark Town and run off. Axel suggests we go back home to deal with them, he’ll meet us there because he thinks their leader could be there too. 

In New Bark Town enter the Lab to find the Grunts and Elm. The first Grunt is glad Axel hasn’t come yet, he doesn’t know why Axel is after them. These guys are Grunts for another organisation we’ll have to worry about now – Team Saturn!

Saturn Grunt (Lv21, 22 Magnemite x2) Prize: P1092

The other guy turns out to be an Admin. They are aiming to catch all legendary Pokemon (surprise, surprise haha), starting with two birds that roost somewhere in Johto. So they came to find Elm since he might know something. 

Saturn Admin (Lv22 Nidorino, Lv23 Vulpix, Lv24 Dugtrio) Prize: P1248

After the goons leave, Elm explains that the two legends which Saturn are looking for are Latios and Latias, who don’t live here in Johto. Axel joins us, delayed because he got lost trying to find this place. Dude, really…? We learn that he’s from the Ouka region, he came to study the Johto Pokemon. So maybe less of a Rival and more of our first ally? We still got Silver and Zane to deal with. Elm is safe, Axel leaves and we can continue on with our journey. Back to Route 36 and the very brief Route 37.


Pokemon Found

Exeggcute, Ledyba, Skitty (Rare), Stantler, Growlithe, Pidgeotto, Pidgey, Hoothoot, Spinarak, Pineco

Near the grassy spot on the right you’ll see a little boy on Sundays. That is Sunny and he’ll give you a Magnet. He also gives out the names of his siblings, each found in a different place on a specific day. 

On the left side we find Ann & Annie. 

Twins Ann & Annie (Lv22 Jigglypuff & Clefairy) Prize: P528

North from them is Greg. 

Psychic Greg (Lv21 Abra, Lv23 Drowzee) Prize: P756


Places of Interest

  • PokeCenter
  • PokeMart
  • Gym
  • Burnt Tower
  • Tin Tower
  • Ecruteak Dance Theatre


  • PokeBall P200
  • Great Ball P600
  • Potion P300
  • Super Potion P700
  • Antidote P100
  • Parlyz Heal P200
  • Awakening P250
  • Burn Heal P250
  • Ice Heal P250
  • Revive P1500

Pokemon Found

  • Headbutt: Pineco
  • Surf: Tentacool
  • Old Rod: Poliwag
  • Good Rod: Poliwag
  • Super Rod: Poliwhirl, Psyduck

Let’s have a look around this classic city. In the house to the right of the Gym (blocked by a Sage who says Morty isn’t there, hohoho) you get the ItemFinder and can read about Ecruteak’s history. 

Without Morty’s Badge nobody can enter the Tin Tower. 

At the PokeCenter we meet Bill, just in time to see him put the final touches to another system he has invented – the Move Relearner (that machine in the top left corner). In another game he invented a Teleportation system πŸ™‚ perhaps some of you may have played it. Hint: Donuts.

Ecruteak is home to the famous Kimono Girls, fine dancers who are also fine Trainers. The old man at the Dance Theatre will give us a special prize if we can defeat the girls. This is also the very first time I learned that Rhydon can Surf in all my years (20 years now) as a Pokemon fan haha, I had no idea. Onto the stage starting from the left side, here we go:

  • Kimono Girl Naoka (Lv24 Flareon) Prize: P576
  • Kimono Girl Sayo (Lv24 Espeon) Prize: P576
  • Kimono Girl Zuki (Lv24 Umbreon) Prize: P576
  • Kimono Girl Kuni (Lv24 Vaporeon) Prize: P576
  • Kimono Girl Miki (Lv24 Jolteon) Prize: P576

The old man is impressed by our performance and presents us with HM03 (Surf). Excellent. Once we can use it outside of battle we’ll do a bit of backtracking before moving forward. Now to find Morty..


Pokemon Found

  • Zubat, Rattata, Koffing 
  • Basement: Vulpix, Raticate

The man is actually the first person we see in here. He’s studying the history of the Legendary Beasts with his pal Eusine, the guy on the right. He’s here because he heard Suicune came to the tower but he doesn’t know where it is exactly. North from him, smash the rock and use the ItemFinder near the statue to find an Ultra Ball. In the middle of the room we see Silver but we’ll need to circle round to reach him. In the top left corner is the other Rival Zane, he’s just training here and has a Magnet that he found. No battle this time, he says he’ll be out at sea next. As for Silver though he’s here in search of the legendary Pokemon but no luck and somehow it’s our fault. Really?


Rival Silver Prize: P864

(Lv23 Magnemite, Lv24 Haunter, Zubat, Lv26 Starter)

No surprise he doesn’t think we can catch a legendary Pokemon, while he’s going on we suddenly fall through the floor to the basement! 

No injuries, we’ve fallen in front of the 3 legends we’ve heard about: Entei, Suicune and Raikou. Once we approach them they run off one after the other, but Suicune stays for a moment before leaving. Eusine appears, shocked to have seen Suicune at last after chasing it for a decade. Now that the legends are out and about Eusine says he’ll track Suicune, we’ll see him again on our travels. That item in the top right corner is TM20 (Endure), remember to come back here for it when you get Strength. Leave the tower and head for the Gym.


Leader: Morty – “The Mystic Seer of the Future”

Did you miss this Gym? Perhaps it’s been years since you last played Crystal version and you don’t have fond memories of this place πŸ™‚ the gimmick here is the invisible floor. One bad step and you’ll pop up back at the entrance. But the Gym Trainers will offer a hint if you beat them. This is Gen 3 so for that first Gym Trainer you can just go behind that statue on the left and talk to him from there. Ghost-type is the theme. 

Sage Ping (Lv22 Gastly x5) Prize: P528

See where the Gym Guide guy is standing? Directly above from him, step on the invisible tile and move up 4 steps then 1 step to the left to face Grace.

Medium Grace (Lv26 Haunter x2) Prize: P624

1 step to the left, 2 steps up then all the way to the left side for Jeffrey.

Sage Jeffrey (Lv26 Haunter) Prize: P624

All the way to the right side then 2 steps up and head left to Martha. 

Medium Martha (Lv24-26 Gastly x2, Haunter) Prize: P624

1 step to the left then up to reach Morty. That wasn’t too bad, eh? Let’s find out who will see the rainbow-coloured Pokemon first, you or Morty?


Leader Morty (Lv25 Gastly, Lv26-27 Haunter x2, Lv29 Gengar)

Prizes: P1620 + Fog Badge + TM30 (Shadow Ball)

Usage of Surf enabled and Pokemon will obey us up to Level 50. Next up I’m going to backtrack so as to cover places we couldn’t reach before without Surf. If you’re ready to move forward just skip down the paragraphs to where I start on Route 38, west of Ecruteak.


There’s nothing across that northeast pool in Ecruteak except a chance to see just a little bit of the area outside the Tin Tower, which we can’t enter now because the legendary 3 are out in the wild. 

RUINS OF ALPH: Surf across the pool to the south. On the left side are chambers that are reached from Union Cave and on the right side is another puzzle chamber, this one has an Aerodactyl puzzle. Solving it unlocks what has been a hidden area somewhere.

VIOLET CITY: Surf to the northwest corner from the Gym, we’ll find a man who has a strange flute that makes rain when played (?). He doesn’t want it so we get it, the Blue Flute (part time rainmaker but on other occasions it awakes up sleeping Pokemon), which he thinks could be part of a set. Near him is a PP Up. Surf east from the Sprout Tower to meet a man who sells Fire Stones for P2100. Near him is Rare Candy. 

ROUTE 32: Quite a lot to be seen here, get ready. Surf east from the fishing spot, you’ll touch land and find a Hyper Potion between trees to the north. Continue along the shore to meet Wallace. 

Fisher Wallace Prize: P1344

(Lv29 Poliwhirl & Lv27 Tentacruel, Lv28 Shellder)

North from him is a new area, a wooded spot lying between Route 32 and Cherrygrove City. Make your way to the top left section to pick up a White Flute (!) what a find, this neat item is the counter to Repel. Use the ItemFinder to locate an Antidote and another Hyper Potion. The only other Trainer here is Jack in the middle. 

Bug Catcher Jack (Lv26 Dustox, Lv27 Butterfree) Prize: P104

To the right from him is some Heal Powder. Back in the water and we’re in Cherrygrove, finally able to reach that guy on the platform. He has a bottle of Mystic Water for us. Southwest from him, back in Route 32, on a small island is a guy running up and down. That’s Ramiz.

Eletist Ramiz (Lv30 Arcanine x2) Prize: P720

East from there, back into Cherrygrove territory, is another platform occupied by 2 Fishermen, Pitt and Attila

Fisher Pitt (Lv27 Remoraid, Relicanth) Prize: P648

Fisher Attila (Lv25 Goldeen & Lv27 Seaking, Lv26 Horsea) Prize: P1248

South from them is an island with a locked building and a signpost that has faded text. Interesting note is that the lock used is expensive. Behind the building is a Red Scarf. Another island to the east is connected to this place by a small bridge. There’s only Rare Candy to be found in the top right corner. 

East of these islands and the fishing spot platform is Geoffrey near the shore. Beyond him is Route 100 (?). Secret route?

Ace Trainer Geoffrey Prize: P1044

(Lv28 Scizor, Espeon, Lv29 Typhlosion, Politoed)

South from him is a Full Restore and Jessica.

Ace Trainer Jessica Prize: P1008

(Lv27 Forrestress, Lv28 Growlithe, Tangela


Pokemon Found

  • Headbutt: Pineco
  • Surf: Tentacool
  • Old Rod: Tentacool
  • Good Rod: Tentacool
  • Super Rod: Tentacruel

Surf east to find Ashley standing near the entrance to the Lost Woods. 

Picnicker Ashley Prize: P756

(Lv26 Tangela, Lv27 Nidorino, Lv28 Weepinbell)

She says there’s a mystical Pokemon in there but nobody has been lucky enough to see it. Shall we test our luck? Or you can surf on to the south and circle round continuing eastward to skip the woods, finding Kevin fishing near the shore. He says something about a lake but the text gets jumbled up

Fisher Kevin (Lv27 Seaking, Lv28 Seadra) Prize: P648

People have been searching for it and whatever Pokemon is said to be there but nobody has returned.


Pokemon Found

Lotad, Marill, Oddish, Furret, Butterfree, Sentret, Zigzagoon, Dusclops, Magnemite, Hoothoot

This creepy haze though…that item you see below is a Nugget. Fortunately it is not a tough maze to get through, just go all the way east to find TM44 (Rest) in the upper right corner and below is the exit. No luck finding that special Pokemon, we can always try later…and hopefully it is not a Pokemon which only appears on a certain day. 

Near the entrance from this side is Darren. 

Guitarist Darren Prize: P864

(Lv26 Electrode, Lv27 Electrike, Lv29 Magnemite)

Follow the shore north, you’ll soon enter the waters of Route 27. Continuing east leads to the Orange Islands Gate, where the Undersea Express can be boarded. A PC is there if you’re need of one. We’ll be back MUCH later for that water train. 


Pokemon Found

  • Surf: Chinchou, Tentacool, Lanturn, Tentacruel
  • Old Rod: Magikarp
  • Good Rod: Chinchou, Magikarp
  • Super Rod: Magikarp, Tentacool

There’s a deep water spot here, make a note of it for later. We’ll reach the junction where the river flows west and east. West leads back home to New Bark while east goes on to the Johto-Kanto border. A chance to set foot in Kanto, even just for a bit, and have a look at Tohjo Falls. No passport needed, just HM Waterfall πŸ™‚


Pokemon Found

  • Ekans, Zubat, Arbok, Raticate, Golbat, Slowpoke
  • Surf: Chinchou, Goldeen
  • Old Rod: Tentacool
  • Good Rod: Tentacruel
  • Super Rod: Seaking, Psyduck

To the left of the waterfall though is an old man who received a Pokemon when he was younger and if you got room in your party you will get a Level 5 Chikorita. That’s a Moon Stone near him. 

Outside the cave head south for a small closed off area by the water. Surf to the right by the shore and you’ll find Rare Candy. 

UNION CAVE: From the Route 32 entrance go to the top right corner area for the ladder. Down below we’ll find Andrew and then Calvin across the water.

PokeManiac Andrew (Lv26 Marowak x2) Prize: P1560

PokeManiac Calvin (Lv28 Kangaskhan) Prize: P1680

Another ladder next to him leads to the lowest level. There’s an Elixir in the top right corner. Surf to the south, you’ll see Gwen on the left and Nick on the right, standing near a Hyper Potion.

Ace Trainer Gwen Prize: P1920

(Lv24 Jolteon, Vaporeon, Flareon, Lv28 Eevee)

Ace Trainer Nick (Lv28 Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur) Prize: P2240

Emily is all the way at the southern end. 

Ace Trainer Emily (Lv30 Poliwhirl) Prize: P2400

She is standing by the famous pool where Lapras can be found on Fridays. Return to the surface floor and descend the other ladder (back to the area where we found the PokeDoll). Once there surf north to meet Leon.

Hiker Leon (Lv26 Geodude, Lv28 Machop) Prize: P1120

Past him is Philip. 

Hiker Philip (Lv25 Geodude x2, Graveler) Prize: P1000

Below from him is an exit blocked by a boulder and to the left of him is another exit. Both are connected to the Ruins of Alph. Outside we’ll face Nath, near the western puzzle chamber and the only grassy area to be found here. 

Psychic Nath (Lv28 Girafarig) Prize: P1008

The puzzle (of Ho-oh) has already been put together, but by who though? 

DARK CAVE: As I said before, the chamber across the water is connected to the Mountain Road south of Blackthorn City so don’t bother with it from here. Surf across going east. Smash the rock and move to that top right corner to find an Ice Heal. Below from there are two paths heading south, each with items. Full Heal on the right and Dire Hit on the left. You’ll see the exit, leading to Route 46 and the last portion of Route 45. Below the first ledge you see Trainers on the left and one further down. If you got that Walk through Walls code, this is a good time to use it otherwise you’ll have to come back here. The two Trainers are Luke and Erin.

Camper Luke (Lv32 Nidorino, Pidgeotto) Prize: P640

Camper Erin (Lv29 Ponyta x2) Prize: P580

Just below her, hidden by the tree, is an X Speed. The other Trainer is Bailey. 

Hiker Bailey (Lv35 Geodude x4, Machop) Prize: P1120

ROUTE 34: Now we can pick up that Nugget behind the fence where Picnicker Gina is standing. The Scientist-looking man says that 3 mysterious pillars have risen up to the surface out at sea across from him. They are on an island called Outskirt Island, but hold off from going there just yet. Continue surfing south from the Scientist, you’ll discover the secret training spot of 3 Ace Trainer sisters: Irene on the left, Jenn on the right and big sis Kate in the middle. As you can see, Irene and Jenn are unavoidable.  

Ace Trainer Irene (Lv24 Goldeen, Lv25 Seaking) Prize: P2000

Ace Trainer Jenn (Lv26 Staryu, Lv28 Starmie) Prize: P2240

Ace Trainer Kate (Lv26 Shellder, Lv30 Cloyster) Prize: P2400

For defeating them we’ll receive Soft Sand from Kate. In the grassy area on the right you’ll find a Guard Spec. in the bottom right. Surf on south from there, staying by the coast, you’ll find an old man who has a Level 5 Cyndaquil for you if you got room. Southeast from him is a rocky area where you’ll see steps leading to a Leaf Stone and a cave entrance. The lady in the water is Jess. 

Swimmer Jess (Lv33 Relicanth, Lv34 Staryu) Prize: P1056

She mentions that there’s a submerged area below this place. The cave is a secluded section of Union Cave, the only thing found here besides the Pokemon is TM44 (Rest). The exit leads to the last portion of southeast Route 34 before you swim into Route 32 waters. You’ll find Brett though. 

Swimmer Brett (Lv33 Tentacool, Lv34 Tentacruel, Starmie) Prize: P544

The place that he and Jess are talking about is below the MASSIVE waterfall you can see the top of if you move south from Brett. What the…?! 

Back to the Scientist and surf west for Outskirt Island.


Pokemon Found

  • Rattata, Sentret, Zubat, Bellsprout, Pidgey
  • Surf: Krabby, Seaking
  • Old Rod: Magikarp
  • Good Rod: Relicanth, Magikarp
  • Super Rod: Relicanth

Swimming near the western beach is Kerry. 

Swimmer Kerry (Lv35 Pelipper) Prize: P1120

You’ll find Calcium in the bottom left grassy area. At the center of this place are the 3 pillars, one yellow, one blue and one red. Below from them you’ll find Rare Candy. Remember that Blue Flute we got some time ago? Bring it and the other Flutes here to be placed on the pedestals. The secret location of a legendary Pokemon will be unlocked somewhere. Blue Flute unlocks Articuno’s final location. 

If you surf west you’ll enter Route 40 waters and Olivine City to the northwest. Straight north leads to a portion of land that connects Goldenrod and Olivine, though labelled as Outskirt Island. A couple of Trainers are here, Megan and Darren.

Beauty Megan (Lv23 Jigglypuff, Lv25 Wigglytuff) Prize: P2000

Biker Darren (Lv25 Nidoqueen, Lv28 Nidoking) Prize: P500

Continue back to Goldenrod after Darren. You’ll see an area just north of the Radio Tower, in between buildings. Go through this area, you’ll soon reach a Fire Stone. *Phew* so that’s the Great Backtrack for ya, quite the mini journey. Let’s return to Ecruteak and continue with our regularly scheduled adventure.


Pokemon Found

Meowth, Noctowl, Tauros, Miltank, Raticate, Pidgeotto, Pidgey, Rattata, Magnemite, Electrike (Rare), Exeggcute, Hoothoot

I was really tempted to go east instead and see how far we could get, but for the sake of “keeping canon” we go west. Two major HMs await us, one of them is across the sea. Speaking of sea, one of the first Trainers on this route is Harvey on the northern side of the fence.

Sailor Harvey (Lv25 Wooper) Prize: P800

On the left past him is Dana. 

Lass Dana (Lv24 Flaaffy, Lv25 Psyduck) Prize: P700

Below the fence is Val. 

Beauty Val (Lv21 Hoppip, Lv22 Skiploom) Prize: P1584

On the southern side from her is Toby. 

Bird Keeper Toby (Lv22-23 Doduo x3) Prize: P644

You’ll need Cut to access that area beyond the fence below. At the end of that area is a bottle of Berry Juice. How appropriate since we’re so close to the famous MooMoo Farm. Go back up to Dana and meet Chaud in the top left corner. 

Schoolboy Chaud (Lv25 Mr. Mime) Prize: P1400

Olivia is south from him. 

Beauty Olivia (Lv22 Corsola) Prize: P1584

She is the last Trainer on this very short route.


Pokemon Found

Dustox, Pidgeotto, Pidgey, Noctowl, Tauros, Rattata, Raticate, Magnemite, Meowth

First Trainer on this route is Norman. 

Psychic Norman (Lv24-26 Slowpoke x2) Prize: P1040


In the house we find the farmer and his wife, they are not happy because one of their beloved Miltank isn’t giving out milk. Moomoo the Miltank is sick and needs some Oran Berries. How many Berries did players need to feed her in the original games? 7? 8? You’ll need 7 here. Once Moomoo is healthy you can buy a bottle of MooMoo Milk from the farmer for P500. His wife gives you TM13 (Snore) as a thank you gift. 

There’s another area west of the farm, reached just by going round from the farm house. A lake is here (that item by the shore is TM23 Iron Tail). It is not labelled on the Map so I’ll just call this area Route 39 West.


Pokemon Found

  • Dustox, Noctowl, Pidgeotto, Pidgey, Raticate, Rattata, Geodude, Meowth
  • Surf: Poliwag
  • Old Rod: Goldeen
  • Good Rod: Psyduck, Seaking
  • Super Rod: Staryu, Seaking

Hidden by a tree on the northwestern side of the lake is Soul Dew. There is a cave on the upper area, to reach it you must travel to the southern side of the lake and circle round. A signpost found there says Route 40 is further on. The item near the cave entrance is a Twisted Spoon.


Pokemon Found

Zubat, Magnemite, Geodude, Graveler, Golbat, Rattata, Lunatone, Electrode, Plusle

Curious place we got here, divided into two areas. Upper area (Main Floor) and a lower one (“Basement”). The lower area is reached by descending a ladder or dropping through those spots on the ground that you’ll notice, there’s one on the left from the entrance. Just south of that spot is a Parlyz Heal. Further left from there is another drop spot and a ladder. You’ll see another ladder on the ground below, to reach that area just drop down via that spot and in the basement head down the steps and use the first ladder you see. Back to the main floor, now we’re in its lowest section where you can pick up a Max Elixir. Return to the basement and make your way to the northern section to see an entrance to a chamber we can’t access yet until you drop down through all the spots in this cave. So let’s find them. Just to the right from that chamber entrance is some Calcium. 

Right below from where you find the Calcium is a ladder, use it. You’ll reappear in the main floor’s northeastern section. You’ll see a drop spot below. Back in the basement move down to a ladder on high ground on the eastern side. It leads to the main floor’s highest section where we find not one but 3 drop spots! Once you’ve busted through those, get to the southeastern corner of the basement for a ladder which takes us to the entrance area found when coming from Route 40. The last drop spot is here too. The chamber is accessible, go in and pick up a Yellow Flute. Done and done πŸ™‚ exit back to Route 39 West, leave the farm and let’s finish off Route 39 proper. 

South from the farm are Ruth, Derek and their Pikachu. 

PokeFan Ruth (Lv26 Pikachu) Prize: P1144

PokeFan Derek (Lv24 Pikachu) Prize: P1056

Below them are Ian and Eugene. Ian met a certain red-haired Rival of ours and lived to tell us about it, good for him πŸ™‚

Ace Trainer Ian Prize: P1248

(Lv24 Umbreon, Lv25 Croconaw, Pikachu, Lv26 Swellow)

Sailor Euguene (Lv25 Poliwhirl, Krabby, Lv26 Raticate) Prize: P800

Then we finally step into the port city.


Places of Interest

  • PokeCenter
  • PokeMart
  • Gym
  • Olivine Lighthouse
  • Olivine Port
  • Olivine Cafe
  • Fishing Guru’s House


  • Great Ball P600
  • Super Potion P700
  • Hyper Potion P1200
  • Antidote P100
  • Parlyz Heal P200
  • Awakening P250
  • Ice Heal P250
  • Super Repel P500
  • Wave Mail P50

Pokemon Found

  • Surf: Tentacool, Krabby
  • Old Rod: Tentacool
  • Good Rod: Tentacool, Krabby
  • Super Rod: Magikarp, Krabby, Poliwhirl

Pokemon Found [Olivine Port]

  • Surf: Goldeen, Seaking, Psyduck 
  • Old Rod: Goldeen
  • Good Rod: Shellder, Seaking 
  • Super Rod: Seaking, Horsea

Out of the Gym walks Silver, this time not looking to battle us since we’ve been labelled as a weak Trainer. He confirms what we’ve heard about the Gym Leader and her sick Pokemon, they are not in the Gym but on the top floor of the Lighthouse. Silver suggests we go there to train. No problem, but we’ll look around first. 

In the house northeast from the PokeMart (house on the left) you can trade a Krabby for a Voltorb. Next door to the PokeMart lives the Fishing Guru who gives us the Good Rod. 

Next door to the PokeCenter is the Olivine Cafe, speak to the Sailor near the counter to get HM04 (Strength)! Simple as that, plus we got the right Badge for it already so all good. The other Sailor across the table teaches Overheat. 

Can’t go beyond the fishing spot at the Olivine Port. 

Outside the Lighthouse is almost-Rival Axel, who says he is going back to the Ouka region after failing to find Team Saturn’s mysterious leader. Problem is because of the sick Pokemon the Lighthouse isn’t operational so Axel can’t leave yet. Let’s find out if we can help.


No trouble on the first floor. On the second floor though, the fun begins with Al.

Gentleman Al (Lv25 Noctowl) Prize: P1700

Next is Huey standing before stairs. 

Sailor Huey (Lv24 Poliwhirl) Prize: P768


We’ll be back for that Sailor and item which are blocked off. Head on down to find Theo.

Bird Keeper Theo (Lv22-24 Pidgey x2, Pidgeotto) Prize: P700

If you’re looking for a quick return to a lower floor, make use of that hole in the bottom right corner. We’ll use such a hole on an upper floor. By the stairs is Preston.

Gentleman Preston (Lv24-25 Growlithe x2) Prize: P1700


On the left is Connie and on the right is a guy selling Sun Stones for P2100. 

Aroma Lady Connie (Lv26 Marill) Prize: P728

That hole on the left is how we reach the Sailor on 3F but don’t jump down yet, there’s one more Trainer here. Continue south from Connie for Kent. 

Sailor Kent (Lv24-25 Krabby x2) Prize: P800

He’s also concerned about the sick Pokemon and mentions that there’s a Pharmacy in Cianwood City which sells the special medicine needed to heal the Pokemon. North from him are stairs leading to 5F. 


In the bottom left corner is TM34 (Swagger) and on the opposite side is some Rare Candy. Back to 4F, drop down to 3F to pick up an Ether and battle Terry. 

Sailor Terry (Lv26 Poliwhirl) Prize: P832

Take the stairs near him back up to 4F and the next ones to 5F’s central section. We find Ernie and a Super Repel.

Sailor Ernie (Lv25 Machop x2, Lv26 Poliwhirl) Prize: P832

Below him are the stairs leading to the top floor. 


In the top left corner is a Hyper Potion. We meet Gym Leader Jasmine and her beloved Ampharos Amphy. She can’t leave Amphy to make the trip to Cianwood so she asks us to travel on her behalf. 

There’s a whole area to the west of Olivine City, let’s see what’s there then we go for a long swim across the sea.


Pokemon Found

  • Surf: Tentacool, Goldeen, Seaking, Psyduck
  • Old Rod: Magikarp, Goldeen
  • Good Rod: Krabby, Shuckle, Shellder, Seaking
  • Super Rod: Kingler, Horsea, Shellder

Along this route is the famous Battle Tower. Pick your best 3 Pokemon and good luck to you. If you have more than 3 with you when you speak to the front desk lady you’ll be shown some items which are on sale:

  • Smoke Ball 800 Coins
  • Miracle Seed 1000 Coins
  • Charcoal 1000 Coins
  • Mystic Water 1000 Coins
  • Black Flute 1600 Coins

In the water south from the Battle Tower is Simon.

Swimmer Simon (Lv27-28 Tentacool x2) Prize: P1080

Surf a little to the west to find the area where Hollow Cave’s other entrance is located. Josh is here too. 

Cooltrainer Josh (Lv27 Rhyhorn, Sandslash, Lv28 Nidorino) Prize: P972

By a tree above from him is some Energypowder. Surf south along the western end to find Johnson. 

Fisher Johnson (Lv26 Remoraid, Relicanth, Lv28 Poliwhirl) Prize: P624

Surf east from him to find Tessa, Elaine and Paula. 

Swimmer Tessa (Lv27 Staryu, Lv28 Poliwhirl) Prize: P896

Swimmer Elaine (Lv28 Staryu) Prize: P896

Swimmer Paula (Lv27 Staryu, Lv28 Shellder) Prize: P896

Go all the way to south side of the Lighthouse to find Lauren. 

Swimmer Lauren (Lv27 Gyarados, Lv29 Psyduck) Prize: P864

Surf southeast from her to find Colton, somewhere between Route 40 and Outskirt Island. 

Swimmer Colton (Lv30 Corsola, Lv32 Staryu) Prize: P512

Back to Lauren and continue west until you see a male Swimmer near those rocks on left from Lauren. That’s Randy. 

Swimmer Randy (Lv26-27 Shellder x2, Lv28 Wartortle) Prize: P1120

Just below from him is George and the top side of Route 41. 

Swimmer George (Lv28-30 Tentacool x4, Remoraid, Staryu) Prize: P1120

I saw that he had a full team, I thought maybe he’s a trap (this is what I call a Trainer who has a full team of one Pokemon species e.g. there’s ALWAYS a Fisherman who has a full team of Magikarp).


Pokemon Found

  • Surf: Tentacool, Tentacruel, Shellder, Remoraid
  • Old Rod: Goldeen, Chinchou
  • Good Rod: Psyduck, Krabby
  • Super Rod: Kingler, Horsea

West of George is Charlie, swimming north of the northeast Whirl Island.

Swimmer Charlie Prize: P1120

(Lv28 Tentacool, Tentacruel, Lv30 Shellder)

Kaylee is near the northwest Whirl Island. 

Swimmer Kaylee (Lv28-31 Goldeen x2, Seaking) Prize: P992

If you continue past her you’ll enter Cianwood waters (go and heal if you need to) then we can clear out the remaining Trainers. From Kaylee surf along the gap between the top Whirl Islands to find Susie. 

Swimmer Susie (Lv27 Goldeen, Lv30 Psyduck) Prize: P864

Continue south to the bottom islands, that’s where Denise is. 

Swimmer Denise (Lv30 Seel) Prize: P960

Between the northeast and southeast islands is Kirk swimming in circles. 

Swimmer Kirk (Lv26-32 Gyarados x2) Prize: P416

On the eastern side of the southeast island is Keira and Wendy is on the southern side. 

Swimmer Keira (Lv26 Starmie, Lv29 Staryu) Prize: P832

Swimmer Wendy (Lv29-31 Horsea x2) Prize: P928

South of the southwest island is Matt, the final Trainer. 

Swimmer Matt (Lv31 Krabby) Prize: P496

Good grief, no wonder in another game there’s a bridge which was built between Cianwood and Olivine haha maybe some of you have played it, eh?


Places of Interest

  • PokeCenter
  • Cianwood City Pharmacy
  • Cianwood City Photo Studio
  • PokeSeer’s House


  • Potion P300
  • Super Potion P700
  • Hyper Potion P1200
  • Full Heal P600
  • Revive P1500

Pokemon Found

  • Surf: Tentacool
  • Old Rod: Magikarp
  • Good Rod: Horsea
  • Super Rod: Horsea, Gyarados, Qwilfish

First order of business, hurry on over to the Pharmacy to receive the Secret Potion. 

In the house just north of the Pharmacy is a guy who was forced to give away one of his Pokemon to you-know-who, but he still has one Pokemon left and he gives it to us, a Level 15 Shuckle. 

North of that house is where you can get some more clues about the Whirl Islands. Something something Silver Wing, something something special move needed to clear those whirlpools or something πŸ™‚

The famous Photo Master isn’t home, instead there is a little girl who tells us that the man built a machine to do his work and it is found in the Goldenrod Game Corner. The girl has a sister who lives in Cerulean City, a big fan of stickers. Perhaps we’ll pay her a visit. 

Far to the north is the home of the PokeSeer…and Suicune is just outside the house! But when we get close to it Suicune takes off and bolts across the waves, darn it. Then Eusine shows up, only catching a glimpse of the legendary. To earn Suicune’s respect he decides to battle us right here, right now.


Mystical Man Eusine Prize P6000

(Lv30 Drowzee, Haunter, Lv32 Electrode)

His search for Suicune continues and maybe we’ll meet Eusine again along our journey. 

The PokeSeer can tell you the level at which your Pokemon will evolve or by which item or method. Quite the ability you have there, lady, nice. Some Pokemon I found out information about from her are these ones:

  • Poliwhirl -> Politoed by Sun Stone
  • Onix -> Steelix at Lv35
  • Togepi -> Togetic by raising its happiness
  • Graveler -> Golem at Lv42
  • Golbat -> Crobat by raising its happiness
  • Haunter -> Gengar by Moon Stone
  • Slowpoke -> Slowking by Sun Stone
  • Igglybuff -> Jigglypuff raising its happiness
  • Kadabra -> Alakazam by Moon Stone
  • Seadra -> Kingdra by Water Stone
  • Machoke -> Machamp at Lv42
  • Porygon -> Porygon2 by raising its happiness
  • Clamperl -> Gorebyss or Huntail (happiness, depends on time of day)
  • Scyther -> Scizor at Lv40
  • Chansey -> Blissey by raising its happiness
  • Eevee -> Umbreon or Espeon (happiness, depends on time of day)

When you’re ready, bring along a Pokemon that knows Strength and let’s go see Chuck. 


Leader: Chuck – “His Roaring Fists Do the Talking.”

Speak to the woman outside the Gym after defeating Chuck, she has a big gift for us. There are 4 Gym Trainers. The first 2 who are face to face are Yoshi on the left and Lao on the right. 

BlackBelt Yoshi (Lv33 Hitmonlee) Prize: P1188

BlackBelt Lao (Lv33 Hitmonchan) Prize: P1188

Next is Nob. 

BlackBelt Nob (Lv30 Machop, Lv32 Machoke) Prize: P1152

Then there’s a super simple mini boulder puzzle ahead between us and Lung. 

BlackBelt Lung (Lv30 Mankey x2, Lv32 Primeape) Prize: P1152

After seeing Chuck make a boulder disappear with his fist, he’s ready to let his Pokemon do some talking!


Leader Chuck (Lv36 Primeape, Lv38 Poliwrath)

Prizes: P2160 + Storm Badge + TM01 (Dynamic Punch)

Pokemon up to Level 70 will obey us and now we can FLY πŸ™‚ excellent. Outside the Gym we’ll get HM02 (Fly) from that woman, turns out she’s Chuck’s wife. When you’re ready, let’s deliver that medicine.

Give Jasmine the Secret Potion and watch as Amphy is healed at last. Jasmine returns to the Gym and outside the Lighthouse we speak to Axel, who can go home now. We’ll have to deal with Team Saturn alone, damn. He’ll ask for one last battle, which you can avoid but if you won’t get a second chance to accept it if you say No.


Trainer Axel Prize: P640

(Lv31 Quagsire, Lv32 Hitmonlee, Shelgon, Lv33 Arcanine Lv34 Electabuzz)

Afterwards he gives us the Red Flute to complete the musical set. For now perhaps it’s goodbye to Axel. Just before we reach the Gym though Zane shows up for another battle.


PokeTrainer Zane Prize: P4080

(Lv32 Porygon, Lv33 Shroomish, Lv34 Lapras, Umbreon)

He aims to train even harder for next time, nothing new from this guy. Anyway, time to see Jasmine.


Leader: Jasmine – “The Steel-Clad Defence Girl”

No gimmicks, no Gym Trainers here, just the Gym Guide guy and Jasmine. Now that Amphy is okay, she’s back in full Gym Leader mode. Here we go!


Leader Jasmine (Lv36 Magnemite, Lv40 Magneton, Lv41 Steelix)

Prizes: P2460 + Mineral Badge + TM23 (Iron Tail)

Done and done. While we’re still in Olivine, make a quick trip to Outskirt Island to drop off the remaining Flutes. Now that we got means of fast travel and some Strength, there are 2 places to revisit…but if you’re ready to move on and will do the backtracking later, jump down to where I stand on Route 42, east of Ecruteak.


SLOWPOKE WELL: Now we can reach the ladder in the middle of the area. Down in the basement you’ll find TM18 (Rain Dance) and probably the most patient Scientist in the Pokemon world, he’s waiting to see a Slowpoke evolution and has made a discovery concerning the King’s Rock. He has one to give us. It’s not a bad Hold Item but in this game, fortunately, Slowpoke evolves into Slowking with the help of a Sun Stone πŸ™‚ how do we share that info with this guy?

UNION CAVE: We’re going back to that other exit leading to the Ruins (reached by going down the ladder near PokeManiac Philip). Move the boulder aside and step outside to the southwest section of the Ruins. In the chamber we can enter is an Omastar puzzle. Another chamber is above that one but looks to be sealed shut. Even after solving the puzzle, no change to that second chamber but we do get a message about something clicking into place somewhere.


Pokemon Found

  • Golbat, Rattata, Spearow, Fearow, Ekans, Arbok, Smoochum (Rare), Raticate, Slakoth (Rare), Zubat
  • Surf: Tentacool
  • Old Rod: Magikarp
  • Good Rod: Magikarp, Horsea
  • Super Rod: Horsea, Qwilfish

Good advice from the Gate guard, Mt. Mortar is indeed a maze. Question is, how much more of a maze is it this remake..? The item behind the signpost by the cave entrance is an Ultra Ball. There are 3 entrances into Mt. Mortar – the western entrance which we can see, a middle entrance across the water on the right (this entrance leads to the waterfall we’ll see inside) and the eastern entrance which is just outside Mahogany Town. We’ll be back with HM Waterfall, but for now let’s see how far we can explore. Bring a Pokemon that knows Strength.


Pokemon Found

  • Zubat, Geodude, Rattata, Raticate, Golbat, Houndour, Machop, Graveler
  • Surf: Goldeen
  • Old Rod: Goldeen
  • Good Rod: Goldeen
  • Super Rod: Goldeen
  • Basement Surf: Corsola, Remoraid, Relicanth, Golbat

Go straight on ahead to enter the Main Area/1F. Once there you’ll find a ladder on the left (leads to a Heal Powder), a middle path blocked by a boulder and Miller standing by another ladder (leads to a Red Shard). Below from him is an exit leading to the eastern side of the waterfall and the way out.  

PokeManiac Miller (Lv23 Nidoking, Nidoqueen) Prize: P1104

A certain Karate master swept through Miller and the other Trainers here before going deeper into the mountain. 

Move the boulder out of the way and pick up a Revive in the corner just above from where Miller is. Head left to find a Hyper Potion before you have circle round and jump down a ledge to reach that Super Nerd guy on higher ground (just before jumping the ledge you’ll find a Nugget on the right). 

Super Nerd Mark (Lv21 Slowpoke) Prize: P504

He’s looking for his friend Hugh, they got separated while training here. Hugh has a Seadra which knows Waterfall, noted. Continue northwards to pick up a Max Potion. The area you can see further north can’t be reached from here. One other area which we can explore is the basement. Leave Mt. Mortar and go back in via the middle entrance. If you exit through the eastern way you’ll find a couple of Trainers, Shane and Tully. 

PokeManiac Shane (Lv22 Nidorina, Nidorino) Prize: P1056

Fisher Tully (Lv25 Poliwhirl, Lv26 Qwilfish, Goldeen) Prize: P1040

You’ll also find the Berry Tower (?!) where you take on the best of the best with Berries on the line as prizes. Battle Tower be damned πŸ™‚ Across the water past the tower is a Super Potion. 

Back in the mountain, descend the ladder. There are some items to be found down here, plus a shortcut when coming from another area and a Dive spot. On the right you’ll find an Ether, surf on up to find a Full Restore. In the top right corner is a Max Ether and an opening leading to a short series of ladders that take us to what is currently an empty secret area. Make a note of this for later. On the left is the shortcut, south from there is a PP Up and you circle round to the top left corner for Carbos. Done, back outside to finish up the last stretch of Route 42. Gotta wonder, who has HM Waterfall?

Past Shane is Benji the spinning Hiker and final Trainer on this route. 

Hiker Benji (Lv21 Diglett, Geodude, Lv23 Dugtrio) Prize: P920


Places of Interest

  • PokeCenter
  • Gym
  • Gift Shop

Sooo where are the ninja at? All you see are the Gym, a PokeCenter, a shop selling questionable goods and one house haha, how does this place qualify as a town?? 

Blocking the Gym is a man who suggests we take the scenic Route 43 and visit the Lake of Rage. Apparently a red Gyarados has been seen there. You don’t say.

Blocking the eastern way out of town is another man selling Lava Cookies for P300. You’re a LONG way from Lavaridge, dude.

Speaking of questionable goods, let’s talk about the Gift Shop for a moment. Currently occupied by a pair of shady-looking fellas, one of them mentions an experiment that may involve Gyarados. The other one has these items to offer:

  • Tiny Mushroom P500
  • Slopoke Tail P200
  • PokeBall P200
  • Potion P300

We can’t put a stop to this operation unfortunately so let’s head north for the lake. Bring a Surfer and a Pokemon that knows Cut. In the Gate is a Youngster who teaches Aerial Ace. 


Pokemon Found

  • Farfetch’d, Sentret, Furret, Pidgeotto, Raticate, Noctowl, Girafarig, Lotad 
  • Surf: Magikarp
  • Old Rod: Magikarp
  • Good Rod: Magikarp, Poliwag
  • Super Rod: Magikarp, Poliwag

First Trainer spotted is Spencer. 

Camper Spencer (Lv34 Zubat, Graveler, Lv36 Sandshrew) Prize: P680

Past him is another Gate which has been hijacked by a couple of Rocket Grunts. Can’t battle them, they’ll rush over to us and grab P1000 each time you go through! To avoid them you’ll have to move through the grass on the left. Damn these ingenious guys. North from the grass are Tiffany and her Clefairy. 

Picnicker Tiffany (Lv36 Clefairy) Prize: P1008

Surf up from her to face Marvin. Does he count a mini trap?

Fisher Marvin (Lv32-34 Magikarp x2, Gyarados x2) Prize: P1360

Continue up to find Ben and Ron who met that friendly neighbourhood Rival of ours. 

PokeManiac Ben (Lv35 Slowbro) Prize: P2100

PokeManiac Ron (Lv34 Nidoking) Prize: P1632

South from them is Brent who completes the triumvirate. 

PokeManiac Brent (Lv35 Lickitung) Prize: P2100

Below from him is a Max Ether near the Gate. Now for the legendary lake.


Pokemon Found

  • Surf: Magikarp, Gyarados
  • Old Rod: Magikarp
  • Good Rod: Magikarp
  • Super Rod: Magikarp

You’ll find the Fishing Guru’s house on the right, where you get a little history lesson about the lake. Follow that path north of the house all the way to find an Elixir. By the water on the left is an old man and a fishing spot. Go further left past the old man to pick up Rare Candy. Jump into the lake and swim a bit to the west to meet the Red Gyarados, all Shiny and at Level 30. After catching it you’ll get the Red Scale. Could’ve used a better icon for it instead of the one for the Safari Zone Warden’s Gold Teeth haha, just saying. There’s a Dive spot by the southeast side of the island in the middle of the lake. 

Return to the signpost for the lake, a new face has appeared there – Lance! He heard rumours about what’s going on here so he’s come to investigate and needs our help. The Magikarp are being forced to evolve, hence the angry Gyarados, by means of a strange radio broadcast coming from Mahogany. He’ll wait for us there, which give us a chance to finish exploring this place. Go back to where we found Fisher Marvin and head northwest, cutting trees to clear the path (picking up a Parlyz Heal along the way). You’ll eventually reach a house where you get TM10 (Hidden Power). East from the house is TM43 (Detect) and that ends our lake tour for now, back to town.

Lance is in the Gift Shop, cleaning house with his Dragonite. He finds the secret stairway leading to the source of the radio signal. Are you ready?



Mind the statues, if you try to pass them an alarm is triggered and a Grunt shows up to fight. Got 2 Grunts that meet us back to back just for the first statue. 

Rocket Grunt (Lv28 Drowzee, Lv29 Zubat) Prize: P1160

Rocket Grunt (Lv29 Zubat, Grimer, Lv30 Rattata) Prize: P1200

The second Grunt mentions a secret switch which we could find to stop the Grunts from showing up. A second statue is at the end of this corridor, with a Grunt nearby for good measure. Until the switch is found the only other way to turn off the alarm is to trip it and battle the Grunts that appear. If you’re looking to train by taking them on, no problem, the Grunts that appear for the second statue are exactly the same as the first pair, right down to prize money issued. As for that other Grunt though…

Rocket Grunt (Lv18-30 Rattata x4) Prize: P720

Below him are rows of rigged floor tiles, even he doesn’t know which ones have the traps. Instead of Grunts coming to fight, there are wild Geodude, Voltorb and Koffing that appear. 

Go south via the right side to find a Scientist by a computer and a Guard Spec.

Scientist Jed (Lv30, 32 Magnemite x2) Prize: P1800

He tells us that there’s a warp panel ahead which will take us back to the entrance if we need to make a quick exit. Use the computer to turn off the secret switch. Leave and continue further south, finding a Hyper Potion near the third statue by the right corner. After the fourth statue below is a Nugget, the fifth statue, the warp panel and stairs heading below. 


We find Lance and after healing our team he moves ahead. There’s a locked door which needs a password, past it is a Grunt. Why didn’t Lance take care of this guy?

Rocket Grunt (Lv20 Venonat x2) Prize: P800

According to him only the boss knows the password. Another Grunt is near stairs. 

Rocket Grunt (Lv30 Golbat) Prize: P1200


Lance has found out that 2 passwords are required to access the boss’ quarters, only a few Grunts know them. In the little corridor on the right is a Full Heal. Our search for those special Grunts can start in the room by the stairs. Got former Silph Co. employee Ross and a Grunt. 

Scientist Ross (Lv30-34 Koffing x2) Prize: P2040

Rocket Grunt (Lv30 Ekans, Gloom) Prize: P1200

She tells us one of the passwords: SLOWPOKETAIL

…I’m seeing a theme here. In the next room is Mitch and another Grunt. 

Scientist Mitch (Lv36 Ditto) Prize: P2160

Rocket Grunt (Lv31 Raticate) Prize: P1240

He tells us the other password: RATICATE TAIL

…am still seeing a theme here. 

In the corner are an X Special and Protein. Carry on north to find an Ice Heal and stairs taking us back to B1F. Follow the corridor all the way to the left side for stairs and a battle. 

Rocket Grunt (Lv29 Zubat, Lv33 Rattata, Lv34 Weezing) Prize: P1360

He’s yet another Trainer who has crossed paths with the red-haired wonder kid. Down the stairs back to B2F, the next stairway leads to TM46 (Thief) on B1F. Just before we reach the boss’ room we are stopped by Silver. Unfortunately for him he crossed paths with the caped wonder and lost, but what bothers Silver is what Lance said about him as a Trainer. Unable to battle us this time, Rival-kun leaves the hideout. The item near the door is an Ultra Ball. Enter the tailed passwords and step in to confront the boss. This room belongs to super boss Giovanni, who has gone away to train since disbanding Team Rocket 3 years ago. But the gang hope he’ll come back someday.


Rocket Executive (Lv34 Zubat, Raticate, Koffing) Prize: P1360

He runs off to inform his associates, leaving behind a talking Murkrow! It is kind enough to tell us the password for the first locked door we found on B1F: HAIL GIOVANNI 

Return to that door, enter the password and just as you step forward you’re stopped by a couple of Executives who are looking to take us on in a 2 vs 1 fight. Lance appears to even things out, so we face the woman. Although her battle sprite is used by the female Grunts this is Cassidy of the Butch and Cassidy pair, they were sort-of rivals to Jessie and James in the anime.


Rocket Executive (Lv35 Arbok, Gloom, Murkrow) Prize: P1400

In classic fashion we’ve defeated the bad guys but the damage has already been done. Their experiment has worked out well and now they move on to bigger plans. What’s left is to shut down the machine responsible for the signal. It is powered by 6 Electrode which we have to knock out (or catch if you’re looking for one), Lance will take on the 3 on the right side. Each one is at Level 23. After we’ve saved the day Lance gives us TM08 (Whirlpool), which we can only use out of battle when we got Pryce’s Badge. 

If you hurry back to that Gate which the Grunts were using, you’ll find the guard has returned and he gives you TM36 (Sludge Bomb). At the lake you’ll find a few new faces who’ve come to fish now that the Magikarp are okay again. There’s Ray near the Fishing Guru’s house:

Fisher Ray (Lv34 Magikarp x4) Prize: P816

Andre is to the north from the house.

Fisher Andre (Lv32 Gyarados) Prize: P768

Past him is Lois near the northeast area. She came here for the Red Gyarados. Hmm, about that…

Cooltrainer Lois (Lv32 Skiploom, Lv36 Ninetales) Prize: P2880

Back to town and when you’re ready let’s pay Pryce a visit. Wear something warm and leave some room in your party.


Leader: Pryce – “The Teacher of Winter’s Harshness”

Can’t have an Ice-type Gym without a frozen floor πŸ™‚ well, except that one Gym in Kalos. The first 2 Gym Trainers are Roland on the left and Mellisa on the right. 

Boarder Roland (Lv33 Seel, Lv34 Dewgong) Prize: P4080

Skier Mellisa (Lv35 Dewgong) Prize: P1260

Slide up from her to take on Brad and then Roxanne above him. 

Boarder Brad (Lv32-35 Swinub x2) Prize: P4200

Skier Roxanne (Lv38 Jynx) Prize: P1368

Just slide to left from her and up to meet Doug the last Gym Trainer. 

Boarder Doug (Lv34 Seel, Lv35 Shellder) Prize: P4080

Go back to Roland and slide all the way up then to the right and all the way down to the statue next to the Gym Guide guy. Slide to the other statue then up next to Doug and we’ve reached Pryce. 50 years of experience under his belt and he’s still going strong. Let’s see what he’s got for us!


Leader Pryce (Lv38 Seel, Dewgong, Lv41 Glalie, Lv42 Piloswine)

Prizes: P2460 + Glacier Badge + TM16 (Icy Wind) 

Use of Whirlpool granted and as a bonus Pryce gives us a 4th prize in the form of a Level 25 Castform (holding a Water Stone) that he received in Hoenn. Nice, could come in handy given the shifty weather in this game haha. 

Outside the Gym we get a call from Prof. Elm. He’s heard about Team Rocket’s return on the radio and just wanted to find out if we know anything about this. You know what this means, we’re going back to Goldenrod. Don’t bother trying to leave town, the Lava Cookie man is still in business and won’t let you pass, whether you’re hungry or not. 

Team Rocket have taken over the big city, blocking access to certain places. Go to the Radio Tower, our first battle is on the first floor. 

Rocket Grunt (Lv31 Onix, Lv36 Raticate) Prize: P1240

-2F- (Sales)

Rocket Grunt (Lv36 Arbok) Prize: P1440

Rocket Grunt (Lv33-35 Rattata x5) Prize: P1400

Rocket Grunt (Lv33 Onix, Lv36 Zubat) Prize: P1320

-3F- (Personnel)

Skip the first Scientist-looking guy, go for the other one. That’s Marc.

Scientist Marc (Lv36-37 Magnemite x3) Prize: P2220

The boss in charge of this operation has locked himself in another office but the Director has the Card Key to unlock the door. He’s on the 5th floor. 

Rocket Grunt (Lv37 Weezing) Prize: P1480

-4F- (Production)

Rocket Grunt (Lv34 Zubat, Grimer, Lv36 Golbat) Prize: P1440

Scientist Rick (Lv39 Porygon) Prize: P2340

-5F- (Director’s Office)

We find the Director…or not, the man we find is the Rocket Executive in disguise! No wonder the take over went on smoothly. He’ll tell us where the real Director is if we defeat him. How nice of him, but mind that full team of gas though.


Rocket Executive (Lv37 Weezing x2, Lv30-38 Koffing x4) Prize: P1200

The real Director is in the Underground Warehouse, accessed from that door we found in the Goldenrod Underground. The Executive gives us the Basement Key, despite doubting that we’ll reach the Director. 

Back to the Underground, use the Key and let’s continue cleaning up more Rockets.


First Grunt spotted– wait, here comes Silver for his scheduled battle! This guy and bad timing, I swear…


Rival Silver Prize: P1260

(Lv35 Sneasel, Lv36 Magnemite, Lv37 Haunter Lv38 Golbat, Lv40 Starter)

But it is after losing this battle that Silver starts to have a change of heart and remembers what Lance said to him. Despite this he won’t stop his quest to become #1. That’s great and all but wasn’t he chasing after Team Rocket as well earlier? Could’ve helped us out here. Continue on, we’ve kept that Grunt waiting long enough. 

Rocket Grunt (Lv39 Rattata) Prize: P1560

There are switches and shutters here, you know what that means – mini puzzle action time. Open one shutter, another closes. On the wall behind the Grunt is Switch 1 (currently turned OFF). If you look at the area below you’ll see one shutter in the middle, Switch 1 opens it. On the next Grunt. 

Rocket Grunt (Lv35 Muk, Koffing, Lv37 Rattata) Prize: P1480

Behind him is Switch 2 (OFF), hit it to unlock the shutter faced by the first Grunt so you can pick up a Full Heal. If you continue along that southern corridor you’ll reach Duncan. 

Burglar Duncan (Lv35 Koffing x2, Lv37 Magmar) Prize: P3080

Go back up to fight Grunt #3.

Rocket Grunt (Lv36 Koffing, Muk) Prize: P1440

He gives us a hint: change the order of the switching to change the order of the shutters. Behind him is Switch 3 (ON). Switch 1 is back to OFF now. Don’t touch either of them yet, go down to face Double Dee first. 

Burglar Edd (Lv36 Growlithe) Prize: P3168

Let’s see now…leave the area and come back, check the switches and make sure they are all OFF. Turn Switch 1 ON, Switch 3 ON and then Switch 2 ON. Otherwise just play around with the switches until they’re all ON. Eventually you’ll be able to reach the Grunt in the bottom right corner is near a switch labeled Emergency 3, it’s currently ON. Turn it OFF then back ON to clear those two shutters on the left. 

Rocket Grunt (Lv37 Gloom x2) Prize: P1480

Down the stairs and in the actual warehouse side of things, the first item you’ll see in the top left corner is an Ultra Ball. South from there is the first Grunt here. 

Rocket Grunt (Lv35 Graveler, Lv36 Raticate) Prize: P1400

Almost hidden in the bottom right corner from him is a Max Ether. Near the stairs above from there is the Grunt who gave us the second password at the hideout, now here for a rematch. 

Rocket Grunt (Lv38 Grimer) Prize: P1520

The stairs lead to the Dept. Store basement where you can pick up Rare Candy. Can’t get to the other items. Enter the little room on the left, that old man inside is the Director. 

Rocket Grunt (Lv37-39 Koffing x2) Prize: P1560

The Director is safe and sound, he gives the Card Key. The item next to him is TM35 (Sleep Talk). Return to the Radio Tower and unlock the shutter. 

Rocket Grunt (Lv37 Voltorb, Lv38 Raticate) Prize: P1480

-4F- (Studio 2)

There’s DJ Mary and her Meowth, held up by a Grunt and an Executive. 

Rocket Grunt (Lv35-36 Ekans x2, Oddish, Lv38 Gloom) Prize: P1520

Rocket Executive (Lv40 Golbat) Prize: P1600

-5F- (Director’s Office)

Standing between us and the boss is Executive Cassidy, though she’s down to just one Pokemon now. Round 2!


Rocket Executive (Lv41 Onix) Prize: P1640

As cool as it would be to see (and battle) Giovanni again, this radio take over has to end. Final round against the new boss.


Rocket Executive Prize: P1680

(Lv41 Houndour, Lv42 Houndoom, Lv43 Koffing) 

He admits defeat and declares that Team Rocket is once again disbanded. After they leave, the Director comes in and as a way to say thanks he gives us the Soothe Bell, which was found during the construction of this Radio Tower. He tells us that something is going on at the Tin Tower that we might want to check out. Problem is the Wise Trio over there still won’t let us enter the tower…so I say let’s return there later. 

If you want a Stick, speak to DJ Mary. Go back to Mahogany, the Lava Cookie man is gone now and grandma is back at Gift Shop:

  • Lava Cookie P200
  • Great Ball P600
  • Super Potion P700
  • Hyper Potion P1200
  • Antidote P100
  • Parlyz Heal P200
  • Super Repel P500
  • Revive P1500
  • Shadow Mail P50

Then we head on east.


Pokemon Found

  • Poliwag, Spearow, Cacnea, Bellsprout, Weepinbell, Lickitung, Tangela
  • Surf: Poliwag, Wingull (Rare)
  • Old Rod: Poliwag
  • Good Rod: Poliwag, Poliwhirl
  • Super Rod: Poliwag, Poliwhirl

That spinning Ace Trainer-looking guy on the right is Phil. 

Psychic Phil (Lv36 Natu, Lv38 Kadabra) Prize: P1368

Next to him is a Max Repel. Follow that path north to find Wilton and Zach. Below Zach is an Ultra Ball. 

Fisher Wilton (Lv37 Goldeen x2, Lv38 Seaking) Prize: P912

PokeManiac Zach (Lv38 Rhyhorn) Prize: P2280

Southwest from there are Allen (hey!), Cybil and Ed. In the grassy area across from Ed you’ll find a Max Revive. 

Cooltrainer Allen (Lv36 Charmeleon) Prize: P2880

Cooltrainer Cybil (Lv36 Butterfree, Lv37 Bellossom) Prize: P2960

Fisher Ed (Lv37 Remoraid x2) Prize: P888

Surf south from the bridge, you’ll find a cave entrance on the bottom right. Another area of the mighty Ice Path.

ICE PATH (Secret Area)

Pokemon Found

Zubat, Golbat, Krabby, Sneasel, Shuckle, Swinub, Jynx, Spheal

Slide across the frozen floor on the right, you’ll see Iron. Across the floor ahead is an Escape Rope and a Sun Stone up top from there. Continue on to the northwest corner for a ladder leading below. 

First item seen is a Big Mushroom. To the south is an angry Marowak blocking the southeast path. Rather random. But in the southwest section is a Revive. Northeast has a ladder taking us to another frozen area with nothing there, for now. Back to Route 44 and continue east towards the true Ice Path. 

Bird Keeper Vance (Lv37-39 Pidgeotto x2) Prize: P1092

He would be the last Trainer along this route if we didn’t find Zane just outside Ice Path. Yup, he’s been waiting for us…you know the drill. I gotta ask, his battle theme, is it a theme from another RPG game? One of the early Final Fantasy titles or some other franchise?? If anyone knows please tell me. Or if it’s an original tune from the creator, then never mind.


PokeTrainer Zane Prize: P5040

(Lv38 Lapras, Lv39 Porygon, Houndoom, Lv40 Breloom, Lv42 Umbreon) 

Not exactly Zane’s last stand but this is the battle where things take a major turn for him and he decides to lay low for the time being (to train, of course) and at some point we’ll duel, again. After he leaves we meet a policeman who tells us we can’t progress into Ice Path because the path has been blocked. Then we get a call from Prof. Elm, he says Ecruteak is in trouble. A massive storm has been started by a returned legendary Pokemon which is back in the Tin Tower. But it suddenly starts to rain in New Bark and on this route (?!) 

Back in Ecruteak we meet Morty and Eusine outside the Tin Tower. Eusine says it’s Suicune that has returned but isn’t acting right. Morty thinks Team Rocket’s radio broadcast could be responsible. In the building before reaching the tower we are stopped from entering by one of the Sages, he says only a Trainer with a pure heart and the Clear Bell may go in to calm Suicune. The Bell was last seen in one of the Ruins of Alph chambers. That chamber which was sealed when we were at the Ruins last time, that’s where we’re going. 

Inside the chamber an unknown voice says they are waiting for the Trainer who seeks the Clear Bell to calm the 3 Beasts. We have to travel back in time to an island near Johto. The Clear Bell is what we’ll use to return to the present. Check your team, check your Bag and if you’re ready, time jump! 

(Shouldn’t this be a job for the Time Squad though..?)


Step out of the cave and enter the next one on the right.

Pokemon Found [Outside]

Weepinbell, Spearow, Wingull, Rattata, Bellsprout, Wurmple, Poliwag

Pokemon Found [Inside]

Rattata, Jigglypuff, Diglett, Baltoy, Onix, Raticate, Sandshrew

That ladder leads back outside, where you’ll find an Elixir in the grass and another entrance. Back in the cave go east to find an HP Up and a ladder. Outside and back inside, to the right you’ll see another ladder, a Dragon Scale and at the end of the corridor going south is an exit. That exit leads to other areas of the cave where you can pick up a Sun Stone and a Full Restore. Back up to use the ladder, outside you’ll find a Metal Coat and the entrance to the last cave. Just a ladder here, leads to the highest point of the island where we see the multi-coloured legend Ho-oh fast asleep. Gives us a chance to take the Clear Bell and that’s what wakes the bird up! Ho-oh lifts us into the air and dumps us on the next island where there’s a large rock pillar. Read the writing on it to jump back in time to the present. We’ll appear in the Burnt Tower. Show the Bell to the Sage at the Tin Tower and proceed to fight the Wise Trio in back to back battles. Gaku up top, Koji in the middle and Masa at the bottom.

  • Sage Gaku (Lv42 Noctowl, Flareon) Prize: P1008
  • Sage Koji (Lv42 Noctowl, Vaporeon) Prize: P1008
  • Sage Masa (Lv42 Noctowl, Jolteon) Prize: P1008

You get a nice history lesson about the towers after proving your worth to the Sages. Continue to the Tin Tower and see the 3 Beasts together on the first floor. Raikou and Entei run out while Suicune remains to do battle with us. It’s at Level 40 and can be captured (in case there might be some of you expecting it to dodge any PokeBalls thrown at it). The only downside is you don’t get the cool battle theme which the 3 Beasts had in the original game. Afterwards Eusine and the Wise Trio arrive, amazed by the epic battle they just saw. Eusine believes that Suicune has the power to summon Ho-oh so maybe, just maybe the legend will return… 

Ice Path has been cleared now so go back there and continue on for Blackthorn City. Bring a Pokemon that can move boulders and smash rocks.


Pokemon Found

Zubat, Golbat, Krabby, Sneasel, Seel, Shuckle, Swinub, Jynx, Delibird

[Area 1]

The goal is to reach the ladder found in the northeast corner of this area. Across the frozen floor you’ll find quite the prize – HM07 (Waterfall)! Just need that final Badge. 

[Basement 1]

This is where Strength is needed. Below this area is a frozen floor, the boulders you push down through the holes here are going to help you move across that floor to reach the middle where the next ladder is. After pushing all the boulders jump drop through the southeast hole, don’t worry about that ladder in the top right corner.  

[Basement 2]

In the northwest corner is a Max Potion and in the middle is a Full Heal. 

[Basement 3]

That is Nevermeltice behind that rock you need to smash. Next ladder is on the right. 

[Area 2]

TM45 (Attract) is in the bottom right corner, and ladder on the left. 

[Area 3]

In the bottom left corner is Iron and the ladder is up top. Takes us back to Area 1 where we find Protein and a PP Up near the exit below.


Places of Interest

  • PokeCenter
  • PokeMart
  • Gym
  • Dragon’s Den
  • Move Deleter’s House


  • Great Ball P600
  • Ultra Ball P1200
  • Hyper Potion P1200
  • Full Heal P600
  • Revive P1500
  • Max Repel P700
  • X Defend P550
  • X Attack P500

Pokemon Found

  • Surf: Tentacool
  • Old Rod: Tentacool
  • Good Rod: Tentacool, Poliwag
  • Super Rod: Relicanth

The last stop on our Johto Gym Challenge and home of the Dragon tamer clan, let’s look around for a bit before seeing Clair. 

In the first house seen when you enter town is a lady looking to trade her Dodrio for a Dragonair. 

In the PokeCenter you’ll find someone selling Thunder Stones for P2100. 

There’s an exit from that secret Ice Path area found in the southeast corner of town. Remember that angry Marowak which was blocking a path? It’s gone now, the path leads to a Sun Stone and this exit. Pick it up when you got time πŸ™‚

That lady by the pond near the Gym is Keylee, back home to visit. 

PokeBreeder Keylee Prize: P1720

(Lv41 Dragonite, Flygon, Lv42 Kingler, Lv43 Espeon) 

No entry into Dragon’s Den without permission, so let’s go get it. Bring a Pokemon that knows Strength.


Leader: Clair – “The Blessed User of Dragon Pokemon”

Still looking like a dungeon, with lava and everything haha, yup this is indeed Clair’s Gym. First Gym Trainer spotted is Paul.

Cooltrainer Paul (Lv39-40 Dratini x3) Prize: P3120

North from him are stairs leading to 2F. Push a boulder into the hole and head down from the stairs to meet Fran. 

Cooltrainer Fran (Lv43 Seadra) Prize: P3440

Push another boulder through then continue up to face Cody. 

Cooltrainer Cody (Lv40 Horsea, Lv42 Seadra) Prize: P3360

Last boulder into the hole and then down the stairs to battle the remaining Gym Trainers Mike and Lola. 

Cooltrainer Mike (Lv42 Dragonair) Prize: P3360

Cooltrainer Lola (Lv41 Dratini, Lv42 Dragonair) Prize: P3360

Time to go one on one with the self-proclaimed world’s best Dragon master, for the final Johto Gym Badge!


Leader Clair (Lv41-44 Dragonair x3, Kingdra) Prize: P2640 

Yeah…no Badge given because someone is a sore loser. Clair won’t admit defeat, instead she tells us to visit Dragon’s Den because some gang members have been spotted there, which spells trouble for the 2 special Pokemon that call the place home. If we get rid of the gang Clair will give us the Badge. Shouldn’t you be leading the charge to deal with those people since they’re in YOUR clan’s sacred place?? This makes no sense but we need that Badge. Bring Pokemon that can Surf, move across whirlpools, and smash rocks.


Pokemon Found

  • Surf: Magikarp
  • Old Rod: Magikarp
  • Good Rod: Dratini
  • Super Rod: Dratini
  • Rock Smash: Geodude, Graveler

As soon as we enter the main area we’re stopped by Darin. 

Cooltrainer Darin (Lv41 Dragonair) Prize: P3280

Just to the right from here is Calcium and that item up top is a Nugget. To the left is Cara. 

Cooltrainer Cara (Lv39-40 Horsea x2, Seadra) Prize: P3200

South from her are Lea and Pia, standing near a Max Elixir. 

Twins Lea & Pia (Lv37 Dratini x2) Prize: P888

Cross the whirlpool to reach the Shrine where the Master (Clair’s grandfather) resides. But he’s gone deeper into the Den to fight the gang members, so continue on to the east. You’ll find a Dragon Fang on the way, wind round going to the south until we’re above looking at the Shrine below. There’s a Full Restore to the right before you go down to deal with the first gang member, a Team Saturn Grunt! These guys again, it’s been a while. 

Saturn Grunt (Lv39 Magnemite, Lv40 Magneton) Prize: P2080

Clear the boulders and we dive deep into the Den.

[Area 2]

Pokemon Found

  • Parasect, Machoke, Golbat, Ditto, Kadabra, Dratini, Wobbuffet, Electrode, Magneton
  • Surf: Dratini
  • Old Rod: Dratini
  • Good Rod: Dratini, Goldeen
  • Super Rod: Marill, Goldeen

Go to the right to find another Grunt who tells us that there’s a hideout further below. 

Saturn Grunt (Lv39 Pichu, Lv40 Pikachu) Prize: P2080

That’s an Ultra Ball on the left. 

Saturn Grunt (Lv38 Pikachu, Lv39 Raichu) Prize: P2028

Across that pool from him is a PP Up. Up the steps and continue on to the ladder in the bottom right corner.

Saturn Grunt (Lv38, Lv40 Electrode x2) Prize: P1976

Saturn Grunt (Lv39 Voltorb, Lv40 Electrike) Prize: P2080

Standing by the ladder is the Grunt who was with the Admin in New Bark Town. 

Saturn Grunt (Lv40 Electrode, Lv41 Magneton) Prize: P213

[Area 3]

Pokemon Found

  • Geodude, Machop, Graveler, Onix, Machoke, Eevee, Golbat, Diglett
  • Rock Smash: Geodude, Graveler
  • Surf: Psyduck, Golduck 
  • Old Rod: Magikarp
  • Good Rod: Poliwag, Goldeen, Magikarp
  • Super Rod: Gyarados, Poliwag, Poliwhirl

Make your way to the southeast corner, here are the Grunts you meet on the way: 

Saturn Grunt (Lv39 Electrike, Lv40 Qwilfish) Prize: P2080

Saturn Grunt (Lv39 Chinchou, Lv40 Wynaut, Lv41 Marill) Prize: P2080

Saturn Grunt (Lv38 Pikachu, Lv40 Chinchou) Prize: P2080

Final Grunt guarding the ladder: 

Saturn Grunt Prize: P2184

(Lv39 Magnemite, Lv40 Voltorb, Lv42 Electrode) 

Another Grunt is in the small room below between ladders: 

Saturn Grunt Prize: P2028

(Lv37 Magnemite, Lv38 Elekid, Lv39 Ampharos, Voltorb)

From him we learn which 2 Pokemon are residing here, Latios and Latias. In the next small room is an Ultra Ball, down a few more ladders until we reach the bottom.

[Area 4]

Pokemon Found

  • Teddiursa, Seel, Delibird, Swinub, Sneasel
  • Surf: Tentacool
  • Old Rod: Dratini
  • Good Rod: Psyduck, Tentacruel
  • Super Rod: Golduck, Seaking, Tentacruel

Slide south across the frozen floor to find the first Grunt here.

Saturn Grunt (Lv42 Electrode) Prize: P2184

To the right is an Ultra Ball and a pool with fast moving water currents. This one isn’t a maze like the one in that hideout from Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, so you can reach that Fire Stone and move on up for our first battle against one of the Admins here. This is Zed.


Saturn Admin Zed (Lv39-40 Shellder x2, Lv41 Cloyster) Prize: P1640

Move that top boulder aside so you can circle round to pick up the Ice Heal on the left. That white circle pad in the floor is a purified zone to heal your team. Go through the opening on the right to leave this cold area and enter much warmer conditions, Cinnabar Island Pokemon Mansion style!

[Area 5 – Team Saturn Hideout]


Unlike Pokemon Mansion there are no wild Pokemon here. Up the stairs.


We’ll find diary entries from what sounds to be this place’s previous inhabitants. That item on the left is a Big Pearl. Up top are stairs leading to the western side of 1F where you find a diary entry and a Water Stone. 

Saturn Grunt (Lv40 Jolteon x2) Prize: P2080

On the right is a Hyper Potion and another stairway leading to 1F’s northern side where we meet the next Admin, Ralph.


Saturn Admin Ralph Prize: P2184

(Lv39 Kingler, Lv40 Dewgong, Lv42 Seaking) 

That’s a Revive on the left. Step through the doorway to leave the hideout and enter the Temple of Rock.


This happened to me but inside I found Axel and got the same NPC message which popped up for the Silver glitch. I left the room and re-entered, Axel was gone. If you experienced the same thing just do what I did. Ahead we’re stopped by 3 more Admins that we have to fight one after the other, starting with Tosh.


Saturn Admin Tosh Prize: P2132

(Lv38 Ampharos, Lv40 Electrode, Lv41 Manectric, Jolteon)

Second is Dan. 

Saturn Admin Dan (Lv35 Mareep, Electrode, Lv41 Magneton) Prize: P1820

Last one is Steve but Axel shows up to help us out, he heals our team and urges us to move on for the boss. We find him, Latios and Latias. His name is Russel, he came from the Ouka region in search of the 2 Pokemon. Axel joins us in confronting this guy who stole something called a Dragon Stone from him. It is used to tame Dragon Pokemon. Doesn’t matter how precious it is to Axel, Russel just wants to control Latios and Latias. True Boss battle time!


Saturn Boss Russel Prize: P2236

(Lv41 Electrode, Lv42 Ampharos, Elekid, Lv43 Electabuzz)

Before Russel can take control of the legends he is punched by Axel (?!) geez, you should’ve just done that earlier xD! Russel drops the Dragon Stone and the legends start reacting to it, going out of control. Russel snags some feathers from them, to secure another plan that he has in store and Team Saturn retreat. Axel picks up the Dragon Stone and now we have to calm down the legends. Choose one to battle against, both are at Level 50 and can be captured. Afterwards the one which Axel battles flies away because it was too powerful for him to contain. He’ll wait for us outside the Den. 

Return to the Shrine to see the Master when you got some room in the party, he has a Level 20 Dratini to give you for taking care of Team Saturn. Outside the Shrine we’ll meet Clair, now that we got rid of the gang problem she gives us the Rising Badge. Use of Waterfall enabled and all Pokemon we have will obey us. She also gives us TM24 (Dragonbreath). 

Outside the Den we get a call from Prof. Elm, he has something for us back at the Lab. Axel is glad to have the Dragon Stone back but things haven’t settled down yet because Latios/Latias is out in the wild now and Team Saturn are still at large. We’ll deal with them when the time comes, for now we’re homeward bound. No rush, we’ll take the scenic Route 45 and Mountain Road paths.


Pokemon Found

  • Geodude, Phanpy, Graveler, Zubat, Electrike, Mawile, Skarmory, Aron, Wobbuffet, Vibrava, Gligar
  • Surf: Magikarp
  • Old Rod: Magikarp
  • Good Rod: Magikarp
  • Super Rod: Magikarp

The other entrance for Dark Cave is on the left, let’s have a look. Have some room in your party, bring a Flash light, a Pokemon who can smash rocks, Surf, has Strength and can scale waterfalls.

DARK CAVE [Route 45 Area] 

Pokemon Found

  • Zubat, Dunsparce, Golbat, Geodude, Wobbuffet, Graveler, Teddiursa 
  • Surf: Poliwhirl, Poliwag (Rare), Relicanth
  • Old Rod: Tentacool
  • Good Rod: Tentacool
  • Super Rod: Goldeen

Surf down and make your way to the northwest corner if you want a pair of stylish Blackglasses for your Dark-types. You’ll find TM13 (Snore) above the ledge in the southwest area, below you’ll see the exit which leads back to Dark Cave’s main area. Southeast has the 3rd and final Starter Old Man who has a Level 5 Totodile to give you. Below him is a Revive. Climb up the ladder on the right. 

[Area 2]

Pokemon Found

  • Geodude, Graveler
  • Surf: Tentacool 
  • Old Rod: Tentacool 
  • Good Rod: Goldeen
  • Super Rod: Magikarp, Tentacruel

That is TM46 (Thief). Surf east and north to testdrive that new HM, at the top of the waterfall is a small area with a ladder. Leads to another one and then a bigger area containing has a maze. 

[Area 3]

Pokemon Found

Geodude, Rhyhorn, Numel, Larvitar, Steelix, Onix, Graveler, Snorunt

ItemFinder Items: 

  • Big Mushroom (search around the center)
  • Tiny Mushroom x3 (search western, northwestern and northeastern sides)

It’s not a bad maze (Cerulean Cave-level bad, I mean), you’re just making your way to the north end, pushing boulders aside until you reach the one near a hole in the floor, it leads to the northeastern side of the main area. Waiting for us is Level 45 Jirachi! Lucky, otherwise we would’ve had to wait another thousand years for it haha. Afterwards you can whip out an Escape Rope so that you reappear on Route 45. Or you can make your way back to Route 45 if you want to level up your team. 

Route 45 is known for having a split path heading all the way south, each side of the path has Trainers and so to get them all you pick a side, defeat the Trainers and then back to Blackthorn so you can travel down the other side for the remaining Trainers…unless of course you have that wonderful Walk through Walls code. Here are the Trainers, starting with Erik on the left. 

Hiker Erik (Lv37-39 Machop x2, Graveler) Prize: P1248

Near the ledge southwest from him is an Elixir. On the right is Ryan. 

Cooltrainer Ryan (Lv38 Muk, Lv40 Pidgeot) Prize: P3040

Down a couple of ledges from him is a Max Potion. On the left is Chucky and below from him is Kelly. 

Hiker Chucky (Lv36 Rhyhorn, Lv37 Onix, Lv39 Machoke) Prize: P1248

Cooltrainer Kelly (Lv37 Marill, Lv38 Wartortle x2) Prize: P3040

Staying on the left from her you’ll find a Nugget, a Revive, Timothy, Michael (across from Tim) and Quentin. On the right from her is Kenji

Hiker Timothy (Lv39 Diglett, Lv41 Dugtrio) Prize: P1312

Hiker Michael (Lv37 Geodude, Lv39 Graveler, Lv40 Golem) Prize: P1280

Camper Quentin (Lv40 Fearow, Tauros, Lv42 Primeape) Prize: P800

Blackbelt Kenji (Lv40 Machoke) Prize: P1440

Further south from Michael is just a small pond and a Berry tree, while Quentin is the last Trainer on this route before you hop down onto Route 46. Hurry on over to New Bark so we can see Elm again.

The big gift that he has for us is a Master Ball. Just one, Professor? With all the legends out and about that we have yet to encounter, we may need a couple more. We’ll put it to good use, for now let’s return to Mt. Mortar and scale up that waterfall. At the top of it is an entrance to the next area. Make some room in your party.


There’s Rare Candy in the left corner and a Max Potion on a mound to the right. The first person we see when we get here is the lost guy Hugh, looking for his buddy Markos. He doesn’t have a Seadra which knows Waterfall, instead he has no Pokemon except that Question Mark icon that gives out 1EXP. What’s up with that? The aim is to reach a ladder which is in the northwest corner, on the way there you’ll find these items: TM40 (Defense Curl), Elixir, Escape Rope and Dragon Scale. The ladder leads to the upper portion of the main area which we couldn’t reach before. 

First item spotted below is Iron. Make your way to that ladder you see on the bottom left by circling round from the right, finding a Max Revive as you go. The ladder takes us back down to the basement, we’ll pop up in the northwest corner and on the right is the man of the hour: Saffron City’s Karate King! He’s got time to spare for a quick spar.

Blackbelt Kiyo (Lv40 Hitmonchan, Lv42 Hitmonlee) Prize: P1440

No rest for this fighter, he will continue his training. As a prize he gives us a Level 10 Tyrogue. If he’s out here in another region…who’s running the Dojo now?

That’s it for now, leave Mt. Mortar and prepare for leaving Johto. Next up we’re crossing the border and aiming for the Indigo Plateau. Bring a Pokemon that knows Whirlpool.

ROUTE 27 [Kanto Side]

Pokemon Found

  • Raticate, Noctowl, Exeggcute, Ekans, Electrike (Rare), Arbok, Ponyta, Dodrio, Doduo, Hoothoot
  • Surf: Chinchou, Tentacool, Lanturn, Tentacruel
  • Old Rod: Magikarp
  • Good Rod: Magikarp, Chinchou
  • Super Rod: Quagsire, Tentacool, Magikarp

After making it over TohJo Falls and exiting the cave you’ll meet Megan, our very first Kanto opponent. 

Cooltrainer Megan Prize: P3120

(Lv35 Bulbasaur, Lv37 Ivysaur, Lv39 Venusaur)

In the house is an old woman who gives you TM37 (Sandstorm) if your Pokemon (in 1st position) trusts you enough. Surf east to find Blake. 

Cooltrainer Blake Prize: P2880

(Lv36 Exeggcute, Lv37 Quagsire, Lv38 Magneton)

Followed by Brian and Gilbert. 

Cooltrainer Brian (Lv41 Sandslash) Prize: P1476

Psychic Gilbert Prize: P1600

(Lv37 Starmie, Lv39 Exeggcute, Lv40 Girafarig)

Surf south from the bridge, you’ll see a whirlpool blocking access to a small area where you find TM22 (Solarbeam) and Jose. 

Bird Keeper Jose (Lv36 Farfetch’d) Prize: P1008

Back to the bridge for Reena. 

Cooltrainer Reena (Lv36-37 Starmie x2, Lv38 Nidoqueen) Prize: P3040


Pokemon Found

  • Ekans, Noctowl, Rattata, Ponyta, Arbok, Sandslash, Raticate
  • Surf: Chinchou, Lanturn
  • Old Rod: Tentacool 
  • Good Rod: Tentacruel, Shellder, Tentacool 
  • Super Rod: Quagsire, Lanturn, Chinchou

Follow the bridge to Scott. 

Fisher Scott (Lv38-39 Qwilfish x2, Lv40 Seaking) Prize: P960

After the bridge there’s Richard. 

Psychic Richard (Lv42 Espeon) Prize: P1680

Past him is a house at the south end of the grass you’ll see on the left side, inside is a note from Monica, the woman you find on Mondays along Route 40 in the original Crystal. It includes the days and locations of her siblings: 

Tuscany (Tuesday) Route 29

Wesley (Wednesday) Lake of Rage

Arthur (Thursday) Route 36

Frieda (Friday) Route 32

Santos (Saturday) Blackthorn City

Sunny (Sunday) Route 37 

There’s another house close by where you can heal your team. Outside it is Joyce then further north is Gaven, Jake, Theo and Silver victim Beth. 

Cooltrainer Joyce (Lv41 Pikachu, Lv43 Blastoise) Prize: P1548

Cooltrainer Gaven (Lv41 Victreebel, Lv43 Flareon, Kingler) Prize: P1548

Cooltrainer Jake (Lv40 Parasect, Lv42 Golduck) Prize: P3360

Cooltrainer Theo (Lv45 Sandslash, Pupitar, Lv46 Magneton) Prize: P1656

Cooltrainer Beth (Lv45 Rapidash) Prize: P3600

Down those ledges from her is a Max Elixir. Get them Badges checked in the Reception Gate, where you’ll see the path to Mt. Silver, the path to the rest of Kanto and the path to Victory Road (Johto Edition).


Pokemon Found

Graveler, Onix, Sandslash, Raticate, Rattata, Golbat, Rhyhorn, Rhydon, Geodude

[Area 1]

Let’s see how this Victory Road fairs when compared to the many other Victory Roads out there. In the top right corner section are a Full Heal and a Max Revive, while the top left corner section has a ladder. 

[Area 2]

Move on down to meet the first Trainer here, Sir Killbeast and his full team.

Ace Trainer Killbeast Prize: P2340

(Lv45 Venusaur, Alakazam, Lv46 Blastoise, Golem, Lv47 Magneton, Charizard)

Up the steps and circle round to the bottom left to pick up an HP Up and battle Jake. 

Ace Trainer Jake Prize: P2236

(Lv42 Feraligatr, Lv43 Espeon, Heracross, Houndoom) 

Continue on up to meet Mike and the ladder. 

Ace Trainer Mike Prize: P2392

(Lv44 Alakazam, Lv46 Heracross, Typhlosion, Meganium, Dragonair, Lv47 Machamp)

[Area 3]

On the right is Miguel. 

Blackbelt Miguel Prize: P1440

(Lv44 Hitmonchan, Lv45 Electabuzz, Kangaskhan, Lv46 Magmar)

Northwest from him is a hole in the floor which will send you to the northwest part of Area 2 where you find TM26 (Earthquake). In the south is a ladder leading back to Area 2’s northeast section where you find a Full Restore. Also past Miguel is the exit and just like in the original Crystal we are stopped from going through by Silver. With a full team and all the training he has done up to this point, he is ready for one more duel.


Rival Silver Prize: P1728

(Lv45 Sneasel, Lv46 Magnemite, Kadabra, Haunter, Lv47 Golbat, Lv48 Starter)

Perhaps what he was told about himself as a Trainer has finally gotten to him, he won’t be bothering us any more. More training needed on his part and he says he’ll challenge us again when he’s ready. And then he’s gone, even now in the 8th generation of this giant franchise he’s still my favourite Rival out of all the Rivals so far πŸ™‚ although I have to say that in terms of Rival battle themes, Marnie’s theme has surpassed his by a long shot (his Encounter theme still beats hers though). Step outside and have a look at the Indigo Plateau.



  • Ultra Ball P1200
  • Great Ball P600
  • Full Restore P3000
  • Max Potion P2500
  • Revive P1500
  • Full Heal P600
  • Max Repel P700

Here we are, get everything in order and move on through. We’ll be facing the Elite 4 in classic fashion, one after the other. If you still need more time to train, speak to the old man with the Abra (cosplaying as a Psyduck) who can teleport you back home. 

First Elite is Will, the Psychic-type specialist. Who would win a battle between him and Sabrina…?


Elite 4 Will (Lv49-54 Xatu x2, Lv51 Jynx, Lv52 Exeggutor, Lv53 Slowbro)

Prize: P3240

Next challenge comes from former Fuchsia City Gym Leader and the original ninja to be, way before a certain orange jumpsuit-wearing fella popped up on the scene πŸ™‚


Elite 4 Koga (Lv50 Ariados, Lv52 Venomoth, Lv53 Forretress, Lv54 Muk, Crobat)

Prize: P3240

Number 3 is another O.G. and former Kanto Elite 4 member Bruno. Doesn’t matter which Elite 4 group you put him in, he’s still POWER personified!


Elite 4 Bruno (Lv53 Hitmontop, Hitmonchan, Lv54 Hitmonlee, Lv55 Onix, Lv57 Machamp)

Prize: P3420

Last but not least is Karen, she battles alongside Dark-types. Final Elite 4 Round, Fight!


Elite 4 Karen (Lv51 Umbreon, Lv53 Vileplume, Lv54 Murkrow, Lv56 Gengar, Lv58 Houndoom)

Prize: P3480

Heal up and everything before you leave this room because once you step out you’ll automatically go straight on ahead to hear from the Champ himself. Give the man props for stepping up from being the final Kanto Elite 4 member to Champion of the region next door. Time to show him everything you’ve learned along your journey so far. Cue that classic theme for Johto’s strongest Trainer and Dragon Master!


Champion Lance (Lv55 Gyarados, Lv57 Aerodactyl, Lv57-61 Dragonite x3, Lv59 Charizard)

Prize: P10492

Congratulations, you are the NEW Undisputed World Heavywe– sorry, wrong sport πŸ˜€ The NEW Johto Champion! Lance accepts his lose and is ready to show you the Hall of Fame when DJ Mary and Prof. Oak appear. Mary wants to interview you but that’s too much for Lance. Into the Hall of Fame, credits roll and so ends the main game!

Pokemon Liquid Crystal Walkthrough – POST-GAME

We’re back in New Bark and Prof. Elm calls us, there’s someone at the Lab that he wants us to see. Turns out to be the current Hoenn Champion Brendan! He’s surprised to hear that we beat the League here, so we end up battling him in a throwaway Champion vs Champion match :/ could’ve saved this for later, you know?


Champion Brendan (Lv56 Camerupt, Lv57 Shiftry, Lv58 Grumpig, Lv59 Swellow, Aggron, Lv61 Swampert)

Prize: P10148

Afterwards Brendan gives all his Pokemon to Elm (eh!?) because he’s going to catch new ones while he’s in Johto. What are you, Ash Ketchum entering a new region? Elm gives us the S.S. Ticket, allowing us to board a ship from Olivine to Kanto but only when the red flag is up. I’m guessing this only applied in the original Crystal where the ship had an actual schedule. It is Sunday as I am playing this session and when we get to Olivine the ship is present and ready for boarding. In the original Crystal you’d find the ship here on Mondays and Fridays. 

Before you leave Johto, there is one other thing you can do. One of the cool perks about being the Champion is having the chance to travel back to the Gyms and face the Leaders in rematches. No doubt they all kept on training since the last time we saw them, take a look at their new “forms”. Full teams and everything (by everything I mean each of their Pokemon now holds Leftovers and some of the Leaders are packing Full Restores, while others got Hyper Potions). You can battle them in whatever order you want but I’m going in the original order:


Leader Falkner (Lv55 Swellow, Lv57 Pidgeot, Dodrio, Lv59 Aerodactyl, Skarmory, Lv62 Altaria)

Prize: P3720

Leader Bugsy (Lv56 Ninjask, Armaldo, Lv57 Heracross, Shedinja, Lv58 Scizor, Lv59 Parasect)

Prize: P3480

Whitney is in the mood for a Double Battle, be prepared.

Leader Whitney (Lv54 Miltank, Lv55 Zangoose, Lv56 Smeargle, Snorlax, Lv58 Slaking, Blissey)

Prize: P6720

Leader Morty (Lv54 Dusclops, Lv57 Sableye, Gengar, Lv58 Shedinja, Lv59 Misdreavus, Banette)

Prize: P3420

Jasmine must’ve spoken to Whitney because she’s also on a Double Battle high.

Leader Jasmine (Lv54 Aggron, Lv55 Metagross, Lv56 Steelix, Lv57 Forretress, Lv58 Skarmory, Lv59 Magneton)

Prize: P6720

Leader Chuck (Lv57 Medicham, Lv58 Breloom, Blaziken, Machamp, Lv59 Heracross, Lv60 Poliwrath)

Prize: P3480

Leader Pryce (Lv54 Lapras, Lv56 Jynx, Lv57 Piloswine, Walrein, Lv58 Sneasel, Lv59 Cloyster)

Prize: P3420

Leader Clair (Lv55 Flygon, Lv57-58 Dragonite x2, Altaria, Salamence, Lv60 Kingdra)

Prize: P3600

Back to Olivine for the ship. Flash that Ticket and let’s go. Next stop is Vermillion City!


Just before we reach the cabins a Gentleman bumps into us, he’s in a panic because his granddaughter has gone missing. If we find her we’ll let him know. Our cabin is on the far left, with a nice bed for healing the team and a working PC too (no Wi-Fi though). You know the drill, some of the other passangers are Trainers so let’s meet them. Don’t bother with the 3 cabins next door from ours, nobody’s there. In the bottom left cabin is Lyle. 

Firebreather Lyle (Lv30-47 Koffing x2, Lv48 Flareon) Prize: P840

Two cabins from him there’s Colin and Meg. 

PokeFan Colin (Lv47 Dewgong, Lv48 Delibird) Prize: P2068

Youngster Meg (Lv44 Marowak, Starmie) Prize: P1232

Bottom right cabin has the Gentleman with the missing granddaughter. Downstairs we’re stopped by a Sailor who wants us to locate his lazy friend, he won’t let us pass until we find that guy. The friend, Stanly, is in the cabin next to ours, he was just taking a nap. 

Sailor Stanly (Lv46 Machop, Lv47 Machop, Lv48 Psyduck) Prize: P1472

Stanly gets back to work and the other Sailor lets us through, he says the missing girl passed by here. In the sickbay Fritz isn’t doing too well…

Juggler Fritz (Lv47 Magmar, Lv48 Machoke, Lv49 Mr. Mime) Prize: P1920

Debra’s looking out a window and Jeff is in the dining area. 

Picnicker Debra (Lv49 Seaking) Prize: P1372

Sailor Jeff (Lv47, 48 Raticate x2) Prize: P1536

Upstairs is the Captain’s room where we find the girl. When she hears that her grandfather is worried she rushes back to him. The Gentleman rewards us with a Metal Coat. Then we hear the announcement about the ship arriving in Vermillion City.

Pokemon Liquid Crystal Walkthrough – KANTO REGION


Places of Interest

  • PokeCenter
  • PokeMart
  • Gym
  • Pokemon Fan Club
  • Vermillion Port
  • Fishing Dude’s House
  • Kanto Office Block


  • PokeBall P200
  • Super Potion P700
  • Antidote P100
  • Parlyz Heal P200
  • Awakening P250
  • Ice Heal P250
  • Repel P350

Pokemon Found

  • Surf: Tentacool
  • Old Rod: Magikarp
  • Good Rod: Horsea, Krabby 
  • Super Rod: Horsea, Shellder

So begins our Kanto adventure. Johto had a lot of surprises, and the Gen 1 region already smacks us with a BIG surprise by showing us a Snorlax lounging in front of Diglett’s Cave near the Port. Dammit Snorlax :p anyway let’s look around before checking on the Lightning Canadian. 

The PokeFan Club is still up and running, the Chairman is still vocal about his favourite Pokemon. No Bike Vouchers this time, he has a Rare Candy to share instead. 

The eldest of the Fishing family lives in the northwest house, no Fishing Rod from him. He just says if we manage to catch a big Magikarp we should show it to his brother at the Lake of Rage. 

We’ll be back when we can Dive. The Kanto Office Block is where at some point later we can get the S.S. Ticket stamped for travel to the Orange Islands. That Trainer in the top right corner from the building claims to be the best one in the city and would’ve challenged us if we had the Viridian Badge. It ain’t enough that we’re the current Johto Champ? Make a note of this guy for when we got that Badge. 

Team Rocket may be out of the picture but according to one guy at the Mart another crew is here. Surely it can’t be those Team Saturn goons again?


Leader: Lt. Surge – “The Lightning American!”

Surge’s famous traps aren’t activated now so challengers can basically waltz in to see him. What happened Surge? He still has Gym Trainers at least, here they are:

Juggler Horton (Lv47-49 Electrode x4) Prize: P1920

Gentleman Gregory (Lv40 Flaaffy, Lv52 Pikachu) Prize: P3400

Guitarist Vincent (Lv46-48 Magnemite x3, Lv49 Voltorb) Prize: P1568

It’s good to know that Surge beefed up his team since the early days, that can make up for the traps.


Leader Lt. Surge (Lv52-54 Electrode x2, Lv53 Magneton, Lv54 Raichu, Lv55 Electabuzz)

Prizes: P3240 + Thunder Badge

One down, 7 more to go. On the way out of town we meet up with Axel, just as surprised to see us here as we are to see him. He was going to Saffron City but some Team Saturn members are blocking the way (surprise, surprise). Axel thinks they may be targeting Silph Co. because the company has information on Pokemon locations. Axel wants to face those guys so he says we should meet him there. Ahh Silph Co., still a target for trouble after all these years haha first Team Rocket now Team Saturn. North of Vermillion is Route 6.


Pokemon Found

  • Pidgey, Oddish, Bellsprout, Meowth, Magnemite, Snubbull, Rattata, Granbull, Raticate
  • Surf: Psyduck
  • Old Rod: Magikarp
  • Good Rod: Poliwag, Goldeen
  • Super Rod: Gyarados, Poliwhirl, Poliwag

First Trainers spotted are a pair of PokeFans Rex and Alan. 

PokeFan Rex (Lv49 Phanpy) Prize: P2156

PokeFan Alan (Lv49 Teddiursa) Prize: P2156

The Vermillion-Cerulean Underground Path is closed because there’s a problem at the Power Plant. We also learn from the Gate guard that the Magnet Train has been affected by the same problem. Things just keep getting better and better, eh?


Places of Interest

  • PokeCenter
  • PokeMart
  • Gym
  • Fighting Dojo
  • Silph Co.
  • Magnet Train Station
  • Mr. Psychic’s House
  • Copycat Girl’s House
  • House of Brendan’s Grandparents


  • Great Ball P600
  • Hyper Potion P1200
  • Revive P1500
  • Full Heal P600
  • Escape Rope P550
  • Max Repel P700

It’s like we’ve stepped back in time, look at these Team Saturn goons blocking access to the same major places like they’re Rocket Grunts. The eastern Gate is blocked by a policeman who says the path beyond needs to cleared up so in order to reach Lavender Town we have to go through Fuchsia City. 

With Karate King away the Fighting Dojo is pretty much an empty place. Where are all the battle-ready Blackbelts? Only one is present just to tell us what we already know, that item behind him is a Focus Band :/ talk about disappointing. Time to visit the Silph. 


Got a couple of Grunts on the first floor to welcome us:

Saturn Grunt (Lv51 Electrode, Lv52 Zubat, Lv54 Manectric) Prize: P2808

He tells us that there’s an updated Card Key which is hidden somewhere on this floor. 

Saturn Grunt (Lv53 Golbat, Ampharos, Lv54 Elekid) Prize: P2808

Have a look at that picture in a red frame on the north wall, that’s where the Card Key is. 

-B1F- [Area A]

Saturn Grunt (Lv52 Raticate, Lv53 Qwilfish, Lv54 Golbat) Prize: P2756

So Saturn Boss Russel is going after Kanto legendary Pokemon now from what this Grunt has heard. He hasn’t learned his lesson from the Johto operation. At the end of the corridor is a Hyper Potion and a warp panel, because you can’t have Silph Co. without them but this one is short range. It takes us to the southwest side and if you’re unlucky like me you’ll warp straight into a battle!

Saturn Grunt (Lv53 Weepinbell, Lv54 Victreebel) Prize: P2808

The next panel is near the cleaning guy hiding in the northwest, that one leads to TM41 (Thunder Punch). That machine near the guy has a switch (Power Switch 3), turn it on before going to deal with the other Grunt near the stairway on the right. 

Saturn Grunt (Lv53 Crawdaunt, Lv54 Golduck, Jolteon) Prize: P2756


That’s a Full Heal and there are 3 warp panels on the left (damn and slide panels too in the next room!). The bottom warp panel (I’ll name them to make things easier because there are plenty more. This will be Warp 1) sends us to a far left corner room containing slide panels and another warp panel which is linked to the top panel (Warp 3) of those first 3. The middle panel (Warp 2) sends us to the corridor on the left with the column of slide panels. That Scientist in the corner is NOT a Silph employee, anymore. 

Scientist Rob (Lv54 Magneton x2, Lv55 Weezing, Lv56 Hariyama) 

Prize: P3240

There are items to be found while navigating this maze of panels so I’m going to cover how to get them first then we’ll go for the correct path out of the maze. Starting from those 3 warp panels, use Warp 3 to return to the left side room and use the top panel. You’ll be sent to the northwest room where there’s TM01 (Dynamic Punch) and a warp panel in the top left corner. Go back to use Warp 3, in the corridor just go straight up and turn right to face Trevor and find an Escape Rope. Turn on Power Switch 2 by the machine near him. 

Scientist Trevor (Lv54 Electrode, Lv55 Voltorb, Lv56 Magneton)

Prize: P3240

Below him are 3 warp panels, the top one is linked to Warp 3. The middle one sends you to the center left room (a.k.a the server room) where you find a Max Revive. The bottom panel sends you to the small room above the server room, speak to the guy in here to get a Kelpsy Berry. The panel next to him is linked to Warp 3. Those are items we can reach before progressing, now we continue on. Return to the northwest room and use that top left panel (Warp 4). It sends us to a corridor in the northeast side where you see 2 lanes of slide panels. Continue along that gap between the lanes to the next warp panel (Warp 5). 

We’ll end up in the room to the left of that corridor of twin columns. 

Saturn Grunt (Lv54 Azumarill, Magneton, Lv55 Houndoom, Flygon)

Prize: P2860

That’s an HP Up below him. Use the panel (Warp 6) on the left side, ignore the other 2. 

There are 2 ways to battle that Grunt on the left, you can go to him directly or reuse the panel you came from, you’ll appear on the panel next to him. 

Saturn Grunt (Lv54 Weezing, Carvanha, Lv55 Golduck) Prize: P2860

Reuse the same panel, you’ll pop up on the right side of this room where there’s the other Grunt and an X Special. 

Saturn Grunt (Lv52 Drowzee, Lv54 Quagsire, Lv55 Manectric) Prize: P2808

Warp 7 is the left panel of the 2 past him. In the area you’ll see Protein on the left. This the end of the maze, thank goodness, there’s a nameless Admin running back and forth below and up top there’s Axel near a stairway. 

Saturn Admin (Lv54 Electrode, Lv55 Pidgeot, Manectric, Lv56 Wailord)

Prize: P2808

Go on to meet Axel, he has learned that the remaining Saturn members are on the next floor. No problem. 

-B1F- [Area B] (I’m assuming, since the floors are not identified)

That item between the box and container is an Ultra Ball. The machine has Power Switch 1, turn it on. 

Saturn Grunt (Lv53 Jolteon, Lv54 Golbat, Qwilfish) Prize: P2808

Past him is a Nurse ready to heal any injured party members. Use the warp panel right next to her, Warp 8. In the next area you’ll find Carbos in the south room then use the panel next to the one you came through, Warp 9. You’ll appear in the corridor between the first room and the one we just came from. Continue south, you’ll find Rare Candy, then north to an Admin watching Warp 10. 

Saturn Admin (Lv53 Golbat, Lv54 Azumarill, Lv55 Golduck, Gorebyss)

Prize: P2860

Next area, that is Iron on the right. Use the warp panel up top, Warp 11. You’ll find Calcium above you. That panel on the left is Warp 12 and it leads to a match against the Head Admin, but hold on and continue to the left side of this area to fight a Grunt and find TM08 (Whirlpool) below him. 

Saturn Grunt (Lv52 Ampharos, Lv53 Electrode, Lv54 Manectric, Relicanth, Lv55 Electabuzz)

Prize: P2808

Go on to fight that top dog Admin.


Saturn Admin (Lv53 Misdreavus, Lv55 Sandslash, Milotic, Magneton)

Prize: P2860

The switches we’ve been flipping on power the door which we find Axel standing in front of. Had you not found those switches Axel was going to tell you to go back and find them. Beyond this door is Russel, Axel opens it and we go through just in time to see Russel find out that Latios/Latias has fled to an island near Fuchsia City…but he’s no longer interested in it. Instead he’ll go after the Regi Trio (!). In classic fashion we show up but are too late to stop the bad guys, Russel and his crew leave. The Director of Silph Co. was being held hostage here, he’s okay now and as a reward he gives us a Master Ball. Axel says he wants to see us before we leave town. Back on 1F speak to the guard to receive another reward, an Up-Grade. 

Citizens of Saffron are back on the streets now that Team Saturn is gone. Living next door to the PokeCenter are Brendan’s grandparents. The guy got a Pokemon from Prof. Oak but he didn’t like it so he left it with grandpa (who isn’t even a Trainer…). A bit of scumbag this Brendan fella haha, perhaps there’s still time for him to turn out for the better but so far no positive scores yet. Make room for Level 5 Squirtle.

Near the PokeCenter is a guy who can teach Thunder Wave. 

Mr. Psychic still got them TM29s to give and Copycat Girl still mimicking people, no need to bring her another PokeDoll. The Gym is open, time for Sabrina and more warp panel action!


Leader: Sabrina – “The Master of Psychic Pokemon!”

Like in the days of old, the Gym is designed like a 3×3 square with Sabrina in the centre room. 4 Gym Trainers, first one in the bottom right room is Rebecca. 

Medium Rebecca (Lv51 Drowzee, Lv52 Hypno) Prize: P1248

Use the bottom left warp panel to reach the bottom left room where we meet Franklin. 

Psychic Franklin (Lv62 Kadabra) Prize: P2480

Go for the top left panel, sends us to the top right room occupied by Jared. 

Psychic Jared (Lv62 Gastly) Prize: P2480

Bottom left panel to reach the top left room for Doris. 

Medium Doris (Lv62 Slowpoke, Lv64 Slowbro) Prize: P1536

Bottom left panel to enter Sabrina’s room. The woman has known we were going to come challenge her for 3 years! Has the wait been worth it?


Leader Sabrina (Lv53 Mr. Mime, Lv54 Espeon, Alakazam)

Prizes: P3240 + Marsh Badge

Done. We’re headed west because Linkandzelda the creator of this game and Zeikku one of the contributors are blocking the northern Gate exit. They want to see the Fuchsia Badge. Really guys? Just before entering the west Gate we meet Axel and learn that the way to Fuchsia is blocked by huge rocks. It’s roadblocks everywhere we look, come on Kanto. 


Pokemon Found

Jigglypuff, Spearow, Growlithe, Rattata, Raticate, Snubbull, Meowth, Houndour

Short route, the Underground Path here is closed for good by the Cerulean Police. Why though?


Places of Interest

  • PokeCenter
  • Celadon Department Store
  • Gym
  • Celadon Game Corner
  • Celadon Mansion

Pokemon Found

  • Surf: Grimer
  • Old Rod: Magikarp 
  • Good Rod: Magikarp 
  • Super Rod: Magikarp

From one big city to the other one right next door, how have these past 3 years treated Celadon? 

In the PokeCenter you’ll find hometown guy Eusine, here to visit. 

On the second floor of Celadon Mansion you’ll find a guy selling Moon Stones for P1500. The Game Freak crew are on the top floor, if you complete the PokeDex you can come back to show the Game Designer. To reach the rooftop room go behind the PokeCenter and continue west until you see the backdoor of the Mansion and climb to the top. The occupant has a “scary” story to tell and then gives you TM03 (Curse).


-2F- (Trainer’s Market)

  • TM05 (Roar) P1000
  • TM15 (Hyper Beam) P7500
  • TM28 (Dig) P2000
  • TM31 (Mud-Slap) P3000
  • TM43 (Detect) P3000
  • TM45 (Attract) P3000
  • Great Ball P600
  • Super Potion P700
  • Revive P1500
  • Antidote P100
  • Parlyz Heal P200
  • Awakening P250
  • Burn Heal P250
  • Ice Heal P250
  • Super Repel P500

-3F- (TM Shop)

  • TM10 (Hidden Power) P3000
  • TM11 (Sunny Day) P2000
  • TM17 (Protect) P3000
  • TM18 (Rain Dance) P2000
  • TM37 (Sandstorm) P2000

-4F- (Wise Man Gifts)

  • PokeDoll P1000
  • Retro Mail P50

-5F- (Drug Store)

  • X Attack P500
  • X Defend P550
  • X Speed P350
  • X Special P350
  • X Accuracy P950
  • Guard Spec. P700
  • Dire Hit P650
  • [Each costs P9800]
  • HP Up 
  • Protein
  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Zinc
  • Carbos


  • Fresh Water P200
  • Soda Pop P300
  • Lemonade P350


No shady activities going on here, nothing behind those posters too haha. You buy Coins from here and then exchange them for prizes next door.

  • 50 Coins P1000
  • 500 Coins P10000
  • Smoke Ball 800 Coins
  • Miracle Seed 1000 Coins
  • Charcoal 1000 Coins
  • Mystic Water 1000 Coins
  • Black Flute 1600 Coins
  • Pikachu 2222 Coins
  • Porygon 5555 Coins
  • Larvitar 8888 Coins


Leader: Erika – “The Nature-Loving Princess!”

After all these years haven’t the women in here noticed Master Roshi lurking outside the Gym? First Gym Trainers are Joe and Zoe. 

Twins Joe & Zoe (Lv52 Vileplume, Lv53 Victreebel) Prize: P7776

Then there’s Tanya on the left and Michelle on the right. 

Picnicker Tanya (Lv53 Exeggutor) Prize: P1484

Lass Michelle (Lv52 Vileplume, Lv53 Hoppip, Lv55 Arbok) Prize: P1456

Beauty Julia (Lv52 Paras, Exeggcute, Lv54 Parasect) Prize: P3888

Still as aloof as ever, here’s Erika!


Leader Erika (Lv55 Victreebel, Lv56 Tangela, Vileplume)

Prizes: P3360 + Rainbow Badge + TM19 (Giga Drain)

Nice and simple. On the way out of town guess who shows up to show off the fruits of his training? Zane, remember him? He’s been here in Kanto and after seeing us land in Vermillion he just had to chase after us.


PokeTrainer Zane (Lv53 Lapras, Lv54 Porygon 2, Umbreon, Lv56 Victreebel, Houndoom) 

Prize: P6480

As if the ambush wasn’t shocking enough, Zane has had enough of losing to us and pulls off a surprise heel turn on us! What the…so now we got a Rival who has fallen to the dark side. Perhaps things get interesting going forward, does he join Team Saturn or…


Pokemon Found (for Routes 16, 17 and 18)

Muk, Spearow, Rattata, Doduo, Slugma, Grimer, **Azurill, Fearow, *Murkrow

*Route 16 only

**Found it in Route 18, probably a super rare find. 

That northern area blocked by a tree has the house where a woman would give out HM Fly back in the day, but now there’s a Bug Catcher who tells us that at the end of Cycling Road is Fuchsia City.

ROUTE 17 (Cycling Road)

Seems like a deserted road at first but just continue on downhill, stay on the left side and you’ll find Riley and then Glenn. 

Biker Riley (Lv54 Weezing) Prize: P1080

Biker Glenn (Lv50 Magmar, Lv52 Weezing, Lv54 Koffing) Prize: P1000

Joel is in an area between the two lanes. 

Biker Joel (Lv52 Magmar x2) Prize: P1040

And then there’s Charlie to complete the gang. 

Biker Charles (Lv51 Koffing, Lv54 Weezing, Charmeleon) Prize: P1080


The only 2 Trainers here are Bob and Boris in the grass. 

Bird Keeper Bob (Lv55 Noctowl) Prize: P1540

Bird Keeper Boris (Lv51-54 Doduo x3) Prize: P1428


Places of Interest

  • PokeCenter
  • PokeMart
  • Gym
  • Safari Zone (Closed)
  • Warden’s House


  • Great Ball P600
  • Ultra Ball P1200
  • Super Potion P700
  • Hyper Potion P1200
  • Full Heal P600
  • Max Repel P700
  • Bead Mail P50

If you were looking forward to checking out the Safari Zone like I was, sorry to disappoint you. Fuchsia’s famous attraction is closed because the Warden’s abroad. No Bug Catching Contents and now no Safari Zone, that’s gangster right there haha. Couldn’t an interim Warden have been appointed? His granddaughter is at his home, she tells us that he simply quit his job and went on vacation. Damn, so when was the last time the Safari Zone was open, 3 years ago?? And that’s not all, to the south of town is Route 19 which stretched all the way to Seafoam Island…until Cinnabar Island’s volcano erupted and so we’ll have to reach both islands from the west until the road is cleared up. 

In the house next to the PokeCenter you’ll receive a Level 5 Charmander if you got some room. Bill’s sister lives next to the Gym, she tells us that their grandfather is the current resident at the famous Sea Cottage outside Cerulean City. 

Nothing else to do except see the new Gym Leader.


Leader: Janine – “The Poisonous Ninja Master.”

Like father like daughter, eh? At some point Janine surpassed Koga and took over the Gym while pops went off to become an Elite 4 member. In keeping with tradition Janine’s Gym has invisible walls too but she’s gone a step further and has her Gym Trainers looking like Kage Bunshin/Shadow Clones of her. Janine is on the lower left side of the room. First Gym Trainer is Linda in the middle.

Lass Linda (Lv52 Bulbasaur, Lv54 Ivysaur, Lv56 Venusaur) Prize: P1568

From the Gym Guide guy go straight up to face Cindy. 

Picnicker Cindy (Lv56 Nidoqueen) Prize: P1568

Up top is Barry. 

Camper Barry (Lv54 Nidoking) Prize: P1080

2 steps to the right from him then drop down to meet Alice. 

Lass Alice (Lv52-53 Gloom x2, Lv56 Arbok) Prize: P1456

Then just move along the tiles from Alice to Janine. Where’s that Naruto OST when you need it?


Leader Janine (Lv55 Crobat, Lv56-58 Weezing x2, Lv57 Venomoth, Ariados)

Prizes: P3420 + Soul Badge + TM06 (Toxic)

We got the Badge that LaZ and Reikku want to see, but there’s no rush. Let’s continue on eastward for Lavender Town, Rock Tunnel and the Power Plant…assuming there isn’t another roadblock on the way, but just bring a Flyer with you in case we can’t make it to Lavender.


Pokemon Found (for Routes 12 to 15)

  • Oddish, Venonat, Gloom, Ditto, Pidgey, Pidgeotto
  • Surf: Tentacool
  • Old Rod: Magikarp
  • Good Rod: Krabby, Horsea 
  • Super Rod: Magikarp, Horsea 

The Trainers here are some schoolboys and their Teachers. If you have Cut you can reach the northern part of this route for a PP Up.

Schoolboy Kipp (Lv54 Voltorb, Lv55 Magnemite) Prize: P3080

Schoolboy Tommy (Lv54 Xatu, Lv55 Alakazam) Prize: P3080

Teacher Hillary (Lv54 Aipom & Lv56 Cubone) Prize: P3584

Schoolboy Billy (Lv53 Poliwhirl, Lv54-55 Paras x2, Ditto) Prize: P3080

Teacher Colette (Lv55 Clefairy) Prize: P1760

Schoolboy Johnny (Lv54 Weepinbell & Bellsprout) Prize: P6048


Bird Keeper Roy (Lv52, 54 Fearow x2) Prize: P1512

There are 2 paths going north after him, the left side one leads to Trevor and a grassy field occupied by a woman looking to trade Chansey for her Aerodactyl. Quite the trade there, rare for ancient rare. 

PokeFan Trevor (Lv55 Psyduck) Prize: P2420

Right side path leads to Carter and beyond. 

PokeFan Carter (Lv53 Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander) Prize: P2332


This route has certainly changed, more trees than before! No fences here, just a mini green maze. First Trainer spotted is Kenny. 

Hiker Kenny (Lv31-51 Graveler x2, Sandslash, Lv53 Golem) Prize: P992

Weave your way through eastward, you’ll find Alex. 

PokeFan Alex (Lv53 Nidoking, Slowking, Seaking) Prize: P2332

Near a grassy field in the upper right area, blocked by a tree are the Bird Keeper duo Perry and Brett. 

Bird Keeper Perry (Lv56 Farfetch’d) Prize: P1568

Bird Keeper Brett (Lv54 Pidgeotto, Fearow) Prize: P1512

Southwest from them is Joshua and his full team of Pikachu! 

PokeFan Joshua (Lv50 Pikachu x6) Prize: P2200

By those red flowers next to the signpost below Joshua you’ll find Calcium. Eventually you’ll reach Silence Bridge and Route 12.


While moving up on the bridge you’ll see 2 areas on the left blocked by a tree, there’s Calcium in the bottom area and a Nugget in the next one. Barney is up ahead. 

Fisher Barney (Lv52-53 Gyarados x3) Prize: P1248

The younger brother of the Fishing Guru lives in the house and he gives us the Super Rod. Fishing Rod collection now complete. Past the house we’ll reach the famous T-junction where a Snorlax would be found snoozing away all those years ago. Let’s sweep through Route 11 then proceed onwards to Lavender Town.


Pokemon Found

Ekans, Drowzee, Spearow

First Trainer seen is the silent Herman. 

Psychic Herman (Lv53 Exeggcute x2, Lv54 Exeggutor) Prize: P2160

South from him is Owen. 

Youngster Owen (Lv55 Growlithe) Prize: P1540

North from him is Jason.

Youngster Jason (Lv55 Sandslash, Crobat) Prize: P880

Then Fidel near the western end. 

Psychic Fidel (Lv56 Xatu) Prize: P2240

Back to Route 12 since we still don’t have the PokeFlute. The remaining Fishermen are Zelk, Martin and Kyle. 

Fisher Zelk (Lv54 Remoraid, Qwilfish) Prize: P1296

Fisher Martin (Lv54 Remoraid x2) Prize: P1296

Fisher Kyle (Lv52, 53 Seaking x2, Poliwhirl) Prize: P1272


Places of Interest

  • PokeCenter
  • PokeMart
  • Kanto Radio Tower
  • Soul House
  • Lavender Volunteer Pokemon House
  • Name Rater’s House
  • Starter Ultimate Moves Tutor House


  • Great Ball P600
  • Potion P300
  • Super Potion P700
  • Max Repel P700
  • Antidote P100
  • Parlyz Heal P200
  • Awakening P250
  • Burn Heal P250

The once sombre town looks more lively now that it’s got a new attraction. What else is going on?

A Leaf Stone seller is in the Mart, selling them for P2100. 

The Power Plant situation is so bad that it has affected the Radio Station, they can’t broadcast. 

No PokeFlute needed this time round, we find out that we’ll require something called a PokeTar. 

In the house northwest from the Soul House is where Charizard, Blastoise and Venusaur can learn their type’s ultimate moves. The Johto Starters too. 

Mr. Fuji hasn’t returned to the Volunteer house, he went to the Soul House. We find Axel over there, he says that Fuji was sucked into the orange tombstone (!) and there’s a Pokemon which he sees by the tombstone with a Silph Scope. We get the scope and have a look, the Pokemon attacks us. A Level 50 Gengar which you can catch or defeat. The battle is so epic that it leads to the Silph Scope being destroyed. A stairway suddenly appears where the tombstone was, down we go. Is this Team Saturn up to something again?

Only ghosts make appearances down here, which we can’t identify or fight because no Silph Scope so just run or use Repels. Fuji is at the northern end of the room, he’s unharmed and he heard from the ghosts here that Lavender is going to be in trouble. A wild Zapdos is on top of the Radio Tower and it needs to be calmed down before the town is destroyed. To the Radio Tower while Axel stays here for safety reasons.


On the first floor we’ll find the Music Director (that item behind the plant in the corner is an Escape Rope) and he tells us we can tune in if we get an Expansion Card upgrade. If only the PokeGear radio actually worked :/ go straight to the rooftop to confront the thunder bird. The guard is here too but won’t approach Zapdos, when you approach it looks like it’s going to attack but instead flies off. Then there’s a loud sound from downstairs, the guard goes to investigate. Follow him because the bad guys are in town and have occupied the tower! So Axel should’ve just come along after all, here we go.

Saturn Grunt (Lv54 Lanturn, Lv56 Crawdaunt) Prize: P2808

Saturn Grunt (Lv55 Electrode, Lv56 Magneton) Prize: P2860

Interesting note from that second Grunt, they’re not here to take over the tower? Huh, that’s new. Next floor we meet a Grunt who remembers us from the Saturn Hideout. 

Saturn Grunt (Lv55 Mightyena, Poochyena) Prize: P2860

Back on the first floor to fight an Admin. He’s waiting for us right at the bottom of the stairway so if you need to heal before going downstairs then do so. 

Saturn Admin (Lv53 Blaziken, Swampert, Lv54 Sceptile) Prize: P2756

Another Admin after him, the Super Admin!


Saturn Admin (Lv54 Dragonite, Lv56 Salamence, Gyarados) Prize: P2912

And then we have a chat with Russel. As long as these troublemakers continue their silly little activities, we will be there to stop them.


Saturn Boss Russel (Lv54 Electrode, Lv56 Electabuzz, Lv59 Manectric, Jolteon)

Prize: P3068

They were here to call out Team Rocket and let them know that Saturn is the new team on the block. Team Rocket shows up, led by their new boss Silver! Well it technically makes sense, right? Not in this universe because Silver is Russel’s son! Plot twist and a half, xD! Where’s Giovanni for this major reveal? After both teams exit the tower we meet the Director and receive P10000 for saving the place. Now we just have to sort out the Power Plant problem so that things can return to normal here. Outside we find Axel, who figures now would be great time for a battle. Not a good time.


Trainer Axel (Lv55 Electabuzz, Weezing, Lv56 Quagsire, Salamence, Arcanine, Lv57 Hitmonlee) 

Prize: P1120

He’s going to the Power Plant, he’ll meet us there. Route 10 and Rock Tunnel are to the north of town.


PokeFan Robert (Lv55 Quagsire) Prize: P2420

Jim in the northwest corner. 

Hiker Jim (Lv56 Machop) Prize: P1792

Another roadblock, this one in the form of a Scientist watching a fight in progress in the tunnel. People fighting over fossils. I kid you not. So we are going west instead to Route 8 then north to Cerulean. 


Pokemon Found

Pidgeotto, Kadabra, Jigglypuff, Abra, Meowth, Haunter, Noctowl, Growlithe

Simple path here, no surprises. You’ll meet Tom, Sam and the Kanto Pokemon Federation…erm, they’re just 3 dudes and their motorcycles. The Gate leading to Saffron City is open now and there’s another closed Underground Path.

  • Super Nerd Tom (Lv54 Magnemite x3) Prize: P1296
  • Super Nerd Sam (Lv56 Grimer, Muk) Prize: P1344
  • Biker Zeke (Lv54 Koffing x2) Prize: P1080
  • Biker Harris (Lv56 Flareon) Prize: P1120
  • Biker Dwayne (Lv53-55 Koffing x4) Prize: P1100

Back in Saffron and into the northern Gate to show off the Fuchsia Badge to Laz and Reikku. They don’t believe that we actually got it, so we end up battling them one after the other starting with Laz. Classic case of finding ROM hack creators in their games πŸ™‚ never gets old.


Developer Laz (Lv58 Pidgeot, Tyranitar, Lv59 Flygon, Metagross, Lv60 Medicham, Lv61 Gengar)

Prize: P1220

Developer Zeikku (Lv58 Gardevoir, Lv59 Charizard, Sceptile, Lv60 Ampharos, Feraligatr, Lv61 Shiny Noctowl)

Prize: P1160

After they leave we can finally step out onto Route 5.


Pokemon Found

Pidgey, Meowth, Oddish

In the house on the hill you’ll scare an old woman enough to get a Cleanse Tag from her. The Underground Path is in the bottom right area. Go straight on north for the blue city.


Places of Interest

  • PokeCenter
  • PokeMart
  • Gym
  • Bike Shop (Closed)


  • Great Ball P600
  • Ultra Ball P1200
  • Super Potion P700
  • Super Repel P500
  • Full Heal P600
  • X Defend P550
  • X Attack P500
  • Dire Hit P650
  • Harbor Mail P50

Pokemon Found

  • Surf: Tentacool
  • Old Rod: Magikarp
  • Good Rod: Horsea, Magikarp, Krabby
  • Super Rod: Horsea, Gyarados

Home of the 2nd Kanto Gym and friend to a certain Trainer who is forever 10-years old πŸ™‚ what’s good Cerulean?

The Bike Shop is closed since the new business is now in Goldenrod. 

In the northeast side of town is the home of the Sticker collecting big sister we heard about in Cianwood. Pick something to brag about and she’ll give you a fancy Sticker to pimp up your Trainer card. Xzibit would be proud.

The Gym is empty (?!) where’s everyone?? Let’s check Cerulean’s Cape, maybe Misty’s there. Zane pops up just before we reach Nugget Bridge, he’s back for one more fight and this time his team is complete. Each Pokemon is holding Leftovers.


PokeTrainer Zane (Lv56 Lapras, Lv57 Porygon2, Lv58 Breloom, Lv60 Houndoom, Lv61 Heracross, Lv62 Umbreon) 

Prize: P7440

This guy never learns, I thought we’d seen him turn bad last time but here he is vowing to beat us next time. Then he gives us HM08 (Dive), which requires the Earth Badge for use outside of battles. I’m surprised we got the final HM from him, given that he just wants to almost murder our Pokemon haha. Anyway, we go north.


Pokemon Found (for Routes 24 & 25)

  • Abra, Oddish, Caterpie, Pidgey, Weedle, Metapod
  • Surf: Tentacool
  • Old Rod: Magikarp
  • Good Rod: Horsea, Krabby
  • Super Rod: Gyarados, Horsea, Poliwag

No challengers on Nugget Bridge, the Trainers have moved to Route 25. In the southwest is Cerulean Cave, waiting to be explored. We’ll dive into that dungeon after our business in town is done.


ItemFinder Items:

  • Elixir (search northwest corner)
  • Oran Berry (search left side tree behind Lass Laura)
  • Bluk Berry (search by the fence below Cooltrainer Kevin)

The first of 6 Trainers we have to beat to win a prize is Dudley. 

Schoolboy Dudley (Lv57 Scyther) Prize: P3192

Next is Ellen, that item in the area behind her is Orange Mail.

Lass Ellen (Lv55 Wigglytuff, Lv57 Granbull) Prize: P1596

Schoolboy Joe (Lv57 Tangela, Lv58 Vaporeon) Prize: P3248

Lass Laura (Lv56 Bellossom, Lv57 Pidgeot, Lv58 Gloom) Prize: P1568

Camper Lloyd (Lv59 Nidoking) Prize: P1180

Lass Shannon (Lv57-58 Paras x2, Lv56 Parasect) Prize: P1624

One more, there’s Pat who is just here to ambush those who’ve gotten through the 6 Trainers. 

Super Nerd Pat (Lv56 Porygon) Prize: P1344

In the area above him you’ll find Protein. Speak to the CoolTrainer at the end of the path to get TWO prizes, a Nugget (of course) and an 8th battle. 

Cooltrainer Kevin (Lv58 Rhyhorn, Charmeleon, Lv57 Wartortle)

Prize: P2088 

On Wednesdays you can play a game in the cave beyond Bill’s Cottage. You get to dig for TMs. There’s nobody by the Cape. Has she gone to the Power Plant? Leave town via the east road. Bring a Pokemon that knows Cut, Surf and Waterfall.


Pokemon Found

  • Rattata, Venonat, Raticate, Spearow, Fearow, Ekans, Zubat
  • Surf: Goldeen, Seaking 
  • Old Rod: Goldeen 
  • Good Rod: Goldeen, Seaking 
  • Super Rod: Goldeen

First Trainer seen is Edna below. 

Picnicker Edna (Lv57 Nidorina & Lv58 Raichu) Prize: P3248

In the northwest area from her is Sid. 

Camper Sid (Lv56 Dugtrio, Lv57 Marowak, Lv58 Poliwrath) Prize: P1140

East from Edna, Cut the tree to meet Dean. 

Camper Dean (Lv56 Golduck, Lv57 Sandslash) Prize: P1140

Below him is a Smoke Ball and if you stay in that area as you move to the right you’ll find Sidney. 

Hiker Sidney (Lv56 Dugtrio, Onix) Prize: P1792

Northeast from Dean there’s Tim, Dream Mail and Heidi.

Hiker Tim (Lv54 Graveler x3) Prize: P1728

Picnicker Heidi (Lv55 Skiploom x2) Prize: P1540

You’ll see the river which flows south to the Power Plant. Continue south along the path to find a Burn Heal, a PokeCenter and the entrance for Rock Tunnel. A Scientist in the PC tells us that something has been stolen from the Power Plant and the Manager there needs a Trainer to help out. On the north side of the river is TM40 (Defense Curl) and an entrance to “Route 9 Cave” because it’s just identified as Route 9 inside. It is a shortcut from the Power Plant, the only thing you can get from this side is TM33 (Ice Punch).


Pokemon Found

Geodude, Paras, Golbat, Graveler, Rattata


Pokemon Found

  • Voltorb, Ekans, Spearow
  • Surf: Tentacool
  • Old Rod: Magikarp 
  • Good Rod: Horsea, Krabby
  • Super Rod: Horsea

No sign of Misty but Axel is inside to confirm what we’ve heard, he suspects Team Rocket stole the part. One of the Scientists is looking for a Dugtrio to trade for his Magneton. The Manager is too furious to be of much help, go back to Axel and then leave. The policeman by the entrance has news about someone seen loitering around in Cerulean. If the Manager is looking for capable Trainers to help, why isn’t Axel tagging along? Because we seem to be doing all the work here even though we’re both chasing after the same bad guys, xD! 

Back to Cerulean, enter the Gym to find the suspect. A Rocket Grunt who is in a rush to get to Cinnabar Island and isn’t as rude as your average Grunt. After he leaves, surf in the center pool and search the top left area for the Machine Part. Thanks to having a PC near Rock Tunnel we can simply Fly back. Deliver the part to the Manager and receive TM07 (Zap Cannon) as a reward. The generator can run again, powering the Magnet Train and the Radio Tower. Axel is headed for Cinnabar but we still need to find a way to access Diglett’s Cave. Return to Cerulean’s Cape, we’ll finally spot Misty…on a secret date! Hilarious πŸ™‚ Her date makes a run for it when he sees us and Misty is annoyed at first by our interruption but she sees our Badges and returns to the Gym.


Leader: Misty – “The Tomboyish Mermaid.”

Everyone is here now, let’s get to work. On the left is Briana, on the right is Parker and Diana is the final Gym Trainer. 

Swimmer Briana (Lv61-62 Seaking x2) Prize: P1952

Swimmer Parker (Lv60-62 Horsea x2, Seadra) Prize: P2440

Swimmer Diana (Lv59 Golduck) Prize: P1888

How much stronger has Misty gotten over these past 3 years?


Leader Misty (Lv61 Quagsire, Lv62 Golduck, Lapras, Lv63 Starmie)

Prizes: P3780 + Cascade Badge

That ends the Cerulean City arc, now we should be ready to explore Cerulean Cave…but it turns out that 3 years later the infamous dungeon has nothing but a couple of items and some high level Pokemon. No major item or alternative legendary in place of Mewtwo. Are Mewtwo or Mew even in this game, I don’t know. It’s rather disappointing because I hoped Cerulean Cave would have something special to offer or at least some high level Trainers who there also exploring and maybe heard about the dangerous Pokemon which used to be there. Bring Pokemon that can Surf and smash rocks. Head north of town and surf southwest. 


Pokemon Found

  • Ditto, Magneton, Kadabra, Parasect, Electrode, Machoke, Golbat
  • Rock Smash: Geodude, Graveler
  • Surf: Psyduck, Golduck
  • Old Rod: Magikarp
  • Good Rod: Poliwag, Magikarp 
  • Super Rod: Poliwhirl, Poliwag, Golduck, Gyarados

ItemFinder Items: Ultra Ball (search the middle rock in the central area)

Surf up to that ladder in the top right corner, it leads to the top right corner area of the maze below. There you’ll find an Escape Rope. Back to the main area, continue west to find more ladders and 3 more items, a Star Piece on the west end, a Red Shard in the lower left and a Guard Spec. in the little area north of the entrance. The ladder near the lower left leads to a Max Repel, the center right ladder leads to a Max Ether and ladder at the center of this room is the one you would use to reach Mewtwo back in the day, now it just leads to a Parlyz Heal in the upper right corner of the lowest area where you would find Mewtwo. The path is simple to follow, once in the maze go for the path on the right and carry on all the way to the next ladder. When you’re done getting those items, let’s return to Lavender.

The Director has a Program which he wants us to deliver to the Director at the other Radio Tower. We don’t have a Pass for the Magnet Train so just Fly to the Indigo Plateau, Teleport home and back to Goldenrod. The Johto Director will reward us with the PokeTar, nice. Back to Vermillion, bring a Pokemon that can Cut, tune up the band and wake Snorlax up. It’s at Level 50.


Pokemon Found

All Times: Diglett, Dugtrio

Still a straightforward cave, follow the path northwest to the exit and Route 2.


There is Carbos in the corner above the cave, and a house below where you’ll get a Nugget for being a visitor. Continue south to find a Dire Hit, a Gate occupied by one of Prof. Oak’s Aides (I don’t remember now what important item he would give for catching a certain number of Pokemon back in the day) and an Elixir at the south end. Cut that tree on the left and step into the green city.


Places of Interest

  • PokeCenter
  • PokeMart
  • Gym
  • Trainer House


  • Ultra Ball P1200
  • Hyper Potion P1200
  • Full Heal P600
  • Revive P1500
  • Antidote P100
  • Parlyz Heal P200
  • Awakening P250
  • Burn Heal P250
  • Retro Mail P50

Pokemon Found

  • Surf: Psyduck
  • Old Rod: Magikarp
  • Good Rod: Poliwag, Magikarp, Goldeen
  • Super Rod: Poliwag, Gyarados, Poliwhirl

It’s been MANY years since I followed the anime or snapped my fingers in tune to that 2 B A Master CD, but I gotta ask – is Viridian City still the only city which actually got its own song?? Some of you might remember it, that one “I’m on the road to Viridian City.” Did any other cities get their own songs? 

Here’s what I’m thinking, we’ll have a look around town then travel to Pallet Town and then go up to Pewter City before swimming to Cinnabar Island and beyond.

The snoozing guy by the southwest pond still gives out a TM, TM42 (Dream Eater). 

At Trainer House you get to battle a clone of yourself once per day. He/She has the same Pokemon you have, same levels, same number of party members. 

The new Gym Leader isn’t around. Some guy from Pallet Town, I wonder who that is…

West of town is Route 22 which began the final stretch to the Indigo Plateau. Now the stretch is super short.


Pokemon Found

  • Rattata, Mankey, Spearow
  • Surf: Psyduck
  • Old Rod: Magikarp 
  • Good Rod: Poliwag, Goldeen
  • Super Rod: Poliwag, Psyduck, Poliwhirl

No ambush from a certain original Rival this time, instead there’s Gareth on the left near the pond. 

Eletist Garreth (Lv56 Hitmonlee, Lv57 Medicham, Lv59 Electabuzz, Lv62 Tyranitar)

Prize: P1488

That’s all, the League Front Gate is next but we’re not yet ready for Mt. Silver so forget about it. Back to Viridian and south we go.


Pokemon Found

Rattata, Pidgey

Along this starter route of routes we’ll find Danny and Quinn before touching down on very familiar ground. 

Schoolboy Danny (Lv57 Jynx, Lv55 Electabuzz, Lv62 Magmar) Prize: P3472

Cooltrainer Quinn (Lv60 Ivysaur, Starmie) Prize: P2160


Places of Interest

  • Red’s House
  • Blue’s House
  • Oak Pokemon Research Lab

Pokemon Found

Surf: Magikarp

Don’t bother fishing, all you get is ????

Here we are, where it all began 3 years ago. Let’s see who is still around. 

That Cooltrainer near Red’s house is Valo, an old friend of Red who is here to visit. 

Player Valo (Lv58 Pichu, Lv59 Typhlosion, Ampharos, Lv60 Aggron, Lv61 Gardevoir, Lv62 Metagross)

Prize: P1856

Red’s mom is home, she’s fine but worried about her son. No word from him after all this time but somehow that’s a good thing…?

The Bug Catcher near Blue’s house will teach the move Belly Drum. Blue’s big sister Daisy is home, just to update us on what Blue is up to these days. 

Prof. Oak is happy to see us in Kanto and says we should come back to him when we’ve collected all the Badges. 

Fly back to Viridian and let’s aim for Pewter City and Mt. Moon.


Pokemon Found

Rattata, Pidgey, Caterpie, Weedle

First Trainer spotted is Rob. 

Bug Catcher Rob (Lv62 Beedrill, Lv63 Butterfree) Prize: P252

Up top is Doug. By the Gate leading into Viridian Forest is a Max Potion.

Bug Catcher Doug (Lv61 Ariados) Prize: P244


Pokemon Found

Kakuna, Weedle, Caterpie, Oddish, Anorith, Wurmple (Rare)

ItemFinder Items:

Antidote (search the big tree just up ahead from south Gate)

Not the same maze that it used to be, with a lot of trees that have been cleared away, but still quite the big area. On the left side there’s Timmy and on the right side there’s Jason. 

Bug Catcher Timmy (Lv60 Beautifly, Lv61 Beedrill) Prize: P240

Bug Catcher Jason (Lv61 Vileplume, Lv62 Victreebel) Prize: P244

In the top left corner from Timmy is a PokeBall. Northwest from Jason you’ll find a Potion between a big tree and a signpost about using Antidotes. Continue all the way east from where you found the PokeBall, you’ll meet Jim.

Bug Catcher Jim (Lv61 Ledian, Lv63 Ariados) Prize: P252

West from him is an Antidote and a Potion. The Gate is in the top left area. Near it is final Trainer Ashley. 

Bug Catcher Ashley (Lv61 Ninjask, Yanma) Prize: P244

Out of the Gate and onto the last bit of Route 2 where you meet Ed. 

Bug Catcher Ed (Lv57-58 Beedrill x3) Prize: P232


Places of Interest

  • PokeCenter
  • PokeMart
  • Gym
  • Pewter Museum of Science (Closed)


  • Great Ball P600
  • Hyper Potion P1200
  • Super Repel P500
  • Antidote P100
  • Parlyz Heal P200
  • Awakening P250
  • Burn Heal P250

Brock’s hometown, let’s see what’s up. 

In the PokeCenter there’s a Hiker looking for a Haunter, he’ll trade for his Xatu. 

Another major attraction closed. So what happened to the fossils which were in there??

You receive Level 5 Bulbasaur from the old man living next door to the Gym. Kanto Starter collection completed. Hmm, so once you have all 3 Starters in your Hand a Duel automatically ends right? No? Wrong franchise? Okay..

The very special old man on the hill near the PokeMart is a former Trainer who traveled through Johto back in his day and he gives us an important item he found there – the Silver Wing! Talk about random, he could’ve been just another regular NPC citizen of the town. One wing obtained, one more to go. Let’s see Brock.


Leader: Brock – “The Rock Solid Pokemon Trainer!”

3 years later and there’s still just one Gym Trainer, nobody willing to step up? 

Camper Muse (Lv63 Sandslash) Prize: P1260

No drama, no secret dates from Brock (of the 3 main characters HE should be the one with drama and going on secret dates haha), what does he have to show after all this time?


Leader Brock (Lv63 Graveler, Rhyhorn, Lv64 Omastar, Kabutops, Lv65 Onix)

Prizes: P3780 + Boulder Badge

I guess it’s safe to say the fossils are in good hands πŸ™‚ onwards to Mt. Moon.


Pokemon Found

Pidgey, Jigglypuff, Mankey, Spearow, Nidoran[both] (Rare)

First Trainer seen is Warren. 

Youngster Warren (Lv58 Fearow) Prize: P1624

Head north from him and continue east to find Jimmy. Don’t jump down that ledge below him, carry on after the battle.

Youngster Jimmy (Lv59 Raticate Lv58 Arbok) Prize: P928

Standing in the grass is Otis. 

Firebreather Otis (Lv57-60 Magmar x2, Weezing) Prize: P1596

Northeast from him is Raqib. 

Ace Trainer Raqib (Lv56 Gardevoir Lv55 Blaziken) Prize: P2860

There’s a signpost just past him pointing out a new place called Mt. Moon Square up the mountain. Burt is the last Trainer here. 

Firebreather Burt (Lv58 Slugma, Lv59 Koffing) Prize: P1624


Pokemon Found

Zubat, Graveler, Golbat, Geodude

We’re ambushed by Rocket boss Silver as soon as we enter, Axel is here too. Even though things look to be on the up and up for him, Silver still needs to prove himself to us in battle. He’s packing Full Restores for this encounter, get ready.


Rival Silver (Lv63 Sneasel, Magneton, Lv64 Golbat, Lv65 Gengar, Alakazam, Lv66 Starter)

Prize: P2304

**NOTE: Unfortunately this becomes a permanent glitch that happens whenever you enter Mt. Moon, whether from this entrance from the Route 4 entrance. Silver’s sprite will be absent but all his dialogue appears and you battle him again.  

He accepts his defeat but things are not done for him, he still has big plans and now he’s got Team Rocket backing him. We’ll duel him again sooner or later. Axel tells us that Mt. Moon is occupied by Rocket Grunts and once again it’s up to us to clear them. Why is Axel even here if he is of no help? 

Rocket Grunt (Lv66 Golbat, Lv67 Sandslash) Prize: P2680

Next Grunt is southwest from him. That ladder on the right leads to Mt. Moon Square. 

Rocket Grunt (Lv66 Golbat, Lv67 Arbok, Lv68 Raticate) Prize: P2640

Continue south past him to find 2 more Grunts and the exit leading to Route 4. It’s interesting to see that they remember being here for that old operation where they were looking for fossils. Why are they here now?

Rocket Grunt (Lv69 Muk) Prize: P2760

Rocket Grunt (Lv67 Drowzee, Lv68 Dewgong) Prize: P2680

Go back for that ladder. 

-Mt. Moon Square-

Grunt on the right spotted. The Scientist by that opening is looking for fossils, we’ll have to come back later. 

Rocket Grunt (Lv66, 67 Hypno x2, Lv68 Cloyster) Prize: P2720

The Grunt blocking entry into the house on the left won’t battle us, it’s the female Grunt below who will. 

Rocket Grunt (Lv67 Golbat, Fearow, Lv68 Dusclops) Prize: P2720

On the right is another cave opening, inside we find Calcium and a ladder that leads back to the main area’s southeast corner where you pick up an X Accuracy. For now that’s Mt. Moon, head out to Route 4.


Pokemon Found

Spearow, Rattata, Ekans

Only 3 Trainers on this short route, starting with Hope on the right then Hank and Sharon on the hill just before stepping into Cerulean. 

Picnicker Hope (Lv56 Flaaffy) Prize: P1568

Bird Keeper Hank (Lv56 Pidgey, Lv58 Pidgeot) Prize: P1624

Picnicker Sharon (Lv60 Furret Lv58 Rapidash) Prize: P1624

That’s an HP Up above from her. Viridian, Pewter, Mt. Moon and Route 4 covered. Return to Pallet and surf south for Cinnabar Island. 


Pokemon Found

  • Tangela, Mr. Mime
  • Surf: Staryu, Tentacool
  • Old Rod: Magikarp
  • Good Rod: Magikarp, Horsea, Krabby
  • Super Rod: Horsea, Seadra

There’s a Dive spot on the right. Nikki is the first Trainer on this route, swimming near two tiny islands. 

Swimmer Nikki (Lv60 Seel x3, Dewgong) Prize: P1920

Fishing on an island below is Arnold and past him is Seth.

Fisher Arnold (Lv62 Tentacruel) Prize: P1488

Swimmer Seth (Lv61-63 Octillery, Quagsire x2) Prize: P1008

Let’s see what’s left of the famous fiery island.


Places of Interest

  • PokeCenter
  • Cinnabar Volcano

Pokemon Found

  • Surf: Tentacool
  • Old Rod: Magikarp
  • Good Rod: Magikarp, Horsea
  • Super Rod: Horsea, Shellder, Gyarados

Wow…just the PokeCenter is here now? G’Damn. It’s been a year since the volcano erupted and Gym Leader Blaine has moved to a cave on the Seafoam Islands to the east from here. We find Axel and Viridian’s Gym Leader Blue. No luck for Axel in figuring out why Teams Rocket and Saturn are interested in Cinnabar. Blue is also stumped, until you knock away the rocks near him to reveal an opening. Axel goes in and Blue…well Blue’s just going chill out here, he’s not in the mood to battle anyone at moment.


Pokemon Found

  • Zubat, Golbat, Graveler, Geodude
  • Surf: Tentacool
  • Old Rod: Magikarp
  • Good Rod: Krabby, Magikarp, Horsea
  • Super Rod: Horsea, Shellder, Gyarados (Rare)

[Area 1]

Just a few steps forward to our first opponent, Saturn D-Admination-X πŸ™‚ if you got his and this reference, good for you.

Saturn Admin (Lv59 Manectric, Lv60 Electabuzz) Prize: P3120

He’s backed by another Admin. 

Saturn Admin (Lv60, 61 Jolteon x2) Prize: P3120

And to complete the trio we meet a Rocket Executive. 

Rocket Executive (Lv61 Exeggutor, Lv62 Exeggcute) Prize: P2440

[Area 2] 

This next Exec, if he plays his cards right, could be an extra in a certain major pirate adventure manga/anime series πŸ™‚

Rocket Executive (Lv59 Tentacruel, Lv62 Octillery) Prize: P2360

Saturn Admin (Lv59 Nidoking, Lv62 Nidoqueen) Prize: P3224

Then we meet Jess and Jim the Jessie and James tribute duo..?

Rockets Jess & Jim (Lv60 Arbok, Weezing, Lv62 Ekans, Koffing)

Prize: P4800 

Up front there’s Axel, Silver, Russel…and some McDonalds? Eh? They’ve been waiting for the Regis to awaken so they figured they’d get down and chow down. Uh-huh. Russel wasn’t expecting the Regis to be asleep, so he takes out his frustration on us. Why though, he didn’t even share the good food!


Saturn Boss Russel (Lv63 Electabuzz, Lv64 Ampharos, Electrode, Manectric, Lv65 Jolteon)

Prize: P3276

After being defeated a 3rd time Russel has finally had enough and in a shocking move he decides to disband Team Saturn, even the Grunts can’t believe this. Russel is moving to Sinnoh to cause trouble there, to show Team Galactic how that’s done. Silver won’t join him, he’s staying to continue leading Team Rocket since Gio isn’t around to do that. Then we get a little note from creator LaZ about some of the Saturn Grunts not going away just because the crew is no more…they got other plans. Back to us and Axel, he’s also surprised by what just happened. The Regis have been asleep all along but they suddenly wake up and fly off! That timing though, xD! At least they won’t be anywhere near Team Saturn. Axel says goodbye, probably for good this time. There was hope for him when we first met, I thought maybe he wouldn’t out to be just another bothersome rival but he hasn’t been of much help as time went on. Leave the volcano and speak to Blue outside, the talk is enough to motivate him into returning to the Gym where he’ll await our challenge. Continue east to another entrance to the volcano. Monkey is inside. 

Cooltrainer Monkey (Lv60 Blaziken, Lv61 Typhlosion, Flareon, Lv62 Charizard)

Prize: P2196

Continuing past him you’ll reach the bottom of the volcano which is filled with water and has a Dive spot. Noted. Leave the island. 


Pokemon Found [for Route 19 too]

  • Surf: Tentacool
  • Old Rod: Magikarp
  • Good Rod: Magikarp, Horsea, Krabby
  • Super Rod: Gyarados, Horsea, Seadra

First Trainer seen is Cameron. 

Swimmer Cameron (Lv64 Marill) Prize: P1024

A little further away is Lori. 

Swimmer Lori (Lv61, 62 Starmie) Prize: P1952


Well, just a Seafoam Island now. A small island with a cave. Read the sign, yep, the Hotheaded Quiz Master is inside. Now homeless since his Gym burned down he conducts official Gym business from this cave.


Leader Blaine (Lv62 Magmar, Lv64 Magcargo, Lv65 Rapidash) 

Prizes: P3900 + Volcano Badge

He’ll rebuild that Gym someday. Someday. The Gym Guide guy is here now, he couldn’t find us until now. One Badge remains, let’s finish surfing through the eastern waters and then return to Viridian. Just off the island is Nicole. 

Swimmer Nicole (Lv61 Marill x2, Lv63 Lapras) Prize: P2016

We’ll soon enter Route 19 waters, Dawn and her boyfriend Tucker are the first people we see. 

Swimmer Dawn (Lv63 Seaking) Prize: P2016

Swimmer Tucker (Lv59 Shellder, Lv62 Cloyster) Prize: P992

To the right from them is Harold. 

Swimmer Harold (Lv61 Remoraid, Lv62 Seadra) Prize: P992

North from him is Jerome and the cleared portion of Route 19 outside Fuchsia, that’s good to see. 

Swimmer Jerome (Lv61 Seadra, Lv60 Tentacool, Goldeen, Lv62 Tentacruel)

Prize: P960

Southeast from Harold is the island we heard about at Silph Co. when Russel was going though information.


Simple path, no wild encounters, follow it all the way to the legend waiting at the end, Level 50 Latios/Latias. Catch it while you can and afterwards return to Viridian for that final Gym Badge showdown. 


Leader: Blue

No title for him but he is a former Kanto Champion. No Gym Trainers too, it’s just you, him and your best teams. Good luck!


Leader Blue (Lv63 Pidgeot, Alakazam, Lv65 Exeggutor, Arcanine, Lv62 Rhydon, Gyarados)

Prizes: P3900 + Earth Badge

Done and done and done some more! All Kanto Gyms have been conquered, we can Dive and with Prof. Oak’s permission we can climb the formidable Mt. Silver πŸ™‚ but first, go back to Vermillion and show off that Earth Badge to the Cooltrainer who scoffed at us for not having it.


PokeTrainer Aaron (Lv66 Charmeleon, Lv64 Lapras, Blaziken Lv63 Nidoqueen, Linoone, Lv62 Sceptile)

Prize: P252

If we could receive phone numbers we probably would’ve gotten his for rematches. Gear up, fly back to Viridian and return to the Pokemon League Front Gate. We’re going west. Bring Pokemon that can Surf, Cut, Flash and scale waterfalls.


Pokemon Found

  • Golbat, Poliwhirl, Ponyta, Arbok, Rapidash, Doduo
  • Surf: Poliwag
  • Old Rod: Poliwag
  • Good Rod: Poliwag, Poliwhirl
  • Super Rod: Poliwag

You’ll reach a PokeCenter near the entrance to Silver Cave, from there go back east along that upper path. There’s a house occupied by a celebrity woman who’ll give us TM47 (Steel Wing). Past the house is the only Trainer here, Zach.

Cooltrainer Zach (Lv63 Ampharos, Umbreon, Typholsion, Lv62 Poliwrath)

Prize: P2268

Out of Silver Cave comes Zane, he’s also heard about the legendary Trainer who is around here somewhere. But rather than go off to find him, Zane wants yet another match against us.


PokeTrainer Zane (Lv63 Breloom, Lv64 Heracross, Houndoom, Lv62 Lapras, Porygon2, Lv66 Umbreon) 

Prize: P7920

He threw a fit when he lost previous times and it looked like he’d turned bad…but now he doesn’t mind losing? How does that help?? He leaves to fight us sooner or later. Into one of the most dangerous areas in the Pokemon world we go.


Pokemon Found

  • Graveler, Onix, Golbat, Misdreavus, Parasect, Golduck, Ursaring, Magmar, Larvitar, Pupitar
  • Surf: Poliwag, Poliwhirl, Goldeen
  • Fishing: (nothing)

[Area 1]

Got a few items here and the way out is on the northeast side. First item is on the right, Protein. Circle round and jump a ledge on the left for an Escape Rope. At the center of the room there’s an Ultra Ball and final item is a Max Elixir near the northwest section. 

[Area 2]

Ultra Ball on the right before you go up the steps. Above the waterfall on the left is a PP Up in the top left corner and a small chamber where we find a man identified as Mister G. He’s up to something here with his 2 associates so he just wants us to leave. That’s a Max Revive on the left. Exit and continue up those steps, you’ll see another opening and waterfall on the left, neither can be reached from here, a third opening which leads to the summit and water on the right leading to a third waterfall. Scale up that waterfall to find Calcium and one more opening. In that chamber there’s Mister H and a Full Restore. We are not the “him” that he has been expecting so he warns us to not enter the northern area. How bad can it be? Waiting at the summit is Mister R. At first he thinks we’re Red but realises that we’re not. These 3 Gentlemen won’t leave until Red shows up, so we have no choice but to take Mister R’s suggestion and run with it. Back to the Indigo Plateau to fight the Elite 4 again. 

**NOTE: When Mister R said we should go back to fight the Elite 4 I initially thought he was joking and left Silver Cave hoping maybe it triggers an event where we bump into Red outside or something. While walking about in the grass I encountered Raikou and then Entei after the League rematches. Both are at Level 40. Maybe you’ll be as lucky if you haven’t already caught them πŸ™‚ 

Everyone has levelled up since our initial challenge and has filled up their teams. Full Restores and each Pokemon holding Leftovers ahead. Let the Indigo Plateau Rematch Series begin!


  • Elite 4 Will (Lv64 Xatu, Lv65 Espeon, Lv66 Slowbro, Lv67 Metagross, Gardevoir, Lv68 Alakazam)
  • Prize: P4080
  • Elite 4 Koga (Lv66 Nidoking, Crobat, Lv65 Tentacruel, Weezing, Lv68 Muk, Lv64 Venomoth)
  • Prize: P3960
  • Elite 4 Bruno (Lv65 Hariyama, Blaziken, Lv67 Heracross, Steelix, Lv68 Medicham, Lv69 Machamp)
  • Prize: P4140
  • Elite 4 Karen (Lv65 Umbreon, Lv67 Houndoom, Vileplume, Lv66 Gengar, Lv68 Wobbuffet, Lv69 Tyranitar)
  • Prize: P4140

Despite that this is a remake of Crystal (with lots of extras), it would’ve been nice to defend our Championship against a new challenger, a familiar face that we have not met until now. Someone who has just defeated former Champ Lance and is waiting to fight us. But sadly no, Lance wants that title rematch (his contract has a rematch clause, he ain’t waiting for no damn PPV rematch πŸ˜‰ ). Bring it!


Champion Lance (Lv69 Gyarados, Dragonite, Charizard, Lv65 Flygon, Kingdra, Lv66 Salamence)

Prize: P11868

Afterwards return to Silver Cave. The 3 men have gathered outside the room where we found Mister R. The legendary Trainer they were waiting for came back and mopped the floor with them, in a 3 vs 1 battle! Get to the summit and meet Kanto’s Champion. 8 generations into this franchise but he is still the Trainer to beat. I brought with me a Pokemon which knows Knock Off because I thought each of his Pokemon would be holding Leftovers (as is the style in a lot of these fan-made games haha, including this one!) but thank goodness no Leftovers in this battle, just good old fashioned Full Restores from Red.


Pokemon Trainer Red (Lv81 Pikachu, Lv77 Venusaur, Blastoise, Charizard, Lv73 Espeon, Lv75 Snorlax)

Prize: P1848

As usual he leaves without a word, not to be seen again. Then we get a surprise call from Axel (he’s still around?), he wants to meet with us right away at the Office Block in Vermillion. 

You see that opening on the left just before going up to Mt. Silver summit? It is an exit from the Team Saturn Hideout under Dragon’s Den. A couple of new areas are open there now, plus some extra diary entries and items to be found. When you return to the hideout go to the right from the table where we find the 23 March diary entry. There’s a Dire Hit in the top left corner. Descend the southern stairway to find the exit leading to Silver Cave, go out and climb the steps to reach Leftovers. The stairway near where the Dire Hit was just takes you to the 24 and 29 April diary entries which contain information about Regirock. 

I figure now is as good a time to get that Dive backtrack done as any other, then we can meet up with Axel and continue with the story. But if you’d rather do this backtrack later just skip down to where I start back at the Office Block. Speaking of Vermillion, we can kick things off from there. Bring Pokemon that can smash rocks and scale waterfalls…oh, and bring a nice type-balanced team.


VERMILLION CITY: The Dive spot leads to the an area of the Undersea Cavern. 

UNDERSEA CAVERN (via Vermillion City)

Pokemon Found

  • Aggron, Haunter, Vigoroth, Shuppet, Sableye, Steelix
  • Surf: Clamperl, Dragonair (Area 6), Seadra (Area 7), Relicanth (Area 8)

[Area 6]: Minun, Granbull, Makuhita

[Area 1]

Don’t mind that opening up top, just head all the way to the left to leave this area. 

[Area 2]

Still going west here, you’ll see an opening leading to a southern area (Area 3), where you’ll find pools of water that you resurface from. The first pool there takes you back to the Cinnabar Volcano and the next pool returns you to Route 21. At the west end of Area 2 is the opening to Area 4. 

[Area 4]

There’s a small pool you’ll see on the left, that leads to Route 27. Past the pool is the opening leading to Area 5. 

[Area 5]

First thing you see is a pool, you resurface from there to reach Cherrygrove City. Continue west to meet the first Trainer here, John.

PokeTrainer John (Lv45 Typhlosion, Lv46 Blaziken, Lv43 Swellow)

Prize: P184

[Area 6]

The first opening is straight ahead. Down those stairs and you’ll find 2 pools, the smaller one is a resurface spot to the backyard of the Day Care on Route 34 (ha!). The other opening is in the northwest section, reached by going north from the pools and then up the steps. Each opening leads to a different section of Area 7, but the northeast option is the main one so go northwest to find out why I suggested you bring a well balanced team. 

[Area 7]

We’ll appear in the south section. 

All the way up and out of the area. Look to the bottom left, you see that opening? That’s where we’re going. Surf north and carry on west, circling round to reach the exit. 

[Area 8]

Surf to the west end, you’ll see steps above you and a path going south. Going up the steps and following the path will get you a Sun Stone if you search the rock at the end. Go south and you’ll reach steps leading to a pool on the left and an opening on the right. The sign outside the opening reads Type Master Dojo and indeed, challenge if you dare. If you continue south you’ll reach an opening which leads what we’ll call Area 8B because it is a small area with nothing going for it except a pool in the bottom left corner. Resurfacing from that pool sends you to a Dive spot just outside Cianwood, east of the PokeSeer’s house.


There’s a mini area before reaching the dojo, you’ll find a Metal Coat. There are 17 Type Masters that are waiting for a challenge, each with a full team of Level 100 Pokemon! Obviously do not even think of attempting this if your team is nowhere near that godly level, but now you know that there’s an almighty place to challenge sooner or later. A PC is available in the “lobby” of the dojo in case you want to make a last minute reshuffle of your party. When you’re ready speak to the Ace Trainer on the left. No use of items during battles, Pokemon are healed after every 4 battles. If you lose you’ll be teleported back to the last PokeCenter you were at. Can’t save the game during the challenge too. But of course the Masters have given each of their Pokemon Leftovers and they use Full Restores. Let’s have a look at what is in store for you when the time is right to fight these Masters:


The first opponent is Conan the Fire Master.

Type Master Conan (Lv100 Rapidash, Typhlosion, Arcanine, Blaziken, Magmar, Charizard)

Prize: P4800

Battle #2 is against Jody the lightning man.

Type Master Jody (Lv100 Pikachu, Ampharos, Magneton, Lanturn, Jolteon, Electabuzz)

Prize: P4800

3rd bout is against Becky with the good Grass-types. 

Type Master Becky (Lv100 Ludicolo, Sceptile, Vileplume, Exeggutor, Meganium, Venusaur)

Prize: P4800

Water guy Steve is 4th.

Type Master Steve (Lv100 Sharpedo, Starmie, Swampert, Feraligatr, Vaporeon, Milotic)

Prize: P4800

Healing time. Afterwards, (Gun Jack)son Number 5 is next.

Type Master Jackson (Lv100 Hariyama, Hitmonlee, Poliwrath, Hitmonchan, Machamp, Breloom)

Prize: P4800

Rocky John rolls in at 6th.

Type Master John (Lv100 Tyranitar, Armaldo, Magcargo, Kabutops, Aerodactyl, Cradily)

Prize: P4800

Drawing lucky #7 is Psy-queen Emma. 

Type Master Emma (Lv100 Gardevoir, Solrock, Slowbro, Medicham, Hypno, Alakazam)

Prize: P4800

Smartly dressed for #8 is Ghost king Jenkins.

Type Master Jenkins (Lv100 Shedinja, Banette, Sableye, Misdreavus, Dusclops, Gengar)

Prize: P4800

Healing time. #9 is Yami Ariel.

Type Master Ariel (Lv100 Sneasel, Absol, Houndoom, Crawdaunt, Cacturne, Umbreon)

Prize: P4800

Flying in at 10th is Dug. 

Type Master Dug (Lv100 Dodrio, Jumpluff, Gligar, Gyarados, Swellow, Xatu)

Prize: P4800

Kenny Leven is down to earth, enough said πŸ™‚

Type Master Ken (Lv100 Marowak, Quagsire, Nidoking, Rhydon, Camerupt, Claydol)

Prize: P4800

Steel yourselves 12 times for Roll! 

Type Master Roll (Lv100 Skarmory, Scizor, Mawile, Aggron, Metagross, Steelix)

Prize: P4800

Healing time. Youngster #13 is Poison Dom. Still MANY years away from driving fast cars. 

Type Master Dom (Lv100 Victreebel, Tentacruel, Nidoqueen, Arbok, Weezing, Crobat)

Prize: P4800

There are 14 ways of freezing to death in Ross’ world.

Type Master Ross (Lv100 Glalie, Piloswine, Cloyster, Jynx, Walrein, Lapras)

Prize: P4800

Time for the top 3 bosses. At 15th spot is just regular, normal Martin.

Type Master Martin (Lv100 Zangoose, Snorlax, Ursaring, Miltank, Blissey, Noctowl)

Prize: P4800

Smith is #16. Former agent, now a Bug-type expert. 

Type Master Smith (Lv100 Forretress, Pinsir, Heracross, Venomoth, Shuckle, Scyther)

Prize: P4800

No healing time, you go straight to the final battle. Meet Zoe the TRUE Dragon Master!

Type Master Zoe (Lv100 Altaria, Flygon, Salamence, Kingdra, Shelgon, Dragonite)

Prize: P4800

After all that you receive the prize, a Sun Stone! Just like receiving a fancy gold watch when you retire many years later, eh? 

If you’ve decided to come back for this dojo later no problem, the Masters ain’t going anywhere. Return to Area 7 and head northeast to an opening leading to a small area (Area 7B). There you’ll find a pool on the left (resurface from here to pop up in Olivine, east of the Lighthouse) and an opening taking us to Area 7’s highest point. Continue left to the next opening. 

[Area 9A]

Straight north. 

[Area 9B]

Going east to where you’ll find fast moving currents that flow through to the next area. At the end of that northern corridor is a spot where you resurface in the basement of Mt. Mortar. 

[Area 9C]

Two “places of interest” here, an opening on the right leading to the final area and to the south is a resurface spot which sends us to areas of the Dragon’s Den (we couldn’t reach before) for some items and what appears to be a neverending stairway. I’ll cover Dragon’s Den first. To reach that spot, surf along the far left current from that cluster of currents you see when you arrive in this area. Otherwise you’ll be carried off to the right side opening instead.

DRAGON’S DEN (via Underwater Cavern)

To the right is a Sun Stone and the first in a series of downward ladders. They lead to a frosty chamber where you’ll find a Shoal Shell and a Red Scarf. Back to the top and go south to find yourself back in the area where we fought some Saturn Grunts, only this time we’re in the eastern section. Bust through the rocks to reach that Full Restore. Those steps lead to the neverending stairway. I ran, I held down the emulator’s super speed button, nothing. It just goes on and on and on and on…insane. Make a note of it for later. 

Back to Area 9C, follow the current to the right and go through the opening. There’s a pool you Dive under. Can’t resurface. Underneath is a ladder, first in a series. 

[Area 10]

There is a pool here, which sends you back to Dragon’s Den’s main area, but it is a one way route so you can use it after we’re done here. Go north, up the steps and make your way to the south by circling round from the left, you’ll reach the Key Item seen above us when we got here – a Ruby! Nice find. Circle round from the right to pick up the last item, TM29 (Psychic). Done.

LAKE OF RAGE (Underwater)

Pokemon Found

Geodude, Magneton, Graveler, Magnemite

Waiting for us in the south is a Meteorite. Done and done with this backtrack. 

Back in Vermillion, we’ll find Axel is standing outside the Office Block. We follow him in and watch as he flips a secret switch behind the poster on the left in the lobby, revealing an elevator and that takes us to the International Police Secret Base a.k.a Special HQ. Axel is an undercover officer dispatched from here (!!) Wow, so does this make up for our time with him? You be the judge of that. Some intel has come in about Team Rocket’s next moves, a series of attacks and the first target is the Seafoam Islands. Axel will meet us there. There are some interesting documents on the tables if you got time to check them out. Bring some Strength with you. 


Pokemon Found

  • Golbat, Psyduck, Zubat, Seel, Golduck, Dewgong
  • Surf: Horsea, Seel
  • Old Rod: Magikarp
  • Good Rod: Magikarp, Krabby, Horsea
  • Super Rod: Horsea, Gyarados, Psyduck

[Main Area]

Axel is inside the cave on the right. 

Rocket Grunt (Lv64 Graveler, Lv65 Arcanine) Prize: P2600

On the right is a Shoal Bell and the next Grunt. 

Rocket Grunt (Lv64 Arbok, Lv66 Raticate, Lv65 Weezing) Prize: P2600

Above from her is a boulder that needs to be pushed down a hole. After that go north for Grunt #3 near a ladder. 

Rocket Grunt (Lv67 Arbok) Prize: P2680

Past him is another ladder and boulder. After pushing the boulder through, follow it down to push it into the next hole. Don’t jump down, return to the main area and use the first ladder. 

[Area 2]

That’s Iron in the corner above us. Drop down that ladder to reach the northwest side of Area 3 and a Grunt. 

Rocket Grunt (Lv65 Magnemite, Lv66 Magneton) Prize: P2640

Don’t mind that hole on the right after him, go back to Area 2 and head south for the next battle. Whatever Silver is up to here involves some ritual of sorts, will we reach him in time? 

Rocket Grunt (Lv66 Dragonite, Lv65 Tauros) Prize: P2600

Past her is a third ladder and another Grunt near a hole. Dropping through will take you back to northwest Area 3.

Rocket Grunt (Lv64 Grimer, Lv66 Muk) Prize: P2640

Use the ladder. 

[Area 3]

Rocket Grunt (Lv67 Hypno, Lv66 Drowzee, Vileplume) Prize: P2640

2 ladders, the one on the right leads to Lemonade in Area 2 and the left side ladder (near an Escape Rope) leads to Area 4.

[Area 4]

Up top is the first of 4 Grunts and a ladder, which leads to Area 5 the lowest level. 

Rocket Grunt (Lv67 Golbat x2) Prize: P2680

South from her are Grunts #2 and #3. #4 is across the water. 

Rocket Grunt (Lv67 Seadra, Lv66 Golbat, Lv65 Azumarill) Prize: P2600

Rocket Grunt (Lv65 Raticate, Lv67 Crobat) Prize: P2680

Push a couple of boulders through them holes and continue east.

Rocket Grunt (Lv66 Crobat, Lv68 Venomoth, Lv67 Machoke, Muk) 

Prize: P2680

That ladder below him is the one leading to the end of this frozen adventure. Go back to the female Grunt and use the Area 5 ladder.

[Area 5]

Double Battle against that first Grunt we see. 

Rocket Grunt (Lv68 Poliwrath & Lv66 Alakazam, Lv67 Hypno) Prize: P5360

Surf northwest to the famous spot where Articuno would be found in the old days, this time we find a Double Battling Executive.

Rocket Executive (Lv67 Arbok & Lv68 Hypno, Aggron, Lv67 Muk & Raticate)

Prize: P5440

He’s had enough of losing to us more than once and promptly quits the organisation right there and then, leaving behind an Unlocker. No info on what it is or unlocks. Back to the first Grunt we faced, there’s another Exec below from him, looking at a Pearl. 

Rocket Executive (Lv68 Swellow, Lv66 Tentacruel) Prize: P2640

Northeast is a Grunt near a ladder that leads to the northeast section of Area 3. 

Rocket Grunt (Lv66 Golbat) Prize: P2640

Back in Area 3 we see another Grunt and boulder. 

Rocket Grunt (Lv68 Crawdaunt) Prize: P2720

Push the boulder down and follow it back to Area 4 so we can use the other ladder. We’ll find ourselves back in Area 3, southeast section. 

Rocket Grunt (Lv67 Hypno) Prize: P2680

Up that ladder to go back to Area 2, southeast section. One more Exec standing between us and a special door on the right. 

Rocket Executive (Lv68 Raticate, Lv67 Fearow, Slowbro) Prize: P2680

Without knowing the password we would’ve been stuck outside but the Unlocker works its magic and disappears afterwards. Inside the ultra cold chamber we find Silver and Zane (??) facing Articuno! Silver believes he has gained control of the ice bird and commands it to attack us but Articuno flies off instead. Axel comes in to stop Silver but the bad guys hightail it out of here. What strange technology has taken over Articuno? Axel returns to Special HQ. In the right side corner is a Macho Brace. Zane working with Team Rocket now? 

According to new intel at HQ the next attack is going on at Mt. Moon. 

Get to Mt. Moon Square, the Scientist who was blocking the opening on the right is gone now. 

In the top right corner is a Revive. 

Rocket Grunt (Lv67 Muk, Lv68 Wobbuffet) Prize: P2720

Past him is an Ice Heal. 

Rocket Grunt (Lv67 Arbok) Prize: P2680

Down the ladder, back to the main area for the next ladder. New place, meeting another Exec for a Double Battle.

Rocket Executive (Lv67 Golem & Lv68 Fearow) Prize: P5440

That’s an HP Up above from him and one of the (Super) Rocket Bros, another Double Battler.

Rocket Executive (Lv67 Hitmonlee & Starmie, Lv68 Electrode) 

Prize: P5440

Silver and Zane are up ahead trying to control Zapdos this time but no luck, it flies off. Axel does his thing and again the bad guys are gone. Back to HQ. 

Attack #3 is set for the Safari Zone. Now that’s interesting because we get a chance to venture into that area and see what’s changed after 3 years. Maybe stumble upon new Pokemon too. Hopefully it’s not a one-time event, but just in case be sure to load up on Balls. Axel will remain behind in the Safari Zone building.


[Area A] Pokemon Found

Exeggcute, Nidorino, Rhyhorn, Scyther (Rare), Nidoran[M], Venonat, Parasect

Rocket Grunt (Lv66 Golbat, Lv65 Arbok, Lv67 Weezing) Prize: P2680

Can’t surf nor fish in that super fast moving water. Damn. Continue northeast for the next Grunt and next area. 

Rocket Grunt (Lv65 Drowzee, Lv67 Hypno) Prize: P2680

[Area B] Pokemon Found

Nidorino, Doduo, Exeggcute, Nidoran[both], Paras, Parasect

On the right is a Max Repel and a Grunt. 

Rocket Grunt (Lv64 Zubat, Lv66 Golbat, Lv68 Crobat) Prize: P2720

Northwest has a Revival Herb and Grunt #2.

Rocket Grunt (Lv68 Electrode) Prize: P2720

HP Up near the northeast corner before you go all the way west to the exit.

[Area C] Pokemon Found

Nidorino, Paras, Rhyhorn, Nidoran[M], Exeggcute, Nidorina (Rare), Chansey, Venomoth (Rare)

Rocket Grunt (Lv68 Dusclops) Prize: P2720

Up those steps above him to find a Max Potion in the middle of that small area. The exit to the south leads to Area A’s northern side where you’ll find TM23 (Iron Tail). To the left of that exit are two more exits, each leads to Area D. Before using either of them, go north from the first Area C exit to find an Ultra Ball above that small pool. There’s a Lava Cookie in the northwest grass, then you can go south to face the self-proclaimed strongest Grunt standing near the second Area C exit. 

Rocket Grunt (Lv67 Graveler, Lv68 Golem) Prize: P2720

Don’t continue through that second exit yet, return to the first one and use it.

[Area D] Pokemon Found

Doduo, Exeggcute, Nidoran[both], Venonat, Nidorino, Venomoth, Kangaskhan (Rare)

You’ll find some Heal Powder on the way south to an Exec. East from him is the path leading to Area A’s western section (just a senior Grunt waiting there). 

Rocket Executive (Lv68 Nidoking, Wobbuffet) Prize: P2720

Rocket Grunt (Lv67 Electrode, Lv68 Magneton) Prize: P2720

West from the Exec you’ll find Moomoo Milk in the grass, another Exec and an X Speed.

Rocket Executive (Lv69 Arbok) Prize: P2760

Now go back to Area C and use the second exit to reach the northwest section of D so we can face the final Exec and confront Silver and Zane. 

Rocket Executive (Lv67 Kadabra, Lv68 Hypno, Lv66 Fearow) Prize: P2640

That’s a Star Piece next to him. Zane and Silver have found Moltres, this time Silver is ready to do battle with us while Zane goes after the fiery bird.


Rival Silver (Lv69 Sneasel, Crobat, Magneton, Alakazam, Gengar, Lv68 Starter)

Prize: P2484

Zane tells Silver that Moltres can’t be controlled and the legendary flies away. Axel shows up after Team Rocket leaves and says for now there’s no more information about any other attacks but we can stop by HQ any time. Okay…great. The good news is the Safari Zone will remain “open” from now on so pop back in here when you’re in search for other Pokemon. More good news, the 3 birds are out in the world and we only need to know where exactly to look. We’ve been to the places where Moltres and Articuno are now located. How about Zapdos? It’s in the one place we haven’t explored yet – Rock Tunnel. The Route 10 entrance north of Lavender is still blocked so enter from the Route 9 way. Bring a Flash light.


Pokemon Found

Geodude, Onix, Haunter, Golbat, Machoke, Zubat, Cubone, Machop

You’ll see a ladder on the right. 

-Area 2-

To the left there’s Iron and in the top right section is a ladder taking us back to Area 1. 

-Area 1 B-

Bottom right, there’s TM47 (Steel Wing) and a ladder. 

-Area 2 B-

PP Up on the left, then 2 other ladders. Upward ladder in the top left corner and downward ladder in the opposite corner. Use the downward ladder and in the next area go north for an entrance to a very familiar place.


…which isn’t as dangerous as the old Power Plant we know of because only one Pokemon occupies this version. But on the bright side it means blazing through to pick up items as you head for the northwest room. Here are the items:

Ultra Ball, HP Up, Max Revive, Hyper Potion, Elixir, Full Heal and Max Repel just above the Level 45 thunder bird. That left side exit leads to that Route 9 Cave across the river. Back to Rock Tunnel and use the other ladder. 

-Area 1 C-

Go to left to find an Elixir on the rocky mound before reaching the 2 Scientists (Bob and Jeff) fighting over 2 fossils. While that’s going on we just straight up snatch the fossils, which doesn’t go very well with Jeff haha. 

Scientist Jeff (Lv56 Voltorb, Lv58 Electrode, Lv57 Magneton) 

Prize: P3420

One battle is enough to make him give up, he runs off and Bob leaves after him. The exit is just below. Didn’t Rock Tunnel have some Trainers back in the day? Where’d they go?? The place seems so empty without them. 

We’ve got Zapdos. Moltres is in the empty area located in the lower level of Mt. Mortar while Articuno is in the empty frozen area in the lower area of that secret Ice Path section. Remember those places? All 3 birds are Level 45 each. We could’ve stopped by the Goldenrod Science Center to revive those prehistoric Pokemon from the fossils but the machine there isn’t working for some reason. Instead we’ll go catch a 4th winged legend, and for this one you’ll need to bring Pokemon that can Surf, Flash and cross over whirlpools.


Pokemon Found

  • Zubat, Krabby, Golbat 
  • Surf: Tentacool, Seel
  • Fishing: (nothing)

There are 4 of these famous islands, go to the northeast one. In the first area you’ll see 2 ladders, one on the bottom right and the other is up top. Aim for the top ladder. 

[Area 2]

Head south for another ladder which leads to the lowest floor. 

[Area 3] 

That’s a Max Revive on the left. Surf down the waterfall to an opening below. In that chamber is Level 60 Lugia, good luck. Afterwards use the ladder to return to Area 2, we’ll pop up in the central section to pick up an Escape Rope and use the bottom left ladder to reach the entrance/exit area of the southwest island. Don’t leave, surf to the right to get an Ultra Ball and descend the ladder. Back to Area 2 to get Calcium on the right. The ladder below it leads to the entrance/exit area of the southeast island. 

Exit and re-enter the northeast island to use the other ladder in the entrance/exit area. The whirlpool by the northwest island is messed up, if you use Whirlpool it disappears but you can’t pass (as if the whirlpool is still there). Near the ladder is an Ultra Ball. We’ll appear in the northern side of Area 2. Go all the way west to find a Full Restore, a ladder in the top left corner (leads to the entrance/exit area for the northwest island), Carbos to the south from that ladder and another ladder to the south from the Carbos. That second ladder leads to Area 3 where you’ll find a Max Elixir and another Full Restore. *Phew* and that, my friends, is how we clear the Whirl Islands. Got the Silver version box cover art mascot, got the Crystal version mascot, only Gold remains. Let’s go back to Special HQ.

Things can only remain peacefully for so long before trouble starts up again. While we’re talking to Axel we receive a message from Lance, he wants us to meet him at Dragon’s Den. Bring Pokemon that can move boulders and smash rocks.  

You’ll find Lance standing by a new opening on the left in the main area. Team Rocket have gone into another sacred place of the Den, and before we can go in after them we are introduced to the original Rocket Boss Giovanni (!!) and he reveals that Russel was just a cover to act as Silver’s father, Giovanni is still his real father. The cover certainly worked. He couldn’t stop Silver and has been injured as a result so it’s up to us now while Lance and Clair take Gio to a hospital. Good guy Giovanni, eh? It’s definitely new, but you never know.

DRAGON’S DEN (Sacred Grounds)

Pokemon Found

Magneton, Dratini, Golbat, Machop, Dragonair, Zubat, Ditto

-Area 1-

First Grunt up top. 

Rocket Grunt (Lv68-69 Golbat x2, Raticate) Prize: P2720

Past him is a Full Heal on the left and the next Grunt ahead. 

Rocket Grunt (Lv69 Arcanine, Hypno) Prize: P2760

To the right from him is a white pillar in the ground that’s between us and a floor switch. Go left, move the boulders and head northeast because there are 2 more pillars blocking the west and northwest sides. 

Rocket Grunt (Lv69 Fearow, Hypno) Prize: P2760

On the right is a Guard Spec. and another switch, step on it once. The western side is no longer blocked, go back there to find an HP Up and a Grunt. 

Rocket Grunt (Lv70 Victreebel) Prize: P2800

The pillar near the Grunt with a Fearow is gone, opening the north section where there’s the exit. Step on the switch to take care of the pillar near the Grunt with an Arcanine. Go back, step on the switch there and head northwest. 

Rocket Grunt (Lv68 Golbat, Arbok, Lv69 Muk) Prize: P2760

Left from her and the boulders is an Elixir and the switch which gives us access to the exit, which is blocked by a super Exec!

Rocket Executive (Lv69 Weezing, Cloyster, Lv68 Piloswine, Lv70 Regirock(?!)

Prize: P2800

The switch next to him turns all the switches on in another area. 

-Area 2-

Slide to the right for the first battle here. 

Rocket Grunt (Lv70 Dragonite, Lv69 Victreebel) Prize: P2760

That item northeast from him is an Ultra Ball, then head west. 

Rocket Grunt (Lv69 Miltank, Lv71 Magneton, Lv70 Electrode) Prize: P2800

Rocket Grunt (Lv69 Arbok) Prize: P2760

Going northeast now. 

Rocket Grunt (Lv69 Electrode, Marowak, Lv68 Kadabra, Lv70 Hypno)

Prize: P2760

That’s a Max Potion surrounded by rocks. Way to the right you’ll find a Lemonade before continuing northwest. 

Rocket Grunt (Lv71 Weezing) Prize: P2840

The exit is just across, blocked by another super Exec. I think the pattern is clear now, damn.

Rocket Executive (Lv71 Gengar, Lv70 Regice, Electrode) Prize: P2800

-Area 3-

Out of the cold and into the interior of another place we didn’t know Dragon’s Den had. 

Rocket Grunt (Lv69 Zubat, Lv70 Golbat) Prize: P2800

Northeast from him is a PP Up. There’s another Grunt southwest from him. 

Rocket Grunt (Lv72 Crobat) Prize: P2880

Proceed north from him to find an Ultra Ball and a Grunt on the right. 

Rocket Grunt (Lv71 Exeggutor, Lv70 Arbok, Lv69 Rhydon) Prize: P2800

Continue to that northeast corridor. 

Rocket Grunt (Lv69 Weezing, Lv68 Fearow) Prize: P2720

There’s an Ultra Ball on the right and then the final super Exec. 

Rocket Executive (Lv72 Arbok, Fearow, Lv70 Registeel, Tauros)

Prize: P2800

Through that doorway to the last area where we find Silver, Zane and their newest target Groudon! But without the trio of Execs we defeated Silver’s plan falls through, no Groudon for him and this is when Zane finally decides enough is enough. He’s tired of seeing Silver mistreat Pokemon and even go as far as hurting Giovanni. Silver isn’t bothered, he has Groudon attack Zane. Now injured he appears to have turned away from the dark side and heals our team so we can once again face our former Rival. This time he’s got the Continent Pokemon on his side!


Rival Silver (Lv72 Sneasel, Gengar, Crobat, Lv73 Alakazam, Groudon, Lv71 Magneton)

Prize: P2628

Lance and Axel arrive to apprehend Silver. Axel thanks us on behave of Special HQ, he says we should stop by there for a reward. Lance gives us a Master Ball as another reward. Everyone leaves but Groudon remains and then the credits roll (?)

We’ll be back in New Bark and receive a call from an unknown number, with the option of not answering it. Answer it, that’s Prof. Oak calling. He wants us to meet him at his Lab, our help is needed. No problem, but before you go back to Kanto you might want to check those Sacred Grounds again. In each of the spots where we battled those Execs you will find one of the Regis and then meet up with Groudon again. Watch as it eats that Ruby we found and attacks! All 4 legends are at Level 70.

Back in Kanto, let’s see Axel first. His gift for us is an HQ Badge, which makes us an official member of Special HQ. Not too shabby, eh? Given the work we’ve done for HQ, we better be a new face around here dammit πŸ™‚ There’s another task that they want our help with: HQ operates a Battle facility in another region and they would us to be a part of it by recruiting great Trainers who will go there to train and get stronger. He gives us a hint by suggesting we try to recruit Trainers we’ve battled before, some of them are training in hidden areas. Anyone in particular come to mind? 

At the Lab Prof. Oak tells us about his friend Prof. Ivy who lives on Valencia Island in the Orange Archipelago. She has found a mysterious PokeBall that Oak would like to have a look at (Ivy can’t figure it out). We just need to get our S.S. Ticket stamped at the Office Block then we can board that Undersea Train which is on Route 100. Go to the 2nd floor of the building and speak to the woman at the south desk. 

Now that Team Rocket is gone, that house at Mt. Moon Square is open:


  • PokeDoll P1000
  • Fresh Water P200
  • Soda Pop P300
  • Lemonade P350
  • Repel P350
  • Mech Mail P50

If you’re looking to train a bit before venturing off to the Orange Islands, you can take on the Kanto Gym Leaders in rematches. Ready?


  • Leader Brock (Lv66 Poliwhirl (eh?), Lv67 Omastar, Kabutops, Lv65 Golem, Lv64 Rhyhorn, Lv68 Tyranitar)
  • Prize: P4080
  • Leader Misty (Lv67 Kingdra, Milotic, Lv68 Starmie, Lv64 Swampert, Lv66 Vaporeon, Lv68 Slowing)
  • Prize: P4080
  • Leader Lt. Surge (Lv62 Jolteon, Raichu, Magneton, Lv65 Ampharos, Electabuzz, Lv64 Lanturn)
  • Prize: P3900
  • Leader Erika (Lv68 Roselia, Lv66 Ludicolo, Lv64 Cradily, Lv67 Meganium, Breloom, Victreebel)
  • Prize: P4020
  • Leader Sabrina (Lv65 Medicham, Metagross, Lv64 Espeon, Lv67 Slowbro, Alakazam, Lv66 Gardevoir)
  • Prize: P4020
  • Leader Janine (Lv68 Tentacruel, Lv67 Victreebel, Gengar, Muk, Lv66 Nidoking, Lv65 Weezing)
  • Prize: P4020
  • Leader Blaine (Lv67 Ninetales, Camerupt, Lv68 Charizard, Lv64 Arcanine, Lv66 Houndoom, Magmar)
  • Prize: P4080
  • Leader Blue (Lv69 Pidgeot, Gyarados, Lv68 Rhydon, Alakazam, Exeggutor, Lv70 Arcanine)
  • Prize: P4200

As far as recruiting people for the Battle facility, I tried Karate King, Aaron, Valos and even went back to Mt. Silver to check for Red but no luck for any of them. Unfortunately this isn’t a completed game so as things currently stand we don’t know if there were going to be new characters introduced later that we could recruit. 

Return to Route 100 (if you’ve been there already, you can just Fly there from Kanto). In the station flash the stamped ticket at the security guard, make your way to the next building and get on the train. 

The trip goes smoothly until the train suddenly stops and it sounds like it may have hit something. There’s a PC in the corner if you need to sort out your party, after the other passengers stop panicking go and speak to the Officer. He won’t let us investigate the problem, but one of the passengers steps up to leave with us. He’s name is Jin, a former Gym Leader. Lying in front of the train is none other than the legendary Kyogre! Beyond random xD, of all the places to meet it. Like its Ruby version counterpart it is at Level 70, catch it while you can. Afterwards the Officer steps out of the train and overhears Jin mention Manectric. The train has no power but a jump start from 2 Electric-type Pokemon will help things. Because of the electricity running through here, Electric-type Pokemon are to be found as wild encounters: Plusle, Voltorb, Magneton, Electrode, Magnemite. Once you have one in your party, inspect the engine on the right from the Officer (stand by the front of the train) and soon enough it can move again. 

At the next station we’ll find a special platform reserved for Special HQ but nothing happens if you speak to the guard about it. Welcome to the Orange Islands!

Pokemon Liquid Crystal Walkthrough – ORANGE ISLANDS


Places of Interest

  • Valencia Port
  • Essence Town
  • Corsola Cave
  • Prof. Ivy’s Research Lab
  • Meadow Town

Pokemon Found

  • Surf: Corsola, Omanyte (?!), Tentacool 
  • Old Rod: Tentacool
  • Good Rod: Tentacool 
  • Super Rod: Tentacool

The last time I was around these Orange Islands it was in another universe, one called Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter. Maybe some of you have been there? Step out of the station and hit the beach. We’ve been told that powerful Trainers are here, so let’s go meet them. First one is Ryan in the water. 

Swimmer Ryan (Lv55 Raichu) Prize: P880

Stan is the Cooltrainer between the beach chairs. Search the palm tree on the right for a Great Ball. 

Cooltrainer Stan (Lv62 Omanyte, Nidoqueen, Lv63 Nidoking) Prize: P2232

Above him is Sam. 

Bird Keeper Sam (Lv63-64 Pidgeotto, Pidgeot x2) Prize: P1764

According to the signpost north from him this is South West Port and further north there’s Essence Town while Corsola Cave is to the east, its entrance is blocked by a policeman. Nobody is allowed to go in because of recent gang activity. Which gang is it this time? Near the entrance is Ray. Search by the palm tree next to him for an Ultra Ball.

Fisher Ray (Lv62-63 Remoraid x3) Prize: P1488

Continue north and let’s see Essence Town.


Places of Interest

  • PokeCenter
  • Market


  • Ultra Ball P1200
  • Great Ball P600
  • Antidote P100
  • Burn Heal P250
  • Ice Heal P250
  • Awakening P250
  • Parlyz Heal P200
  • Full Restore P3000
  • Hyper Potion P1200
  • Super Potion P700
  • Revive P1500
  • Lemonade P350

Pokemon Found

  • Surf: Clamperl
  • Old Rod: Magikarp, Luvdisc
  • Good Rod: Barboach
  • Super Rod: Omanyte, Milotic

The old lady we see when we arrive is missing her Blackglasses, but not even the ItemFinder knows where they are. 

The Trainer of the Psyduck running circles around the house is inside, but for now there’s nothing we can do to help Psyduck. 

Speak to the old man living in the northeast house, he tells us that Prof. Ivy lives to the east from town. Are you good at climbing? East of town is Route 47.


Pokemon Found

  • Arbok, Marowak, Primeape, Exeggutor, Breloom
  • Surf: Huntail, Luvdisc, Spheal, Huntail
  • Old Rod: Tentacool
  • Good Rod: Tentacool
  • Super Rod: Tentacruel

Search that palm tree near the signpost for a Dive Ball. The Cooltrainer running left and right is Lisa. 

Cooltrainer Lisa (Lv62-63 Raticate x2, Machoke) Prize: P2268

Use the ItemFinder around the spot on the right from her to locate a PP Max. Might as well keep it on standby until we find that lady’s Blackglasses. Climb the steps just above Lisa, that item in the patch of grass near the palm tree is Tropic Mail. Continue climbing, you’ll find Radick reclining on the right. 

Engineer Radick (Lv63 Magneton x3) Prize: P3024

North from him are Twins Anie and Stef. 

Twin Anie & Stef (Lv63 Arcanine & Ninetales) Prize: P9072

Chad is searching for Bug-types on the left. 

Bug Catcher Chad (Lv64 Scyther, Lv63 Shedinja) Prize: P252

North from all 3 of them is some Sea Incense. Use the ItemFinder to locate a Big Pearl by one of those palm trees on the right.


Surf: Tentacruel, Corsola

Ivy’s Lab comes into view now, but there’s Jake first. 

Youngster Jake (Lv63 Machamp, Lv62 Steelix) Prize: P1736

If you go to the bottom right corner outside the front yard you’ll find a Luxury Ball. Carry on north to find a hidden entrance to a small room behind the Lab where you can pick up a Revival Herb and a Timer Ball. Don’t bother with the south way, there’s something on the other side that’s blocking. Back out and go in through the front entrance.


Inside we meet one of Ivy’s helpers, the Professor isn’t there. Check the computer, there’s an email which explains why. She’s gone to the town up north to pick up a package. Go back to where Cooltrainer Lisa is and continue north along the beach. 

Fisher Chris (Lv62 Goldeen, Lv63 Pelipper) Prize: P1512

Search the second palm tree northeast from him for a Star Piece. That running old man is Mike Barlow, apparently he’s a former teacher of the creator. 

Expert Mike Barlow (Lv64 Mr. Mime, Vileplume) Prize: P2560

Some steps ahead from him you’ll see a Nanab Berry on the right. Next Trainer is Ramiz. 

PokeFan Ramiz (Lv58 Golduck) Prize: P2552

ItemFinder picks up 2 Ultra Balls from the top most palm tree northeast from him. Then you’ll meet Jamie and Pete.

Youngster Jamie (Lv63 Persian, Lv64 Charizard, Lv62 Magneton)

Prize: P1736

Fisher Pete (Lv64 Remoraid) Prize: P1536

As you move east you’ll enter the north side of Route 48. Don’t bother fishing, only ????? are biting. The only Trainers here are Attila, Jackson, Laura

PokeManiac Attila (Lv64 Rhydon, Lickitung) Prize: P3072

Bug Catcher Jackson (Lv63 Ariados x2) Prize: P252

That’s Rare Candy above from him. 

Youngster Laura (Lv64 Marowak, Slowbro, Lv62 Victreebel, Lv63 Absol) 

Prize: P1008

She mentions that there’s Gym in Meadow Town, which is only a few steps to the right.


Places of Interest

  • PokeCenter
  • PokeMart
  • Gym


  • Great Ball P600
  • Ultra Ball P1200
  • Hyper Potion P1200
  • Full Heal P600
  • Revive P1500
  • Max Repel P700
  • X Defend P550
  • X Attack P500 

Pokemon Found

  • Surf: Magikarp, Whiscash
  • Old Rod: Krabby
  • Good Rod: Krabby, Relicanth
  • Super Rod: Tentacool, Relicanth

Before doing anything else, head over to the Mart to meet Ivy. After finding out who we are, she says she’ll wait for us at her Lab. 

In the house the old man is standing next to, you’ll get Rare Candy from the Cooltrainer inside.

A pair of policemen are blocking the way leading south, access is restricted. Speaking of blocking, there’s Matt standing outside the Gym. He won’t let us challenge Gym Leader Sissy unless we beat him. Fair enough. 

Ace Trainer Matt (Lv63 Tyranitar, Dusclops, Charizard, Lv62 Venusaur, Salamence, Milotic)

Prize: P3224

Have we just met a new Rival? The real bad news is inside the Gym, which has a mini frozen floor maze…and no Sissy. Dang. Let’s return to Ivy’s Lab, maybe that will brighten things up. 

The mysterious PokeBall that she gives us is the almighty GS Ball! Remember the GS Ball? That wonderful plot device that Ash carried around in the anime which in the end couldn’t really amount to anything because the Pokemon 4Ever movie happened? Good times πŸ™‚ once you got it go back to Valencia Port to board the train. After we disappear into the station there’s a brief scene showing the reunion of those (more than ordinary) Gentlemen Misters R, G and H. They have a special guest too – Zane! What happened to turning over a new leaf?? Dammit Zane. He’s meeting with these shady fellows because they have connections to important people. What does this mean for us?

Back in Pallet Town we deliver the GS Ball, which we learn is another one that Ivy obtained and not the one from 3 years ago (this might be a nod to the GS Ball Ash got). While Oak tries to solve the mystery behind it he suggests we enter the Orange League. Made up of 4 Gyms and a Champion. Sounds good, go back to Valencia, see Ivy to confirm the delivery and then we can check on Sissy.


Leader: Sissy – “The Strong Water Trainer.”

First Gym Trainer is the Cooltrainer on the right, Grease from Hoenn. What kind of name is Grease, makes him sound like he should be part of the Rubber Robo gang from Medabots haha. 

Cooltrainer Grease (Lv64 Seadra, Lanturn, Lv63 Politoed) Prize: P5040

Slide on up to meet Rose. If you fall through those holes you’ll drop back to the entrance area. 

Cooltrainer Rose (Lv65 Corsola, Ludicolo, Lv63 Omastar, Lv64 Remoraid, Octillery)

Prize: P5200

Southwest from her is Rick. 

Cooltrainer Rick (Lv64 Lanturn, Wailord, Lv65 Sharpedo) Prize: P5120

Next is Lauren, last one. 

Cooltrainer Lauren (Lv64 Clamperl, Lv65 Walrein) Prize: P5200

Sissy is surprised to see a challenger from Johto, they don’t get many from there. She’s got a full team, get ready.


Leader Sissy (Lv65 Walrein, Blastoise, Swampert, Lv66 Kingdra, Lv64 Gyarados, Wailord)

Prizes: P3900 + Platinum Badge

Defeating Sissy gains us access to that southern path blocked by the 2 policemen. Beyond lies the Forest of Myth and some bad men which the cops want us to get rid of. Bring a Surfer and a Pokemon familiar with waterfalls.


Pokemon Found

  • Gloom, Weepinbell, Shroomish, Bellsprout, Victreebel, Oddish, Vileplume, Dustox, Beautifly
  • Surf: Remoraid
  • Old Rod: Luvdisc, Gorebyss
  • Good Rod: Luvdisc, Barboach, Gorebyss
  • Super Rod: Carvanha, Tentacool, Tentacruel

Not even getting a chance to step into the grass because 2 new Grunts show up to stop us. Not from Team Rocket, not from Team Saturn but a new outfit calling themselves Nexus! Good lord, xD. Double Battle ahead. Their sprites though…

Nexus Grunt (Lv65 Scyther & Tauros) Prize: P6240

No challenge from Grunt #2, they hightail it soon after. Wonderful, so we got Team Nexus to deal with now. For those of you who don’t get the reference (made even more clear by the T-Shirt worn by the Grunt), Nexus was a professional wrestling faction formed in the WWE about a decade ago at this point (it’s early June 2020 as I’m typing this) made up of wrestlers from WWE’s developmental brand NXT. Their debut was pretty amazing, I’m sure the video of that is on Youtube. Group of “upstarts” who showed up on the main roster and looked to take over. Could’ve made for a great storyline…but as is the case with MANY great ideas, gimmicks, storylines etc in the WWE, Nexus didn’t last very long and it just took one big match (which happened to feature some guy named John Cena) to basically kill the Nexus experiment. It’s unfortunate that this game is incomplete, because we’ll never know how far Nexus would go here vs what happened in WWE. Carry on southward to find another Grunt. Get him to move so you can reach the item on the left near him, a Tiny Mushroom.

Nexus Grunt (Lv65 Sneasel, Persian) Prize: P3120

Follow the path northwest for the next one, Double Battle. 

Nexus Grunt (Lv64 Haunter & Lv66 Electabuzz) Prize: P6336

North from him is a small lake, surf up to find a Full Restore then go southwest. 

Nexus Grunt (Lv64 Arbok, Absol) Prize: P3072

He tells us that they’re guarding Corsola Cave. What do they want from there? Continue on until you reach another lake with 2 Grunts blocking a path heading west. Until their boss is done in Corsola Cave they ain’t going anywhere. There’s another Grunt on the north side of the lake whom we can fight. 

Nexus Grunt (Lv65 Electrode, Aggron, Lv66 Magmar) Prize: P3168

Follow that northwest path him.

Nexus Grunt (Lv64 Sneasel, Tauros) Prize: P3072

He lets us know that the east entrance of Corsola Cave is closeby. Past him is a signpost, go south from the sighpost to that small area between the trees, you’ll find Energypowder. Beyond the signpost is Route 49.


More Grunts ahead. 

Nexus Grunt (Lv65 Persian, Charmeleon, Lv64 Scyther) Prize: P3120

He’s kind enough to tell us that there are no guards inside the cave. 

Nexus Grunt (Lv66 Arbok, Haunter) Prize: P3168

Nexus Grunt (Lv64 Aggron, Absol, Lv65 Scizor, Slaking) Prize: P3120

Then we meet our very first Admin of this new group. He may not be a super Exec but he’ll have to do. 

Nexus Admin (Lv65 Hariyama, Lv66 Sneasel, Haunter, Magmar) Prize: P3168

On the left is TM12 (Sweet Scent) and the entrance. 

CORSOLA CAVE (via East Entrance)

We got waterfalls galore here! Above the first waterfall on the right you’ll find a Dire Hit. Scale up the next one and surf to the right, there’s Glitter Mail. Go north, up the waterfall and go to the left to find a Lava Cookie. Back to the second waterfall and continue west until you reach an opening. It’ll take you to the other opening you see on the left, where there’s a Nexus Grunt. He won’t battle, he’s just surprised to see us here…and he’s also blocking the western exit. Scale the waterfall and make your way to an opening up north. On the way you’ll find some Shoal Salt and Carbos. In the next area is that guy Zane and some Grunts. No wonder the Grunts look like him, he’s gone and formed his own organisation! Wow. Talk about moving up in the world. He’s even too busy to battle us this time, he just came to steal Corsola because their branches contain a special liquid that will be an ingredient for a Potion he wants to create that raises a Pokemon’s levels by 5 (?!) After they leave, the western exit is open now. But go back to the eastern exit so we can continue through the Forest to Route 50. 

In that spot where 2 Grunts were blocking, you’ll find Silver Powder. To the south is the exit.


Pokemon Found

  • Dustox, Marowak, Altaria, Shiftry, Lombre, Absol, Cubone, Swellow
  • Surf: Gorebyss, Gyarados, Staryu*, Shellder*
  • Old Rod: Magikarp, Goldeen, Krabby*
  • Good Rod: Magikarp, Goldeen, Krabby*
  • Super Rod: Seaking, Seadra, Goldeen, Relicanth*, Kingler*

*Found in the southern side of Route 50

Our next destination looks to be Leaf Bay City. To the south is the Cave of Wisdom. As far as Trainers go, we meet Erik first.

Cooltrainer Erik (Lv65 Dragonite, Forretress, Jynx, Lv66 Raichu)

Prize: P2340

He says he saw a group of suspicious men run off towards Leaf Bay. Next Trainer is Zack.

Hiker Zack (Lv65 Onix, Lv66 Machamp) Prize: P2112

That house is where you can take part in a little treasure hunting game for P3000. There are items underneath the house to be found but there’s also an invisible wall maze to spice things up. Oh, and you’re in the dark too (like being in a place before you use Flash). 

In the grass outside the house is Wast.

Bird Keeper Wast (Lv65 Pelipper, Lv67 Noctowl) Prize: P1876

Above the steps on the right is a Lucky Punch and then Sean the Double Battler.

Bug Catcher Sean (Lv65 Yanma & Dustox) Prize: P520

On the beach south from him is Rare Candy. To the west there’s John, Mugen and Alex.

Firebreather John (Lv65 Rapidash) Prize: P1820

Fisher Mugen (Lv64 Remoraid x2) Prize: P1536

Fisher Alex (Lv65-66 Kingdra, Seadra x2, Lv64 Seaking) Prize: P1584

Surf south to see Dan on a southwest island and Diven on a southeast island. 

Fisher Dan (Lv65 Seadra, Lv66 Starmie) Prize: P1584

Fisher Diven (Lv65 Qwilfish) Prize: P1560

Further south is the Cave of Wisdom but a Hiker is blocking the entrance because there are mysterious happenings going on inside so the cave is closed, for now. Onwards to Leaf Bay City.


Places of Interest

  • PokeCenter
  • Leaf Bay Shopping Center
  • Gym (Closed)
  • Jin’s House

Pokemon Found

  • Surf: Whiscash, Barboach
  • Old Rod: Tentacruel, Tentacool
  • Good Rod: Tentacool, Tentacruel
  • Super Rod: Tentacool, Tentacruel

The group of shady men has been seen going north of town to an old mansion which that former Gym Leader Jin used to live in. The man is home though, he tells us that he got kicked out of the Orange League and has been replaced. The new Gym Leader is on Sunburst Island in the east. Problem is the eastern route is currently closed because of the shady people seen around here. 

Just above Jin’s house you’ll find an X Special.


We’re told that there’s a Bargain Day sale on the 3rd floor held on Sundays. One special item is sold for P1000. 

-1F- (Trainer Essentials)

  • PokeBall P200
  • Great Ball P600
  • Ultra Ball P1200
  • Full Restore P3000
  • Full Heal P600
  • Revive P1500
  • Ether P1200
  • Max Repel P700

-2F- (Drugs & Goodies)

  • [Each costs P9800]
  • Protein
  • Iron
  • Carbos
  • Calcium
  • Zinc
  • Guard Spec. P700
  • Dire Hit P650
  • X Attack P500
  • X Defend P550
  • X Speed P350
  • X Accuracy P950
  • X Special P350
  • Moomoo Milk P500
  • Energypowder P500
  • Energy Root P800
  • Heal Powder P450
  • Revival Herb P2800
  • Vending Machine:
  • Fresh Water P200
  • Soda Pop P300
  • Lemonade P350

-3F- (Gifts & Luxuries)

On Bargain Days you’ll find a clerk near the sign by the counter. She’s there between 7am and 6pm. The item I received when I got here the first time was a Blue Shard. Did you get one as well or something else? Speak to the other clerk for these items:

  • PokeDoll P1000
  • Fluffy Tail P1000
  • Harbor Mail P50
  • Glitter Mail P50
  • Wave Mail P50
  • Brightpowder P10
  • White Herb P100
  • Macho Brace P3000
  • Mental Herb P100

At the PokeCenter, when we try to enter the Teleport Administration office on the left we’re stopped by the Director in charge of it. He explains that the Teleport machine is not working because it doesn’t have a Solar Rock powering it. We have to go into the Cave of Wisdom to pick up one. Make sure you gear up and bring a solid team (including someone who knows Flash).


The Hiker who was blocking the entrance is inside now and he has some important information to tell us about this place. It’s made of several levels, each occupied with a number of Pokemon that we must defeat in order to progress. No wild encounters. The further we go, the more difficult things become. We can’t leave until we’ve cleared a certain number of levels or until we no longer have any usable Pokemon (but Escape Rope seems to work though). When you talk to the Hiker again he’ll tell you what your current Level Record is. Here we go:

-Level 1-

There are 2 statues here, interact with them to meet the Pokemon we’ll be facing. You won’t face the same Pokemon whenever you come back to try again so there’s no need for me to indicate which Pokemon appear. After defeating them drop down the hole in the bottom left corner. Bad news is these Pokemon can’t be caught, which sucks because some new ones that we haven’t seen in the wild yet will appear as opponents. 

-Level 2-

3 statues here and the exit hole is on the bottom right. 

-Level 3-

4 statues present, exit hole is northeast. 

-Level 4-

3 statues here, exit hole is northwest. 

-Level 5-

3 statues here too. 

-Level 6-

It’s dark on this floor, but Flash will reveal 4 statues here. 

-Level 7-

3 statues found. 

-Level 8-

4 statues here. 

-Level 9-

A record FIVE statues found here. FIVE! Things just got real πŸ™‚

-Level 10-

Final floor, no statues but we meet another Hiker and see a lot of Solar Rocks. Pick one up and use the teleport pad to return to the surface. 

Deliver the Solar Rock and let that teleport machine reactivate. Give it a test run, now we’ve got a quick way of jumping between regions without riding the train. One job done, let’s head north for that old mansion and find those suspicious individual


Pokemon Found

  • Pelipper, Wingull, Electrike, Shiftry, Absol, Lombre
  • Surf: Wingull, Pelipper
  • Old Rod: Magikarp, Goldeen
  • Good Rod: Magikarp, Goldeen
  • Super Rod: Seadra, Seaking, Goldeen

Just follow the path all the way north, you’ll eventually see the house on your left. In the grass in the top right corner is a Max Ether. A Nexus Grunt steps out for some fresh air…and then he sees us. 

Nexus Grunt (Lv66 Slaking, Lv64 Corsola) Prize: P3072

With him out of the way, step inside. 


In the top left corner there’s an Ultra Ball and stairs heading below on the right. 

-B1F- [Area 1]

Move up to find a Grunt and a Scientist seated by a big table. 

Nexus Grunt (Lv65 Haunter, Corsola) Prize: P3120

Evil Scientist (Lv66 Tauros, Persian) Prize: P1056

In the room on the right go to the south to find Protein and in the left room is another Grunt. 

Nexus Grunt (Lv66 Aggron, Lv67 Hariyama) Prize: P3216

Above the meeting table is another Scientist. 

Evil Scientist (Lv65 Persian, Lv66 Scizor) Prize: P1056

Energy Root in the top left room. Evil Scientist in the opposite one and a Grunt by the stairs up top. 

Evil Scientist (Lv65 Manectric, Haunter, Lv63 Electabuzz) Prize: P1040

Nexus Grunt (Lv66 Absol, Lv65 Arbok) Prize: P3120

-B1F- [Area 2]

On the far left is a Grunt and an Evil Scientist up top. 

Nexus Grunt (Lv67 Scyther) Prize: P3216

Evil Scientist (Lv66 Electrode, Lv64 Charmeleon) Prize: P1024

Head northeast to deal with 2 more Grunts, and pick up a Max Potion, before we step into the boardroom in the northwest. 

Nexus Grunt (Lv66 Hariyama, Lv65 Persian, Lv67 Corsola) Prize: P3216

Nexus Grunt (Lv66 Magmar, Tauros) Prize: P3168

In the boardroom we arrive in time to hear what “Mister Z” has to say to the trio of Misters and some other Grunts. They are given their orders and sent out, while Zane just tells us that we’re too late to stop them before he leaves too. Mister G triggers something that causes a major explosion in the basement, forcing us to rush out of the mansion! Goodbye basement. 

Back to town, make sure you prepare by stocking up on healing items and proceed through the eastern gate now that it is open. On the other side there are a couple of Fishermen, one of them warns us about Sunburst Island. Strange things be happening over there.


Pokemon Found

  • Surf: Huntail, Clamperl, Gorebyss
  • Old Rod: Magikarp
  • Good Rod: Goldeen, Dratini, Seaking
  • Super Rod: Goldeen, Clamperl, Huntail, Seadra

As you surf east you’ll see Renaldo swimming in a circle. So you think you can Double Battle?

Swimmer Renaldo (Lv68 Lombre & Lv70 Ludicolo) Prize: P2240

Move along the southern side of this route to find Lucy. 

Swimmer Lucy (Lv72 Pichu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle) Prize: P2304

On an island northeast from her is Granger. 

Cooltrainer Granger (Lv68 Zigzagoon) Prize: P2448

Bobby the Bolivian is just off the island on the right, then Sunny.  

Swimmer Bobby (Lv70 Treecko, Gloom, Lv71 Bellossom, Oddish, Lv72 Bellsprout)

Prize: P1136

Swimmer Sunny (Lv73 Magmar, Lv71 Charmander, Lv72 Slugma) Prize: P2304

Eventually we’ll reach West Vale Port, the first stop on Sunburst Island.



Places of Interest

  • PokeCenter
  • PokeMart
  • Old Lighthouse


  • Great Ball P600
  • Ultra Ball P1200
  • Hyper Potion P1200
  • Full Heal P600
  • Revive P1500
  • Max Repel P700
  • X Defend P550
  • X Attack P500

Pokemon Found

  • Surf: Huntail, Sharpedo
  • Fishing: (Don’t bother)

Team Nexus are here and in charge, having done something which is affecting people’s Pokemon, including ours! They keep losing bits of HP no matter how many times they are healed. North of town is the Old Lighthouse, Nexus have taken over that. We better get to work, there’s a Grunt standing between us and the north side of town. 

Nexus Grunt (Lv73 Hariyama, Aggron, Lv74 Persian, Lv72 Tauros)

Prize: P3504

He just confirms what we’ve learned. Another Grunt by the Mart, Double Battler. Bottom right from the Mart, that’s a Max Elixir.  

Nexus Grunt (Lv71 Scyther & Lv74 Haunter, Lv72 Magmar & Lv73 Scizor)

Prize: P6912

Two more up ahead. Second one is a Double Battler. 

Nexus Grunt (Lv73 Persian, Lv74 Slaking, Lv75 Electrode) Prize: P3600

Nexus Grunt (Lv74 Arbok & Metagross) Prize: P7104

Another one is inside that Inn. Closed because of Nexus, but is run by the Lighthouse Master. 

Nexus Grunt (Lv75 Tauros, Lv74 Electabuzz) Prize: P3552

By the Inn is the entrance to the Crystal Caves.

CRYSTAL CAVES (north of West Vale Port section)

Pokemon Found

Lairon, Graveler, Dugtrio, Onix, Golbat

Small area cave, just make your way to the southwest for the exit. Along the way you’ll find an Escape Rope. 

Outside we meet someone who may have figured out what Nexus have done to the Lighthouse. When you reach the island go across to check that corner above the PokeCenter, there’s an Ultra Ball.



The stairs going up to the next floor are on the left. You can avoid battling Rob by circling round from the Grunt.

Nexus Grunt (Lv74-75 Haunter, Arbok x2) Prize: P3552

Scientist Rob (Lv76 Electrode) Prize: P4560


Nexus Grunt (Lv78 Rhydon) Prize: P3744

That’s an Ice Heal on the right from him. 

Nexus Grunt (Lv75 Aggron, Lv74 Absol) Prize: P3552

The next stairs are in the bottom left corner, be ready because you may or may not be spotted by a Grunt as soon as you step up onto 3F. 


Nexus Grunt (Lv76 Charmeleon, Magmar, Lv75 Scizor, Persian) 

Prize: P3600

Go back down the stairs and come back up so he can return to his original position and you can pick up the Thunder Stone near him. Those stairs and the ones found in the top right corner lead to different sections of 4F. Before you move on up there are 2 more Grunts on this floor:

Nexus Grunt (Lv75 Absol, Lv76 Tauros, Lv77 Slaking) Prize: P3696

Nexus Grunt (Lv77 Magmar) Prize: P3696

Ascend those top right stairs.


We see a couple of Scientists busy at work on a machine called the Nexus One. The Grunt near them is the only one we can fight among them.

Nexus Grunt (Lv78 Scizor, Lv77 Persian) Prize: P3696

To the south is an Elixir and the next Grunt. 

Nexus Grunt (Lv77 Snorlax x2) Prize: P3696

Past him are the other set of stairs from 3F, up ahead we meet Mister G and find out that he’s the one in charge of this operation. But he escapes through that hole in the floor, opting to fight us another day. Classic heel move right there. Continue on to face those 2 remaining goons. 

Nexus Grunt (Lv76 Charmeleon, Lv77 Aggron) Prize: P3696

Nexus Grunt (Lv78 Tauros, Lv76-77 Haunter x2, Electrode) Prize: P3696

He mentions that there’s a “key” which their boss has that we’ll need. The Scientist warns us about the Nexus One upstairs, it is rigged to malfunction and take us out if we try to destroy it. Before we go upstairs, there are a couple of items you can get by dropping through that hole -> X Accuracy and then Rare Candy. 


Make your way south to examine this machine. Nothing we can do but make a note of its Global power level. Leave the Lighthouse, back to town and stock up. We’re going south to Route 53 and beyond to find Mister G.


Pokemon Found

  • Ariados, Altaria, Graveler, Golbat, Lairon, Absol, Pelipper
  • Surf: Huntail, Gorebyss
  • Old Rod: Magikarp, Goldeen
  • Good Rod: Dratini, Goldeen, Seaking
  • Super Rod: Seaking, Clamperl, Goldeen

There’s trouble on the beach, Grunt spotted.

Nexus Grunt (Lv76 Tyranitar, Lv77 Sharpedo, Scyther) Prize: P3696

Then we’ll meet a Camper who would’ve battled us under normal circumstances but not now while Nexus are occupying this place. They’ve taken over the Crystal Caves which are at the center of the island. Continue south to another Grunt. 

Nexus Grunt (Lv77 Muk, Electabuzz, Lv78 Nidoking, Lv76 Arbok) 

Prize: P3744

Below from him, the ItemFinder will point out a Full Restore by the stone near the grass. Interesting info from the Blackbelt, which could explain why Nexus are targeting Crystal Cave, it’s home to a Crystal Onix! Next Grunt ahead.

Nexus Grunt (forgot to note the prize, sorry)

(Lv77 Crawdaunt, Gyarados, Haunter, Lv78 Jynx, Lv76 Weezing)

The start of a mountain path is on the right, but further on there’s Sandway Town. Let’s stop over there first before climbing.


Places of Interest

  • Nurse Station
  • Rare Items Corner
  • Items Bazaar
  • Crystal Shop
  • Gym


  • Revive P1500
  • Lava Cookie P200
  • Protein P9800
  • Iron P9800
  • Zinc P9800
  • X Defend P550
  • X Accuracy P950
  • Max Repel P700


  • PokeBall P200
  • Great Ball P600
  • Ultra Ball P1200
  • Super Potion P700
  • Hyper Potion P1200
  • Antidote P100
  • Ice Heal P250
  • Full Heal P600

A couple of Grunts are out and about here, one by the Items Bazaar to the east, another to the northeast and one more blocking the Gym entrance (he’s a Double Battler). 

Nexus Grunt (Lv77 Electabuzz, Lv78 Weezing, Muk) Prize: P3744

Nexus Grunt (Lv78 Slaking, Nidoking) Prize: P3744

Nexus Grunt (Lv78 Hariyama, Crobat & Lv79 Tyranitar, Dugtrio)

Prize: P7584

Even after defeating him he won’t leave the Gym. Until we find their boss they ain’t going anywhere. South of the Gym is a curious looking device, it gives out the Nexus One’s information. Make a note of it. 

At the Crystal Shop we’ll find Marissa, she’s the little sister of the shop owner Mateo. The shop is out of stock because of the Crystal Caves situation. Mateo wants to prove that the Crystal Onix really exits but Nexus has happened so no go. 

There are 3 other entrances to the Crystal Caves, one is east of town (leading to Route 56. You’ll find an Energy Root to the south of the entrance) another is to the north (connected to Routes 54 and 55 before the next place, Safari Town, is reached) and then there’s one at the top of the mountain trail back on Route 53. Let’s start with the mountain trail. 

First Grunt spotted on the left after climbing the first steps. 

Nexus Grunt (Lv77 Crobat, Lv78 Muk, Lv76 Magmar) Prize: P3648

Northwest and north from him are 2 more of the mini Nexus One devices. There’s Lemonade near the northern one. You’ll see 2 other Grunts above on the right. Only the one on the left will battle us, the other guy just won’t let us pass.

Nexus Grunt (Lv76 Aggron, Tauros, Lv77 Absol, Scizor) Prize: P3648

Back to town. The Grunt blocking the eastern entrance won’t move. The one standing near the northern entrance won’t let us go through, despite that we defeated the crew occupying the Lighthouse. Return to the Crystal Shop and speak to Mateo. As if inspired by Kurt from Azalea Town, Mateo has had enough of Nexus and storms out with his Charmeleon to confront them and find the Crystal Onix. Marissa goes after him. Not good.

At the northern entrance Mateo will battle a new Grunt, leaving the other one for us to deal with. 

Nexus Grunt (Lv80 Rhydon, Sneasel, Gyarados) Prize: P3840

After losing, the Grunts run into the cave to notify their boss. Mateo saw that we can battle but doesn’t think we are good enough to help him search for the Crystal Onix, so he wants us to battle him to prove ourselves. This is so unnecessary. Be ready, he’s got Full Restores. 

Trainer Mateo (Lv82 Magmar, Lv83 Charmeleon, Lv81 Combusken) 

Prize: P3984

He’ll agree to having us come along and go into the cave, Marissa behind him. Bring a Surfer, an Ice-type Pokemon and someone who knows Waterfall.

CRYSTAL CAVES (north of Sandway Town)

Pokemon Found

  • Golbat, Onix, Cacnea, Graveler, Swinub, Snorunt, Sneasel, Crobat, Spheal, Piloswine
  • Surf: Seel, Spheal, Dewgong, Walrein
  • Old Rod: Seel
  • Good Rod: Seel
  • Super Rod: Sealeo, Seadra

[Area A]

Nexus Grunt (Lv81 Electabuzz, Crobat, Lv80 Sneasel) Prize: P3888

Go straight north, up the steps and cross that log bridge you see above on the right. Continue east, you’ll see a Water Stone on the way before the path turns north to another log bridge. Cross it, don’t worry about the steps leading to the frozen floor below (for now). On the left side you’ll find a ladder, descend.

[Area B]

Make your way to the floor area for a battle and a couple of item pickups (TM14 Blizzard and a Spelon Berry).

Nexus Grunt (Lv83 Slaking, Hariyama, Lv82 Sneasel) Prize: P3936

Skate across that frozen floor to the ladder which takes back to Area A, north side.

We pop up next to one of the waterfalls found here, this one is on the far right. That Ice-type you brought along, use it to freeze the waterfall and reveal a hidden opening. Go back to the entrance area and continue along the path under the first log bridge. 

Nexus Grunt (Lv79 Hariyama, Lv73 Nidoking, Lv81 Scyther, Weezing, Lv82 Scizor)

Prize: P3888

2 frozen floors you have to skate over to reach the next Grunt. On the way you’ll find a Dire Hit. 

Nexus Grunt (Lv82 Tyranitar, Jynx) Prize: P3936

Once in the water make your way to the western side, you’ll find TM41 (Thunder Punch). Don’t mind that opening up top, it leads to an exit but is currently blocked by a Grunt. Surf east to the waterfall we didn’t completely freeze over. On its right side you’ll find an Energy Root. As you can see, there’s the opening above the waterfall and the secret opening we discovered. The secret opening is the correct path to take and the other way is just leads to a Grunt and a Focus Band. Starting with the Grunt standing above the waterfall, here they are:

Nexus Grunt (Lv81 Sharpedo, Lv82 Muk, Rhydon, Lv83 Dugtrio) 

Prize: P3936

Nexus Grunt (Lv82 Dugtrio, Jynx, Lv83 Charmeleon, Sharpedo) 

Prize: P3984

Now for the correct way.

[Area C]

Going north for a battle. 

Nexus Grunt (Lv84 Electabuzz, Lv83 Crawdaunt) Prize: P3984

That’s a Max Repel on the right, then surf down to the exit. Outside we’ve caught up to the siblings on Route 54. Mateo had no luck finding the Crystal Onix, wondering if maybe it’s been scared off by Nexus or if maybe old Grandpa was telling tall tales to drum up business. But he won’t give up, he goes back into the caves. This guy. Go after him before he hurts himself or something, xD. 

He’s gone all the way to the entrance east of Sandway Town, with a plan to search that area of the caves. But this doesn’t change anything for the Grunt blocking the entrance, he won’t move and Mateo won’t do anything. So we might as well continue moving forward, return to Route 54. Make room for one in your party, bring some Strength and a Surfer.


Pokemon Found

  • Zangoose, Dodrio, Seviper, Altaria, Ludicolo, Beedrill, Xatu, Fearow, Vigoroth, Scyther
  • Surf: Huntail, Gorebyss
  • Fishing: (nothing)

South from that grass is a Grunt. 

Nexus Grunt (Lv82 Scizor, Weezing, Dugtrio, Lv83 Sneasel) Prize: P3936

Head northeast to the next one. According to him we’ve taken down at least half of their force on the island. 

Nexus Grunt (Lv81 Muk, Lv83 Absol, Lv82 Charmeleon) Prize: P3936

Continue eastward to the beach, surf northeast to find a Hyper Potion. Scaling up that waterfall takes you to another mini Nexus One. Go back to the main path and go north. There’s a rest house, Grunt #3 and a mini Nexus One.

Nexus Grunt (Lv84 Weezing, Lv83 Crobat) Prize: P3984

Further north from him is Route 55.


No Pokemon Found. 

Grunt #4 is a Double Battler.

Nexus Grunt (Lv82 Dugtrio, Arbok & Lv83 Absol, Aggron) Prize: P7968

A mighty mountain trail begins on the left from him. Gird yourselves and climb, more Grunts ahead. 

Nexus Grunt (Lv84 Slaking, Lv83 Charmeleon, Scyther) Prize: P3984

Above him you’ll see the path split off and continue to the left. Follow that split path to 2 other Grunts, 2 more mini Nexus Ones and a Burn Heal. 

Nexus Grunt (Lv83 Tyranitar, Lv84 Rhydon) Prize: P4032

Nexus Grunt (Lv83 Hariyama, Tauros, Persian, Lv84 Sneasel, Lv82 Haunter)

Prize: P3936

Back to the main path and continue. 

Nexus Grunt (Lv85 Gengar) Prize: P4080

Next to him is a Pearl. In the cave nearby is an old man who’ll give us a Level 5 Mudkip if you got room. Afterwards continue climbing as we move northwest and descend the mountain. 

Nexus Grunt (Lv83 Nidoking, Crobat, Arbok) Prize: P3984

Nexus Grunt (Lv84 Absol, Rhydon, Lv83 Sharpedo, Charmeleon) 

Prize: P3984

Despite the presence of grass, no Pokemon to be found in it. 

Nexus Grunt (Lv84 Jynx, Lv83 Snorlax) Prize: P3984

We see a big building on the left, that is the Nexus Laboratory. A pair of Grunts, that you can easily avoid, stands just outside. No Double Battle. 

Nexus Grunt Duo (Lv85 Crawdaunt, Muk) Prize: P4080


What awaits us inside are numbered tiles and a locked door which requires a pass code. On the left side of the door is a digital panel which controls it and offers instructions. It is a 2-digit pass code. Go stand on 5 and then on 1. Bingo. Some fun and exciting warp panel action coming up! Oh joy… πŸ™‚

[Area 1]

The first person to see us here is Greg.

Scientist Greg (Lv84 Electrode, Lv85 Magneton, Manectric) 

Prize: P5100

The warp panel on the left leads to a Nest Ball. Use the one up top from Greg, don’t mind the other Scientists. That panel sends us to the west side, from there use the panel below and we pop up in the north side. Go through the doorway. 

[Area 2]

Got a Double Battler Grunt running left and right. That’s Zinc on the right and there’s a warp panel on the left. 

Nexus Grunt Duo (Lv87 Dugtrio & Electabuzz) Prize: P8352

Don’t worry about that panel, go down the steps to meet the first Nexus Elites, the cream of the Grunt crop!

Nexus Elite (Lv86 Charmeleon, Tyranitar, Gyarados) Prize: P4176

Nexus Elite (Lv87 Nidoking, Tauros, Lv88 Muk, Lv86 Electrode)

Prize: P4176

Nexus Elite (Lv87 Hariyama, Lv86 Tyranitar, Sharpedo) Prize: P4128

Warp panel near him (it is linked to the one in the top left corner) and another one up above near TM32 (Double Team). Use that one, it sends us to the southwest section of this area where we meet the Elite running up and down. 

Nexus Elite (Lv86 Weezing, Lv87 Slaking) Prize: P4176

That’s a Max Potion on the left before you go through the doorway. 

[Area 3]

Which looks like we’re back in the Crystal Caves. 

Nexus Elite (Lv87 Crawdaunt, Tauros, Weezing, Lv86 Muk) Prize: P4176

Up ahead we find Mister G and his crew, they’re about to launch another invention, the Nexus S! It contains goods they’ll send to their other base. The Grunts leave and Mister G climbs up the ladder to wait for us elsewhere for that big battle. Before you follow him, go all the way to the right to find Aspear Berry. There’s a deep patch of water but Dive won’t work, climb the ladder to return to the Lab. We’ll find 2 warp panels, use the one on the right because the left one takes us back to the panel near Scientist Greg. 

We’ll appear in the area at the center of Area 1 where there are 3 boulders between the panel we’ve come from and the next one. More boulders in the way, that panel on the left takes us to a panel in the right corner. From there go straight up to the doorway for the boss battle against Mister G, one of the Nexus 4!


Nexus 4 Mister G (Lv88 Golem, Lv90 Rhydon, Kingler, Lv89 Cloyster, Machamp, Persian)

Prize: P4320

Wherever Zane is, Mister G and the others have no idea. They’re just here following their orders and upon defeat, Mister G was told to step down and give his Commanding Rank to us, a special item given only to the Nexus 4 that also serves as a key that turns off Nexus One. The G Rank needs to be charged before it can be used, the laptop on the desk that will charge it. Mister G leaves and we get a call from Axel. He is aware that we’re in the Orange Islands and wants our help in stopping Team Nexus, he can’t do anything because this area isn’t in his jurisdiction. You can look around the office for some interesting information, including clues about the mini Nexus One locations. When we try to charge the G Rank it turns out that it’s already charged. You see that machine on the left of the red framed picture? Insert the G Rank and start the shutdown sequence. But then an override is detected and the intruder protection activates! A Level 100 Electabuzz appears defeat it or catch it, that’s your call. Once it is gone, the shutdown process is completed and the Global power level drops by 10%. Time to leave, we’ve sent Nexus off the island and defeated one of their high rankers. 

Outside we’ll find regular Trainers waiting to battle. Now that we got the G Rank we could try it out on those mini Nexus Ones we’ve seen here and there. What I propose is let’s make our way to Safari Town, heal up and stock up if necessary, then backtrack to West Vale Port while shutting down those minis. That way when we’re done we can just Fly back to Safari Town. 

Head south from the Lab, first Trainer we see is Alex. 

Cooltrainer Alex (Lv86 Alakazam, Tyranitar, Lv87 Flygon) Prize: P3096

That item below from him is a Soda Pop and Miguel is close by. 

Hiker Miguel (Lv86 Aggron, Sandslash, Graveler, Lv87 Onix) 

Prize: P2784

Only a few steps west from him and we arrive.


Places of Interest

  • PokeCenter
  • PokeMart
  • Safari Town Warden’s House
  • Forest Safari Zone
  • Mountain Safari Zone
  • Water Safari Zone


  • Great Ball P600
  • Ultra Ball P1200
  • Hyper Potion P1200
  • Full Heal P600
  • Revive P1500
  • Max Repel P700
  • X Defend P550
  • X Attack P500

Pokemon Found

  • Surf: Kingler
  • Fishing: (nothing)

Safari Zones…Safari Zones everywhere! We’re not here to explore yet, prepare if you have to and let’s get to work on those minis. Back to the Route 55 mountain. 

East from Cooltrainer Alex you’ll find Bert. 

Hiker Bert (Lv87 Dugtrio, Lv85 Marowak, Lv86 Steelix) Prize: P2752

Above the cave where we got Mudkip there’s Roger now. Pete is right by the cave’s entrance.

Scientist Roger (Lv86 Electrode x3) Prize: P5160

Guitarist Pete (Lv86 Nosepass, Beautifly) Prize: P2752

At the point where there’s the split path there’s Chris.

Youngster Chris (Lv86 Raticate, Lv87 Haunter, Pidgeot) Prize: P2436

Again follow that split path to the 2 minis. Afterwards continue down the mountain from Chris to Brendan.

Camper Brendan (Lv87 Beedrill, Lv86 Ariados) Prize: P1720

Back on Route 54 there’s Jj.

Cooltrainer Jj (Lv87 Charizard, Gyarados, Hitmonchan, Lv86 Tyranitar, Ampharos)

Prize: P3132

Mini by the Rest House. South from there is Jaquan. 

Psychic Jaquan (Lv88 Gardevoir, Lv86 Alakazam, Lv87 Espeon, Medicham, Lv85 Metang)

Prize: P3480

Surf east and then up the waterfall for a mini. Then head for the Crystal Caves entrance to find Kev.

Cooltrainer Kev (Lv86 Salamence, Tyranitar, Swampert, Lv87 Ampharos, Charizard, Metagross)

Prize: P3132

Inside the caves you’ll meet Aperso. Bret is swimming in the waterfall area.

Cooltrainer Aperso (Lv87 Sceptile, Ralts, Pikachu, Lv88 Swellow)

Prize: P4524

Swimmer Bret (Lv87 Starmie, Quagsire, Lv86 Wailord, Lv85 Relicanth)

Prize: P1360

By the opening to the west of the waterfalls there’s Marc.

Hiker Marc (Lv87 Flygon, Magneton, Magcargo, Lv88 Aggron) Prize: P2784

Skating on the frozen floor south from Bret is Zack.

PokeBreeder Zack (Lv86 Tyranitar, Gyarados, Lv87 Metagross, Lv85 Slaking) 

Prize: P2380

West from there is Cody, he saw us on TV πŸ™‚ how nice. 

Cooltrainer Cody (Lv87 Scizor, Raichu, Venusaur, Lv86 Typhlosion, Blastoise, Lv88 Pidgeot)

Prize: P3168

Cross the log bridge to find Josh for a Double Battle. 

Karate Kid Josh (Lv87 Hitmonlee & Hitmonchan, Lv86 Hitmontop)

Prize: P5504

In the lower area there’s Keith.

PokeManiac Keith (Lv85 Lickitung, Cloyster, Lv86 Slowbro) Prize: P5100

Back in Sandway Town, surf northwest to find a mini. One more located to the south from the Gym, which is open now. Shall we?


Leader: Danny – “The Relationship Guru” (oO?)

No Gym Trainers here, but Danny is present and he’s not going to battle us until we pass some challenges of his. Dammit, I’d forgotten about this Gym and the challenges gimmick. He’ll meet us at the top of Safari Town Mountain, if we can make it there without battling our Pokemon we move on to the next challenge. 

Continue west to Route 53 and climb the mountain for the 2 minis found here. Also found on the trail is Kody. 

PokeFan Kody (Lv85 Shedinja) Prize: P3740

That opening near him just leads to the northwest area of Crystal Caves which was previously blocked. Descend the mountain and hit the western beach, Double Battler Buck and Wilson are ready.

Blackbelt Buck (Lv87 Hariyama & Lv86 Medicham) Prize: P5504

Fisher Wilson (Lv87 Seadra, Lv85 Seaking, Huntail) Prize: P2040

North from them is Ross.

Camper Ross (Lv85 Dustox, Lv86 Ninjask) Prize: P1720

West Vale Port is back to normal. In the PokeCenter you’ll find someone selling Hard Stones (P100 each) and Everstones (P200 each). Rush back to the Old Lighthouse’s top floor and shut that main machine down. Done and done, the backtrack too. Fly back to Safari Town so we can have a proper look at it. 

ItemFinder picks up a PP Up by the trees west of the Forest Safari building. Near the Warden’s house you’ll find an Ultra Ball. 

The Warden here is indeed the one who pretty much ditched the original Safari Zone to come over and build this town. This guy, xD. There are 3 Zones here: Mountain, Forest and Water to the west. Unfortunately it’s just like the regular Safari Zone: it costs P500 to go in, we receive 30 Safari Balls and have 600 steps. We got business with the Mountain Safari Zone so when you’re ready, let’s go. Bring a Rock Smasher.


Pokemon Found

  • Chimecho, Misdreavus, Forretress, Dugtrio, Girafarig, Torkoal, Aggron, Nidoking, Spinda, Sandslash
  • Rock Smash: Graveler

Follow the path heading northeast, you’ll eventually see Danny. He says we have passed the first challenge because we didn’t do any battling (this being a Safari Zone and all). Challenge #2 involves making our way down the mountain by means of a toboggan which we have to build. The materials needed for it are 4 Sticks, 1 Silk Scarf and 1 Metal Coat, find them and return to Danny. The items are found northeast, north and northwest from him (the one item found below from him is TM45 Attract). Other items found are an Ice Heal and Energypowder in the west. Danny will then ask us to choose 3 Pokemon to help build the toboggan. From the looks of this you have to pick Pokemon with high happiness/have a strong bond with you and Danny will indicate if the selected Pokemon is suitable (the first selection always gets the same reaction but if it’s a suitable Pokemon Danny will say he noticed that you liked it, as if you chose another one instead). Then you have to race him to the bottom, no button mashing required, it just depends on your 3 Pokemon selection. Good selection wins you the race. Hopefully you won’t be doing this again and again. Afterwards he’ll return to the Sandway Town Gym for the battle. He’s got Full Restores and each of his Pokemon is holding Leftovers.


Leader Danny (Lv90 Nidoqueen, Scyther, Lv91 Machamp, Golem, Claydol, Lv89 Electrode)

Prizes: P5460 + Sea Ruby Badge

Outside the Gym we get a call from Prof. Oak. Some progress seems to have been made concerning the GS Ball and he wants us to stop by the Lab. 

Did I say progress has been made? My bad, because when we speak to Oak at the Lab he says he has been unable to find new data about it. We have to take the GS Ball to Kurt in Azalea Town. 

Kurt will need time to examine the ball so we leave it with him and return to the Orange Islands. Back to Safari Town so we can visit the 2 other Safari Zones.


Pokemon Found

Cradily, Sunflora, Shroomish, Illumise, Seedot, Exeggutor, Volbeat, Kecleon, Anorith, Ninjask, Scizor, Chimecho

Near the northwest section you’ll find a Timer Ball with help from the ItemFinder and a Full Restore. Central section from the entrance, ItemFinder will locate Fresh Water. In the western section, ItemFinder picks up TM25 (Thunder). There’s a Quick Claw near the southeast corner. TM44 (Rest) between trees somewhere between central and northeast sections. Blue Scarf in the southeast section. Done. 

Head west of town. The Bug Catcher we meet here mentions that there’s something to be found “near the trees” somewhere in town. We did find a PP Up in town, am not sure if that’s what he is referring to. Before the path was blocked off, we could go downstream to reach West Vale Port from here. Bring a Pokemon that knows Waterfall. Surf north to the Water Safari Zone building.


Pokemon Found

  • Surf: Crawdaunt, Wailmer, Feebas, Wailord, Walrein
  • Old Rod: Seadra, Lanturn
  • Good Rod: Corsola, Octillery
  • Super Rod: Feebas, Spheal

North from the entrance you’ll find a shore with trees, there’s Harbor Mail too. There are 2 watefalls here, east and west. Above the eastern waterfall you’ll find a Big Mushroom in the northeast corner. Deadend above the other one. Done. 

Fly back to Sandway Town and go east for the Crystal Caves that will take us to Route 56. Last time we left Mateo and Marissa outside there, but now that Nexus is off the island, the siblings have gone inside. 


[Area A]

We catch up to them just in time to hear a loud noise from deep within, Mateo follows after it. The item we see below is a Premier Ball, then we face Brady. 

Cooltrainer Brady (Lv87 Blaziken, Breloom, Lv86 Steelix, Lv88 Espeon, Kingdra, Altaria)

Prize: P3132

South from him are Hamish, TM30 (Shadow Ball) and a ladder.

Youngster Hamish (Lv87 Butterfree, Electabuzz, Lv86 Totodile, Ditto)

Prize: P2408

[Area B]

Mateo and Marissa have found the source of the noise – the Crystal Onix! (well, if you can excuse the sprite used for it haha) Mateo tries to battle it with Charmeleon and manages to weaken it, but suddenly he doesn’t feel like catching it anymore. He’s just happy to have seen it and can now continue with the sculpture business. Crystal Onix loses control and needs to be calmed down, so we step in. It is a Level 70 beast, catch it or defeat it there’s no difference as far as the story goes. Mateo and Marissa return to the shop. On the left is an X Attack and on the right is the exit. For ONLY a million PokeDollars/Pounds/Pesos/Francs/Rubels, you can purchase a Crystal Sculpture πŸ™‚ hurry while stocks last! Bring a Pokemon that Dive, we’ll need the move for a handy little shortcut which is located two routes ahead. Also, stock up on HP restoring items…we’re gonna need them BAD.


Pokemon Found

  • Pidgeot, Victreebel, Pelipper, Rapidash, Ludicolo, Nidoking, Vileplume, Swellow
  • Surf: Mantine
  • Fishing: (nothing)

First person we see out here is Sid. 

Cooltrainer Sid (Lv88 Salamence, Lv89 Raichu, Lv87 Feraligatr)

Prize: P3132

Northeast from him is a house occupied by an old man who shares some information about the Crystal Onix, including the interesting note about it being resistant to Water. Near the house is Sharif, then you can surf south to the bridge below (you’ll find a Max Potion behind the big tree near the Scientist) and continue east or return to Sid and access the bridge that way. 

Cooltrainer Sharif (Lv88 Scizor, Lv89 Charizard) Prize: P3204

Blake is across the bridge. 

Scientist Blake (Lv88 Arcanine, Venusaur, Dragonite, Gengar, Lv87 Feraligatr, Tyranitar)

Prize: P5280

By the beach there are 2 Fishermen, Brent facing north and Kelz facing east and Yuno swimming closeby. Ignore Brent, he just has a pair of ????? for a Double Battle. 

Fisher Kelz (Lv88 Huntail, Seaking, Lv89 Gorebyss, Lv87 Wailord) 

Prize: P2112

Swimmer Yuno (Lv88 Starmie, Golduck, Lv89 Vaporeon) Prize: P2848

Surf north from her to reach Joshua on the opposite shore. 

Cooltrainer Joshua (Lv88 Snorlax, Skarmory, Lv89 Lapras, Lv87 Dragonair)

Prize: P3168

Below from him is a Max Repel. Just a few strokes past Yuno is where Route 57 starts, which is made up of fast moving currents (think of that sea route which west of Pacifidlog Town in Hoenn, but with whirlpools to spice up the trip a bit).


Pokemon Found

  • Surf: Starmie, Cloyster
  • Fishing: (nothing)

What sucks about the whirlpools is they can’t be gotten rid of by a Pokemon which knows the move, there’s not even a reaction if you press A by a whirlpool in the attempt to use the move. Just like one of the Whirl Islands. But the good news is it’s possible to travel between Routes 57 and 56, the currents aren’t all one-way facing. This divides Route 57 into 3 sections, upper, middle and lower. We’ll start with the lower section where you find: Mary and her pair of Cloysters.

Swimmer Mary (Lv91 Cloysters x2) Prize: P5824

In the middle section there’s a male Swimmer and an item on a tiny island but I couldn’t reach them. Upper section has Brian. 

Swimmer Brian (Lv89 Blastoise, Lv90 Golduck, Lv91 Vaporeon) 

Prize: P1456

At the end of the fast currents is Rebecca and an island. 

Swimmer Rebecca (Lv89 Tentacruel, Lv90 Quagsire, Carvanha, Lv91 Pelipper)

Prize: P2912

Surf south from her to find the island’s beach. The ItemFinder will locate a Hyper Potion by the stone on the eastern edge (directly above a cave entrance). The only person here is Marshall who has a secret to share if we can defeat him. 

Hiker Marshall (Lv90 Steelix, Ursaring, Lv89 Golem, Aerodactyl, Lv91 Nosepass)

Prize: P2880

He says that below us is a cave with treasures but because of the gaps it isn’t an easy going to get them. Drop down through that hole on the left and let’s find out.


Pokemon Found

Beedrill, Raticate, Magcargo, Glalie, Arbok, Golbat, Sandslash, Linoone, Furret, Anorith, Donphan, Vileplume

Gaps? Nah, more like one giant hole plus platforms connected to each other by ropes we have to walk across. There’s an opening on the north side and 2 exits, one on the east side and another on the southeast side. The only Trainer here is Iroca in the lower left section. 

Cooltrainer Iroca (Lv89 Sceptile, Lv90 Swellow, Salamence, Ninetales, Lv91 Milotic, Espeon)

Prize: P3240

On the right from him you’ll find a Heart Scale and one of the exits. Other items to be found are 2 Shoal Shells, hold onto to them. Through the north opening to reach a small area where we find 2 pillars that have a place for something to be placed on them – the Shoal Shells. Once they’re both placed, an opening appears between the pillars and another chamber is revealed, containing……..an empty chest :/ darn it! Anyway, pick an exit and get out of here. 

We’re still on Route 57 so more fast currents await us as we continue eastward for Mandarin Island. Surf straight north all the way, you’ll see a female Swimmer along the upper section. That’s Bianca.

Swimmer Bianca (Lv90 Seadra, Dewgong, Lv89 Qwilfish, Starmie) 

Prize: P2848

If you surf on east along that upper section you’ll eventually find Bernard.

Swimmer Bernard (Lv90 Feebas, Pelipper, Lv89 Kingler, Lv91 Sharpedo)

Prize: P0 (no joke, the dude’s broke, yo)

Ricky is in the lower section, to reach him surf south after Bernard and make your way west. 

Swimmer Ricky (Lv90 Poliwrath, Crawdaunt, Lv91 Cloyster) Prize: P1440

Nothing in the middle section but currents, so continue east for Route 58 and Mandarin Island.


Pokemon Found

  • Vileplume, Poochyena, Victreebel, Golbat, Ariados, Lairon
  • Surf: Seadra, Kingler, Seaking
  • Old Rod: Golduck, Goldeen
  • Good Rod: Clamperl, Kingler
  • Super Rod: Seaking, Clamperl


Places of Interest

  • Mandarin City
  • Science Complex
  • Old Warehouse

First thing we see is a Sailor standing near a docked ship. He says the vessel isn’t working at the moment but once it is operational again we can board it for a quick trip back to Valencia. Surf south to a small island where there’s a little girl running laps on it, the 2 Swimmers near the island are the real targets. Lizzy and her little brother Toma.

Swimmer Lizzy (Lv91 Gyarados, Lv88 Vaporeon, Lv90 Azumarill) 

Prize: P2880

Tuber Toma (Lv89 Mantine, Starmie, Lv87 Seadra) Prize: P348

Continue surfing south to find an Ultra Ball and Ralph. 

Swimmer Ralph (Lv91 Tentacruel, Lv90 Lanturn, Kabutops) Prize: P1440

On the right is another way to get on the island, but just make a note of it and go back to docked ship and touch down from there. 

On the beach is a shop were you can buy drinks (same ones you’d normally find in any Vending Machine). Our screens start flickering again all of a sudden, check the Party Pokemon…yup, they’re losing bits of HP. You know what that means, we’re on a new island and Nexus have set up their machines on it. Damn these guys, they’re more effective than Team Rocket at their peak! But we march on, the first Trainer we meet is hidden by that umbrella outside the shop.

Tuber Nola (Lv87 Mantine, Lv90 Gyarados) Prize: P360

By the ledges is Denis and an X Defend. 

Camper Denis (Lv90 Sceptile, Lv91 Tentacruel, Lv89 Noctowl) 

Prize: P2548

Up on the hill we find a mini Nexus, but nothing happens if you try to interact with it (what the…). A new Rank now needed for the new models? That Biker going back and forth is Dexter, don’t jump down that ledge up top for him. We’ll get to him via the Dive-requiring shortcut I mentioned before. Carry on to the south from the grass near the mini, you’ll see a bridge on the right and Lucy on the left. 

Picnicker Lucy (Lv90 Blaziken, Lapras, Lv89 Wailord) Prize: P2520

Below her is that other way to get on the island. Surf east from there to find a Dive spot under the bridge, that’s the shortcut. 

Biker Dexter (Lv90 Weezing, Steelix, Lv91 Machamp) Prize: P1800

That path going east from him is how we’ll move forward but don’t use it yet, let’s clear this area first. Surf southeast from the Dive spot, there’s another mini and a Big Pearl to be found. Make your way back to the bridge and cross it. Continue up the steps and circle round to find Krisna. 

Cooltrainer Krisna (Lv90 Charizard, Milotic, Lv91 Crobat, Aggron)

Prize: P3276

Below that bridge is a ledge, jump down and cross the bridge on the left to find Neven.

Cooltrainer Neven (Lv90 Shuckle, Heracross, Lv91 Pupitar) Prize: P3240

On the right is a cave opening below the cliff, but there’s no way we can get down to it from anywhere around here…for now. And next to the opening is a mini. Across the bridge is another cave and it’s blocked by a Nexus Grunt who won’t move no matter what. At the end of the next bridge is exactly what it looks like – a PokeBall. Now we can move forward, return to Biker Dexter and carry on. 

We’ll face Daniela and find another mini. 

Cooltrainer Daniela (Lv91 Gardevoir, Lv90 Meganium, Lv89 Ursaring)

Prize: P3204

Running up and down is Richy, Double Battler. 

Bug Catcher Richy (Lv90 Beautifly x2, Dustox) Prize: P720

North from him is our next stop and it looks like the red carpet has been rolled out for us by Nexus.


Places of Interest

  • PokeCenter
  • Mandarin City Department Store
  • Mandarin City Office Block
  • Mandarin City Police Department
  • Pokemon Enhancement Center
  • Gym

That first Grunt is surprised to see that we got the G Rank but we still have to battle him, even though we’re technically his superior now. 

Nexus Grunt (Lv90 Dugtrio, Scyther, Lv92 Arbok, Lv91 Aggron)

Prize: P4320

That little path behind the fence on the left leads to a Repeat Ball. Next Grunt is a Double Battler. 

Nexus Grunt (Lv93 Haunter & Lv92 Tyranitar) Prize: P8832

Luckily the PokeCenter is close by on the right, so heal up if you need to or sort out the Party and then let’s look around town. 

In the house on the left from the PokeCenter is a man who hopes you can show him the Pokemon he describes. I thought maybe Remoraid but nope. Perhaps it’s a Pokemon which we would’ve encountered in a later version of the game?

There are a couple of Grunts who are looking for a fight located around town. Others are just blocking doors to buildings. Go east through that alley from the PokeCenter to find the first one. 

Nexus Grunt (Lv93 Sneasel, Charizard, Lv91 Slaking, Lv92 Gyarados)

Prize: P4416

North from him is the Office Block, continue up past it. 

Nexus Grunt (Lv92 Crawdaunt, Lv93 Electabuzz, Lv91 Crobat) Prize: P4464

Next to him is TM03 (Curse). Back to the PokeCenter and go northwest. South of the building blocked by a Grunt there’s a short alley with another Grunt.

Nexus Grunt (Lv92 Rhydon, Houndoom, Lv91 Claydol) Prize: P4416

On the left you’ll find the Gym but Leader Rudy isn’t there. Where could he be during this crisis? On the east side there’s the Police Station, also blocked, and the Dept. Store. Grunt just below from the Store.

Nexus Grunt (Lv92 Rhydon, Lv93 Magmar) Prize: P4464


  • Vending Machines:
  • Fresh Water P200
  • Soda Pop P300
  • Lemonade P350

-1F- (Balls & Battling)

  • PokeBall P200
  • Great Ball P600
  • Ultra Ball P1200
  • Premier Ball P200
  • [Each costs P1000]
  • Net Ball 
  • Dive Ball
  • Nest Ball 
  • Repeat Ball
  • Timer Ball
  • Luxury Ball
  • Full Heal P600
  • Full Restore P3000
  • Max Potion P2500
  • Revive P1500
  • Ether P1200
  • Max Repel P700

-2F- (Pokemon Buffing)

  • X Attack P500
  • X Speed P350
  • X Defend P550
  • X Accuracy P950
  • X Special P350
  • Guard Spec. P700
  • Dire Hit P650
  • [P9800 each]
  • Protein
  • Iron Carbos
  • Calcium
  • Zinc
  • HP Up

By the stairs is a guy “selling” Rare Candies for P10000. If you give him the money he’ll reveal himself to be a Grunt.

Nexus Grunt (Lv93 Jynx, Electrode, Lv92 Tauros) Prize: P4464

He’ll give you a Rare Candy afterwards. 

-3F- (Pokemon Evolution)

  • [P2100 each]
  • Fire Stone
  • Water Stone
  • Leaf Stone
  • Thunderstone
  • Sun Stone
  • Moon Stone P1500
  • Everstone P200

-4F- (Treats & Gifts)

  • [P50 each]
  • Orange Mail
  • Harbor Mail
  • Glitter Mail
  • Tropic Mail
  • Fab Mail
  • PokeDoll P1000

After the Dept. Store we see a pair of Grunts threatening some citizens. 

Nexus Grunt (Lv93 Nidoking, Lv91 Muk, Lv92 Absol, Persian) Prize: P4368

They run off and we speak to the people, the Scientist is from the Science Complex to the north. He tells us what’s happened here and hopes we can save the city. To the west is the blocked Pokemon Enhancement Center. 

On the way to the Office Block we’ll see a Gentleman rush past us and enter the building (?! Was that…?). Go on and confront the Grunt blocking the door, he turns out to be an Elite. 

Nexus Elite (Lv93 Ariados, Lv92 Metagross, Umbreon) Prize: P4416

He runs indoors to tell his boss, who steps out immediately – Mister R! He won’t battle us and goes back inside, locking the door from within. No other entrances to be seen. 

Go back to the Police Station, the entrance isn’t blocked anymore. Get ready because as soon as we go in, a Grunt sees us.


Nexus Grunt (Lv93 Electabuzz, Tyranitar, Lv92 Electrode, Rhydon)

Prize: P4416

Two more Grunts ahead that we can’t avoid, starting with the one on the right.

Nexus Grunt (Lv92 Aggron, Persian) Prize: P4416

Nexus Grunt (Lv93 Wailord) Prize: P4464

3rd Grunt by the stairs. 

Nexus Grunt (Lv92 Crawdaunt, Haunter, Lv93 Arbok) Prize: P4416

-1F- (Tactical Investigations)

Nexus Grunt (Lv93 Wobbuffet, Charizard, Lv92 Houndoom) Prize: P4464

In the room on the left you’ll find TM10 (Hidden Power) and this guy:

Nexus Grunt (Lv91 Absol, Crobat, Lv92 Jynx, Dugtrio) Prize: P4368

Then the last 2 before we move up.

Nexus Grunt (Lv92 Hariyama, Lv93 Scizor) Prize: P4464

Nexus Grunt (Lv93 Scyther, Lv92 Tyranitar, Nidoking) Prize: P4416

-2F- (Servers & Technology)

Nexus Grunt (Lv92 Sneasel x2, Lv93 Houndoom) Prize: P4464

On the right from him is a Max Elixir. Next Grunt is on the left, then the last one by the stairs. 

Nexus Grunt (Lv92 Slaking, Lv91 Sharpedo) Prize: P4368

Nexus Grunt (Lv93 Rhydon, Gyarados, Lv91 Tauros, Lv92 Muk) Prize: P4464

-3F- (Directors Office)

Nexus Grunt (Lv93 Weezing, Lv92 Crobat, Dugtrio) Prize: P4416

He’s the only one standing between us and the clowns running this little station occupation. The Director is present, held hostage by one of the Elites. 

Nexus Elite (Lv93 Hariyama, Jynx, Wobbuffet, Lv92 Gengar, Persian)

Prize: P4416

The goons leave, having failed their mission, and drop an Old Key which we pick up. The Director tells us that there’s a way to get into the Office Block from outside town, and the Old Key is for the Old Warehouse in the north. When you’re ready, we set off for Route 59.


Pokemon Found

  • Linoone, Poochyena, Mightyena, Electrike, Vileplume, Tropius, Manectric, Pelipper, Azumarill
  • Surf: Marill, Tentacruel, Pelipper
  • Old Rod: Wailmer
  • Good Rod: Goldeen, Seaking
  • Super Rod: Clamperl, Seaking 
  • Underwater: Shuppet, Haunter, Aggron, Sableye, Banette, Claydol, Vigoroth

Going straight north leads to the Old Warehouse and Route 60 while going east leads to the Science Complex. SciCon first then Old Warehouse. 

From the Gate step into the grass, on the way you’ll meet Double Battlin’ Jerry.

Camper Jerry (Lv92 Fearow & Lv91 Raticate, Lv90 Gardevoir & Lv93 Azumarill)

Prize: P3600

Past him is TM04 (Rollout) in the bottom right corner. Then carry on north from him to higher ground and Jack. 

Hiker Jack (Lv93 Golem, Lv92 Rhydon, Aggron) Prize: P2944

Northeast has Brent, then Josh is riding in the north near a Max Ether. 

Cooltrainer Brent (Lv92 Salamence, Lv91 Slakoth, Lv93 Lapras)

Prize: P3348

Biker Josh (Lv92 Weezing, Lv93 Arbok, Lv91 Gengar) Prize: P1820

Past him is Abigail. 

Beauty Abigail (Lv92 Dustox, Lv91 Raichu, Lv93 Pelipper) Prize: P6696

Beyond her is the little road which should lead to the Science Complex but as you can see, there’s a deadend. Back to the main road and continue on to the Old Warehouse. We are nearing the end of this Beta. First Trainers spotted are Jason and Alan.

Bug Catcher Jason (Lv92 Beedrill, Lv93 Masquerain) Prize: P372

Hiker Alan (Lv92 Machamp, Medicham, Lv93 Donphan, Breloom, Lv91 Tyranitar)

Prize: P2912

Past them is a Grunt and the home of the Wild Master. 

Nexus Grunt (Lv91 Scizor, Lv92 Sneasel, Crawdaunt) Prize: P4416

For ONLY P50000, the old Trainer now known as the Wild Master will sell you a Black Flute. Rushing through previously explored areas but are fresh out of Repels? That’s where this unique item comes into play. Now we got both Black and White Flutes πŸ™‚ pair completed. North of the house are Jessie and 2 more Grunts. 

Tamer Jessie (Lv92 Dragonite, Flygon, Altaria) Prize: P3680

Nexus Grunt (Lv92 Absol, Nidoking, Lv91 Muk, Lv93 Persian) Prize: P4368

Nexus Grunt (Lv92 Gyarados, Lv93 Dugtrio) Prize: P4464

There’s a PP Max on the right from him, and a pond with a Dive spot. Underwater, make your way southwest to find a Big Pearl and a resurface pool that leads to another area of Route 59 where you’ll find Brightpowder. 

Back to the main road, going west to meet Joans.

Super Nerd Joans (Lv93 Electrode, Lv92 Magneton) Prize: P2208

By the water below from him is Apollo. 

Fisher Apollo (Lv93 Seaking, Cloyster, Lv92 Tentacruel) Prize: P2232

If you surf south from him you’ll see the area where the Brightpowder is found. Continue west to the next Grunt. 

Nexus Grunt (Lv93 Tauros, Charmeleon, Lv92 Jynx, Crobat) Prize: P4464

The Old Warehouse will come into view a few steps after. There’s a Premier Ball above from the building. The last 2 Grunts for this Beta are near the entrance, the second guy just so happens to be an evolved Grunt. 

Nexus Grunt (Lv92 Sharpedo, Tyranitar) Prize: P4416

Nexus Elite (Lv93 Crawdaunt, Lv92 Electrode, Arbok) Prize: P4416

Make use of that Old Key and step inside.


Waiting inside is Mister R and he still won’t fight us, instead he has a tough little word puzzle for us to keep us busy. If we can solve it he’ll battle us. Inspect the clipboard on the table to see what we’re up against:

… i.on…t.il …. re…r..d ..cks

Don’t go downstairs, there’s a battlefield and if you stand on either side the game freezes.


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