Pokemon RealisticRed Walkthrough

Pokemon RealisticRed GBA ROM Hack slightly shuffles the order of events in Pokemon Fire Red. The wild grass is now actually dangerous with a small chance of high level encounters from the beginning. Trainer NPC’s have higher level teams, resulting in minimal grinding and a higher level curve and more.. Pokemon RealisticRed Walkthrough is General Walkrough for this game. It will some useful information and make you play it easier without stucking. It’s similar to Pokemon Fire Red so you can read Pokemon Fire Red Walkthrough.

General Walkrough of Pokemon RealisticRed

This rom hack starts the traditional way of Prof Oak warning the player of the tall grass. However in this version his warning is more warranted. After route 2 all routes have a 5-10% chance of encountering high level Pokémon.

After selecting your first Pokémon it is recommended to EV train it on the first few routes. Route 1 has all Pokémon worth 3 speed ev’s. Route 2 has all Pokémon worth 3 special attack ev’s. And route 22 has all Pokémon worth 3 attack ev’s. Each stat will max at 252 EV’s. This will put your Pokémon at level 18-20 to start the game. I have made it so these routes are always available as you play for efficient ev training

The game then follows the traditional fire red route without facing the gym leaders. After EV training and getting a new Pokémon up to your party’s level, this game is paced so the player should only have to face available trainers to be within a few levels of the NPC’s and boss’s. Exp shares are available for purchase in the viridian pokemart for earlier access to them.

All items at poke parts are significantly more expensive so manage your resources wisely. Outside some pokémarts are TM salesmen.

The player will make their way through viridian forest, into pewter city, through mount moon, and on to cerulean city. You will notice that mount moon is still available from Cerulean to return to earlier routes along with lower encounter rates to make cave travel less tedious.

My personal favorite TM salesman is in Cerulean.

The player will then face their rival in a double battle and get the ss. Anne ticket from bill. The player will then head down to Vermillion city to face their rival again on the ss Anne.

After the player will travel to rock tunnel which no longer requires flash

After rock tunnel the player will be in Lavender town to face their rival again in the Pokémon tower.

Next the player will advance to celadon city to defeat the rockets at the game corner. After beating Giovanni in a double battle the player will return to Pokémon tower to defeat team rocket there.

The player then has the ability to wake up the snorlaxes and traverse down to Fuchsia city. It is recommended to face all npc trainers available to keep up with the level curve. In Fuchsia city the player will get surf from the safari zone.

Then the player will go to saffron city to take on the fighting Dojo. Then take on team rocket at Silph Co. Battling the rival and Giovani. The player should be around level 49-54. After defeating Giovanni it time to start the gym challenge which are all double battles

The player will face Brock, then Misty, then LT Surge, then Erika, then Koga. After defeating Koga, Zapdos, Articuno, and Mew are now available. Then the player will face Sabrina. The player then will traverse the water routes to face Blaine on Cinnabar island. First however they must get the key from the Pokémon Mansion. After Blaine the trainer will go with Bill to the Sevii islands. Here moltres will be available. I recommend facing all trainers possible to stay with the level curve. After this mini quest the trainer will return to viridian to face Giovanni at the gym.

The player will then face the rival again before accessing victory road. Victory road now houses Level 60-65 wild Pokémon. Now almost all trainers in victory road are mandatory. Next will be the elite 4 and champion. All battles will be double battles. The champion will have level 71 Pokémon with a level 72 ace. I was able to defeat the League with level 66 Pokémon with some difficulty. I’d recommend level 66-70 Pokémon. Congrats on beating the Champion.


It’s the end of Pokemon RealisticRed Walkthrough. So you can read Pokemon RealisticRed Cheat Codes if you need cheat for this game.