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Pac-Man World for the Game Boy Advance (GBA) is a 3D platform game developed by Namco and published by Bandai in 2004. It is a port of the original PlayStation game of the same name, released in 1999. Pac-Man World GBA Cheat Codes will list all cheat codes for Pac-Man World ROM.

The game follows Pac-Man on his quest to rescue his friends and family from the evil Toc-Man. Pac-Man must travel through six different worlds, each with its own unique theme and challenges. The gameplay is a mix of platforming and puzzle-solving, with Pac-Man needing to collect dots, power pellets, and keys to progress.

The GBA version of Pac-Man World received mixed reviews. Critics praised the game’s faithfulness to the original PlayStation game, but some felt that the graphics and sound were not up to par. However, the game was still considered a good port for the GBA, and it is a fun and challenging game for fans of the Pac-Man.

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List Cheat Codes

CodeBreaker Codes for USA version

  • Enable Code (Must Be On): 0000F2C3 000A 10088CAA 0007
  • Inf. Health: 32001C3B 0003
  • Inf. Lives: 32001C3A 0009
  • Invincible: 32000AEA 0004
  • Level Skip (Press Select + Up): 74000130 03BB 32001618 0001 74000130 03BB 82001622 0001
  • Super Jump: 72000B84 0409 82000B84 05A9


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