Pokemon Charles’s FireRed Evolution Changes

Pokemon Charles’s FireRed is a GBA ROM Hack and based on Pokemon Fire Red. It’s QoL ROM Hack you can catch all Pokemon Up To Gen 3, New Locations, PSS Systems, and moreā€¦ It’s beta and playable in English now. Pokemon Charles’s FireRed Evolution Changes will list all Pokemon Evolution Changes in this game.

The standards:

  • All mons obtainable, either through catching, evolution, or events
  • Physical/special split
  • Infinite use TMs
  • HMs forgettable
  • Upgraded base stats and learnsets
  • Modern move standards
  • Unlocked standard FR events

All Pokemon Evolution Changes below

All evolution stones are available for purchase in the Celadon Department Store

  • Kadabra @ l37
  • Machamp @ l37
  • Golem @ l37
  • Gengar @ l37
  • Poliwhirl @ l37 for Politoed, Water Stone for Poliwrath
  • Slowpoke @ l37 for Slowbro, Water Stone for Slowking
  • Onix @ l30
  • Seadra @ l40
  • Scyther @ l30
  • Porygon @ l30
  • Clamperl @ l30 for Huntail, Water Stone for Gorebyss
  • Eevee w/ Sun Stone for Espeon, Moon Stone for Umbreon


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