Pokemon Hyper Emerald Evolution Chains and Location

No.001 Miao frog seed 101 road grass
No.002 Miao frog grass wonderful frog seed 16 evolution
No.003 Miao frog flower wonderful frog grass 32 evolution
No.004 Xiaohuolong hot flame trail
No. 005 Fire Dinosaur Small Fire Dragon 16 Evolution
No.006 Fire Dragon Fire Dinosaur 36 Evolution
No.007 Jenny Turtle 102 Road Grass
No.008 Kami Turtle Jenny Turtle 16 Evolution
No.009 Water Arrow Turtle Kami Turtle 36 Evolution
No.010 Green Caterpillar 101 Road Grass
No.011 Iron Armor Green Caterpillar 7 Evolution
No.012 Ba Da Butterfly Iron Armor 10 Evolution
No.013 Monochrome 101 Road Grass
No.014 Iron Shell 蛹 蛹7 Evolution
No.015 Large needle bee iron shell 蛹10 evolution
No.016 Bobo 101 road grass
No.017 Bibi bird 120 road grass or Bobo 18 evolution
No.018 than the bird Bibi bird 36 evolution
No.019 small pull Up to 101 Road Grass
No.020 Radha 123 Road Grass orSmall Lada 20 evolution
No.021 strong 103 bird road grass
No.022 mouth bird 20 bird intense evolution
No.023 Appleby snake 112 road grass
No.024 Appleby strange victory lane 2f Abo snake or level 22 evolutionary
No.025 Hua Pikachu orange forest grass or Picchu intimacy evolution
No.026 Leiqiu Pikachu Ray stone of evolution
111 rats desert mountains road No.027
No.028 king of mountains or the desert mountains mouse authentic level 22 evolution
No.029 Nepal Dolan Wilderness Area
No.030 Nidonna Wilderness Area or Nidolan 16th Evolution
No.031 Nido Post Nidona Moonstone Evolution
No.032 Nidoro Wild Wilderness Area
No.033 Nidolino Wilderness District or
Nidoro 16 evolution No.034 Nido Wang Nidolino Moonstone Evolution
No.035 Pippi Meteor Waterfall 1f Ground or Skin Baby Intimacy Evolution
No.036 Picompi Pipi Stone Evolution
No.037 Six tailSend-off volcano did not fog grass

No.038 nine six stone fire evolution
No.039 Jigglypuff 115 road grass or baby Ding intimacy evolution
No.040 wigglytuff Jigglypuff months stone evolution
No.041 supersonic bat Meteor Falls and other caves have
No.042 Big Mouth Bat Meteor Falls and other caves or Supersonic Bats 22 Evolution
No.043 Walking Grass 114 Road Grass
No.044 Smelly Flower 119 Road or Walking Grass 21 Evolution
No.045 Overlord flower stinky mosaic stone evolution
No.046 Paras wild wilderness area or Orange Forest
No.047 Parastat Paras 24 evolution
No.048 Hairball wild wilderness area
No.049 Ending moth hair ball Level 31 Evolution
No.050 Gopher Heat Flame Trail
No.051 Three hamsters Desert Authentic or Gopher 26 Evolution
No.052 喵喵110 Road Grass
No.053 Cat Big 喵喵28 Evolution
No.054 Up to Wild Wilderness area b area water surfing
No.055 Gotha duck up to 33 level evolution
No.056 Monkey rock cave Big
Ou No.057 Hot monkey monkey monster 28 evolution
No.058 Katie 112 road grass
No.059 Wind speed dog Katie fire Stone Evolution
No.060 Mosquito 蝌蚪 103 Road surface high pole
No.061 Mosquito frog 103 road high pole or mosquito coil
蝌蚪25 evolution No.062 Fast swimming frog mosquito frog water stone evolution
No.063 Kathy stone cave 2, 3f
No.064 Yongjila Champion Road 1f or Casey 16 Evolution
No.065 Hu Diyong Gila 40 Evolution
No.066 Wriststone Cave Dawu
No.067 Hao Li Tian Yu Jiao Yan or Wrist Force 28 Evolution
No .068 strange force ho 40 evolution
No.069 horn buds 103 road grass
No.070 Koudai spend 119,120 road grass or horn buds 21 evolution
stone No.071 great food flower Koudai mosaic of evolution
throughout No.072 agate jellyfish In case of direct or low-water fishing rod
No.073 30 jellyfish stinger jellyfish agate evolution
throughout No.074 small fist stone crushed rock
No.075 rumbling stone flame Force base or small fist stone 25 evolution
No.076 rock rumble rumble stoneLevel 40 Evolution
No.077 Small fire horse 112 road grass
No.078 Flame horse fire inflammation team base or small fire horse 40 evolution
No.079 Dull beast 104 road grass
No.080 Desperate beasts 37 evolution

堇No.082 Three-in-one magnetic strange small magnetic monster 30-level evolution
No.083 Big onion duck 118 road grass
No.084 Doodle wild wilderness area
No.085 Doodle Dudu 31 evolution
No.086 Little sea lion shoal cave ground or water surface
No.087 White sea lion small sea lion 34 level evolution
No.088 Smelly mud hot flame trail
No.089 Smelly mud mud mud 38 evolution
No.090 Big tongue shell 107 water surface water pole fishing
No.091 Iron armor big tongue shell water stone evolution
No.092 Ghosts send god volcano
No.093 Ghost Stone send god volcano or ghosts 25 evolution
No.094 耿ghost Ghost Stone 40 evolution
No.095 Big rock snake stone cave 2,3f
No.096 Sulipu Bump Hill Road Grass
No.097 素利拍素

利普26级发展 No.098 大钳蟹111 road surface high pole fishing
No.099 Giant tong crab 111 road surface high pole fishing or tongs crab 28 evolution
No.100 Thunderbolt new purple Jin
No.101 naughty egg lightning ball 30 evolution
No.102 balls wild wilderness area c District
stone egg egg coconut tree leaf evolution of No.103
No.104 Korah Korah stone cave 2,3f
No. 105 ga啦啦啦路路路 2f or Kola Kola 28 Evolution
No.106 Shawarang Ballang 20 Attack > Defense Evolution
No.107 Abi Lang Lang Balang 20 Attack < Defense Evolution No.108 Big Tongue 115 Road Grass No.109 Gas bomb hot flame trail No.110 Double bomb gas sea cave push stone or gas bomb 35 evolution No.111 Iron armor rhinoceros wild wilderness area No.112 Iron armor Tyrannosaurus rhinoceros 42 evolution No.113 Geely egg Wild wilderness area or good luck egg carrying round stone daytime evolution No.114 vine strange 119 road grass No.115 bag dragon wild wilderness area No.116 ink hippocampus 130~134 waterway high pole fishing No.117 sea thorn Long ink hippocampus 32 evolution No.118 road surface angle goldfish 111 Surf No.119 Goldfish Goldfish 33 king corner evolution No.120 Sea Star City water hydrostatic high pole fishing No.121 gem starfish sea star water Stone Evolution No.122 Sucker Magical Magic Nini Learning Imitation Evolution No.123 Flying Scorpio 119 Road Grass , Wild Wilderness Area No.124 Fan Sister Shoal Cave or Lost Lips 30 Evolution No.125 Electric Beast New Purpura Or electric shock monster level 30 evolution No.126 Duckbill fire dragon fire team base or small duck mouth dragon 30 level evolution No.127 Dajia wild wilderness area No.128 Kenteruo wild wilderness area No.129 squid king all over the water low pole fishing No.130 storm carp Long Magikarp 20 evolution No.131 Chenglong shallow cave water surfing No.132 ditto desert authentic No.133 Ibrahimovic 116 road grass No.134 water spirit Ibrahimovic water stones evolution No.135 wizard Ray Ibrahimovic Ray stone of evolution No.136 fire wizard Ibrahimovic stone fire evolution No.137 new multilateral beast Corydalis No.138 Ju Shishou 124 plants diving course at No.139 spiny Ju Shishou Ju Shishou 40 evolution No.140 fossil helmet stone Cave 3f Broken Rock No.141 Scythe Helmet Fossil Helmet 40 Evolution No.142 Fossil Wing Dragon Sea Cave Water No.143 Kabi Beast Wild Wilderness Zone or Little Kabido Intimate Evolution No.144 Frozen Bird Umbrella Rock No.145 Lightning Bird Umbrella Rock No.146 Flame Bird Umbrella Rock No.147 Mini Dragon Meteor Falls Water Surface Surfing or High Rod Fishing No.148 Hakkron Mini Dragon 30 Evolution No.149 Quick Dragon Hack Dragon 55 Evolution No.150 Super Dream Hua Lan Cave, entrance at the craftsman’s cave 1f can’t see No.151 Dreamy distant island No.151~No.251 NoNo.152 Chrysanthemum leaf 117 road grass No.153 Laurel leaf chrysanthemum leaf 16 evolution No.154 Large chrysanthemum chrysanthemum leaf 32 evolution No.155 Fireball mouse 113 road grass No.156 Fire rat Fireball 14th evolution No.157 Hot beast fire rats 36 evolution No.158 Small sawing crocodile 118 road grass No.159 Blue crocodile small sawing crocodile 18 evolution No.160 strong crocodile Blue crocodile 30 evolution No.161 tail force 102 road grass No.162 Big tail force 121 road grass or tail force 15 evolution No.163 咕咕Wild wilderness area No.164 Cat head night eagle 咕咕20 evolution No.165 Ladybug wild wilderness area No.166 An ladybug wild wilderness area or ballet ladybug 18 evolution No.167 ball line card green tunnel No.168 Aliduosi wild wilderness area or line ball 22 evolution No.169 fork word bat mouth bat intimacy evolutionary No. 170 Lantern fish 124, 126 waterway diving water grass No.171 Electric light blame 124, 126 waterway diving water grass or lantern fish 27 evolution No.172Piciu Pikachu eggs No.173 West Pico baby skin eggs No.174 baby butoxy wigglytuff eggs No.175 104 Polk road grass No.176波克基古波克than intimacy evolution No.177 natural Wild Wilderness Area No.178 Natural Bird Wild Wilderness Area or Natural Finch 25 Evolution No.179 Kenley Wild Wilderness Area, 110 Road Grass No.180 Wild Wilderness Area or Kenley Sheep 15 Evolution No.181 Electric Dragon Mian 30 Evolution No.182 Beautiful Flower Smelly Flower Sun Stone Evolution No.183 Malilu 102,111,114 and other road surface surfing or Lulili intimate evolution No.184 Ma Lilu Lima Lilu 18 evolution No.185 Nonsense Tree Battle Development Zone No.186 Bullfrog Jun mosquito frog carrying the king’s card evolution No.187 Gardenia 119 road grass No.188 Gardenia 119 road grass or scorpion grass 18 evolution No.189 scorpion cotton scorpion flower 27 evolution No. 190 123 long-tailed backhoes road grass No.191 Muko 115 road grass seed No.192 Muko Muko strange flower seeds sun stone evolution No.193 Yangyang Mary 115 road grass No.194Wu Bo wild wilderness area, 114 road surface high pole fishing No.195 marsh Wang wild wilderness area, 114 high road surface fishing rod or Wu Bo 20 evolution No.196 sun elves Ibrahimovic day intimacy evolution No.197 on the wizard Iraq Cloth Night Intimacy Evolution No.198 Dark Crow Sending God Volcano No Foggy Grass No.199 Hippo King Duratory Beast Carrying the King’s Card Evolution No.200 Dream Demon Sending Volcano Top No.201 Unknown Totem Awakening Temple (Here is Some fake unknown totem features are not floating. The skill is only slap instead of awakening power. The probability of capture is also low. The number is also No.000. It is best to bring an elf with an earthquake. Because the unknown totem is a floating character, the ground is playing. Not enough , so the totem that the earthquake can’t hit is the true totem. No.202 Surely wild wilderness area or small fruit Rang 15 evolution No.203 Kirinchi wild wilderness area No.204 Hazelnut wild wilderness area No.205 Buddha Retos Wild Wilderness Area or Hazelnut Ball 31 Evolution No.206 Tulong Brothers Hot Flame Trail No.207 Scorpio Bump Mountain Road No.208 Big Steel Snake Big Rock Snake Carrying Metal Coating Upgrade Evolution No.209 Bru 117 Road Grass No.210Blue Emperor Bruce 23 Evolution No.211 Thousand Needles 111 Road Surface Surf No.212 Giant Pliers Flying Scorpio Carrying Metal Coating Upgrade Evolution No.213 Pot Pot Wild Wilderness Area New Area Broken Rock No.214 Herac Ross Wilderness Area No.215 狃拉浅滩 洞No.216 熊宝宝123 路草丛 No.217 圈熊宝宝30级进化 No.218 Lava worm hot flame trail No.219 Lava snail hot flame trail or lava bug level 38 Evolution No.220 Hill Pig Shoal Cave No.221 Slender Pig Shoal Cave or Hill Pig 33 Evolution No.222 Sun Coral Surabaya Water Surface Surf No.223 Iron Cannon 120 Road, Wild Wilderness Area High Rod Fishing No.224 Octopus barrel with iron gunfish or iron cannonfish 25 evolution No.225 Messenger bird 125 channel water surface surfing No.226 Giant winged flying fish 126 channel water surface surfing or when there are iron cannonballs in the team, small ball flying fish upgrade evolution No.227 armor Bird 113 Road Grass No.228 Dairuby 113 Road Grass No.229 Black Ruga Dai Rubi Level 24 Evolution No.230 Sting Dragon King Sea Sting Dragon Carrying Dragon Scales Upgrade Evolution No.231 Little Elephant 113 Road Grass No. 232 A small figure 25 evolution No.233 Multilateral Beast II Multilateral Beast Carrying Upgrade Card Upgrade Evolution No.234 Scarf Deer 123 Road Grass No.235 Tutu Dog Battle Zone Artisan Cave the time No.237柯波朗巴尔Lang grade = 20 attack defense evolution No.238 fans lip baby Jynx eggs No.239 shock strange shock beast lay eggs No.240 Small duck mouth dragon duck mouth fire dragon raw egg No.241 big milk tank Wild wilderness area No.242 Happy egg wild wilderness area or Geely egg intimacy evolution No.243 Leigong stone cave 2f ramp above (requires Mach bicycle) No. 244 Yan with Thunder No.245 with water Jun Yan No.246 of Kira 111 road desert No.247 Sha Jila of Kira evolution 30 No.248 classes Gila Shaji La 55 evolution No.249 Lugia Umbilical Rock No.250 Phoenix King Umbilical Rock No.251 Snow Rabbi Green Shade Forest No.252~ No.386 No.252 Mushou Palace 114 Road Grass No.253 Forest Lizard Wood Shougong 16 Evolution No.254 Lizard King Forest Lizard 36 Evolution No.255 Fire Chicken 113 Road Grass No.256 Strong Chicken Fire Chicken 16th Evolution No.257 Flame Chicken Strong Chicken 36 Evolution No.258 Water Leap Fish 118 Road Grass No.259 Marsh Leopard Fish Leapfish 16 Evolution No.260 Giant Marsh Monster Leap Fish 36 Evolution No .261 soil shepherds 101 road grass No.262 big dog 121 road grass or soil shepherds 18 evolution No.263 serpentine road 101 bear grass No.264 straight road 121 bear grass or serpentine bear 20 evolution No .265 Stag Beetle 101 Road Grass No.266 Crustacean Orange Forest or Thornworm Character Value <5:7 Evolution No.267 Hunting Papilio Crustacean Level 10 Evolution No.268 Shield Armor Orange Forest Or the value of the larvae of the larvae >
5,7,7 evolution No.269
No.270 Lotus leaf boy 102 road grass
No.271 Lotus hat child lotus leaf boy 14 evolution
No.272 Lotte river boy lotus hat child water stone evolution No.273
Acorn fruit 102 road grass
No.274 long nose leaf acorn If 14 evolution
No.275 cunning Tengu proboscis leaf leaves stones evolution
No.276 proud Yan 104 road grass
No.277 large Wang Yan 115 road grass or proud Yan 22 evolution
water around the No.278 winged gull surfing
No.279 surfing or water around the mouth gull winged gulls 25 evolution
No.280 Lalu Las 102 road grass
No.281奇鲁莉安拉Lula Si 20 evolution
No.282 GARDEVOIR Qilu Lianne 30 evolution

No .283 Yo-Yo Ball 102 Road Water Surf
No.284 Rain-winged Moth 102 Road Water Surf or Yo-Yo Ball 22 Evolution
No.285 Mushroom Mushroom Orange Forest
No.286 Buckwheat Mushroom Mushroom 23 Evolution
No.287 Lazy Man 116 road grass
No.288 over 猿Victory lane 2f or lazy Weng 18 evolution
No.289 leave the king hyperactive ape 36 evolution
No.290 Doi endure Guests card green tunnel
No.291 Iron Mask Ninja Doi endure disabilities 20 evolution
No.292 shelling Ninja backpack In the middle of the Elf ball and the vacant position, the earthen family evolution
No.293 咕 Niu Niu card green tunnel
No.294 吼 弹 冠军 champion road 3f or 咕 Niu Niu 20 evolution
No.295 popping quirks bombs 40 evolution
No.296 under the curtain Rexroth Cave 1f
No.297 Super King Champion Road 2f or Under the Curtain 24th Evolution
No.298 Deli Li Female Marley or Marley
Luli Carrying Moist Incense Hatching No.299 Cave of the North Nose Stone 3f broken rock
No.300 to the tail 喵 116 road grass
no.301 elegant cat to the tail of the moon stone evolution
No.302 Ghost soul stone cave 1f
No.303 big mouth baby stone cave 1f
No.304 Coco Dora stone the cave 1F
item No.305 Dora victory lane or cocoa Dora 32 3f evolution
No.306 boss 42 Dora Dora evolution
No.307 Masuo Na allay volcano not fogged grass
No.308 Chalem Championship Road 1f or Masana 37 Evolution
No.309 Falling Beast 110 Road Grass
No.310 Lightning Beast Thrower Evolution
No.311 Positive pat 110 road grass
No.312 Negative pat 110 road grass
No.313 electric worm 117 road grass
No.314 sweet fire 117 road grass
no.315 poison rose 117 road grass or shy bag day intimacy evolution
No.316 dissolves beast 110 road grass
No.317 swallowing beast The cave of the sea pushes the stone or the eater 26 evolution
No.318 The toothfish 118., 119 road surface high pole fishing
No.319 Giant tooth shark with the toothfish or the toothfish 30 evolution
No.320 吼吼Whales around the water high pole fishing
No.321 吼 whale king whale 40 level evolution
No. 322 fire camel hot flame trail
No.323 fire hump fire camel 33 evolution
No.324 coal turtle hot flame trail
No.325 jumping pig bump road
No.326 puff jumping pig pig 32 evolution
No.327 shook spot 113 road grass
No.328 big E 111 road desert ants
No.329 Ultrasonic larvae Desert or Dae ant 35 evolution
No.330 Desert 蜻蜓 Ultrasonic larvae 45th evolution
No.331 Desert Naia 111 Road Desert
No.332 Dream Song Naia Desert Naia 32 Evolution
No. 333 114 birds blue cotton road grass
No.334 Tanabata blue Bird sky blue cotton or column 35 birds evolved
No.335 Mongoose 114 road cut grass
No.336 spoon snake 114 road grass
No.337 Moonstone meteor Falls
No.338 Sun Rock Meteor Falls
No.339 Muddy mud 114,111,120 road surface high pole fishing
No.340 鲶鱼王泥
泥鳅30级进化No.341 Lobster soldier 102,117 road surface high pole fishing No.342
Iron lobster lobster with lobster soldier or lobster soldier 30 evolution
No.343 Libra phantom tower
No.344 Nianli Tuqi Sky column or Libra even 36 evolution
No.345 Tentacle Lily Sea Cave Two water flow area left
No.346 Cradle Lily Tentacle Lily 40 Evolution
No.347 Taikoo The

No. 348 Taikoo armor Taikoo feathers 40-level evolution
No. 349 Stupid fish 119 road random 6 fishing spots low pole fishing
No.350 Minas stupid fish full of beauty or carrying Beautiful Scale Evolution
No.351 Floating Bubble Weather Institute defeated the water fleet to give
No.352 Changed Hidden Dragon 119,120 Road Hidden
No.353 Resentful Shadow Doll God Volcano
No.354 Cursed Doll Shadow Doll 37 Evolution
No.355 Night cranial skeleton allay volcano
No.356 night the giants night cranial skeleton 37 evolution
No.357 tropical dragon 119 road grass
No.358 Lingling allay wind volcano grass (can not afford to play fog have)
No.359 Absol Send-off The volcano can not afford the fog grass
No.360 small fruit, the egg hatching of the old woman in the town of Keyan
No.361 Snow Boy Shoal Cave
No.362 Ice Ghost Protection Shoal Cave or Snow Boy 42 Evolution
No.363 Seal Ball Shoal Cave
No.364 Sea Magic Lion Shoal Cave or Seal Ball 32 Evolution
No.365 Royal Tooth Sea Lion Lion 44 Evolution
No.366 Pearl Bay 124, 126 Channel Diving
Shuihu Department No.367 Speckfish Pearl Shell Carrying Deep Sea Teeth Evolution
No.368 Sakura Fish Pearl White Carrying Deep Sea Scale Evolution
No.369 Ancient Air Spinix 126 Channel Diving Water Grass
No .370 luvdisc color quiet city water high pole fishing
No.371 baby dragon meteor Falls
No.372 crustaceans dragon baby dragon 30 evolution
No.373 storm newt crustaceans Long 50 evolution
No.374 iron dumbbell head two weeks big table and our home
No.375 Metallic Iron Dumbbell 20 Evolution
No.376 Giant Gold Monster 45th Evolution
No.377 Reggie Locke Opens the 111 Road Desert Remains
No.378 Reggie Alice Opens the Switch 105 After the Isle of the Channel horizontal hole
No.379 Regis Qilu 120 ancient way switch open grave
(self Baidu how open)
No. 380 pull Emperor EliasTwo weeks, the mother asked the color to choose the red full picture with the opportunity, the blue is the southern island fixed point
No.381 Ladius with Ladias , but the opposite condition
No.382 Gaioka two weeks weather research institute Inquire, if you know that the xx waterway is raining, you can go to the corresponding place to find the place where you can dive.
No.383 Gulado is covered with Ouka. The difference is that after the xx road is dry, you can find the newly added cave
No.384. sit sky column
No.385 Kira pray craftsmen hole 2F
No. 386 Deoxys birth Island
No.387 Grass seedling turtle 116 road grass
No.388 Forest tortoise seedling turtle 18 evolution
No.389 Turtle tortoise tree turtle 32 evolution
No.390 Small flame monkey card green tunnel
No.391 Monkey Little Flame Monkey Level 14 Evolution
No.392 Flame Monkey Menghuo Monkey 36 Evolution No.393 Bojiaman
103 Road Grass
No.394 Wave
Emperor Bogman 16 Evolution No.395 Emperor Nabobo Prince 36 Evolution
No. 396 Mukeer 103 Road Grass
No.397 Muke Bird 120 Road Grass or
Mukeer 14 Evolution No.398 Muke Yamke Bird 34 Evolution
No.399 Big Beaver 104 Road Grass No.400
Big Tail Beaver 118 Road grass or big tooth raccoon 15 evolution No.
401 Round Mage Wild Wilderness Area
No.402 Speaker 蟀 Wild Wilderness Area or Round Master 10 Evolution
No.403 Kitten blame 110 road grass

No.404 Luck cat 118 road grass or small Cat Monster 15 Evolution
No.405 Roentgen Cat 118 RoadGrass or cat 15 lux evolution
No.406 shy bud female drug or Luosi Lei flower rose rose censer carrying eggs
No.407 Luosi Lei flower victory lane 1f or poison rose Light Stone evolution
No.408 skull dragon Fire team base 1f
No.409 Warhammer faucet
Gaillon 30 evolution No.410 Shield armor dragon fire team base 1f
No.411 Moto dragon shield Ankyo 30 evolution No.412 Grass
119 road grass
No.413 Lady’s Female
Herbaceous 20 Evolution No.414 Gentleman’s Moth Male Grassy 20 Evolution
No.415 Three Bees 123 Road Grass
No.416 Queen’s Female Three Bees 21 Evolution
No.417 Patrice 118 Road Grass
No .418 Swimming 鼬 120 road surface surfing
No. 419 snorkeling 鼬 120 road surface surfing or swimming 鼬 26 evolution
No. 420 Sakura 117 road grass
No.421 Sakura cherry blossom level 25 evolution No. 422
shellless manatee Blue surf on the 123 road surface, pink on the 104 road surface surf
No.423 Manatee shellless manatee 30 evolution
No.424 Two-tailed geek long tail strange hand learn double attack evolution
No.425 fluttering ball to send God Volcanic foggy grass
No.426 echoed balloons in the sky column or fluttering ball 28 evolution
No.427 curly ear wild wilderness area
No.428 curly long-eared rabbit ear intimacy evolution
No.429 dream dream demon demons of the dark stone evolution
No.430 Crow head dark crow dark stone evolution
No.431 Charm 喵 116 road grass
No.432 Dong Shi 喵 charm 喵 38 evolution
No.433 Bell 铛 雌 female wind Lingling carrying clean incense raw eggs
No.434 skunk bump mountain road
No .435 Tank Skunk Skunk Level 34 Evolution
No.436 Bronze Mirror Phantom Tower
No.437 Bronze Bell Sky Column or Bronze Mirror
Legend 33 Evolution No.438 Love Cries Tree 123 Road Grass or Female Nuts Tree Carrying Rock Incense
Beef No.439 Magic Nini 123 Road Grass or Female Sucker Magic Couple Carrying Weird Alcoholic Eggs
No.440 Good Luck Egg Female Geely Egg or Happy Egg Carrying Happy Incense Eggs
No.441 Noisy Bird Orange Forest
No.442 Flower rock sacred volcano top
No.443 Round land shark 111 road desert
No.444 Canine land shark meteor waterfall 2f or round land shark 24 evolution
No.445 Strong bite shark fangs land shark 48 evolution
No.446 Little Kabir Beast 115 RoadGrass or female Snorlax carry raw eggs full of incense
No.447 Leo road stone cave at large I
No.448 Lucario Leo road during the day intimacy evolution
No.449 111 hippos strange desert road
No.450 hippo beast Strange Hippo 34 Evolution
No.451 Purple Sky Mirage Tower
No.452 Dragon King 蝎 Purple Sky 40 Evolution
No.453 Bad Frog 110 Road Grass
No.454 Poisonous Frog Bad Frog 37 Evolution
No.455 Nose Cage 119 Road Grass
No.456 Fluorescent Fish Orange City Water Surface High Rod Fishing
No.457 Neon Fish Orange River Water High Rod Fishing or Fluorescent Fish 31 Evolution
No.458 Small Ball Flying Fish Female Giant Wing Flying Fish Carrying Oyster Flavored Egg
No. 459 Snow shoal shoal cave
No.460 Blizzard King Snow 40 40 40 Evolution
No.461 玛狃拉狃拉 carrying sharp claws night upgrade evolution
No.462 Self-explosive magnetic monster three-in-one magnetic monster in the new purple
堇upgrade evolution No.463 big tongue licking the serpent learn scroll evolution
No.464 super iron armored Tyrannosaurus rex carry protective gear evolution
No.465 giant vine vine blameLearn the original force evolution
No.466 Electric shock World of Warcraft electric beast carrying power amplifier evolution
No.467 Duckbill fever dragon duck mouth fire dragon carrying lava increaser evolution
No.468 Polkkispookee ancient light stone evolution
No.469 Merkayang Ma Yang Yang Ma learned the power of the original evolution
No.470 Ye elves Ibrahimovic leaves stones evolution
No.471 ice elves Ibrahimovic ice stone evolution
No.472 Scorpion King Scorpio carrying of sharp teeth at night evolutionary upgrade
No.473 long ivory pig The Pigs Society Primitive Force Evolution
No.474 Multilateral Beast Z Multilateral Beast II Carrying Suspicious Patch Evolution
No.475 Ai Lue Duo Male Chiluli Ann Awakening Stone Evolution
No.476 magnetic steel nose toward the new Beibi in Corydalis upgrade evolution
No.477 Night Dark Night giants who carry the spirit world cloth evolution
No.478 Snow Vamp female snow boy awakening stone evolution
No.479 Luotuo Mu new Corydalis
No.480 of Kish color quiet city elves center below the cave
No.481 Yi Muli and more with the Kish
No.482 Pontiac Nome with Ai Muli multi
No.483 Di Luca teeth awakening temple top hole
No.484 Peru Chia with Emperor Luca
No.485 The road behind the coaster is going to find the hole (remember to bring an elf that will fly or move instantly)
No.486 Reggie Cascais Stone Room
No.487 Riding pull Dina allay volcano top of the inverted world
No.488 Elijah Craig color allay volcanic fog place a piece of orange tombstone
No.489 Fiona Mana Fei eggs
No.490 Mana Fei deep sea
No.491 Nasdaq Ley allay volcanic fog place a piece of orange tombstone
No.492 Jie Mi shade forest
No.493 Arceus below the head trainer in two weeks after reaching the top of the mountain entrance Enter the gods to capture
No.649 No.494
No.494 BAK Martini Glass City, a Bed
No.495 rattan vine snake 104 road grass
No.496 ivy vine snake vine snake evolution 17
36 No.497 monarch snake vine snake evolutionary
No.498 warm swine fever flame diameter
No.499 stir fry pig warm pig 17 evolutionary
No.500 Yan Wu stir fry pig 36 evolutionary
No.501 water path 120 otter grass
No.502 edged pill 17 otter Level Evolution
No.503 Big Sword Ghost Double Blade Pills 36 Evolution
No.504 Detective Rat 102 Road Grass
No.505 Step Whistle 123 Road Grass or
Detective Mouse 20 Evolution No.506 Small York 101 Road Grass
No.507 Ha York 121 road grass or small York 16 evolution
No. 508 long-haired dog Ha York 32 evolution
No.509 扒 hand cat 116 road grass
No.510 cool leopard 121 road grass or 扒hand cat 20-level evolution
120 road No.511 broccoli monkey grass
No.512 broccoli flower stone ape coconut leaf monkey’s evolution
No.513 saute monkey 120 road grass
No.514 ape saute until fragrant monkey stone fire evolution
No.515 cold water monkey 120 road grass
No.516 cold ape cold monkey water stone evolution
No.517 food Renee allay volcano 2F
No.518 food Renee Renee eclipse the Moon stone evolution
No.519 pigeon peas 103 road grass
No.520 Bobo Pigeon 121 Road Grass or Peas Pigeon 21 Evolution
No.521 Banglong Chicken Bobo Pigeon 32 Evolution
No.522 Zebra 110 Road Grass
No.523 Thunderbolt Zebra 121 Road Grass or Zebra 27 Evolution
No.524 Stone Maruko Card Green Tunnel, Stone Cave 1f
No.525 Earth Rock Day Jiaoyang Drought Rock or
Shiwanzi 25 Evolution No.526 Pang Yanwei Mantle Rock 40 Evolution
No.527 Rolling Bat Sea Cave
No.528 Heart Bat Sea Cave or rolling bat intimacyEvolution
No.529 Screw hamster drought coke rock
No.530 Faucet hamster desert tunnel or screw hamster 31 evolution
No.531 Almost doll 115 road grass
No.532 Handling small stone cave Cave
No.533 Iron bone Tujia Tianjiao dry rock or handling small craftsmanship 25 evolution
No.534 repairing old man iron bones 40 people evolution
No.535 round 蝌蚪123 road surface high pole fishing
No.536 Lancome with round or round 蝌蚪 25 evolution
No.538 Projection Ghost 112 Road Grass
No.539 Fighting Ghost 112 Road Grass
No.540 Pest Bao Bao Orange Forest
No.541 Bao Bao 茧 宝 Bao Bao 20 Evolution
No.542 Nanny worm Bao Bao 茧intimate evolution
No. 543 Hundreds of 蜈蚣 蜈蚣 华 森林
No No. 544 Wheel ball
蜈蚣 蜈蚣22 Evolution No. 545 蜈蚣 King wheel ball 30 evolution
No. 546 Kapok ball 104 road grass
No. 547 Wind Leprechaun Kapok Ball Sun Stone Evolution
No.548 Lily Root Doll 104 Road Grass
No.549 Skirt Miss Lily Root Doll Sun Stone Evolution
No.550 Warrior Squid 103 Road Water High Rod Fishing
No.551 Black eye crocodile 111 road desert
No.552 mixed crocodile black eye crocodile 29 evolution
No.553 rogue crocodile mixed crocodile 40 evolution
No.554 flaming tumbler 112 road grass
No.555 Dharma flaming red tumbler 35 evolution
No .556 111 bell street sand desert road
No.557 stone home broken rock crab 111 road
No.558 rock temple stone home living crab crab 34 evolution
No.559 slick kid bump road
No.560 scarf bully slick guy 39 evolution
No.561 symbolic birds Phantom Tower Top
No.562 Crying Mask Phantom Tower
No.563 Death哭 Crying Mask 34 Evolution
No.564 Original Cover Turtle 126 Channel Diving
Shuicao No.565 Rib Turtle Original Cover Turtle 37 Evolution
No.566 Ancestor 112 birds road grass
No.567 ancestor of the bird 37 the bird evolutionary ancestor
No.568 broken broken bags 110 road grass
No.569 push the stone dust Sankaikan cave at 36 bags or broken broken evolution
No.570 Suoluo Ya 101 road grass
No.571 Solomon Senanayake Suoluo Ya 30 evolution
No.572 foam chinchilla 119 road grass
No.573 scarves chinchilla stone foam chinchilla light of evolution
No.574 Gothic baby allay volcano
No.575 Gothic or Gothic Boys allay volcano top baby 32 Evolution
No.576 Miss Gothic Gothic Child 41 Evolution
No.577 Single Egg Cell Sending God Volcano
No.578 Double Egg Cell Ball Sending Volcano Top or Single Egg
Cell 32 Evolution No.579 Artificial Cell Egg Double Egg Cell Ball 41 Evolution
No.580 Duck Baby 117 Road Water Surf
No.581 Chief Swan with Duck Baby or Duck Baby 35 Evolution
No.582 Mini Ice Shoal Cave
No.583 More Ice Shoal Cave or Mini Ice 35 Evolution
No.584 Double Ice more ice 47 evolution
No.585 Four seasons deer 117 road grass
No.586 bud blowing deer season deer 34 evolution
No.587 conductive flying squirrel 118 road grass
No.650 Harley chestnut orange forest
No.651 Fat Harley 16 evolution
No.652 Brikalong Fat Harley 36 evolution
No.653 Firefox 114 road grass
No. 654 long-tailed firefox Firefox 16-level evolution
No.655 demon red fox long-tailed firefox 36-level evolution
No.656 呱呱 蛙 frog 117 road grass
No.657 呱 frog
呱呱 呱呱16 16 evolution No.658 甲贺忍蛙呱Head Frog 36 Evolution
No. 659 Digging Rabbit Bump
Mountain Road No.660 Bleak Rabbit Desert Tunnel or Digging Rabbit 20 Evolution
No.661 Little Arrows 104 Road Grass
No.662 Rocket Finch 112 Road Grass or Small Arrows 17 Level Evolution
No.663 Strong Arrow Hawk Rocket 35 Level Evolution
No.664 Pink Butterfly Orange
River Forest No.665 Pink Butterfly Butterfly Butterfly 9th Evolution
No.666 Pink Butterfly Butterfly 12th Evolution
No.667 Small Lion Lion 112 Road Grass
No.668 Fire lion lion
cub 35 evolution No.669 Flower 蓓蓓 104 road grass
No.670 Flower bud flower 蓓蓓 19 evolution
No. 671 flower cleaning lady Flower radiance stone evolution
No. 672 咩咩Sheep 114 Road Grass
No.673 Mounted Goats and Sheep 32 Evolution
No.674 Naughty Panda Bump Hill
No.675 Rogue Pandas in the Panda Team When the Naughty Pandas Upgrade Evolution
No.676 Dolly Champion Road
No. Miao Miao 677 116 road grass
No.678 super Miao Miao meow meow 25 evolution
No.679 alone scabbard 113 road grass
No.680 double scabbard scabbard only 35 evolution
No.681 strong shield sword scabbard strange double dark Stone Evolution
No.682 Powder Fragrance 117 Road Grass
No.683 Aromatic Fine Powder Fragrance Carrying Sachet Evolution
No.684 Cotton Puff 117 Road Grass
No.685 Fat Sweet Nim
Puffs Carrying Foam Cream Evolution No.686 Hao La squid 121,122 road surface high pole fishing
No.687 squid Wang Hao La squid learned juggling space evolution
No.688 turtle feet 124 feet diving course at plants
No.689 Tortoise’s tortoise’s foot and foot 39 evolution
No.690 Lazao 130~134 waterway surface surfing
No.691 poison Laminei Lacuna 48 level evolution
No.692 Steel arm gun shrimp 102 road surface high pole Fishing
No.693 steel gun arm gun arm shrimp with shrimp steel or steel gun arm 37 shrimp evolution
No.694 umbrella electrically lizard 111 desert road
No.695 electrical umbrella Chart umbrella electrically lizard Taiyangshi evolution
No.696 meteor baby rex The deepest
part of the waterfall No.697 The geek dragon baby tyrannosaurus daytime 39 evolution
No.698 The snow and ice dragon meteor waterfall deepest
No.699 Ice and snow dragon ice snow dragon night 39 evolution
No.700 Fairy Elves Ibrahimovic learn the fairy skills evolution If you can not fill intimacy
No.701 115 fighting birds road grass
No.702 pound rat 118 road grass
deepest No.703 diamond pieces small meteor falls
No.704 sticky Bao 119 road grass
No.705 sticky United States Iraqi children 123 road grass or sticky Po 40 evolution
No.706 dragon sticky sticky MERO US and Iraqi children evolution in the rain 50, 119 roads and 120 roads are a chance of rain
No.707 Key ring children 113 road grass
No.708 Xiao Muling 121 road grass
No.709 dead wood demon Xiao Muling 40 level evolution
No.710 pumpkin fine 121 road grass
No.711 pumpkin weirdo pumpkin fine 40 evolution
No.712 ice treasure Shoal Cave
No.713 Ice Rock Iceberg 37 Evolution
No.714 嗡 流 流 流 Waterfall
No.715 Sonic Dragon Sky Column or
嗡48 48 Evolution No.716 Zernias Wild Wilderness Area New Area
No. 717 Yıldtal Wild Wilderness Area New Area
No.718 Kigede 103 Road Change Cave Upper right corner entrance into Longdi Cave No.719
Deep in the
Tianan Desert Road No.720 Hupa Abandoned Ship
No. 721 Polkunion Unknown Cave
No.802 item No.722
item No.722 owl 103 Wood Road grass
No.723 administered feather Wood owl 17 owl evolution
No.724 spy administered plume emitted tree owl 34 owl evolution
No.725 116 firestain Meow road grass
No.726 hot spot meow meow 17 fire evolution
No.727 blazing hot roaring tiger meow 34 evolution
No.728 Sphere shallow sea lion caves
No.729 Something New sea lion sea lion 17 balls evolution
No.730 West sea lion Wang
Huayuan sea ​​lion 34 evolution No.731 Xiaoyan children 103 road grass
No.732 Horn ostrich 120 road grass or small 笃 children 14 evolution
No. 733 铳 大 big bird horn
ostrich 28 evolution No. 734 cat 鼬 less 102 road grass
No 735 121 Mongoose detective road bushes or less during the day and 20 Mongoose evolution
No.736 strong jaw new female worms chicken Corydalis
No.737 charge treasure new Corydalis or strong jaw chicken female worms 20 evolution
No. 738 shovel agricultural pest gun charge treasure new in Corydalis upgrade evolution
No.739 Victory Crab 105 Channel Water Surf
No.740 Victory Hair Crab Victory Crab in the Shallow Cave Upgrade Evolution
No.741 Flower Dance Bird Awakening Temple 5f
No.742 Meng虻119 Road Grass or Wild Wilderness Area
No.743 Butterfly Cute Wild
No. 744 Rock Dog Grey Cave 2, 3f
No.745 Evolution of the Rock Formation of the Rock and Roll Dogs (the evolution of the daytime, the night of the night, the twilight evolution of the evening)
No.746 weak D channel 132 tall fish fishing
No.747 quality star Mo Town water fishing pole high
No.748 super Star 38 bad bad star evolution
No.749 uneven mud donkey Aberdeen Road
No.750 pull mud weight Horse Desert
Tunnel or Muddy 30 Evolution No.751 Drop Spider 110 Road Water Surf No.752 Drop Spider 110 Road
Water Surf or
Dripping Spider 22 Evolution No.753 False Valerian 119 Road Grass
No.754 Lancome Pseudo-
Alfalfa Day 34 Evolution No.755 Sleeping Mushroom 119 Road Grass
No.756 Lampshade Night Mushroom Sleeping Mushroom 24 Level Evolution
No.757 Night Rogue Fire Lizard Fire Base Base
No.758 Flame After Lizard Female Night Stalking Fire Lizard 33 Evolution
No.759 Puppet Bear 116 Road Grass
No.760 Wearing a Bear Puppy Bear 27 Evolution
No.761 Sweet bamboo bamboo 117 road grass
No.762 Sweet dance Ni 123 road grass or sweet bamboo bamboo 18 evolution
No.763 Sweet cold sweet dance Nie learned to step on the upgrade evolution
No.764 Flower therapy ring 120 road grass
No.765 Chihwa Wild Wilderness Area
No.766 Throwing Monkey Wild Wilderness Area
No.767 Biliary Wild Wilderness Area
No.768 A martial art biliary worm 30-level evolution
No.769 Dune baby 111 road desert
No.770 Lord dunes sandcastles baby 42 evolution
No.771 fist cucumber green Ridge City water high pole fishing
No.772 attributes: empty green Ridge center of the universe basement
No.773 silver with animal fighting attributes: empty intimacy evolution
No.774 small meteorite Meteor Falls Dawu
No.775 Tree Pillow Bear 120 Road Grass
No.776 Explosive Turtle Beast Day
Jiaoyan No.777 Togo Demar New Ziyan
No.778 Mini Q Orange Forest
No.779 Molar Fish Caiyou City High Rod Fishing
No.780 The oldest dragon meteor waterfall deepest
No.781 Broken ship rudder abandoned boat shallow water high pole fishing
No.782 Heart scale treasure meteor waterfall 1f
No.783 Scale A dragon meteor waterfall 2f, champion road 2f or heart scale treasure 35 Level Evolution
No.784 Rodtail Scale Scale Dragon Scale Aron 45 Evolution
No.785 Cardinal · Mingming Wild Wilderness Area Fixed
Point No.786 Card 噗Butterfly Butterfly Same card 璞·鸣鸣
No.787 卡璞·哞哞同Pu-card butterfly butterfly
No.788 card Pu-Pu-fin fin with card moo
No.789 large meteor falls at my Cosmo ancient
No.790 Cosmo Muke 43 Smokin ancient evolutionary
No.791 Solga Leo Cosmo
May Day 53 Evolution No.792 Luna Yala Cosmom Night 53 Evolution
No.793 Virtual Wu Yide Entrance at 133 Channel
No.794 Explosive Muscle Mosquito Entrance at Sea Cave
No.795 Feiluomei Entrance Distant island
No.796 Electric beam wooden entrance in the new Ziyan
No.797 Iron fire night entrance in the upper right corner of the Yantu Mountain
No.798 Paper Yujian entrance in the middle of the exit of the card green tunnel after the glasses male near
No.799 The entrance to the Bad Eater is at the deepest
point of the Meteor Falls No.800 Nek Lozma Craftsman’s Cave 1f
No.801 Maji Yana Kanaz City Dormitory Building 3f in the office of a computer
No.802 Machato 103 road change cave