Pokemon Azure Platinum Item Locations

Pokemon Azure Platinum is an NDS ROM Hack and based on Pokemon Platinum by memory5ty7. It has New characters and story-arcs of the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl anime with Delta Episode, Increased Difficulty, Nuzlocke Mode and more… It’s complete in English and French. Pokemon Azure Platinum Item Locations will list all information of Item Locations in this game.

The player gets a Porta-PC that makes the gameplay more fluid and pleasant.
No item is usable in-battle except Pokéballs.
You can buy Rare Candies in every Pokémart for 1 Pokédollar.

Some items’ prices have been adjusted.
A lot of useful items can be bought in Pokémarts.
Every evolution item can be bought.

Item changes:
Hyper Potion: Restored HPs: 200->120
Vitamins (HP Up, Protein, Iron, Calcium, Zinc, Carbos) cannot be used.
Rare Candies can only be used to get to the Level Cap.
The following items can now be used directly on a Pokemon and trigger its evolution:
King’s Rock, Metal Coat, DeepSeaTooth, DeepSeaScale, Dragon Scale, Protector, Electirizer, Magmarizer, Up-Grade, Dubious Disc, Reaper Cloth, Prism Scale, Oval Stone, Razor Fang, Razor Claw

Item Locations of Pokemon Azure Platinum Below


Main Mart
-Rare Candy (1)Start
-Poké Ball (50)Start
-Great Ball (150)3 badges
-Ultra Ball (300)5 badges
-Potion (300)Start
-Super Potion (700)1 badge
-Hyper Potion (1200)5 badges
-Max Potion (2500)7 badges
-Full Restore (3000)8 badges
-Full Heal (600)5 badges
-Ether (1200)1 badge
-Max Ether (2000)5 badges
-Max Elixir (4500)8 badges
-Revive (1500)3 badges
-Max Revive (4000)8 badges
-Escape Rope (550)1 badge
-Repel (350)Start
-Super Repel (500)1 badge
-Max Repel (700)3 badges

Secondary Marts:
JUBILIFE CITY: Oran Berry (20), Lum Berry (50)
OREBURGH CITY: Rindo Berry (20), Occa Berry (20), Passho Berry (20)
FLOAROMA TOWN: Sitrus Berry (20), Wacan Berry (20), Sun Stone (2100)
ETERNA CITY: Moon Stone (2100), Leaf Stone (2100), Chople Berry (20), Tanga Berry (20)
HEARTHOME CITY: Fire Stone (2100), Water Stone (2100), Thunderstone (2100), Ice Stone (2100)
SOLACEON TOWN: Dusk Stone (2100), Dawn Stone (2100), Razor Claw (2100), Razor Fang (2100)
CANALAVE CITY: Chilan Berry (20), Yache Berry (20), Babiri Berry (20), Haban Berry (20)
CELESTIC TOWN: Magmarizer (2100), Electirizer (2100), Protector (2100), Reaper Cloth (2100)
CANALAVE CITY: Shell Bell (3000), Power Herb (3000), White Herb (1000), Dubious Disc (2100)
SNOWPOINT CITY: Oval Stone (2100), Big Root (3000), Shed Shell (3000), Black Sludge (3000)
SUNYSHORE CITY: Muscle Band (3000), Wise Glasses (3000)
-Fossils: Root Fossil (5000), Claw Fossil (5000), Helix Fossil (5000), Dome Fossil (5000), Old Amber (5000), Armor Fossil (5000), Skull Fossil (5000)
-Berries: Sitrus Berry (50), Lum Berry (50)
-TMs (after the start of Operation AZURE): TM15-Hyper Beam (9000), TM68-Giga Impact (9000)
POKEMON LEAGUE: Heal Ball (100), Net Ball (300), Nest Ball (300), Dusk Ball (300), Quick Ball (300), Timer Ball (300), Repeat Ball (300), Luxury Ball (1000)
-Hold items: Life Orb (3000), Toxic Orb (3000), Flame Orb (3000)
-Berries: Liechi Berry (20), Ganlon Berry (20), Salac Berry (20), Petaya Berry (20), Apicot Berry (20)
-TMs: TM17-Protect (8000), TM33-Reflect (8000), TM16-Light Screen (8000), TM20-Safeguard (8000)
SURVIVAL AREA: Leftovers (3000), Focus Sash (3000), Expert Belt (3000)

Veilstone Department Store:
-1F 1: Poké Ball (50), Great Ball (150), Ultra Ball (300), Escape Rope (550), Poké Doll (1000), Repel (350), Super Repel (500), Max Repel (700), Quick Ball (300), Timer Ball (300), Dusk Ball (300), Luxury Ball (1000)
-1F 2: Potion (300), Super Potion (700), Hyper Potion (1200), Max Potion (2500), Revive (1500), Antidote (100), Paralyze Heal (200), Burn Heal (250), Ice Heal (250), Awakening (250), Full Heal (600)
-2F 1: Light Ball (500), Thick Club (500), Stick (500), Lucky Punch (500), Quick Powder (3000), Metal Powder (500), DeepSeaTooth (2100), DeepSeaScale (2100)
-2F 2: King’s Rock (2100), Metal Coat (2100), Shiny Stone (2100), Dragon Scale (2100), Up-Grade (2100), Prism Scale (2100)
-3F 1: Charti Berry (20), Coba Berry (20), Shuca Berry (20), Payapa Berry (20), Kasib Berry (20), Colbur Berry (20), Kebia Berry (20)
-3F 2: TM35-Flamethrower (9000), TM24-Thunderbolt (9000), TM13-Ice Beam (9000), TM53-Energy Ball (8000), TM60-Drain Punch (8000), TM42-Facade (8000)
-4F 1: Yellow Cushion (500), Cupboard (1000), TV (4500), Refrigerator (1000), Pretty Sink (3000)
-4F 2: Munchlax Doll (2000), Bonsly Doll (2000), Mime Jr. Doll (2000), Mantyke Doll (3000), Buizel Doll (3000), Chatot Doll (3000)
-B1F: Figy Berry (20), Wiki Berry (20), Mago Berry (20), Aguav Berry (20), Iapapa Berry (20)

Veilstone Game Corner (Coins):
Shell Bell (100), Big Root (100), Wide Lens (100), Zoom Lens (100), Shed Shell (100), Destiny Knot (100), Mental Herb (100), Grip Claw (100), Iron Ball (100), Lagging Tail (100), Sticky Barb (100)

ARCEUS PLATES (after the start of Operation AZURE)

-Sky Plate:Route 210 (use Waterfall)
-Draco Plate:Célestia (talk to Cynthia in the elder’s house)
-Spooky Plate:Turnback Cave (beat Cyrus – in the room of the Distorsion World Portal)
-Iron Plate:Iron Island (beat Steven Stone – in the small house)
-Flame Plate:Stark Mountain (after Looker arrests Charon)
-Icicle Plate:Mt. Coronet (in the snowy outside section)
-Meadow Plate:Route 224 (after the tree maze, use Surf)
-Splash Plate:Valor Lakefront (beat Wallace)
-Dread Plate:Galactic HQ (beat Saturn)
-Fist Plate:Pal Park (inside the building)
-Stone Plate:Oreburgh Gate (B1F, use Strength)
-Mind Plate:Solaceon Ruins (in the room where you battled J)
-Earth Plate:Snowpoint Temple (beat Brandon – in the REGIGIGAS room)
-Toxic Plate:Fuego Ironworks (beat the boss of the Ironworks)
-Zap Plate:Sunyshore City (beat Jasmine)
-Insect Plate:Eterna Forest (near the Moss Rock)


Odd Keystone:Route 209 / Lost Tower
Adamant Orb:Mt. Coronet (use Rock Climb and Waterfall)
Lustrous Orb:Mt. Coronet (use Rock Climb and Waterfall)
Griseous Orb:Turnback Cave (after beating the Pokemon League)
Soul Dew:Given by Reggie if LATIAS or LATIOS are on the team


Explorer KitEterna City
Poké RadarSandgem Town (after beating the Pokemon League)
Point CardBattle Resort
JournalTwinleaf Town
Seal CaseSolaceon Town
Fashion CaseJubilife City
Pal PadOreburgh City Pokecenter
Works KeyFloaroma Meadow
Old CharmRoute 210
Galactic KeyGalactic HQ
Town MapLake Verity
Coin CaseVeilstone City
Old RodRoute 218
Good Rod/
Super Rod/
SprayduckFloaroma Town
Poffin CaseHearthome City
BicycleEterna City
Suite KeyRoute 213
Oak’s LetterSandgem Town (after catching ARCEUS)
Lunar WingFullmoon Island
Member CardCanalave City (after catching CRESSELIA)
ParcelTwinleaf Town
Coupon 1Jubilife City
Coupon 2Jubilife City
Coupon 3Jubilife City
Storage KeyVeilstone City
Secret PotionRoute 212
Vs. RecorderJubilife City
Gracidia FlowerFloaroma Town
Secret KeyVeilstone City
Porta-PCSandgem Town
Red OrbIron Island (beat Steven Stone)
Blue OrbValor Lakefront (beat Wallace)
Jade OrbIron Island (talk to Steven Stone after catching GROUDON and KYOGRE)
Clear BellSunyshore City (talk to Jasmine after catching RAIKOU, ENTEI and SUICUNE)
Tidal BellEterna City (talk to Prof. Oak after catching ARTICUNO, ZAPOS and MOLTRES)
Azure FluteSandgem Town (talk to Prof. Rowan after obtaining the 16 ARCEUS Plates)


Porta-PCAccess the PCSandgem Town
Heal PokemonHeals the entire teamSandgem Town
Name RaterChanges the nickname of a PokemonEterna City
Move DeleterDeletes a Pokemon’s moveCanalave City
Move ReminderTeaches a Pokemon a move it has forgottenPastoria City
Hidden PowerDetermines the Pokemon’s Hidden Power TypeTrainers’ School
Move TutorsTeaches a Pokemon a special moveUnlock a Move Tutor
Move Tutor 1Teaches a Pokemon a special moveRoute 212
Move Tutor 2Teaches a Pokemon a special moveSnowpoint City
Move Tutor 3Teaches a Pokemon a special moveSurvival Area
DifficultyManages the difficulty optionsLake Verity (2nd time)
Operation AZUREShows the location of the remaining PlatesSandgem Town (after beating the Pokemon League)


VS Seeker -> Porta-PC
Loot Sack -> Ice Stone
Rule Book -> Prism Scale
Seal Bag -> Clear Bell
Red Chain -> Tidal Bell
S.S. Ticket -> Red Orb
Contest Pass -> Blue Orb
Magma Stone -> Jade Orb


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