Pokemon Weathered Ruby Base Stat Changes & Changed Abilities

Aipom: Basically a stronger version of Persian akin to Ambipom, Aipom gains what is the
the strongest Fake Out in the game, along with a powerful late game Double-Edge. A great revenge killer or scout.

HP: 55->60. ATK: 70->95 SPE: 85->105
Ability Change: Run Away-> Limber
(Ex: Base Stats: Aipom Return vs. Blaziken: 110-130 (36.5 – 43.1%) — guaranteed 3HKO
New Stats: Aipom Return vs. Blaziken: 142-168 (47.1 – 55.8%) — 78.5% chance to 2HKO

Arbok: Intimidate and added bulk allows Arbok to more efficiently neutralize offensive attackers on switch ins, better utilizing it’s defensive typing. Learnset now includes Sludge Bomb.

HP: 60->75 ATK: 85->95 DEF: 69->79
(Ex: Base Stats: -1 Atk Machamp Cross Chop vs. Arbok: 61-72 (23.3 – 27.5%) — 71.5% chance to 4HKO
New Stats: -1 Atk Machamp Cross Chop vs. Arbok: 55-65 (18.9 – 22.3%)
— possible 5HKO

Ariados: An inevitably weaker Pokemon by design, Ariados gets added bulk and a much higher Attack tier, granting it better utilization of its naturally offensive disposition with a


now including Signal Beam and Sludge Bomb.

ATK: 90->120 SPD: 60->85
(Ex: Base Stats: Houndoom Flamethrower vs. Ariados: 336-396 (119.5 – 140.9%) — guaranteed OHKO
New Stats: Houndoom Flamethrower vs. Ariados: 256-302 (91.1 – 107.4%) — 43.8% chance to OHKO

Beautifly: A greatly increased speed tier along with access to Sleep Powder (new) and Morning Sun allows Beautifly to perform well beyond early game, albeit at the compromise of a limited movepool and overall frailness.

SPA: 90->100 SPE: 65->90

Beedrill: A game changing ability and a new learnset with early Swords Dance, Agility and Sludge Bomb makes Beedrill the definition of a glass cannon. Slightly buffed physical bulk allows it to set up, albeit riskily. High-risk, high-reward sweeper.

ATK: 80->90 DEF: 40->60 SPE: 75->85
Ability Change: Swarm -> Levitate
(Ex: Base Stats: Hitmonlee High Jump Kick vs. Beedrill: 82-97 (30.2 – 35.7%) — 40.7% chance to 3HKO
New Stats: Hitmonlee High Jump Kick vs. Beedrill: 62-73 (22.8 – 26.9%) — 37.4% chance to 4HKO

Butterfree: Compound Eyes Powder along with an all around buff allow Butterfree to better fulfill its only job without drastically altering the nature of it’s design, and it can be kept in the party beyond just the immediate early game now.

HP: 60->70 DEF: 50->60 SPA: 80->95 SPE: 70->75

Cacturne: A niche performer in Gen III NU, Cacturne gets a slight buff in physical bulk
and can grant utility to any team that needs offensive type coverage or a spiker. Can be dangerous under Sandstorm as it was in Gen IV.

HP: 70->80 DEF: 60->70

Castform: Castform here doesn’t get any stat adjustments, rather, a buff to it’s signature move—Weather Ball, as to fulfill its niche to an absurd level. Now with a base power of 70, the move hits with a whopping base power of 210 under weather. Castform still can’t take any hits (or outspeed anything), so use it situationally.

(Ex: Base Stats: Castform-Rainy 50 BP Weather Ball vs. Charizard: 277-326 (93.2 – 109.7%) — 56.3% chance to OHKO
(New Stats: Castform-Rainy 70 BP Weather Ball vs. Charizard: 387-456 (130.3 – 153.5%) — guaranteed OHKO

Chimecho: Adding about a quarters worth more of HP and a learnset with direct access to Wish makes Chimecho the moderately bulky cleric it was always intended to be.

HP: 65->85

Corsola: There’s not much one could really do to optimize Corsola, as it’s another Gen II mon that falls victim to a fundamentally horrible design. An increased Special Attack with it’s access to Recover makes it—at the very least, not a complete waste of an encounter.

SPA: 65->85

Delcatty: An old “fan favorite” gimmick mon, Delcatty gets a fitting Ability in Hustle along with an increased Speed tier. Delcatty can be a problem if the RNG allows it to be, considering Hustle essentially now gives Delcatty a base ATK of 135. Use at your own discretion.

ATK: 65->90 SPE: 70->90
Ability Change: Cute Charm -> Hustle
(Ex: Base Stats: Delcatty Double-Edge vs. Snorlax: 130-153 (28.1 – 33.1%) — guaranteed 4HKO
New Stats: Hustle Delcatty Double-Edge vs. Snorlax: 252-297 (54.6 – 64.4%) — guaranteed 2HKO

Dewgong: Added HP essentially turns poor Dewgong into a precarious fusion of Lapras and Walrein.

HP: 90->100

Dustox: A decent defensive typing and an expanded offensive potential allows Dustox to be a solid Toxic spreader or special wall, notably with it’s rather early access to Light Screen.

ATK: 50->75 DEF: 70->80
(Ex: Base Stats: Dustox Silver Wind vs.Gardevoir: 108-128 (38.9 – 46.2%) — guaranteed 3HKO
New Stats: Dustox Silver Wind vs. Gardevoir: 147-174 (53 – 62.8%) — guaranteed 2HKO

Farfetch’d: This gets a huge buff in its Attack stat to compete with Fearow, there’s really nothing else to do to it without being a bit benign. It’s still frail and slow. STAB Slash + Stick crit boost can be pretty lucky. It also now has access to Air Cutter.

ATK: 65->110

Flareon: Edit: Ended up turning Flareon into a glass cannon by swapping its SPD and SPE stats. I really dislike vanilla Flareon, and my original change was too subtle.

SPD: 110->65 SPE:65->110

Furret: Basically a stronger Linoone with a bit more bulk (and no Belly Drum), Furret is an early game option that can be kept around as long as it gets lucky utilizing Guts.

ATK: 76->86 SPE: 90->100
Ability Change: Run Away-> Guts

Ledian: One of the travesties of Gen II, Ledian is a helpless Pokemon that can never be corrected without a complete overhaul. Improved Attack allows it to more reliably set up Screens, at the very least.

ATK: 35->85
(Ex: Base Stats: Ledian Double-Edge vs. Def Hariyama: 59-70 (13.7 – 16.3%) — possible 7HKO
New Stats: Ledian Double-Edge vs. Hariyama: 114-135 (26.5 – 31.4%) — guaranteed 4HKO ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Lickitung: Lickitung is a Little Cup staple in future gens, so for what it’s worth, there is merit here that is unfortunately not easily capitalized in the vanilla game. So with learnset additions of Wish, Heal Bell, and Seismic Toss (along with some added bulk),


can play a clerical role when needed.

DEF: 75->90 SPD: 75->90

Masquerain: This gets the same Gen VII buff Nintendo gave it, but due to the Gen III type split, it only benefits from these changes slightly (notably it’s Speed). Also now learns Hydro Pump and Giga Drain by leveling.

SPA:80 ->100 SPE: 60->80

Mightyena: Another early game Pokemon, Mightyena gets notched up to land in the speed tier it’s always wanted to be in. Basically a weaker Sharpedo with legs and a better

ATK: 90->95 SPE: 70->95

Mawile: Mawile gets turned here into a potential wall, and finally gets access to a STAB move with Iron Tail in it’s learnset. Baton Pass and it’s low Speed allows it to safely pass off an Intimidate debuff onto another teammate.

DEF: 85->100 SPD: 55->75

Minun (& Plusle): Both Minun & Plusle get an elevated speed tier, and access to Wish within their
learnsets so that they can properly utilize Baton Pass as per their design. They also now have Volt Absorb in the vein of Minun post Gen VI.

SPE: 95->110
Ability Change: Minus (& Plus)-> Volt Absorb

Murkrow: Murkow just gets a slight buff to compete with Fearow better. It’s solid typing already allows it to to clean up both physically and specially defensive mons.

ATK: 85->90 SPA: 85->90 SPE: 91->96

Parasect: Added HP turns Parasect into a proto-Amoonguss with a far worst typing, similar Bulk, and an identical base 30 speed. The buff just gives some emphasis on it’s access to Spore, it’s only selling point.

HP: 60->85

Pelipper: Pelipper gets the added bulk a Pelican deserves, and gains some legitimacy as a physical wall.

HP: 60->75
(Ex: Base Stats: Primeape Rock Slide vs. Pelipper: 113-134 (43.2 – 51.3%) — 6.6% chance to 2HKO
New Stats: Primeape Rock Slide vs. Pelipper: 113-134 (38.8 – 46%)
— guaranteed 3HKO

Pidgeot: Basically the Gen VI buff Nintendo gave it—which just makes Pidgeot a bulkier, weaker Fearow in Gen III.

ATK: 80->85 SPE: 91->101

Raticate: Raticate becomes a monstrous glass cannon for early-to-mid game, and can be kept in the party indefinitely with Guts… as long as it can avoid any physical contact.

ATK: 81->100

Roselia: Roselia gets extra bulk, allowing it to better compete with Vileplume along with its niche access to Spikes. Allows it to function on the field similarly to Roserade in Gen IV.

HP: 50->75 DEF: 45->60
(Ex: Base Stats: Machamp Cross Chop vs. Roselia: 126-149 (52.2 – 61.8%) — guaranteed 2HKO
New Stats: Machamp Cross Chop vs. Roselia: 102-120 (35 – 41.2%)
— guaranteed 3HKO

Sableye: Arguably the most overhauled Pokemon in the hack, Sableye gets defensive stats more
aligned with its Mega form, along with a learnset including Compound Eyes Hypnosis,
Will-O-Wisp, and Recover—making Sableye an elite pivot with it’s incredible
typing and solid STAB Shadow Ball. Still limited in HP and Speed, it’s certainly a very effective, albeit very niche, Pokemon.

DEF: 75->105 SPD: 65->105
Ability Change: Keen Eye -> Compound Eyes
(Ex: Base Stats: Charizard Flamethrower vs. Sableye: 158-186 (65.5 – 77.1%) — guaranteed 2HKO
New Stats: Charizard Flamethrower vs. Sableye: 107-126 (44.3 – 52.2%) — 17.2% chance to 2HKO

Seaking: A bump up some Attack tiers lets Seaking better utilize its modest bulk, allowing it become a legitimate threat underneath rain via Swift Swim with a learnset including Megahorn.

ATK: 92->115 SPA: 65->70

Seviper: Moving up about two Speed tiers makes Seviper a solid mixed attacker, as it has a naturally great movepool and defensive typing. Swiss army knife with many uses.

SPE: 65->85

Spinda: A bump up in overall Base Stats and access to an infuriating movepool—along with it’s new ability Serene Grace, gives Spinda a strong boost. Typical Serene Grace mon with
learnset now including Body Slam. Can also utilize Focus Punch.

All Base Stats: 60->80
Ability Change: Own Tempo -> Serene Grace

Sunflora: Sunflora now suddenly becomes an incredibly bulky, albeit sluggish, Pokemon with a solid offensive typing. It can hold a solid field presence with Ingrain or Growth.

HP: 75->100 DEF: 55->70
(Ex: Base Stats: Hitmonlee High Jump Kick vs. Sunflora: 265-312 (91 – 107.2%) — 43.8% chance to OHKO
New Stats: Hitmonlee High Jump Kick vs. Sunflora: 220-259 (64.5 –

75.9%) — guaranteed 2HKO

Nosepass: Fulfilling Nosepass’s lifelong duty as a Steel trapper was only realized in Gen IV with It’s evolution. So here we have granted a similar buff in Special Attack and a learnset now including Fire Punch. It fulfills its niche well.

SPA: 45-70

Swalot: Swalot gets a highly coveted ability along with a buff in physical bulk, landing it in a nice spot between Muk and Snorlax in terms of overall utility.

DEF: 83->95
Ability Change: Sticky Hold-> Thick Fat

Tangela: Added Bulk sets out to allow Tangela to perform closer to Tangrowth in Gen IV with it’s naturally solid Defense and Special Attack stats.

HP: 65->80 SPD: 40->50

Torkoal: Torkoal is already a rather solid Pokemon that even got situational use in Gen III OU, so
the only buff here is in HP, which allows it to take the hits it’s abysmal 20 Base Speed subjects it to.

HP: 70->85

Whiscash: Whiscash is already dangerous with a new learnset addition in Dragon Dance, so Water Absorb grants it more opportunities to set up. Good luck against any Grass type coverage, though.

Ability Change: Oblivious -> Water Absorb

Wigglytuff: Wigglytuff just gets some extra bulk, making it at best a poor man’s Blissey with a somewhat higher offensive tempo. The extra Special Defense really helps it out.

HP: 140->155 SPD: 50->75

Venomoth: Some newer fans may be confused that Venomoth is on the list—however,
pre-Quiver Dance it was simply weak. Here it gets added Attack due to the Gen III type split, and an improved learnset including Agility.

ATK: 65->85