Pokemon Grand Colosseum v2 Changes

Hello, Welcome back to Ducumon and I’m Pokemoner. We will play Pokemon Grand Colosseum by Kya! It’s a Gamecube Hack ROM and based on Pokemon Colosseum!

It’s a QoL Hack ROM with hard mode, PSS System, Fairy Type, over 50 new moves, Infinite TM, update stats, and more… It’s completed and playable in English. And now, Let’s play!

Grand 2.0 Changes

Alolan Marowak and Ninetales have been added to the game

Stat changes

Arcanine Spe +30 Spa -45

Poliwrath Atk +10

Ninetales Atk-10 Spa -5

Marowak HP +15

Weezing Spa +10

Dewgong Atk -15 Spa +15

Meganium Atk -10 Spa +20

Furret Def +10 Spdef +10 Spe +10

Misdreavous HP – 5 Def -10

Stantler Def +10 Spdef +10

Houndoom Atk -10 Def +10

Bellossom Atk +20 Spa -20

Scizor HP -10

Piloswine HP -5 Atk +15 Def + 15 Spdef +20

Porygon 2 Def +10 Spa +10 Spdef +10

Sceptile HP -10 Atk +10

Breloom Spdef +20

Kirlia HP +10 Def +10

Exploud HP +10

Flygon Atk +10 Spa -10

Walrein Atk +20 Spa -20

Torkoal Atk +10 Spa +10

Plusle Atk -10 Def +10

Tropius HP -5 Atk +20 Spa -9

Absol Spa +20

Volbeat HP +10

Illumise HP +10

Some shadows have been changed/moved to allow for better type variety and stat distributions

Thundershock now has 60BP

Added following moves: Shadow Bone, Mystical Fire, Struggle Bug, Giga Impact, Snarl

Difficulty tweaks

Moveset changes and fixes

Hoenn and Kanto starter/legendary versions

New Rui textures

Volbeat ability change: Lightning rod

Bullet seed TM09 replaced with Psych-up

Steel wing now always raises DEF on hit

Moves that had their accuracy/power unchanged from later gen counterparts correctly updated

Removed paralysis chance from hurricane, but still 100% accurate in rain

Shadows now gain exp from the start not just when their guages reach 2 bars left

Fixed waterfall not flinching

Fly now has 100% accuracy

Bounce now has 90% accuracy

Bubblebeam and Aurora Beam now have 75 power and 100% chance of lowering opponents stats