Pokemon Amalga Magenta – Pokedex

The newest entry in the AlterVerse has arrived! Two years after Pokemon AlteRed comes a short and sweet sequel, Pokemon AmalgaMagenta!

Dex #Alter FormType 1Type 2Base StatsAbilitiesEvolutionHeld ItemCreditTrivia
1CharjingElectricCosmic90/45/70/100/70/45 (420)Volt Absorb AnalyticLevel 24Chairry, bepis (Icon)Charjing has proven to be one of the trickiest Pokemon in the game to get programmed, somehow. Even currently, the little troublemaker continues to revel in its unnatural game-crashing abilities
2JeneratingElectricCosmic120/65/95/125/85/60 (550)Volt Absorb AnalyticChairry, bepis (Icon)Jenerating and its pre-evolution were the first ever new designs made with the Cosmic type in mind for the AlterVerse.
3WightningElectricGhost65/55/55/80/55/110 (420)Swift Swim StaticLevel 24ChairryWightning and its evolution are the only starters in AmalgaMagenta to have not changed looks-wise from AlteRed; Charjing was heavily redesigned, and Boreole is completely new.
4PelistormElectricGhost115/65/75/120/85/90 (550)Swift Swim StaticChairryPelistorm is named after an ancient Game Grumps joke from many years ago, referring to Wingull’s evolution as being named Pelistorm.
5BoreoleElectricIce67/73/67/73/67/73 (420)Illuminate InfiltratorLevel 24Ogwon, FBI (Back), Chairry (Back Sprite and Icon)The final Boreole design was not the first to be proposed; ogwon originally made a “blown glass” inspired Poipole alter first that was ultimately rejected in favor of what we know today as Boreole.
6NagakabelElectricIce73/105/73/105/73/121 (550)Illuminate InfiltratorOgwon, FBI (Back), Chairry (Back Sprite and Icon)Nagakabel’s name derives from “Cable”, spelled phonetically, in the same way that Needle is spelled as “Nadel” in the original form’s name.
7BeakonNormalFlying55/64/43/40/43/70 (315)Steadfast Inner FocusLevel 14Ogwon (Front and Back Sprites), Chairry (Icon)Beakon and its line were the regional Birds of Pokemon AlteRed, and return here in the same role, but with an updated, more sleek appearance.
8EggonNormalFlying66/80/75/55/69/70 (415)Steadfast Inner FocusLevel 26Ogwon (Front and Back Sprites), Chairry (Icon)The tip of Eggon’s beak was originally black like the rest of its face.
9TalomenceNormalFlying75/108/75/84/75/118 (530)Gale Wings No GuardOgwon (Front and Back Sprites), Chairry (Icon)“Give Talomence Gale Wings” was a bit of an inside meme in the beginning days of the AlteRed server; two years later, Talomence fulfilled this wish.
10AngkeyFire50/95/45/45/60/85 (380)Reckless DefiantLevel 24Ogwon (Front and Back Sprites), Chairry (Icon)
11FlameapeFireFighting75/120/70/70/80/105 (520)Reckless DefiantOgwon (Front and Back Sprites), Chairry (Icon)Flameape’s signature grimace was heavily inspired by the popular “LETSFUCKINGGOOOOOO” emote on discord.
12BoulderpieRock45/65/45/35/45/70 (300)Solid Rock SturdyLevel 10ChairryBoulderpie, and to an extent, its evolutions, had their colors and general design elements taken directly from Onix.
13PetrapodRock85/65/90/50/70/45 (405)Solid Rock SturdyLevel 18Chairry
14PrimordeeRockFlying80/100/110/70/70/80 (510)Solid Rock SturdyChairry
15MandiwagBugGhost45/50/35/50/35/90 (300)Aftermath Shed SkinLevel 15SharkGuy, Brolunite, Chairry (Back and Icon)There is a small Mandiwag hidden atop a particular rock in Styx Grotto that gives you a thumbs up. How it does this without any hands is a mystery.
16MandiwhirlBugGhost60/75/55/75/55/95 (410)Aftermath Shed SkinLevel 25 (Mandiwrath) Use Spirit Ward (Mandirge)SharkGuyMandiwhirl’s evolutions, in the planning stages, were meant to work like Nincada’s split into Ninjask and Shedinja, as the dex entries may suggest; However, this was not possible to do as of the current release, and the evolution methods were changed.
17MandiwrathBugGhost80/115/75/70/75/115 (530)Aftermath Shed SkinChairry, Brolunite
18MandirgeGhost80/70/75/115/75/115 (530)Moody Cursed BodyChairry
19PashpokeRock65/65/65/65/65/65 (390)PickupSand VeilLevel 24 (Method On Evo)ChairryPashpoke’s line gets their names from the word “Pash”, which has multiple meanings. ‘To idolize’ is one, but it can also mean ‘splinter’ or ‘tear asunder’.
20PashbroRock90/90/120/85/110/40 (535)IntimidateSand ForceDef > AtkChairry
21PashkingRockDark40/120/90/110/85/90 (535)IntimidateSand RushAtk > DefChairry
22LotrapGroundBug55/55/65/45/45/45 (310)Arena Trap Rough SkinLevel 14Lexl (Concept), ogwon (Sprite), bepis/FBI (Back)
23LomawGroundBug75/75/85/60/60/60 (415)Arena Trap Rough SkinLevel 26Lexl (Concept) ogwon (Sprite) Chairry/FBI (Back)
24LudibocaGroundBug90/100/110/80/90/70 (540)Arena Trap Rough SkinLexl (Concept) ogwon (Sprite) Chairry/FBI (Back)Ludiboca is one of the only known Alter Pokemon that is confirmed to actively hunt and kill humans in the wild.
25SeqolaGrassBug55/75/90/30/90/70 (410)Natural CureOvergrowLevel 25Chairry, SharkGuy (Back)Seqola was one of the very first Pokemon redesigned from their AlteRed appearance after the launch of that game.
26SequoisolaGrassBug105/120/100/60/100/40 (530)Natural CureOvergrowChairry, SharkGuy (Back)Sequoisola, similarly, was the first evolution expanded from AlteRed, as in that game, only Corsola existed. Its name comes from the Sequoia tree, known both for being one of the largest, bulkiest variants of trees, as well as one of the only English words with every vowel included.
27VinubGrass60/60/50/40/40/60 (310)Overgrow Sap SipperLevel 17EeVeeEe, Chairry (Icon)
28MarshwineGrassWater100/80/100/50/80/40 (450)Overgrow Sap SipperLevel 28EeVeeEe, Chairry (Icon)
29MamoswampGrassWater125/95/110/60/95/40 (530)Overgrow Sap SipperEeVeeEe, Chairry (Icon)Mamoswamp was partially inspired by the “swamp monster” from Avatar: The Last Airbender.
30ReskyNormalPsychic82/53/57/74/77/47 (390)Unaware ObliviousLevel 22Ogwon, Chairry (Back and Icon)Resky and its evolution were the first Alter Pokemon designed by the artist Ogwon, who then went on to become one of the main sprite artists for the AlterVerse. It’s possible to beat the game with a team full of only his designs.
31SkunsomniaNormalPsychic113/64/76/105/111/61 (530)Unaware ObliviousOgwon, Chairry (Back and Icon)
32HoohooIce76/50/50/55/70/61 (362)Snow Cloak AnalyticLevel 20FosterZ, FBI (Back), Bepis (icon)Hoohoo and its evolution were the first Pokemon in AmalgaMagenta to have their design updated post release, with its older versions being a bit more recolor-y and in more of a gen 4/5 style of shading.
33SubzerowlIceGhost121/67/67/98/110/79 (542)Snow Cloak AnalyticFosterZ, FBI (Back), Bepis (icon)When originally conceived for AlteRed, Subzerowl’s name was going to be ‘Revenowl’, but was subsequently changed.
289NobodinjaFairy???60/75/85/140/80/90 (530)Levitate Clear BodyUse the Lost KeyAyu, Chairry, FBI (Back)Nobodinja is based on a Nobody from Kingdom Hearts, specifically the “Twilight Thorn” Nobody, somewhat of a counterpart in-series to the Darkside. In its original AlteRed design, Nobodinja was moreso designed after the Sorcerer class of Nobody.
290HearcadaFairy50/55/110/55/50/60 (380)ImmunityCute CharmLevel 20 (Method on Evo)Beespoon, Chairry (Back and Icon)Hearcada and its evolution line were inspired heavily by the Kingdom Hearts games. Hearcada’s wings sport the series emblem, and a few of its attacks are heart based.
291HeartleskFairyDark70/170/50/55/55/100 (500)Levitate IntimidateLevel 20ChairryHeartlesk is based on a Heartless from Kingdom Hearts, specifically the “Darkside” Heartless. It sports the Darkside’s signature wing design and hollow heart.
34SmogluFlyingPoison60/55/55/75/90/65 (400)Tinted Lens OvercoatLevel 24JPRM4, Chairry (Back and Icon)
35NoxiouraFlyingPoison80/75/75/100/115/90 (535)Tinted Lens OvercoatJPRM4, Chairry (Back and Icon)
36YuckduckPoison75/85/70/60/72/58 (420)Gooey Sticky HoldLevel 24Chairry, bepis (Icon)Yuckduck’s original name was “Ickduck”, with Alter Golduck having originally been named Yuckduck; this was altered with time.
37HazarduckPoison103/115/95/80/97/70 (560)Gooey Sticky HoldChairry, bepis (Icon)Hazarduck, during early planning stages, was going to be a Poison/Rubber type Pokemon, before the type was scrapped entirely for AlterVerse projects.
38DroplitWater60/50/52/75/77/90 (399)Drizzle Water VeilLevel 22ChairryDroplit and Niagrain are the oldest, non-tweaked designs that appear in AmalgaMagenta; both were designed in October 2017, and have not changed since then.
39NiagrainWaterFlying85/99/75/115/75/95 (544)Drizzle Water VeilChairry
40HelwetWater68/55/55/50/50/42 (320)Pressure TorrentLevel 15ChairryThe Helwet line has two notable inspirations; Treasure Knight, one of the bosses from Shovel Knight, was the main inspo. Its shiny form is based on the Ghost Diver from Scooby-Doo. …Any resemblance to a certain sussy mascot was purely accidental.
41BaitrixWaterGround78/75/75/70/70/52 (420)Pressure TorrentLevel 27ChairryBaitrix’s line was suggested by a server contest winner, TheBorlazandy.
42DecidiverWaterGround78/108/100/100/75/70 (530)Pressure TorrentChairry
43ChlorosisGrassCosmic50/35/45/110/55/25 (320)Chlorophyll OvercoatLevel 16ChairryChlorosis and its line are based on plant cells, and their peculiar shape.
44SynthesionGrassCosmic75/50/60/125/70/50 (430)Chlorophyll OvercoatLevel 28Chairry
45CytoniclusGrassCosmic115/75/85/125/100/65 (565)Chlorophyll OvercoatChairry
46BellshootFire50/70/45/70/60/20 (305)Skill Link White SmokeLevel 15Ogwon, Chairry (icon)
47CannonbellFire70/85/65/90/80/40 (430)Skill Link White SmokeLevel 28Ogwon, Chairry (icon)
48ArtillibelFire75/100/75/105/95/60 (510)Skill Link White SmokeOgwon, Chairry (icon)Artillibel had a scrapped redesign called ‘Kniebel’ that chose to play up more of a stunt cannon vibe, and flipped itself completely upside down. Artillibel’s name in AlteRed, also, was ‘Chernobel’, but was changed to avoid referencing a tragedy in the future.
49IndustumpSteelFire65/58/75/85/63/53 (399)Solar PowerMoxieLevel 24ChairryIndustump and Ashenant were based on an old design for a regional form Trevenant line concocted by server admin, Kaiser; design elements from it were taken and turned into the sprites we know and love today.
50AshenantSteelFire92/75/95/120/86/66 (534)Solar Power MoxieChairryFurthermore, Gentleman Manel in the Static Room, using only a singular Ashenant, is the in-game representation of Kaiser.
51MincirSteelDark65/125/100/55/70/85 (500)Moxie IntimidateChairryThe original concept for Mincir had its current shiny and normal colors swapped, which was changed as the dark, rusty brown was deemed more fitting for a dark/steel type.
52MechansSteelDragon55/80/64/75/60/74(408)Download InfiltratorLevel 28ChairryMechans and its evolution were based partially on the Legions from Astral Chain. Its shiny coloration also references Portal, changing the blue energy to orange.
53MecharbokSteelDragon80/115/85/100/85/95 (560)Download InfiltratorChairryMecharbok is the favorite AlteRed design of the creator, Chairry.
54SeeloonFairy55/65/50/60/55/95 (380)Limber PranksterLevel 25ChairrySeeloon and its evolution have a rocky history. A Seel line Alter was cut from Pokemon AlteRed due to disinterest, and when Seeloon and Dewloon were then made for Varia Blue, they ALSO ended up getting cut from that Pokedex as well. They finally found a loving slot as part of AmalgaMagenta.
55DewloonFairy75/100/60/95/75/115 (520)Magic Bounce PranksterChairryFurthermore, Dewloon and its prevo were once considered candadates for the Rubber typing, before it was scrapped. In fact, they were pure Rubber types!
56RuinthGroundDragon50/105/55/45/55/80 (390)Big Pecks Sap SipperLevel 27Lazer Chicken (Design), Chairry (Sprites)
57ArchaeoldoGroundDragon80/135/105/75/85/50 (530)Big Pecks Sap SipperLazer Chicken (Design), Chairry (Sprites)
58DronmaSteelFlying45/80/65/90/65/45 (390)Volt AbsorbAnalyticLevel 26bepis, ChairryUnlike the Helwet line, Dronma and its evolution’s shiny colors ARE indeed based on the Among Us Crewmate.
59DronmegaSteelFlying76/101/91/121/91/56 (535)Volt AbsorbAnalyticChairryDronmega’s design base is actually the known beta design for Yanmega from the Diamond and Pearl prototype, which fittingly had more baked-in helicopter elements.
60CalamytaGhostFighting20/90/55/90/65/85 (405)Dark Aura Poison PointLevel 27JPRM (Design), Chairry (Sprite), bepis (Icon)Calamyta and Doomsdash are designs that were sprited by Chairry for a now defunct regional form dex hack named Exchanged Emerald; not wanting the designs to go to waste, the two were re-fitted as Alter Pokemon.
61DoomsdashGhostFighting40/115/75/115/90/100 (535)Dark Aura Poison PointJPRM (Design), Chairry (Sprite), bepis (Icon)Doomsdash’s line is based on the four horsemen of the apocalypse; all four in one horse to be exact! It is Ghost type to represent death, Fighting to represent conquest, and its abilities make up famine (Dark Aura) and pestilence (Poison Point). In fact, using Dark Aura, Doomsdash can technically utilize three types of STAB.
73QwiryPsychic90/5/20/75/170/70 (430)Sturdy AftermathLevel 27OgwonQwiry and Overqwhelm were late additions to Pokemon AmalgaMagenta (Hence their dex numbers), created in order to have more of a selection of Psychic and Cosmic type Pokemon. Neither design was in the beta, as a matter of fact.
74OverqwhelmPsychicCosmic120/5/20/105/200/80 (530)Sturdy AftermathOgwon
76ChanseaWater200/20/50/65/90/50 (475)Rain Dish Water VeilLevel 27SharkGuy, BroluniteThis line has had many different designs over the years. Its current ones take some inspiration from Cheep-Cheeps from Super Mario, a fact very much reflected in the shiny
77BlisseaWater225/20/60/85/110/80 (580)Rain Dish Water VeilSharkGuy, Brolunite
78CryomiteIce45/55/35/70/95/25 (325)Clear Body Tinted LensLevel 16BigBoiPablo (Design), Chairry (Sprite)Both the Cryomite line and Chansea line were added in as part of AmalgaMagenta’s 1.2 update.
79CryotonIce70/70/60/95/120/50 (465)Clear Body Tinted LensLevel 28BigBoiPablo (Design), Chairry (Sprite)
80CryozoneIce???80/95/73/115/135/67 (565)Clear Body Tinted LensBigBoiPablo (Design), Chairry (Sprite)Cryozone’s concept and eye design are taken from the world 6 boss of the slightly obscure title, Frogger’s Adventures: The Rescue.
71SubstituteNormal5/5/5/5/5/5 (30)PickupUse the Extra ClothChairrySubstitute was originally conceived for Pokemon AlteRed as a mon simply to be used for grinding purposes; its stats are so pathetic, that using one is deemed insane (moreso in this game, where it has actually been NERFED). Despite this, it is still somewhat of a server pasttime to try and solo run the game using only Substitute. Sub is also, ironically, perhaps the most caught shiny.
72GyawarsatzNormal250/90/80/90/55/35 (600)Strong JawBigBoiPablo (Design), Chairry (Sprite)This hidden evolution for Substitute was sneakily added in to an update after Substitute fans wanted an evolution. Gyawarsatz is based loosely on the scrapped beta design, Gyaoon, said to be one of the very first Pokemon created as well as the model for the canon sub doll design.
75TsunsparceWater65/105/80/95/80/110 (535)Serene Grace HydrationEeVeeEe, ChairryTsunsparce, by itself, is in the game solely for the hidden battle versus the Sad Fisher, who has 6 of these mons as a reference to the customary Magikarp Fisherman in almost every Pokemon game. The twist, is that the Sad Fisher’s Tsunsparce have COMPLETELY illegal movesets. They were made available to capture in the wild starting in 1.2, with a new design.
97RegistaticElectric90/100/130/80/130/70 (600)StaticChairryRegistatic’s design actually predates Regieleki’s existence by a few years. In Pokemon AlteRed, this mon’s normal and shiny colorations were actually swapped.
62Amalgaform BetaNormal???200/50/50/50/50/50 (450)Run AwayChairryAmalgaform and its ilk were, of course, the first conceived designs for AmalgaMagenta, and function as the pivotal mascots.
63Amalgaform Alpha???200/70/70/70/70/70 (550)Color ChangeChairryMons amalgam’d: Hitmontop, Loudred, Aipom
64Amalgaform LambdaGrassElectric210/50/70/95/105/102IntimidateSharkGuyMons amalgam’d: Tsareena, Eelektross, Ampharos
65Amalgaform DeltaBugSteel210/85/120/10/110/60Solid RockEeVeeEeMons amalgam’d: Metagross, Masquerain, Beedrill, Scizor, Ariados, Pincir
66Amalgaform EpsilonCosmicGround210/30/75/100/135/55Victory StarBigBoiPablo (Design), Chairry (Sprite)Mons amalgam’d: Dusknoir, Spiritomb, Rhyperior, Claydol, Malamar
67Amalgaform PhiFireWater210/70/90/95/90/75DroughtBigBoiPablo (Design), Chairry (Sprite)Mons amalgam’d: Charizard, Kingler, Vulpix, Milotic, Magmortar, Kabutops
68Amalgaform PhiFireWater210/70/90/95/90/75DrizzleBigBoiPablo (Design), Chairry (Sprite)The reason there are two AF-Phis in the code is so that each of them can have a unique moveset and weather effect when used by the CPU.
69Amalgaform ZetaDragonFairy220/60/90/60/90/55Clear BodyOgwonMons amalgam’d: Mega Altaria, Hydreigon, Hatterene
70Amalgaform Omega???240/90/100/90/100/70ProteanChairryThe OG Amalgaform that started it all! Back and higher-statted than ever. Mons amalgam’d: Doduo, Blastoise, Yanma, Tyranitar, Marill, Mightyena, Kabutops, Exploud