Pokemon Gastly’s Origins Mega Evolution Tutorial

POKéMON GASTLY’S ORIGINS is a game I posted on Ducumon.me a long time but some guys don’t know how to use Mega Evolution on this game!

Mega Evc Activation Instruction:-
Read the Sigh board of route 1 to activate Mega Evolution, ore else
it will never work. Read that before getting the Mega Key/Key Stone.

Game Made by PokéFreak
member: Plabon, Tuhin
Country: India

Note:- Never use Pokémon Spawn Cheat Code, it crashes the game.

Usefull Cheats:-
1) 82025840 0044 ~ Rare Candies in PC (Infinity)
2 82025840 0001 ~ Master Balls in PC (Infinity)

ROM Information:-
Based on~ Pokémon FireRed Origins, which is another Pokémon FireRed Hack with Mega Evo.
Current Version: Beta 4.0
Made By: PokéFreak Community (NOT Game Freak)
Release Date: 1st May 2019
Time: 3:00 PM (IST)