Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter Beta 15 + Expansion Pass Walkthrough

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[000] PALLET TOWN – “A Tranquil Setting of Peace and Purity.”

Places of Interest
– Akaii’s House (your house)
– Oak’s Residence
– Oak’s Lab
– Pokemon Center
– Ketchum’s Residence
– House for Sale

Pokemon Found
Surfing: Tentacool
Fishing: Horsea, Shellder, Gyarados, Seadra, Psyduck.

North from our house is the Ketchum home, where Mom is with Mrs Delia Ketchum. Consoling her because she has lost someone named Pete. To the west is the Oak house but nobody is home. Further west is the exit, unsafe without any Pokemon. To the south is the PokeCenter, where we find a Little Girl waiting for her parents. She can’t tell us her name because we’re strangers but the colour of her dialogue font is a big enough clue. Southwest is the house for sale. Once we can surf we can leave town via that south way. East from the PokeCenter will lead to Oak’s Lab, where you’ll find Professor Oak talking to a Little Boy, a future Rival. Seems he’s about to leave and train with someone named Master Chuck. Southeast, near a pond is a scared Poliwag. Red assures it that he means no harm and that helps Poliwag warm up to him. Then we cut to the entrance of the Lab where the future Rival says goodbye to his famous grandfather before leaving. The Little Girl outside the PokeCenter still hasn’t reunited with her parents. All of a sudden she is attacked by something unseen. Fade to black.

End of Prologue.


Five years later…


We find Red, now with a Poliwhirl. They have officially signed up for the Indigo League and are ready to take on the world. But someone close by isn’t having a good time. A girl named Kelly is struggling to catch a Nidorino. So we step in and show her how it’s done. Simple Level 5 battle between Poliwhirl and Nidorino. Afterwards Kelly is grateful and kind enough to heal our Pokemon. While she and Nidorino go off to play, Red thinks him and Poliwhirl can check out the Pallet Town Forest for some training. It is further west.


Pokemon Found
Rattata, Pidgey, Caterpie, Spearow

As we enter, Red bumps into someone – a Team Rocket Grunt! He’s busy looking for the “Phantom Pokemon” and he rushes off. Because Red doesn’t know about Team Rocket yet, he just notes that the Grunt could be a Trainer. If you follow that path north which the Grunt came from, we’ll encounter another one, female.

Team Rocket Grunt (Lv5 Zubat, Sandshrew) Prize: P180

Just to the left from her, hidden behind those trees below is a Potion. Continue west.

Team Rocket Grunt (Lv5 Ekans) Prize: P180

After that Grunt we see the Phantom Pokemon appear before us – Mew! Red tries to approach it but it flees. Follow that path west then north. We’ll find Mew engaged in a battle against a Trainer and his Charmander – Green/Gary! Charmander loses and Red jumps in to have ago. Mew is at Level 5. Even if you win the battle, story wise Red is also defeated because Mew is boss level strong. Green delivers some textbook rival advice after Red can’t believe that he lost. Then he leaves.

End of Chapter 01 – Phantom Pokemon.


Red wakes up in bed, unwell after being out in the rain while we were in the Forest. Mom wants him to visit Prof. Oak, though Red thinks he’s a weird scientist. She has also gone and bought him new clothes – this gives us a Key Item called the Fashion Box. Just select that to switch outfits. What you’ll find in there are the Original clothes (what he’s wearing currently), the FireRed/LeafGreen clothes (he just shifts his cap the other way round) and then future clothes listed. Not too bad, eh?

If you go back to the Forest, all the way to where we found Green, at the right side end of that area you’ll find a Miracle Seed. Back in Pallet Town, we’ll be able to explore before visiting the Lab. At the Oak house is Daisy, who would give us a Town Map if she had one. At the Ketchum house we learn that Delia has not only lost her husband (Pete) and her son (you know who), so the woman should be in quite a state but she seems to be holding it together. Outside that house which is for sale is an old lady who tells us that the couple who used to live there moved away after their daughter went missing. Keep that noted.

Outside the Lab there is Ramuh the Teleporter. He’s the alternative to HM Fly in this game, and not a great alternative as you’ll see while we progress. Can’t exactly call up Ramuh for fast travel while we’re way out in the field, far away from the nearest PokeCenter. Inside the Lab, at the north end is a table where Red finds 4 Pokemon: Spearow, Bulbasaur, Cubone and the greatest Jigglypuff that ever lived 🙂 Red attempts to hold Bulbasaur and Prof. Oak shows up, thinking he’s a thief. That startles Red and the Pokemon, so they bolt out of the Lab and Oak demands that we get them back. Red chases after them while Oak wonders if maybe he was a little too harsh. As he goes off to do some work, another Pokemon comes out of hiding for a brief moment – Squirtle.

By the pond where we first met Poliwag is Spearow. Engage it for a battle. Level 8. In the small fenced area just east of the Lab is Level 8 Jiggly Mic. Go back into the Pallet Town Forest, that northern area where we met Green, to locate Level 8 Cubone. As Red wonders where Bulbasaur is, we see the little Grass-type leaving the Forest. Return to the Pallet Garden, Bulbasaur is there. Just when Red looks to have finally caught it, Prof. Oak joins him and Bulbasaur is gone again, going north this time. Red won’t give up, he assures him that he’ll get it back. Oak says he’ll come along, but still thinks Red is a thief and will turn him in after this business is done.


Pokemon to be found
Wild Grass: Pidgey, Rattata, Shiny Spearow (on Monday).

On this route is Coco’s Doduo Farm. She’s looking for a capable Trainer who can look after her birds (come back and speak to her much later, you’ll get a Doduo). In the northwest corner from the farm is a Potion. Continue further north until we finally arrive in Viridian City.

[001] VIRIDIAN CITY – “The Eternal Green Paradise.”

Places of Interest
– Pokemon Gym
– Pokemon Center
– PokeMart
– Tokiwa Residence

Pokemon to be found
Wild Grass: Pidgey, Rattata, Spearow, Nidoran Female, Nidoran Male.
Surfing: Psyduck.
Fishing: Psyduck, Poliwag.

Still no sign of Bulbasaur. Oak suggests they split up to widen the search. Gives us a chance to see what else is going on in Viridian before looking for Bulbasaur.

Outside the Tokiwa Residence are Janna and Henry. Henry says he saw a Bulbasaur by the Pokemon Gym during one of his regular patrols, the big clue that we need. The PokeMart is currently under renovation. The item behind the fence south from the Mart is TM08 (Bulk Up). Blocking the way west are Bella, Edward and Jacob. Yup. You got 4 guys playing Yu-Gi-Oh! in the PokeCenter, what more could you ask for? North of town is blocked by a recurring character, old man Martha. He’s just there to block paths really. Them memories of 14.5 are flooding back haha terrific. To the Gym.

Just before going in, note the smashable rocks to the side. Inside Red finds Bulbasaur and the statues of a certain boss. Prof. Oak arrives to get Bulbasaur, but the Pokemon won’t return to him and instead has warmed up to Red. Then a wild Level 12 Machoke invades the Gym to spoil things. Red tries to figure out what Bulbasaur’s best move is…as he works that out, we battle Machoke. And behold, Bulbasaur knows Solarbeam. After the battle Oak is so impressed by Red figuring out Solarbeam that he allows him to keep Bulbasaur. Red has a chance to clear things with him and Oak rewards him with a PokeDex. So begins his journey to become the greatest Trainer ever.

Meanwhile in Viridian Forest, we see Green and Charmander. They’re in pursuit of a Pokemon that they’ve weakened. They’ve spotted it and go after it.

End of Chapter 02 – Missing Pokemon.


Oak tells Red to explore Viridian Forest, maybe he’ll find Pokemon that he hasn’t seen before. Exit the Gym. We’ll find Oak speaking to Mom in town. This is when Red tells her that he’s going off on his journey and Mom gives him her blessing. Oak returns to the Lab. Before leaving for Viridian Forest, you can stop by the PokeMart now, them renovations are done.

PokeBall P200
Potion P300
Antidote P100
Paralyz Heal P200
Revive P1500

If you’re in Viridian City during the day there is a chance to meet the little girl we’ll know later on as Yellow, playing by that school near the Tokiwa house. The trio from Twilight are gone, which allows us to have a look at Route 22.


Pokemon Found
Wild Grass: Nidoran Female, Nidoran Male, Rattata, Mankey, Spearow.
Surfing: Psyduck.
Fishing: Poliwag, Poliwhirl, Seaking, Psyduck.

We find the stairs leading to the Indigo Plateau and Jasmine, the woman who registers Trainers for the League. Red has already registered so we’re good. Far to the south from Jasmine you’ll find a Potion in the southeast corner. Near the first pond to the west is an HP Up. Aside from catching Pokemon, there’s nothing else to be done here for now. We’ll come back once we can surf and have HM Cut. Return to town and carry on north.


Pokemon Found
Wild Grass: Pidgey, Rattata, Spearow.

The Gate leading to Viridian Forest is straight ahead, but there is also a western side on this route we can have a look at. A person named Minshay is blocking the path leading to some special garden which is further west. Only those with a pure heart may enter. Okay. The two Items found near this path are a PokeBall and one Rare Candy. North from where Minshay stands we’ll find another path, a shortcut leading to Pewter City. That’s the good news. Bad news is the path is blocked by Martha. Make your way back round to the Gate. Inside we meet Daisy Oak, who gives us some PokeBalls which Oak forgot to give us. Also in the Gate is a very familiar old woman who’s not too happy about being assumed to be dead – Elite 4 member Agatha. The exit is up ahead.


Pokemon Found
Wild Grass: Caterpie, Weedle, Metapod, Kakuna, Pikachu, Shiny Beedrill (on Wednesday).
Surfing: Goldeen, Seaking, Dratini.
Fishing: Psyduck, Goldeen, Dratini, Dragonair.

Not long after we arrive, Red is attacked by Green’s Charmander. They thought he was a wild Pokemon (really? xD!). Red doesn’t appreciate that, but before he can do anything, a wild Kangaskhan appears. Green has been waiting for it, he sends Charmander after it. Red is surprised to see that Green also has a PokeDex and this is where he finds out that Oak is Green’s grandfather. Kangaskhan is proving too strong to be caught. Red notices, wondering why she won’t attack. Once he realises why, he steps in and stops Green. Kangaskhan flees. With no other target, Green and Charmander take us on.

>>RIVAL BATTLE<< ================ Rival ??? (Lv11 Charmander, Lv13 Scyther) Prize: P1040 Despite the loss, Green goes off to find Kangaskhan. Continue north, reaching the Viridian Forest Flower Field and carry on south. We’ll be back with HM Cut to clear the paths you can see on the right. South from the Field, southwest of the small pond is an Antidote. Southeast you’ll see a Swimmer in the middle of another pond. Going on north to face Samurai. Bug Catcher Samurai (Lv11 Metapod, Pinsir) Prize: P132 Take that path heading to the left from him. This leads to Kangaskhan, who attacks Red even though he wants to help. She is at Level 15. Turns out she is just protecting her injured baby. When Green shows up he sees the baby and points out that it has been poisoned. An Antidote won’t do, he tells Red that they need a Pecha Berry. Continue north from Samurai and meet Zayn for our first Double Battle in this game. Bug Catcher Zayn (Lv10 Beedrill & Butterfree) Prize: P240 The path heads west. Buggy is next. Bug Catcher Buggy (Lv13 Paras) Prize: P156 Going north and then southwest, where we meet Nurse Joy as she harvests Pecha Berries. She shares one with us. Go back to Kangaskhan and cure the baby. Green returns, not to be of any help. But he does tell Red his name before leaving. Textbook Rival moves right there. **NOTE** There is a Bonus Chapter triggered by going back to Kangaskhan and speaking to it, but don’t bother with it for now because we’ll need HM Surf. Go east to meet Bakura. Bug Catcher Bakura (Lv11 Caterpie, Metapod, Butterfree) Prize: P132 South from him is Leonard the environmentalist, busy at work. The Gate leading out of this place is on the right. That item near it is TM06 (Toxic). Done with Viridian Forest for now. Meanwhile… Leonard notices that the pH of the water he’s observing has just increased. Something is in there…and whatever that is suddenly grabs him and pulls him in! We see Nurse Joy again, who is also attacked by something unseen. Neil, the Swimmer in the middle of the pond, is having a good time until he also goes under. What the hell? End of Chapter 03 – Saving Kangaskhan. [D] CHAPTER 04 – ELECTRIC RODENT ================================ Inside the Gate, speak to the Youngster with an Onix. He received an Evolution Stone from “a girl in a black dress” which he could use on Onix. But he gives it to us instead. A Link Stone. ROUTE 2/PEWTER CITY ——————- Pokemon Found …………. Wild Grass: Rattata, Caterpie, Pidgey, Spearow. Outside, Red sees a certain mascot of this entire franchise minding its own business…until a trio of elderly men show up to spoil things. Seems the Pokemon stole some produce from them and before they can do anything, they get the shock of their lives. Pikachu runs off into town. If you are curious about where that western path leads, you’ll find the entrance to Diglett Tunnel in the northwest area, but there is a trio of Diglett blocking. East from that is another path blocked by guards assigned by Brock. Too dangerous, we’re told. [002] PEWTER CITY – “The Stone Grey City.” —————– Places of Interest ……………… – Pokemon Gym – Pokemon Center – PokeMart – Pewter City Museum Pokemon to be found ………………. Wild Grass: Rattata, Caterpie, Pidgey, Spearow. Here we are, the home of the first Gym Badge. Let’s have a look around. That Item behind that fence to the south is a Repel. We can’t enter the Gym yet because there is a tournament being prepared. Outside the PokeMart is Pikachu, hanging out until the Shop Clerk comes out and chases it off after it has stolen from him. Red finds out that Pikachu has been a menace to the people of Pewter and the Clerk asks him to do everyone a favour. Luckily you can go in and do some shopping. PEWTER CITY PokeMart ……………….. PokeBall P200 Potion P300 Antidote P100 Paralyz Heal P200 Revive P1500 Pikachu has relocated to a corner near the Pewter City Museum. Red sends out Bulbasaur and the battle begins. “Pika” is at Level 15 and will dodge any PokeBalls thrown at it. But after the battle Red has a PokeBall ready and catches it. Not a bad addition to the team, this Pikachu has the “Speed Boost” Ability and knows Volt Tackle. It doesn’t stay indoors for very long and comes out, not exactly warming up to its new Trainer. While the two of them work on their relationship, they are joined by Rival Green and his observations. He’s already ahead, aiming to get the Boulder Badge from Brock. It boosts a Pokemon’s Attack Power. So the challenge is set, Green wants to see who will get the Badge first. End of Chapter 04 – Electric Rodent. [E] CHAPTER 05 – BOULDER BADGE ============================== There is a nice little cameo at the Pewter City Museum for those of you who pop in over there for a look. Red kinda inspires a man named Cyrus to push ahead his plan to form something called Team Galactic, whatever that it is 🙂 Outside the Gym, Brent (who tells us about the tournament) has new information now that the tournament is ready: we’ll be facing 2 Trainers in the Preliminary Round and then face Brock for the Badge. He heals our Pokemon and wishes us good luck. Gym time! PEWTER CITY GYM ————— Red shows up just in time to see Green win the Boulder Badge. No time to waste, Brock announces the next match – Red vs Mikey. Black Belt Mikey (Lv17 Graveler) Prize: P408 Then we move up to face Alisa. Cool thing is if you want to leave the Gym before battling her, you can and come back without having to start from scratch. While Red plays the good sportsman, Alisa doesn’t think he’s worth much. Time to prove her wrong. Lady Alisa (Lv16 Cubone, Marill, Pidgey) Prize: P3200 She loses and doesn’t take that very well, leading to Brock calling for his guards to kindly escort her out. He recognises Red as another worthy challenger and is ready to take us on. >>GYM BATTLE<< ============== Leader Brock (Lv15 Geodude, Lv17 Geotrio (ha!), Lv20 Onix) Prizes: P2000 + Boulder Badge Brock congratulates Red and awards him the Badge. He suggests Red visit Cerulean City, where a friend of Brock’s is the Gym Leader. All good. We’ll have to pass through Mt. Moon to reach Cerulean. Martha is no longer blocking the way east out of town. Onwards to Route 3. ROUTE 3 ——- Pokemon Found …………. Wild Grass: Spearow, Kangaskid, Mankey, Nidoran Male, Jigglypuff, Nidoran Female. If you go along that north way, Red is stopped by Green. He didn’t get a chance to battle him in the tournament, so here he is. Oh, and his Charmander has evolved into Charmeleon. >>RIVAL BATTLE<< ================ Rival Green (Lv18 Pidgeotto, Charmeleon, Scyther) Prize: P1440 Yeah, so even if you win the battle, Green still wins in the end story wise. End of Chapter 05 – Boulder Badge. Come back south and go east to find Karel. Bug Catcher Karel (Lv17 Butterfree x2) Prizes: P204 That man with a Slowpoke on the other side of the fence on the left, he’ll give you TM04 (Calm Mind) after failing to teach himself the move. Give the man a medal for effort haha. Continue north, meeting Kendra. Not THAT Kendra, for you magazine collectors out there �?� Lass Kendra (Lv18 Jigglypuff, Nidorina, Ekans) Prizes: P288 …and Stephan the Taylor Sw– Shift fan: Youngster Stephan (Lv18 Rattata x2, Spearow, Clefairy) Prizes: P288 The item in the northwest corner can’t be reached until we come back with HM Rock Smash. Next up, Route 4. ROUTE 4 (Western Side) ——- Pokemon Found …………. Wild Grass: Spearow, Rattata, Ekans, Mankey, Slowpoke. Surfing: Tentacool. Fishing: Horsea, Gyarados, Psyduck. As soon as we arrive, there is a tremor. Ahead we see Misty and her Staryu facing a Gyarados. Staryu is defeated by a Hydro Pump attack. Red is here to help, despite Misty’s concerns. Gyarados is at Level 16, can’t be caught until after the battle. We find out that Gyarados belongs to Misty. It was stolen from her last week and when she got it back, it had changed. Red wants to find the people responsible and deal with them, but Misty doesn’t know who they are, so Red figures he’ll ask Prof. Oak. Misty suggests they visit the PokeCenter close by, there is a phone they can use. [F] CHAPTER 06 – MOUNT MOON =========================== Get to the PokeCenter. That man standing near the phone is Jun Jun, looking to sell a wonderful Pokemon from Hoenn – a mighty Feebas, for P10 000! What a steal, eh? If you have some money to spend and room in your party, go on and get it �?� and have a nice look at that Feebas. Looks familiar? Yup, it is a humble Level 15 Magikarp PAINTED to resemble a Feebas. Jesus wept. Jun Jun is gone as soon as the Feebas has left his hands, so no chance to get that 10 grand back. According to the guide put together by Lunos (you’ll find him at the PokeCommunity forums site, give him a shout) this is a Bonus Chapter. The first of many in this game. I say this for those of you who are playing Adventure Red Chapter for the very first time. On the bright side, “Feebakarp” will go on to evolve into a special Gyarados. Make the call. Red fills in Oak on what has happened. Oak concludes that this sounds like Team Rocket tactics. This is the first time for Red and Misty hearing about this group of criminals. Oak tells them about the Moon Stone and the chances of Team Rocket looking for it in Mt Moon. Outside, Misty says she’s coming with Red. She needs to get through Mt Moon so she can return home anyway. There are some Grunts by the entrance, Red recognises the uniform from the one worn by the Grunt he bumped into back in Pallet Town Forest. They head into the cave to go on with their mission to find the Moon Stone. Make a note of that item, we’ll need HM Rock Smash. MT. MOON ——– Pokemon to be found ………………. (1F and 3F)- Zubat, Geodude, Paras, Sarapi, Clefairy. (2F)- Zubat, Golbat, Geodude, Paras, Sarapi. 1F — There are two paths you’ll see, one going on north and the other carrying on east. We’ll start with that northern path. Meet Ned. Hiker Ned (Lv18 Sandshrew, Geodude, Goldeen) Prize: P648 Past him is a branch path going to the right, leading to a Moon Stone and one Calcium. In the upper area is TM24 (Thunderbolt). Back to the south and head east. That Lass is Susan, PROBABLY dropping some epic rhymes in Japanese…or those could be lyrics to an anime theme haha, you never know. Lass Susan (Lv19 Pikachu) Prize: P304 There is an upper path and a lower path where Susan is. The upper path leads to creepy uncle Harold… Hiker Harold (Lv19 Geodude) Prize: P684 …and an Escape Rope. The lower path leads to Kenneth and the entrance to 2F. Scientist Kenneth (Lv19 Magnemite, Voltorb) Prize: P912 2F — Red and Misty spy on 2 Grunts having a chat. They still haven’t located the Moon Stone but if someone else does find it, they won’t hesitate to use force. Follow the Grunts along that northern way to find a Big Mushroom and some Stardust at the end of the path. A branch path going to the right leads to an ascending ladder, which will take you to some Rare Candy in another area. Return to the south and head east to face some Grunts. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv19 Zubat, Vulpix, Doduo) Prize: P684 Team Rocket Grunt (Lv20 Mankey) Prize: P720 A Tiny Mushroom is ahead from him. Then we meet a female Grunt with a full team. Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P648 (Lv18 Meowth, Koffing, Ekans, Growlithe, Beedrill, Diglett) At the end of the path is a Big Mushroom and another ascending ladder. 3F — Team Rocket Grunt (Lv20 Geodude, Raticate) Prize: P720 Go west, finding out that this is the area where we got that Rare Candy. That item we can reach now is a Repel. Carry on east, Red is ambushed by those 2 Grunts. Misty takes care of them with her Staryu and Starmie. The exit is close. But at the end of this path are 2 other Grunts blocking the stairs heading down. Meet Jess and Jamie. Misty heals our Pokemon so we can battle these goofs. >>BOSS BATTLE<< =============== Team Rocket Duo Prize: P1440 (Sandshrew Lv20, Grimer Lv20, Farfetch’d Lv20, Sneasel Lv20, Gloom Lv20) Continue down, that item on the left is a Super Potion. As we travel along the other way Red and Misty meet one of the Team Rocket higher ups – Koga. Red challenges him. >>BOSS BATTLE<< =============== Team Rocket ??? (Rhyhorn Lv22) Prize: P792 Red is happy about his victory, but that doesn’t last. Koga injects something into Rhyhorn and it suddenly evolves into a Rhydon! Misty tries to fight it with Staryu but one Horn Drill attack knocks her down. Get ready for Round 2. >>BOSS BATTLE<< =============== Team Rocket ??? (Rhydon Lv22) Prize: P792 Mt. Moon starts rumbling. Something falls near Red, it’s the Moon Stone. Everyone leaves. Outside, Misty wakes up. Red explains what happened and reveals that he has the Moon Stone. Onwards to Cerulean! End of Chapter 06 – Mount Moon [G] CHAPTER 07 – CASCADE BADGE CHAPTER ====================================== ROUTE 4 (East section) ——- Pokemon to be found ………………. Wild Grass: Spearow, Rattata, Ekans, Mankey, Slowpoke. Surfing: Tentacool. Fishing: Horsea, Gyarados, Psyduck. To the left is a neat little shortcut back to the western section, but we don’t have HM Cut yet. In the grass south from the old man and the Spearow is a Oran Berry. There’s a cave to the north, we’ll have to go right round to reach it. Until then, step into Cerulean. Bring an umbrella. [003] CERULEAN CITY – “A Mysterious, Blue Aura Surrounds It.” =================== Places of Interest ……………… – Pokemon Gym – Pokemon Center – PokeMart – Cerulean Bike Shop – Misty’s House Pokemon to be found ………………. Surfing: Tentacool. Fishing: Horsea, Gyarados, Psyduck. CERULEAN CITY PokeMart …………………. Poke Ball – P200 Potion – P300 Antidote – P100 Paralyz Heal – P200 Burn Heal – P250 Ice Heal – P250 Awakening – P250 Revive – P1500 Fresh Water – P200 Soda Pop – P300 Lemonade – P350 Moomoo Milk – P500 Misty heads home, leaving Red to figure out where her house is. Gives us a chance to look around. To the south, house on the left, speak to Taric to get TM18 (Rain Dance). Make a note of the man living right next door, Andrew. He’ll be involved in a Bonus Chapter involving that strange creature standing near the PokeMart. When Red tries to interact with it, it jumps into the water. Odd. If you got P10 000 000 000 under a mattress somewhere, bring it to the Bike Shop and get a new ride. Affordable! Martha is blocking the Gym. East way out of town is blocked by a breakup in progress. West way leads to a path blocked by a trio of Slowpoke and that cave on Route 4. Inside the cave are the Dojo Brothers Puncher & Kicker. They teach Mega Punch and Mega Kick respectively. Whether you teach your Pokemon the move or not, afterwards Red is given a Dojo Band, which will allow him to enter the Bro Dojo in Saffron City. We must speak to a man named Erik there. Misty is outside her house, northwest area of town. She says Red can stay over for the night. A big house, with a whole squad of maids and everything. During dinner, Red entertains the maids with his story about taking on Team Rocket alone while Misty was knocked out. Misty isn’t amused, she wants the two of them to get serious and train so they can be ready for future battles against Team Rocket. Overconfidence from Red spoils things and results in Misty storming off. Great job, buddy. Red is shown the room he’ll be occupying by a maid. When you’re ready, go to bed and sleep. At some point, Red is woken up by an odd sound. In the bottom right corner is a Level 24 Starmie, but because the room is dark Red can’t see it before it attacks. After its defeated, Starmie disappears. The next day Red wonders about Starmie and who its Trainer could be. He is ready to challenge the Cerulean Gym, not knowing who the Gym Leader is. Misty invites him to visit the Gym. CERULEAN CITY GYM —————– Inside, Red sees Misty and Starmie and learns the truth. In the end he agrees to team up with her. Go heal and come back. First up when we return, Anita. Maid Anita (Lv22 Goldeen) Prize: P528 Then Mizuki. Maid Mizuki (Lv22 Gyarados, Psyduck) Prize: P528 Final one, Stygian. Maid Stygian (Lv22 Poliwag, Horsea, Psyduck) Prize: P528 Misty is ready. Battle for the Badge! >>GYM BATTLE<< ============== Leader Misty (Staryu Lv25, Starmie Lv25) Prizes: P2500 + Cascade Badge (Pokemon up to Lv30 obey you) New Badge acquired and an ally to help us face Team Rocket. Nice. End of Chapter 07 – Cascade Badge Chapter. Leave the Gym and head north. ROUTE 24 ——– Pokemon Found …………. Wild Grass: Bellsprout, Pidgey, Oddish, Abra, Kakuna, Metapod. Surfing: Tentacool. Fishing: Horsea, Gyarados, Psyduck. What we find on Nugget Bridge may look like mutated Rattata but it is none other than the world’s greatest PokeManiac, Bill. Right after making his introduction, a random Fearow swoops down and snatches him! Cue that Bonus Chapter theme music! (Regular Show theme). [XX2] BONUS CHAPTER 02 SAVING BILL ================================== The item Bill was trying to interact with is exactly what it looks like, a PokeBall. Cross the bridge and meet the first Trainer on this Route, Hayden. Camper Hayden (Lv20 Nidoran[F], Nidoran[M]) Prize: P400 Northwest from him is an Amulet Coin. Go all the way south on that left side to find Rare Candy. Back to where Hayden is and continue east. Bug Catcher Louie (Lv20 Butterfree[O] & Butterfree[P]) Prize: P480 [O] is for the Orange Islands variant of the Pokemon and [P] is for Pink, from an island we’ll get to much, much later. Only a few steps and we reach Route 25. ROUTE 25 ——– Pokemon Found …………. Wild Grass: Bellsprout, Pidgey, Oddish, Abra, Kakuna, Metapod. Surfing: Psyduck Fishing: Poliwag, Poliwhirl, Gyarados, Psyduck. That long stretch of grass above from Louie, on the right side end of it is a Potion. On the other side of that fence below is Officer Jenny (you get to her by winding round from Louie) but for now all she says is “Luke I know it’s you..”. Make a note of her, future Bonus Chapter material. Back to Route 25. Parent Jean (Lv20 Clefairy) Prize: P480 Up those stairs after Jean, there’s Bill. Red offers to use an Electric attack on Fearow, but Bill fears getting shocked too so he suggests Red find something to distract the bird. Continue east. We’ll come back when we can surf to get that item floating in the water. Up ahead is Bill’s Seaside Cottage. In the top left corner is what we need, a bag of Bird Feed. Back to Bill, leave the food and face Fearow, Level 25. If you want it, you can catch it. Afterwards take Bill back to the cottage and help him become human again. As a way to show his appreciation, he upgrades our Pokemon Storage System, allowing it to hold more Pokemon. Excellent. End of Bonus Chapter 02 Saving Bill. Back in Cerulean, the east exit is still blocked so we’re going south to Route 5. **NOTE** Remember that creature we found near the PokeMart? If you go back to that spot, you’ll find a woman across the water, bottom right corner. Just make a note of her for now, because she is also part of the Bonus Chapter which that man Andrew will play a role in. We won’t be able to do much in that chapter until we can surf. ROUTE 5 ——- Pokemon Found …………. Wild Grass: Meowth, Pidgey, Oddish, Growlithe, Primeape. Those 2 women on the right, looking like they could be up for a Double Battle, only one of them will fight. Harpie Karen (Lv23 Ivysaur, Jigglypuff, Clefairy) Prize: P368 Can’t continue east because of the popstar battle in progress. Can’t continue west because Martha. South we go. That item on the right is a Repel. Nearby is Bridgette, up for a Double Battle. Ranger Bridgette (Lv23 Scyther & Sneasel) Prize: P1656 South from her is Jacob and his full team. Hiker Jacob Prize: P720 (Lv18 Sandshrew, Rattata, Cubone, Diglett, Lv20 Kangaskid, Graveler) At the end of that grassy path going up from Jacob’s left is a Quick Claw. To the south is the Gate connecting Route 5 to Route 6. As soon as we enter it, scene change. Few days ago.. We see Jacob trying to “save” another Trainer, aiming to beat them. But she beats him. This fine Trainer is Blue. [H] CHAPTER 08 – S.S. ANNE ROBBERY ================================== Back to Red. Speak to Officer Jenny, she tells us that Pokemon have been going missing lately in Vermilion City. If we have any leads, she’ll be here. ROUTE 6 ——- Pokemon Found …………. Wild Grass: Meowth, Pidgey, Oddish, Sandshrew, Shiny Meowth (on Friday). Surfing: Psyduck. Fishing: Poliwag, Poliwhirl, Gyarados, Psyduck. On the right is Agatha, enjoying some flowers until we bother her and to the left is a Tiny Mushroom. Bug Catcher Joseph (Lv22 Pinsir) Prize: P264 Further south are Ken and Jen. Make them look good, okay? Camper Jen (Lv22 Vulpix, Lv23 Venonat) Prize: P460 Camper Ken (Lv17 Pidgey, Rattata, Magikarp) Prize: P340 That item behind the fence is a Poison Barb. We reach our next destination. [004] VERMILION CITY – “A Southern City That Is Bathed In By the ==================== Setting Sun.” Places of Interest ……………… – Pokemon Gym – Pokemon Center – PokeMart – Pokemon Fan Club – Fisherman Lawrence’s House – Vermilion City Dock Pokemon to be found ………………. Surfing: Tentacool. Fishing: Horsea, Shellder, Gyarados, Psyduck, Magikarp. VERMILION CITY POKEMART …………………. Poke Ball – P200 Potion – P300 Antidote – P100 Paralyz Heal – P200 Burn Heal – P250 Ice Heal – P250 Awakening – P250 Revive – P1500 Fresh Water – P200 Soda Pop – P300 Lemonade – P350 Moomoo Milk – P500 Red is happy to be here, looking forward to getting on board the S.S. Anne. Until then we can explore. We’ll need HM Rock Smash for the item in the northwest corner of town. Fisherman Lawrence lives in the house west from the PokeCenter. He’ll be happy to part with his Fishing Rod. Way more user friendly than the original trio of Rods (Old, Good and Super) haha. Happy fishing! At the Pokemon Fan Club, not much going on yet. But keep a note of the guy in the top left corner, Greg. Future Bonus Chapter character. Captain Cook is at the Vermilion City Dock, it is off-limits until we come back much stronger. The Gym is located northeast of town. But hold off from going there because all you’ll find is a Bonus Chapter connected to Lavender Town. Once we’re done here in Vermilion, we’ll visit the Gym. Let’s board the ship. That item to the right before getting on the ship is an Elixir. S.S. ANNE ——— -(S.S. Anne 1F, North Side)- Wild Encounters: Rattata, Voltorb, Vulpix, Pidgeotto, Raticate -(S.S. Anne 1F, South Side)- Wild Encounters: Spearow, Rattata, Voltorb, Raticate Time to find out what exactly is going on this legendary ship. There are two paths, one going northwest and one going southeast. Northwest has Larry. Sailor Larry (Lv23 Tentacool) Prize: P736 At the end of that way is a Sailor blocking a doorway. We’ll be thrown off the ship if we speak to him. Southeast has Luke. Sailor Luke (Lv23 Goldeen) Prize: P736 What we find in the south are 6 cabins and Creighton. Sailor Creighton (Lv20 Tentacool x2, Psyduck) Prize: P640 Starting from the top right cabin going anti-clockwise, here’s what we find: Revive, a curious Love Letter for Greg, a Potion, TM10 (Hidden Power). The bottom middle cabin moves the story along while that one on the bottom right is connected to another future Bonus Chapter. When Red goes into it, he is startled by a woman who suddenly appears next to him. She says “No…You’re not the one…” and leaves. The actual Bonus Chapter is a time-based event, but we’ll dive into it after we get through this chapter. Go to the middle cabin. The door is locked, so Red peeks through the keyhole and is shocked by what he sees inside. His scream alerts some Sailors nearby and they toss Red overboard. Back on the mean streets of Vermilion, he is found by the President of the Fan Club, the aptly named Mr Fanclub. He is glad to find out that Red is a Trainer and makes him a member of the Fan Club. Return to that place and speak to him. While everyone is happy to meet the newest member and see his Pokemon, they are not prepared to learn that Red battles alongside his team. Someone runs in, shouting about his Pokemon being stolen. Another theft. Mr Fanclub tells Red that his Abra was taken recently. All the club members have had their Pokemon stolen. Red works out that perhaps the S.S. Anne is being used to transport all the stolen Pokemon and what he saw in that cabin may have been one. Return to the ship. That doorway which was blocked by a Sailor previousy, it is open now. -(S.S. Anne B1F)- Wild Encounters: Pidgey, Rattata, Voltorb, Pidgeotto, Raticate First Sailor we find here is Blake. Sailor Blake (Lv24 Dratini) Prize: P768 Carry on. Sailor Hokkins (Lv23 Goldeen, Staryu) Prize: P736 To the south are 2 Sailors blocking stairs heading up, so from Hokkins head north to find stairs heading below. -(S.S. Anne B2F)- Wild Encounters: Pidgey, Pidgeotto, Rattata, Raticate, Voltorb, Vulpix Sailor Kai (Lv23 Zubat, Magnemite) Prize: P736 Stairs heading back up on the left. We find another Sailor, busy watching over an empty room. Sneak past him and enter the next door. A storage room, full of crates containing Pokemon! Red can’t break open the crates, he’ll need a key to unlock them. Go back to that room which was being monitored by a Sailor. He’s gone. Inside the room Red finds a Level 21 Voltorb that’s looking for a fight. After the battle, its Trainer shows up – the Lightning Russian himself, Lt. Surge! Voltorb attacks Red with Thunder Wave, paralysing him. This is Surge’s ship and operation, no trespassers. He’s only doing the Pokemon a favour by freeing them from Trainers who aren’t training them well enough. He unleashes more Voltorb and orders them to get rid of Red, but he escapes in time. No issue for Surge, he has some Magneton around to act as video cameras. Red is back in the corridor outside that room. Despite the presence of the Magneton, they are harmless. Make your way back to those stairs which were blocked before. They lead to the deck. Surge appears to finish the job. >>BOSS BATTLE<< =============== Sailor Lt. Surge (Lv27 Magneton, Lv28 Electabuzz) Prize: P896 Surge suddenly changes tactics and jumps ship. He has left behind what we need for those crates – the S.S. Key. By the way, if you’re up for taking a dip, you can jump off the edge 🙂 -(S.S. Anne’s Underwater Spot)- Wild Encounters: Remoraid, Krabby, Shellder, Shiny Psyduck Who’s that looking like she has passed out? Misty, xD! Red thinks she’s unconscious but she’s fine. This is just her swimming spot. The items found here are one Iron, one Dive Ball and a new Key Item known as a Evol Coral. Certain Pokemon can evolve via this thing. That item near Gyarados takes us back to the surface AND marks the end of a Bonus Chapter we didn’t know we were in…? End of Evolution Bonus Chapter. Huh. We’re back on deck. Now we can rescue those Pokemon. Well, not yet. When we get back to the corridor leading to the storage room, we find a squad of Sailors blocking the way. We can’t take them on alone, we’ll need help – Officer Jenny. Return to the Gate and speak to her. As soon as she hears about everything, off she goes. After she takes care of the Sailors, enter the storage room and free the Pokemon. Officer Jenny shows up to accompany the Pokemon back to their Trainers. Only one remains, what should be Mr Fanclub’s Abra has become an Alakazam. Well. Back in town, after everyone gets their Pokemon returned to them, we get to show Mr Fanclub his new pal. Surprise! Congratulations..? Red asks him what he should do next and finds out that there is a Bike Race about to take place on Route 11, east from town. Mr Fanclub gives his own Bicycle to Red as a way of thanking him for saving Ab– I mean Alakazam. Done and done. End of Chapter 08 – S.S. Anne Robbery. Now that we’re on our way out of Vermilion, let’s take a look at the three Bonus Chapters here. Or you just skip down to where Chapter 09 begins if you’re not interested/will do them later. [XX4] BONUS CHAPTER 04 VENGEFUL MAIDEN ====================================== Make sure it is around midnight. Go back to the S.S. Anne and enter that cabin I told you about, where a woman will appear. After that encounter, enter the cabin again. Red will go to the window on his own and that woman appears again, saying the same thing she said before. Red wonders who she could be. Next, make your way to the deck. There she is. Red asks who she is, but she disappears. After this, go to that room where we first met Surge. The woman confronts Red, thinking that he is someone named Thaan who didn’t return for her and their child. But she realises that Red is not Thaan. Red asks her who she is, she tells him – Mona, a ghost haunting what she believes to be a ship called the Carol Medan. The S.S. Anne is the rebranded form of that sunken ship. We learn that Thaan was her fiance whom Mana boarded the ship with for a holiday trip to the Unova region. The ship was attacked by pirates and Thaan traded Mona for his freedom, leaving her with the pirates. Eventually she died and has been haunting this ship, waiting for Thaan. Red notices the photo in a locket Mona has – it is of Thaan, who looks like Mr Fanclub! Red agrees to help Mona. Go back to the Fan Club and speak to the man. Red demands to know his real name, surprising Mr Fanclub. Red mentions Mona and that gets Mr Fanclub talking. Turns out that Thaan was his twin brother. He died many years ago when the Carol Medan sank, unable to save Mana. Return to Mona with him. From that reunion, we find out about Mr Fanclub being named Derek. He clears things for Mona. It’s hard for her to accept but in the end she comes round and finally crosses over. No action, just some filler drama :/ and sadly it is not the only Bonus Chapter like this. End of Bonus Chapter – Vengeful Maiden. [XX5] BONUS CHAPTER 05 LOVE LETTER ================================== Deliver the Love Letter to Greg at the Fan Club. He sees that it is dated a year ago. A friend of his used to work on the S.S. Anne, named Ted and he lives in Lavender Town. He might know more about the letter. [XX6] BONUS CHAPTER 06 ABANDONED GYM ==================================== Inside the Vermilion Gym, Red sees a Pikachu before it runs ahead. At the north end of the Gym is a note that tells a story about the Gym Leader having a friend that died. The death ruined him. That Pikachu reappears after reading the note. A harmless ghost Pikachu. Nothing odd about that. It asks Red to take its remains to the Lavender Tower and lay them to rest there. We receive an Urn. On the right side of that fence by the Gym is some Bright Powder. We’re done with Vermilion for now. Tune up that Bicycle and let’s race! [I] CHAPTER 09 – BIKE CONTEST ============================= ROUTE 11 ——– Pokemon Found …………. Wild Grass: Ekans, Spearow, Drowzee. Surfing: Tentacool. Fishing: Horsea, Gyarados, Psyduck. The Announcer tells us that there’s a nice surprise at the end of the race. Can’t have a race without one. Everyone speeds off and we get the time to explore the route. From the starting line we have 3 paths, north, center and south. Along that south path is a Great Ball. North and middle paths lead to the “surprise” which is blocking the last stretch – Snorlax. The item you find before getting to it is TM01 (Work Up a.k.a Focus Punch in another universe). Red has the idea of attacking Snorlax to wake it up. Level 25, you can catch it. Afterwards, the racers carry on. The finish line is ahead, but waiting near the end to stop us from winning is Kyle. Biker Kyle (Lv24 Pidgeotto, Venomoth, Ekans) Prize: P384 Despite our efforts, we come out second. Our prize is a Sun Stone. Consolation prize?. We raced so hard that the bike has fallen apart. It’s not that you are weak, Bike-kun, we’re just too strong. End of Chapter 8 – Bike Contest. Inside the Gate, Red realises that it has been some time since he last saw Green. How’s he doing? This is where the game asks if we would like to play as Green. A chance to step into the shoes of a Rival…shall we? If you choose No, you just continue playing as Red. Skip down to “Back to Red” if you don’t want to play as Green. [XX7] BONUS CHAPTER 07 GREEN’S TALE 1 CHAPTER ============================================= 2 weeks ago… Green and Charmeleon have arrived in Lavender Town to bury a friend. Well damn… [005] LAVENDER TOWN – “The Noble Purple Town.” =================== Places of Interest ……………… – Pokemon Tower – Fuji Residence – Pokemon Center – PokeMart – Mosby’s Residence LAVENDER TOWN MART ……………… Poke Ball – P200 Great Ball – P600 Premier Ball – P200 Potion – P300 Antidote – P100 Paralyz Heal – P200 Burn Heal – P250 Ice Heal – P250 Awakening – P250 Revive – P1500 Repel – P350 Fresh Water – P200 Soda Pop – P300 Lemonade – P350 Moomoo Milk – P500 Appropriate weather for such a dreary place. And the mood of the citizens we speak to isn’t any better. Let’s look around. Blocking the Mosby’s Residence is Martha. Near the PokeCenter is Blair the fortune teller. For ONLY P1000, she’ll reveal a great truth 🙂 there’s a man standing outside the Fuji Residence, he’s looking for his Doduo. The bird is blocking the way leading to the Pokemon Tower. Behind the Tower is a Spell Tag. If you continue south from Doduo, going right round, you’ll reach a Super Potion. The man comes rushing when Green spots Doduo. He is grateful, turns out Doduo is just old and tends to wander around. This man is Mr Fuji, a long time friend of Prof. Oak, and he invites Green to visit him. Since it’s raining, Green is given a place to spend the night. Next morning, we find out that Doduo has passed away in its sleep. Though it is a sad affair, Mr Fuji takes comfort in having been there at the end for his old friend. He learns why Green is in town – to bury his Raticate. He blames himself for its death, believing he was overconfident in his training. Mr Fuji warns him against going to the Pokemon Tower, claiming that the place is haunted by ghosts. Green doesn’t believe it, he is going to prove the man wrong. Just outside the Tower, visiting a grave (or perhaps shopping for one) is Agatha. Not too happy to see the grandson of someone she knows very well. Inside the Tower, Charmeleon can sense that things are not right at all here. A fog appears, someone or something is laughing and catches Green. End of Bonus Chapter – Green’s Tale 1 Chapter. Back to Red. Have some room in your party. Upstairs speak to Other Gary and receive a Pokemon Egg. A Dratini will hatch from it sooner or later. Exit the Gate and enter Route 12. ROUTE 12 ——– Pokemon Found …………. Wild Grass: Oddish, Venonat, Pidgey, Gloom. Surfing: Tentacool. Fishing: Horsea, Gyarados, Psyduck. Preppy Brian (Lv24 Nidorina) Prize: P960 Going north and east. We’ll be back with HM Cut and Rock Smash. In the house we find at the intersection is Cliff, a friend of Delia Ketchum. North from the house is the Lavender Graveyard, where we meet Mom Mayla and Delia. Delia is visiting the grave of her husband. Interesting take away is from the conversation between Red and Mom – Red asks her if Delia has a son…Mom immediately ends the chat and leaves. What’s up with that, Mom? Then there is the big grave in the upper section. Watching over it is an old man named Aigami, who tells the story about this place. Once an ancient city that was mysteriously destroyed by an unknown force. Nobody has deciphered the writings carved into the gravestone. Then a Bonus Chapter is triggered. Nothing we can do for it at the moment except for Red hearing a voice say Dark Relic when he looks at the writings. In the top north corner is a Thick Club. Leave and go on east. Fisherman Alex (Lv20 Magikarp, Goldeen, Psyduck) Prize: P720 That item to the right from him is an Elixir. Lass Serena (Lv21 Meowth, Skitty, Lv22 Meowth) Prize: P336 And then we enter Lavender Town. It’s been raining since we got onto Route 12 so we have to find shelter. Martha is gone now so we can visit the Mosby’s Residence. This is where Sailor Ted lives, Greg’s friend. Good news is he knows who wrote the letter…the bad news is he wants us to get him some food in exchange for the info /==./ bruh. A Malasada specifically, which can be bought in Celadon City. We’ll find shelter at Mr Fuji’s house. Red comments on how rude people have been since he got here. Fuji believes that the people have been trapped by their fears, hence their rudeness. The next morning, Red sees Fuji outside paying respect to Doduo. When he finds out about the Pokemon Tower, he asks Fuji why he didn’t bury Doduo there. Fuji brings up the issue about ghosts, Red laughs just like Green did and sobers up when he find out about him venturing into the Tower. He hasn’t returned. POKEMON TOWER ————- Nothing on the first floor…until Red gets to those stairs heading up. That fog rolls in and he sees a Psyduck that has appeared from nowhere. Then it turns into a zombie, Corpse 1 (Level 25) and attacks. After defeating it, the body crumbles and the fog disappears. 2F — Pokemon Found …………. Gastly, Cubone, Abra, Kangaskid. There’s a fog here though, and this time Red encounters zombie Slowbro, Corpse 2 (same level). Just like Psyduck, the body falls apart and the fog disappears. Red thinks that the fog is what’s reanimating the corpses…that is until the fog reappears. The Trainers we find here fall victim to it. Youngster Aston (Lv25 Ekans, Fearow, Sandshrew) Prize: P400 Preppy Louis (Lv25 Clefairy) Prize: P1000 The one item found here is a Max Repel. All the tombstones are identical except for the brown one north from Louis. The source of the fog reveals itself, a Level 20 Gastly. Afterwards Gastly and the fog vanish, the Trainers are saved. 3F — Pokemon Found …………. Gastly, Cubone, Abra, Kangaskid. Another floor needing another D.I.Y. level exorcism. Ranger Rinea (Lv25 Misdreavus) Prize: P900 Preppy Takumi (Lv25 Pidgeotto, Seadra) Prize: P1000 Ranger Berkut (Lv25 Ponyta, Magmar) Prize: P900 The item in the top right corner is TM41 (Torment). What we got on this floor are two brown tombstones, the southern one is what we’re looking for. Level 24 Gastly. 4F — Pokemon Found …………. Gastly, Cubone, Abra, Kangaskid. We’re attacked as soon as we get here. Summoner Leslie (Lv25 Vulpix, Ninetales, Kadabra) Prize: P800 Unlike everyone else we’ve met so far, she attacked us on purpose. That item on the left from her is a Great Ball. Northwest corner has an HP Up. Summoner Sarah (Lv25 Haunter) Prize: P800 The brown tombstone to the east is the correct one. Level 26 Gastly. 5F — Pokemon Found …………. Gastly, Cubone, Abra, Kangaskid. We got attacked on the floor below, here we get fire shot at us. What the f– there’s Green and Charmeleon! They’re okay…right? Another fire shot and we see that Green is not alright. Am really tempted to call him Dark Green. #Yu-Gi-Oh! >>RIVAL BATTLE<< ================ Rival Green Prize: P2560 (Lv28 Pidgeotto, Lv29 Machoke, Lv30 Scyther, Lv32 Charmeleon) Red has to find the Pokemon that’s controlling Green. Is it a Drowzee? A Gastly? Or a Kadabra? The culprit appears, Level 30 Gastly. Green finally snaps out of it but he won’t leave just yet. Gotta find out who is responsible for this. He goes to the room on the right. Before we follow him, there’s another room to the north. The big tombstone in the way will be taken care of by Ghost Pikachu. Pokemon Found …………. Wild Encounters: Gastly, Haunter, Cubone. In the middle of this room is a ritual circle surrounded by 6 tombstones. Ghost Pikachu is taken over by an unknown spirit before giving Red a brief history lesson about Lavender Town. This place used to be a ritual spot for the occults and it is in this room where the dead where reanimated. What has taken over Pikachu are the spirits of Pokemon which were reanimated by a cult. But the process failed and the Pokemon were sealed here. They want to be set free from their suffering. That fire in the middle of the circle will light up the 6 tombstones. Going clockwise, starting from the bottom left one, here we go. You can catch them: Corpse 6 (Zombie Seadra) [Level 30] Corpse 5 (Zombie Mr. Mime) [Level 30] Corpse 4 (Zombie Pidgeotto) [Level 30] Corpse 1 (Zombie Psyduck) [Level 30] Corpse 2 (Zombie Slowbro) [Level 30] Corpse 3 (Zombie Lickitung) [Level 30] After putting them to rest, continue into the chamber to the north. By the altar are an Exp. Share and a Rare Candy. It is time for Pikachu to cross over. Before it goes, it tells Red about its owner, Surge, the Vermilion City Gym Leader and now a higher up in Team Rocket. Pikachu was killed by the boss of Team Rocket, but Surge doesn’t know. We learn that in the past there was a Pokemon War and Surge was in it. Just as Pikachu is about to reveal who the Team Rocket boss, that bright light comes on to take Pikachu away. End of Bonus Chapter – Abandoned Gym. The Urn is left on the altar. Now we can chase after Green. 6F — Pokemon Found …………. Wild Encounters: Gastly, Haunter, Cubone. We find Green and see puddles of poison on the floor. He heals our Pokemon and tells us that the person responsible is near. Follow the purple trail north to the source – an Arbok. But it isn’t a wild one, it belongs to Koga, one of Team Rocket’s Triad. Taking advantage of the townsfolk’s superstitions, Team Rocket have built a base here. Now he wants to make up for what happened at Mt. Moon. >>BOSS BATTLE<< =============== Team Rocket Koga (Lv35 Arbok) Prize: P1260 It’s not enough to beat Koga in battle, no, our wonderful Rival goes ahead and kills Arbok. So unnecessary. Koga takes the chance to get away. Return to Mr Fuji to let him know that the Tower is safe. Now Doduo can be moved to a proper resting place. A few days later… Lavender Town is back to normal. Mr Fuji thanks us and wishes us good luck. Red asks Green why he was here in the first place, but doesn’t get much of an answer. He tells Red about the next place where there’s a Gym, Celadon City. It is to the west of Route 5. End of Chapter 10 – Lavender Tower Chapter. Make your way back to Route 5 and carry on. ROUTE 8 ——- Pokemon Found …………. Wild Grass: Pidgey, Meowth, Growlithe, Ekans. Only a few steps in and we get a scene change. From Red to Blue, who has her eyes on someone. [K] CHAPTER 11 – WARTORTLE WARS =============================== Back to Red. We’ll return with HM Cut for that item above us. Sibling Tyler (Lv28 Persian & Jynx) Prize: P5376 Sibling Papu & Nina (Lv28 Jigglypuff & Clefairy) Prize: P5376 Up the stairs near the Twins, at the end of that area is a Revive. Up the next stairs and wind round to find Knuckles. Black Belt Knuckles (Lv30 Primeape) Prize: P720 Not your regular NPC Trainer, this guy. He decides he’ll become a monk after losing. Watching that battle was Blue, who tells Red that she thinks he’s a good Trainer. Hook, line and sinker 🙂 she sells him some “items” which she says could help him. And just like that he parts with P1000 for a Power Item. Fun times ahead now that Blue is going to be active in the story :/ Continue north then west to the Gate. Inside we find Officer Jenny terrified because a Nidoran is in here. Grown ass woman afraid of a little Nidoran haha, shame on you. This is Red’s chance to try out the fancy new item he just got. He sends out Pikachu and uses the Power Item…aaaand it is a complete dud. Red realises that he’s been had. It is a Level 28 Nidoran (Yeesh, I take that back, Jenny). Afterwards we step into town. [006] CELADON CITY – “A Rich, Rainbow Coloured City Where People & ================== Pokemon Gather.” Places of Interest ……………… – Pokemon Gym – Pokemon Center – Celadon Department Store – Game Corner – Celadon City Motel Pokemon to be Found ………………. Wild Grass: Nidorina, Nidorino, Magnemite, Grimer. Surfing: Psyduck, Koffing, Lapras (Wednesday, south of Game Corner). Fishing: Magikarp, Grimer. Game Corner: Abra, Clefairy, Dratini, Scyther, Porygon. CELADON CITY DEPT. STORE …………………… 1F – Reception 2F — Great Ball – P600 Super Potion – P700 Revive – P1500 Antidote – P100 Paralyz Heal – P200 Awakening – P250 All TMs are P9000 TM04 (Calm Mind) TM15 (Hyper Beam) TM18 (Rain Dance) TM31 (Brick Break) TM43 (Flame Charge)….yeah, no Secret Power :/ damn shame TM45 (Attract) 3F – Gamers’ Heaven 4F (All Stones are P2100) — Sun Stone Moon Stone Fire Stone Water Stone Leaf Stone Thunder Stone Link Stone Ice Stone 5F (All Enhancers are P9800) — HP Up Protein Iron Calcium Zinc Carbos X Attack – P500 X Defend – P550 X Speed – P350 X Special – P350 X Accuracy – P950 Guard Spec. – P700 Dire Hit – P650 CELADON GAME CORNER ………………. 50 Coins – P1000 500 Coins – P10 000 Abra – 180 Coins Clefairy – 500 Coins Dratini – 2800 Coins Scyther – 5500 Coins Porygon – 9999 Coins TM13 (Ice Beam) – 4000 Coins TM23 (Rock Throw) – 3500 Coins TM24 (Thunderbolt) – 4000 Coins TM30 (Shadow Ball) – 4500 Coins TM35 (Flamethrower) – 4000 Coins Red wants to visit the PokeCenter to heal his Pokemon. In the backyard to the south is some Zinc. Let’s look around before getting to the PC. Speak to Joey at the Celadon City Motel to receive the Coin Case. On the top floor of the Celadon Dept. Store, make note of Kai from GameSleak (ha!) for a future Bonus Chapter. Next door from the Store is a cafe where we can buy Malasada for Sailor Ted, for ONLY P5000. If you got time, rush back to Ted and deliver it. He’ll then tell us that the person who wrote the letter lives in another town called Flora City. Greg knows where it is, so go back to him and learn that it is north of Celadon. He’ll tell us to meet him again in Flora City. At the Game Corner we’ll find Green, trying to get enough cash money for a Porygon. Real hustle right there 🙂 **NOTE: I discovered this much, much later (as in after finishing the Expansion Pass LATER): the man in the middle at the front desk who sells legendaries for 1 Coin each is now in business. In the previous versions of Adventure Red he wasn’t selling. These are the Pokemon he’ll have, each is at Lv150: Raikou Entei Suicune Deoxys (Normal Forme) Dialga Palkia Uxie Mesprit Azelf Giratina In the top right corner is a Team Rocket Grunt blocking stairs. Only Team Rocket members allowed. We’ll need a uniform. The Gym is closed, we’re told the Gym Leader is away. Next door from the PokeCenter is what would be the Celadon Apartment building in the older games. On the 1st Floor is a little girl who is a trigger for the Bonus Chapter that includes GameSleak Kai, her name is Babe. But leave her for now because we’ll need HM Surf for it. Upstairs you’ll get a cameo from Aethestode. Get outta here xD. There’s a doorway on the 1st Floor which leads to the area behind the house. The item found here is a Link Stone. Carry on north. NORTH OF CELADON ……………. Pokemon to be found ………………. Wild Grass: Magnemite, Grimer, Gloom, Oddish, Pidgeotto. Going northeast leads to a deadend (for now) because we don’t have HM Cut so go all the way north to Floral City. [007] FLORAL CITY – “The Cherry Blossom Heaven.” ================= There’s Greg as soon as we enter. The old man nearby finds out that Greg is here and tells him that his secret admirer lives in one of the houses here. There are 4 possible admirers: Sarah, Lucy, Joy and Kent. Each have their own happy ending and the reward we get is the same, TM44 (Rest). Sarah was too shy to approach Greg…Lucy didn’t want him to know about her terminal illness…Joy is troublesome…and Kent is there as alternative I guess. Pick your admirer and put this Bonus Chapter to rest. End of Bonus Chapter – Love Letter. **NOTE** Speak to the guy named Josh, he’s found along that road leading to Sarah and Lucy’s houses. He’ll give you a new outfit, a yukata. This will be needed for another Bonus Chapter that happens here. Return to Celadon. At the PokeCenter Red finds Prof. Oak. He tells us about Squirtle being stolen from his lab. Hmm. After talking to him, go to the “town square”, just south from the Dept. Store, where we see Blue selling more fake items to new gullible people. Once she sees Red she runs away. We chase her up to the stream near the Gym. She gets on her Wartortle and surfs away. Go back to the North of Celadon area and take that short path on the right. It was empty before but now there’s a woman. That’s Blue in disguise, almost tricking Red again but he has smartened up. Meet our second Rival. >>RIVAL BATTLE<< ================ Rival Blue (Lv33 Wartortle & Lv34 Jigglypuff) Prize: P5280 Red learns her name and that she has a Wartortle. He brings up that he has 2 Gym Badges and Blue makes a note of that. You know where this is going. End of Chapter 11 – Wartortle Wars. We catch up with Red at the PokeCenter where, surprise, he discovers that his Badges are missing. The game asks if we would like to play as Blue. After what has just happened? If you’re going to skip, jump down to “Back to Red”. If not, here we go: [XX9] BONUS CHAPTER 09 BLUE’S TALE 1 ==================================== A few hours earlier… Blue has made her way into a facility that is occupied by Team Rocket. She is looking for a disc which is being kept here. She catches a couple of Grunts having a chat about the Phantom Pokemon and the disc, which is meant to help them locate that Pokemon. They spot Blue but she defeats them with Jigglypuff. Continue south to some stairs heading down. The item found in the north corner here is an Ether. On the table is a note that says press the switches to disable the slide panel on the bottom right. Just interact with those machines that have lights going on and off until there is just one column of slide panels separating this side of the room from the one on the right. Then you can slide over and head up to more downward stairs. The only item found in the new area is a Rare Candy. Up the stairs on the right. Next area, on the left are stairs heading up. Bottom right are more stairs heading up, but Blue won’t take them. The stairs on the bottom left lead to a small room where there’s a note about the failure of Mew Project No. 87. In the room reached by those left side stairs, you’ll find a Magnet in the top left corner. To the right, on the big table is TM21 (Frustration). On the small desk is the disc, containing the Phantom Pokemon’s data. Blue doesn’t get to enjoy the prize because someone catches her – Blaine. This is his lab. End of Bonus Chapter 09 Blue’s Tale 1. Back to Red. Step out of the PokeCenter. There are 2 Grunts, looking for Blue. What a coincidence 🙂 Red has to find the Team Rocket hideout. [L] CHAPTER 12 – BREAKING IN ============================ We have an idea of where the hideout is but we don’t have a uniform. How do we get one? Southeast from the Game Corner, one of the Grunts is around. Bingo. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv28 Ekans) Prize: P1008 Grab that uniform, change and return to the Game Corner. The Grunt lets us through. We’ll be in the lab where Blaine found Blue. Grunts are monitoring the tanks containing green liquid. Blaine shows up to clarify that the Mew DNA they recovered doesn’t have enough data to clone a complete body. They have to get that disc back from Blue. An alarm goes off, Blue has been found in the southeast area of town. Assemble! Everyone leaves…except Blaine, who sees Red but says nothing and goes away. Now it’s our turn to exit, defeating Grunts on the way because they don’t recognise us as one of them. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv28 Raichu) Prize: P1008 Team Rocket Grunt (Lv28 Tauros, Jynx) Prize: P1008 Team Rocket Grunt (Lv28 Graveler) Prize: P1008 Remember those upward stairs that Blue wouldn’t use? We can now. Got a couple of Grunts in the room guarding a “important” item. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv28 Arbok x2) Prize: P1008 Team Rocket Grunt (Lv28 Haunter) Prize: P1008 Ta-da! A Potion! Tremendous xD! Team Rocket Grunt (Lv28 Golbat x3) Prize: P1008 Team Rocket Grunt (Lv28 Weezing) Prize: P1008 Team Rocket Grunt (Lv28 Arbok, Lv30 Sandslash, Gloom) Prize: P1080 Team Rocket Grunt (Lv28 Golbat) Prize: P1008 Finally out. Catch up to the Grunts and join the confrontation in progress. Long story short, Red and Blue end up escaping and land on the roof of the Celadon Apartment. Red is roped into sticking around to help her. End of Chapter 12 – Breaking In. [M] CHAPTER 13 – MEW HUNT ========================= Return to the Game Corner, where we find that Grunts are blocking the door. The disc they got wasn’t the real one, Blue still has it because she wants to catch Mew and this is where Red finds out what Mew looks like thanks to Blue’s Ditto. It fools the Grunts, making them chase after it. Blue uploads the Mew Disc into her Silph Scope and it picks up a signal from the western area of town. Near the Gym is the real Mew. Level 30. It’s too strong and before anything else, those Grunts return. Red will take them on. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv30 Jynx) Prize: P1080 That Grunt tries to finish things off with Jynx but Mew disappears together with those Grunts. Problem solved, I guess? Blue leaves, looking to make money with photos of Mew she took…and Red gets back his 2 Badges. Keep an eye on those 2 Badges. End of Chapter 13 – Mew Hunt. **NOTE** according to Lunos’ guide, you can find a Shiny Ditto in the Team Rocket Hideout. I didn’t find it when I went back there, and the guide isn’t specific about how Ditto is found (whether it’s a random encounter or in a PokeBall somewhere). If you do find it, let me know. That ends our little adventure in Celadon. Heading west. Red spots a Porygon on the road, it takes off going up the north path. [N] CHAPTER 14 – NINETALE TAILS =============================== ROUTE 16 ——– Pokemon Found …………. Wild Grass: Spearow, Doduo, Rattata, Raticate. Can’t continue west because Red hears a cry. Follow Porygon to its Trainer – Green. Look at that, he’s a regular Kaiji now 🙂 but he’s having trouble with it because it won’t stay in its PokeBall. Red helps. Porygon is Level 30. After the battle, Green leaves and Red feels tired all of a sudden and takes a random nap. He wakes up a few hours later to find Green battling a Ninetales. That’s the cry Red heard. It then comes after him, at Level 35…and it’s Green who ends up catching it. End of Chapter 14 – Ninetale Tails. Now we can go on west. In the grass up above is some Zinc. Then we meet NPC Sonia who serves as a reminder about why not being able to Fly in this game is a terrible idea. Complete fail, Sonia. The Gate is close by. Before going in, there’s a Max Repel to the left. Inside the Gate, speak to Simon to get his Fearow’s Sharp Beak…and maybe his Machoke’s arm..? Cycling Road ahead…wait, we don’t have a b– CYCLING ROAD ———— Outside the Gate we find Green again and no, he hasn’t joined up with those Bikers you see here (would’ve been a hilarious twist though). He wants a battle, gotta test drive that new Porygon somehow, eh? >>RIVAL BATTLE<< ================ Rival Green Prize: P2720 (Lv30 Machoke, Porygon, Pidgeotto, Lv34 Charmeleon, Lv35 Scyther) That item on the right is a Revive. Let’s continue, meeting Cranky. Punk Cranky (Lv28 Wigglytuff) Prize: P560 Punk Pucky (Lv29 Nidoking) Prize: P580 Punk Rock (Lv27 Electabuzz, Lv29 Dewgong, Charmeleon) Prize: P580 ROUTE 17 …….. Pokemon Found …………. Wild Grass: Spearow, Doduo, Rattata, Raticate, Fearow. Surfing: Grimer, Goldeen. Fishing: Magikarp, Psyduck, Seaking. There’s an item across the lake on the right from Rock, we’ll be back for it with HM Surf. We reach the end of the road and by magic, Red suddenly has a Bike and he suddenly crashes it into a tree (second Bike that has totalled for him now?). There are people who were in the way – Gym Leader Erika and her security detail. One of her guards, Clinton demands that Red apologises. We’re asked by the game if we want to let it go. Saying No leads to a battle against Clinton. Butler Clinton (Lv35 Vileplume) Prize: P1400 Saying Yes skips the battle. Erika accepts that they were at fault, so Clinton reluctantly apologises. Red finds out that Erika is the Gym Leader and wants that Gym Battle. She tells him to meet her back at the Gym, where she’ll tell him what he’ll have to do in order to face her. [O] CHAPTER 15 – EEVEELUTION ============================ There are 2 items found in this small section, a Hyper Potion on the left and an item behind a fence on the right, can’t reach it nor can we carry on further south without HM Cut. Back to Celadon. Inside the Gym Erika says we have to catch an Eevee. As Red asks where he can find one, Bill enters, surprised to see him here. Fortunately, Bill heard of one being seen on Route 17. Erika gives us our first HM, HM01 (Cut). We don’t even need to teach it to a Pokemon, but make sure to have a Pokemon in the party which can learn the move in order to use it. No problem. Nice way to make use of HMs. Before going back to Route 17, I’m going to backtrack for items we couldn’t reach without Cut. But if you want to return there right away just skip down to “Back on Route 17”. And what really helps with backtracks? Yup – FLY. [BT1] THE GREAT HM01 (CUT) BACKTRACK ==================================== Route 22 – Nugget Route 12 – TM14 (Blizzard) Route 8 – TM17 (Protect) We’ll also gain access that eastern portion North of Celadon, but pause on that for now because that’s a Bonus Chapter which needs HM Rock Smash. Back on Route 17. That item behind the fence is TM28 (Leech Life). Done. Clear those trees to the south and we’re joined by Bill. He has some more information about this Eevee – apparently it breathes fire. In the bottom left corner we see a Jolteon. Can we catch it? It is at Level 30. Jolteon flees, changing into a Vaporeon as it does. Get to it and go for Round 2. Final round is against Flareon, who has been countering the types Red wants to use against it. After it is defeated, Flareon changes back to Eevee. Bill notices that there’s a microchip on its ear, which explains the transformations. Red wants to get some answers from Erika. End of Chapter 15 – Eeveelution. At the Gym, Clinton asks Erika why she sent Red after Eevee, which is part of their project. Erika sends out her Vileplume and attacks a Drowzee which may have followed Clinton to spy on them. They have to get Eevee back asap. [P] CHAPTER 16 – RAINBOW BADGE ============================== Don’t bother going east onto Route 18, because Martha. Back in Celadon for the real Gym time. Have some room in your party. CELADON CITY GYM —————- Got Erika’s butlers serving as Gym Trainers. Butler Stanley (Lv30 Weepinbell, Gloom) Prize: P1200 Butler Glen (Lv30 Ivysaur) Prize: P1200 Then we meet Clinton for a rematch (or not?) Butler Clinton (Lv35 Vileplume) Prize: P1400 In the last room, there’s a computer with information about Eevee Reconstruction. Erika shows up to explain. Red was used to get Eevee back and he doesn’t take this well. Erika won’t let him leave with it. >>GYM…BOSS? BATTLE<< ====================== Leader Erika Prize: P3500 (Lv34 Weepinbell, Gloom, Lv35 Vileplume) Just when it looks like Erika wants to do away with Eevee, we get the real story: Eevee escaped from Team Rocket because of the “Reconstructed Eevee” Project and thanks to Red it is now safe here. We get the Rainbow Badge. Eevee joins our team. Erika wants our help in the fight against Team Rocket now that he has proven himself. She also gives him a Key Item, the Lens. They allow us to check our Pokemon IV & EV info. Done. The Evol Coral seems to only work on Eevee and it grants us access to the extra evolution forms which are in this game. Also, it allows devolution back to Eevee. Excellent. End of Chapter 16 – Rainbow Badge. Outside the Gym we speak with Bill. Everything is okay now that we’ve cleared things with Erika. He isn’t sure about Red travelling around with Eevee, but Red is already set for the next destination – Fuchsia City. As he leaves, a new character appears in the background – Sabrina, noting that Eevee is with Red. ROUTE 18 ——– Pokemon Found …………. Wild Grass: Spearow, Doduo, Rattata, Raticate, Fearow. In the grass to the south (Bird Heaven) is some Protein. Then we see Brock and Onix, out here training. Out of nowhere he calls for a sparring session and based on the outcome, Brock thinks that Red is not reaching his potential yet. No synchronicity between his Pokemon. So Brock lends him his Triodude/Geotrio/the 3 wise ‘dudes, because why not?? xD! GEODUDES (Lv30) Type: Rock/Ground Ability: Study Moves Known: Rollout, Rock Blast, Rock Climb, Selfdestruct At this point I’m sure there are some of you who already caught one, but here you go – 3 more. Just like that. The Gate leading into Fuchsia is up ahead. Go upstairs and speak to Anita for a Soothe Bell. [008] FUCHSIA CITY – “Behold! It’s Passion Pink!” ================== Places of Interest ……………… – Pokemon Gym – Pokemon Center – PokeMart – Safari Zone – Fuchsia City Library – Move Deleter (Lu Residence) FUCHSIA CITY POKEMART ………………… Poke Ball – P200 Great Ball – P600 Ultra Ball – P1200 Net Ball – P1000 Dive Ball – P1000 Premier Ball – P200 Potion – P300 Super Potion – P700 Antidote – P100 Paralyz Heal – P200 Burn Heal – P250 Ice Heal – P250 Ether – P1200 Awakening – P250 Revive – P1500 Repel – P350 X Attack – P500 X Defend – P550 X Speed – P350 X Special – P350 Guard Spec. – P700 Dire Hit – P650 Fresh Water – P200 Soda Pop – P300 Lemonade – P350 Moomoo Milk – P500 Home of the Safari Zone and what would be the next Gym Badge, but since we know who the Gym Leader here is and what he’s spending his time doing, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the Gym is closed. Before we explore the Zone, there are a couple of things to note in town: In the house on the right from the PokeMart is Alan and he has quite the story, which triggers a Bonus Chapter. Someone brought a Victreebel into the Safari Zone and it ate nearly all the Pokemon there, including some turtle Pokemon that he used to feed. But since he can’t do that anymore he gives Red some Fish Food. [XX10] BONUS CHAPTER 10 – ANCIENT TURTLE ======================================== In the PokeCenter we’ll find Nellie, the person responsible for the Victreebel incident. At the Fuchsia City Library is Cinnamon, who hasn’t seen her brother Steve in quite a while. Next door we’ll find their mother Sugar, in a much worse state than Cinnamon. These people are worth noting because they are connected to the Bonus Chapter which is found North of Celadon. We’re not ready for it, trust me. Time for the Zone. SAFARI ZONE ———– Grab that P500 ticket and let’s have a look at this place. No time limit, no damn Safari Balls 🙂 nice. -Safari Zone (1st Zone)- Wild Grass: Rhyhorn, Nidoran Male, Exeggcute, Venonat, Nidorino, Nidorina, Parasect, Scyther, Chansey. Surfing: Psyduck. Fishing: Goldeen, Seaking, Dratini, Psyduck, Dragonair. In this area, the items found are a PP Up (near the guy running around, looking for Chansey) and a Water Stone (to the left of the Camper trying to pee over an edge. Dude xD). Before that Camper is a woman named Karma who’ll give you a single Exeggcute (Level 40) if you got room in your party. According to her, it is unlikely to evolve though :/ To the east is a cruise down a river which triggers a Bonus Chapter, hold that thought. North is Zone 3…. -Safari Zone (3rd Zone)- Wild Grass: Rhyhorn, Nidoran Male, Exeggcute, Paras, Nidorino, Nidorina, Venomoth, Chansey, Tauros. Surfing: Psyduck. Fishing: Goldeen, Seaking, Dratini, Psyduck, Dragonair. …where we see Officers Jenny & Henry blocking the path heading west (Zone 4) because they’re looking out for any Victreebel. We’ll be back here with HM Rock Smash and Surf. Return to Zone 1 and go east for that trip east on the Pidgey Express. Speak to Baobo and say Yes. We’ll get on a raft with a pair of Pidgeybots acting as our guides. Baobo also warns Red about catching Pokemon, he’s told not to do it. [XX11] BONUS CHAPTER 11 – SAFARI ZONE ===================================== -Safari Zone (2nd Zone)- Wild Grass: Nidoran Male, Nidoran Female, Nidorino, Doduo, Exeggcute, Paras, Parasect, Kangaskhan, Scyther. Surfing: Psyduck. Fishing: Goldeen, Seaking, Dratini, Psyduck, Dragonair. The trip goes pretty well…until we find 2 Nidoking fighting over a Nidoqueen. And with that simple rule from Baobab gone right out the window, our fine hero throws a PokeBall that catches Nidoqueen, instead of one of the Nidoking that he wanted to add to his collection. Fantastic. Pidgeybot 2 sacrifices itself to distract the Nidoking but one ends up attacking the raft. Red wakes up in the northeast sector of Zone 3 with Pidgeybot 1. Not only will we now have to make our way back to the exit but those Nidoking are searching for us. And so are the Victreebel. We can’t return to Zone 1 because there’s a Nidoking blocking that way, so we go west now that Jenny and Henry are gone. -Safari Zone (4th Zone / Reward House)- Wild Grass: Doduo, Nidoran Male, Nidoran Female, Nidorino, Exeggcute, Venonat, Venomoth, Kangaskhan, Tauros. Surfing: Psyduck. Fishing: Goldeen, Seaking, Dratini, Psyduck, Dragonair. It starts raining. Pidgeybot spots a safe house ahead, not just to get out of the rain but to avoid the Victreebel. But one of them appears and soon we’re surrounded. Red wakes up during the Victreebel’s Evolution Ritual and it will be completed once we are digested. Escape! Going west, crossing the bridge we find. Outside the Safe House is Baobo, but before we can go in, another Victreebel appears and attacks us. Level 30. If you want it, you can catch it. Then Nidoking shows up for a match, also Level 30 and can be caught. Seeing us handle those 2 Pokemon well enough, Baobo allows Red to explore the rest of the Safari Zone without supervision. Lesson learned. End of Bonus Chapter 11 Safari Zone. From the bridge we crossed to reach the Safe House, head south until you see some trees blocking a path going further south. Clear them and continue to find another tree blocking the way west. Beyond that is a secret spot. We get there and yet another Victreebel pops up looking for trouble…and is pulled into the water by what turns out to be the last remaining turtle Pokemon we were told about. Red leaves the Fish Food, the Pokemon is lured out. Look at that thing! Meet Laketoise the intolerant 🙂 Level 30. Catch it now or forever hold your peace. So ends our Safari Zone adventures and this Bonus Chapter. End of Bonus Chapter 10 Ancient Turtle. Can’t go south of town for now, we don’t have HM Strength. East we go! Head upstairs in the Gate and find out a nice piece of info about Mrs Ketchum 🙂 next up, Route 15. We’re told it’s a long route, so come prepared. We’re also told that Route 13 is ahead and Diglett’s Cave is located there, leading back to Pewter. ROUTE 15 ——– Pokemon Found …………. Wild Grass: Gloom, Venonat, Venomoth, Pidgeotto, Vulpix. First Trainer we meet is Anna. Camper Anna (Lv31 Clefable) Prize: P620 Black Belt Lily (Lv32 Hitmonchan, Primeape, Raticate) Prize: P768 Past the couple we meet Sasha who saw a one-tailed Vulpix near a shrine on Route 14. Noted. On the right there is Robin. Harpie Robin (Lv32 Golem, Fearow) Prize: P512 Further east, then north is Route 13. South is Route 14 and the one-tailed Vulpix Bonus Chapter. If you’re not interested in it, just skip down to “Back to Robin”. [XX12] BONUS CHAPTER 12 ONE-TAILED VULPIX ========================================= ROUTE 14 ——– Pokemon Found …………. Wild Grass: Gloom, Venomoth, Pidgeotto, Vulpix. The item in the grass on the left is TM13 (Ice Beam). Punk Bernie (Lv30 Raticate, Parasect) Prize: P600 Carry on and speak to Noel for the history about that special Vulpix. Check your time, make sure is’s midnight. Bring a Vulpix with you and get to the shrine. Suddenly Vulpix becomes frightened…then it disappears and then the one-tailed Vulpix appears (Level 30). Fire/Ghost-type, with the “Mummy” Ability and knows Hex, Feint Attack, Flame Burst and Will-o-Wisp. Done. End of Bonus Chapter 12 One-Tailed Vulpix. Back to Robin. East and north. ROUTE 13 ——– Pokemon Found …………. Wild Grass: Vulpix, Venonat, Oddish, Pidgey, Pidgeotto, Ponyta. Bird Keeper Edgar (Lv34 Pidgeot) Prize: P816 That item north from him is TM17 (Protect). West to meet Anna’s sister Carol. Camper Carol (Lv31 Raticate x2, Nidoqueen) Prize: P620 That is Rare Candy to the south from her. Above her though is the entrance into Diglett’s Cave. DIGLETT’S CAVE ————– Pokemon Found …………. Wild Encounters: Diglett, Dugtrio. We come across a squad of Diglett blocking the way south and a very familiar man on the other side of the Diglett. They surround him and Red takes them on. Level 30. The Team Rocket chief himself, Giovanni, and he was just looking for Pokemon fossils before the Diglett troubled him. Not yet knowing who this guy is, Red offers to help Gio. The aim is to get to the northwest, but there are fossils we pick up on the way. Here they are: Dome Fossil (southeast), Root Fossil (north from the Dome Fossil), Claw Fossil (northeast from Root Fossil), Helix Fossil (southwest). North of the area is TM27 (Return). The last fossil is an Old Amber that Giovanni identifies. It contains a Pokemon called Buzzwole (I had no idea what this was until I had to check. A 7th gen ‘Mon. No wonder. I stopped really paying attention after Gen 3 haha). The ladder leading out of here is closeby. We’ll be back in the northwest section of Route 2. While Red and Gio chat, Giovanni feels heat which he knows is caused by wild Magmar. Someone named Kennen shows up to tell us that the Pewter Museum is on fire! [Q] CHAPTER 17 – MOLTEN MAGMAR ============================== There’s an item on the right, almost hidden behind a tree – Rare Candy. Return to Pewter so we can sort things out. We learn that the fire was started by a Magmar. The man we speak to has his daughter trapped in the building. Red is ready to go in but is stopped by Giovanni who thinks this should be handled by adults. Red goes in anyway and there’s a comment from Gio. Inside we find 2 Magmar responsible and the daughter, Snow, trapped behind a column of flames. Red manages to get rid of one and for the second one, we need to find something to distract it because if you try to approach it, Magmar will shoot fire at us. Interact with the rock in the northwest area that we’ll pick up as a Burnt Rock and return to Magmar. The distraction works only briefly, Magmar turns its attention back to Red. Giovanni shows up to save him but Red will battle Magmar and Giovanni wants to see how he’ll do. Level 40 Magmar, can’t catch it. Snow is saved and exits. Giovanni looks to finish Red but stops when Red won’t put Magmar down. This confirms for Giovanni that Red isn’t a threat. He gives us the Old Amber and HM04 (Strength), believing that him and Red may not see each other. Red says he’ll be returning to Fuchsia to clear those boulders to the south. Giovanni has his Cloyster take care of Magmar as he gives his observations about Red. Not a threat for Team Rocket. Brock and the Pewter people rebuild the Museum. End of Chapter 17 – Molten Magmar. Back to Fuchsia. Move them boulders and carry on. ROUTE 19 ——– Pokemon Found …………. Wild Grass: Wingull, Krabby, Kingler, Pidgey, Raticate. Surfing: Tentacool. Fishing: Horsea, Gyarados, Seadra, Psyduck. To the south is a rock we’re told we can jump off of and into the water. The woman on the right would’ve given us HM03 (Surf) but she dropped it in there. -(Underwater Spot)- Wild Grass: Krabby, Shellder, Gastroper, Cloyster. In the northwest corner is a Water Stone. All the way to the south is the HM. As soon as we get it, a random Dragonite swoops in and takes it. From outta nowhere! [R] CHAPTER 18 – DEEP SEA SEARCH ================================ Then we’re chasing after Dragonite until Red corners it. Level 38, can’t be caught. But he can’t beat it. A Gyarados appears to face it – Misty’s Gyarados. We escape back to the surface. Misty got the HM but it has been damaged during the fight. Misty says if Red wanted help with crossing water he should’ve gone to her. So she has a brilliant idea – she’ll trade her prized Gyarados for a Krabby we can get for her. Why though? She doesn’t have a spare HM she could give us instead of wanting to trade away her own Pokemon?? Maybe by now there are some of you who already have a Gyarados. Because after you catch and trade the Krabby with her, she then gives us the HM. So what was the point of the trade? She tells Red that south from here is Cinnabar Island and Seafoam Island, where some people have spotted a legendary Pokemon. She can’t go with Red because she’s Gym Leader and is busy but as a thought before she leaves, she could’ve come along but.. End of Chapter 18 – Deep Sea Search. I imagine that Misty’s Gyarados will be #3 in your collection for those of you who kept that “Feebas” from Jun Jun (it goes on to evolve into a Gyarados) and if you fished out a Magikarp to test drive that Fishing Rod. Anyway, we can surf now and that means it’s time for another Great Backtrack. Or you can skip it and jump down a few paragraphs to “Back on Route 19”. [BT2] THE GREAT HM03 (SURF) BACKTRACK ===================================== Safari Zone (The Return) ———————— Now we can travel down the river where we had our little cruise. To the east end is a house and south from it, in the grass, is TM06 (Toxic). Inside the house are diary entries left behind by a former employee that contain enough scandalous information to shut down the Safari Zone. No idea what has happened to this employee. As we leave, we’re attacked by a Level 30 Victreebel. Route 22 – TM12 (Taunt) Route 17 – a Skull. Viridian Forest (The Return) —————————- We’re here for that Kangaskhan Bonus Chapter and pick up a couple of items. By the southeast pool where Swimmer Neil was dragged under is Rare Candy. By the pool south from Kangaskhan is Black Sludge. Speak to Kangaskhan and say Yes to taking a nap in its pouch. Zzzz… [XX13] BONUS CHAPTER 13 SECRET VILLAGE ====================================== Red wakes up in a new place – Kangaskhan’s Secret Village, occupied by Kangaskhan, Kangaskhoo (male version) and Kangaskid. We meet a man who has been here for a WHILE, Porter. No males in the real world, but here they are haha. To get back home, we just hop back into the pouch (Kangaskhan is near the northeast corner). Southeast from her is a Skull in the grass. There’s a Link Stone in the southwest corner of the pool to the south. Surf across the pool to find a Level 30 Kangaskhoo that can be caught. Done. End of Bonus Chapter 13 Secret Village. Pallet Town (The Return) ———————— You can now explore the grassy area and water south of town, the beginning of Route 21. Because of a strong current, you can’t progress further south. ROUTE 21 ——– Pokemon Found …………. Wild Grass: Tangela, Pidgeotto, Cubone, Farfetch’d, Chansey. Surfing: Magikarp, Gyarados, Staryu. Fishing: Gyarados, Shellder, Gastroper, Cloyster. Celadon City (The Return) ————————- Let’s talk to Babe. She wants to enter the drawing contest being held in the Celadon Dept. Store (remember GameSleak Kai, top floor?). Say Yes and receive her Pika Drawing. [XX14] BONUS CHAPTER 14 PIKACHU & FRIENDS ========================================= Take the drawing to Kai. He likes it but won’t accept it because he doesn’t believe it is a drawing of a real Pokemon. Whatever Babe drew is blue we’re told and doesn’t look like any known Pokemon. Return to Babe. She saw the Pokemon somewhere in Cerulean when they went there for a field trip. Back to Cerulean. On the east side of the bridge north of town is a small island, occupied by the Pokemon seen by Babe – a Level 40 Marin. Yes, a non-canon Pokemon (or Fakemon if you want to sound hip). Red takes a photo of it, but Marin doesn’t like that and attacks. Only chance to catch it. >>SPECIAL BATTLE<< ================== MARIN (Lv40) Type: Water Ability: Wonder Guard Moves Known: Fairy Wind, Slash, Water Pulse, Necromancy Then go back and show Kai the evidence. He’ll change his mind, accepts the drawing and picks Babe as the winner. Go back to see Kai present Babe with her prize – a Pikachu. Good deed for the day 🙂 but another filler. End of Bonus Chapter 14 Pikachu and Friends. Speaking of Cerulean, not only do we have a Bonus Chapter there but we can see what’s on the western side. From the PokeCenter, surf west and continue with that stream until you see two people facing each other at the start of a place called the Northern Cerulean Sector. Those two people are Cloud and Sephiroth. Just in time for that remake coming soon, eh? they won’t let you pass, no surprise. Go south and see that we are now behind those Slowpoke which are blocking the way. They run away. Back to town for that Bonus Chapter. There’s the man Andrew, who lives in the house facing the road going south. He wishes he could’ve told his late friend how he felt about her before she passed away. Then there’s the woman standing to the right of the Wata Residence (house east from Andrew’s). Red asks if he can help her, she only says someone should come find her…then she walks through him. She says that “these waters” are so cold and disappears. Yup, things have gone dark right off the bat. Brace yourselves! [XX15] BONUS CHAPTER 15 LAKE MONSTER ==================================== Go back to Andrew and introduce yourself. Andrew lets Red rest here. After a meal, Red sees a photo of a woman…it’s the same one we just saw. We find out her name, Cindy. Andrew wants to know where he saw her. He ends up going out to search alone. Leave town and go to Route 24, we’ll see him near the northwest area. He tells Red that he can’t tell her how he feels because she’s dead. That lake on the left is where she died, killed by a monster. Then Cindy’s voice is heard from the lake, calling to him to come rescue her. When Andrew gets closer the voice changes into what could be the monster and drags him into the water. Near Bill’s Seaside Cottage, in the water are TM25 (Thunder) and Anya, staying away from the deep end and swimming in shallow waters. A creature told her it will keep her safe if she swims in the deep end. Red tells her to get out of the water, but it’s too late…something grabs her leg and pulls her under. Officer Jenny (found behind the south fence on Route 24/25) who mentions the name Luke, will have more to say now. She’s investigating the lake. Tell her about the 2 victims. So there’s a monster in the waters of Cerulean which is killing people. As Officer Jenny is explaining Cerulean’s water system, she’s dragged into the water. Go in and dive. CERULEAN CAVE (Route 25 Section) ————- Pokemon Found …………. Wild Encounters: Muk, Haunter, Golbat, Gastly, Quagsire, Wobbuffet. Surfing: Mudkip, MudkipX, MarshtompX. Fishing: MudkipX, MarshtompX. We find Officer Jenny. She didn’t expect to find an underground cave. Red sees Anya. Jenny tries to talk to her but Red notes that Anya can’t hear her. Anya then disappears. Jenny sees other victims but she can’t rescue them because she injured herself when she fell down here. Avoid those dark spots of water, they’ll send you back to where Jenny is. From her, surfing east leads to Cindy and she’ll tell her story, though she can’t hear Red. Main points are she was a high school girl who adopted a Marshtomp, which became a Swampert. She named it Ian and it was strange. Didn’t like her dad. It led to her death. After the story, Cindy disappears. East from where Cindy was is Jinzo, a man from Hoenn who received a Mudkip from a friend before he moved to Kanto. He named it Derek. This man is Cindy’s dad and that Mudkip is Cindy’s Ian. He’ll disappear after his tale. There’s a lot we’re told from these victims, which kind of makes all this feel like such a waste because at the end of the day, this is still just filler which players might not even choose to do. South from Jinzo is Andrew. Further south from him is Alexis who found a Mudkip near a dirty lab. Named it Vex, raised it and strange things happened. Then she disappears. West from her is the last victim, Doctor Hogback. His goal to become the greatest scientist EVER was put down by the director of the Pokemon Association. He also found a Mudkip, he named it Experiment No. 626/Evans. To save Evans later, he used a Hybrid Machine to join his Gengar and Evans together. That monster went on to kill Hogback. Then he disappears. Go back to Officer Jenny. No victims were rescued. Turns out that what we saw were just psychic illusions. The creature makes itself heard. Surf all the way south and follow the path to the creature. Goes by many names, including Luke, which it got from its original Trainer who gave it away. But as the conversation goes on it turns out that this is a Gengar who possessed a Mudkip corpse. A Gengar born from the shadow of a murderer, Dennis Rader. Fast forward, we’ll get to battle SwampertX (Level 40). Gengar/Dennis leaves Swampert’s body and vanishes. Swampert is at peace and vanishes too. Officer Jenny regrets her actions but declares the cases closed. End of Bonus Chapter 15 Lake Monster. Since we’re in Cerulean, and the break up that was blocking the way east has ended, let’s have a look at what is out there. ROUTE 9 ——- Pokemon Found …………. Wild Grass: Spearow, Rattata, Ekans, Doduo, Koffing. Wandering around in the northern grass is Ashton. Hiker Ashton Prize: P972 (Lv22 Kangaskid, Lv27 Graveler, Machoke Lv28 Machoke) Just below from him is old woman Brutella looking for help. She wants Red to get rid of a troublesome Pokemon that resembles a racoon. [XX16] BONUS CHAPTER 16 MAGICAL RACCOON BONUS CHAPTER ===================================================== While we look for that Pokemon, there are some other Trainers we meet. Camper Dave (Lv27 Parasect, Lv26 Vulpix, Lv28 Nidorino) Prize: P520 North is Jafar, looking for a special Arbok that he caught in the Kalutana Region’s desert. It escaped from its PokeBall. What makes this Arbok different from any other one is the unique pattern that also has a unique Ability and Arbok from that region are more deadly so he wants to get it before it harms people on this route– but he’s the one who is attacked because Arbok appears and carries him off. A wild Bonus Chapter appears! [XX17] BONUS CHAPTER 17 ARBOK PATTERNS ====================================== Along the path below, where Meowth is walking around, is a little girl. Red thinks she was left behind here, until she transforms into the raccoon Pokemon we’re looking for, Kabiin. It steals Red’s cash money and runs off. Seriously, xD! Just northeast from that Meowth, in the grass is TM07 (Hail). The next person we meet transforms back into Kabiin and this time we get to battle it, Level 30. Can’t catch it. After the battle it transforms into Articuno and flies off. Red has to report this to Brutella. When we go back there, we overhear her talking to someone named Oscar. She wants to set off explosives here, because the plan is to build a theme park here. Red confronts her and Brutella calls for the explosives to be set off, but Oscar was tricked into not doing that by Kabiin pretending to be Brutella. We take her on. >>BOSS BATTLE<< =============== Elder Brutella (Lv30 Raichu, Clefable) Prize: P1800 Kabiin takes care of Brutella. A woman named Sandy shows up with her Munchlax. She’s happy to see Kabiin has found someone to play with. And we find out that Kabiin is also a pre-evolved form of Munchlax but she doesn’t know how to make it evolve. Since Kabiin has taken a liking to him, Sandy thinks Red should go with it. Join our crew, Kabiin! End of Bonus Chapter 16 Magical Raccoon Bonus Chapter. In the northeast corner we catch up with Jafar and Arbok. Its Ability is “Sand Rush” + has attack and speed higher than your garden variety Arbok. Arbok 2 is at Level 30, catch it while you can. Jafar adds that he has seen 10 kinds of Arbok so far, with different Abilities and power. Guess we’ll keep an eye out for those others. End of Bonus Chapter 17 Arbok Patterns. Carry on south. ROUTE 10 ——– Pokemon Found …………. Wild Grass: Spearow, Voltorb, Machop, Lickitung, Mr. Mime, Mrs. Mime, Ekans. Surfing: Tentacool. Fishing: Horsea, Gyarados, Psyduck. We’ll meet Jonah, who says there’s a Power Plant somewhere on this route and he saw Team Rocket hanging around it. Noted. Near Jonah is Rock. Bug Catcher Rock (Lv30 Nidoking) Prize: P360 All the way south is a Gate blocked by an invisible barrier. Where does that Gate lead to, hmm? Go back up and surf east. Time to check out that Power Plant. You’ll find TM15 (Hyper Beam) in the grassy area south before reaching the Plant. There are some Voltorb outside the building. Hint, hint 🙂 POWER PLANT ———– Pokemon Found …………. Wild Encounters: Voltorb, Magnemite, Pikachu, Magneton, Electabuzz Inside we see the legendary Zapdos and Lt. Surge. Zapdos flees deeper into the Plant, Surge goes after it but leaves to deal with a pair of Grunts. Team Rocket Grunts (Lv33 Nidorina & Clefable, Sandslash) Prize: P2376 [XX18] BONUS CHAPTER 18 ZAPDOS ============================== Bottom right area, you’ll find TM33 (Reflect). Continue along that eastern wall and meet up with Surge, still hasn’t caught Zapdos. The bird flees again, Surge follows but leaves his Level 40 Voltorb behind for us. Afterwards carry on. In the middle area, bottom left corner, you’ll find Metal Powder. Now we can go all the way west to Zapdos. Red wants to help but it thinks he’s with Team Rocket and attacks. Level 40. Can’t catch it, sorry. Zapdos calms down and there goes a PokeBall from Surge, catching Zapdos. Damn. End of Bonus Chapter 18 Zapdos. And so ends that massive Backtrack. Phew. Back on Route 19. We got Fuchsia City behind us and the eastern sea ahead of us. Let’s go! ROUTE 19 (continued) …….. Pokemon Found …………. Wild Grass: Wingull, Krabby, Kingler, Pidgey, Raticate. Surfing: Tentacool. Fishing: Horsea, Gyarados, Seadra, Psyduck. Swimmer Cecil (Lv32 Seaking, Lv33 Tentacruel) Prize: P660 To the west, among the rocks is Marlene. Camper Marlene (Lv32 Pikachu, Arbok) Prize: P640 South then west. ROUTE 20 ——– Pokemon Found …………. Surfing: Magikarp, Gyarados, Seel. Fishing: Seel, Tentacool, Gyarados. The weather shifts as soon as we arrive, no surprise because soon enough we touch down on Seafoam Island (Right Side section). There’s a cave opening, near it is old woman Jenny who will heal your team. A little further west is Martha, doing what he does best. Into the cave we go. SEAFOAM ISLANDS ————— -Right Side (1F)- Wild Encounters: Seel, Psyduck, Zubat, Golbat. Red wonders if Articuno is responsible for all the ice and snow he sees outside. He asks his team to be on the alert for it. [S] CHAPTER 19 – ARTICUNO CHAPTER ================================= There’s an upward ladder in the northeast corner, a ladder heading below in the middle of the area and in the north is a hole in the floor. Near that hole is some Nevermeltice. Going down the hole and that ladder lead to the same basement area, middle platform and northeast sections respectively. -Right Side (B1F)- Wild Encounters: Seel, Zubat, Golbat, Golduck. On the middle platform is TM20 (Safeguard). There’s also a little girl, who isn’t identified saying that she’s going to die here. That’s all. Back to the main floor and climb up the other ladder, which takes us outside. We’ll see a Grunt blocking another entrance. North from her is Articuno. It doesn’t want to fight so it has basically frozen itself. More Grunts ambush Red. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv33 Slowbro) Prize: P1188 Articuno breaks free and flies away, chased by the Grunts. That entrance which was blocked is open now. -Right Side (Pathway to Left Side)- Wild Encounters: Seel, Psyduck, Golduck, Golbat, Dewgong. South from those boulders is an item blocked by rocks, HM Rock Smash needed. Continue southwest, sliding along that wonderful frozen floor. The item found on it is a King’s Rock. Exit. We’re now on the left side of the island, you’ll see the spot below where Martha was before. Just to the north is an Ice Heal. Continue west to find another entrance. -Left Side (1F)- Wild Encounters: Seel, Zubat, Golbat, Golduck. Those Grunts are here, get ready. Meet the first one: Team Rocket Grunt (Lv33 Arbok, Sandslash) Prize: P1188 To the left from him are a ladder heading up and a PP Up. That ladder leads to another area of the 2nd Floor where we pick up an Ultra Ball. To the right from him is a path going north, just clear them boulders. When we get to that north area, another Grunt attacks us. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv33 Slowbro) Prize: P1188 This guy has a change of heart and won’t do his job anymore. He has a self-destruct chip implanted inside him and worries that if the others find out about this, it will be activated. So he jumps into the freezing water! What the hell..?? Nothing we can do for him, so just continue west. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv33 Nidoking) Prize: P528 Past him is a ladder heading up. -Left Side (2F)- Wild Encounters: Seel, Psyduck, Golduck, Zubat, Golbat, Dewgong. Going east. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv33 Raticate, Mr. Mime) Prize: P1188 Team Rocket Grunt (Lv33 Golduck, Golbat) Prize: P1188 Sliding down across the frozen floor to the exit, taking us back outside. Make a note of that northern area where there’s a Grunt Red doesn’t want to disturb. There’s a Bonus Chapter we can come back for. Continue west where we battle 2 more Grunts. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv33 Tentacool x2, Tentacruel) Prize: P2376 Despite us winning the battle, in the story Red is defeated :/ Articuno is seen again, going north from the island. Team Rocket is blasting off after it, again. End of Chapter 19 – Articuno Chapter. Before we leave, let’s have a look at that short Bonus Chapter. [XX19] BONUS CHAPTER 19 ICY SNORLAX CHAPTER =========================================== If you go back to cave entrance that brought us to this area, you’ll find two people there, Kurt and Snow. Snow was saved by a snowman-like Pokemon when she fainted here at night, between 9pm and midnight. Fix up your clock and go to that northern area which that Grunt was blocking. Red will suddenly feel cold and falls asleep. When he wakes up he finds a snow-made Snorlax! Chase after it, returning north. Snorlax S! Catch it if you can! >>SPECIAL BATTLE<< ================== SNORLAX S (Lv50) Type: Ice Ability: Thick Fat Moves Known: Ice Beam, Rock Slide, Ice Ball, Crunch End of Bonus Chapter 19 Icy Snorlax Chapter. We can’t go all the way south for now, don’t got that HM Rock Smash. Into the water and head west, soon arriving at the island next door. CINNABAR ISLAND ————— Pokemon Found …………. Wild Grass: Ponyta, Magmar, Vulpix, Growlithe, Arcanine. Surfing: Magikarp, Tentacruel, Gyarados. Fishing: Shellder, Staryu, Starmie, Seadra. Red meets those 2 Grunts who beat him, now with a third one. He still haven’t healed his Pokemon from the previous battle. But someone rushes in to save us – Blaine, now called a traitor. He tries to fight with his Rapidash but Grunt 1’s Gengar beats it. Red takes the chance to run away with Blaine. [T] CHAPTER 20 – VOLCANO BADGE ============================== The Grunts haven’t given up their search for Blaine, so he suggests we create a diversion. He asks Red to find 3 items: a Volcanic Rock, Dry Leaves and Flame Petals. To the right from Blaine, those red flowers are where we get the Flame Petals. On the left from him, that grey rock is the Volcanic Rock. There’s a slim tree just hidden behind some of the regular trees to the right from where Blaine is, just a couple of steps northwest from where you found the Flame Petals. That’s where the Dry Leaves are. Done. Return to Blaine. Now to find a spot for the diversion. Go back to the area just above the slim tree, Blaine sets up a fire and gets attention from the Grunts. Time to leave. Continue west. There’ll be a Grunt blocking the entrance into the Volcano. South from that entrance, in the grass is an Ice Stone. We’ll soon find a column of flames blocking the way. They take shape and reform into the legendary Moltres! Team Rocket caught it at the Indigo Plateau. It is at Level 40. Red can’t get close to it. Blaine asks him if he has a Flying-type Pokemon which can rival the power of a legendary Pokemon, Red doesn’t, until Blaine sees the Old Amber we’ve been carrying. Blaine gives Red a Mystery Key and tells him to enter his lab which is in the Volcano. Says we’ll know what to do when we get there. Into the cave which was previously blocked. CINNABAR ISLAND VOLCANO ———————– Pokemon Found …………. Wild Encounters: Magmar, Slugma, Ponyta, Graveler. Red sees that Team Rocket is here too, despite the heat. Time to work. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv33 Raichu, Ninetales) Prize: P1188 Team Rocket Grunt (Lv33 Vileplume, Lickitung) Prize: P1188 Team Rocket Grunt (Lv33 Beedrill, Venomoth) Prize: P1188 Push aside those boulders and go northeast to the exit, taking us outside and the lab door. The Revivification Project. Interact with the big machine to activate it. All the Fossils we got are revived and if you don’t have space in your party, they are transferred to the Storage Box. Sweet. From that Old Amber we get Aerodactyl, add it to your team and go back to Blaine for Round 2 against Moltres. The Grunts can’t believe that the legend loses afterwards, they send it back into a PokeBall and run away. Blaine says he has to leave Cinnabar too, he wants to stop Team Rocket from using a bioweapon he created for them. To thank Red he gives him the Volcano Badge, surprising Red who didn’t know that he was the Gym Leader here. End of Chapter 20 – Volcano Badge. Scene change. We see Sabrina in what looks like a Gym, with Moltres. Koga appears, he has Articuno. They couldn’t get Blaine. Lt. Surge shows up with Zapdos. Giovanni joins them, saying that the Mewtwo Project is a bust now, so they’ll rely on the legendary birds. Scene change. In a Gate somewhere, Officer Henry is barring Blue from entering. So she decides to enter by air thanks to Jigglypuff. Green and Charizard show up, trying to enter as well but there is a Psychic-type barrier over the city they want to enter – Saffron. Blue suggests teaming up but Green ignore her, flying off to speak to Prof. Oak about this. Back to Red. There are a couple of items we can pick up from the left side of the Volcano. In the bottom left corner is TM35 (Flamethrower). North from there is an Eviolite. The exit is just to the left there, taking us into town. [009] CINNABAR ISLAND [town] – “The Fiery Town of Burning Desire.” ===================== Places of Interest ……………… – Pokemon Gym – Pokemon Center – PokeMart – Cinnabar Island Mansion – Cinnabar Island Science Lab CINNABAR ISLAND POKEMART …………………… Poke Ball – P200 Great Ball – P600 Ultra Ball – P1200 Net Ball – P1000 Dive Ball – P1000 Repeat Ball – P1000 Premier Ball – P200 Potion – P300 Super Potion – P700 Antidote – P100 Paralyz Heal – P200 Burn Heal – P250 Ice Heal – P250 Ether – P1200 Max Ether – P2000 Elixir – P3000 Awakening – P250 Revive – P1500 Repel – P350 Super Repel – P500 X Attack – P500 X Defend – P550 X Speed – P350 X Special – P350 X Accuracy – P950 Guard Spec. – P700 Dire Hit – P650 Poke Doll – P1000 Fresh Water – P200 Soda Pop – P300 Lemonade – P350 Moomoo Milk – P500 Nice to see Cinnabar Island BEFORE the volcano erupts 🙂 let’s look around. If you go back to where Blaine was, before creating that diversion, if you surf west, you’ll find a trio of Gyarados blocking the way. Make a note of this path, for Bonus Chapter purposes. In the southwest section of town is the Cinnabar Island Science Lab. It is dark in there but there are some pages of notes about Mew and about the clone project. Because of not having enough of Mew’s DNA, one scientist used his own DNA and combined it with Mew’s to create a hybrid clone. In the first room we find along the corridor on the right we find an Invitation to a place called New Island. Then there’s what is at the end of the corridor…an unknown creature that runs off when Red sees it. (oO?) We can’t enter the Cinnabar Island Mansion because the building is damaged. The man blocking the entrance is inspecting it with his team. So for now, we’re done with Cinnabar. Curiously enough, Ramuh the Teleporter isn’t here… To leave the island, go northwest and surf up, onto Route 21, southside. ROUTE 21 ——– Pokemon Found …………. Wild Grass: Tangela, Pidgeotto, Cubone, Farfetch’d, Chansey. Surfing: Magikarp, Gyarados, Staryu, Tentacool. Fishing: Gyarados, Shellder, Gastroper, Cloyster. Swimmer Eric (Lv34 Gyarados x2, Seaking) Prize: P680 Past him, in the water on the left is a Star Piece. Fisherman Tate (Lv34 Mr. Mime, Butterfrep) Prize: P1224 Stardust in the water above him. Fisherman Christian Prize: P1080 (Lv30 Tentacruel, Cloyster, Flareon, Rapidash) On the island to the north is a Pearl. Bug Catcher West (Lv33 Pidgeotto, Seadra) Prize: P396 Soon enough we’ll be back home in Pallet Town. But something’s not right. Red notes that it feels kinda empty. Checking the houses, we find out that nobody’s home (?!) In the abandoned house to the southwest we’ll see Blue, surprised to see us. She’s not here to steal anything and just walks away, looking a little sad. Looking around Red sees that everything in the house is covered in dust… At the Lab we see Prof. Oak. Thank goodness, he’s okay– but that’s not Oak. It’s a Kadabra and here is Sabrina, one of Team Rocket’s Elite Triad. She tells Red that the Pallet Townsfolk are in Saffron City. She disappears. On our way out we meet Green, still having time to play Rival when things have gotten serious. He tells Red about the invisible barrier surrounding Saffron. Team Rocket’s headquarters could be there. They targeted Pallet Town and its people because Mew was seen here. Next stop, Saffron, east of Route 5. [U] CHAPTER 21 – PALLET HEROES ============================== What you’ll see as you travel back through the towns is that Ramuh the Teleporter is missing. Otherwise we would’ve just flown from Pallet to Cerulean and carried on. ROUTE 7 ——- Pokemon Found …………. Wild Grass: Pidgeotto, Meowth, Gloom, Growlithe, Persian. Very short route, because we’ll see Green and Blue near the Gate. Blue says that the barrier is too strong to break through from the outside. Green sends out his Golduck and using its psychic powers, he can see what’s going on in town: the Pokemon responsible for the Light Screen barrier is a Mr. Mime standing outside the Gym. Green can use Golduck’s powers to transmit Red’s consciousness through the barrier as an astral projection. End of Chapter 21 – Pallet Heroes. [V] CHAPTER 22 – MIME GAME ========================== We appear in mean streets of Saffron. Obviously any people you meet can’t see us but it is interesting to hear what they have to say. One of them is a woman named Carol, talking to her husband who is a Grunt. He wants to find out who killed his brother – that Grunt who killed himself to prevent a self-destruct microchip from going off. Carol will be part of a Bonus Chapter. The Gym is near the northeast area. Mr. Mime is Level 35, defeat it and get that barrier out of the way. Done. End of Chapter 22 – Mime Game. Before stepping into town, back in Route 7 you’ll find an Everstone in the top right corner. [W] CHAPTER 23 – SAFFRON CITY CHAPTER ===================================== [010] SAFFRON CITY – “Shining, Golden Land of Commerce.” ================== Places of Interest ……………… – Pokemon Gym – Pokemon Center – PokeMart – Silph Co – Saffron City Bro Dojo – Saffron City School – Carmichael Residence – Saffron City Park SAFFRON CITY POKEMART ………………… Poke Ball – P200 Great Ball – P600 Ultra Ball – P1200 Net Ball – P1000 Dive Ball – P1000 Repeat Ball – P1000 Premier Ball – P200 Potion – P300 Super Potion – P700 Antidote – P100 Paralyz Heal – P200 Burn Heal – P250 Ice Heal – P250 Ether – P1200 Max Ether – P2000 Elixir – P3000 Awakening – P250 Revive – P1500 Repel – P350 Super Repel – P500 X Attack – P500 X Defend – P550 X Speed – P350 X Special – P350 X Accuracy – P950 Guard Spec. – P700 Dire Hit – P650 Poke Doll – P1000 Fresh Water – P200 Soda Pop – P300 Lemonade – P350 Moomoo Milk – P500 Go to the south of town to find Blue fighting outside the PokeCenter. After she wins and leaves, we have to find Green. He is in another battle near the northwest corner of town. He wins and moves on, going to the Gym. Before going there, let’s have a look around while we can. At the PokeCenter we see Mama Ketchum in action against some Grunts. She escaped but our Mom and Prof Oak have not. She’ll stay here to watch over the place in case more Grunts show up. Next door is the Saffron City Bro Dojo. We meet Groff whom we give the Dojo Band to. Get ready to sweep through this joint. Black Belt Jovan (Lv35 Hitmonchan x2) Prize: P840 Black Belt Miguel (Lv25 Hitmonlee) Prize: P600 Then we meet Erik, not exactly as good as the legendary Karate Master haha but here we are 🙂 Black Belt Erik (Lv35 Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, Hitmontop) Prize: P840 Red tells him about the guys we met on Route 4 who told us to visit here and Erik is cool. We get the story of this place being Saffron’s former Gym until Sabrina happened. As a prize, he’ll let us have one of his Pokemon, a Level 40 Tyrogue. Done. At the Carmichael Residence lives that woman Carol. Finding out that we’re going to break into Silph Co, she has a message we should pass on to her husband Joshua, that he should leave Team Rocket. She has a bad feeling. North from where we found Green is the Saffron City Park, get that Ultra Ball. There are some other Grunts we can battle. One near the PokeMart: Team Rocket Grunt (Lv38 Beedrill x2) Prize: P1368 South from her: Team Rocket Grunt (Lv38 Nidoqueen, Nidoking) Prize: P1368 South from the Saffron City Park: Team Rocket Grunt (Lv38 Arbok, Raticate, Venomoth) Prize: P1368 South from him you’ll find some Calcium. Going east along that street, near the Silph Co. building, we’re stopped by those Grunts who beat Red on Seafoam Island, Grunts 1, 2 and 3. Back for revenge. Team Rocket Grunts (Lv38 Fearow & Golbat) Prize: P2736 Grunts 1 & 3 run away…Number 2 isn’t so lucky. Sabrina appears and does away with him, because he also has that microchip on him. She won’t fight us here. Go to the Gym. Green is with Sabrina and he finds out about Red meeting her at Oak’s lab. She’ll see us at Silpho Co. At the entrance Red and Green take on a couple of Grunts who won’t let us in. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv38 Vileplume, Victreebel) Prize: P1368 Defeated, they run. Blue appears from the shadows, happy to see Red and Green do all the work. End of Chapter 23 – Saffron City Chapter. We get a short scene, Lt. Surge is ready for the final showdown against us. SILPH CO. ——— Green and Red are inside. [X] CHAPTER 24 – HERO vs VILLAIN ================================ Got stairs heading down on the right and stairs heading up ahead of us. As we go for the latter ones, Red falls through the floor! Koga appears to face Green. -Silph Co 2F- …………. We appear in the bottom left corner of this floor. There’s a barricade keeping us from moving ahead. The switch to get rid of it is behind the painting on the wall. Continue north. On the small desk is a note, someone left their Card Key on a laptop somewhere. Noted. That Grunt above will battle you. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv37 Golbat, Lv38 Ninetales) Prize: P1368 Past him is a Cleanse Tag and a warp panel behind a counter on the left. That barricade on the right needs a Card Key. That item on the other side of the desk near the barricade is TM02 (Dragon Claw). Go left and to that top left corner where we find another Grunt and another warp panel. This Grunt is Carol’s husband Joshua. He’ll think Red killed his brother at first but Red clears things with him. Then Joshua receives a call from Carol, to tell him that he’s a dad now. That’s the great news…but soon after passing on a message for Carol to Red, his microchip goes off… That warp panel sends us to a room on 3F, where we find the Card Key on top of the laptop. Take care of that barricade and carry on. They don’t make Card Keys like they use to, eh? Shatters after one use, haha. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv38 Tentacruel, Graveler, Gyarados) Prize: P1368 Up the stairs for what I’ll call the next area of 2F. -Silph Co 2F- (Upstairs) …………. Top left corner has a warp panel, just keep note of it and continue south. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv38 Clefable, Tentacruel) Prize: P1368 In the bottom left room are a Super Potion and a TM19 (Roost a.k.a Giga Drain in another life). Team Rocket Grunt (Lv38 Raticate, Raichu) Prize: P1368 In the top right area are stairs heading up but we’ll need a Card Key to bring down the barricade blocking access to it. Time to use that warp panel. Takes us to 5F. -Silph Co 5F- …………. At the end of the little corridor on the left is a barricade. In the room on the right we find Rare Candy, a Max Revive and Chisao in hiding. He’ll get rid of the barricade for us. Another set of stairs heading up found. -Silph Co 5F- (Upstairs) …………. First person we meet is Wayne. Scientist Wayne (Lv38 Sandslash, Beedrill) Prize: P1824 Top left corner room has an Ultra Ball. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv38 Persian x2, Meowth) Prize: P1368 Bottom left corner room has TM34 (Acid Spray a.k.a Shock Wave in another universe). Go all the way south and use that warp panel to appear in that central room. That item in the left corner is a Max Revive. In the right corner is a Card Key. Nice. Return to 2F and drop that barricade. -Silph Co 9F- …………. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv38 Fearow) Prize: P1368 Scientist Nob (Lv40 Chansey x2) Prize: P1920 South from him is a warp panel which takes us to the left side of this floor. We meet Pony, who’ll heal our team. Continue north to a doorway that leads to a room where Red is trapped by the 3rd man of the Team Rocket Elite Triad – Lt. Surge. There are 4 Voltorb, one of them is generating the electricity for the high voltage fences that have trapped Red. Surge wonders if Red can find out which one it is. Then the game asks if you’d like to play as Blue. If you say No we’ll have a scene change, taking us back to Green and Koga. So for those of you who want to skip Blue’s chapter, jump down to “Scene change”. [XX20] BONUS CHAPTER 20 BLUE’S TALE 2 ===================================== -Silph Co 1F- …………. A few hours earlier… Blue has broken in. She is communicating with another very familiar face, hoping he’s right about something called the Plate Device being here. That person is Silver! He’s certain that the device is here, with it they will be able to summon a new powerful Pokemon to fight an unidentified foe. For the curious ones among you, Blue’s team can be seen. All at Level 40: Blastoise (holding an Ultra Ball), Clefairy (holding a Moon Stone), Jigglypuff, Horsea, Ditto and female Nidoran. Cross over the other side and meet the first Grunt. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv38 Tentacruel, Graveler, Gyarados) Prize: P1368 We’ll find 2 warp panels, the left one takes us to a 2F room with 2 items in the middle of a slide panel field. First item is an Ice Stone, second are Leftovers. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv33 Golbat, Lv38 Venomoth, Dugtrio) Prize: P1368 The right side warp panel takes us to the south side of 3F. -Silph Co 3F- …………. Hit the switch by that flashing machine to get rid of the column of sliding panels on the left. On the left side desk is a diary entry about something called the Soul Net project being given the greenlight, though the writer thinks it’s unethical. Interesting. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv38 Clefable, Tentacruel) Prize: P1368 Team Rocket Grunt (Lv38 Raticate, Raichu) Prize: P1368 On the left from him is the most valuable item we’ve randomly picked up so far – a Master Ball. Who drops a Master Ball? On the right is a warp panel which sends us up to 4F. -Silph Co 4F- …………. We see 2 Grunts having a chat. Grunt 1 doesn’t like that he has to guard the 6th Floor, where the Plate Device is. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv38 Persian x2, Meowth) Prize: P1368 Team Rocket Grunt (Lv38 Fearow) Prize: P1368 We’ll catch up to him. Blue asks him to tell us where the Plate Device, but he doesn’t way. Continue north through the doorway. We’ll end up in a corridor that leads to a lobby. Items found: Rare Candy (found on the right), Big Pearl (north in the lobby) and Carbos (on the left before moving up to another corridor). Don’t go for that corridor yet, go southwest. You’ll find a doorway which takes us back to 4F, in a spot surrounded by boxes. The item found is a Soothe Bell. Now return to that corridor. Just as Blue believes she’s got a straight path to the 6F, she is teleported to another area, outside in the rain – thanks to Sabrina. >>BOSS BATTLE<< =============== Team Rocket Sabrina (Lv45 Kadabra) Prize: P1620 Tricks help Blue knock out Sabrina. Blue takes her Marsh Badge. End of Bonus Chapter 20 Blue’s Tale 2. Scene change. Koga’s Muk has trapped Green, until Scyther frees him. So Koga reveals his trump card, Articuno. -Silph Co 10F- ………….. Back to Red. Still got those 4 Voltorb to take care of. The one which we defeat to disable the fence is the bottom right one. The other 3 can just be battled. But right after the fence comes down, it comes back up again and the real source of power appears – Zapdos. Surge is looking to go full power. Red has an idea, involving the fuse and he tricks Surge into generating more electricity. The fuse blows and the fence is gone. One more round against the man! >>BOSS BATTLE<< =============== Team Rocket Lt. Surge Prize: P1440 (Lv40 VoltorbGun x2 (?!), Zapdos, Electabuzz) He calls for more power and gets more than he can handle. ZAPPED. Red picks up the Thunder Badge. Continue north through the doorway and behold, we’re back on the first floor and join Green. He doesn’t understand how Koga is controlling Articuno. Koga then reveals that Gym Badges do much more than look good – they heighten Pokemon’s abilities and give Trainers the power to control any Pokemon. Articuno is being controlled by the 4 Badges being held by the Team Rocket Triad and Giovanni. If only he knew 🙂 get ready, we battle him again and he’s got a full team this time. >>BOSS BATTLE<< =============== Team Rocket Koga Prize: P1440 (Lv40 Rhydon, Haunter, Tentacruel, Articuno, Golbat, Muk) Koga escapes with Articuno but has left behind the Soul Badge. Green gives it to Red and is heading out to find Prof. Oak and the others. Do you want to play as Green? If not just skip down to “Back to Red”. [XX21] BONUS CHAPTER 21 GREEN’S TALE 2 ====================================== Green is riding on Charizard, flying along the side of the building. Use the directional buttons and don’t use the Fashion Box during this segment. Green’s Level 40 team: Scyther, Charizard, Golduck, Machamp, Pidgeot and Ninetales. Fly up to find the first opening into the building (it’ll be on the right). We’ll appear on the 1F, another area, where we’ll find TM40 (Aerial Ace). Continue flying up. There’ll be a opening on the left and one more just above on the right. That right one is where we’re headed but let’s see what’s through the left one. Another area of 3F. In the big room are those tanks containing green liquid…and Clones. Someone walks in to let Green know that those are Porygon. This is John Silph, the man in charge here. Soon his business partner shows up – Giovanni. We find out what the Soul Net project really is: it involves converting consciousness into data and planting that into the Porygon, just so Silph can preserve his life. They also had something to do with a certain Trainer from Pallet Town and his Pikachu. Enough talk, we battle Silph! >>BOSS BATTLE<< =============== Businessman John Silph (Lv37 Gastroper, Kangaskhoo) Prize: P1776 Green tries to reason with him, how could he be hanging out with Team Rocket? But John won’t change his mind. He asks Giovanni to help him get rid of Green, only for Giovanni to turn against John. Like a true heel haha. Green takes the chance to leave so he can continue searching for Prof. Oak and company. Giovanni can’t have John spoiling his plans or revealing his identity. No idea what happens to John because right afterwards we’re back outside with Green. If you go back inside, Gio and John are gone, and we get to see what that pink item at the center is – a glowing orb with something inside trying to break free. Can’t take it with us unfortunately. The final opening to the north leads us to another area of 4F. That warp panel is disabled, continue south. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv38 Tentacruel, Graveler, Gyarados) Prize: P1368 Team Rocket Grunt (Lv33 Golbat, Venomoth, Dugtrio) Prize: P1368 Going to the right is a Grunt and a warp panel. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv38 Fearow) Prize: P1368 The panel takes us to another 4F area, where we face another Grunt… Team Rocket Grunt (Lv38 Clefable, Tentacruel) Prize: P1368 …and pick up a Light Ball. Back to the previous area and continue north. Final Grunt and another warp panel… Team Rocket Grunt (Lv38 Raticate, Raichu) Prize: P1368 It leads to a northern corridor. Grunt plus a warp panel on the left. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv38 Persian x2, Meowth) Prize: P1368 That panel takes to where Oak and the others are being held. One more Grunt to deal with. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv38 Persian x2, Meowth) Prize: P1368 Everyone is safe and sound, then there’s a tremour from the top floor. Green has to go help Red. End of Bonus Chapter 21 Green’s Tale 2. Back to Red. Up the stairs ahead of us. Another area of 4F. Head south to meet Dudley. Scientist Dudley (Lv37 Machamp, Ancieon) Prize: P1776 That warp panel near him sends us to 3F. The item we see is an HP Up. To the left from Avery is another warp panel. Scientist Avery (Lv38 Magneton, Electrode) Prize: P1824 We’ll end up on 4F, passing those boxes where Blue found an item in her Bonus Chapter, reaching a warp panel which sends us elsewhere in the building. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv36 Rapidash, Mr. Mime) Prize: P1296 In the room past him we find a warp panel on the left and one in the corner area on the right. Left panel takes us to an area where we pick up TM36 (Sludge Bomb) and find a barricade which needs a Card Key. Noted. The other panel sends us back to 4F, another area. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv40 Gastroper) Prize: P1440 Up the stairs on the right. Back on 3F, another area. There’s a Grunt standing between 2 warp panels, top and bottom. Top panel sends us to a battle against Lenny. Scientist Lenny (Lv37 Seadra, Pidgeot, Arcanine) Prize: P1776 Bottom panel leads to the right side of the wall dividing this area and the one we’ve just come from on this floor. Move up the corridor, in the small room on the left are Black Glasses. Those stairs take us to a room on 5F. Guess who we find – Jess and Jamie. Jess just gives Red the Card Key we need for that barricade from before. No strings attached, no battle. Okay..? Take down the barricade and carry on to find a Grunt and stairs heading up. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv36 Gyarados, Hitmonlee, Tauros) Prize: P1296 -Silph Co 11F- ………….. It looks like a storage room. The one item Red finds here is the Plate Device. Huh…look at that. He suddenly hides when Sabrina walks in and wonders if she’s looking for this device. There are indentations on it which resemble Gym Badges. 7 slots and he has 6 Badges. He comes out of hiding to confront her, only to see the disguise drop – it’s Blue. She’ll trade the Marsh Badge for that Moon Stone we got at Mount Moon. Red thinks it’s best they team up since there’s a common enemy, but Blue is here on her own mission. Red ends up making the trade. She tells him about the device amplifying a Pokemon’s power when 7 Badges are placed into it, instead of telling him the real reason – it creates a new Pokemon. The real Sabrina shows up to take the device. Red tries to stop her by using that device, but it doesn’t seem to work and Blue takes it. We then find out that the Boulder and Cascade Badges we got back from her are fakes. This whole damn time. She leaves Red to face Sabrina, who has the 3 legendary birds with her. End of Chapter 24 – Hero vs Villain. [Y] CHAPTER 25 – ZAPMOLCUNO (….eh?) =========================== You have a chance to sort out your team before battling each bird. When you’re ready, take them on in any order. They’re at Level 40. Afterwards we see Blue standing outside the room. She inserts the real Cascade and Boulder Badges plus the other 5 Badges to activate the machine. It creates a fusion of the 3 birds – Zapmolcuno. Sabrina has it attack Red. Great job, Blue. We are pushed outside onto the rooftop. Blue comes looking for the new Pokemon and faints (?) after seeing it. Sabrina goes into telling us about how they just waited for us to collect the Gym Badges for them and things have played into Team Rocket’s hands. Green appears to fight alongside Red but they still can’t beat the trio…until Blue wakes up to join in, as if she isn’t the reason we’re in this mess to begin with. We see what’s going down below on the streets of Saffron: Brock is here with Onix, facing some Grunts. Misty has Starmie. Erika has Vilepume. They’ve secured the west, east and south sectors. Then we return to Red. Speak to Sabrina to trigger that boss battle. >>BOSS BATTLE<< =============== Team Rocket Sabrina (Lv45 Zapmolcuno) Prize: P1620 Zapmolcuno breaks up into the 3 birds again. Sabrina collapses after seeing Giovanni . We do see him looking down from a floor above after Red, Green and Blue leave. Scene change, back to that room where Green met John Silph. This time we find his body and get the message about the Soul Net being activated. Outside the Silph Co building we meet up with everyone, except Blue who is hiding in a corner watching. Green goes back into Rival mode and looks forward to facing Red at the Indigo Plateau. There’s a sudden earthqueake, triggered by an explosion from near Cerulean City. Misty has to go back to make sure the citizens are alright and that’s the cue for everyone else to leave too. End of Chapter 25 – Zapmolcuno. Cerulean is our next destination BUT there are some Bonus Chapters we can tackle now. If you’re ready to return to Cerulean however, just skip down to “Back in Cerulean”. [XX22] BONUS CHAPTER 22 THE BROKEN BIRD ======================================= Go to the Carmichael Residence to bring Carol the terrible news about her husband. Unable to handle the news, she’ll storm out, going to a “faraway place”. Follow her to the east of Saffron, Route 10. We’ll find Carol standing by the cliff. She’s going to jump. If you say Yes, you’ll get the Bad Ending (she jumps), No gives the Good Ending (Red talks her out of it, reminding her that she’s a mom now). End of Bonus Chapter 22 The Broken Bird. [XX23] BONUS CHAPTER 23 THE RETURN ================================== Go back to Lavender Town and speak to the woman standing just outside the Pokemon Tower. Her name is Sammy and she’ll ask Red if he believes in Ghosts. Say No. Next thing, Red is in the Tower at some point in the distant past. Up ahead he sees 2 unknown figures identified only as Cultists. Cultist 1 just wants to see her husband again while her brother Cultist 2 doesn’t think it can happen because they’ve tried to reanimate the dead and that didn’t work. 6 Pokemon were used for this. Cultist 1 mentions that there’s a scroll which states that they must sacrifice something close to them…so she kills her brother. Then she starts talking in reverse to summon something that she thinks is her husband Josh. We find out who this woman is – Sammy. The creature attacks and kills her. Follow it downstairs and follow the trail of blood left behind. There are wild Pokemon encounters: Haunter and something called a White Hand. The blood leads to 2 tombstones. The creature reappears and attacks. Identified as a Level 40 Bury Alive. The only thing it says is Cipher, the ancient god that Sammy was trying to draw power from. After the battle the creature runs away and Red meets Sammy as she is when we meet her the first time. She says that the power of Cipher allowed her to be reborn in another form/ghost, in another time. She brought Red here so he can see what happened. Her husband is still in the Tower so we have to find him and put him to rest. Then we return to the present. Enter the Tower and go back to where we faced Koga. Josh is here. This time you can catch him. Afterwards he passed on and Red hears a voice of another creature that we’ll only see for a very brief second before everything fades to black. End of Bonus Chapter 23 The Return. [XX24] BONUS CHAPTER – ROAD TO STARDOM ====================================== For this one we need to speak to Prof. Oak at his Lab. He has a favour to ask of Red: he wants help getting back that Jigglypuff which escaped from the Lab ages. She has escaped again and is on Route 1. She is near that Doduo Farm. Red talks to her but is put to sleep. When he wakes up, Jiggly’s gone. He calls up Oak who says she’s now on Route 3. You’ll find it just north from that man and his Slowpoke. This time she’ll attack. Level 40. Oak shows up to take her back, but Jigglypuff doesn’t want to go back to the Lab. She wants to go on her own adventure. Oak understands and he releases her. Done. End of Bonus Chapter 24 Road to Stardom. [XX25] BONUS CHAPTER – ILL OMEN =============================== Return to Cinnabar Island, we can enter the Mansion now. CINNABAR ISLAND MANSION ———————– -Cinnabar Island’s Mansion (1F & 2F)- Wild Encounters: Koffing, Raticate, Growlithe, Rattata, Grimer, Weezing. Lunos’ guide says a Shiny Magma can be found in the Mansion. Inside we see a Team Rocket Grunt who has just seen something unidentified. Before he can escape, he’s killed by what he saw – a new Pokemon. Red sees it then it vanishes. If you go straight ahead you’ll reach stairs heading up. There’s another flight of stairs heading up in the top right corner. To the right from the mansion entrance are stairs going below. That first set of stairs is what we’re aiming for, but let’s explore the other areas. -Cinnabar Island’s Mansion (B1F)- Wild Encounters: Koffing, Raticate, Ditto, Growlithe, Grimer, Weezing, Rattata. On the table in the bottom right corner is one Malasada. Bottom left corner, near the man named Basil, is a Fire Stone. Top left corner room has a Hard Stone. Back to the 1st Floor. On 2nd Floor via those stairs in the top right corner we’ll find some Sacred Ash in the northwest area, past Officer Jenny. Southeast has Terri. Lady Terri (Lv55 Camerupt[O], Muk[O]) Prize: P11000 **NOTE** In Beta 14.5 she has Level 50 Magma and Rapidash. On another note, Farfetch’d evolves into Sofetch!. I just thought it would’ve been a nice touch, since there are some changes which have been done, to have it evolve into that Galarian form (Sirfetch’d I think?). Having female Farfetch’d evolve into Sofetch! while male one evolves into Sirfetch’d. But I guess is Sofetch! is close enough haha. There are also large squares in the floor, you just drop through them to reach the previous floor. Done. Now for the other 2F area. You can hear the story of the Mansion from the man standing in the top right corner. He’s named Malcolm. A mysterious Pokemon set this place on fire. Once belonged to a wealthy family before they were brutally killed. In the bottom left room is a Little Girl who needs our help. She was brought here by a strange man but her Pokemon teleported itself and this man away. She can’t find it. Is it the Pokemon we saw earlier? Indeed, it appears just as Red agrees to help. Before he can catch it, the strange man shows up to warn him not to touch the Pokemon. The girl and the Pokemon disappear. This man really looks familiar, doesn’t he? He is Prof. O– I mean Doctor O 🙂 and he tells Red that the Pokemon is called a Buhi (which sounds like one of those Japanese onomatopoeia’s, xD). Buhi are really rare, only popping up every 40 years from another realm. It is more than a ghost, it’s a death omen, bringing death instead of being a sign of impending death. That girl is just an illusion created by Buhi. Doctor O says we need to close the portal to that realm. The portal is like a medium which connects our realm to that other one. Where can we find such a medium? A gravestone on Route 12, in the Lavender Graveyard. Doctor O tells Red to meet him there. Interact with the middle gravestone in the far right column. Doc O joins us and then we’re attacked by a Level 40 Gengar. He seals the portal with his Spearow, using Fairy Wind. But Buhi and that Little Girl reappear to let Red know who their next target is – Mom. Back to Pallet Town! We get a scene of Mom on her way home with Meowth after a walk, then the Little Girl and Buhi appear. Back to Red, get back home. We arrive just in time to find out that Mom touched Buhi…but nothing happens. It’s because she has Meowth, the Pokemon of Good Fortune apparently. That super luck cancels out Buhi’s bad luck. We find out that Mom used to live in the Orre Region, where Buhi are common. So folks there own Meowth. Now is our chance to battle it, Level 40. Catch it now. No worries, Mom says Trainers who catch one become immune to Buhi’s curse. Even after all this time she says that region is danger zone. Will it be part of this game I wonder… End of Bonus Chapter 25 Ill Omen. [XX26] BONUS CHAPTER – FESTIVAL BONUS CHAPTER ============================================= Go back to Celadon and then to the Gate leading into Floral City. We’ll meet Greg again, it’s been a while. The Sakura Blossom Festival has just begun and we’ll need to wear that Yukata for it. Looks like we’re not the only ones here. Green has the attention of some girls from Naruto, ha! In the northwest spot where Greg’s wedding happens, we’ll see Misty, Brock and Erika. Look for an old man with a Jigglypuff. Red finds out that there’s a competition held during this festival, where guys pick up girls. The two Bikers near the old man make fun of Red for not knowing what it’s about, which pushes him into signing up for the competition. Old Man Hoshi then tells him that he has 3 hours to find a date and bring them back so that the judge can let him know how pretty the date is. The competition is for guys only (sorry, ladies). Yup, another filler.. Go to the Floral Pathway to the south. We’ll find Blue and her date, Takuya. Red wonders if she’s up to her old tricks again, who could blame him after the last time we were with her?? Next we’ll see her near Kent’s house. Red confronts her, noting that she’s acting differently this time. She’ll walk away. After that we’ll see her and Takuya by the water. He’ll ask her out, but before she can give an answer they are interrupted by those 2 Bikers. Red shows up to stop them. They make a bet with him, if he can get a girl they’ll forfeit but he can’t win then he’ll have to strip. Red accepts the bet. Surprised? Speak to Green, who’ll tell us that the winner of this competition will receive a Master Ball. Funny, since this competition has nothing to do with catching Pokemon…but catching girls instead. Then speak to Sharan, she’s found near the Floral Pathway. Red asks her if she’ll be his date but she runs off. Blue shows up and wants to chat with him. Fastforward, just when it looks like Red is going to lose and have to strip, Blue appears, all dressed up and saves him. End of Bonus Chapter 26 Festival Bonus Chapter. Back in Cerulean. Looks as if we’re walking through that Desert in Hoenn, good grief. We’re headed to that Northern Cerulean Sector. Cloud and Sephiroth are gone now, instead we’ll meet Bill. He’s here to investigate a monster that has dropped into this area. The impact has blasted away everything. There are 3 caves: middle cave, top left cave and top right cave. Those stairs near the top left cave lead to TM39 (Rock Tomb). In the middle cave is just a sign which says we face our alternate form. Approaching the crystals at the center will bring up a message about us not being strong enough. Noted. Top left cave has a maze, so pause on that. Enter the top right cave. Red’s team will suddenly act strange and he notices. [Z] CHAPTER 26 – UNKNOWN DUNGEON ================================ CERULEAN CAVES ————– Pokemon Found …………. Wild Encounters: Golbat, Machoke, Magneton, Parasect, Kadabra, Ditto, Wobbuffet, Electrode. Surfing: Muk, Slowbro, Gyarados. Fishing: Seaking, Seadra, Gyarados. Rock Smash: Geodude, Graveler. Take the stairs on the left then surf south to find an Ice Stone on a small island. Continue north after pushing through those boulders. We’ll be back with HM Rock Smash for that item on the right. On the left we’ll pick up a Link Stone. Another smashable rock blocking some stairs leading to a platform, continue west. The top stairs lead to a Max Revive. From the bottom stairs surf on, picking up a Protein in the water. At the end, standing on an island is the monster – Mewtwo. Red remembers it from Cinnabar Island. Get ready, Mewtwo is at Level 70. But after the battle, Mewtwo continues fighting Red, pushing him out of the cave and he bumps into Blaine. He’s here for Mewtwo, who appears and teleports elsewhere, still in the area. Blaine goes on to look for it. Red is then attacked by a wild Electabuzz (Level 40), which thinks he’s the reason for the destruction here. We try to move north and are poked– I mean attacked by a Level 40 Slowpoke. We’ll find Blaine in the top right corner, but one more Pokemon pops up – Level 40 Nidoqueen. Blaine reveals that Mewtwo is a genetic Pokemon made from a Mew cell and some of his own human cells. Some of Mewtwo’s cells got into his arm and at some point they’ll take over his body and kill him. But that allowed him to know where Mewtwo is. He doesn’t want Red involved but because Red will get involved anyway, Blaine figures this is a great time to battle him. Really? >>BOSS BATTLE<< =============== Leader Blaine Prize: P4500 (Lv27 Growlithe, Lv43 Rapidash, Magmar, Lv45 Arcanine) Even after being defeated, Blaine doesn’t think Red can help. He goes off to take care of Mewtwo alone. We’ll find Mewtwo and Blaine on the north platform. One more match against Mewtwo. It’ll disappear and we talk to Blaine, he’s still alive and has a gift for us, a Master Ball. He couldn’t use it on Mewtwo because it’s now too powerful to be approached. One more cave to explore. Any big fans of mazes among you? From the entrance, go north to the only downward ladder we can reach. Those big crystals you see are not obstacles, you can walk behind them. In the “Basement” area, go use that other ladder, taking us back to the “Main Floor”, north section. That item on the right is Energy Powder. On the left is another downward ladder, taking us to the left side of the Basement. Move aside the boulders, you’ll find two upward ladders. First one returns us to the Main Floor, southwest section, where we pick up Charcoal. Second ladder same deal but we’ll be in the northeast section. The item we pick up is a Twisted Spoon. Reach that downward ladder in the top right corner. Back downstairs, we find a Max Revive and another ladder below going back upstairs. We’ll now appear in the eastern section of the Main Floor, with stairs that lead to another area where there’s a hole in the floor and some Rare Candy. Down the hole. Move up to find Mewtwo. On the left is our way out of here once we’re done. Round 3, but even with a second Master Ball this time, we still can’t catch Mewtwo…during the battle. Afterwards Red throws that ball. Blaine arrives and receives Mewtwo. Red believes that perhaps there is hope for Mewtwo to change for the better. Blaine starts to see that when the pain in his arm begins to subside. Red leaves, aiming for the Pokemon League. End of Chapter 26 – Unknown Dungeon. Scene change. We see Yellow telling her mother that she’s going to play in Viridian Forest. Few hours later.. But Yellow hasn’t come back. [AA] CHAPTER 27 – YELLOW GIFT ============================= Return to Viridian City and speak to Yellow’s parents, who are not going to get any help from Officer Jenny (all the other Officer Jennys have been competent…this one though…). Back into Viridian Forest and make your way to the pool where we’ll see Yellow with a Dragonair (?!). It is at Level 40 and can be caught. Yellow is okay but she doesn’t have her own Pokemon, so Red offers to help her out. Go the the north area where we’re shown a Rattata. Before Yellow can catch it, an Arbok (Level 40) appears. Yellow catches Rattata. Red finds it weird that Dragonair and Arbok are here, such high level Pokemon. Why did they attack Yellow? Take her home. After getting his daughter back, Henry suggests we check out the Viridian Gym, even though it’s been abandoned for years. He’ll also give us the HM we’ve been WAITING for – HM06 (All Might’s favourite move– I mean Rock Smash)! End of Chapter 27 – Yellow Gift. With Rock Smash acquired now, it is time for the 3rd and final Great Backtrack. But if you’re ready for the final Gym, just skip down the paragraphs to “Outside the Viridian Gym”. [BT3] THE GREAT HM06 (ROCK SMASH) BACKTRACK ……………………………………. Mt. Moon Route 4 Entrance – TM22 (Solarbeam) Route 4 (northwest corner) – Rock Smash Route 12 (near the shrub we need to cut) – the Dark Relic! Vermilion City (northwest corner) – Shell Bell Seafoam Island (outside, southwest corner of the Leftside cave) – Rare Candy Seafoam Island (Cave between right side and left side) – TM45 (Attract) Top Right Cerulean Cave (northeast corner) – TM16 (Light Screen) Cinnabar Volcano – get to that lava pool where you see 2 Grimer. The one you want is the south Grimer. Red scares it into diving into the lava (?!) and it comes back as its Level 30 Orange Islands variant. Catch it while you can! We can tackle the Bonus Chapter that involves that guy Steve now. [XX27] BONUS CHAPTER – HOSPITALITY ================================== Go back to Celadon or Floral City and get to the northeast section of the North of Celadon area. We’ll find an old man outside a house. His name is Hayden. He’s just out here gardening. Because it’s raining, he offers a place for Red to stay until the rain ends. Hayden cooks up some food, you can choose whether or not to eat it for some curious dialogue. Afterwards someone shows up, also looking for shelter from the rain. This is Steve. He’s on his way home to Fuchsia. Red finds it odd that Steve stopped here instead of Celadon. He wasn’t planning on spending the night but he is suspicious of Steve. Hayden doesn’t think Steve is bad. Make a note of that doorway which is blocked by a rock. Head upstairs to the room we’ll be sharing with Steve. Red tells him that he is suspicious of him but Steve denies that he’s a criminal, he just wants to return home. So they continue chatting and become friends. He shares one of his souvenirs with Red, you guessed it, another Master Ball. At some point Red wakes up to find Hayden standing by his bed. He says he forgot to clean his wife’s tombstone that’s in the Lavender Graveyard. Red will do it. When we go back there and interact with any tombstone, Red says the wife’s tombstone isn’t anywhere. Strange. Back at Hayden’s place we tell him what happened. Then we hear that Steve has left. Hayden suggests Red rest up while he goes out to get groceries. Hours pass and Hayden hasn’t returned. But Red is curious about the stairs on the left heading below. There’s a sound from beyond that blocked doorway. It leads to a backyard where we find 3 people with missing limbs! They were tricked by Hayden and he chops off their limbs to eat them (yup, did you enjoy the “meal” he served up earlier??). Go back into the house, Red is attacked and wakes up in the basement….where he finds what’s left of Steve. Upstairs we confront Hayden. >>BOSS BATTLE<< =============== Elder Hayden (Lv40 Hypno) Prize: P2400 Red escapes the house and is stopped by Hayden near the pond to the south. Red manages to turn the tables and push Hayden into the water. What. The. Hell. Is. This?? End of Bonus Chapter 27 Hospitality. Return to Fuchsia for the Safari Zone. This time we’ll see Red react when he speaks to Steve’s family. Zone 3, clear the rocks to find a Rare Candy and a Soul Dew. That ends the Great Backtrack. Got one more Bonus Chapter that can be done after the Silph Co arc. [XX28] BONUS CHAPTER – SECRET OF JOY ==================================== To trigger it, return to Saffron at night (I got there around 10pm) and enter the PokeCenter. When you speak to Nurse Joy at the front desk, another Nurse Joy shows up to throw some verbal shade at her. After getting a warning from Officer Jenny, she’ll leave. You’ll find her in the Saffron City Park. Her real name is Tiffany, no longer a Nurse. She wants revenge for what happened to her and 2 other people named Jake and Samantha. Turns out that she is the original Nurse Joy (?!) and all the others are clones of her (this game and clones, good grief..). Samantha Jenny is the original Officer Jenny and Jake Henry is the original Officer Henry. Thanks, government. Samantha and Jake were killed when they tried to escape, so Tiffany wants Red’s help – kill the clones. He doesn’t want to. Clones they may be, they are still human to him. So Tiffany will go to do the job herself. Outside the PokeCenter, Red will find a place to hide before Tiffany and her Chansey appear. He pulls them aside to talk some sense into Tiffany. While doing that, an old man collapses outside the PC and Nurse Joy attends to him. Tiffany changes her mind after seeing this. she asks Red if he can look after Chansey. She warns him about the government and then everything just fades to black. No idea what happens to her. End of Bonus Chapter 28 Secret of Joy. The Chansey she leaves with us is a special Nurse edition one: CHANSEY NURSE (Lv40) Type: Fairy/Normal Ability: Sturdy Moves Known: Take Down, Sing, Sweet Kiss, Heal Pulse Item Held: Lucky Egg The other remaining Bonus Chapters (here in Kanto) can only be done after the Pokemon League arc. Outside the Viridian Gym. Smash those rocks on the side and go behind the building, there’s an opening. VIRIDIAN CITY GYM —————– [AB] CHAPTER 28 – TEAM ROCKET ============================= We’ll reach a room with slide panels. Make your way to the doorway in the top left corner. The next area is Viridian Forest. The Gym Leader welcomes Red, who else but Giovanni. This is when Red finally finds out exactly who he is. 6 PokeBalls appear on the ground, Giovanni tells him to pick one and fight the Pokemon (they’re all at Level 49) inside: Bottom Left: Nidoking (all your Pokemon are poisoned) Top Left: Cloyster (all your Pokemon are frozen) Top Middle: Magmar (all your Pokemon are burnt) Bottom Middle: Nidoqueen (all your Pokemon are sent to sleep) Top Right: Rhydon (all your Pokemon are paralysed) Bottom Left: Beedrill ((all your Pokemon receive some damage) Then we battle the man! >>BOSS BATTLE<< =============== Leader Giovanni (Lv45 Beedrill, Cloyster, Golbat) Prize: P4500 Still, Red is too slow. A Beedrill appears and attacks him. Giovanni goes into spilling the beans on his big plans and the Pokemon they captured for experiments. They eventually ended up here in Viridian Forest, which explains that Dragonair and Arbok. Giovanni moves on and Red has to chase after him. You have a chance to heal your team. -Viridian Forest (Viridian City’s Gym)- Wild Encounters: Beedrill, Pidgeotto, Arbok, Raichu, Pidgeot. Giovanni has his Gym team this time. Final Round! >>GYM/BOSS BATTLE<< =================== Leader Giovanni Prize: P4500 (Lv45 Nidoqueen, Nidoking, Beedrill, Golem, Dugtrio, Rhydon) Red collapses. Giovanni can’t believe he lost but he has no trouble with Red anymore. Then he’s joined by his favourite employees – Jessie, James and Meowth! Giovanni tells them that Red is the one who destroyed Team Rocket’s Kanto branch, much to their surprise. So now he has a new mission for the trio: shut down the Team Rocket branches in the Orange Archipelago and in the Sevii Islands. The organisation is no more. End of Chapter 28 – Team Rocket. Red wakes up in the Viridian City PokeCenter. Yellow found him in the forest and brought him here. He remembers that he fought Giovanni and didn’t get his Gym Badge…only for Yellow to drop a major bomb – we don’t need the Gym Badge to participate in the Pokemon League. Wow. So we basically wasted all that time collecting the Badges (had a couple of them stolen and we carried fakes ones for a while) for nothing. And Red just shrugs it off. Terrible. [AC] CHAPTER 29 – INDIGO LEAGUE =============================== Leave town for Route 22. Speak to Jasmine and she confirms that we are the 10th participant from Pallet Town. Up the stairs and into the building. Officer Jenny is trying to organise people. Mr Fanclub is here too before getting himself banned from the Indigo League for harassment. Jenny tells us the rules: in the preliminary rounds we’ll be placed in an arena with other Trainers. The winners of those rounds will move on to the semi-finals then finals for the Championship title. Tournament style League, nice. Leave the building. We’re told by another Officer Jenny that we’re in Block C. Defeat all the Trainers here so we can move on to the semi-finals. ROUTE 23 ——– Pokemon Found …………. Wild Encounters: Mankey, Fearow, Spearow, Ekans, Primeape, Arbok. Surfing: Psyduck. Fishing: Poliwag, Poliwhirl, Gyarados, Psyduck. First Trainer we meet is Alison, who claims we cheated during the Pewter Gym tournament. Though the lady from there was Alisa. Aroma Lady Alison (Lv45 Kangaskhoo, Azumarill, Pidgeot) Prize: P1260 Continue north, passing non-participant Bernadette. That item near her is Zinc. Then cross the bridge above. We face Yusei, first met him back at Mt. Moon. Scientist Yusei (Lv45 Magneton, Electrode) Prize: P2160 In the grass east after Yusei is a Nugget. #3 is Kared from Route 3. Bug Catcher Kared (Lv45 Scyther, Beedrill, Butterfree) Prize: P540 #4 is Bridgette from Route 5. Ranger Bridgette (Lv45 Sneasel, Scizor) Prize: P1620 **BATTLE NOTES: Link Stone on Scyther to get Scizor. To the left from her, almost hidden by a tree, is Rare Candy. Continue north to find Sheldon from Route 8. Scientist Sheldon Prize: P2160 (Lv45 Persian, Meowth, Skitty, Delcatty) All the way north from him, picking up TM49 (Hyper Voice) in the grass and heading west. Here’s Duncan from Route 16. Punk Duncan (Lv45 Machamp, Tauros, Kabiin) Prize: P900 Officer Jenny meets us at the end of the road. We’re one of the winners of Block C. End of one road and the beginning to the next one. VICTORY ROAD ———— -1F- Pokemon Found …………. Wild Encounters: Machop, Geodude, Onix, Zubat, Arbok, Golbat, Marowak, Machoke. Head north to reach a ladder heading up. -2F- Pokemon Found …………. Wild Encounters: Machop, Geodude, Onix, Zubat, Arbok, Golbat, Marowak, Machoke. First time we see is a Revival Herb. Just before we go up those steps we’re given that old school Rival treatment – someone stops us, looking for a fight. This is Grey, another participant from Pallet Town. Remember, there are 10. Minus Red, Blue and Green…and now Grey, that leaves 6 other last minute Rivals!! Jesus, Mary and Joseph. >>RIVAL BATTLE<< ================ Rival Grey Prize: P3600 (Lv45 Eevee, Glaceon, Vaporeon, Leafeon, Jolteon, Flareon) With his dream shattered, Grey leaves. Carry on and find a ladder takes us back to 1F. We’ll be on the eastern side. Another ladder sending us to the north side of 2F. Back there, you’ll find a Timer Ball in the top right corner. Then take a ladder which leads to 3F. -3F- Pokemon Found …………. Wild Encounters: Machop, Geodude, Onix, Zubat, Arbok, Golbat, Marowak, Machoke. That’s a Lucky Punch you see when we arrive. In the east, we’ll find a ladder taking us back to 2F (southeast area, where you pick up some Soft Sand) and a Max Elixir in the corner. Again, just before you can go up the steps, here’s the next Pallet Towner – guy named Brown. >>RIVAL BATTLE<< ================ Rival Brown Prize: P3600 (Lv45 Golem, Starmie, Alakazam, Magcargo, Raichu, Victreebel) Continue west, finding TM32 (Double Team) and a Max Ether before reaching another 2F-bound ladder. We’ll appear near the exit. Outside we are stopped by Pink (not THAT Pink, sadly), one more Rival from home. With names like these, you’d think they also work part time as Power Rangers xD. >>RIVAL BATTLE<< ================ Rival Pink Prize: P3600 (Lv45 Clefable, Arbok, Ninetales, Primeape, Parasect, Venomoth) She’ll tell us the names of the other Rivals: Orange, Violet, Purple and Indigo. Are they introduced in the Beta 15 portion..? Hmm. Well, continue on to our final destination. [011] INDIGO PLATEAU ==================== Places of Interest ……………… Pokemon League HQ INDIGO PLATEAU SHOP ………………. Poke Ball – P200 Great Ball – P600 Ultra Ball – P1200 Net Ball – P1000 Dive Ball – P1000 Repeat Ball – P1000 Timer Ball – P1000 Luxury Ball – P1000 Premier Ball – P200 Hyper Potion – P1200 Max Potion – P2500 Full Restore – P3000 Full Heal – P600 Max Ether – P2000 Max Elixir – P4500 Max Revive – P4000 Max Repel – P700 X Attack – P500 X Defend – P550 X Speed – P350 X Special – P350 X Accuracy – P950 Guard Spec. – P700 Dire Hit – P650 HP Up – P9800 Protein – P9800 Iron – P9800 Carbos – P9800 Calcium – P9800 PP Up – P9800 Zinc – P9800 PP Max – P9800 Poke Doll – P1000 Outside the building we meet Brock, Misty and Erika. They wish Red good luck. Inside there’s the winner of Block D – Green. He drops a little history note about all the winners of the Indigo League being Pallet Town Trainers. Previous Champion was Delia Ketchum and the Champion before her was our boy Samuel L. Oak. Who will win this edition of the League? There’s an announcement for the Block winners to head for the arena for the semi-finals. We’ll see Blue and this is when Red finds out that she’s also from Pallet Town and has advanced to the semi-finals. Bill, Daisy Oak, Delia and Ramuh are here too. Heal up, gear up and when you’re ready head for the doorway– only to be stopped by Bill, happy about us making it to the final 4. He tells Red that he’ll be facing Green in the first round :/ damn, goodbye main event spot. In the next area we’ll meet Carly the intrepid reporter. Can’t even give the woman an interview so Red sends her in Green’s direction. Prof. O– I mean Doctor O is the winner of Block B (?!) but he’s not here for the title, he has another mission. To the right is what looks like a VIP area for the Elite 4 and “strong Trainers”. Could we come back to face them later? Then there’s Blue, who’ll want a quick battle. It is optional, you can just continue on to the arena if you don’t want to fight her. >>RIVAL BATTLE<< ================ Rival Blue Prize: P4000 (Lv50 Jigglypuff, Nidoran[F], Kadabra, Clefable, Ditto, Blastoise) After the battle she makes a note about the Pokemon Red has. To the arena! First match is Blue vs Doctor O. Find your seat next to Bill and enjoy the battle and drama. It boils down to Blue showing her fear of bird Pokemon because of a terrible event in her past. She is also exposed as the thief who stole Squirtle by Prof. Oak. In the end after he sees that she has learned her lesson, he lets her keep Blastoise and the PokeDex. Afterwards it is time for Red vs Green. It is announced that Oak has withdrawn from the competition and because Blue lost, the match between Red and Green has been moved up to main event Final level. Here we go, for the title!! >>INDIGO LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP<< ============================== Rival Green Prize: P4000 (Lv50 Golduck, Scyther, Porygon, Charizard, Rhydon, Machamp) Congratulations, we’ve become the Kanto League Champion! End of Chapter 29 – Indigo League. Epilogue.. We see Red, Blue and Green back in Pallet Town, seeing familiar faces as they return home. Mew makes a cameo to see Red and when he is with Mom they are seen by Mama Ketchum. End of Epilogue. End of Kanto Saga. Phew, next is the “second half” of the Beta 14.5 portion where we head to the Orange Archipelago. Interesting enough Delia has already gone there. We are the Champion now, meaning the remaining Kanto Bonus Chapters can be done. Plus going back to that first cave in the Northern Cerulean Sector to find out what’s really there. Or you can skip all that and we meet at Prof. Oak’s Lab. Northern Cerulean Sector (The Return) …………………… Let me say this right now, you don’t have to do this battle. But for those of you who are curious to find out why, here you go: Enter that first cave and walk through those big crystals at the center. Our alternate version appears – SUPER STRONG Red! No words but he is packing a full team and he is not messing around. Seriously. >>TRAINER BATTLE<< ================== Trainer ??? Prize: P20400 (Lv255 Pikachu 1, Lapras, Snorlax, Venusaur, Blastoise, Charizard) See now? See what curiosity can lead you to?? Yeah, if you happen to have some God Mode-level codes written down somewhere, saved for a rainy day, this would be a good day to find them because without them you ain’t getting past his first Pokemon (maybe even that Pokemon’s first move). Absolutely incredible. Some advice? Stay away from this cave haha or bring a Pokemon that knows Knock Off because each Pokemon is holding an item (Snorlax has Leftovers, Blastoise has Mystic Water…forgot to check the others /^^!/ but Snorlax is the main one Knock Off is for). Look at the bright side, although Alt Red leaves the cave after the battle, you can come back to face him again and again like a maniac for the EXP 🙂 You are welcome. I went back to the Indigo Plateau to check for the Elite 4, hoping we can face them, and didn’t find them there. Drat. [XX29] BONUS CHAPTER 29 BATTLE NETWORK ====================================== We go back to Silph Co. Interesting enough, on 4F (when we come in from the 1F) is a guy named Nedry who’ll make you a Voltorb Gun (like the one Surge had in his team) if you bring him 6 Voltorb. Happy hunting! Make your way to the area of 4F where you’ll meet a scientist-looking fellow standing by 2 machines. He’s named Light. The machines have viruses in them and he can’t fix them because he’s not a strong Trainer. An anti-virus won’t help, instead he says he has to go INTO the machine (?!) by touching the machine screen and being converted into data. And just like that we’re in the machine, with memories of those classic Mega Man Battle Network RPGs for the GBA coming back �?� -Silph Company Network- Wild Encounters: Porygon. Surfing: Porygon. Fishing: Porygon. **NOTE** Porygon’s type in this game is the ???/Unknown type that the move Curse used to be back in the day, so any move used against it is not effective. i’m guessing this is to go along with Porygon being the Virtual Pokemon? The virus responsible is a Porygon, which we’ll see up ahead. They are commonly used to hack other machines and steal information. When we reach it, Porygon flees all the way to the east. Catch up to it and watch it go northeast. From there it’ll head west. In that northeast corner is one of the Mettaur who’ll ask if you want to pay P100 000. Nothing happens after either option…well, one of those options will leave your wallet feeling a little lighter. Continue chasing after Porygon until we corner it in the top left area. It is at Level 30 and can be caught, although there are stronger Porygon around. The machine is now virus free. Light rewards us with a Vaccine (an item Porygon holds to transform into its virus form) and allows Red to stay here for as long as he likes. We leave the same way we got here and can come back whenever. End of Bonus Chapter 29 Battle Network. During battles, with Porygon holding the Vaccine, select Fight and you’ll see the Mega Evolution symbol. Press Start and pick a move. Porygon will transform and perform the move. Not too shabby, eh? It only changes appearance though, no new Ability or anything else. [XX30] BONUS CHAPTER 30 GOODBYE STEVE ===================================== Yeah…we’re not done with Steve :/ go back home and turn on the TV in your room. Ribitta the reporter (she was in the Safari Zone) is outside Hayden’s house. Then there’s another story where she’s trying to interview Steve’s mom Sugar and sister Cinnamon but fails. Go to Fuchsia and speak to them. Their house is the last one in the east. Cinnamon will think Red is a reporter and doesn’t believe him when he says he knew Steve. They’ll leave to visit his grave. Follow them to Lavender Town and the cemetery outside the Tower. Red gets the chance to tell them what happened. The game will ask if you want to lie to Sugar. Telling her the truth will get you a negative reaction, Red says Hayden tricked him into leaving and when he returned he found Steve’s body. Lying to her will portray Steve as a hero who protected Red until the end. Suddenly Sugar will say she feels Steve trying to communicate with her. Cinnamon thinks that’s the grief talking but Sugar believes this is Steve and goes off to consult that fortune swind– teller Blair. No surprise, she feels a presence too but she’ll need that cash money if she is to make the connection for Sugar. Sugar pays and Blair tries to make contact with Steve’s spirit…but whatever she reaches instead scares the woman into giving Sugar back her money. Sugar and Cinnamon leave while Blair speaks to Red, revealing that she really is a medium (who would’ve thunk it?) and she didn’t find Steve’s spirit. What she found was a demon that wants to enter the human world by posing as Steve. Blair is reluctant to help but yields and agrees to go with Red because she is the only one who can seal away the demon. Scene change, back to Sugar and Cinnamon’s house where we see Sugar has been possessed. Return to Fuchsia ASAP. Blair succeeds in expelling the demon from Sugar but can’t seal it away…so it attacks. >>POKE-BOSS BATTLE<< ==================== FALLEN (Lv50) Type: Ghost/???GLT Ability: Cursed Body Moves Known: Vine Whip, Karate Chop, Dark Pulse, Horn Attack We defeat it in battle but it is still around. Blair tells Sugar that it’s so powerful because she hasn’t let go of Steve. Before Fallen can attack again, Steve’s spirit appears to save his family. Weakened now, Fallen can be captured. Time skip to a few weeks later. We are with Cinnamon visiting Steve’s grave. She has made it into a top university in the Kalos region and Sugar will travel with her. All is well, sort of. End of Bonus Chapter 30 Goodbye Steve. Go back to Fuchsia. Nobody is blocking the Gym anymore. Shall we? [XX31] JANINE SIDE EVENT ======================== Inside we’ll show up in time for a chat between Koga and his daughter Janine. She’ll step up face us, confident in her skills and wanting to fight for her daddy. >>TRAINER BATTLE<< ================== Trainer Janine Prize: P4000 (Lv50 Spinarak, Pineco, Koffing, Grimer, Golbat) But she loses, disappointing Koga. He’ll leave. Classic case of child trying to follow in their parent’s footsteps but not being good enough in their eyes. Since this is all happening before Gen 2, maybe there’s comfort in the fact that things do turn out pretty well for Janine eventually 🙂 End of Janine Side Event. [XX32] BONUS CHAPTER 32 DARK RELIC ================================== After picking up the Dark Relic on Route 12, go back to the Lavender Graveyard and place it on that big tombstone. There’s a tremour and old man Aigami shows up, wondering what’s going on. He sees the Dark Relic and then he disappears underground with everyone else. LAVENDER GRAVEYARD (Underground) —————— Pokemon Found …………. Wild Encounters: Gastly, Haunter, Abra, Kadabra. We have to leave before everything collapses. Red sees the exit, it’s in the northwest corner. On the way we see one of the people from the graveyard, Cassidy, but we can’t help them. We do find Sophie and send her towards the exit. West from her are Marge and Aigami, plus a Max Repel. Northwest from them is Officer Jenny. The item near the exit is a Max Elixir. Back outside we find a MASSIVE Gengar! Turns out we were in that thing!! Then a MASSIVE Alakazam appears (?!!) Shades of that old episode from the first Pokemon anime where Ash and company were at that ancient site and saw these two behemoths clash. They destroyed the ancient city and if let loose they’ll destroy everything else. Jigglypuff shows up and Red has an idea: she should put them to sleep. Jiggy tries and fails. So it’s up to us now. They are draining Red’s energy. Gengar Anc and Alaka Anc, both at Level 40 and can be caught. Done. That Dark Relic was meant to seal them away after what they did in the past, so it was hidden to prevent other people from unsealing them. So we ALMOST destroyed the world xD! End of Bonus Chapter 32 Dark Relic. Have some room in your party and go back to that big tombstone. The Dark Relic is still there…until Jiggy returns and KICKS IT AWAY!! She sits on the altar and suddenly Digivolves into MASSIVE Jigglypuff!! She has been possessed by the spirit of the one who sealed away Gengar and Alakazam. They are also the voice Red heard which said “Dark Relic” when we came here the first time. It wanted him to find the item and release the 2 monsters so he can defeat them once and for all. Now we get to face Jigglypuff and if it deems Red worthy, it might join him. Jiggly Anc is also at Level 40. Beat it and then afterwards Jiggly joins our crew. Done and done. [XX33] BONUS CHAPTER 33 MEWTWO STRIKES BACK =========================================== Remember that Invitation we found in the Science Lab? It’s going to be of use now. Also, make sure you have a Venusaur in your team. Return to Cinnabar Island and enter the PokeCenter. Blue is here but Nurse Joy is missing. She wants to heal her Pokemon before going to New Island – where we’re headed too. What a coincidence, and it doesn’t end there, because we are joined by Green and he also got an invitation. Who sent these? Head south of Cinnabar, surfing along that path which was blocked by those Gyarados before. PATH TO NEW ISLAND —————— Pokemon Found …………. Surfing: Gyarados, Cloyster, Tentacruel. Fishing: Tentacruel, Gyarados. Follow the path further south. Looks like there are other Trainers heading to New Island too. Nice touch. Swimmer Neesha (Lv45 Wigglytuff, Blastoise) Prize: P900 Going east then south. Swimmer Korey (Lv45 Venusaur, Pidgeot, Rhyhorn) Prize: P900 Soon enough we’ll make it. NEW ISLAND ———- Pokemon Found …………. Wild Encounters: Hitmonlee, Rhyhorn, Tauros, Pinsir, Hitmonchan, Scyther, Jynx, Lickitung, Pidgeot, Fearow. Surfing: Tentacruel. Fishing: Magikarp, Gyarados, Tentacruel. Nurse Joy meets us on behalf of her master. Same Nurse Joy who has gone missing. In the grass on the right is a Max Repel. There’s a Link Stone in the grass on the left. North is the ominous residence of whoever invited us here. One other person we meet is Fergus and before Blue can make moves on him, the master appears – Mewtwo (?!) Yet…this one doesn’t recognise Red and it can talk. The one with Blaine is revealed to be a flawed prototype from Project Mewtwo, and this one is from the Orange Archipelago branch. No human DNA in this one. Nurse Joy regains her senses, now that Mewtwo has no use for her. Green tries to catch it but fails. We have to fight it. Mewtwo will face Red, Green and Blue with powerful copies of Blastoise, Venusaur and Charizard. Green is first, he loses…Blue is next, same deal. Why they use moves that are the same type as their opponents makes no sense haha. Red is next, facing a Level 50 Venusaur2. But he loses too. Mewtwo teleports him out of the building and off the island. When we get back to the building we find that the door on the left is locked now so we enter through the right. We’ll be in a corridor heading east, with 7 doorways before the corridor goes north. Enter Room #3 to watch an old video about this whole project, featuring Mr Fuji and his time with Blaine and Team Rocket. In Room #5 is the machine which controls the cloning process. Pressing the button will release clones of the Kanto starters in the corridor we’ll be heading into. Catch them while you can. I remember that in Beta 14.5 they couldn’t learn TM or HM moves, so it’s good to know that they can learn this time. At the end of the corridor we’ll fall back to where we fight Mewtwo. The others are still having a hard time with it, so Red tries again but is stopped by the appearance of Mew. Mew and Mewtwo start fighting while clones of the Blastoise, Charizard and Venusaur battle it out too. In the end, after Red tries to stop the fighting, Mew and Mewtwo decide to leave together with the clones to live elsewhere. Red will be teleported back to the Cinnabar PokeCenter. End of Bonus Chapter 33 Mewtwo Strikes Back. [XX34] BONUS CHAPTER 34 INSTINCT ================================ Return home and speak to Mom. She’s acting extra nice all of a sudden…you know what that means – she wants something haha. We’re told to pick up an 8th cousin (??) of ours who is visiting Kanto for a while. We’ll find him at the Vermilion PokeCenter. He’s the dude looking like a Super Saiyan. He’s named Spark. Who is this guy? Back home we find out that he is planning to stay with us for 3 YEARS?! And since there are only 2 rooms in our house, guess where he’ll be moving in? Why mother?? End of Bonus Chapter 34 Instinct. On a positive note though, you can battle Spark. Head up to your room and talk to him. He doesn’t think Red is strong enough, even if he’s the current Kanto Champ. >>TRAINER BATTLE<< ================== Trainer Spark Prize: P3600 (Lv45 Pikachu, Raichu, Manectric, Magnezone, Lanturn, Electrode) [XX35] BONUS CHAPTER 35 MYSTIC ============================== Oh, we’re far from done. Speak to Mom, this time we’re picking up the daughter of a family friend. She’s also going to be staying with us for a while. You’d think she has learned after bringing Spark in, nope. Where is this daughter? Vermilion too? No, she got lost…she’s in a volcano… We’ll find her in the Cinnabar Volcano, on the raised ground near the Grimer. No much of a talker. Her name is Blanche. End of Bonus Chapter 35 Mystic. Battle? >>TRAINER BATTLE<< ================== Trainer Blanche Prize: P3600 (Lv45 Seel, Dewgong, Jynx, Walrein, Sealeo, Piloswine) [XX36] BONUS CHAPTER 36 VALOR ============================= Final one, back to Mom. We’re picking up a woman named Candela whom Mom basically found online. Brilliant. She’s on Seafoam Island, outside near the cave on the right (when coming from Fuchsia). Seems to be the more normal one of the three. End of Bonus Chapter 36 Valor. Gotta complete that hattrick. >>TRAINER BATTLE<< ================== Trainer Candela Prize: P3600 (Lv45 Charmander, Magmortar, Magmar, Arcanine, Ninetales, Houndoom) When Red leaves his room, we see our 3 guests drop the disguises. They know each other as Valor (Candela), Mystic (Blanche) and Instinct (Spark). They didn’t have a role in Beta 14.5 besides this so I wonder if they’ll be in action in the Beta 15 side of things. That ends the Bonus Chapters to be done here in Kanto. Let’s go over to Oak’s Lab and kick off the next saga! ORANGE ARCHIPELAGO SAGA ======================= Prof. Oak has a new adventure for Red to jump into – the Orange League. He has friend named Professor Ivy who lives on Valencia Island, perhaps Red can see her. He gives us the Orange Ticket, which we need so that we catch a blimp at the Vermilion City Dock and fly to Valencia. Excellent. Show Captain Cook the Ticket, he’ll see that we’re stronger now than the last time we spoke to him and lets us through. [AD] CHAPTER 01 – THRILL RIDE ============================= VERMILION CITY PIER ——————- Pokemon Found …………. Surfing: Tentacool. Fishing: Horsea, Shellder, Gyarados, Psyduck. There’s an old woman standing near one of the cars, her name is Bianca. She claims that Mew is under the car. Would you believe her? North from her is Green, also making his way to the Orange Archipelago. Blue shows up, she’s going too. Watching this scene from afar are Pink, Grey and Brown. They have some unfinished business with us, especially Brown. We also see Delia Ketchum, not looking too happy. Continue south to enter the blimp. Blue is inside, she can’t find Green. Chances are he ran away from her, since he finds her annoying haha. We’ll see him below and as Red starts to talk to him, reporter Carly shows up wanting to talk to him too since she’s a fan of his. She sees Red and runs away. To the left from him is Delia, she says she’s going to the Orange Archipelago to visit someone. That lady to the south from Green, Nedina, will Double battle us. Swimmer Nedina (Lv50 Poliwrath & Politoed) Prize: P2000 **BATTLE NOTES: You get Politoed by using a Link Stone on Poliwhirl. South from her is Luis. Fisherman Luis (Lv50 Anchorage, Turban) Prize: P1800 I get that there are a lot of non-canon Pokemon/Fakemon but I can never get used to them in this game haha, even though some of them are meant to compliment their canon counterparts e.g. female Goldeen evolving into Seaqueen. New region coming up so they should be expected, plus those region variants of course. In the southeast corner is the man who’ll be operating this blimp, Captain Luke. He won’t be starting the engine until his Vaporeon is found. It is in the northwest corner. We’ll chase after it until it battles us, Level 55. Afterwards go back to Luke and be rewarded with a free ride on the blimp from now on for finding Vaporeon…though we’ll still need Tickets to travel to other places. No problem. There are 2 cabins, left side one where we found Delia and right side one which was blocked by a Sailor. They are open now, we’ll find Blue in the right side cabin and Green in the other. You have to decide which person you’ll talk to because afterwards the story moves on. Blue will talk about how she feels about her parents now after facing Oak. Green will talk about this being his second time leaving Kanto and what has happened to him so far. Once they’re both done they’ll go to sleep. When we leave either cabin Jessie appears, asking if the bombs are ready. Team Rocket! They’re going to blow up the blimp using a bunch of Voltorb, as revenge for destroying the Kanto branch of the organisation. >>BOSS BATTLE<< =============== Team Rocket Duo Prize: P3960 (Lv50 Gauntrebel & Lickylick, Weezing & Arbok 2, Lv56 Meowth) **BATTLE NOTES: Gauntrebel is a Grass/Fighting-type, evolves from Weepinbell via Sun Stone. Lickylick is a Normal/Psychic-type, evolves from Lickitung by levelling up while knowing a Psychic move. Jessie orders the Voltorb to explode once the trio leave the blimp. The Voltorb are about to go off but suddenly all disappear…and looking at Red from nearby is a Porygon. End of Chapter 01 – Thrill Ride. [AE] CHAPTER 02 – PROFESSOR IVY =============================== Captain Luke announces that we have arrived on Valencia Island. Exit the blimp. We’ll see a brief scene of Delia preparing to leave, on her way to her famous son, but is stopped by a Porygon belonging to someone she recognises (or does she recognise the Porygon?). [012] VALENCIA ISLAND – “The Sunny Summer Resort” ===================== Places of Interest ……………… – Pokemon Center – PokeMart – Professor Ivy’s Lab – Yuuki’s Residence – Sonya’s Residence (Name Rater) VALENCIA ISLAND POKEMART …………………… Poke Ball – P200 Great Ball – P600 Ultra Ball – P1200 Net Ball – P1000 Dive Ball – P1000 Repeat Ball – P1000 Timer Ball – P1000 Luxury Ball – P1000 Premier Ball – P200 Hyper Potion – P1200 Max Potion – P2500 Full Restore – P3000 Full Heal – P600 Max Ether – P2000 Max Elixir – P4500 Max Revive – P4000 Max Repel – P700 X Attack – P500 X Defend – P550 X Speed – P350 X Special – P350 X Accuracy – P950 Guard Spec. – P700 Dire Hit – P650 HP Up – P9800 Protein – P9800 Iron – P9800 Carbos – P9800 Calcium – P9800 PP Up – P9800 Zinc – P9800 PP Max – P9800 Poke Doll – P1000 Fresh Water – P200 Soda Pop – P300 Lemonade – P350 Moomoo Milk – P500 Pokemon Found …………. Orangean Pidgey {Flying/Dark} Orangean Pidgeotto {Flying/Dark} Orangean Pidgeot {Flying/Dark} Orangean Nidorino {Poison/Fire} Orangean Female Nidoran {Poison} Orangean Male Nidoran {Poison/Fire} Rattata Raticate Cloyster (Surf) Gyarados (Surf, fishing) Anchorage {Water/Steel} (Surf, fishing) Sunmola {Water} (fishing) Wishiwashi {Water} (fishing) Quite the tropical paradise. New Pokemon to be found and more adventure ahead. Green reminds us about looking for Prof. ivy. Her Lab is just up ahead but who else is blocking the entrance but old man Martha. Let’s look around before searching for Ivy. Notice that Ramuh the Teleporter is absent…and he’s not there on the other islands until we found out why later. **Spoiler** we’re not going to get nice alternative to him or to make up for not being able to Fly :/ Next door from the Lab is the Yuuki Residence. There’s a Bonus Chapter to be done over there so pause on it. For the anime/manga fans among you, you’ll notice that some of the NPCs here are named after characters from that legendary series Gintama which ended some time last year (2019) after years of bringing some of the best humour in anime/manga history 🙂 gotta pour one out. In the north area is the PokeCenter where we’re welcomed to the island by Nurse Joy. Before she can tell us where Prof. Ivy is, another Nurse Joy comes downstairs with bad news – the central network machine has suddenly malfunctioned, and there’s a patient here who is in a critical condition. We have to find Ivy and bring her back here. Northeast is a path blocked by big whirlpools. Northwest is another path but we can’t leave yet. So we head east. YUZU ISLAND (West) ———– Pokemon Found …………. Orangean Pidgey {Flying/Dark} Orangean Pidgeotto {Flying/Dark} Orangean Pidgeot {Flying/Dark} Orangean Nidorino {Poison/Fire} Orangean Female Nidoran {Poison} Orangean Male Nidoran {Poison/Fire} Alolan Rattata {Dark/Normal} Raticate Cloyster (Surf) Gyarados (Surf, fishing) Anchorage {Water/Steel} (Surf, fishing) Sunmola {Water} (fishing) Wishiwashi {Water} (fishing) We’ll find Prof. Ivy. She heard about us from Oak. Red tells her to go to the PC right away. Back there we can head upstairs and through the doorway to the backroom where Ivy gets to work. She needs an extra battery from her lab. Pick up the Old Battery from the lab, it’s near the laptop, and come back. While Ivy fixes the machine, Red hears the voice of the patient callng for his mother, but he’s the only one who hears this. Once the machine is up and running, Ivy says we’ll meet us at her lab. She knows that we’re here for the Orange League…well, just Red and Green. Blue’s just here on vacation. Sure. Ivy tells us about this place being different from Kanto, even the Pokemon. She’ll show us an example outside. We enter the grass and a new Ekans appears, Level 30. You can catch it. What we got here is regional variation. Then Green leaves, back into Rival mode and Blue has her own agenda. End of Chapter 02 – Professor Ivy. Scene change, we see Delia at the PokeCenter. She wants to see the patient, her son. Nurse Joy isn’t very confident about his condition but Delia doesn’t want to have him die. She is allowed to see him, looking like she is being manipulated by someone unknown. Back to Red, speak to Ivy. She has 3 new starters on a table. Pick one: Kurusu (Water) [Torrent]: Scratch, Leer, Water Gun, Rage Pyrocub (Fire) [Blaze]: Leer, Smokescreen, Ember, Extrasensory Beleaf (Grass/Rock) [Overgrow]: Tackle, Growl, Razor Leaf, Poisonpowder We’re done with Valencia. Head Northwest. ROUTE 1 (Orange Archipelago Remix) ——- Pokemon Found …………. Orangean Pidgey {Flying/Dark} Orangean Pidgeotto {Flying/Dark} Pinsir Orangean Hoppip {Grass/Fairy} Orangean Skiploom {Grass/Fairy} Wingull (while surfing too) Pelipper (while surfing too) Tentacruel (Surfing) Sunmola {Water} (Surfing, fishing) Orangean Carvanha {Water/Ground} (Surfing) Qwilfish (fishing) Magikarp (fishing) Gyarados (fishing) Orangean Gyarados {Water/Dragon} (fishing) As soon as we touch land, scene change. Meanwhile.. We see Jessie, James and Meowth elsewhere. Jessie wonders why Giovanni wants them to disband the other Team Rocket branches but James thinks he has his reasons so they should follow orders. Watching the trio is a Porygon. Back to Red. Continue on and find another path heading south but it is blocked by a squad of Anchorage. That is an X Defend in the water. Continue north to the next island. Swimmer Tony (Lv50 Anchorage, Sharpedo[O]) Prize: P1000 **BATTLE NOTES: Sharpedo[O] is a Water/Ground-type, evolves from Carvanha[O] at Lv30. Northeast from him is Kyubei. Rocker Kyubei (Lv50 Mrs. Mime, Pidgeot[O]) Prize: P1200 That woman looking east, Fatima, tells us that Sunburst Island is further on but the path to is also blocked by more Anchorage. Continue north. North from Tony, top left corner in the grass, is the White Herb. Surf all the way to our next destination. [013] TANGELO ISLAND – “The Island of Exotic Creatures.” ==================== Places of Interest ……………… – Pokemon Center – PokeMart – Pokemon Wildlife Park – Drama Residence (Increase Pokemon Happiness for P5000) TANGELO ISLAND POKEMART ………………….. Poke Ball – P200 Great Ball – P600 Ultra Ball – P1200 Net Ball – P1000 Dive Ball – P1000 Repeat Ball – P1000 Timer Ball – P1000 Luxury Ball – P1000 Premier Ball – P200 Hyper Potion – P1200 Max Potion – P2500 Full Restore – P3000 Full Heal – P600 Max Ether – P2000 Max Elixir – P4500 Max Revive – P4000 Max Repel – P700 X Attack – P500 X Defend – P550 X Speed – P350 X Special – P350 X Accuracy – P950 Guard Spec. – P700 Dire Hit – P650 HP Up – P9800 Protein – P9800 Iron – P9800 Carbos – P9800 Calcium – P9800 PP Up – P9800 Zinc – P9800 PP Max – P9800 Poke Doll – P1000 Fresh Water – P200 Soda Pop – P300 Lemonade – P350 Moomoo Milk – P500 Pokemon Found …………. Sunkern Orangean Sunflora {Grass/Psychic} Orangean Hoppip {Grass/Fairy} Orangean Skiploom {Grass/Fairy} Alolan Rattata {Dark/Normal} Dunsparce Orangean Pidgey {Flying/Dark} Orangean Pidgeotto {Flying/Dark} Raticate Sunmola {Water} (Surf) Orangean Carvanha {Water/Ground} (Surf) Orangean Sharpedo {Water/Ground} (Surf) Anchorage {Water/Steel} (Surf) Skyray {Water/Flying} (Surf) Tentacruel (fishing) Corphish (fishing) Gyarados (fishing) Magikarp (fishing) Crawdaunt (fishing) In the northeast corner of the beach is TM11 (Sunny Day). We step into town and find Team Rocket causing trouble again. The Mayor just wants them to leave. They take a Clefairy from its Trainer Okami. Jessie, James and Meowth are with these Grunts, they want to see the boss of the branch here, we just know that it’s a woman. Red confronts the Grunts. One remains while the others go to the Pokemon Wildlife Park for more Pokemon. This Grunt looks familiar… Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P1800 (Lv50 Jigglypuff, Shiinotic, Clefable, Dragodune, Ditto, Blastoise) **BATTLE NOTES: Dragodune {Normal/Dragon} evolves from Dunsparce by levelling up. Blue! She stopped Red because she doesn’t think they can face those Grunts except one on one like at Silph Co.. Red assures Okami he’ll bring back Clefairy. Watching all this from nearby are the Power Rangers again, Pink, Brown and Grey. Pink asks if they should help but Brown says they should just observe. Let’s head for the Park. [AF] CHAPTER 03 – WILDLIFE PARK =============================== Pokemon Found …………. Orangean Sunflora {Grass/Psychic} Orangean Hoppip {Grass/Fairy} Orangean Skiploom {Grass/Fairy} Farfetch’d Ledyba Ledian Aipom Ambipom Krocki {Ground/Water} Mareanie {Poison/Water} Orangean Growlithe {Water} Orangean Arcanine {Water} Sunmola {Water} (Surf) Goldeen (Surf) Magikarp (Surf, fishing) Gyarados (Surf, fishing) Seaqueen {Water} (Surf, fishing) Gastroper {Water/Ice} (Fishing) First Grunt is spotted when we get here. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv50 Nightstrix, Kangaskhoo) Prize: P1800 **BATTLE NOTES: I got Nightstrix {Normal/Flying} by levelling up Hoothoot while holding a Region Orb. Seems random because when I tried doing this with other Hoothoot it didn’t work. If anyone knows the actual evolution method, let me know. And another to the east. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv55 Lickylick) Prize: P1980 Follow that grass southwest to find TM111 (Drain Kiss). There’s a little island on the left side of the lake, occupied by a Grunt and a Hyper Potion. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv50 Blossomite, Lapras[O], Crobat) Prize: P1800 North of the lake is one Grunt who’ll use the next HM on the list -HM08 (Dive). Head northwest and enter the house located there. Two more Grunts are inside, troubling an old man named Daniel. They know who Red and Blue are after events in Kanto, but this is Orange Archipelago – Team Rocket over here is stronger. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv50 Marowak, Jumpluff[O]) Prize: P1800 **BATTLE NOTES: Jumpluff[O] {Grass/Fairy} evolves from Skiploom[O] at Lv27. The Grunts run and Daniel thanks us with HM Dive. Nice. After that diving Grunt! -Tangelo Island Wildlife Park (Underwater Spot)- Corsola Clamperl Orangean Remoraid {Water/Steel} Orangean Huntail {Water/Fairy} Orangean Gorebyss {Water/Dark} In the eastern corner is TM46 (Thief). You’ll find a Mental Herb in the bottom right corner of the south area. Follow that path going west then southwest to a Shiny Level 50 Orangean Lapras {Water/Rock}. Regional Variant Lapras AND it’s Shiny too?? Can’t top that 🙂 there are some steps which you’ll see on the right when you went after that Mental Herb, continue along those steps all the way to a Grunt trying to catch a Lapras. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv50 Magnezone, Raitora) Prize: P1800 **BATTLE NOTES: Raitora {Electric} evolves from Kotora {Electric} by levelling up. She’ll mention a name of someone before going away – Cissy. Noted. Resurface and make your way back to the Park entrance. The Rocket Trio are about to escape but Red and Blue have caught up…except that Red doesn’t look too good. More story-related shenanigans :/ here we go again. >>BOSS BATTLE<< =============== Team Rocket Duo Prize: P4320 (Lv55 Gauntrebel & Lickylick, Weezing & Arbok 2, Lv60 Meowth) We win the battle but that doesn’t matter because in the story Red’s Pokemon were exhausted. So why have us go through the battle then? Meowth is defeated by Blue but she suddenly surrenders and we’re captured. Worst battle partner ever. End of Chapter 03 – Wildlife Park. [AG] CHAPTER 04 – JAILBREAK =========================== Red and Blue are in a cell, without their Pokemon…well, she somehow still has her Blastoise and it breaks them out. In the next room we pick up our Pokemon, thank goodness, continue on to fight the first Grunt here. Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P1800 (Lv50 Aggron, Weezing[O], Gorochu, Magmortar) **BATTLE NOTES: Weezing[O] is a Poison/Fairy-type, evolves from Koffing[O] {Poison/Fairy} same way as their regular version. Magmortar evolves from Magmar via Fire Stone or Link Stone. No idea about Gorochu He’ll clear the first barricade up ahead. The second one needs a key or a switch flipped. Go east for another battle. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv50 Muk, Tropius, Dodrio[P]) Prize: P1800 **BATTLE NOTES: Dodrio[P] is just a pink Dodrio 🙂 Flying/Fairy would have been interesting. He’s standing near a 3rd barricade but he’ll clear that second one. Carry on north to a Grunt blocking a doorway. Gotta defeat her so she can get rid of that 3rd barricade. Not. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv50 Magnezone, Raitora) Prize: P1800 **BATTLE NOTES: Magnezone evolves from Magneton via Thunder Stone. She says that the only way to take down the barricades is to hit a switch in the control room and another button located in that Cissy person’s room. Apparently Cissy is a strong Trainer. Blue has the fine idea of going to hit the control room switch while Red goes into Cissy’s room. A few minutes earlier. Scene change. We see Cissy talking to the Rocket Trio, she has found out about Giovanni’s mission. But she won’t be going along with it because she no longer follows his orders. Team Rocket here have a new boss, higher up than Giovanni…and that means the Trio now work for Cissy and company. She gives them their new mission. Scene change. Outside the building where Red and Blue are, we see that colourful threesome, Pink, Grey and Brown. They followed Team Rocket here and this will be the first time they’ll be facing them. Porygon appears, Grey freaks out when Pink approaches it, thinking it’s just a regular Porygon…he says it is not a Porygon and then there’s an attack. Back to Red standing outside that doorway. Step through and meet Cissy: one of the 4 leaders of Team Rocket [Orange Arch. Remix]. Game wise, our Pokemon are okay but story wise Red’s Pokemon aren’t healed…and we still end up in a battle against Cissy anyway and even if we win it *The Rock’s voice* It Doesn’t Matter! >>BOSS BATTLE<< =============== Team Rocket Cissy Prize: P1980 (Lv55 Policroak, Lanturn, Seaqueen, Wishiwashi[F], Flydra, Blastoise) **BATTLE NOTES: Policroak {Water/Ground} evolves from Poliwhirl via Sun Stone. Seaqueen {Water} evolves from female Goldeen at Lv31. Flydra {Dragon/Fly} evolves from Seadra via Ice Stone. Before Cissy can attack Red some more, a Pikachu comes in and is followed by its Trainer, that guy who’s still 10 years old after all these years – Ash Ketchum! Cissy is sent diving for cover and we escape after Ash pushes the button here. Scene change to show Blue in the control room, she pushes the other button and picks up Infinite Rare Candy. A Porygon appears and attacks her. Come to think of it, doesn’t Green have a Porygon…? End of Chapter 04 – Jailbreak. [AH] CHAPTER 05 – MIKAN ISLAND GYM ================================== ROUTE 2 (Orange Archipelago Dub Mix) [Eastern Side] ——- Pokemon Found …………. Plusle Minun Alolan Cubone {Ghost} Orangean Ekans {Poison/Water} Orangean Bellsprout {Grass/Poison} Orangean Shuckle {Bug/Grass} Orangean Weepinbell {Grass/Poison} Orangean Beedrill {Bug/Fire} Orangean Butterfree {Bug/Psychic} Orangean Weedle {Bug/Poison} Orangean Vileplume {Grass/Poison} Orangean Carvanha {Water/Ground} (puddles, Surf) Mantine (puddles, Surf) Orangean Gyarados {Water/Dragon} (Surf) Seaking (Surf) Sunmola {Water} (Surf) Anchorage {Water/Steel} (Fishing) Orangean Magikarp {Water} (Fishing) Cloyster (Fishing) Turban (Fishing) Orangean Remoraid {Water/Steel} (Fishing) Gastroper {Water/Ice} (Fishing) Red and Ash, is this on the same level as seeing Sora and Ventus?? (those who don’t get this reference, don’t worry about it, haha). They step out of the building. Red remembers Okami’s Clefairy but Ash says there was no Clefairy in the building. Ash didn’t see Blue either. Probably escaped somehow, knowing her. Red finds out who Ash is and that he’s also going to take part in the Orange Cup. He’s been away for so long that he thinks the current Kanto Champ is someone named Assunta, until Red confirms that he’s the new Champ. See you in the Orange League, Ash! Scene change, back to Cissy’s room. She’s fine and is joined by a new character, some shady man in a suit. There’ll be a next time. Back to Red. There’s a Bonus Chapter point nearby if you’re up for it…if not, skip down to “Red on Route 2”. [XX37] BONUS CHAPTER 37 DOLLY ============================= From the Team Rocket building, surf along that river to the east until you reach a Dive spot. ROUTE 2 [Eastern Side] (Orange Archipelago Dub Mix) (Underwater Spot) ——- Pokemon Found …………. Slowpoke Krabby Kingler Clamperl Crawdaunt Swim to the southwest corner for some Rare Candy. Head north, up the steps and meet Virginia. Careful of her Marin, it has the “Wonder Guard” Ability. For those of you who didn’t do the Pikachu & Friends Bonus Chapter, Marin is a Water-type. Swimmer Virginia (Lv50 Shuckle[O], Starmie[O], Marin) Prize: P1000 **BATTLE NOTES: Starmie[O] {Water/Fairy} evolves from Staryu[O] {Water/Fairy} via Water Stone. Jasmine is in the eastern area. Swimmer Jasmine Prize: P1000 (Lv50 Rapidash[O], Porygon2, Policroak, Gyarados[O]) **BATTLE NOTES: Rapidash[O] {Ice} evolves from Ponyta[O] {Ice} at Lv40. Porygon2 evolves from Porygon via Link Stone. South from her is a Focus Band. Further south is where we can resurface. We’ll be in another area of Route 2, outside of a cave. In the grass is TM72 (Volt Switch). Pokemon Found …………. Minun Alolan Cubone {Ghost} Orangean Bellsprout {Grass/Poison} Alolan Exeggutor {Grass/Psychic} (Cave 1F) Pokemon Found …………. Orangean Abra {Fighting} Orangean Kadabra {Fighting} Orangean Beldum {Rock/Psychic} Orangean Metang {Rock/Psychic} Gengar Mr. Mime Mrs. Mime A strange cave, with some notes left behind by Dr Fuji about Mewtwo and the reason we’re here, the other project – Dolly, the Mareep clone (another clone…). In the northwest is a downward ladder. (Cave Basement) Pokemon Found …………. Orangean Abra {Fighting} Orangean Kadabra {Fighting} Orangean Beldum {Rock/Psychic} Orangean Metang {Rock/Psychic} Mr. Mime Mrs. Mime No haze down here but powerful light. Red hears Dolly and as we head south, it’ll run past him. Follow it to the southeast. It’ll run away again to the northern spot and we’ll get to battle it. How is it still alive? You can catch it. >>SPECIAL BATTLE<< ================== DOLLY (Lv50) Type: ???GLT/Fairy Ability: Plus Moves Known: Power Gem, Dazzle, Discharge, Cotton Guard Don’t leave the cave by Escape Rope, walk out and see that there was another note which we couldn’t get to: The Cave of Origin was a lab created by Team Rocket to house Mewtwo. Only for Mewtwo to destroy it himself. The Cave existed before Team Rocket, Dr Fuji and the writer arrived. It’s believed to contain dark entities that haunt whoever enters. The entities were believed to be a hoax conjured up by the villagers’ own superstitious belief. But something broke Mewtwo out of its cell and someone has been feeding the Mareep. End of Bonus Chapter 37 Dolly. Red on Route 2. Just east from the Dive spot, in the grass, is a Hyper Potion. If you go west we’ll be near Tangelo Island, on the eastern side of the whirlpools, so we’re headed southwest then further south for Mikan Island. Before that, let’s finish off exploring Route 2. ROUTE 2 (Orange Archipelago Dub Mix) [Western Side] ——- Pokemon Found …………. Sunkern Orangean Hoppip {Grass/Fairy} Alolan Rattata {Dark/Normal} Dunsparce Orangean Sunflora {Grass/Psychic} Orangean Pidgey {Flying/Dark} Orangean Pidgeotto {Flying/Dark} Orangean Skiploom {Grass/Fairy} Raticate Sunmola {Water} (Surf) Orangean Carvanha {Water/Ground} (Surf) Orangean Sharpedo {Water/Ground} (Surf) Anchorage {Water/Steel} (Surf) Skyray {Water/Flying} (Surf) Tentacruel (Fishing) Gyarados (Fishing) Corphish (Fishing) Magikarp (Fishing) Crawdaunt (Fishing) In the water, south from the whirlpools is a Destiny Knot. Swimmer Dani (Lv50 Koffing[O], Weezing[O], Camerupt[O]) Prize: P1000 **BATTLE NOTES: Camerupt[O] is a Ice/Ground-type. Near her is a Max Repel and Douglas. Scientist Douglas Prize: P2400 (Lv50 Magneton, Alakazam[O], Gyarados[O], Beedrill[O]) **BATTLE NOTES: Alakazam[O] {Fighting} evolves from Kadabra[O] via Link Stone. Beedrill[O] is a Bug/Fire, same evolution as regular Metapod. South from him is Zeek. His Magimusha has the “Wonder Guard” Ability. Bug/Fighting-type. Camper Zeek (Lv50 Magimusha) Prize: P1000 East from him is Perry. Lady Perry (Lv50 Bellossom[B], Gauntrebel) Prize: P10 000 Further east, across the river, is a Dream Orb. There’s a path to Kinkan Island in the southeast corner, but you-know-who is blocking it. Back west then south. Swimming in the southwest waters is Ursula. Swimmer Ursula (Lv50 Octillery[O], Octillery) Prize: P1000 **BATTLE NOTES: Octillery[O] {Water/Steel} evolves from Remoraid[O] {Water/Steel} same way as regular Remoraid. Following that path west from her leads to the Anchorage blockade. Southwest from the island are those whirlpools in between Mikan and Valencia. [014] MIKAN ISLAND – “The Island of Peace & Beauty.” ================== Places of Interest ……………… – Pokemon Center – PokeMart – Pokemon Gym – Takasugi’s House Pokemon to be found ………………. Krabby Corphish Exeggcute Exeggutor Crawdaunt Grimer Muk Kingler Skyray (Surf) Mantine (Surf) Anchorage {Water/Steel} (Surf, fishing) Orangean Magikarp {Water} (Fishing) Sunmola {Water} Orangean Gyarados {Water/Dragon} There’s a cave opening to the east along the beach, blocked by a Team Rocket Grunt. Yeah, they’re here too. That item nearby is TM113 (Headbutt). When Red goes into town, we’ll see Brown appear on the beach. Still thirsty for revenge. Pink shows up, surprised to see him here. He thought she was killed during the previous event, but judging by Grey’s absence, Brown figures that out. Pink tries to talk him out of doing anything rash. Red finds a Grunt demanding Pokemon from a Sailor named Almond. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv50 Pidgeot[O], Rapidash, Golem) Prize: P1800 We hear from Almond that the Gym Leader here is in trouble. So head north, got a couple of Grunts we have to deal with. They were told about us by Cissy so they are on high alert. Houses are blocked, the PokeMart too. Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P1980 (Lv55 Golem, Beedrill[O], Shuckle[O], Butterfree[O]) **BATTLE NOTES: Butterfree[O] is a Bug/Psychic-type. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv50 Machamp, Golem) Prize: P1800 Got another Grunt near the PokeMart, in the east area. First day on the job for him. Lucky and unlucky 🙂 Team Rocket Grunt (Lv50 Arbok[O]) Prize: P1800 **BATTLE NOTES: Arbok[O] is a Poison/Water-type, same evolution as regular Ekans. That is a Max Revive near him. To the Gym. It is dark in here, Red hears a scream from somewhere. Could be the Gym Leader. Unless you got that code which illuminates dark places like using Flash, just feel around the walls until you reach a doorway in the north. On the way we’re attacked by a couple of Level 50 Kingler. In the next room we’ll find Almond, but he’s not the Gym Leader because he told us that the Leader is a woman and she appears – Cissy. She disposes of Almond for failing to dispose of Red. Get ready for Round 2 against her, at least this time no nonsense about Red’s Pokemon not being healed. >>BOSS BATTLE<< =============== Team Rocket Cissy Prize: P5500 (Lv55 Policroak, Lanturn, Gyarados[O], Flydra, Blastoise, Seaqueen) Cissy loses but is still going to bring down this room, she and Red fall down. Red ends up in another room where he finds Okami’s Clefairy, which brought him here. Also in this room is Grey! Of course Red doesn’t know that him, Pink and Brown are around, so he’s surprised to see him. Grey is here for the Orange Cup. Grey believes that someone who looks like Red attacked him and that’s when Cissy captured him. Grey’s Pokemon were taken, but we still got ours so we’ll handle the Grunts on our way out of here. South is blocked by barricades so we head west and north. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv55 Lickylick) Prize: P1980 Team Rocket Grunt (Lv50 Nightstrix, Kangaskhoo) Prize: P1800 To the left from them is some Protein. Head east. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv50 Blossomite, Lapras[O], Crobat) Prize: P1800 There are 2 corridors heading south. The far right one is shorter, leading to TM31 (Brick Break) and the other one leads to another area. It’s not an easy area to guide in text form but the aim is to get to the southwest corner, that’s where the exit is. So I’m just going to list the Grunts and items found: Choice Scarf Hyper Potion x2 Max Repel Team Rocket Grunt (Lv50 Marowak, Jumpluff[O]) Prize: P1800 Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P1800 (Lv50 Aggron, Gorochu, Weezing[O], Magmortar) Team Rocket Grunt (Lv50 Magnezone, Raitora) Prize: P1800 Team Rocket Grunt (Lv50 Muk, Tropius, Dodrio[P]) Prize: P1800 Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P1980 (Lv55 Golem, Beedrill[O], Butterfree[O], Shuckle[O]) Team Rocket Grunt (Lv50 Arbok[O]) Prize: P1800 Team Rocket Grunt (Lv50 Machamp, Golem) Prize: P1800 Team Rocket Grunt (Lv50 Pidgeot[O], Rapidash, Golem) Prize: P1800 We get to the exit but are stopped by one more Grunt. Grey says she’s the one who took his Pokemon. She doesn’t know where they are now. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv50 Machamp, Golem) Prize: P1800 She was told to sell them on the black market where Pokemon are sold for food consumption. Wow…then Grey kills the Grunt. So unnecessary. We step out from that cave outside Mikan Island town. Grey doesn’t believe that his Pokemon were sold so he’ll go on to search for them. Red finds out that he, Pink and Brown have been following him, Green and Blue. He also says that to get rid of the whirlpools we need HM02 (Whirlpool). He had one but lost it. Come on, really? Also got the Coral Badge off of Cissy and gives it to Red. Watching this are Pink and Brown, shocked to see that Grey is alive…then the other Red appears with a Porygon and kills Grey. Brown thinks that’s the real Red while Pink isn’t not as certain. So Brown is going to work alone. End of Chapter 05 – Mikan Island Gym. With Team Rocket gone now, no more houses blocked and the PokeMart is open: MIKAN ISLAND POKEMART ………………… Poke Ball – P200 Great Ball – P600 Ultra Ball – P1200 Net Ball – P1000 Dive Ball – P1000 Repeat Ball – P1000 Timer Ball – P1000 Luxury Ball – P1000 Premier Ball – P200 Hyper Potion – P1200 Max Potion – P2500 Full Restore – P3000 Full Heal – P600 Max Ether – P2000 Max Elixir – P4500 Max Revive – P4000 Max Repel – P700 X Attack – P500 X Defend – P550 X Speed – P350 X Special – P350 X Accuracy – P950 Guard Spec. – P700 Dire Hit – P650 HP Up – P9800 Protein – P9800 Iron – P9800 Carbos – P9800 Calcium – P9800 PP Up – P9800 Zinc – P9800 PP Max – P9800 Poke Doll – P1000 Fresh Water – P200 Soda Pop – P300 Lemonade – P350 Moomoo Milk – P500 Takasugi’s House is near the south entrance into town, there’s a woman standing outside. He is connected to the people living at the Yuuki Residence on Valencia Island and the Bonus Chapter there. Gotta find someone who has that HM Whirlpool. Where to now? Northwest to that path heading east to Kinkan Island. ROUTE 3 [Orange Archipelago Remake] ——- Pokemon Found …………. Orangean Paras {Bug/Grass} Alolan Rattata {Dark/Normal} Orangean Weedle {Bug/Poison} Orangean Pidgey {Flying/Dark} Orangean Beedrill {Bug/Fire} Orangean Parasect {Bug/Grass} Alolan Raticate {Dark/Normal} Orangean Pidgeotto {Flying/Dark} Grimer Orangean Dwebble {Fire/Rock} Orangean Butterfree {Bug/Psychic} Seaqueen {Water} (Surf, fishing) Laketle {Water/Grass} (Surf, fishing) Goldeen Seaking Orangean Magikarp {Water} Skyray {Water/Flying} First Trainer we meet is Lola. Ranger Lola (Lv50 Ampharos, Steelix) Prize: P1800 There’s a Max Revive in the bottom left corner south from her. Continue east. Nerd Shulk (Lv50 Ditto, Kabiin, Buhi) Prize: P800 Swimmer Lori (Lv50 Exeggutor[A], Exeggutor) Prize: P1000 The item floating south from her is a Choice Band. On the small island is TM26 (Earthquake). Soon we’ll reach a Gate and then get a scene change. Meanwhile.. The Rocket Trio are in another Team Rocket facility, working as low level Grunts now but they decide to become double agents so they can continue Giovanni’s mission. Another Grunt calls them to start a machine that looks to be powered by a Drowzee. Something’s wrong with Meowth. [AI] CHAPTER 06 – DROWSING DROWZEE ================================== Back to Red and we have arrived on Kinkan Island. [015] KINKAN ISLAND – “The Island Surrounded with The Salty Sea Air.” =================== Places of Interest ……………… – Pokemon Center – PokeMart – Kinkan Island Police Station – Move Tutor – Abandoned Lab – Kinkan Dock KINKAN ISLAND POKEMART …………………. Poke Ball – P200 Great Ball – P600 Ultra Ball – P1200 Net Ball – P1000 Dive Ball – P1000 Repeat Ball – P1000 Timer Ball – P1000 Luxury Ball – P1000 Premier Ball – P200 Hyper Potion – P1200 Max Potion – P2500 Full Restore – P3000 Full Heal – P600 Max Ether – P2000 Max Elixir – P4500 Max Revive – P4000 Max Repel – P700 X Attack – P500 X Defend – P550 X Speed – P350 X Special – P350 X Accuracy – P950 Guard Spec. – P700 Dire Hit – P650 HP Up – P9800 Protein – P9800 Iron – P9800 Carbos – P9800 Calcium – P9800 PP Up – P9800 Zinc – P9800 PP Max – P9800 Poke Doll – P1000 Fresh Water – P200 Soda Pop – P300 Lemonade – P350 Moomoo Milk – P500 Pokemon Found …………. Sarapi {Bug} Shroomish Orangean Pidgey {Flying/Dark} Orangean Pidgeotto {Flying/Dark} Krabby Kingler Breloom Orangean Paras {Bug/Grass} Orangean Dwebble {Fire/Rock} Gyarados (Surf) Orangean Gyarados {Water/Dragon} (Surf) Orangean Carvanha {Water/Ground} (Surf) Orangean Sharpedo {Water/Ground} (Surf) Orangean Lapras {Water/Rock} (Surf) Magikarp (Fishing) Orangean Magikarp {Water} (Fishing) Laketle {Water/Grass} (Fishing) Seadra (Fishing) Red sees a Charizard…and Green. Charizard has gone crazy, it won’t go back into its PokeBall. His Scyther and Ninetales too. Green goes off to save his Pokemon and Red has to find someone who may know what’s going on. Green’s Pokemon are not the only ones acting strange. South from the PokeCenter is a woman named Mabel who says she can look into your Pokemon’s souls for P1000…she’s basically a Move Tutor, but let’s just go with the flow haha. Great place to make use of that Infinite Money code if you have it written down somewhere, because it is interesting to spend some time seeing the moves a lot of these Pokemon can be taught, especially the new ones and finding out which ones Mabel will call “too naive”. We find out that Prof. Ivy is from this island and had a lab here but she was chased away so the lab is now abandoned. In the southwest area is the Kinkan Dock and floating in the water is some Mystic Water. Enter the Kinkan Island Police Station and speak to Officer Jenny. She’s aware of what’s been going on and oddly enough her Gastly isn’t affected…because it is a Ghost-type, as we’re told by the great detective Green who arrives. Based on his investigations, he concludes that the Pokemon around here are being controlled by a powerful Psychic-type. Jenny will continue the investigation, Green as well on his own despite Red wanting to do the smart thing and team up. Leave town and go round to the area behind the PokeCenter, we’ll find a locked door. Red is then spotted by Jessie and James. They say the door leads to the place responsible for what’s happening to the Pokemon on the island. Red can’t fight them and the duo are here to team up with him because they want to save Meowth. So we return to the Police Station to update Jenny. Green is back too and like Jenny, doesn’t think it’s a great idea to work with Team Rocket, but they can’t get into the hideout without Jessie and James who know the code for the door. Return to the door and enter. No Grunts in the first area, just TM110 (Rage) and stairs leading below a couple of levels. We’ll pick up a Max Revive before reaching the last room. Surprise, surprise, it was a trap. That other Grunt and Drowzee appear, Jessie and James high-tail it, back to their old ways. Jenny has Gastly protect our Pokemon from Drowzee’s hypnosis. Green’s Pokemon are out here too, all at Level 59. Battle each of them. Then we battle the Grunt. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv60 Drowzee) Prize: P2160 Green’s Pokemon are okay again and it is time to leave this place, but now we got more Grunts on the way back to the exit. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv50 Gorebyss[O]) Prize: P1800 Team Rocket Grunt (Lv50 Omastar, Laketle) Prize: P1800 Team Rocket Grunt (Lv47 Ledian, Lv50 Pidgeot[G], Steelix) Prize: P1800 **BATTLE NOTES: Pidgeot[G] is a Flying/Ghost-type, same evolution as regular Pidgeot. Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P1728 (Lv48 Hitmontop, Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, Hitmonyan) **BATTLE NOTES: Hitmonyan {Fighting/Psychic} evolves from Prentice {Fighting} by levelling up. We make it back outside but have been followed by that Grunt and Drowzee. Gastly is defeated, Charizard is controlled and before Red can also fight, Ash and Pikachu save us. Curiously enough, Drowzee fails to control Pikachu. The citizens of the island want to thank us for saving their Pokemon, it’s only Red who is still around and he receives….ANOTHER Master Ball :/ Jenny sees Clefairy and after hearing from Red that it belongs to someone on Tangelo Island, she tells us about her friend Shiva who lives on Pinkan Island, north from here. Shiva…Ramuh…you get the hint, you Final Fantasy fans out there, hmm?? �?� …and watching this from nearby is Brown. Enough said. End of Chapter 06 – Drowsing Drowzee. Speak to the Sailors for some interesting info about Kinkan Island and Sunburst Island, where there is a cave which could be home to a Crystal Onix. Noted. Sunburst Island and Route 4 are to the south from here, we’ll come back for them after our little adventure on Pinkan Island. Let’s go. On a small island just to the northwest of Kinkan Island is TM115 (Snore). ROUTE 5 [Orange Archipelago Style] ——- Pokemon Found …………. Ledyba Gloom Hoothoot Volbeat Illumise Orangean Butterfree {Bug/Psychic} Orangean Murkrow {Dark/Flying} Orangean Vileplume {Grass/Poison} Seadra (Surf) Anchorage {Water/Steel} (Surf) Horsea (Surf) Laketle {Water/Grass} (Surf) Magikarp (Fishing) Tentacool (Fishing) Tentacruel (Fishing) Skyray (Fishing) On the next island we’ll meet Pink. She wants to warn Red about something but he just tells her about going to Pinkan Island and asks her if she’d like to come along. She joins him. You’ll find a Full Heal in a corner just across the water northwest from where we talk to Pink. On the island that has a sign post is TM114 (Curse), it is hidden by that tree near the sign. West from there, according to the sign, is Kiyomi Island. ROUTE 5 [Orange Archipelago Style] (West) ——- Pokemon Found …………. Ledyba Hoothoot Volbeat Illumise Ledian Orangean Murkrow {Dark/Flying} Pikipek Swinub Psyduck (Surf, fishing) Golduck (Surf) Goldeen (Surf, fishing) Seaking (Surf, fishing) Orangean Remoraid {Water/Steel} (Fishing) Orangean Octillery {Water/Steel} (Fishing) We’ll meet Mohamed, a man looking for a rare Pokemon known as a Tripstar. He wants to take photos of it for his book. Nobody has seen one but it is said that if you find one with 7 stars on its back, that’s bad luck…but find one with 3 stars, good luck. You guessed it, we’ve stumbled upon another wild Bonus Chapter! Cue that theme music *Regular Show theme* [XX38] BONUS CHAPTER 38 LUCKY STARS =================================== …or just skip down to “Back to Red on Route 5” Continue west until you see Tripstar on the higher ground to the south. It has wings like a Ledyba. It’ll battle us, Level 50, a 3-Star and has the “Wonder Guard” Ability. Then it’ll disappear and Mohamed thinks this teleportation. Go back to where we first met Mohamed, we’ll be attacked by a Tauros…which turns out to be an illusion created by Tripstar, which explains how it has avoided being seen. Cross the river to the island on the right. We’ll find Cameron. Ranger Cameron (Lv53 Delibird[B], Tauros, Muk) Prize: P1908 North from him is Tripstar, Bug/Psychic and is Level 40. Also 3-Star and we can catch it. We get a new Pokemon and Mohamed has his photos. Sweet. End of Bonus Chapter 38 Lucky Stars. Back to Red on Route 5. Continue surfing north. Swimmer Tyron (Lv50 Flygon, Dragonite) Prize: P1000 And we arrive. [016] PINKAN ISLAND – “The Island of Pink Pokemon.” ==================== Pokemon Found …………. Pink Paras Pink Rattata Pink Diglett Pink Bellsprout Pink Oddish Pink Mankey Pink Butterfree Pink Nidoking Pink Exeggutor Pink Dodrio Seaqueen {Water} (Surf, fishing) Orangean Huntail {Water/Fairy} (Surf, fishing) Luvdisc (Surf, fishing) Gorebyss (Surf) Before going up those steps, go to the left to pick up TM116 (Icy Wind) in the corner. Then we’ll find a PINK Rhyhorn (?!) being observed by an unknown woman. But it runs away, and she blames us, even though it’s her fault. So we have to find it. [AJ] CHAPTER 07 – PINK RHYHORN ============================== Carry on north. Near the Slowpoke is some Black Sludge. Then we find that Pink Rhyhorn. Pink tries to be friendly to it but it attacks. It is at Level 50. Can’t be caught. The woman shows up, not too happy about us making Rhyhorn faint. But she tells us why the Pokemon here are pink – there are Pinkan berries on this island which contain natural chemicals that alter the Pokemon’s colours. Then she’ll leave and Pink gets to tell Red about Brown’s search for him after what happened to Grey. Pink says she’ll try to talk to Brown again and leaves. Scene change, we see that woman again, her named revealed – Tesla, by that shady guy in a suit. He wants an update about that Pink Rhyhorn. She concludes that it’s not a special Rhyhorn, just pink. Tesla is part of the Pokemon Association. End of Chapter 07 – Pink Rhyhorn. **NOTE: I came back to Pinkan Island much later in the Beta 15+ Expansion Pass update and found that Pink Rhyhorn. Lv50, ready to be captured. Red talks to Clefairy, apologising for not being able to deal with those whirlpools. And this is when we are joined by the new Teleporter, Shiva. Cousin to Ramuh. She also doesn’t have HM Whirlpool but she can teleport us back to Tangelo Island…however, we have to meet her back on Kinkan Island. No suitable alternative to this teleport system and nothing to make up for not being able to Fly between places… From Kinkan back to Tangelo and we deliver Clefairy. Okami will give us what we need to get rid of the Anchorage – Shark Repel. Before we sort that out, let’s visit Sunburst Island for that Crystal Onix. Back to Kinkan then surfing south to Route 4. There’ll be an Ultra Ball on the eastern Kinkan beach. ROUTE 4 [Orange Archipelago Rework] ——- Pokemon Found …………. Phanpy Mareep Pinsir Tauros Donphan Flaaffy Miltank Pikipek Sunmola {Water} (Surf) Skyray {Water/Flying} (Surf) Anchorage {Water/Steel} (Surf) Tentacruel (Surf) Magikarp (Fishing) Orangean Magikarp {Water} (Fishing) Orangean Gyarados {Water/Dragon} (Fishing) Tentacruel (Fishing) On the first island we reach before Sunburst, there’s a Max Potion to the right from Anya, that blonde woman. Ranger Ali (Lv50 Sharpedo, Camerupt) Prize: P1800 Hiker Conor (Lv53 Victreebel[O], Rapidash[O], Arbok 8) Prize: P1908 **BATTLE NOTES: Victreebel[O] {Grass/Poison} evolves the same way as its regular form. SUNBURST ISLAND ————— Pokemon Found …………. Phanpy Mareep Tauros Lickitung Slowpoke Slowbro Flaaffy Miltank Donphan Pikipek Tentacool (Surf) Goldeen (Surf) Skyray {Water/Flying} (Surf, fishing) Seaqueen {Water} (Surf, fishing) Tentacruel (Surf) Psyduck (Fishing) Golduck (Fishing) On the left, near Michael is some Fresh Water. On the right from the female Swimmer named Joey is a Link Stone. Then we’ll see the crystal cave. To the left of it is an Assault Vest. CRYSTAL ONIX CAVE —————– Pokemon Found …………. Seel Orangean Ponyta Jynx Orangean Delibird {Ice/Steel} Beta Delibird Orangean Rapidash {Ice} Dewgong Alolan Sandshrew {Ice/Steel} Alolan Sandslash {Ice/Steel} Alolan Vulpix {Ice} Alolan Ninetales {Ice} Seal (Surf) Elder Gundam (Lv53 Muk[O], Delibird[O]) Prize: P3180 **BATTLE NOTES: Muk[O] {Poison/Fire}, same evolution as regular Muk. Items found in the area: Ice Stone (near the middle ladder) X Attack (near the northeast ladder) The middle and north ladders lead to the same basement area. The only Trainer there is Elsa in the western area. Harpie Elsa Prize: P848 (Lv53 Weezing[O], Muk[O], Arbok 6, Seaqueen, Lickylick) Then aim for that northeast ladder. In the next area, head to the left end and follow that path to a Region Orb. Then use the path heading south. There’s a man communicating via radio to someone else, saying he has found the Crystal Onix. After he goes, continue all the way south to the rare creature. Level 50. Here’s something interesting – when I encountered it the first time, it had the “Storm Warning” Ability…but I’d saved before seeing that man. I reloaded that file just to see what happens if we don’t catch Onix (nothing, Onix will still be there). This time it had the “Snow Cloak” Ability. Glitch? Or just odd luck? After catching Onix, the man will radio back about this and leave. **NOTE** There’s a chance that you’ll experience a glitch if you use Shiva’s teleport service on Kinkan Island. That happened to me. I went back to Mikan and got rid of the Anchorage in the west and returned to Valencia. Teleporting from there to Mikan, Tangelo, Kinkan and back again worked just fine. Now that I’m back on Valencia, I’ll be covering that Yuuki Residence Bonus Chapter. If you’re not interested in it or will do it later, skip down to “Back with Red on Valencia”. [XX39] BONUS CHAPTER 39 VOODOO ============================== We’ll meet mother Tsukuyo and father Kondo, whose son Sougo is caught in a strange sleep. Been like this for weeks after his birthday. There are PokeDolls he received as presents…but one of them looks a little odd and it suddenly moves! A Pokemon – Level 40 Voodoll. Can be caught. Red thinks it could be the reason why Sougo hasn’t woken up. The doll came from his uncle Takasugi, Kondo’s brother. Tsukuyo doesn’t like Takasugi and blames him for this. So we go back to Mikan Island to find the man. When we do, he’ll confirm that he gave Sougo a gift. Then return to tell Kondo. Now the police could be called in, but Red says he’ll ask Takasugi how Sougo can be woken up. Takasugi reveals that he gave him a Pikachu doll and rushes out after learning about Sougo’s condition. At the Yuuki Residence, go upstairs and examine the bedside dresser on the left, the Pikachu doll is there…plus a lot of needles. Downstairs, Takasugi has arrived. The real villain here turns out to be Kondo, because that dresser is on his side of the bed. He did this as revenge because Tsukuyo and Takasugi were together before Kondo married Tsukuyo. Fastforward we battle Kondo: >>BOSS…? BATTLE<< =================== Parent Kondo Prize: P1320 (Lv55 Policroak, Cloyster, Pangpire, Banette) **BATTLE NOTES: Pangpire is a Dark/Ghost-type. Kondo won’t wake Sougo up, he doesn’t even know how to. The cops arrive and take him away. We get a new Pokemon but overall, filler. End of Bonus Chapter 39 Voodoo. Back with Red on Valencia. We’re headed northwest to chase away the Anchorage which we see blocking the path going south from Route 1. ROUTE 6 [Orange Archipelago Version] ——- Pokemon Found …………. Krabby Corphish Orangean Shuckle {Bug/Grass} Exeggcute Orangean Dwebble {Fire/Rock} Orangean Arbok {Poison/Water} Exeggutor Kingler (Surf) Crawdaunt (Surf) Orangean Carvanha {Water/Ground} (Surf) Orangean Sharpedo {Water/Ground} (Surf) Orangean Lapras {Water/Rock} (Surf) Relicanth (Surf) Skrelp {Poison/Water} (Surf) Sunmola {Water} (Fishing) Orangean Magikarp {Water} (Fishing) Magikarp (Fishing) Orangean Gyarados {Water/Dragon} (Fishing) As we travel south, stick to the right until there’s a short detour leading to a Leaf Stone floating in the water. This path also splits into a middle way and a left way. Shawn is along the left way: Swimmer Shawn (Lv53 Lanturn, Gyarados, Pidgeot[O]) Prize: P1060 The middle path leads to an island with a sign saying that to the east is Citron Island and to the south is Kinnow Island, the final destination of the Beta 14.5 portion. Swimmer Randall (Lv50 Arbok[O]) Prize: P1000 On the island is TM66 (Payback). Swimmer Luca (Lv50 Victreebel[P]) Prize: P1000 Swimmer Ronald (Lv53 Scizor) Prize: P1060 North from him is Citron Island and fossils that have been discovered there. [017] CITRON ISLAND – “The Island of the Red Moon.” =================== We meet Green outside the cave. Prof. Oak told him about this place and the Kabuto fossils which are emerging from the cave walls, so he’s here to collect data. Also on this island land is Brown. I guess Pink didn’t get to him in time. [AK] CHAPTER 08 – RED MOON CHAPTER ================================== In the first area of the cave we see Ribitta the reporter and Nurse Joy, just make a note of them for now. That ladder on the right leads to the first basement. South from the ladder is an exit which leads to a cliff where Green is working. Down the ladder: -Citron Island Cave (B1F)- Pokemon Found …………. Slugma Sarapi Zubat Tail {Normal/Grass} Magcargo Golbat Orangean Sneasel {Fairy/Ice} We’ll find a few Scientists busy down here. Scientist Kayden (Lv53 Feraligatr, Muk) Prize: P2544 Scientist Gregory Prize: P2400 (Lv50 Weezing[O], Chansey, Chansey[N], Miltank) Scientist Edward (Lv50 Arbok 3, 7, 2, 4, 5) Prize: P2400 The items found are a Sun Stone and a Moon Stone. Return to the top floor and speak to Ribitta. We hear that the oil coating the Kabuto fossils is linked to immortality. After the report is cut, go back to Green. He’s got a visitor, the other reporter. Carly is back. She asks if we know about a prophecy which says the moon will glow red and the land will be swallowed by the sea…but Green doesn’t buy it and the woman runs off crying. He hasn’t had any luck finding fossils so he’ll be leaving now, there’s still that Orange Cup. Happening in 2 months. There’s a sudden earthquake and Green has accidentally discovered a hidden chamber by falling through the floor. Jump down the hole so we can save this guy. -Citron Island Cave (B2F)- Pokemon Found ………….. Kabuto Omanyte Lileep Anorith In the second area we’ll be attacked by Kabuto, Level 50, which have bust out from the wall. They are coming back to life. Make your way to the south, where we are attacked by Brown. When Red wakes up, he in interrogated by Brown. He denies killing Grey but Brown doesn’t believe him. He has taken Red’s Pokemon and is about to attack again but Ash comes to the rescue and with him is our great partner Blue. Red gets his Pokemon back and we take on Brown. >>BOSS BATTLE<< =============== Trainer Brown Prize: P4400 (Lv55 Stunpuff[E], Starmie, Magcargo, Tangelor, Alakazam[O], Duskbell) **BATTLE NOTES: Stunpuff[E] is a Water/Electric-type. Duskbell {Dark} evolves from Nightbell {Dark} by levelling up. Tangelor {Grass} evolves from Tangela by levelling up while knowing Sunny Day. Brown is left to go, but he isn’t done with Red. Then Green, Blue and Ash start acting strange and run off. Gontinue along the path where Brown attacked Red, going all the way to an opening in the northwest corner. We’ll enter another area where Green is attacking a Porygon that got to him. But Blue sends out Blastoise and douses out all the flames, allowing Porygon to escape. She says she was trying to help but Green is not happy about that. The exit is below. We will be at the summit, with a red moon in full view. Then the island starts shaking. Green makes a call to Oak to let him know about not finding fossils, but Oak knows about the prophecy and warns him to leave island. We get a scene change, showing Tesla meeting Brown. Red and Green have drifted to the small island (near Swimmer Ronald) after Citron sank. Ash and Blue have already left. A whole island sinks into the sea but hey, back to focusing on the Orange Cup. End of Chapter 08 – Red Moon Chapter. We continue south for Kinnow Island. Floating in the water is TM65 (Shadow Claw). Swimmer Phoebe (Lv53 Exeggutor, Hypno) Prize: P1060 Floating near her is some Berry Juice. Swimmer Edgar (Lv53 Xatu, Cloyster) Prize: P1060 Swimmer Natalie (Lv53 Arcanine, Lumirage) Prize: P1060 **BATTLE NOTES: Lumirage is a Water/DarK-type. And we’re here. [018] KINNOW ISLAND – “The Island of Entertainment.” =================== Places of Interest ……………… – Pokemon Center – PokeMart – Daycare – Kinnow Island Restaurant – Kinnow Island’s Beach – Kinnow Island Flower Garden KINNOW ISLAND POKEMART …………………. Poke Ball – P200 Great Ball – P600 Ultra Ball – P1200 Net Ball – P1000 Dive Ball – P1000 Repeat Ball – P1000 Timer Ball – P1000 Luxury Ball – P1000 Premier Ball – P200 Hyper Potion – P1200 Max Potion – P2500 Full Restore – P3000 Full Heal – P600 Max Ether – P2000 Max Elixir – P4500 Max Revive – P4000 Max Repel – P700 X Attack – P500 X Defend – P550 X Speed – P350 X Special – P350 X Accuracy – P950 Guard Spec. – P700 Dire Hit – P650 HP Up – P9800 Protein – P9800 Iron – P9800 Carbos – P9800 Calcium – P9800 PP Up – P9800 Zinc – P9800 PP Max – P9800 Poke Doll – P1000 Fresh Water – P200 Soda Pop – P300 Lemonade – P350 Moomoo Milk – P500 Pokemon Found …………. Orangean Hoppip {Grass/Fairy} Bounsweet {Grass} Lickitung Tail {Normal/Grass} Tangela Orangean Skiploom {Grass/Fairy} Nightstrix {Normal/Flying} Hoothoot Orangean Carvanha {Water/Ground} (puddles, Surf) Mantine (Surf) Skyray {Water/Flying} (Surf) Anchorage {Water/Steel} (Surf) Inkay {Dark/Psychic} Orangean Carvanha {Water/Ground} (Fishing) Orangean Gyarados {Water/Dragon} (Fishing) Let’s look around before tackling that last chapter of the Beta 14.5 portion. At the PokeCenter, we’ll receive a Life Orb from Kaye. This is the 3rd of these Orbs we’ve gotten so far, although this one has a clearer description. The Region Orb makes certain Pokemon evolve, but do the Pokemon evolve as soon as they are given the item? If anyone has experimented with the Region and Dream Orbs, please let me know. **NOTE** Random note, sorry, but I went back to Kanto just to check on the Gym Leaders and see if they have different dialogue since Red is now the Champion. New dialogue AND they are ready for rematches….of the SUPER STRONG Red kind!! Full teams, Level 255. I turned around and swiftly walked out of their Gyms xD. At the Kinnow Island Restaurant, have a meal and stay for a friendly scuffle 🙂 Hiker Vincent (Lv52 Aeroneon, Pidgeot[G], Sableye) Prize: P1872 Interesting that this guy used to work for the Pokemon Association before getting fired. Do they finally play a major role in the Beta 15 portion…? Sailor Cole (Lv52 Rapidash[O]) Prize: P1664 Businessman Jason Prize: P2544 (Lv53 Wigglytuff, Alakazam[O], Venomoth) To the east are whirlpools, Red won’t head west and south is blocked by Martha. Which only leaves the big show going on. Sponsored by the Pokemon Association. [AL] CHAPTER 09 – FREAK SHOW ============================ There’s a new Pokmon called a Bomfur in the show. Everything goes well until after the show when Red goes to speak to the actors and actresses. They mistreat Bomfur because they didn’t like its performance. Red stops them and one of the actors, Kay, battles him. Black Belt Kay (Lv53 Hitmonyan) Prize: P1272 Anne the actress steps up. Lady Anne (Lv55 Clefable, Sharpedo[O]) Prize: P11 000 Then Roger, having the final forms of those Starters we get from Ivy. Ranger Roger (Lv55 Blossomite, Dynabite, Aquarius) Prize: P1980 They take the money and leave, warning us about the Pokemon Association and that mysterious Board of Directors which we’ve heard about. Bomfur is left behind and it runs off to the Kinnow Island Flower Garden and then into the Day Care yard. Make some room in your party and approach Bomfur. It is at Level 40 and only after the battle will it join our crew 🙂 End of Chapter 09 – Freak Show. ..and the Beta 14.5 side of things! Phew. Now (hopefully) things get interesting. Aside from getting help from the Lunos guides about Pokemon Locations and Bonus Chapter triggers, I’ll be going into this next portion completely fresh. Here we go. Martha is gone but it looks like we can only go west for now. Takes us to Route 7. ROUTE 7 [Orange Archipelago Flow] ——- Pokemon Found …………. Grubbin {Bug} Yungoos {Normal} Wimpod {Bug/Water} Sandygast {Ghost/Ground} Palossand {Ghost/Ground} Charjabug Luvdisc (Surf) Skrelp {Poison/Water} (Surf, fishing) Dragalge {Poison/Dragon} (Surf) Bruxish {Water/Psychic} (Surf) Orangean Magikarp (Fishing) Seaqueen {Water} (Fishing) Orangean Gyarados {Water/Dragon} (Fishing) Swimmer John Prize: P1100 (Lv55 Seaking, Dewpider, Seaqueen, Wishiwashi) On the next island is a sign saying that further west is Key Lime Island. Black Belt Sebastian (Lv55 Arcanine[O], Warhound) Prize: P1320 **BATTLE NOTES: Arcanine[O] {Water} evolves from Growlithe[O] via Water Stone. North from him is Penny. Businesslady Penny Prize: P5060 (Lv55 Meowstic[F], Sliggoo, Jynx[O], Pidgeot, Butterfree[O], Nightstrix) North from her is the Joy Residence, where son Carl can’t heal Pokemon to save his life haha. Seriously, do not let him heal your Pokemon. West from the house is Benny and on the other side is Lanbert. Toddler Benny (Lv55 Gleesy, Duskbell) Prize: P2640 **BATTLE NOTES: Gleesy {Normal/Fairy} evolves from Chansey at Lv35. Toddler Lanbert (Lv55 Gorochu, Sylveon) Prize: P2640 There are steps to the left of the Joy Residence, they lead to the bridge above us and a cave opening. Inside is a downward ladder, a corridor heading south and an area where a couple of Officer Jennys (or Jennies??) who have caught Santa…? He has an illegal Jynx and is being accused of raising illegal Pokemon. Not just any Jynx, but a black Jynx. Mother of Christ, what have we stumbled into now?? [XX40] BONUS CHAPTER 40 CONTROVERSIAL BONUS CHAPTER =================================================== These Officers are from the Board of Directors who have bred out all the black Jynx over the years, missing this one. As if we haven’t already had enough ridiculous Bonus Chapters so far, haha. >>BOSS BATTLE<< =============== Officer Jenny (Lv55 Jynx x2) Prize: P1980 Santa wants Red to take him to Ice Island. Bonus Chapter 40 Controversial Bonus Chapter – Paused for now. We continue west for Key Lime Island. As we leave the area where we battled Lanbert, there’s a dark figure standing on a cliff above us and they drop a boulder down below at Red but he is pushed out of the way by another dark figure, who is female, before both of them disappear. Who’s trying to kill Red? [019] KEY LIME ISLAND – “The Island of Vigilante Past.” ===================== Places of Interest ……………… – PokeCenter – PokeMart – Key Lime Forest – Key Lime Lake – Anthony Residence KEY LIME ISLAND POKEMART …………………… Poke Ball – P200 Great Ball – P600 Ultra Ball – P1200 Net Ball – P1000 Dive Ball – P1000 Repeat Ball – P1000 Timer Ball – P1000 Luxury Ball – P1000 Premier Ball – P200 Hyper Potion – P1200 Max Potion – P2500 Full Restore – P3000 Full Heal – P600 Max Ether – P2000 Max Elixir – P4500 Max Revive – P4000 Max Repel – P700 X Attack – P500 X Defend – P550 X Speed – P350 X Special – P350 X Accuracy – P950 Guard Spec. – P700 Dire Hit – P650 HP Up – P9800 Protein – P9800 Iron – P9800 Carbos – P9800 Calcium – P9800 PP Up – P9800 Zinc – P9800 PP Max – P9800 Poke Doll – P1000 Fresh Water – P200 Soda Pop – P300 Lemonade – P350 Moomoo Milk – P500 Pokemon Found …………. Orangean Growlithe {Water} Orangean Seviper {Poison} Pikipek {Normal/Flying} Pyukumuku {Water} Sandygast {Ghost/Ground} Palossand {Ghost/Ground} Seaqueen {Water} (Surf) Laketle {Water/Grass} (Surf) Dewpider {Water/Bug} (Surf) Goldeen (Fishing) Wishiwashi {Water} (Fishing) Orangean Magikarp (Fishing) Seaking (Fishing) Orangean Magikarp {Water} (Fishing) Orangean Gyarados {Water/Dragon} (Fishing) The one place we hear about from some of the residents is Key Lime Forest, a place where a woman was hanged in the past for a crime she was suspected of committing. One resident claims to have seen her in the forest at night. Another Bonus Chapter? At the Anthony Residence we can receive a Pipichu from Winnie. She says it can’t evolve though, just a mutated Pichu. But it does have that “Wonder Guard” Ability. If you want it, make some room. We see Pink by the left side pool and Red tells her about meeting Brown again. It also sounds like Pink is possibly stalking Red, but they just laugh it off, because why not? Floating in the water is a Max Repel. To the west is the Gate, blocked by a group of Shellder. That man examining them is none other than Looker! Still part of the International Police and now working for the Board of Directors. He tells us that the Shellder are sick because there’s something wrong with the lake water. The next island is Navel Island. We should call Nurse Joy. [AM] CHAPTER 10 – INTERNATIONAL POLICE ====================================== Red and Pink tell Nurse Joy at the PokeCenter about the Shellder and we learn that the Shellder are seriously poisoned because of high pH levels in the water. What’s needed is a Remeyo Weed, which can cure that poison. This weed grows at the bottom of lakes and there’s one north of town. KEY LIME ISLAND NORTH ——————— Pokemon Found …………. Ghost Pidgey {Flying/Ghost} Orangean Pidgey {Flying/Dark} Alolan Grimer {Poison/Dark} Orangean Growlithe {Water} Orangean Pidgeotto {Flying/Dark} Orangean Arcanine {Water} Alolan Muk {Poison/Dark} Orangean Pidgeot {Flying/Dark} Orangean Remoraid {Water/Steel} (Surf) Marill (Surf) Laketle {Water/Grass} (Surf) Goldeen {Fishing} Dewpider {Water/Bug} {Fishing} Seaking {Fishing} Barboach {Fishing} Feebas {Fishing} On the way there, Red and Pink see that Looker has been caught by Team Rocket. The Trio is back and after they find out who he is, they let him go and continue the operation they are conducting here. Looker has discovered that Team Rocket have placed a machine in the lake to extract the Remeyo Weeds and the machine is leaking acidic fuels. Time to do some work. First Grunt is on the right. Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P2088 (Lv58 Girafarig[B], Crobat, Nidoking[O]) **BATTLE NOTES: Girafarig[B] is a Normal/Dark-type. Nidoking[O] {Poison/Fire} has the same evolution as regular Nidoking. There’s a middle path and one on the right. Along the right side path: Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P2088 (Lv58 Flydra, Jumpluff[O], Gauntrebel, Victreebel[O]) Back on the middle path and continue: Team Rocket Grunt (Lv58 Tripstar, Octillery[O]) Prize: P2088 Team Rocket Grunt (Lv58 Laketle, Mrs. Mime, Toxeon) Prize: P2088 **BATTLE NOTES: Toxeon is Eevee’s Poison-type form via the Evol Coral. We’ll reach a fork in the road. Looker will go left, Pink right and Red will go straight ahead. Take Looker’s path for a battle and a Leaf Stone at the end. Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P2088 (Lv58 Tentacruel, Flydra, Skyray, Starmie[O], Flygon) In the northeast corner of the lake is TM51 (Steel Wing). Another Grunt on the bridge: Team Rocket Grunt (Lv58 Anchorage, Oranguru) Prize: P2088 Into the Power Plant..? Ambushed as soon as we walk in. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv58 Turban, Kangaskhoo) Prize: P2088 On the right is a Silk Scarf. Continue up the steps. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv58 Pidgeot[G], Deliclaus) Prize: P2088 **BATTLE NOTES: Deliclaus {Ice/Dark} evolves from Delibird[O] by levelling up. North from him is TM37 (Sandstorm). Team Rocket Grunt (Lv60 Bewear) Prize: P2160 Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P2088 (Lv58 Camerupt, Charizard, Magmortar, Magcargo) Team Rocket Grunt (Lv58 Lapras[O], Stantfur) Prize: P2088 Team Rocket Grunt (Lv60 Ursaring) Prize: P2160 Red sees a bunch of Remeyo Weeds up ahead and one more Grunt. When he tries to reach her, Red is zapped by electricity, a trap, until Looker and Pink deactivate it. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv58 Lapras[O], Stantfur) Prize: P2088 Done and done, another Team Rocket operation shut down…and Pink wants to confess her feelings for Red but he doesn’t hear her. Looker gives us some of that Remeyo Weed. People from the Pokemon Association have been contacted by him, they’ll come to clean the lake. Once Red is gone, Looker asks the Grunt why they wanted the Remeyo Weed. She says they were going to sell it to a secret organisation. The Board of Directors have to be told about this. Take the goods back to Nurse Joy and let her cure those Shellder. Healthy again, they jump back into the water and the Gate is open. End of Chapter 10 – International Police. Even Chip in the Gate has heard about a ghost being spotted in the forest at night. Noted… KEY LIME ISLAND’S FOREST ———————— Pokemon Found …………. Kotora {Electric} Orangean Doduo {Fairy/Flying} Nightbell Orangean Murkrow Worma {Bug/Psychic} Magrub {Bug/Psychic} Orangean Dratini {Dragon/Fairy} (Surf) Golppy {Water} (Surf) Inkay {Dark/Psychic} (Surf) Orangean Delibird {Ice/Steel} (Surf) Wishiwashi {Water} (Fishing) Whiscash (Fishing) Wooper (Fishing) Seaqueen {Water} (Fishing) Quagsire (Fishing) There’s a little girl standing by the pool below us, sounding like she’s reciting a children’s rhyme about roses. That is a Bonus Chapter trigger. It should be done at night. [XX41] BONUS CHAPTER 41 ROSE RED ================================ On our way north and west, Red sees a crying old woman. This is the woman we’ve heard about! She says that her baby’s death is not her fault and then she runs back south. To the left of that pool is an old sign which now has some writing – the first part of that Rose rhyme. Go back to where we found that woman…this time we’ll see her hanging from one of the trees above us. She comes down, sayig she didn’t mean to kill the baby. Just wanted some peace. Really, lady?? >>BOSS BATTLE<< =============== Summoner ??? (Lv58 Cofagrigus, Dusknoir) Prize: P1856 Then we hear the crying baby and the woman runs off. Well. End of Bonus Chapter 41 Rose Red Bonus Chapter. At least it was short and sweet. We continue west. Follow that short path up to find TM112 (Rock Wrecker). Floating in the next pool below is a Choice Specs. The Gate leading out of here is in the top left area. The sign near it says Navel Island further north. Inside the Gate, Red bumps into old man Lenny. Red says he saw the ghost woman and Lenny gives us a history lesson about Key Lime Island and that woman, named Marian Davis. We learn that in the end she was hanged by her own husband…and Lenny quickly walks out. Exit the Gate. Scene change, we see Pink elsewhere. Brown and his Magcargo show up. Still on his misguided path of revenge, he warns Pink to not get in his way and ends up attacking her after she says he wasn’t strong enough to beat Red at the Indigo Plateau. What the hell.. Back to Red. [020] NAVEL ISLAND – “The Island of Mourning.” ================== Places of Interest ……………… – PokeCenter – PokeMart – Mt. Navel NAVEL ISLAND POKEMART ………………… Poke Ball – P200 Great Ball – P600 Ultra Ball – P1200 Net Ball – P1000 Dive Ball – P1000 Repeat Ball – P1000 Timer Ball – P1000 Luxury Ball – P1000 Premier Ball – P200 Hyper Potion – P1200 Max Potion – P2500 Full Restore – P3000 Full Heal – P600 Max Ether – P2000 Max Elixir – P4500 Max Revive – P4000 Max Repel – P700 X Attack – P500 X Defend – P550 X Speed – P350 X Special – P350 X Accuracy – P950 Guard Spec. – P700 Dire Hit – P650 HP Up – P9800 Protein – P9800 Iron – P9800 Carbos – P9800 Calcium – P9800 PP Up – P9800 Zinc – P9800 PP Max – P9800 Poke Doll – P1000 Fresh Water – P200 Soda Pop – P300 Lemonade – P350 Moomoo Milk – P500 Pokemon Found …………. Orangean Dwebble {Fire/Rock} Orangean Pidgeotto {Flying/Dark} Orangean Shuckle {Bug/Grass} Wingull Slowpoke Pelipper Orangean Pidgeot {Flying/Dark} Spheal (Surf) Orangean Lapras {Water/Rock} (Surf) Seel (Surf) Wailmer (Surf) Wailord (Surf) Anchorage {Water/Steel} (Fishing) Orangean Carvanha {Water/Ground} (Fishing) Orangean Sharpedo {Water/Ground} (Fishing) Sunmola {Water} (Fishing) **NOTE** Just someth ing I’ve noticed, so Fighting-type is weaker than Ice-type in this game? Why though? An island missing its youthful people, since they leave once they become young adults. Speak to Tony to get some Rare Candy. Not much to see when we arrive, so continue north. There’s a cave opening leading into Mt. Navel. We’re reminded that we are still travelling with Santa, and also that there is someone trying to kill Red. Same figure we saw before, even Santa is shocked by this. Into the cave we go. [AN] CHAPTER 11 – NAVEL ISLAND GYM ================================== MT. NAVEL ——— Pokemon Found (1F) …………. Orangean Ponyta {Ice} Orangean Numel {Ice/Ground} Wolfie {Ice} Orangean Sneasel {Fairy/Ice} Orangean Rapidash {Ice} Orangean Camerupt {Ice/Ground} Warhound {Ice/Dark} We’ll meet the Navel Island Gym Leader, Danny. He’ll be waiting for Red ahead. Alright. Got a ladder taking us up. Pokemon Found (2F) …………. Machop Geodude Orangean Ponyta {Ice} Orangean Numel {Ice/Ground} Orangean Sneasel {Fairy/Ice} Pokemon Found (3F) …………. Geodude Machop Orangean Ponyta {Ice} Orangean Numel {Ice/Ground} Wolfie {Ice} Machoke Warhound {Ice/Dark} Orangean Camerupt {Ice/Ground} Rock Smash: Geodude, Graveler Before reaching those steps, a rock falls down to block our way. Smash that rock and carry on. Pokemon Found (4F) …………. Wolfie {Ice} Spheal Swinub Geodude Machop Sealeo Warhound {Ice/Dark} Piloswine Orangean Camerupt {Ice/Ground} This time we reach a ladder taking us back to 3F, but another area. Pokemon Found (3F) #2 …………. Geodude Swinub Snorunt Machop Piloswine Bergmite {Ice} Glalie Avalugg {Ice} The one item found here is TM70 (Crystal Dust). The exit is in the southeast corner. Pokemon Found (3F) [South] …………. Swinub Orangean Sneasel {Fairy/Ice} Snorunt Bergmite {Ice} Glalie Avalugg {Ice} Orangean Numel {Ice/Ground} Orangean Camerupt {Ice/Ground} Pokemon Found (Mt. Navel Exit) ————- Bergmite {Ice} Avalugg {Ice} Orangean Sneasel {Fairy/Ice} Avalugg {Ice} Orangean Numel {Ice/Ground} Orangean Camerupt {Ice/Ground} Back outside, high on the mountain, and Danny tells us that we’ve passed the first trial. There are trials we’ll have to get through before we can face him. First trial was surviving Mt. Navel, next one is to find the Gym. No problem. Those steps below just lead to frozen ground so go east and meet Rita. Swimmer Rita (Lv59 Walrein & Araquanid) Prize: P2360 Ranger Jacob (Lv59 Krocki & Venusaur[F]) Prize: P4248 Northeast from him is the Gym. Northwest, before crossing the lake, has TM84 (Poison Jab). On the small island is a Lax Incense and on the other side of the water is a Gate leading to Grapefruit Island…but currently blocked by old man Martha. NAVEL ISLAND GYM —————- Danny is here and we will be having an Inverse Battle against him. >>GYM/BOSS BATTLE<< =================== Leader Danny Prizes: P6000 + Ruby Badge (Lv60 Gallade, Hercules, Breloom, Stantga, Hitmonyan, Bewear) A few hours later… Look who walks in – Cissy! And the true colours of Danny are shown. He’s part of Team Rocket and he is the one who tried to kill us before (I guess the hairstyle should’ve given him away) until someone saved Red. Scene change. Pink has drifted to a village somewhere. She is alive but has been left with horrible burns on her face. Damn.. Back to Red. If you re-enter the Gym, he’ll notice that Danny is gone now. Continue north, onwards to Grapefruit Island. Red says he needs to rest and hopes there’s a motel around here. Watching him from nearby is that Porygon… [AO] CHAPTER 12 – SNORING SNORLAX ================================= [021] GRAPEFRUIT ISLAND – “The Island of Sweat & Labour.” ======================= Places of Interest ……………… – PokeCenter – PokeMart – Grabara Motel/Grapefruit Island Hotel – Bara Farm – Residential Area GRAPEFRUIT ISLAND POKEMART ————————– Poke Ball – P200 Great Ball – P600 Ultra Ball – P1200 Net Ball – P1000 Dive Ball – P1000 Repeat Ball – P1000 Timer Ball – P1000 Luxury Ball – P1000 Premier Ball – P200 Hyper Potion – P1200 Max Potion – P2500 Full Restore – P3000 Full Heal – P600 Max Ether – P2000 Max Elixir – P4500 Max Revive – P4000 Max Repel – P700 X Attack – P500 X Defend – P550 X Speed – P350 X Special – P350 X Accuracy – P950 Guard Spec. – P700 Dire Hit – P650 HP Up – P9800 Protein – P9800 Iron – P9800 Carbos – P9800 Calcium – P9800 PP Up – P9800 Zinc – P9800 PP Max – P9800 Poke Doll – P1000 Fresh Water – P200 Soda Pop – P300 Lemonade – P350 Moomoo Milk – P500 Pokemon Found …………. Spinarak Orangean Koffing {Poison/Fairy} Orangean Male Nidoran {Poison/Fire} Munna {Psychic} Orangean Female Nidoran {Poison} Jynx[O] {Fire/Psychic} Orangean Dwebble {Fire/Rock} Orangean Ariados {Bug/Poison} Luvdisc (Surf, water edge) Bruxish {Water/Psychic} (Surf, fishing) Sunmola {Water} (Surf) Anchorage {Water/Steel} (Surf) Dhelmise {Ghost/Grass} (Surf) Qwilfish (Fishing) Skyray {Water/Flying} (Fishing) Grapefruits a.k.a oranges that don’t give a [CENSORED] 🙂 maybe this is where all the Navel Island youngsters have run off to haha. Let’s look around before resting up. We are in the Business Area when we arrive. Northwest is the Grapefruit Island Hotel, our final destination, and in the grassy area near it is Officer Jenny, looking for a thief who stole some grapefruits. She’ll battle us. Officer Jenny (Lv58 Gengar, Honchkrow) Prize: P2088 That item near her is Protein. In the north area is Bara Farm, with a couple of Trainers just to the south. Youngster Mitch (Lv58 Tentacruel & Nightstrix, Pangpire) Prize: P1856 Swimmer Marlon Prize: P2320 (Lv58 Chansey & Dhelmise, Toxapex & Oranguru) There’s a Snorlax munching on grapefruits at Bara Farm but we can’t do anything about it yet. Northeast has TM95 (Snarl) floating in the water, a path going on north (can’t leave yet) and Officer Jenny blocking steps leading to another area. At the one house we can enter in the Residential Area is a Bonus Chapter: [XX42] BONUS CHAPTER 42 CHEATING HEART BONUS CHAPTER ==================================================== Old woman Fiona is being treated by Nurse Joy, but Fiona’s body is not healing up. She doesn’t trust Nurse Joy, thinking she’s having an affair with her husband and in the end Red has to help out by spying on her for Fiona. Uhh boy… Leave the house and head east, we’ll see Nurse Joy with….Koga (?!) >>ER, BOSS BATTLE…?<< ====================== Lover Koga Prize: P9204 (Lv59 Luvdisc, Alomomola, Altaria, Wigglytuff, Ribombee, Bruxish) What the…Koga recognises Red and runs off. Nurse Joy confirms that she is not in an affair, she’s with Koga. The man is just looking for love. His wife’s no longer alive and he has a daughter/future Gym Leader to take care of. Red tells Nurse Joy about Fiona and she goes off to have a word with her. Back to the house. Joy is ready to speak with Fiona but we see her husband with another woman elsewhere. Inside the house, Fiona doesn’t know at first but we tell her the truth and she says she’ll leave her husband. End of Bonus Chapter 42 Cheating Heart Bonus Chapter. The Koga cameo was cool but we still got yet another filler. 3 Bonus Chapters in this Beta 15 so far (one still in progress) and I don’t have high hopes for the remaining ones haha maybe that’s the point, they’re just meant to be filler. Time wasters, unless you end up with a new Pokemon. Anyway, now we can go get some rest at that Hotel. …where there’s another Bonus Chapter, which is connected to that Voodoo Bonus Chapter from way back (unless you skipped it). It is triggered by speaking to that NPC in black, Samantha. She has nightmares regularly, so she got a Munna because it eats nightmares. This reminds Red of Sougo and he figures this might be how he can help him. [XX43] BONUS CHAPTER 43 NEW HOPE BONUS CHAPTER ============================================== By chance I did come across a Munna why exploring this island, so I hope you won’t have a hard time finding one as well. Once you got one, put it in your party and return to the Yuuki Residence on Valencia Island. Red will let Munna out but Sougo doesn’t wake up. We have to speak with Prof. Ivy. At the Lab, she’ll tell us that we need a Lunar Wing, a feather found in Mount Crystal. It can dispel any curses. Then she says that nobody knows how to get to Mt. Crystal. Darn it. End of Bonus Chapter 43 New Hope. Back to the Grapefruit Island Hotel. It costs P1000 to stay here. In the room we get, there’s a Rare Candy on the table. Then it is sleep time. Red will wake up, feeling refreshed. But if you go back to sleep, the game asks if we want to use the Dream Orb. Ahh, so this is where it comes in handy. Oh…hey, wait a min– [XX44] BONUS CHAPTER 44 GRAPEFRUIT HOTEL BONUS EVENT ==================================================== Red wakes up in a dream, looks like we’re back in Pallet Town. He is surrounded by the female characters. Green in is the background. Long story short, the ladies are angry with Red because he has two-timed them. Except Yellow, who is 5 haha. The dream ends after Green calls out to the women. Good grief. End of Bonus Chapter 44 Grapefruit Hotel Bonus Event. Outside of the Hotel we meet up with Ash. He’s here to get some grapefruits for his pal Pikachu. Red offers to help. Go back to Bara Farm, where we can now deal with that Snorlax. There’s a moment where Red notices something wrong with Ash before we go forward to confront Snorlax. After it is done eating, it’ll move to another area and finally take a nap. But it’ll wake up when we reach it. Level 55. If you didn’t catch the Snorlax we found during the Bike Contest AGES ago…or if you didn’t do the Bonus Chapter which had an Ice-type Snorlax, then here you are – take this one. Afterwards, the Farmer thanks us for getting rid of Snorlax and says that if we’re looking for grapefruits, there’s a tree we can get some from at another farm – Yaoi Farm. Jesus xD! If you don’t see what they did there, good for you! Saw nothing, know nothing, move on. Officer Jenny will leave after hearing about Snorlax. Officer Henry is gone now. That tree near the sign is where we get the grapefruit for Pikachu. Again, something is wrong with Ash and he just leaves Red without saying goodbye. Huh. End of Chapter 12 – Snoring Snorlax. Southeast from the tree is some Fresh Water. So ends our time here. We leave via that north road. A few hours ago.. Scene change. In a room somewhere, we see Danny, Cissy and 2 new characters: Rudy and Drake. A 3rd character comes in, a woman named Luana. Meet the Orange Archipelago Gym Leaders! Then the special guests arrive: Tesla, a new man in a suit, Brown, another new face and Looker. The new face/Guts (from Berserk)-lookalike is named Gueron and the suit is Nate. This is the Pokemon Association. Explosive! Back to Red. Next up, Route 8. ROUTE 8 [Orange Archipelago Session] ——- Pokemon Found …………. Gemini {Normal/Dark} Hanarabi {Grass/Ice} Prentice {Fighting} Alolan Rattata {Dark/Normal} Alolan Raticate {Dark/Normal} Sunmola {Water} (Surf) Mantine (Surf) Skyray {Water/Flying} (Surf) Lumirage {Water/Dark} (Surf) Orangean Magikarp {Water} (Fishing) Orangean Gyarados {Water/Dragon} (Fishing) Skrelp {Poison/Water} (Fishing) Dragalge {Poison/Dragon} (Fishing) With all these Pokemon we keep seeing, it’ll be a miracle if the Storage Box doesn’t completely fill up haha. This route extends further north to Moro Island, and to the west where we find Golden Island. In between them is a Dive spot, home to another Bonus Chapter. -Underwater- Binacle {Rock/Water} Mantyke Orangean Remoraid {Water/Steel} Clamperl Barbaracle {Rock/Water} But let’s visit Golden Island first and see what’s what over there. [022] GOLDEN ISLAND – “The Island of the Opposite Sex.” =================== Places of Interest ……………… We join a conversation in progress between Samantha and Marguerite. They have to save the princess before it is too late. When Red appears, offering to help, Marguerite can’t believe that a man has dared to enter their kingdom. Ahh yes…an island of women. I guess there was going to be one sooner or later, eh? Memories of the Amazon Lily arc from the anime/manga series One Piece are coming back. Samantha says they need any help that comes by. The princess is being held captive by the Great Cat of Bounty inside a castle. Good cat that went bad. And speaking of Bonus Chapters… [XX45] BONUS CHAPTER 45 CAT OF BOUNTY ===================================== The other women we find will battle us. Warriors of the Nuyan Tribe. Tribe Lady Dakini Prize: P11800 (Lv58 Persian x2, Delcatty, Lv59 Delcatty) Tribe Lady Benten (Lv60 Seviper[O]) Prize: P12000 Tribe Lady Vishnu (Lv59 SoFetch!, Persian) Prize: P11800 **BATTLE NOTES: SoFetch! {Normal/Flying} evolves from Farfetch’d at Lv30. One ambushes us before we reach the castle, so we have to prove ourselves to her. Tribe Lady Nasateiya (Lv58 Purugly, Persian) Prize: P11600 To the left of entrance is TM61 (Will-o-Wisp). Another lady blocks the entrance, Idaten. Tribe Lady Idaten (Lv60 Persian) Prize: P12000 Inside the castle we find a dead Meowth – the Cat of Bounty! Who did this? Carry on north and meet the princess, Niana. Red tells her to wait for him at the entrance while he has a look around. Among the booshelves on the right, inspect the 3rd one from the right end. There’s a switch which reveals a secret doorway. In the next room is the real princess, dead. What we found first turns out to be a shapeshifter named Z, who has lived for way too long. Originally from Unova. Was used as a weapon to fight dark deities. It killed the princess to steal her identity. The Cat of Bounty knew that Z was the fake princess so it had to be gotten rid of. The Tribe Ladies show up to capture Z but it escapes. We’ve had another Red running around causing trouble and there’s that Porygon we keep seeing. End of Bonus Chapter 45 Cat of Bounty. A few days later.. We see Z, appearing as Red, in a forest somewhere and it is attacked by Nate and Gueron, who think this is Red. Z changes into a Zoroark, it’s true form. It asks them to let it go…Nate agrees to do that, on one condition. Back to Red. The future of the Nuyan Tribe looks pretty bleak now. Nothing else we can do for them. Before Diving, there are some Trainers in the area: Swimmer Aurora (Lv59 Arcanine[O], Torkoal) Prize: P1180 Businessman Mike (Lv59 Raitora, Ariados[O]) Prize: P2832 Blackbelt Hitoshi (Lv59 Policroak, Politoed, Poliwrath) Prize: P1416 Swimmer Atsushi (Lv59 Warhound & Flydra) Prize: P2360 **BATTLE NOTES: Warhound {Ice/Dark} evolves from Wolfie by levelling up. Aurora is near the path leading to Route 9, northwest. Underwater, here are the items found on our way northwest to a sunken ship: Soda Pop (east area from where we dive/resurface) TM74 (Metal Ball) [southwest corner] Now for the ship. Inside though, Red sees that everything is normal and he even hears people. Not good. Cue that theme… [XX46] BONUS CHAPTER 46 GHOST SHIP ================================== Head left, we’ll see a cabin. 2 women are inside, Jennifer and Helen, who got free tickets because Helen has to work as a resident Nurse. Then they disappear. Back in the corridor are children playing, Shine, Tommy and Sue. To the right is another room which is the PokeCenter here (the computer works too) and in the corner next to it are lovers John and Denise, she says yes to his marriage proposal. To the left are stairs leading to the deck, leave them for now, continue north to the final room. There’s a party going on. A guy named Hawk is too shy to speak to a girl named Fern, but another guy named Daniel tells him that Fern likes him. Go to the deck, where we find Derick. He has a PokeBall with a Pokemon inside that he makes a promise to about going back somewhere. He turns to face Red, who thinks Derick is talking to him…then a portal rips open and a monster called a Guzzlord (?!) appears. Derick says he made a mistake and we run back below deck. Return to the deck and see a new scene: a guard is there with those children. He says there are 2 more spots remaining on a lifeboat, enough room for Sue and Tommy. Shine chooses to stay behind, there’s no other lifeboat. Back below deck, in the north room Hawk asks Fern out and is turned down, she doesn’t even know him. It was just a prank by Daniel. Then Guzzlord appears, people leave the room except Fern and Daniel. Fern asks for his help but he does not. They’re both killed anyway. From the north room, go to the end of the middle right corridor and see John turn heel on Denise, abandoning her. In the PokeCenter, another nurse, Les, is there with Helen and some Pokemon that need to be calmed down. But they attack Les before Helen calms them down. Then in the last cabin, Jennifer is trapped by fire. Just before we leave the ship, Red is attacked by Guzzlord. Definitely not an illusion. That PokeBall which Derick had appears. Whatever Pokemon is in it tells Red that it is still waiting for the person who brought it to this world, implying Derick. Fade to black. When Red wakes up, he is on the south beach of Moro Island. 2 Swimmers, Madison and Mason, rescued him from the seafloor. Who or what is Guzzlord? End of Bonus Chapter 46 Ghost Ship. Mixed feelings about that chapter. But on the bright side we have reached our next stop. [023] MORO ISLAND – “The Island of Silence.” ================= Places of Interest ……………… – PokeCenter – PokeMart – Kratos Residence – Museum (?) MORO ISLAND POKEMART ……………….. Poke Ball – P200 Great Ball – P600 Ultra Ball – P1200 Net Ball – P1000 Dive Ball – P1000 Repeat Ball – P1000 Timer Ball – P1000 Luxury Ball – P1000 Premier Ball – P200 Hyper Potion – P1200 Max Potion – P2500 Full Restore – P3000 Full Heal – P600 Max Ether – P2000 Max Elixir – P4500 Max Revive – P4000 Max Repel – P700 X Attack – P500 X Defend – P550 X Speed – P350 X Special – P350 X Accuracy – P950 Guard Spec. – P700 Dire Hit – P650 HP Up – P9800 Protein – P9800 Iron – P9800 Carbos – P9800 Calcium – P9800 PP Up – P9800 Zinc – P9800 PP Max – P9800 Poke Doll – P1000 Fresh Water – P200 Soda Pop – P300 Lemonade – P350 Moomoo Milk – P500 North of the PokeMart is a Link Stone. Floating in the small pool, bottom right area of town, is a Max Potion. The NPCs we find here are the same ones that were in the ghost ship. Fern, Denise, Shine and at the Kratos Residence – Helen (who will heal your Pokemon) and Jennifer. The old man standing near the PokeCenter, Bardock, is the new face. No word from him. In the big building is one more familiar face, Derick, who finds out that Red may have gone to another realm. He also tells Derick about the Pokemon which is still waiting for him. Then he disappears. So do the other NPCs, except Bardock. He looks to be relieved about the ghosts finally leaving. Okay…so onwards to Route 9. ROUTE 9 [Orange Archipelago Trend] ——- Pokemon Found …………. Mantine (Surf) Skrelp {Poison/Water} (Surf) Skyray {Water/Flying} (Surf) Mantyke (Surf) Sunmola {Water} (Fishing) Orangean Remoraid {Water/Steel} (Fishing) Orangean Staryu {Water/Fairy} (Fishing) Floating in the water are a Rare Candy and an Ultra Ball. Short route, because just up ahead is Murcott Island. [024] MURCOTT ISLAND – “The Island of Stones.” ==================== Places of Interest ……………… – Murcott Island Cave Pokemon Found …………. Stantly {Normal} Exeggcute Reinady {Normal/Steel} Kotora {Electric} Orangean Shuckle {Bug/Grass} Surfing: Mantine, Skrelp, Skyray, Mantyke. Fishing: Sunmola, Orangean Remoraid, Orangean Staryu. We see a Grunt asking a Scyther if it doesn’t want to be with its Trainer. Red recognises that Scyther – it belongs to Green. The Grunt tells him that Green is being held prisoner in a cave nearby. Scyther runs away. Standing by the cave entrance are Nate, Cissy, Gueron and Z. They’ve laid a trap for Red. [AP] CHAPTER 13 – THE GRAND PLAN ================================ There is a path carrying on northwest from the cave but we can’t go along it yet. MURCOTT ISLAND CAVE ——————- Pokemon Found …………. Orangean Beldum {Rock/Psychic} Alolan Diglett {Ground/Steel} Alolan Rattata {Dark/Normal} Roggenrola {Rock} Alolan Raticate {Dark/Normal} Alolan Dugtrio {Ground/Steel} Boldore {Rock} Orangean Metang {Rock/Psychic} Seel (Surf) Dewgong (Surf) Finneon {Water} (Surf, fishing) Lumineon {Water} (Surf, fishing) Orangean Staryu {Water/Fairy} (Surf, fishing) Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P2124 (Lv58 Sneasel[O], Tail, Lv59 Gauntrebel) In the pool on the right is a Big Pearl. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv58 Bellossom[B], Vileplume[O]) Prize: P2088 **BATTLE NOTES: Vileplume[O] is Grass/Poison-type like regular Vileplume. Two paths here, south and east. East leads to TM94 (Muddy Water) in the bottom right corner and that top right opening which takes us to the top of the waterfall, where we find a Full Restore. South leads the next battle and opening. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv58 Dhelmise) Prize: P2088 We’ll meet Cissy after going through other openings. Green has been given a large dose of Cacturne’s poison, which causes hallucinations. He needs an antidote…which Cissy gives to Red. He is suspicious of this but he goes on to give the antidote to Green, who turns back into Z. Payback. Nate and Gueron show up, Z leaves, and Nate almost reveals that they are members of the Pokemon Association until Gueron stops him. Before Nate can attack Red, Green shows up with Scyther. Nate had made it sound like they’d disposed of him. He has an Abra and teleports away. Green tells Red that Blue was present when Team Rocket attacked him and she didn’t help him. He claims she sabotaged him, then we get a flashback: showing Green and reporter Carly surrounded by Grunts somewhere. Blue and that Porygon are nearby. She has Porygon use Disable on Green. He doesn’t trust her. Now Red realises that there are more enemies besides Team Rocket which they’ll have to deal with, the Pokemon Association from the Board of Directors. Is this the change for the better for the character of Green? We’ll see about that. End of Chapter 13 – The Grand Plan. On our way northwest from the cave, Red is stopped by Carly. Still looking for Green. Carry on. ROUTE 10 [Orange Archipelago Brand] ——– Pokemon Found …………. Orangean Weedle {Bug/Poison} Electrike Tangela Pyukumuku {Water} Pelipper (water path) Laketle {Water/Grass} (water path) Krocki {Ground/Water} (water path) Orangean Magikarp {Water} (Fishing) Turban (Fishing) Orangean Gyarados {Water/Dragon} (Fishing) Gastroper {Water/Ice} (Fishing) Aroma Lady Josie (Lv59 Palossand & Meganium) Prize: P3304 The item above the sign post is an X Attack. Next destination is Mandarin Island, further north. Wind round and cross the bridge to pick up that other item (TM60 Fake Tears). Fisherman Jerry (Lv58 Pidgeot[G], Lv59 Chansey) Prize: P2124 Swimmer Rodley (Lv58 Nidoking[O] & Nidoqueen[O]) Prize: P2320 In the Gate ahead, the guard tells Red that there are no Gyms here. But there is one on Trovita Island and we get there by catching a ferry from here….BUT every shop and service is closed because of anannual event known as the Royal Princess and Prince Festival. A tournament where participants enter with their dates and they take part in various activities to win the prize. Why does this sound like a sequel to that Floral City Festival Bonus Chapter?? [025] MANDARIN ISLAND – “The Island of Festivals & Customs.” ===================== Places of Interest ……………… – PokeCenter – PokeMart – Mandarin Island Square – Ranger House MANDARIN ISLAND POKEMART …………………… Poke Ball – P200 Great Ball – P600 Ultra Ball – P1200 Net Ball – P1000 Dive Ball – P1000 Repeat Ball – P1000 Timer Ball – P1000 Luxury Ball – P1000 Premier Ball – P200 Hyper Potion – P1200 Max Potion – P2500 Full Restore – P3000 Full Heal – P600 Max Ether – P2000 Max Elixir – P4500 Max Revive – P4000 Max Repel – P700 X Attack – P500 X Defend – P550 X Speed – P350 X Special – P350 X Accuracy – P950 Guard Spec. – P700 Dire Hit – P650 HP Up – P9800 Protein – P9800 Iron – P9800 Carbos – P9800 Calcium – P9800 PP Up – P9800 Zinc – P9800 PP Max – P9800 Poke Doll – P1000 Fresh Water – P200 Soda Pop – P300 Lemonade – P350 Moomoo Milk – P500 Pokemon Found …………. Cottonee {Grass/Fairy} Munchlax Purrloin {Dark} Munna Liepard {Dark} Finneon {Water} (Surf, fishing) Poliwag Poliwhirl (Surf, fishing) Lumineon {Water} (Surf, fishing) I asked that question because who does Red see when we arrive – Misty, dressed up like she was in that Bonus Chapter and is here for the Festival. Doesn’t she have better things to be doing, like running her city’s Gym? She tells us that Brock and Erika are here too. Watching from nearby is Pink. [AQ] CHAPTER 14 – ROYAL BATTLE ============================== Quite the big place we got here, let’s explore. The next familiar face we see is Delia Ketchum. She’s looking for Ash, whom she saw a while ago but he just walked past her. If we see him, we’ll tell him to find her. Straight ahead is the North Sector. In the first house is TM71 (Stone Edge). That man by the fence is Bill, he’s waiting for Daisy Oak. We’ll find her just up the road. Ash is here too (it seems rather random to see him here) and Red tells him that Delia is looking for him. Daisy is waiting for Bill. West from where we met Delia is Mandarin Island Square and north of it is Green, dressed up for the Festival too. Seriously, dude. He’ll let us know if he spots anything suspicious. The Ranger House is next door to the PokeCenter. Talk to Zidane, tell him you think Garnett is pretty and then that you want Garnett when he lets you pick one of 4 Pokemon. This leads to a battle against him, his team is made up of those Pokemon: Ranger Zidane (Lv59 Plusle, Minun, Timeyx, Dividen) Prize: P2124 After that brief basic mathematics lesson, he’ll give us all the Pokemon so we can leave her be. The woman’s dialogue hasn’t changed even after all this. Continue on to the West Sector. Pokemon Found …………. Poliwag (Surf) Finneon {Water} (Surf, fishing) Poliwhirl (Surf, fishing) Mantyke (Surf) Lumineon {Water} (Surf, fishing) That item you see near the tree, south of the PokeMart, is TM109 (Bide). At the west end is Blue, here for the Festival too and Red doesn’t even ask her where she’s been or bring up what Green said about her. She’s not acting like regular self…and she’ll battle us: >>RIVAL BATTLE<< ================ Rival Blue (Lv65 Porygon ?!) Prize: P5200 Red asks what happened to Blastoise and Jigglypuff, but Blue is looking for a prince for the Festival and Red agrees to be her prince. Though it seems like he has noticed something odd about her. Pink is in the background watching. What’s left is the South Sector. Pokemon Found …………. Orangean Dwebble {Fire/Rock} Orangean Ekans {Poison/Water} Orangean Starmie {Water/Fairy} Cottonee {Grass/Fairy} Purrloin {Dark} Munna {Psychic} Musharna {Psychic} Sunmola {Water} (Fishing) Orangean Carvanha {Water/Ground} (Fishing) Orangean Sharpedo {Water/Ground} (Fishing) Lumirage {Water/Dark} (Fishing) Clamperl (Fishing) Shellder (Fishing) Orangean Huntail {Water/Fairy} (Fishing) Orangean Gorebyss {Water/Dark} (Fishing) **NOTE** The only Pokemon I kept encountering while fishing are Clamperl, Shellder and that Lv1 ??????. No Orangean Huntail or Gorebyss, unless I’m just really unlucky. Here we find Brock and Erika, the ferry we’ll take to Trovita Island and Misty. On our way back to the East Sector, we meet Blue again and not only has she changed clothes but she no longer wants Red to be her prince. She says she has found someone better and Red is actually hurt by this because he was looking forward to it. Dude, seriously? You came here aiming for the next Gym, not for some festival. Go back to Misty. She’ll ask him to be her prince (only because she hasn’t found anyone else, yet). Make her happy. Return to Mayor Toad and help him out – he forgot to get the prize for the festival from the shop, the DD Upgrade. Back to the West Sector, on the way we meet our resident stalker Pink. We’ve just said Yes to being Misty’s prince and here we see Red tell Pink that she can be his princess since she could be here for the festival. This guy. But Pink runs off, she hasn’t shown him her face. Get the DD Upgrade from the PokeMart Clerk. Quite the Bag description this DD Upgrade has… Outside the PokeMart we meet Blue again. Her bright idea this time is that she and Red should run away with the prize, but Red won’t do that. Blue acts like she didn’t find someone else to be her prince, getting angry when Red reminds her of what she said and telling her that he now has another princess. Go give the DD Upgrade to the Mayor and let the festival begin. It consists of 2 rounds. First round is an Egg Hunt, whoever gets it first wins. The hint given by the Mayor is that the egg is under a shell. Then we’ll reappear at the South Sector beach with everyone else. Search those 3 tiny pieces near where the bridge to the ferry. Egg found. Take the egg to the Mayor. Next round is the Princess and Prince Brawl. The winner receives the DD Upgrade. The princes must battle each other, same as the princesses. The team with the most score wins. First prince I found is Bill, he’s in the West Sector. Trainer Bill (Lv61 Magikarp, Farfetch’d, Vulpix) Prize: P4880 Green is in the South Sector. Dragged into this nonsense by big sis Daisy. Damn 🙂 On the way there though we’ll see Blue defeat Erika. Rival Green Prize: P5200 (Lv61 Pidgeot[G], Stunpuff[P], Lv62 Ninetales, Magimusha, Scyther, Lv65 Charizard) **BATTLE NOTES: Stunpuff[P] is a Water/Poison-type. Misty defeats Daisy in the East Sector. In the north is Brock. Leader Brock Prize: P6200 (Lv58 Geodudes, Lv59 Geodudes, Lv60 Golem, Lv61 Kabutops, Onix, Lv62 Crustle[O]) **BATTLE NOTES: Crustle[O] {Fire/Rock} evolves same way as regular Crustle. I can’t believe he went and got himself more Geodudes/Triodudes/Geotrio/3 Wise ‘Dudes hahaha, technically that’s a team of 10 Pokemon! How is that even allowed?? On the way to the north end, that Porygon appears. Red recognises it as the one which has been following him around. What he doesn’t expect is to hear it talk. It is here to kill Red like it did to Grey. Level 70. After losing, Porygon escapes. Ash comes down to see us, again acting weird, but says he’ll be waiting for us. He is the final prince. Pink is here, thanking Red after seeing that Porygon and confirming that Red didn’t kill Grey. Still can’t turn around to face Red and leaves. Our very first battle against Red’s famous anime counterpart, wasted in a filler-level chapter :/ Trainer Ash Prize: P5200 (Lv63 Pikachu 6, Lv65 Charizard, Snorlax, Venusaur, Blastoise, Lapras) As Ash is telling Red where he got the Kanto Starters, something odd starts happening to him and he’s in pain. Then he leaves, saying he’s fine. The announcement from the Mayor comes up to declare that the Brawl is about to end. Return to the Square for the final match between the two princesses. Blue vs Misty. Standard battle until Blue suddenly withdraws Blastoise and walks away, thus making Misty the winner. Green and Red were paying attention though, certain now that whoever that was isn’t the Blue they know anymore. Misty and Red get their prizes, P10 000 each + the DD Upgrade for Red since he won the Egg Hunt. Green will meet us at the Mandarin Island port. On the way south, Red hears the sound of that Porygon. This time it wants the DD Upgrade. Red refuses to give it away and Porygon traps him in an illusion that starts to drain his energy. Blue tells him to wake up in his head and he breaks out of the illusion. Porygon flees. A few minutes later.. Porygon is back, after Red has left for the port, to make it clear that it is not done with him. End of Chapter 14 – Royal Battle. [AR] CHAPTER 15 – EMPATHY ========================= Green wants to talk about Blue. Red says he first noticed that she was acting strangely after they were caught by Team Rocket way back in the the Wildlife Park on Tangelo Island. Green brings up that during the festival here he saw a Team Rocket Grunt boarding a private ship which could be heading to Trovita Island. Is it now under Team Rocket? Then we’re joined by Carly, who hasn’t stopped chasing after Green. She wants to come along with us and to prove that she is good enough, she faces Red (if she wins, she tags along). Hate to break it to you, lady but… >>TRAINER BATTLE<< ================== Trainer Carly Prize: P4800 (Lv60 Dragonair[O], Serperior, Gothitelle, Ferrothorn, Bisharp, Mismagius) Green just wants her to be safe, that’s why she should stop bothering him. And once again we see Carly walk away dejected, getting no help from Red. I’m slowly getting tired of her. We arrive on Trovita Island and spot a Grunt. Green says he’ll go on to do more investigating while Red will just pretend that he’s here for the Gym. Watching from nearby is Brown. [026] TROVITA ISLAND – “The Island of Pillars that Pierce the Heavens” ==================== Places of Interest ……………… – PokeCenter – PokeMart – Gym – Trovita Island Garden TROVITA ISLAND POKEMART ………………….. Poke Ball – P200 Great Ball – P600 Ultra Ball – P1200 Net Ball – P1000 Dive Ball – P1000 Repeat Ball – P1000 Timer Ball – P1000 Luxury Ball – P1000 Premier Ball – P200 Hyper Potion – P1200 Max Potion – P2500 Full Restore – P3000 Full Heal – P600 Max Ether – P2000 Max Elixir – P4500 Max Revive – P4000 Max Repel – P700 X Attack – P500 X Defend – P550 X Speed – P350 X Special – P350 X Accuracy – P950 Guard Spec. – P700 Dire Hit – P650 HP Up – P9800 Protein – P9800 Iron – P9800 Carbos – P9800 Calcium – P9800 PP Up – P9800 Zinc – P9800 PP Max – P9800 Poke Doll – P1000 Fresh Water – P200 Soda Pop – P300 Lemonade – P350 Moomoo Milk – P500 Pokemon Found …………. Farfetch’d Lickitung Orangean Koffing Ghost Pidgey Alolan Rattata Alolan Raticate SoFetch! {Normal/Flying} Mantyke (Surf) Sunmola {Water} (Surf) Anchorage {Water/Steel} (Surf) Lumirage {Water/Dark} (Surf) Orangean Magikarp {Water} (Fishing) Orangean Gyarados {Water/Dragon} (Fishing) Anchorage {Water/Steel} (Fishing) Orangean Lapras {Water/Rock} (Fishing) What else do we got going on here? In the northwest side of the island is a cave entrance, currently blocked by Martha. There’s a pool south from the PokeCenter and Mart, with TM47 (Low Sweep) floating in it. Got a couple of guys blocking paths to the north area of town because Gym Leader Rudy is “doing his business”. We reach that area from the east. Just in time to see a guy named Jacob challenging Rudy to a Gym battle but is told to come back in a few weeks because Rudy’s a break. He notices Jacob’s girlfriend Bianca and tries to make moves on her, Jacob won’t have it and is attacked by Rudy’s Sofetch! Next door to the Gym is a house where we’ll meet Rudy’s sister Mahri. She says she’ll talk to him so we can get a Gym battle. Outside the house, Red encounters an Alakazam and a Victreebel. They’re soon returned to PokeBalls of an unseen Trainer. South from the house is the Trovita Island Garden, you’ll find some Zinc there. Rudy is in the southeast area of town, hanging out with a trio of Yu-Gi-Oh! girls. Red was told by Green to keep a low profile but he gets Rudy’s attention by insulting him. We get a message from Green, telling us to come to the PokeCenter. There are some Grunts we have to take care of. Team Rocket Grunts Prize: P4320 (Lv60 Magmortar & Tangrowth, Electivire) They run off to report to Rudy. Now we can confront him. Meanwhile, Mahri has found Rudy and wants him to get his act together as the Gym Leader but he doesn’t want to be one. He had the title passed down to him by their late father. In the end though he agrees to reopen the Gym. TROVITA ISLAND GYM —————— Inside are a few patrons, busy with slot machines. Rudy will battle us if we can get rid of them. Closing time, everybody out. Parent Patron (Lv60 Mightyena) Prize: P1440 Tuber Patron (Lv60 Nightbell, Duskbell x2) Prize: P240 Elder Patron (Lv60 Tangelor, Aquarius) Prize: P3600 With the customers out gone, we get our Gym battle. >>GYM BATTLE<< ============== Leader Rudy Prize: P6500 (Lv65 Pidgeot[G], SoFetch!, Talonflame, Nightstrix, Dodrio[O], Toucannon) Rudy accepts that he has been a lousy Gym Leader and has failed to be as good as his dad used to be. There was no reason to side with Team Rocket…but Rudy doesn’t know what Team Rocket is. Just as Red thinks Rudy’s joking around, the reason bad guy shows up – Mahri. Plot Twist! And that’s not all, because we have visitors – Danny and Cissy! Green recognises Danny as the person who locked him up and Red finds out that Danny attacked him back on Route 7. Then Brown is brought in. Everything, from the Grunt spotted leaving Mandarin Island until now has been according to Team Rocket’s plan. Mahri has sided with Team Rocket because she believes she should be the Gym Leader, not Rudy. He lets out his SoFetch!, which we find out from Danny that it has a teleportation power. Only one person can be teleported at a time. Rudy has SoFetch! teleport Green and Red to a safe spot. Cissy is sure that Red will come back to save Rudy so they have to be ready and use Rudy as leverage, not to kill him like Mahri had hoped to do. At the safe spot, Green and Red find Blue. She’s been here for a while. She explains that back at Tangelo Island she encountered that Porygon, chasing after her all around these islands and even changed form to look like Red. It’s all been a giant setup. Blue has been following Red since Kinnow Island, she’s the one who saved him on Route 7 and on Mandarin Island after Porygon’s illusion attack. Also turns out that Rudy saved her when she was attacked by Porygon and brought her here. Since Team Rocket is expecting them to rescue Rudy, they have to sneak into the Gym and Blue happens to know a secret passage. When we step outside, we’ve come from that northwest cave which was blocked by Martha earlier. Go back to the house next to the Gym. We’ll see Grunts blocking those paths leading to the north area of town, so make use of that eastern shortcut again. Waiting for us on the other side of the secret passage is Mahri. If she can deliver us to Cissy, she’ll be that much closer to becoming the new Gym Leader…until Green and Blue give her some information about Gym Leaders – the role is given to the first born child when a Gym Leader dies or to someone who has passed the Gym Leader exam. Blue says she’ll deal with Mahri so Red and Green can continue onwards. Got some Grunts to keep us busy though. One below us… Team Rocket Grunt (Lv60 Scizor) Prize: P2160 …and one to the right. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv60 Deliclaus[G], Dynabite) Prize: P2160 Further south from the first Grunt is a trio of Grunts blocking that path. Continue right and head south for the next Grunt + a couple of items. Meet the Juggler Grunt: Juggler Grunt Prize: P2400 (Lv60 Gastroper, Kangaskhoo, Mrs. Mime, Turban) Items found are a Max Revive and TM30 (Shadow Ball). Back up top and go on to face 2 Grunts blocking the way to the next area. Green will fight one, we take on the other. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv60 Hypno x2, Alakazam[O], Machamp) Prize: P2160 Those 2 take off and Green tells Red to go forward. He stays behind to meet Cissy who suddenly shows up. Continue south, finding a Max Potion at the end of that right side corridor, and the next Grunt. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv60 Mr. Mime) Prize: P2160 Then there’s Danny, outside a room which he says contains Rudy. But after hearing Mahri say that she wants him dead, he’s not the same guy now. We go inside and talk to him. After almost giving up he’ll pick himself up and comes with us to fight Team Rocket and save Mahri. Danny returns and then Brown. While Rudy faces Danny, Red tries to find out why Brown is still angry with him even after finding out that Porygon killed Grey. No luck. >>BOSS BATTLE<< =============== Trainer Brown Prize: P5200 (Lv65 Stunpuff[E], Tangelor, Aquarius, Magcargo, Alakazam[O], Duskbell) Brown loses again and still won’t come to his senses, so he runs off. Rudy has failed to defeat Danny. It’s up to us. >>BOSS BATTLE<< =============== Leader Danny Prize: P6500 (Lv65 Gallade, Hercules, Bewear, Breloom, Hitmonyan, Stantga) We win the battle but don’t stop Danny, he gets away. Return to that spot which was blocked by 3 Grunts. Green and Blue are there, with Mahri. Rudy makes up with her, he’ll be a proper Gym Leader now…but then he tells his SoFetch! to teleport Mahri away, to another region. For her own good perhaps? He plans to report what has happened here to the Pokemon Association, but Red brings him up to speed about that group. So Rudy says he’ll turn to another ally, someone he trusts – that man named Drake. A fellow Gym Leader. Rudy tells us about the other Gym Leader, Luana and because there’s a chance that Cissy and Danny might target her we have to leave for a place called Kumquat Island. It is north of Butwal Island, which we reach by heading west from Route 9. Then he gives us the Spike Badge and the HM we heard about centuries ago – HM02 (Whirlpool). Green will continue his investigations and Blue has some packing to do. Our journey solo resumes. End of Chapter 15 – Empathy. Where to next? Go back to Kinnow Island and surf east. Meanwhile.. Still on Trovita Island, Brown has time to ask himself why he still hates Red even after finding out the truth? He starts to consider what Pink said to him and see the error of his ways…then Nate and Gueron appear. Brown doesn’t want to be part of this Team Rocket/Pokemon Association anymore, but Nate threatens him because Brown knows too much now. After Nate and Gueron leave, Pink shows up. She can’t help Brown out of this mess he has gotten into, so she hopes he’ll make the right choice and do it himself. Back to Red. Next door from Kinnow Island is Tangor Island. On the way, first item we see in the water is a Nugget. Swimmer Beau (Lv60 Vileplume[P], Raticate[P]) Prize: P1200 [027] TANGOR ISLAND – “The Island of Lost & Death.” =================== Places of Interest ……………… – Tangor Island Cave Pokemon Found …………. Orangean Sunflora {Grass/Psychic} Dunsparce Phantump {Ghost/Grass} Litwick {Ghost/Fire} Lampent {Ghost/Fire} Tentacool (Surf) Orangean Magikarp {Water} (Surf, fishing) Orangean Gyarados {Water/Dragon} (Surf, fishing) Tentacruel (Surf) Anchorage {Water/Steel} (Surf) Cloyster (Fishing) Orangean Staryu {Water/Fairy} (Fishing) Orangean Starmie {Water/Fairy} (Fishing) That item to the left of Shiva the Teleporter is a Fairy Stone. Guitarist Taylor (Lv62 Raitora) Prize: P1984 Northeast corner on the island is a cave opening which is blocked at the moment. We’re told nobody can enter. Up the stairs on the left to find another opening and TM57 (Charge Beam). TANGOR ISLAND CAVE —————— Pokemon Found (1F) ————- Woobat {Psychic/Flying} Wobbuffet Drilbur Zubat Orangean Beldum Swoobat {Psychic/Flying} Aron Orangean Beldum {Rock/Psychic} Orangean Metang {Rock/Psychic} Crobat Make your way to a square of sand in the southwest. Red will drop through and touch down in the basement. Pokemon Found (Basement) ————- Phantump {Ghost/Grass} Poochyena Haunter Golbat Orangean Murkrow {Dark/Flying} He sees one Pokemon, it disappears, then he sees a Litwick which brightens the basement with its light and seems to be trying to help Red. Cue that theme. [XX47] BONUS CHAPTER 47 CANDLE LIGHT ==================================== But the area darkens again after wild Pokemon encounters. Dang it. Carry on after Litwick, you’ll find steps heading north and see Litwick. Follow it further north until we see that first Pokemon again, this time we can identify it before it disappears – Phantump. Litwick goes west and there’ll come a point where Red has grown tired. But Litwick still wants him to follow and we reach a dead end. Red figures out that Litwick has been draining his energy. That Phantump reappears to send Litwick away. Now head southwest to the exit. We’ll step out of that cave opening which was blocked by that girl, who was the Phantump. Her name is Helen, a Trainer who ended up stuck in that basement area and died after having her life drained by Litwick. Now she is a spirit. End of Bonus Chapter 47 Candle Light. Red finds a Spell Tag on the ground. Done. Leaving the island, heading east to Fairchild Island. That Youngster will battle us. Youngster Joshua (Lv60 Arbok[O], Corsola, Lanturn) Prize: P960 [028] FAIRCHILD ISLAND – “The Island of Fairness & Liberty.” ====================== Places of Interest ……………… – PokeCenter – Fairchild Public School Pokemon Found …………. Orangean Staryu {Water/Fairy} Corsola Orangean Skiploom {Grass/Fairy} Orangean Jumpluff {Grass/Fairy} Orangean Pidgeotto {Flying/Dark} Orangean Pidgeot {Flying/Dark} Mantine (Surf, water path) Orangean Sharpedo {Water/Ground} (Surf) Anchorage {Water/Steel} (Surf) Orangean Octillery {Water/Steel} (Fishing) Clamperl (Fishing) Orangean Huntail {Water/Fairy} (Fishing) Orangean Gorebyss {Water/Dark} (Fishing) We got some Trainers just outside town: Swimmer Wolt (Lv60 Walrein, Milotic) Prize: P1200 Swimmer Fiora (Lv60 Alomomola, Bouffalant) Prize: P1200 Robert and Kyle are swimming in the north. Swimmer Robert (Lv60 Chansey, Gengar) Prize: P1200 Preppy Kyle (Lv60 Porygon, Porygon3, Porygon-Z, Porygon2) Prize: P2400 Going further north is a Bonus Chapter trigger, but if you’d rather do it after we finish our time on Fairchild Island, skip down to “End of Bonus Chapter 48”. [XX48] BONUS CHAPTER 48 POWER OF ONE ==================================== After hearing an unknown voice make a reference to fire, ice and lightning and a certain beast of the sea, Red hears Moltres, Articuno and Zapdos. The weather shifts too. North of Fairchild Island is another island, Shamouti Island. [029] SHAMOUTI ISLAND – “The Island of High Cultural Values.” ===================== Pokemon Found …………. Skyray {Water/Flying} (Surf, fishing) Anchorage (Surf) Pelipper (Surf) Orangean Gyarados (Surf) Tentacool (Fishing) Feebas (Fishing) Tentacruel (Fishing) Pokemon Found (Underwater) …………. Wild Encounters: Orangean Huntail {Water/Fairy} Orangean Gorebyss {Water/Dark} Binacle {Rock/Water} Shellder Barbaracle {Rock/Water} There are paths heading east, west and northwest but we can’t go along either path yet. TM106 (Dragonbreath) is floating near the east path. The 3 legendary birds are flying around a Dive spot. The one item found underwater is a Region Orb. Continue north to the island. In the northwest corner is some Sea Incense. Standing near that mighty statue of Lugia is a girl whom Red thinks is Blue but she is not, despite her looks. The people here need help after a guy named Lawrence III disturbed Lugia and as a result the 3 birds are fighting each other to the death. Speaking of death, the islanders also caught Lawrence and sentenced him to death. Problem solved. To stop the birds, we have to get treasure from Fire Island, Ice Island (where Santa is headed) and Lightning/Thunder Island. This girl is also the source of the voice we heard earlier. Thunder Island is at the end of the northwest path, Ice Island is west and Fire Island is east. Starting with Thunder Island, we find the treasure and are attacked by Level 50 Zapdos. Put that PokeBall away, don’t bother haha. Next, Ice Island. Enter the cave so we can finish that other Bonus Chapter. Santa and Jynx thank Red for bringing them here and leave…only to call for help. Officer Jenny has caught up and it takes some talking to for her to give up her mission and walk away, because this is still about a Pokemon and obviously Jenny has Pokemon of her own. Santa and Jynx can live in peace now. He’ll give Red a Pokemon Egg (a Smoochy hatches from it), which will be sent to your Storage Box if you got a full party. This Bonus Chapter was not controversial, just another filler 🙂 End of Bonus Chapter 40 Controversial Bonus Chapter. After picking up the treasure, we battle Level 50 Articuno. Same deal on Fire Island. Take the treasures to the girl, who will place them by the shrine and the birds fly away. The weather returns to normal. The girl is named Melody. End of Bonus Chapter 48 Power of One. The 3 legendary birds may be gone but we still got one legend to see. Dive and meet Level 60 special edition Lugia[W]. Can’t be caught unfortunately and after the battle it disappears. We return to Fairchild Island. Standing outside the PokeCenter is Ash. Behind the building is a Max Elixir. He is here with Delia and we get invited to a picnic they’re going to have. [AS] CHAPTER 16 – FAIR CHILD ============================ After the meal Ash says he’s going off again, the life of an aspiring Pokemon Master is always on the move. Delia is proud of him and is glad that Red became his friend. Short and sweet. End of Chapter 16 – Fair Child. Continuing east, into a scene change. I should get a theme for that.. A few hours ago.. The Pokemon Association are meeting again, this time we see Jessie and James in attendance. Tesla demands an explanation from Cissy and Danny after what happened. The group and their operations are now likely to go public and Cissy and Danny may no longer be Gym Leaders. That shady guy in a suit who contacted Tesla after the Pinkan Island events, his name is revealed – Archer! Wasn’t he an Executive or an Admin back in the older games?? He’s not as stressed about all this, certain that the Pokemon Association won’t be exposed. His sources have informed him that Red is going to Cleopatra Island and he assigns Nate and Gueron to dispose of him. They should take Z and Brown along and dispose of them as well since they know too much. Back to Red. ROUTE 11 [Orange Archipelago View] ——– Pokemon Found …………. Krocki {Ground/Water} Reinady {Normal/Steel} Stantler Shroomish Caterpie Orangean Butterfree {Bug/Psychic} Female Frillish {Water/Ghost} (Surf, water path) Male Frillish {Water/Ghost} (Surf) Surskit (Surf) Finneon {Water} (Surf, fishing) Marill (Surf) Goldeen (Fishing) Lumineon (Fishing) Psyduck (Fishing) Parent Barney Prize: P1464 (Lv61 Wishiwash[F], Pidgeot[O], Raticate[A], Exeggutor[A], Lv62 Fearow) That item in the grass area above from him is Protein. Surf north from there to find Troy. Toddler Troy Prize: P2928 (Lv60 Pangpire, Warhound, Gleesy, Lv61 Warhound) There’s an Ice Stone in the grass east from him. Cross that land and surf north to pick up TM56 (Beat Up) in a corner. The Gate leading to Cleopatra Island town is near. [030] CLEOPATRA ISLAND – “The Island of Fame & Virtue.” ====================== Places of Interest ……………… – Cleopatra Mountain Pokemon Found …………. Ghost Pidgey {Flying/Ghost} Ghost Pidgeotto {Flying/Ghost} Orangean Pidgeotto {Flying/Dark} Orangean Bellsprout {Grass/Poison} Nightbell {Dark} Orangean Weepinbell {Grass/Poison} Spearow Fearow There’ll be a path going south, blocked by Martha. Continue north, if you follow the little detour before heading west, you’ll find TM38 (Fire Blast). After that we meet Martin, a Wartortle and a squad of Squirtle. He’s a fireman from Ascorbia Island and right after telling Red about that Squirtle Squad, a fire breaks out in this forest. Martin runs off to put it out, while the Youngster who came over shouting about the fire turns out to be Z the shapeshifter. It stops Red from going to find Martin. Level 70. Beat it and send it running. Gotta find Martin. [AT] CHAPTER 17 – BUSH FIRE =========================== But we got Team Rocket Grunts around the forest now. Backtrack to battle these: Team Rocket Grunt (Lv60 Deliclaus[G], Dynabite) Prize: P2160 Team Rocket Grunt (Lv60 Mr. Mime) Prize: P2160 Then continue west after Martin. Juggler Grunt Prize: P2400 (Lv60 Gastroper, Turban, Kangaskhoo, Mrs. Mime) Two other Grunts near a path going further north, they confirm that Grey’s Pokemon were indeed sold for consumption and they plan to do the same to Martin’s Squirtle. Team Rocket Duo Prize: P4464 (Lv62 Parasect[O] & Bomfur, Magnezone & Weezing[O], Deliclaus[G]) Then we face the Grunt who set this fire. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv60 Scizor) Prize: P2160 Would’ve been a nice touch if he had a major Fire-type instead. Before going up those steps to reach Martin, follow that path below to get TM29 (Psychic). Just as we see that Martin is okay, Nate appears. He has his Magmar attempt to kill Martin and calls for Gueron and Brown to attack Red. Someone saves him, using a smokescreen. Pink. She says that the nearest PokeCenter is on Ascorbia Island, where we should take Martin. Red finally sees her face but that doesn’t change anything between them, she is still his friend. Now we have to hurry. More Grunts on the way back to where Nate appears. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv62 Granbull, Muk[A]) Prize: P2232 Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P4464 (Lv62 Lurantis & Pidgeot, Dewgong & Feraligatr) We’ll see Nate, Brown and Gueron waiting by the Gate. It’s a little ridiculous how Pink is now being portrayed as being fragile and weak when we’ve seen that she’s a capable Trainer. We get dialogue boiling down to “make fun of Pink’s face”. Red will take on Nate while Pink faces Gueron. >>BOSS BATTLE<< =============== Association Nate Prize: P20100 (Lv67 Bouffalant, Noivern, Charizard, Weavile, Umbreon, Scolipede) We win the battle but story wise, it’s a draw. Pink was defeated. Nate tells Brown to kill Red and Pink, but this is his time to see the light and he turns against the bad guys. Nate and Gueron retreat. We make it to the PokeCenter in time for Martin to get the help he needs. Brown says he’ll go into hiding now that he has crossed the Pokemon Association. Watching from nearby is Porygon. Scene change, Gueron and Nate can’t find Brown. Gueron says he’ll report back to Archer and Tesla, while Nate sends out his Charizard to kill Z. End of Chapter 17 – Bush Fire. Back at the PokeCenter, Pink tells us to meet her at the flower garden, she wants to talk about something. [031] ASCORBIA ISLAND – “The Island of the Deep Blue Sea.” ===================== Places of Interest ……………… – PokeCenter – PokeMart – Martin’s House ASCORBIA ISLAND POKEMART ———————— Poke Ball – P200 Great Ball – P600 Ultra Ball – P1200 Net Ball – P1000 Dive Ball – P1000 Repeat Ball – P1000 Timer Ball – P1000 Luxury Ball – P1000 Premier Ball – P200 Hyper Potion – P1200 Max Potion – P2500 Full Restore – P3000 Full Heal – P600 Max Ether – P2000 Max Elixir – P4500 Max Revive – P4000 Max Repel – P700 X Attack – P500 X Defend – P550 X Speed – P350 X Special – P350 X Accuracy – P950 Guard Spec. – P700 Dire Hit – P650 HP Up – P9800 Protein – P9800 Iron – P9800 Carbos – P9800 Calcium – P9800 PP Up – P9800 Zinc – P9800 PP Max – P9800 Poke Doll – P1000 Fresh Water – P200 Soda Pop – P300 Lemonade – P350 Moomoo Milk – P500 Pokemon Found …………. Sandile {Ground/Dark} Orangean Dwebble {Fire/Rock} Krabby Corphish Crawdaunt Krokorok {Ground/Dark} Orangean Crustle {Fire/Rock} Kingler Sunmola {Water} (Surf, fishing) Skrelp (Surf) Anchorage {Water/Steel} (Surf, fishing) Orangean Magikarp {Water} (Fishing) Orangean Gyarados {Water/Dragon} (Fishing) North of PokeMart is TM81 (X-Scissor). Before going to Martin’s House, make room in your party. He is doing well but he was fired by the Fire Department, and it’s likely because of the Pokemon Association. Since he’s not a Trainer and can’t put out fires now, he has Wartortle come along with Red. It can’t evolve though because it ate an Everstone when it was little. Reeeally? Some Trainers by the water’s edge: Elder Coach (Lv62 Meta, Magnezone, Tangelor, Raticate[A]) Prize: P3720 Nerd Nick Prize: P992 (Lv62 Jolteon, Insecteon, Ancieon, Wispeon, Mysteon, Bouldeon) When you go all out with coming up with new evolutions for Eevee, you really go all out haha, wow. Some look interesting and well designed…others though…Insecteon {Bug}, Ancieon {Ground}, Wispeon {Ghost}, Mysteon {Dragon}, Bouldeon {Rock}. A couple of Trainers have appeared in the forest on Cleopatra Island: Scientist Frank (Lv62 Ditto) Prize: P2976 Blackbelt Bruce (Lv62 Hitmonyan, Medicham) Prize: P1488 Then we finally see Pink confess her feelings to Red…but Red doesn’t feel the same way. Pink jumps to assuming that it’s because of her looks, not letting Red explain, so he is sent away by her. And then Tesla shows up to take advantage of the situation. She has an offer for Pink. Scene change. Brown is by the beach and Pink meets up with him, saying she forgives him. Not that Pink, but Porygon Pink and it attacks him. One week later.. Back to Red. We’re headed north for Butwal Island. Bird Keeper Winston Prize: P1488 (Lv62 Girafarig[B], Dusknoir, Sandslash[A]) [032] BUTWAL ISLAND – “The Island of Plain & Blandness.” =================== Places of Interest ……………… – PokeCenter Pokemon Found …………. Munna {Psychic} Musharna {Psychic} Chansey Clefairy Jigglypuff Surskit Clefable Soon we meet up with Blue and Green. They are stuck here because the PokeCenter is running short on supplies. [AU] CHAPTER 18 – URGENT SUPPLIES ================================= That man standing the Monsta Cado Residence will trigger a Bonus Chapter which must be done at night. We also hear from Ezio, the guy in the grass, that he has seen Nurse Joy going to the mountains nearby at night. Red will hear sounds coming from behind the mountain wall in the northeast corner of town. From Nurse Joy we find out that the delivery man is stuck on Ascorbia Island because his cargo ship broke down (you may have spoken to an NPC over there who mentioned this cargo ship, that’s him). Go back to the PokeMart and speak to Calvin for the supplies. While Green and Blue wait for Red, Blue goes out to explore and she sees Porygon, which has been searching for her, and now it has evolved. Back to Red, we return and confront Porygon. It wants that DD Upgrade. Blue tells us that Porygon wants it for evolution. She found out that every Pokemon can evolve without limit, so even if Porygon has already evolved it can evolve again. It is at Level 80, now a Porygon2. After being defeated, it then creates a solid projection of Grey and we battle that too. Projection Grey Prize: P5360 (Lv67 Vaporeon, Flareon, Jolteon, Leafeon, Glaceon, Wispeon) Porygon runs off, still not strong enough. It was a solid projection but based on the one Red saw of Blue back on Mandarin Island, the projections have limits and are not yet under Porygon’s full control for now. So Green proposes we stick together now that we have the Pokemon Association coming after us and of course Porygon. Next stop is Kumquat Island, home of a hotel Blue is interested in. We give Nurse Joy the supplies. End of Chapter 18 – Urgent Supplies. There’s a second Bonus Chapter here, which is about Nurse Joy and the mountain. I’ll be covering it and that other Bonus Chapter now. Skip down to “Back to Red on Butwal” if you don’t want to do them/want to do them later. [XX49] BONUS CHAPTER 49 JOYFUL WORLD ==================================== This is triggered by reading a diary entry left behind on the next floor of the PokeCenter at night. Then inspect the mountain wall next to it. Red tells Blue and Green that it looks strange, before busting an opening through the wall. Inside we see a Scientist and a group of Nurse Joy acting like they are in a trance. In the top right corner is an upward ladder. Wild encounters: Graveler, Orangean Paras. On the next floor, that Scientist, named Damon, is talking to a Grunt, who tells him that the world is running low on nurses (?!) and Damon says he’ll try again to get the formula right. Formula for Nurse Joy clones. Here we go again. The Grunt is wearing the uniform of the Pokemon Association. We follow them and enter a building. There are Nurse Joys walking around, they’ll battle us. Nurse Joy (Lv63 Chansey[Nu]) Prize: P12600 Ignore that first corridor she is standing near, the game will crash if you are spotted by the Nurse Joy above. Continue to the corridor on the right. Nurse Joy (Lv64 Chansey[Nu], Chansey) Prize: P12800 Nurse Joy (Lv65 Chansey[Nu]) Prize: P13000 At the end of it is a big room where we see Damon, that Grunt and more Nurse Joys. Wish you were here, Brock �?� the man would die happy. Nurse Joy (Lv64 Chansey[Nu], Chansey) Prize: P12800 Nurse Joy (Lv65 Chansey[Nu]) Prize: P13000 Free now, the ladies run out of here. The Grunt battles us next. Huh, a new Grunt..from the Pokemon Association. Association Grunt (Lv65 Claydol, Sandslash) Prize: P19500 The Grunt tells Damon to help, he goes to a machine and accidentally presses something that makes the cave start to collapse. We rush out of there and meet the clones outside. But they have no memory of the person they were cloned from. Who knows what they’ll go out to do in the world now. Sequel to that other Nurse Joy clone Bonus Chapter? End of Bonus Chapter 49 Joyful World. [XX50] BONUS CHAPTER 50 SIREN ============================= For this one we speak to Runuko, that man standing near the Monsta Cado Residence. He says while surfing at night in the north from here he heard an enchanting sound and wants to hear it again. He suddenly hears something and runs off. Red doesn’t hear anything though… Follow him to the northwest. Green doesn’t like what’s going on and tells Red to bind Runuko, but the man jumps into the water. ROUTE 12 [Orange Archipelago Lesson] ——– Pokemon Found …………. Spearow Orangean Ponyta {Ice} Orangean Rapidash {Ice} Fearow Orangean Abra {Fighting} Meowth Persian Tentacool (Surf) Anchorage {Water/Steel} (Surf) Tentacruel (Surf) Horsea (Fishing) Seadra (Fishing) Orangean Gyarados (Fishing) Psyduck (Fishing) Surf north, finding an island and a path to the east blocked by whirlpools. Go along it until Red hears the sound Runuko heard. He’ll be stopped by Sam the Swimmer we see. Red was about to surf into a massive whirlpool. But the sound he heard is beyond the whirlpool and he can’t reach it. Back to the main route and continue north for Kumquat Island. On the way, here are the Trainers we meet: Swimmer Shirley (Lv62 Sableye x3) Prize: (forgot to note) Bug Catcher Justin Prize: P744 (Lv62 Zangoose, Seviper[O], Rapidash[O], Camerupt[O]) That woman on the same island as Justin has information about that sound Red heard, a song that her boyfriend heard and now he sounds like a man named Astro who is on Kumquat Island. Floating in the water above from Shirley is TM82 (Dragon Tail). There’s another small island, and a path headed west. Noted. [033] KUMQUAT ISLAND ==================== Places of Interest ……………… – PokeCenter – PokeMart – Gym – Kumquat Island Hotel – Kumquat Xes Hotel KUMQUAT ISLAND POKEMART ………………….. Poke Ball – P200 Great Ball – P600 Ultra Ball – P1200 Net Ball – P1000 Dive Ball – P1000 Repeat Ball – P1000 Timer Ball – P1000 Luxury Ball – P1000 Premier Ball – P200 Hyper Potion – P1200 Max Potion – P2500 Full Restore – P3000 Full Heal – P600 Max Ether – P2000 Max Elixir – P4500 Max Revive – P4000 Max Repel – P700 X Attack – P500 X Defend – P550 X Speed – P350 X Special – P350 X Accuracy – P950 Guard Spec. – P700 Dire Hit – P650 HP Up – P9800 Protein – P9800 Iron – P9800 Carbos – P9800 Calcium – P9800 PP Up – P9800 Zinc – P9800 PP Max – P9800 Poke Doll – P1000 Fresh Water – P200 Soda Pop – P300 Lemonade – P350 Moomoo Milk – P500 Pokemon Found …………. Orangean Pidgey {Flying/Dark} Orangean Pidgeotto {Flying/Dark} Orangean Pidgeot {Flying/Dark} Alolan Cubone {Ghost} Kecleon Venonat Persian Sunmola {Water} (Surf) Anchorage {Water/Steel} (Surf) Tentacool (Surf) Tentacruel (Surf) Horsea (Fishing) Seadra (Fishing) Orangean Gyarados {Water/Dragon} (Fishing) Skrelp {Poison/Water}(Fishing) Golduck (Fishing) Ash and Delia are standing outside the PokeMart, but we’re here on Bonus Chapter business so pause on saying Hi to them, Astro is in the PokeCenter. He’ll tell us about a siren, a demon which bewitches men with her song. Astro and his 2 sons were caught by it. But Red doesn’t believe him. Go back to the massive whirlpool, this time we can cross over to the land on the opposite side. ROUTE 12 [Orange Archipelago Lesson] (East) ——– Pokemon Found …………. Spinda Tangela Gastly Drowzee Trapinch Meowth Shuppet Vibrava Stantler Orangean Magikarp {Water} (Surf) Tentacool (Surf) Tentacruel (Surf) Feebas (Surf) Horsea (Fishing) Orangean Gyarados {Water/Dragon} (Fishing) Seadra (Fishing) Psyduck (Fishing) Make your way southwest to where we find the siren. Red and Green are enchanted by her singing and are about to follow her into the water when Astro flies down and has his Pidgeot use Screech to break the boys out of the spell. The siren has changed into its true form, what looks like a Milotic at first but upon closer inspection it is the creature that Milotc descended from. This is the last one of its kind, Level 60, get it! End of Bonus Chapter 50 Siren. Back to Red on Butwal Island. Surf on north. A few weeks ago… Gueron (or is it Geuron? Spelling keeps changing) and Nate are seeing Archer and Tesla with their report. This is where Archer tells Tesla to contact the Fire Department, which leads to Martin losing his job. Nate tells Archer that Z has been disposed of and Brown has escaped. Archer sends a Grunt to bring back Cissy and Danny…and has a mission for Nate: go to Kumquat Island to stop Red. Geuron will stay behind and meet the newest member – Pink. Come on, really? Watching in secret are the Rocket Trio, the time to make their move is now. Scene change to the Butwal Island PokeCenter, there’s Carly and she will not give up on chasing after Green, because she doesn’t have anything better to be doing. How long until she also joins the Pokemon Association? She might as well. ROUTE 12 [Orange Archipelago Lesson] ——– Pokemon Found …………. Spearow Orangean Ponyta {Ice} Orangean Rapidash {Ice} Fearow Orangean Abra {Fighting} Meowth Persian Tentacool (Surf) Anchorage {Water/Steel} (Surf) Tentacruel (Surf) Horsea (Fishing) Seadra (Fishing) Orangean Gyarados (Fishing) Psyduck (Fishing) For those of you who didn’t tackle the Siren Bonus Chapter, here are the Trainers we battle along this main path of Route 12: Swimmer Shirley (Lv62 Sableye x3) Prize: (forgot to note) Bug Catcher Justin Prize: P744 (Lv62 Zangoose, Seviper[O], Rapidash[O], Camerupt[O]) Floating in the water above from Shirley is TM82 (Dragon Tail). There’s a path headed east to a cluster of whirlpools and beyond that is the eastern area of Route 17. ROUTE 12 [Orange Archipelago Lesson] (East) ——– Pokemon Found …………. Spinda Tangela Gastly Drowzee Trapinch Meowth Shuppet Vibrava Stantler Orangean Magikarp {Water} (Surf) Tentacool (Surf) Tentacruel (Surf) Feebas (Surf) Horsea (Fishing) Orangean Gyarados {Water/Dragon} (Fishing) Seadra (Fishing) Psyduck (Fishing) There’s a western path as well but just make a note of it for now until we’re done with Kumquat Island. [033] KUMQUAT ISLAND ==================== Places of Interest ……………… – PokeCenter – PokeMart – Gym – Kumquat Island Hotel – Kumquat Xes Hotel KUMQUAT ISLAND POKEMART ………………….. Poke Ball – P200 Great Ball – P600 Ultra Ball – P1200 Net Ball – P1000 Dive Ball – P1000 Repeat Ball – P1000 Timer Ball – P1000 Luxury Ball – P1000 Premier Ball – P200 Hyper Potion – P1200 Max Potion – P2500 Full Restore – P3000 Full Heal – P600 Max Ether – P2000 Max Elixir – P4500 Max Revive – P4000 Max Repel – P700 X Attack – P500 X Defend – P550 X Speed – P350 X Special – P350 X Accuracy – P950 Guard Spec. – P700 Dire Hit – P650 HP Up – P9800 Protein – P9800 Iron – P9800 Carbos – P9800 Calcium – P9800 PP Up – P9800 Zinc – P9800 PP Max – P9800 Poke Doll – P1000 Fresh Water – P200 Soda Pop – P300 Lemonade – P350 Moomoo Milk – P500 Pokemon Found …………. Orangean Pidgey {Flying/Dark} Orangean Pidgeotto {Flying/Dark} Orangean Pidgeot {Flying/Dark} Alolan Cubone {Ghost} Kecleon Venonat Persian Sunmola {Water} (Surf) Anchorage {Water/Steel} (Surf) Tentacool (Surf) Tentacruel (Surf) Horsea (Fishing) Seadra (Fishing) Orangean Gyarados {Water/Dragon} (Fishing) Skrelp {Poison/Water}(Fishing) Golduck (Fishing) The Hotels and the Gym are blocked (the Xes Hotel is blocked for obvious reasons haha). We’re told that Gym Leader Luana could be at the other Hotel. There is some Rare Candy behind the PokeCenter and we’ll see Ash and Delia outside the PokeMart. Ash will think Green is Gary (can anyone blame him??) but Red reminds him that he already met Green before and Ash can’t be sure. Delia tells us about Ash having been attacked by Team Rocket in the past when he was on his journey and he was hospitalised for a while. He woke up without any memories of what happened, resulting in him creating stories of adventures which he never had. Delia won’t tell him the truth because she doesn’t want to hurt him. [AV] CHAPTER 19 – KILLER HOTEL ============================== Head to the Kumquat Island Hotel, where a woman’s boyfriend is being attacked by some Spearow. Before Red can help, another hero swoops in – Drake and he sends out his Dragonite to deal with the birds. Drake recognises Red as the Kanto Champ and they have a little chat about the Orange Islands. No problem until the Pokemon Association is brought up and Red tells Drake that he hasn’t had the best of experiences with them. Drake ends the chat and leaves without Red finding out his name. Go to the Gym, we’ll see Ash and Delia outside it. Ash is okay now and it is time to visit the Hotel. Luana is outside, she sees Ash as her son Travis, though Ash doesn’t know the woman. Then she realises that he isn’t Travis. Another Trainer who is also away on his own journey. Not only is Luana the Gym Leader here but also the owner of the hotel and she lets us stay for free. Except for Green, he says he’ll stay at the PokeCenter. Luana says she’ll battle Red tomorrow. Later we see Green leave the PokeCenter and he spots Porygon. Then we go back to Red in the hotel. Leave the room and speak to the butlers, they’ve been told to protect us from Team Rocket because some members have been seen around Kumquat Island. Scene change to Blue who has gone out to explore and is now in a room where people are being held as prisoners. Luana shows up, not so nice now, and revealing that she has a side hustle of abducting children…and that her child is dead, killed by her. Another mother with a few marbles missing. She has a couple of Grunts come in to help her, now that Team Rocket is working with her. But Blue is Ditto with a tiny speaker and the real Blue escapes. At the hotel, Red and Delia team up to battle other Grunts that barge into the room. Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P2232 (Lv62 Primeape, Hitmonyan, Octillery[O]) Gotta find Blue and Luana, since Red doesn’t know. In the hallway, another Grunt. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv62 Machamp, Victreebel[O]) Prize: P2232 We head downstairs. Meanwhile.. Guess who else is in the hotel? Carly. Investigating the people who have gone missing here. She wonders if Luana is behind this, and speak of the devil she enters the room to put a stop to her snooping. Back to Red. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv70 Alakazam) Prize: P2520 We find out from him that the big boss waiting for Red here is Nate. Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P2268 (Lv63 Hercules, Kangaskhoo, Ariados[O]) Team Rocket Grunt (Lv65 Sudowoodo) Prize: P2340 Team Rocket Grunt (Lv64 Pyroar, Blissey, Chansey) Prize: P2304 Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P2304 (Lv64 Tyranitar, Rhyperior, Rhyperior[P]) Team Rocket Grunt (Lv70 Azumarill) Prize: P2520 Team Rocket Grunt (Lv70 Venusaur[F]) Prize: P2520 At the end of this floor is Nate indeed. Round 2! >>BOSS BATTLE<< =============== Association Nate Prize: P21000 (Lv70 Bouffalant, Charizard, Weavile, Umbreon, Scolipede, Noivern) No draw this time, Nate is defeated and doesn’t take it very well. Luana shows up and, surprise, she backstabs him. She and Archer have history, knowing each other’s secrets so there’s no chance of him avenging Nate. Ash can’t believe that Nate is dead and is caught by Luana’s Gengar via Disable. We end up getting locked up with those other prisoners, without our Pokemon. But Ash has Pikachu, which the 2 Grunts here didn’t notice. Grunt #1 goes on a break and #2 is Blue. She frees us and we get our Pokemon back, leaving the prisoners. An Earthquake by Blastoise drops us back into the Hotel. Too many Grunts for us to face according to Blue and Delia worries about Ash but he tells her he can handle himself, then he gets a piece of memory back, of when he was attacked by that flock of Spearow (Episode 1 of the first anime season, I think?) and then he runs off. Back to doing some work 🙂 Team Rocket Grunt (Lv64 Pidgeot, Blastoise) Prize: P2304 Got stairs heading up on the left, but we can’t use them so continue along the corridor. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv64 Beedrill, Anchorage) Prize: P2304 Team Rocket Grunt (Lv65 Clefable, Typhlosion) Prize: P2340 Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P2340 (Lv65 Vileplume[O], Raticate[A], Alakazam[O], Basculin) Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P2340 (Lv65 Pidgeot[O], Zoroark, Krookodile, Crustle[O]) Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P2340 (Lv65 Whimsicott, Mienshao, Claydol, Xatu) Team Rocket Grunt (Lv65 Tyrantrum, Weezing) Prize: P2340 The slide doors lead to the lobby. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv65 Muk, Weezing, Accelgor, Malamar) Prize: P2340 Team Rocket Grunt (Lv65 Magnezone, Dragonite, Dragodune) Prize: P2340 Team Rocket Grunt (Lv65 Dragonite[O], Furret) Prize: P2340 Finally out of the hotel but the work continues, there are more Grunts roaming around town. Here are the ones to the left from the hotel: Team Rocket Grunt (Lv65 Dewgong, Galvantula) Prize: P2340 Team Rocket Grunt (Lv65 Steelix, Cradily, Kangaskhan) Prize: P2340 South area: Team Rocket Grunt (Lv65 Smeargle, Stanthorn) Prize: P2340 Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P2340 (Lv65 Spinda, Swellow, Talonflame, Nidoqueen[O]) Southeast from the hotel, going anti-clockwise all the way to the Gym area: Team Rocket Grunt (Lv65 Electrode, Muk) Prize: P2340 Team Rocket Grunt (Lv65 Murkrow[O], Wobbuffet, Heracross) Prize: P2340 Team Rocket Grunt (Lv65 Aeroneon, Lickilicky) Prize: P2340 **BATTLE NOTES: Aeroneon is Eevee’s Flying form. Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P2340 (Lv65 Electrode, Cryogonal, Togetic, Hercules, Gyarados[O]) Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P2340 (Lv65 SoFetch!, Magneton, Seaqueen, Scizor) Done and done. We meet Blue by that path heading north from town. She wants us to leave the island because there’s Team Rocket everywhere, but Red won’t leave without rescuing Ash, Green and Delia. Head to the southwest section of the island, we see Delia and Ash. He’s not looking too great, can’t remember who he is and thinking that Delia is lying to him. He remembers the Spearow attack, Team Rocket getting to him and then Pikachu dying in the incident (??) before Pikachu suddenly disappears and Luana sends her Gengar after us. Blue jumps in between Red and Gengar. It gets a hold of some of her hair and uses Curse, starting to erode her life. That leaves us to face Luana. >>BOSS BATTLE<< =============== Leader Luana Prize: P7400 (Lv74 Mimikyu, Trevenant, Gengar, Aegislash[A], Cofagrigus, Jellicent[F]) Gengar uses Hypnosis on Red and Night Slash on Ash. Delia fights back, calling for Porygon to help because they had a deal (?!) Porygon appears. Delia will give up half her lifespan if it means Ash will be saved. A voice says it would’ve done it for free, but Delia has her lifespan cut. Deal done. Gengar disappears but Blue is still under the Curse….and Porygon steals the DD Upgrade from Red. Porygon thinks it’s a fake when it doesn’t seem to work at first but it then evolves, all powerful. Red is told to run by Ash, he goes off and meets Green. Porygon appears before them, Green notices that it has a glitch because of using the DD Upgrade. Just like Blue, Green gets in the way to save Red from being hurt. The Rocket Trio appear, they’ve come to get Red off the island. Porygon attacks James, leaving Jessie and Meowth to escape with Red. Scene change to Luana in that room where she found Carly, and is now found by a reborn Carly, somehow survived Gengar’s Perish Song from their previous encounter. Fastforward Luana is killed. If you didn’t think it was going to end that way, you haven’t been paying attention 🙂 End of Chapter 19 – Killer Hotel. Scene change to Tesla, Gueron/Geuron and Pink elsewhere. Still going on about Pink’s face. Gueron says Pink reminds him of his daughter. In the room ahead, Archer is told about Nate being killed by Luana. He’s not surprised, because he sent Nate there while knowing about Luana. Can’t have weak links in the Pokemon Association. Back to Red, in the Kumquat Island PokeCenter with Jessie and Meowth. Red thinks it’s his fault what happened to Blue and Green, Jessie blames him for what happened to James but they have to work together since they are targeting Team Rocket here. Red gets a call from Rudy, saying there’s a storm on Trovita Island and the Pokemon are going wild. We’re on our way. [AW] CHAPTER 20 – RAMPAGE ========================= Before leaving the island, how about we visit the Gym? What’s going on over there now, given that there’s no longer a Gym Leader and all? We find Officer Jenny and and a little boy claiming to be Travis. She tells him that he’s name is Djinn, a boy abducted by her when he was a baby. The boy is actually happy that Luana is dead and almost attacks Jenny but Red saves her. She’s the same Officer Jenny from that Santa Bonus Chapter. Travis attacks! >>BABY BOSS BATTLE<< ==================== Toddler Travis (Lv70 Electrode x5) Prize: P3360 He has 5 Electrode and one Voltorb which he sends out after the battle, and calls for it to use Selfdestruct. Left behind is the Star Badge. That’s all the Orange Island Gym Badges acquired, right? Hopefully we won’t be told that actually we don’t need the Badges in order to compete in the Orange Cup. Skip down to “Back on Route 17” if you won’t be doing the Bonus Chapter I’ll be covering next. It is triggered by surfing along that western path near Kumquat Island. Checking Lunos’ guide, it looks like there are only 3 Bonus Chapters left + the New Hope one which is still ongoing. [XX51] BONUS CHAPTER 51 STREET RATS =================================== Meanwhile.. Cissy and some Grunts are on Yuzu Island, conducting another operation. They have a bomb to set up. One Grunt, named Claire, objects to this. An island will be destroyed, people killed. But these are their orders and this will distract the authorities and allow the boss to carry out his secret plans. There is a sign of regret from Cissy. Back to Red. Speaking of Yuzu Island… ROUTE 12 [Orange Archipelago Lesson] (West)/Yuzu Island ——– Pokemon Found …………. Oddish Fearow Tentacool (Surf, fishing) Luvdisc (Surf) Psyduck (Surf, fishing) Golduck (Surf) Alomomola (Surf) Poliwhirl (Fishing) Orangean Gyarados {Water/Dragon} (Fishing) Orangean Lapras {Water/Rock} (Fishing) [034] YUZU ISLAND – “The Island of Poverty & Serenity.” ================= There’s a bomb planted in the south area of town and another one being attended to by a couple of Grunts. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv70 Weezing[O], Electrode) Prize: P2520 Northeast area is where Red meets Claire planting another bomb. Where’s Cissy? Team Rocket Claire Prize: P2232 (Lv62 Gyarados[O], Dodrio[P], Nidoking[O]) That guilty conscience gets to Claire and she finally tells Red that Cissy is at the Flower Garden to the south of town. Showdown in a field of flowers. Not exactly Snake vs The Boss but we’ll take it haha. Cue that Snake Eater theme! >>BOSS BATTLE<< =============== Team Rocket Cissy Prize: P2592 (Lv70 Policroak, Seaqueen, Lanturn, Gyarados[O], Flydra, Lv72 Blastoise) Cissy can’t stop the bombs now. This is her home island. Claire calls her, she’s on an aircraft carrying the bombs away. Still no way to disarm the bombs, so you can guess how that’s going to end. End of Bonus Chapter 51 Street Rats. Back on Route 17. Shiva the Teleporter has disappeared, just like how Ramuh the Teleporter disappeared before the Silph Co arc started. We’re backtracking to Trovita Island, the long way. Fun times. Found some Trainers while racing back through Key Lime Forest: Preppy Ramiro (Lv58 Poliwrath, Conkeldurr, Ribombee) Prize: P2320 Ranger Chester (Lv58 Machamp, Weezing[O], SoFetch!) Prize: P2088 Ranger Whitney (Lv58 Dodrio[O], Dodrio[P]) Prize: P2088 20 years of backtracking later… Red, Jessie and Meowth get off the ferry on Trovita Island, noting that it has been raining for a while. Jessie and Meowth will go off to hide while we go to the Gym. By the entrance we’re attacked by a Level 50 Fearow that Rudy spots. He says the Pokemon have been acting strange since this storm began. We have to go around the island battling the Pokemon moving about to calm them down. They are all at Level 70. Then go back to Rudy to confirm when we’ve defeated all of them. Jessie is trouble, she’s near the PokeMart. Not Jessie, just a projection from you-know-who. Porygon-Z and Delia show up. Suddenly Porygon-Z senses pain, which is linked to someone else and it tells Delia to deal with Red while it disappears. There’s always a choice, Delia. Current Champion vs Former Champion clash, coming up. >>BOSS BATTLE<< =============== Trainer Delia Prize: P6000 (Lv75 Quagsire, Mrs. Mime, Girafarig, Mr. Mime, Persian, Raticate) Rudy comes by to check if Red is alright. He doesn’t understand why Delia is working with Porygon-Z even after it killed Blue and Green. But again he is told that he wouldn’t understand, because he isn’t a mother. After Delia leaves, Red decides to call Prof. Oak via the phone in the PokeCenter. Oak has been trying to call Green but he isn’t picking up and Red can’t tell him what has happened. He asks Oak to tell him about Delia and we get her story, being Champion, meeting Pete, Ash being born, a bit more about the Pokemon War and what happened to Ash leading up to him going into a coma. Red tells Oak that he has met Ash while here in the Orange Islands…but Ash is still in a coma, back on Valencia (?!). Outside the PokeCenter, Jessie and Meowth have been caught by Danny and Team Rocket. Rudy says he’ll deal with Danny while we go back to Valencia. More backtracking…? Got some Grunts around the island. South from PokeCenter, blocking steps leading to the beach: Team Rocket Grunt (Lv65 Arbok 8 & 4) Prize: P4680 South from the Gym: Team Rocket Grunt (Lv65 Hypno, Kingler) Prize: P2340 Team Rocket Grunt (Lv65 Hanarabi, Dugtrio[A]) Prize: P2340 Further south, Red sees Pink ordering more Grunts to find him. Scene change to Drake meeting with Archer and Tesla. Drake is the 5th Gym Leader and Champion of the Orange Archipelago (!!). That Saiyan look he’s got going on actually fits then, haha. He is aware of Team Rocket attacking the islands and has decided to team up with Archer, insisting when Archer says he’s got all the help he needs. Even though it seems like Drake maybe onto them now, Archer isn’t too bothered. Tesla confirms that some specimens are nearly ready and is sent to Rind Island and protect the specimens. Drake has overheard this and passes on the info to Looker. End of Chapter 20 – Rampage. [AX] CHAPTER 21 – COMA ====================== It is a few days later and fortunately for us, Red is already near Valencia. Prof. Ivy is in trouble. And then we get on the island and see Grey near the PokeCenter. Projection Grey, blaming Red for his death and what happened to his Pokemon: Projection Grey Prize: P6000 (Lv75 Vaporeon, Glaceon, Flareon, Jolteon, Porygon-Z, Leafeon) Next projection is Brown: Projection Brown Prize: P6000 (Lv75 Stunpuff[E], Aquarius, Porygon-Z, Tangelor, Alakazam[O], Duskbell) Blue and Green are there too. Projection Blue Prize: P6000 (Lv75 Jigglypuff, Clefable, Shiinotic, Ditto, Porygon-Z, Dragodune) Projection Green Prize: P6000 (Lv75 Ninetales, Porygon-Z, Stunpuff[P], Pidgeot[G], Scyther, Magimusha) The projections vanish, the guilt trip over, and we head for Ivy’s lab, where we find Porygon-Z bothering the woman. It sees him and goes away. Ivy points out that it/he isn’t a Porygon even though he appears as one. She sends us to the PokeCenter, Porygon stole a Soul Net data from her and may be planning to upload himself onto the internet. The Orange Archipelago network is controlled from this PokeCenter. We find Porygon-Z and Delia. Round 2 against Delia while Porygon-Z heads upstairs. >>BOSS BATTLE<< =============== Trainer Delia Prize: P6240 (Lv78 Quagsire, Girafarig, Mr. Mime, Mrs. Mime, Persian, Raticate) Porygon-Z has succeeded. Delia knows that the Ash we’ve been seeing all this time has been a projection. She was told that the real Ash isn’t going to wake up from his coma but when Porygon-Z offered her a deal, she took it. Ash walks in, Red says he needs to know the truth. Delia heads upstairs with Ash. In the room where the real Ash lies, Delia tells ProjAsh the truth. Porygon-Z appears and tells him not to listen. It tries to persuade Delia give up the remaining portion of her life in exchange for all the memories of this going away. Delia is prepared to do that but ProjAsh vanishes, pulling the plug for Ash’s life support. Porygon-Z wants to bring him back. We battle this thing again, Level 80. Afterwards, Porygon-Z and Delia vanish, reappearing by the machine downstairs. She has finally come to her senses and no longer wants to help Porygon-Z, even though he says can save Ash. He sends her into the machine and goes in next. Jump in! VALENCIA ISLAND (ORANGE ARCHIPELAGO NETWORK) ——————————————– There’s a note from Lunos’ guide about this: This encompasses all the areas in the Orange Archipelago Network. They all have the same wild encounters, the only difference are levels and positions. Pokemon Found …………. Virus A Virus B Virus C Neogon Virus A (???/Rock-type), Virus B (Dark/???-type), Virus C (Ground/???-type) and Neogon (Dark-type) + that wonderful “Wonder Guard” Ability. If you didn’t do the Battle Network Bonus Chapter then this new place might surprise you but yes, here we are, on the internet. First person we meet Agumo– no, it’s James! He’s alive, kept that way to feed his energy to Porygon-Z. Everyone on Valencia has been uploaded here too and if we don’t stop Porygon-Z, everywhere else could be uploaded too. Everyone has been implanted with a virus so they can’t just leave or they will be erased. Up ahead we meet Kagura and take her on. Harpie Kagura (Lv65 Wigglytuff, Metagross[O], Hydreigon) Prize: P1040 Next is Gintoki. Guitarist Gintoki (Lv65 Snorlax, Garchomp) Prize: P2080 That path going north leads to the Dark Net, pause on that because we need to find the Dark Web Key. Continue east and follow the path near the Valencia Island Network sign. Leads to TM79 (Frost Breath) and a warp panel which takes us to the Dark Web Key. Past the sign and going further north leads to Shinpachi and a warp panel. Swimmer Shinpachi (Lv65 Sandslash, Lumirage, Arbok[O]) Prize: P1300 The warp panel leads to another that is next to the Alpha Key. Now for the Dark Web. There is TM76 (Brave Bird) in the area we reach. There’s the Firewall Safety Program, we have to delete it in order to enter the Dark Web. Then we battle Level 60 Virus A, Virus C and Virus B. Can be caught. DARK WEB (Area A) ——– In the Dark Web, first thing we see is the Program which runs all the PokeCenters so it will heal our team. First person we face is Otae. Swimmer Otae (Lv65 Crobat, Clawitzer, Durant) Prize: P1300 We can’t go along that path leading east, there’s a Program below which needs help. It tells us that Porygon showed up and reshaped the whole network, leading to viruses appearing. Porygon has used a warp panel which is further south beyond the firewall. Set up by Porygon and he has scattered all 7 key codes needed to disable the fireball. We’re also told that each data has a built in anti-virus which will attack us. Noted. Eastward. Take that path going north. That Fit & Fast Program we see first on the right is for old moves being relearned. Continue along that way to a piece of Data. Battle a Level 80 Virus C first. Northwest from the Fit & Fast Program is the eBay Program a.k.a the PokeMart here. More Data + a Level 80 Virus A. Just above that is TM85 (Dream Eater). South from the Fortuneteller Program is a warp panel and along that path carrying on east is Tsukuyo. Parent Tsukuyo (Lv65 Weezing[O], Avalugg) Prize: P1560 At the end of that path is Data and Level 80 Virus B. Warp panel. DARK WEB (Area B) ——– Got a path going south and one going east. South first, where we battle Otose, Level 80 Virus B and pick up Data. Lass Otose (Lv65 Yanmega, Togekiss) Prize: P1040 East leads to Nurse Joy and a warp panel. Nurse Joy (Lv65 Granbull, Cacturne) Prize: P13000 DARK WEB (Area C) ——– Another warp panel spotted, continue east. Battle Kuririn-san 🙂 Should’ve called Android 18 to come save him xD. Ranger Krillin (Lv65 Starmie, Gengar, Raticate, Crobat) Prize: P2340 Past him is TM88 (Sleep Talk), Level 80 Virus A and Data. DARK WEB (Area D) ——– Warp panel right next to us, data on the left + Level 80 Virus A. DARK WEB (Area E) ——– Just data + Level 80 Virus C here on the left. Final Data. Go back to tear down that firewall. But the Program has suddenly been infected by a virus. Level 80 Virus B. Beyond the firewall are 2 warp panels side by side and then a 3rd one off to the southwest, blocked by a firewall that requires the Alpha Key. I got one question for you – how curious are you, hm? Because you can use either of those 2 warp panels and we go on ahead to search for Porygon…OR you could hold on and find out where that other warp panel leads. After all, curiousity is one hell of a drug �?� Use the Alpha Key and continue. Before we reach the warp panel, there’s a security breach and an antivirus program activates. Deletion is set to follow but there’s an error, then the program resumes. What appears is a thing of nightmares – a Level 100 creature known as a Morphling. Cannot be caught. Likely to be Dark-type. In the room we warp to is an ancestor of Prof. Oak – Declan Oak standing in front of a closed coffin (?!). Us being here means that the creature inside has managed to corrupt the antivirus, preventing it from deleting the creature. Inside the coffin is Cipher (you’d need to have played through the “The Return” Bonus Chapter to understand this), which came from another dimension. We learn about how it got here, the attempts of Oak and his team and his ancestors to destroy it but in the end they sealed Cipher after converting it into data using the Soul Drive and locking it within the web in a secret place called the Red Room. Oak will ask Red to turn back. If you say Yes, you’re just sent back out of this place and you can still return to it. Say No and well…we take on the last remaining security measure. Get your Super Saiyan Blue game face on. >>BOSS BATTLE<< =============== Professor Declan Oak Prize: P10200 (Lv255 Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Bouffalant, Gyarados, Exeggutor) Sorry, Professor. He’ll disappear afterwards and the coffin is ready to be unsealed. Behold, Level 255 Cipher!! And before you even ask, the answer is NO, it cannot �?� like we’re going to be walking around with a Level 255 monster from another dimension, nope. Defeat it to save the internet, and I guess by extension – the world. Or fail and we pretend this never happened. Whether you succeeded or failed, back to the twin warp panels. Still got Porygon to deal with. DARK WEB (Area F) ——– First person we battle is Carl. Preppy Carl (Lv65 Dugtrio, Rhyperior, Crobat) Prize: P2600 We’ll reach the warp panels leading to the Red Room. The bottom of the internet which is connected to other dimensions (funny you should mention dimensions after what we just saw moments ago..). We’re asked if we want to enter. Nothing happens if you choose No. Say Yes and the Program is infected by a Level 80 Neogon. SOUL NET ——– Looks as if we’re playing through the Dark Realm Bonus Chapter again, this place. Delia and Porygon are in the north area. Going south are a number of long stairs, leading to dead ends or slide panels. Use the stairs which are directly below that northern area. They take us to a warp hole, but 3 corrupted Programs appear to stop us from using it. First opponent is a Level 100 Muk, then Porygon2 and finally Porygon3. Afterwards, ignore that warp hole and head left. Slide left and continue to a slide panel which will take you all the way east, passing under the stairs on the way. Then north to find 3 warp holes. Top left one. Final Round, Porygon-Z. Level 80. Then we have to finish it off. Porygon-Z releases Blue, Green, Grey and Brown before we are confronted by the thing of Gen 1 nightmares – Missingno! Mother of Christ. Level 100. And yes, I DID try to throw a PokeBall at it XD curiosity, damnit. And wouldn’t you know it, Missingno has the “Wonder Guard” Ability. Its Error Wave move doesn’t affect Normal-types and its Necromancy move is a One-Hit KO shot (though it only has 4PP). It is weak against Ice-type moves (had a Nidoqueen that I taught Ice Beam to in the party lucky enough…otherwise…). Afterwards it transforms into a Pikachu, its true form. Thanks to the Soul Net project. Pikachu goes on to tell us about his time with Ash and what happened with Team Rocket. Silph Co’s Soul Net Drive converted Pikachu’s essence into data and that was installed into the very first Porygon. It just wanted to repay Ash for everything but there’s way to save him from dying. Delia accepts that they should finally let go. Pikachu apologises for all the trouble now that it is fading, everyone will be sent back to the real world. As it fades, Pikachu sees someone it knows. A few days later… Red is back in the PokeCenter, being told by Nurse Joy that Brown and Grey will be okay. Outside is Green with news about the Orange Cup – it starts in 2 weeks. Then we meet Blue, she wants a chat. Here we go again, another confession time? She thanks him for saving them, noting that maybe she has changed since meeting him. She says he should check on Prof. Ivy. Coming out of the lab is Delia. She wanted to apologise to Ivy for everything. Now she’s going to leave Kanto and move to Kalos with her family. In the lab, Ivy is doing okay and with the Orange Cup so close, she’ll be cheering Red on. Green, Blue and James arrive. Red had forgotten to tell James about Jessie and Meowth being captured together with Rudy. We learn about the Pokemon Association and how they took control of the Board of Directors, using spies. Scene change to Archer being told by a Grunt about the specimens on Rind Island, the genetic modification is almost complete. Back to Red, we also learn that Archer is making cyborgs. Modifying Pokemon like Mewtwo. Building an army on Rind Island so he can take over the Board. James reveals that the HQ for Team Rocket and the Pokemon Association are at Pumello Island, close to the authorities. Pumello Island is also where the Orange Cup will be held. Green suggests that Red and Blue go to Rind Island to stop the cyborgs while he and James go to Pumello. Rind is north of Kumquat Island. End of Chapter 21 – Coma and Chapter 22 – Missingno [AZ] CHAPTER 23 – ALWAYS BEHIND YOU =================================== Shiva is back, return to Kumquat Island and let’s move. ROUTE 13 [Orange Archipelago Section] ——– Pokemon Found …………. Dunsparce Orangean Male Nidoran {Poison/Fire} Orangean Female Nidoran {Poison} Trapinch Baltoy Vibrava Sunmola {Water} (Surf) Mantine (water path) Clamperl (Fishing) Orangean Huntail {Water/Fairy} (Fishing) Orangean Gorebyss {Water/Dark} (Fishing) Cloyster (Fishing) Turban (Fishing) Across the water, in the grass on the left is TM80 (Rock Slide). First Trainer we meet is Stella. Toddler Stella (Lv70 Crobat x5) Prize: P3360 Ahead of her is Rupert. Blackbelt Rupert (Lv70 Marowak[A], Cacturne, Marowak) Prize: P1680 Northwest from him is Victoria. Harpie Victoria (Lv70 Parasect[O], Hypno, Kommo-o) Prize: P1120 That is TM67 (Meteor Mash) in the grass near her. TMs galore at this point, though it seems like the endgame is near. Swimming to the right from Rupert is Kenny. Swimmer Kenneth (Lv70 Arbok 7) Prize: P1400 Continue north to Arlong and then Barney on the left. Swimmer Arlong (Lv70 Ferrothorn) Prize: P1400 Hiker Barney (Lv70 Watchog, Chesnaught) Prize: P2520 We find the Gate and Shiva is right by it this time. Meanwhile… Somewhere on Rind Island, we see Pink, Tesla and Geuron. Archer sent Pink to look after Tesla. Geuron got the same orders too. As if this isn’t bad enough for Tesla, she is told by a Grunt that Red is on the way. The specimens are complete and need to be transported to Pumello. Tesla will take care of Red and Pink comes along. Back to Red. [035] RIND ISLAND – “The Island of Miracle & Destiny.” ================= Places of Interest ……………… Pokemon Found …………. Tropius Slakoth Lotad Pidove {Normal/Flying} Tranquill {Normal/Flying} Vigoroth Tympole {Water} (Surf) Ducklett {Water/Flying} (Surf) Palpitoad {Water/Ground} (Surf) Psyduck (Surf) Golduck (Surf) Orangean Dratini {Dragon/Fairy} (Fishing) Tynamo {Electric} (Fishing) Basculin {Water} (Fishing) Eelektrik {Electric} (Fishing) Basculin X {Water} (Fishing) Red and Blue see Pink and a couple of Grunts, looking for Red. He’s ready to take on Team Rocket but Blue would rather go on her own, finding another route. Continue, head down the steps and cross over to the other side. That is the spot where we saw Tesla, Pink and Geuron. We take on a couple of Grunts down here while winding our way round back to the west area. There’s a bridge which will lead east. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv70 Decidueye, Braviary) Prize: P2520 Team Rocket Grunt (Lv70 Sableye, Salazzle, Aggron) Prize: P2520 Along that bridge is an unidentified Grunt. Team Rocket ??? (Lv80 Croagunk) Prize: P2880 It’s Looker! We thought he was working for Team Rocket but he has only been working undercover. Tesla shows up and she’s not going to take on 2 people alone – Pink joins her. Another major female character doing misguided things in this game. >>BOSS BATTLE<< =============== Team Rocket Pink Prize: P2700 (Lv75 Clefable, Starmie[O], Chansey, Stantfur, Venomoth, Bellossom[P]) Looker is defeated, Red is attacked by Geuron’s Scyther. Blue has her Horsea use Smokescreen and we escape. Pink seems pleased about us getting away. Elsewhere, Red agrees to try Blue’s alternative route idea. Then we switch to Pink and Geuron having a chat. They have their reasons for their actions. Tesla joins them to stir up trouble, having another plan for Pink to get back at Red. Back to Red. Now we’re in an area above where we faced the first Grunt. Continue east. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv70 Sandslash[A], Venomoth) Prize: P2520 Down the stairs past him. Those ones going north just lead to the bridge where we met Looker. Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P2520 (Lv70 Raticate, Zangoose, Vanilluxe, Xatu) Team Rocket Grunt (Lv70 Garchomp, Illumise, Octillery[O]) Prize: P2520 Beyond those steps is a northern area which is blocked by Martha and there’s a pit where we see a pair of cyborg Gyarados. And then some Grunts find us. Looker tells Red and Blue to go on ahead. We attempt to escape using Jigglypuff but Tesla orders for it to be shot down. Red lands elsewhere and Blue is missing. Grunts are searching the area for us. This is the south area of the island. Pokemon Found …………. Tropius Whismur Slakoth Pidove {Normal/Flying} Lotad Tranquill {Normal/Flying} Vigoroth Loudred Basculin {Water} (Fishing) Shellos (Fishing) Basculin X {Water} (Fishing) Gastrodon (Fishing) Team Rocket Grunt (Lv70 Pachirisu, Pangoro, Ariados[O]) Prize: P2520 Association Grunt (Lv70 Crobat, Unfezant[F], Anchorage) Prize: P21000 That item on the left is TM96 (Nature Power). You’ll find a Max Elixir at the end of that path north. Past the second Grunt, Red sees Tesla and others. They failed to catch Blue and can’t find him. Tesla says she’ll transport the specimens herself. As Red, move to the bottom left corner and pick up a battery. Then we take on those Grunts. Association Grunt (Lv70 Delibird[O]) Prize: P21000 Association Grunt Prize: P21000 (Lv70 Pidgeot[O], Bellossom[B], Sunflora[O], Banette, Seviper[O]) North from them is the Gate we’re shown after Tesla leaves, and there are other Grunts standing by it. Red needs to lure them away. Go back to those cranes below, interact with the top right one. That gets their attention, but one of them remains by the Gate. Association Grunt (Lv70 Marowak[A], Camerupt[O], Meta) Prize: P21000 Beyond the Gate. We are back in the area where we saw those cyborg Gyarados. Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P2520 (Lv70 Sandslash x2, Rhyperior, Nidoking[P], Ditiminsle) East from him we see Tesla ahead but we can’t approach her yet so we continue south to hear some Grunts mention where they are storing cyborgs before moving them to the ship. Follow the Grunts to the pit and see the other Pokemon that they have turned into cyborgs – Ariados. Then Tesla, Pink and Geuron find Red. He has been lured to this nest. Blue shows up but can’t reach him. Pink volunteers to push Red and uses that chance to pass on a letter to him before sending him to safety using her Clefable. She joined Team Rocket so she can fight them from within. That’s fine for Tesla because she won’t feel badly about sending her into the nest and Pink dies. Red wants to go back and save her but Blue discourages him. Doesn’t matter how Geuron feels about Tesla’s actions, he does nothing to her and is given orders. Back to Red. Continue north until Red stops and after what has just happened, Blue reminds him about that letter. Pink writes about working for the Pokemon Association after Brown left. She has video recordings of their secret meeting and she has kept them hidden in a room at their HQ. Did Pink really have to be killed off? And yet Brown survives? Really?? We are close to another Gate where Geuron and a Grunt wait. >>BOSS BATTLE<< =============== Association Geuron Prize: P23400 (Lv78 Vanilluxe, Garbodor, Muk[O], Scyther, Tangelor, Alakazam) This is when Geuron decides to act, telling us to use the next route to reach Pumello. Tesla shows up, with Looker captured. Geuron has his Alakazam Disable her, allowing Looker to escape with us. End of Chapter 23 – Always Behind You. Geuron is brought back to Archer. Rather than kill him, he’ll have Geuron get poisoned. Jessie, Meowth and Rudy are shown. Scene change to Green and James. Golduck has used its psychic ability to check out the headquarters and confirm that Jessie, Meowth and Rudy are okay. Back to Red, 2 days later. We are on the very short Route 18, only a few steps and we arrive on Pumello. Various battles going on. Then we catch up with Green and James. Jessie, Meowth and Rudy have been injected with venom from those cyborg Ariados, which reminds Red of Pink. How to break into the HQ without being seen? Blue decides she’ll do that with Looker and James while Green and Red go for the Orange Cup. Archer is one of the Orange Cup representatives and will be in attendance so a break in won’t be something they’ll anticipate. **NOTE: This was left out in the previous version of the walkthrough – Route 14. It’s between Rind Island and Pumello Island. The Pokemon found are what I was lucky enough to encounter, sadly Lunos’ Pokemon guide doesn’t have this route. If there are any Pokemon I’ve left out, please contact me ([email protected]). ROUTE 14 [Orange Archipelago Scene] ——– Pokemon Found …………. Hanarabi {Grass/Ice} Magrub {Bug/Psychic} Mimikyu {Ghost/Fairy} Alolan Raticate {Dark/Normal} Orangean Staryu {Water/Fairy} (water path) Chinchou (water path) [BA] CHAPTER 24 – ORANGE LEAGUE =============================== Looker tells Blue and James to continue with the mission, he has someone else who could help them. [036] PUMELLO ISLAND – “The Island Where the Champion is Born.” ==================== Places of Interest ……………… – PokeCenter – PokeMart – Gym – Pokemon Association Inc. HQ – Pumello Island Stadium PUMELLO ISLAND POKEMART & STADIUM SHOP ————————————– Poke Ball – P200 Great Ball – P600 Ultra Ball – P1200 Net Ball – P1000 Dive Ball – P1000 Repeat Ball – P1000 Timer Ball – P1000 Luxury Ball – P1000 Premier Ball – P200 Hyper Potion – P1200 Max Potion – P2500 Full Restore – P3000 Full Heal – P600 Max Ether – P2000 Max Elixir – P4500 Max Revive – P4000 Max Repel – P700 X Attack – P500 X Defend – P550 X Speed – P350 X Special – P350 X Accuracy – P950 Guard Spec. – P700 Dire Hit – P650 HP Up – P9800 Protein – P9800 Iron – P9800 Carbos – P9800 Calcium – P9800 PP Up – P9800 Zinc – P9800 PP Max – P9800 Poke Doll – P1000 Fresh Water – P200 Soda Pop – P300 Lemonade – P350 Moomoo Milk – P500 Pokemon Found (South) …………. Spinarak Skitty Nincada Taillow Pidove {Normal/Flying} Tranquill {Normal/Flying} Delcatty Orangean Ariados {Bug/Poison} Here we are, the final stop on our Orange Island adventure perhaps? The eastern side is blocked by Martha AND his brother Fartha (NANI?!). Meet the family at the house north of the PokeCenter haha. Southwest from the PokeMart is TM101 (Petal Storm). Nothing else to be done here, going north. An Official sees our Badges and so we can jump straight to the Preliminaries. Enter the stadium to kick that off. PUMELLO ISLAND DISTRICT 2 ————————- Pokemon Found …………. Orangean Dwebble {Fire/Rock} Corphish Gulpin Stunfisk {Ground/Electric} Orangean Crustle {Fire/Rock} Laketle {Water/Grass} (Surf) Orangean Jumpluff {Grass/Fairy} (Surf) Orangean Gyarados {Water/Dragon} (Surf) Tentacruel (Surf) Seadra (Fishing) Qwilfish (Fishing) Orangean Gyarados {Water/Dragon} (Fishing) Electric Stunpuff {Water/Electric} (Fishing) Poison Stunpuff {Water/Poison} (Fishing) On the beach is TM89 (U-Turn). The Gym is in this part of town but closed. Pokemon Association Inc. is off limits. TM64 (Explosion) is in the yard behind the sign post. To the stadium. Brock, Misty, Erika, Prof. Oak, Prof. Ivy, Daisy and Mom are here to cheer Red on. He speaks to Misty and tells her to watch out for the Pokemon Association. Last stop before diving into the Preliminaries, heal up, gear up and proceed. First opponent is Gray. Fairy Tail’s Gray…? >>ORANGE LEAGUE PRELIM. BATTLE<< ================================ Trainer Gray Prize: P6400 (Lv80 Meganium, Lilligant, Maractus, Bellossom, Whimsicott) Next up is Cliff. >>ORANGE LEAGUE PRELIM. BATTLE<< ================================ Trainer Cliff Prize: P6400 (Lv80 Mandibuzz, Braviary, Staraptor, Talonflame, Ninjask) He recommends we visit Flowerbud Village on Tangerine Island. Match #3 is against Doctor Tim. Or is it Trent? >>ORANGE LEAGUE PRELIM. BATTLE<< ================================ Trainer Timothy Prize: P6400 (Lv80 Chansey, Blissey, Happiny, Gleesy, Chansey[Nu]) Match #4 is versus Kai. Cue that Beyblade theme! >>ORANGE LEAGUE PRELIM. BATTLE<< ================================ Trainer Kai Prize: P6400 (Lv80 Starmie[O], Nidoqueen[O], Lucario, Snorlax, Kabiin) Match #5, here’s Rick. Attempting to create a Virgin (Spirit) Bomb. >>ORANGE LEAGUE PRELIM. BATTLE<< ================================ Trainer Rick Prize: P6400 (Lv80 Blaziken, Blossomite, Tangrowth, Gorochu, Ariados[O], Lapras[O]) That concludes the Preliminary Rounds. Semi-Final is next. Meanwhile.. While Mom and Oak chat, Tesla comes in and tells her that there’s a special seating place for parents of the contestants. No interest in getting Oak too. Back to Red. We’ll meet up with Green, so far so good according to him. At the end of the corridor is Drake and Red finds out who he is. Gotta make it past the finals to reach him. Scene change to Archer, Tesla, Cissy and Danny. They know Red is here but think he doesn’t know about their base. Archer tells Cissy and Danny to be on standby. Back to Red. Everyone is in the arena. Misty has told Brock and Erika what’s up. Looker’s friend from the Pokemon Association, Sami, will keep an eye out. First match of the Semi-Finals is against Harris from Flowerbud Village. >>ORANGE LEAGUE SEMI-FINAL BATTLE<< =================================== Trainer Harris Prize: P6400 (Lv80 Arcanine, Rapidash[O], Gengar[Hal], Arcanine[O], Rapidash) Green faces fellow Pallet Townian Purple in the other Semi-Final. We get a little break before the Final. Chance to heal up. When you’re ready, talk to Green. Showdown in the Orange League. >>ORANGE LEAGUE FINAL BATTLE<< ============================== Rival Green Prize: P6400 (Lv80 Ninetales, Hanarabi, Stunpuff[P], Pidgeot[G], Scyther, Charizard) Red defeats his Rival in another League. But no time to celebrate, Drake is ready. For the title, here we go! >>ORANGE LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP BATTLE<< ===================================== Leader Drake Prize: P8000 (Lv80 Dragonite[O], Exeggutor[A], Flydra, Dragonite, Salamence, Gyarados[O]) Double Champion! Congratula– Archer makes his move, now that Red and Drake have weak Pokemon. Danny and Tesla appear together with some cyborg Pokemon. Just when it sounds like Archer will be taking care of the prisoners which are held captive, they also appear – the Rocket Trio, Rudy, Blue and Geuron. Thanks to Cissy. Finally done with Team Rocket. Blue also got the evidence which Pink had hidden. The game will ask if you’d like to play as Blue. There’s one other Bonus Chapter I missed, but according to the guide this is the last one. You know the drill, skip if you won’t do it. Down to “Back to Red.” [XX52] BONUS CHAPTER 52 BLUE’S TALE 3 ===================================== POKEMON ASSOCIATION HQ (Area 1) ———————- We flash back to when Blue and James infiltrate the HQ. Here is Blue’s Level 70 team now, each holding a Max Revive: Blastoise, Wigglytuff, Jigglypuff, Hanarabi, Ditto and Stanthorn. Oh, and open up that TM box. Pimp these Pokemon up! Grunts spotted on the right. Get ready, they got cyborg Pokemon. Part Steel-type, makes sense. Here is the list of the cyborg Pokemon we’ll be seeing: AI: 411[Gyarados] {Steel/Water} AI: 412[Tentacruel] {Steel/Water} AI: 413[Golbat] {Steel/Poison} AI: 414[Tauros] {Steel/Normal} AI: 415[Fearow] {Steel/Flying} AI: 416[Rhydon] {Steel/Rock} AI: 417[Aerodactyl] {Steel/Flying} AI: 418[Ariados] {Bug/Steel} Association Grunt Prize: P22500 (Lv75 AI: 413[Golbat], AI: 412[Tentacruel], AI: 411[Gyarados] x2) Association Grunt Prize: P22500 (Lv75 AI: 412[Tentacruel], AI: 411[Gyarados]) That is yet another Master Ball in the corner northeast from him. The next Grunt is taken care of by James, leaving behind an Ultra Ball. Onwards. Association Grunt Prize: P22800 (Lv76 AI: 416[Rhydon], AI: 418[Ariados]) Behind him is a Big Pearl. South is a Rare Candy and stairs heading up. POKEMON ASSOCIATION HQ (Area 2) ———————- Scientist Nedry Prize: P3744 (Lv78 AI: 415[Fearow], AI: 417[Aerodactyl], AI: 416[Rhydon]) Below the table is a Max Revive. Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P2808 (Lv78 AI: 415[Fearow], AI: 412[Tentacruel], AI: 411[Gyarados]) Association Grunt (Lv78 AI: 418[Ariados] x4) Prize: P23400 There’s the cell where Jessie, Meowth, Rudy and Geuron are being held. Gotta find a switch for the door. Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P2880 (Lv75 AI: 417[Aerodactyl], AI: 416[Rhydon], AI: 413[Golbat], AI: 415[Fearow]) Below from him is a Full Restore. Go back to those flash light machines where that Association Grunt is standing and interact with the 2nd one from the left. Cell open. We get to the others but they’re stiff because of the poison. Continue on ahead, gotta find the antidote. POKEMON ASSOCIATION HQ (Area 3) ———————- Scientist Andre Prize: P3744 (Lv78 AI: 411[Gyarados] x2, AI: 412[Tentacruel] x2) Up into the big room to find Logans. Scientist Logan (Lv80 AI: 414[Tauros] x2) Prize: P3840 Follow that eastward corridor and end up in the office where we’ve seen Archer holding some of his meetings. A Grunt named Mason is there now and has the antidote. Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P2880 (Lv80 AI: 414[Tauros], AI: 412[Tentacruel]) He breaks the antidote and James kills him. Cissy shows up with another antidote, giving it to us because she doesn’t want to be part of Team Rocket anymore. Return and cure everyone. Geuron will help us, he’s got unsettled business with Tesla. Cissy joins us too. End of Bonus Chapter 52 Blue’s Tale 3. Back to Red. His friends will stay behind to fight the cyborg Pokemon, he has to find Archer. Go through the doorway to the north. Drake vs Archer in progress, until he runs off and Drake follows. Danny appears to stop Red but we’re saved by Rudy and move on. [BB] CHAPTER 25 – POKEMON ASSOCIATION ===================================== Got an Association Grunt blocking the next doorway. If you skipped the Bonus Chapter, he’s got a cyborg Pokemon. They are part Steel-type. Association Grunt (Lv80 AI: 415[Fearow]) Prize: P24000 He tells us that up ahead is Pumello’s summit. Dangerous territory. But before getting there, we must walk through some very familiar grounds. ROCK TUNNEL ———– Pokemon Found (1F) ————- Wild Encounters: Zubat, Geodude, Mankey, Machop, Onix. Good old Rock Tunnel 🙂 the struggles were real in this place back in the day haha. First Grunt spotted and a ladder going below. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv80 AI: 413[Golbat] x2) Prize: P2880 That ladder leads to 3 more Grunts and a Max Repel. Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P2880 (Lv80 AI: 418[Ariados] x2, AI: 411[Gyarados] x2) Team Rocket Grunt (Lv77 AI: 418[Ariados] x5) Prize: P2772 Another downward ladder. 3rd Grunt + the Max Repel. Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P2880 (Lv80 AI: 412[Tentacruel], AI: 417[Aerodactyl] x2, AI: 415[Fearow] x2, AI: 418[Ariados]) Back up top and continue east. Pick up TM52 (Focus Blast) just up above then meet the next Grunt. Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P2880 (Lv80 AI: 415[Fearow], AI: 416[Rhydon], AI: 417[Aerodactyl], AI: 414[Tauros]) The ladder going to 2F is just ahead from him. Pokemon Found (2F) ————- Wild Encounters: Zubat, Geodude, Mankey, Machop, Onix. Rock Smash: Geodude, Graveler. Association Grunt (Lv78 AI: 418[Ariados] x4) Prize: P23400 All the way south from him is a ladder heading up. East is a Rocket Grunt, a cyborg Ariados blocking the area further east and a Max Potion. Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P2880 (Lv80 AI: 418[Ariados] x2, AI: 411[Gyarados] x2, AI: 417[Aerodactyl], AI: 412[Tentacruel]) Going for that ladder. Lunos’ guide just has up to 2F as far as Pokemon encounters go, so I’ll assume we just meet pretty much the same crew (am walking around with a Max Repel active, since the Pokemon here are super low level). (3F..?) Team Rocket Grunt (Lv80 AI: 418[Ariados] x5) Prize: P2880 Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P2880 (Lv80 AI: 414[Tauros], AI: 412[Tentacruel] x2, AI: 416[Rhydon]) Just northeast from him is a Moon Stone. Northwest is a ladder heading up. (4F) Association Grunt Prize: P24000 (Lv80 AI: 412[Tentacruel] x2, AI: 413[Golbat], AI: 411[Gyarados] x2) Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P2880 (Lv80 AI: 418[Ariados], AI: 416[Rhydon], AI: 415[Fearow], AI: 417[Aerodactyl] x2) All the way east for a showdown that has been boiling for a while now. Payback time. >>BOSS BATTLE<< =============== Association Tesla Prize: P24000 (Lv80 Ariados[O], Ariados, Galvantula, AI: 418[Ariados] x3) But she’s not done, of course, she came prepared and runs on ahead to where she has another cyborg Ariados holding Mom hostage. It goes for an attack but Geuron shows up with Scyther to stop it and Mom is safe. She’d rather he lets the authorities handle this but Red assures her that he can do it. Geuron’s got Tesla. Up the ladder. (5F) On the way, a random Cybrados attacks. Level 70. Can’t be caught. Two more appear but are stopped by Blue and Green. Up another ladder… (6F) …and we got ourselves a long trek north. There’s a left side turn which leads to a ladder going down to a series of other descending ladders until you reach the bottom. A small area with water. Can’t step in or anything, perhaps a Pokemon will appear there at some point. Back to the top and carry on. Right side turn leads to TM53 (Energy Ball) and a ladder going down to an empty chamber. At the end of the long corridor north is the first Grunt here. Association Grunt Prize: P24000 (Lv80 AI: 418[Ariados] x2, AI: 415[Fearow], AI: 411[Gyarados], AI: 412[Tentacruel], AI: 414[Tauros]) 2 ladders on either side of him. The one on the right leads to TM78 (Bulldoze). The left one takes to the summit. The end is near. (Summit) Archer isn’t too happy to see Red but he was just a distraction – his crew have unleashed cyborg Pokemon all over this island. He is confident that not even the Elite 4 can stop this. And he has one more cyborg from a lab. Archer takes off on his Pidgeot and Drake is right after him on Dragonite. Blue and Green get up here. Blue figures that the lab is somewhere in the Pokemon Association building. She sends out an Abra and teleports us to outside of the Stadium. Green will take care of the cyborgs and asks Blue to take Red to the lab. You can re-enter the Stadium and heal up and stuff if you need to. Afterwards head south, where Red and Blue are surrounded by Grunts…until Brock, Misty and Erika get to them. There are more Grunts out on the streets. To the east: Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P2880 (Lv80 AI: 411[Gyarados], AI: 416[Rhydon] x2, AI: 412[Tentacruel] x2, AI: 414[Tauros]) Near Pumello Island Park: Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P2880 (Lv80 AI: 412[Tentacruel] x2, AI: 413[Golbat] x2, AI: 414[Tauros] x2) By the Gym: Association Grunt (Lv80 AI: 418[Ariados] x6) Prize: P24000 Near Pumello Island Beach: Team Rocket Grunt (Lv80 AI: 414[Tauros]) Prize: P2880 Association Grunt (Lv80 AI: 415[Fearow]) Prize: P24000 Now for the Pokemon Association HQ. To the right, past the bookshelves is TM102 (Heat Rage). Up the stairs for another fight. POKEMON ASSOCIATION HQ ———————- (1F) Association Grunt (Lv80 AI: 414[Tauros]) Prize: P24000 He says Archer is already in the lab and a key is needed for access. Looks like we’ll have to beat the location of that key out of the other Grunts we see. Northwest is a barricade blocking stairs heading up. Defeat either of the Rocket Grunts to find out that the key is on the 2nd floor. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv85 AI: 415[Fearow]) Prize: P3060 Team Rocket Grunt (female) (Lv86 AI: 415[Fearow]) Prize: P3096 That item near the male Rocket Grunt is TM62 (Acrobatics). While we’re here, why not take care of the other Grunts? Can’t leave all that EXP behind. Association Grunt (Lv85 AI: 415[Fearow]) Prize: P25500 Association Grunt (Lv80 AI: 418[Ariados]) Prize: P24000 Association Grunt Prize: P24600 (Lv82 AI: 413[Golbat], AI: 414[Tauros]) He’ll tell us that the key is hidden in one of the machines on the 2nd floor. That is TM93 (Wild Charge) above him. Up the stairs. (2F) Team Rocket Grunt (Lv87 AI: 417[Aerodactyl]) Prize: P3132 Leaf Stone on the left side of that long table below. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv87 AI: 416[Rhydon]) Prize: P3132 The flashing light machine on the left has the key…or not. The key turns into a Potion via the move Switcheroo. An Association Grunt and his Gengar show up with the key. Blue snatches it from him before they can teleport away. Red gets the key while Blue and the Grunt teleport. Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P3096 (Lv86 AI: 416[Rhydon], AI: 418[Ariados] x2) Max Revive near him and TM98 (Aqua Jet) below him. Back to 1F to sort out that barricade. (Lab 1F) Max Elixir in the bottom left corner and one lone Rocket Grunt with a Cybrados. Respect for stepping up for his boss, I’ll give him that much. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv88 AI: 411[Gyarados]) Prize: P3168 But even as a cyborg, Gyarados doesn’t like losing and it gets rid of him before going on its merry way. Moving on to the next one. Team Rocket Grunt (Lv89 AI: 418[Ariados] Prize: P3204 That is TM97 (Dark Pulse) in the right corner of the room above. Just before we reach those stairs heading up, scene change to Looker outside. His Croagunk is beyond exhausted..or is it fatally injured?Some cyborg Ariados appear to attack him but police backup charge in to help Looker. Back to Red. Up the stairs and enter the actual lab. It’s time. Drake still alive but not in top form while Archer may have gotten his trump card. The tank behind him is empty. Big boss fight! >>BOSS BATTLE<< =============== Association Archer Prize: P30000 (Lv100 AI: 418[Ariados], AI: 417[Aerodactyl], AI: 416[Rhydon], AI: 411[Gyarados], Crobat, Houndoom) Not done yet, he plays that final card – Mewtwo! The one we met on New Island (unless you skipped that Bonus Chapter). Level 150. Still part Psychic-type. Good luck! Archer is defeated but we haven’t seen the last of him. Mewtwo is no longer a cyborg now and Red collapses. He wakes up hours later, still in the lab but Mewtwo is gone and the cops are here. Drake gives them a statement before talking to Red and letting him know what has happened. Mewtwo flew off, now free…Archer escaped but Tesla, Rudy, Cissy and Geuron have been taken in for questioning. The cyborgs have been captured and maybe the enhancements can be reverse engineered. Drake tells Red to come back to the stadium next week for a ceremony now that he’s the new Champ. Outside the HQ we find everyone, safe and sound. But there’s some bad news…Mom is dead. Come on, what nonsense is this now? Killing her off too, why?? Via a flashback to where Red left her, we learn that she was bitten by that Ariados. Beyond terrible. End of Chapter 25 – Pokemon Association. [BC] EPILOGUE ============= One week later… There’s a news report about people turning against the Board of Directors after the actions of Team Rocket and the Pokemon Association. Then we are at the Lavender Graveyard for the funerals of Pink and Mom. One week later… Another report about Tesla getting a life sentence. The Board of Directors have placed a bounty on Archer. Cissy and Danny appear in court. Red dreams of Mom and wakes up. One week later… Another report about the video tapes being received by Interpol. 10 year sentence for Cissy and life sentence for Danny. Then we’re back in Pallet Town. Blue and Green find Red, he hasn’t recovered yet. Blue reveals that she gave the tapes to Looker. A few days later.. Another report: members of Team Rocket were found to be part of the Board of Directors after the tapes were shown to the public. The Pokemon Association is buried and a new branch is established – the Pokemon League Union. Back to Red, outside Pallet Town. He is still grieving. Blue and Green find him, Green tells him that the Orange League Hall of Fame. Red comes back around after getting through his grief. Next day. Red the new Orange League Champion is recognised. Scene change to Green training Charizard outside the Power Plant, being watched over by Agatha. Then we see Blue about to board the blimp and meets a dark-haired guy that I’ve either forgotten or he’s a new character. Switch to Bill spending some quality time with Daisy. Switch to Oak getting a visit from Ivy and her trio of rare Pokemon. Switch to Delia babysitting? Switch to Rudy finding love and the Rocket Trio leaving, probably to cause double trouble elsewhere. Switch to Danny and Cissy in prison (cue the theme for Oz). Switch to Misty, Brock and Erika shopping. Switch to Drake meeting people. Switch to Blaine training Mewtwo. Switch to Sabrina returning to her Gym. Switch to Lt. Surge visitng the resting place of his Pikachu. Switch to Koga and Janine leaving, for training maybe? Switch to Brown and Grey visiting Pink’s grave. Switch to Pikachu and Ash reuniting in the next world (?) Switch to Geuron coming home to his little girl. Switch to Looker and his friend Sami visiting a PokeCenter with Croagunk, healthy. Switch to Red returning home…and out of the shadows steps Dark Carly. Forgot she’s still around haha, does anyone care at this point? And standing near the PokeCenter is the Kanto Elite 4. Forgot about them too, because they’ve been so helpful while we were fighting both Team Rocket and the Pokemon Association. End of Epilogue. End of Orange Archipelago Saga. And that is the end of the game….for now? Oh wait, there’s that Bonus Chapter I missed. After what we’ve gone through, I really hope it’s worth the trouble. Then again… [XX53] BONUS CHAPTER 53 HYPNO NAP TIME ====================================== From Kumquat Island, surf northeast to reach: [037] SHANGJUAN ISLAND – “The Island of Stillness & Silence.” ====================== Places of Interest ……………… – Shangjuan Island Cave – Aruno Residence Pokemon Found (Shangjuan Island Cave) ————- Wild Encounters: Gastly, Zubat, Haunter, Golbat, Murkrow. The story here revolves around children being kidnapped and murdered by an unknown killer. At the same time, Hypno is regarded on the same level as a national treasure here. Just before the cave entrance, to the east, speak to Andy to receive TM– no, another Master Ball. That has to be the milionth one we’ve gotten in this game. Then go to the cemetery and speak to the devastated family. We learn that the dead bodies of kidnapped children are always found in Shangjuan Island Cave. A random man is watching Red and then runs off. Northeast from the cemetery is a little girl, Elaine, with a Hypno. She says as long as she’s with Hypno, no problem talking to strangers. Then she starts singing Hypno’s song. That man is watching Red again and runs off. Maybe he just wants an autograph..? We’ll find the boy at the cave entrance. Third time he runs from us and he’ll go over to Elaine and Hypno. Hypno protects her from the man and he runs away. Red thinks the man could come back for Elaine at night. At that time Elaine and Hypno are gone, instead we find her grandmother Tamara. Elaine has gone missing. Standing near Teleporter Shiva is that guy again, noting that something has made its move after Red demands that he return Elaine. The guy runs off towards the cave. Inside we find Elaine but she’s not as lively as before. Says she’ll go home and tells Red to mind his own business. But the real Elaine is heard from the old recorder shown in the top left corner. Another person named Alan is was there telling what trapped them here to let Elaine go. But that thing gets to Elaine and Alan. Then we get Hypno’s song, the extended remix. End of Bonus Chapter 53 Hypno Nap Time. Yup, that is all. You’ll find Tamara and “New” Elaine at the Aruno Residence. To be continued. [038] POKEMON INFO ================== Just a list of Pokemon evolutions and information I made note of during the game, also included are the types for new Pokemon from the Orange Islands. Please contact me if there are any mistakes, incorrect or missing information since this isn’t the official evolution and types guide for the game and I could get stuff wrong. – Kangaskid -> Kangaskhan at Lv20
– Sarapi -> Paras at Lv16
– Machoke -> Machamp via Link Stone
– Farfetch’d -> SoFetch! {Normal/Flying} at Lv30
– Goldeen (female) -> Seaqueen {Water} at Lv31
– Kadabra -> Alakazam via Link Stone
– Abra[O] {Fighting}
-> Kadabra[O] {Fighting} same -> Alakazam[O] {Fighting} via Link Stone
– Poliwhirl -> Politoed via Link Stone or Policroak {Water/Ground} via Sun Stone
– Graveler -> Golem via Link Stone
– Slowpoke -> Slowking via Link Stone or Slowbro via Water Stone
– Seadra -> Kingdra via Link Stone or Flydra {Dragon/Fly} via Ice Stone
– Shellder -> Gastroper {Water/Ice} via Link Stone
– Haunter -> Gengar via Link Stone
– Weepinbell -> Gauntrebel {Grass/Fighting} via Sun Stone
– Scyther -> Scizor via Link Stone
– Onix -> Steelix via Link Stone
– Magmar -> Magmortar via Fire Stone or Link Stone
– Chansey -> Gleesy {Normal/Fairy} by levelling up while knowing a Fairy-type move
-> Blissey by levelling up with high happiness
– Eevee -> Espeon (Sun Stone), Umbreon (Moon Stone), Leafeon (Leaf Stone), Glaceon (Ice Stone) or via Evol Coral for its other forms too except Omnion.
* Insecteon {Bug}
* Ancieon {Ground}
* Wispeon {Ghost}
* Mysteon {Dragon}
* Bouldeon {Rock}
* Aeroneon {Flying}
* Metalleon {Steel}
* Vexeon {Normal}
* Omnion {???/GLT} maybe?
– Magneton -> Magnezone via Thunder Stone
– Vulpix 1 Tail -> Onetales via Fire Stone
– Sunkern -> Sunflora[O] {Grass/Psychic} via Sun Stone
– Clamperl -> Gorebyss by levelling up. Not sure about Huntail and the Orange variants.
– Murkrow[O] & regular -> Honchkrow[O] & regular by Link Stone
– Bounsweet {Grass} -> Steenee {Grass} at Lv18 -> Tsareena {Grass} at Lv29
– Pikipek {Normal/Flying} -> Trumbeak {Normal/Flying} at Lv14 -> Toucannon {Normal/Flying} at Lv28
– Smoochy {Ice/Psychic} -> Jynx[B] {Ice/Psychic} at Lv30
– Golbat -> Crobat by levelling up with high happiness
– Nidorino[O] {Poison/Fire} & Nidorina[O] {Poison} -> Nidoking[O] & Nidoqueen[O] same way as regular versions.
– Dwebble[O] {Fire/Rock} -> Orangean Crustle {Fire/Rock} same as regular versions.
– Numel[O] {Ice/Ground} evolves into regular Camerupt, not sure how to get
Orangean Camerupt {Ice/Ground}
– Remoraid[O] {Water/Steel} -> Octillery[O] {Water/Steel} same as regular.
– Magikarp[O] {Water} -> Gyarados[O] {Water/Dragon} same as regular.
– Tangela -> Tangrowth at Lv40 after learning Ancient Power.
-> Tangelor {Grass} via level up while knowing Sunny Day.
– Nightbell (Dark) -> Duskbell (Dark) via level up
– Pangpire {Dark/Ghost}
– Munna {Psychic} -> Musharna {Psychic} via Moon Stone
– Krocki {Ground/Water}
– Gemini {Normal/Dark}
– Girafarig[B] {Normal/Dark}
– Doduo[O] {Normal/Flying} (same evolution as regular Doduo).
– Ponyta[O] {Ice} -> Rapidash[O] {Ice} same as regular.
– Weedle[O] {Bug/Poison} -> Kakuna[O] {Bug/Poison} -> Beedrill[O] {Bug/Fire} same as regular
– Butterfree[O] {Bug/Psychic}
– Arbok 2 {Poison/Ground}
– Halloween Gengar {Ghost}
– Ekans[O] {Poison/Water} -> Arbok[O] {Poison/Water} same as regular.
– Lapras[O] {Water/Rock}
– Primisect (Bug/Fighting)
– Lickitung -> Lickilicky after learning Rollout
-> Lickylick {Normal/Psychic} by level up while knowing a Psychic move.
– Mareanie {Poison/Water} -> Toxapex {Poison/Water} at Lv38
– Hoppip[O] {Grass/Fairy} -> Skiploom[O] {Grass/Fairy} -> Jumpluff[O] {Grass/Fairy} same as regular
– Kotora {Electric} -> Raitora {Electric} by level up
– Koffing[O] {Poison/Fairy} -> Weezing[O] {Poison/Fairy} same as regular
– Bellsprout[O] -> Weepinbell[0] -> Victreebel[O] same types & evolution
– Shuckle[O] {Bug/Grass}
– Staryu[O] {Water/Fairy} -> Starmie[O] {Water/Fairy} same evolution
– Porygon -> Porygon2 via Link Stone. Not sure about Porygon3 & Porygon-Z
– Beldum[O] {Rock/Psychic} -> Metang[O] -> Metagross[O] same types & evolution
– Bellossom[B], not sure of type and/or evolution
– Skyray {Water/Flying}, not sure of evolution
– Hoothoot -> Nightstrix {Normal/Flying} by level up while holding the Region Orb?
– Paras[O] -> Parasect[O] same types and evolution as regular
– Laketle {Water/Grass}
– Laketoise {Water/Steel}
– Pidgey[O] {Flying/Dark} -> Pidgeotto[O] -> Pidgeot[O] same as regular
– Pidgey[G] {Flying/Ghost} -> Pidgeotto[G] -> Pidgeot[G] same as regular
– Delibird[O] {Ice/Steel} -> Deliclaus[G] {Ice/Dark} by levelling up.
– Sandshrew[A] {Ice/Steel} -> Sandslash[A] {Ice/Steel} same as regular
– Vulpix[A] {Ice} -> Ninetales[A] {Ice} via Ice Stone
– Grimer[O] {Poison/Fire} -> Muk[O] {Poison/Fire} same as regular
– Grimer[A] {Poison/Dark} -> Muk[O] {Poison/Dark} same as regular
– Skrelp {Poison/Water} -> Dragalge {Poison/Dragon} at Lv48
– Tail {Normal/Grass}
– Sneasel[O] {Fairy/Ice}
– Stunpuff[E] {Water/Electric}
– Stunpuff[P] {Water/Poison}
– Inkay {Dark/Psychic} -> Malamar {Dark/Psychic}
– Bruxish {Water/Psychic}
– Seviper[O] {Poison}
– Lumirage {Water/Dark}
– Worma {Bug/Psychic} -> Magrub {Bug/Psychic} at Lv20 -> Magimusha {Bug/Psychic} at Lv40
– Doduo[O] {Fairy/Flying} -> Dodrio {Fairy/Flying} same
– Golppy {Water}
– Wolfie {Ice} -> Warhound {Ice/Dark} by levelling up
– Dhelmise {Ghost/Grass}
– Jynx[O] {Fire/Psychic}
– Ariados[O] {Bug/Poison}
– Hanarabi {Grass/Ice}
– Prentice {Fighting} -> Hitmonyan {Fighting/Psychic} by levelling up
– Reinady {Normal/Steel}
– Mantyke -> Mantine by levelling up, doesn’t need Remoraid in party
– Yanma -> Yanmega by levelling up
– Stantly {Normal}
– Vileplume[O] same as regular Vileplume
– Arbok 2 {Poison/Ground}
– Arbok 3 {Poison}
– Arbok 6 {Poison}
– Arbok 8 {Poison/Steel}
– Arbok 9 {Poison}
– Arbok 10 {Poison/Grass}
– Dunsparce -> Dragodune {Normal/Dragon} by levelling up

The following Pokemon I’m not sure about, if anyone can help with information please do:
– Omnion {???/GLT} maybe?
– Porygon3 & Porygon-Z (not sure about evolution & Porygon3 type[s])
– Arbok 4, 5 & 7 (types ???)
– Feebas -> Milotic (not sure about evolution)
– Lurantis (not sure about type[s] and/or evolution)
– Oranguru (not sure about type[s] and/or evolution)
– Gorochu (not sure about type[s] and/or evolution)
– Stantga (not sure about type[s] and/or evolution)
– Stantfur (not sure about type[s] and/or evolution)
– Stanthorn (not sure about type[s] and/or evolution)
– Hercules (not sure about type[s] and/or evolution)
– Turban Water/Ice like Gastroper?, not sure about evolution


This little section covers how to find Shiny Ditto and the legendary Pokemon Shaymin which I didn’t find during my own playthrough. Special thanks to Judas Thundersteel (at the GBAHacks site), WeirdGuyTL (on Reddit) and Leigh (via email) who provided information on how to get these.


Return to the Celadon Game Corner and make your way to the room that contains one of those tanks filled with green liquid. Next to the tank should be a note about Mew Project No.87. Press A by the tank, Red sees the Ditto inside and realises that it is trying to break out! Catch it if you can!

>>SPECIAL BATTLE<< ================== SHINY DITTO (Lv30) Type: ???/GLT Ability: Limber Move Known: Transform ++SHAYMIN++ Back to Route 2 so we can speak to that man Minshay who kept telling us that our heart isn’t pure whenever we go over to him. This time though he notes that there is something different about Red, because he has lost someone and that has somehow made him pure (?). Minshay lets us enter so we can meet his master Shaymin. It tells Red about being from Sinnoh, how it was attacked by Cipher and had its powers sealed away. Shaymin wants to return to Sinnoh and the World Tree, if Red is willing to help. Catch it if you can. >>LEGENDARY BATTLE<< ==================== SHAYMIN (Lv100) Type: Grass Ability: Natural Cure Moves Known: Aromatherapy, Energy Ball, Sweet Kiss [040] EXPANSION PASS CONTENT (FIX C UPDATE) =========================================== **MAJOR NOTE** Players are advised to start on a New Game in this update. I tried to load my Beta 15 save file and while I do continue from where I saved, my Bag items are mixed up and when I return to Red’s home Mom is there and upstairs the trio of Spark, Blanche and Candela have nothing to say. After selecting New Game you are given the option to simply skip both Kanto and Orange Arch arcs and go straight into the new content. Storyline related items and Pokemon will be given to you but you’re told that some Bonus Chapters will not be playable. No specifics on which chapters. I don’t want to start from scratch because I ended up doing that when I played the earlier Beta 15 so I will be jumping straight for the new content for this portion of the walkthrough. If you’re going to start from the very beginning I hope the Beta 15 side of the walkthrough can help you. Since I haven’t heard from Aethestode I don’t know what has been changed or removed in the Kanto and Orange Arch sections. End of Major Note. Under the New Game we see Red in a haze. You can give him a new name if you wish. Next we’re asked if this our first time playing the game, saying No leads to the questions about skipping the Kanto and Orange Arch Sagas. We’ll get to start with storyline Pokemon and items, told about some Bonus Chapters being unplayable and about Cissy’s arc in which she’ll defect from the Pokemon Association. We’re told the game will assume we’ve interacted with Carly (remember her?) and the trio occupying Red’s house will be there. Then we receive the important items and reappear in Red’s room. You can move about, check your party to see which Pokemon we’ve received: AERODACTYL (Lv160) Ability: Rock Head Moves Known: Iron Head, Giga Impact, Rock Slide, Hyper Beam POLIWRATH (Lv160) Ability: Water Absorb Moves Known: Bulldoze, Hydro Pump, Close Combat, Waterfall PIKACHU (Lv160) Ability: Speed Boost Moves Known: Discharge, Light Screen, Thunder, Wild Charge GYARADOS (Lv160) Ability: Intimidate Moves Known: Rain Dance, Hydro Pump, Dragon Dance, Hyper Beam SNORLAX (Lv160) Ability: Thick Fat Moves Known: Rollout, Crunch, Selfdestruct, Giga Impact VENUSAUR (Lv160) Ability: Overgrow Moves Known: Worry Seed, Earthquake, Synthesis, Solarbeam Wow, we’re already packing that much heat? xD. All we have at the moment are HMs 1-6 and 8, clearly some pimping up needs to be done in the Pokemon moves department. The first Bonus Chapter we can trigger from here is Museum Heist, go to the computer and Red finds out about criminals robbing the Pewter City Museum last night. And there’s a Potion waiting in Storage. Be ready because before we can head downstairs Red is stopped by Spark for a chat. Time for some truth to be dropped: Blanche says they are leaving now, they’ve been lying to Red – the three of them are agents who were sent here by Professor Willow from the Orochi Region. Sent to investigate Kanto’s criminal activities. Each of them is a team leader: Spark heads Team Instinct, Candela heads Team Valor and Blanche leads Team Mystic, all under Willow’s Academy and it turns out that Mom knew about this. Their mission is over now. Spark doesn’t want to just leave like this, so he gives Red a Zapdos! Candela offers up Moltres and when it’s Blanche’s turn to give away Articuno she ain’t going to do it unless Red can prove himself. >>TRAINER BATTLE<< ================== Officer Blanche (Lv150 Articuno) Prize: P5400 Red receives Articuno to complete the set. ZAPDOS (Lv150) Ability: Pressure Moves Known: Drill Peck, Thunder, Rain Dance, Zap Cannon MOLTRES (Lv150) Ability: Pressure Moves Known: Heat Rage, Sky Attack, Sunny Day, Hurricane ARTICUNO (Lv150) Ability: Pressure Moves Known: Blizzard, Sheer Cold, Hail, Hurricane Afterwards head downstairs to find Mom’s Meowth, now a lonely feline. At the front door is Green, he wants Red to meet him in Pallet Forest for a walk. This gives us a Bonus Chapter. [XX54] BONUS CHAPTER 54 ALL ALONE ================================= Outside we find another familiar face, it’s Blue and she has returned from Johto. Just came to say hi and off she goes. You can check out the town before we head west for the forest. At the Ketchum residence we find out from Akari that Delia has left town for good. Grey and Brown are in the PokeCenter, both of them not in the best shape. Brown misses Pink and Grey regrets not protecting his Pokemon. Professor Oak is at the Lab but don’t worry about him for now, the favour he asks of Red leads to that “Road to Stardom” Bonus Chapter about Jigglypuff. As we leave town for the forest Red bumps into someone named Manny who is being chased by an unhappy Lv150 Ponyta. Defeat it to calm it down and hear from Manny. It’s his Ponyta, it had been startled by some Spearow. Manny is a postman here to deliver a letter to Red. It’s from Elite 4 member Bruno and is a good old fashioned challenge! He wants to battle us at the summit of Mt. Moon. We’ll definitely be ready for that one, given that the last time we saw the Elite 4 they weren’t around to help us fight the Pokemon Association. Pallet Forest has the same wild Pokemon as when we started Red’s journey so don’t worry about them. Take the first north turn, follow the path to find a Potion. Carry on all the way to the north side where Green is waiting. It’s been 2 years since they met here. Green reveals that his parents died in the war, which is why he believes that he and Red are the same because they both lost parents. But Red disagrees…his father is alive (!!) Later that day… Green is back home with GrandProf. Oak (Daisy is out seeing Bill). Green asks about Red’s dad, Oak remembers Mayla saying that after the war he left for the Alola region. The scene changes to Red in his room, he gets out of bed and receives a message from Green about coming to the PokeCenter. Go there to find Green by the PC phone. He tells Red that he’s been doing research concerning Red’s father, which Red doesn’t take very well because he believes dad abandoned him and Mayla, not even showing up for her funeral. He won’t hear what else Green has to say, exit the PokeCenter and return to Red’s room for some sleep time. In the memory we see Mayla on the right, speak to her and Red tells her about Blue going missing. Mayla feels for Blue’s parents. When Red asks about dad he wakes up before Mayla can tell him. Now Red wants to know what happened and must find Green. It’s the next day, go back to the PokeCenter. Red apologises to Green and we find out that dad was doing pretty well for himself in Alola until he disappeared. A portal appeared in the sky and from it came a jellyfish-like creature which took him away. Weeks later he was found in the Aether Paradise with no memories. This all happened a decade ago! Mayla was notified by the authorities though. Then we’re back in the memory, Mayla continues from where she left off and tells Red that dad isn’t coming back. He doesn’t even remember who they are. Back in the PokeCenter, Red remembers everything now and asks Green where dad is. He’s currently in the Aether Paradise psychiatric ward. Red doesn’t think he could handle visiting him, maybe that’s why Mayla didn’t visit him either. Red thanks Green for being a good friend. End of Bonus Chapter 54 All Alone. Check the Pokemon Storage Box to find 2 other surprise Pokemon waiting in there: EEVEE (Lv160) Ability: Run Away Moves Known: Baton Pass, Double-Edge, Wish, Heal Bell and one of the Orange Arch. Starters in their final form, each is at Lv90: AQUARIUS Type: Water/Dragon Ability: Storm Drain Moves Known: Thrash, Aqua Tail, Superpower, Hydro Pump BLOSSOMITE Type: Grass/Ice Ability: Overgrow Moves Known: Hail, Safeguard, Aromatherapy, Solarbeam DYNABITE Type: Fire/Dark Ability: Flash Fire Moves Known: Inferno, Rollout, Double-Edge, Eruption Remember you can go shopping for Stones in Celadon if you’ve got plans for Eevee…although we only got P8400 in the ol’ wallet currently. Next we’ll be off to Pewter City to find out more about the museum situation. You can either take the long way there for the exercise or speak to Ramuh the Teleporter outside Oak’s Lab for the quick step. [XX55] BONUS CHAPTER 55 MUSEUM HEIST ==================================== Behind the Sonata Residence you’ll find TM05 Roar. At the Museum there’s a Black Belt on the left from the entrance corridor. He is the Poliwrath Master, looking to battle us if we only have Poliwrath in the party. Fair enough but the thing is…it’s a TRAP! He doesn’t have a Poliwrath, his actual Pokemon ain’t even a Water-type and it’s at Lv255! For now just make a note of his location and return whenever you’re ready to face him. Go into the room on the right and speak to Howard. He tells us what was stolen – the Spine Fossil. Same one which was usually on display right here. It’s the only item that was taken oddly enough. Another familiar face shows up, Blaine, he’s doing his own investigating because his lab was broken into a few days ago and he thinks it could be the same thieves. He has a hunch about them being in the Decolore Islands and gives Red a Decole Ticket. Another Master Trainer is the Policeman standing at the Pewter western exit, he’s the Butterfree Master. Off to Vermilion City. Fisherman Lawrence (lives to the west of the PokeCenter) has a Fishing Rod to give away if you need one. The item blocked by a rock on the northwestern beach is a Shell Bell. There are a few more Masters here: Magmar Master is on the beach near the Pokemon Fan Club, Parasect Master is the Camper south from the Club, Raticate Master is the Camper near the S.S. Anne (the item near him is an Elixir), Dewgong Master is the blonde lady and Persian Master is the old housewife, both are in the area of cars where the blimp is found. Another item {Bright Powder} is on the other side of the fence east from town. Leave one space empty in your party, it will be occupied soon. Head for the blimp, inside is the Lapras Master (the child in a swimming tube). Speak to Captain Luke and off we go to a new adventure in a new location. “””””””””””””””””” ~DECOLORE ISLANDS~ “””””””””””””””””” Outside the blimp we see Red marvel at the new place. Blaine says they are just like the Orange Archipelago. Suddenly Mewtwo appears, it can sense its brother here and together with Blaine it goes on ahead. So where exactly are we? [040a] HONEY ISLAND – “The Island of Sweetness and Elegance.” =================== Pokemon Found [Levels: 111-150] …………. Oshawott Frillish[both] (water puddle, water’s edge, Surf) Lillipup Bruxish (Fishing) Gyarados (Fishing) Patrat Snivy Tepig Pansage Panpour Munna Purrloin Pidove Just like on the Orange Islands there are Pokemon to be found outside of grass areas. Up the steps to see a Hiker in the grass on the left, he’s the Dragonite Master. If you go northeast from him you’ll see a male Swimmer standing by the cliff, he’s the Nidoking Master. We can’t go east yet because that old man’s back to do what he does best – block paths haha. Straight up from the Dragonite Master to find Blaine and Mewtwo battling a Rocket Grunt and another Mewtwo. Blaine knows him, his name is Xander and he’s the one who broke into the lab to steal Blaine’s research. This is a trap Xander set and he calls out more Grunts who are part of a new crew – Team Radical Rocket! Despite the name, Xander assures Red that they have different ideals from the disbanded Team Rocket. Mewtwo #2 recognises Red, it’s the one from the Orange Arch. Xander has it put Blaine’s Mewtwo to sleep so they can capture it and then kill Blaine, but one of Red’s Pokemon uses Smokescreen and they escape. Red and Blaine are outside a lone building on the southeastern side of the island. Blaine tells him about Xander: he’s a former assistant from Blaine’s Team Rocket days. He has been interested in Blaine’s research on reviving fossil Pokemon, which is why he asked Blaine to join in on the museum heist to steal the Spine Fossil. Blaine refused and perhaps that’s why Xander went for his lab. Blaine wonders if Xander is actually aiming to obtain both Mewtwo instead. He can sense where Mewtwo is, it’s on an island to the east. Nobody is blocking the path now, on the eastern beach is our first opponent from Team Rad Rocket. Rad Rocket Grunt (Lv150 all Nidoqueen[O], Cursola, PorygonX, Tsareena, Mysteon) Prize: P4800 **BATTLE NOTES: I’ll be providing these wherever I can, mainly to remind any of you who may have forgotten the types for the Orange Arch. regional variants. PorygonX is in Porygon’s Virus form, still a GLT-type. Nidoqueen[O] is pure Poison. Mysteon is a Dragon-type. Floating in the water above him is TM86 (Grass Knot). [040b] SCALCHOP Island – “The Island of Crooks and Criminals.” ====================== Pokemon Found [Levels: 119-143] …………. Patrat Bruxish (Fishing) Tepig Frillish[both] (Surf) Pansage Pansear Panpour Purrloin Snivy Next Grunts spotted on the beach. Rad Rocket Grunt (Lv150 all Policroak, Garbodor) Prize: P4800 **BATTLE NOTES: Policroak is a Water/Ground-type. Rad Rocket Grunt (Lv150 all Oricorio[P], Oricorio[B], Oricorio, Oricorio[Y]) Prize: P4800 Hike up to find the next one. Rad Rocket Grunt (Lv150 all Weezing[O], Dividen, Anchorage) Prize: P4800 **BATTLE NOTES: Weezing[O] is a Poison/Fairy-type. Dividen is pure Electric. Anchorage is a Water/Steel-type. The item on the bottom right is a Rare Candy. Continue up to another Grunt in front of a cave opening. He tells us what this new Team Rocket’s vision is: creating a radical world where prehistoric Pokemon have taken over. Fantastic, a Jurassic Park that never ends xD. He also reveals that Red’s Aerodactyl was revived using genetic material from other creatures which has allowed it to adapt to this modern world. Rad Rocket would do the same with other fossil Pokemon, thanks to reading Blaine’s research. Rad Rocket Grunt (Lv150 all Scolipede, Starmie[O]) Prize: P4800 **BATTLE NOTES: Starmie[O] is a Water/Fairy-type. He runs off and we can go inside to find Xander. The two Mewtwo are in the machines behind him, which Blaine recognises as the Fossil Revitalisation Machine. Xander has improved it and now it also holds the Spine Fossil. A group of new Pokemon appears to protect Xander, they are Lv100 Primisect (Bug/Fighting). We’ll battle one of them, defeat it. But they are too many, Xander created them using the machine and the Spine Fossil. They are primitive INSECTS…so Blaine sends out Magmar to scare them off. Xander isn’t cornered for long, the machine uses both Mewtwo to revive the Spine Fossil’s original form Genesect! The ancient Pokemon kills Xander (?!) and before it can reach Red and Blaine, Mewtwo #2 steps in to help (joining Red’s party). >>POKE-BOSS BATTLE<< ==================== [040xi] GENESECT (Lv150) Type: Bug/Steel Ability: Download Moves Known: Hyper Beam, X-Scissor, Selfdestruct, Zap Cannon Defeat it and watch as Mewtwo #2 points out that Genesect has weakened. We’ll then have to make a choice, to kill it now or not to kill it now. If you select Yes then Mewtwo kills Genesect, gets reunited with Blaine’s Mewtwo and Red has to return the Spine Fossil to the Pewter Museum and that ends the Bonus Chapter. Selecting No leads to Genesect being left to go out into the wild. Mewtwo #2 is pleased by Red’s decision and wants to travel alongside him. Say Yes to Blaine’s question to have Mewtwo officially join our crew. MEWTWO (Lv150) Ability: Pressure Moves Known: Mimic, Recover, Safeguard, Aura Sphere The Primisect are out attacking other Grunts but there’s nothing Blaine and Red can do about that. Blaine and Mewtwo will return to the Gym while Red must return the fossil. Before doing that, go back to where the machine is and watch as Genesect eats Xander’s corpse (!!) and then attacks us. It’s at Lv180 this time, catch it if you can. You’ll be able to find Primisect in the grass of this island now. Return the fossil to the Pewter Museum. End of Bonus Chapter 55 Museum Heist. [XX56] BONUS CHAPTER 56 TWISTED FATE ==================================== We go back home for this one, we’ll need to talk to Green. He’ll be standing by the rocks in the northwest corner of Pallet Town. Green tells Red that he saw Carly a few days ago. A flashback starts, showing Green leaving Oak’s Lab and seeing Carly outside. She hasn’t changed since the last time we saw her, still all dark-eyed and ominous looking. She tells Green that he must meet her at Hamlin Island if he wants to get answers. Back to the present, he tells Red that Hamlin Island is in the Orange Archipelago. Red will tag along since Green is set on going there. Once you’re back in the Orange Arch. teleport to Pumello Island. There are items to be found while we’re here, which I presume you’ve already collected if you are playing through this Exp. Pass update after finishing the Orange Arch. adventure. First item is on the slope to the right from Shiva the Teleporter {TM100 Recover}. In the PokeCenter is the Pidgeot Master (the Fisherman). On the right is a shady-looking character in black like he/she is a member of Organisation XIII from Kingdom Hearts. Named Mizzi, they give us a Key Stone and a Venusaurite Y. Press START to Mega Evolve your Pokemon. Mizzi is part of a cult called the Roma Sophie Cult, other members with more Mega Stones are to be found in Kanto and the Orange Islands. If you speak to Mizzi again you can buy another Venusaurite Y for P10000. Unbelievable xD. Move through the grassy path from the PokeMart to see TM101 {Petal Storm}. Head north to Pumello Island Beach, TM89 {U-Turn} is there. Enter the residential area, go all the way to the northeast houses (Akashi and Midorima Residences) and circle round behind the houses to find TM75 Swords Dance hidden behind the Akashi house. TM64 Explosion is in the Kuroko Residence yard, that’s the house near the Pokemon Association HQ. That’s our next destination. In the 1st floor area go to the right side end of the bookshelves to find TM102 Heat Rage. Move on to the north side for TM62 Acrobatics and TM93 Wild Charge in the northeast side. Climb up to 2F using the southeast stairs. The first item seen there is a Leaf Stone. To the right of the desks are a Max Revive and TM98 Aqua Jet. Back to 1F and climb up using the northwest stairs. First item seen is a Max Elixir. Carry on to the right and just before the next staircase you’ll see TM97 Dark Pulse almost hidden on the right. Exit the building and go next door to the Orange League stadium. Just go all the way until you’re back in Rock Tunnel. [rktn] ROCK TUNNEL (The Return) —————— Pokemon Found (Levels: 55-60) …………. AI: 411[Gyarados] {Steel/Water} AI: 412[Tentacruel] {Steel/Water} AI: 413[Golbat] {Steel/Poison} AI: 414[Tauros] {Steel/Normal} AI: 415[Fearow] {Steel/Flying} AI: 416[Rhydon] {Steel/Rock} AI: 417[Aerodactyl] {Steel/Flying} AI: 418[Ariados] {Bug/Steel} [1F] Last we were here it was occupied by low level Pokemon like Zubat and Geodude but now you will find the remaining cyborg Pokemon that the Pokemon Association members used. Descend the ladder, next area go southeast to drop down one more ladder which leads to a Max Repel. Back to 1F and go east then north to pick up TM52 Focus Blast. Northeast corner has a rising ladder. [2F] Go all the way south to climb up the ladder found there. Takes us to the northeast side of 3F. Follow the path as it goes west, you’ll see a Moon Stone on the way to the ladder. Once back in 2F follow the path to the centre of the room where you’ll find Sea Incense and a Max Potion in the short corridor below it. Then go for the ladder in top left corner. Leads to another area with a ladder that connects to one more. [3F] Move up along this narrow corridor, ignore the left turn, the right turn which comes next has TM53 Energy Ball. Back to the narrow corridor until it reaches the north wall where there’s a ladder on either side. The right side ladder leads to a mini series of other ladders and a small chamber with TM78 Bulldoze and something Red sees attached to the wall after you pick up that TM – a Shiny Charm. Neat little Key Item for those of you who are Shiny Pokemon seekers. The left side ladder takes us to more ladders and then the summit. Make a note of how to get here for later if you’re not ready because once you step up to stand on the edge you’ll see the multi-coloured marvel! >>LEGENDARY BATTLE<< ==================== [040xii] HO-OH (Lv150) Ability: Regenerator Moves Known: Future Sight, Nature Power, Calm Mind, Sky Attack Catch it now or later. Return to Shiva the Teleporter and let’s carry on with the Bonus Chapter, we are going east to Route 15. [rt15] ROUTE 15 (Orange Arch. Rework) ————— Pokemon Found (Levels: 87-100) …………. Mimikyu {Ghost/Fairy} Magikarp (fishing, along water edge) Shellos (fishing) Shuckle Marill (along water edge, Surf) Surskit (along water edge, Surf) Yanma Mismagius Munna First Trainer we meet is Ursula from the human activist group. Yikes. Lass Ursula (Lv132 all Machamp, Camerupt[O]) Prize: P2112 ***BATTLE NOTES: Camerupt[O] is an Ice/Ground-type. The item in the grass is a Big Pearl. Coco is the guy roaming about to the right from Ursula, he shares some information about the Master Trainers we’ve seen here and there: if all of them are defeated something happens at the top of Mt. Moon. Interesting…but how many Master Trainers are there? Make a note of this place because we’ll come back to trigger another Bonus Chapter later. Below Coco is a Cultist who gives us a Poliwrathite. Carry on east to see future Aqua Admin Shelly in the water, a Policeman and a Biker. Swimmer[F] Shelly (Lv160 Florges) Prize: P3200 The Policeman is the Electrode Master and the Biker is Mark. Punk Mark (Lv170 Incineroar) Prize: P3400 Past him is the gate leading to Sudachi Island and on the beach is a Key Item – Myth Book 2. Described as a book containing info about Pokemon fusion. Interesting. Are a certain pair of ear rings going to be needed too? Strange dance to be performed after wearing them?? 🙂 a little further on there’s a Tuber, he’s the Weezing Master, and then there’s Parlo who saw a whale-like Pokemon in these waters not too long ago. Scientist Parlo (Lv160 Decidueye) Prize: P7680 South from him is the way leading to Tarroco Island, you’ll see former Orange Champ Drake training with his Dragonite on a hill. He’s there if/when you’re ready to face his Lv255 team. >>TRAINER BATTLE<< =================== Trainer Drake (Lv255 all Dragonite[O], Gyarados[O], Gyarados[F], Dragonite x2, Exeggutor[A]) Prize: P20400 **BATTLE NOTES: Dragonite[O] is a Dragon/Fairy-type. Both Gyarados are Water/Dragon-types, Gyarados[F] holds Leftovers. Exeggutor[A] holds a Sitrus Berry. Drake comments on Red’s battle style, it reminds him of a friend from Kanto. A fellow Dragon-type user that Drake says has a darkness in him, but he doesn’t go further than that. Who could that be…? Below the hill is the Butterfrite Cultist. Just to the west of the hill is a blonde guy, he’s the Flareon Master. Continue surfing east, we’ll meet Derek, Anton and Jan on the way. Anton mentions that there’s a legendary serpent Pokemon to be found on Hamlin Island, and he has a Lv255 Pokemon just so you know. Swimmer[M] Derek (Lv160 Primarina) Prize: P3200 Swimmer[M] Anton (Lv255 Toucannon) Prize: P5100 Swimmer[F] Jan (Lv149 Houndoom, Lv165 Girafarig[B]) Prize: P3300 **BATTLE NOTES: Girafarig[B] is a Normal/Dark-type. Then we enter Hamlin Island waters. [040c] HAMLIN ISLAND – “The Island of Ancient Writings.” ==================== Pokemon Found (Levels: 37-100) …………. Remoraid[O] {Water/Steel} (Surf) Dratini[O] {Dragon/Fairy} (Surf) Gyarados[O] {Water/Dragon} (Fishing) Octillery[O] {Water/Steel} (Surf) Staryu[O] {Water/Fairy} (Fishing) Golduck Sentret Meowth Fearow Phanpy Donphan Unown Arbok 2 {Poison/Ground} Tentacool (Surf in Hamlin lake) Tentacruel (Surf in Hamlin lake) Seadra (Fishing in Hamlin lake) Stunpuff[Poison & Electric variants] (Fishing in Hamlin lake) Lots of whirlpools dotting these waters. The island is to the north but make a note of the southeast path that is blocked by whirlpools, it leads to Mirage Island – location of another Bonus Chapter. Touch down on Hamlin and we find Carly just up ahead. She tells Green and Red what happened to her: coming back to life after being killed by Luana while Carly was searching for Green in the Kumquat Island Hotel. Green had left her thinking she would be safe but that didn’t happen and now she wants to battle him. She has prepared for it and suddenly vanishes with Green. Go up the steps, head straight for the lake and surf north. Carly stands before a cave opening, she warns Red not to interfere. >>BOSS BATTLE<< =============== Corrupted Carly (Lv150 all Dragonite[O], Serperior, Gothitelle, Bisharp, Mismagius, Ferrothorn) Prize: P9000 And it turns out to be just a projection. Red hears Green’s scream from inside, go in to enter what looks like the interior of an ancient chamber. There are tablets that tell the legends about legendary Pokemon. The legends continue in the next 2 rooms ahead. In the 3rd room Red notes that the first tablet we can reach has been tampered with. There are other tablets which are also damaged but the rest have enough information. In the 4th room there’s just one tablet, when you try to read it a hole appears in the floor and Red jumps away in time. We heard about a serpent Pokemon being on this island, drop down through that hole to meet it. >>LEGENDARY BATTLE<< ==================== [040xiii] ZYGARDE (Lv150) Type: Dragon/Ground Ability: Aura Break Moves Known: Dragon Pulse, Coil, Outrage, Necromancy Catch it if you can. Welcome to a death pit. Fortunately for us we can leave this place, you can check the tablets on the southeast wall for entries from the unfortunate folks who ended up down here. The tablet on the far left wall is the final entry, head south from it to find a hole you can jump through. We’ll be back outside at the entrance. Return to that 4th room and approach the north wall, Red hears Green from the other side and he busts through to access the last chamber and join a conversation in progress. Green has been told about a world where he would be the ruler, Carly says he just has to let go and be brought back by Lord Darkrai. Red intervenes to try and bring Green back to his senses but Green joins Carly and they form a tag team you never knew you really wanted xD. Double Battle time. >>TEAM BOSS BATTLE<< ==================== Corrupted Duo (Lv150 all Charizard & Serperior, Scyther & Darkrai, Pigdeot & Mismagius) Prize: P18000 Green snaps back to normal and rejoins Red as they confront Carly and try to talk her out of her crazy belief. She can’t get Mismagius to kill Green, instead she has it use Recover and normal Carly returns. But Darkrai isn’t done with her yet, it appears and takes control of Carly again. She tells Mismagius to attack Green while Red has to face the true boss. >>POKE-BOSS BATTLE<< ==================== DARKRAI (Lv255) Type: Dark Ability: ??? Moves Known: Dark Pulse, Dream Eater, Haze, Nasty Plot Defeat it. Though damaged, Darkrai says a ritual is almost complete. It vanishes without revealing more. Carly is down, unable to see anything. She’s back to normal but it doesn’t look like she will recover. After some final words to Green she is gone. Green is ready to leave, he needs to be alone. End of Bonus Chapter 56 Twisted Fate. Let’s go back to Pumello Island’s eastern beach and tackle the Bonus Chapter there. From where Ursula is located head north and surf up a bit to see a female Swimmer named Marlene near a Dive spot. She asks Red to take a photo and send it to her. Before he can take the photo Marlene is gone (?). Someone shows up, Professor Maple, he tells Red to get out of the water right away and meet him in the Pumello Island PokeCenter. [XX57] BONUS CHAPTER 57 FORGOTTEN PREDATOR ========================================== At the PokeCenter Maple tells us that something ate Marlene, but he doesn’t know what it is and so he hopes Red can help. Head out to Route 15, Red and Maple see a school of Magikarp. Then one by one they start to vanish. It dawns on Red that maybe something is eating them! When two remain, go into the water and approach each of them. They’ll disappear as well and we finally meet what got them: >>POKE-BOSS BATTLE<< ==================== [040xiv] KINGKARP (Lv150) Type: Water Ability: Swift Swim Moves Known: Dragon Dance, Rain Dance, Hydro Pump, Hyper Beam Defeat it. Where are all those Fishermen who’ve told players over the years to bring a big Magikarp fished up by the Fishing Rod they give us?? Here it is! Sort of, xD. Meet Magikarp’s massive ancestor Kingkarp. After a brief history lesson from Maple we can either catch it or kill it. Your move. Maple supposes that Kingkarp came to the surface to avoid a bigger predator from the ocean floor where it had been all this time. But with Kingkarp gone, will that bigger predator appear as well…? End of Bonus Chapter 57 Forgotten Predator. Odd thing to note: back at the PokeCenter, Mizzi and the Pidgeot Master are now absent. What’s up with that? Go back to the Dive spot where we saw Marlene and let’s explore the ocean floor. [rt15u] ROUTE 15 (Underwater Remix) —————- Pokemon Found (Levels: 78-100) …………. Remoraid[O] {Water/Steel} Gorebyss[O] {Water/Dark} Huntail[O] {Water/Fairy} Swim south, on the way we see that big predator go by – Kyogre!! Now we know what we’re dealing with, gird yourself! Descend the steps and carry on east, finding TM48 Razor Wind and then a female swimmer at the top of the next steps. She’s the Starmie Master. The male Swimmer we meet next, Lewin, mentions seeing a Pokemon summon what could be Kyogre from a ring it threw. What Pokemon is that? Continue to the north side to meet the Lickylick Master. To the right from him is a Rare Candy. Carry on all the way along that path until you can descend some steps that face a path heading south and another path heading further east. The south path leads to a Max Repel and the Kangaskhan Master (could he be that kid from the anime who was raised by Kangaskhan?). The other path leads to the Politoedite Cultist. Back to the Lickylick Master and head south, on the right is Megan who lost her friend Megan because she was eaten by the big whale-like Pokemon we’ve heard about. Down below is Emily near a cave which she says leads to a room that has a tablet written in (yup, you guessed it) Braille. The relationship between Braille and the ROMhack world runs deep, never forget that next time you play a hack and there’s a Braille code or message to be deciphered haha. Underwater Cave ————— Pokemon Found (Levels: 87-100) …………. Krocki {Ground/Water} Remoraid[O] {Water/Steel} Resurface from the center of the room. Next area swim up to find the tablet: IN THISS SEAL ST,EST AND LA ORD,NTH AND W NLEASHSEAL AN C NMBCTHE TIT Even when some Braille messages don’t make much sense to you, never forget 🙂 Reading that will summon Regice! Nice surprise 🙂 catch it if you can. >>LEGENDARY BATTLE<< ==================== [040xv] REGICE (Lv150) Ability: Clear Body Moves Known: Zap Cannon, Ice Beam, Hammer Arm, Hyper Beam Return to the cave, exit and carry on east so we can square off against the big boss of this floor. It can be caught, good luck. >>LEGENDARY BATTLE<< ==================== [040xvi] KYOGRE (Lv150) Ability: Drizzle Moves Known: Aqual Tail, Sheer Cold, Thunder, Hydro Pump Afterwards, we hear laughter coming from above us – a new Pokemon. Same one which released Kyogre out here?? Hmm. We’re done, return to the surface and for our next Bonus Chapter we visit Sudachi Island. In the Gate connecting the island to Route 15 speak to Almond to learn a bit about Sudachi, the ancient people worshipped a deity called Dark Fog. Almost hidden by the plant on the right is the Charizardite X Cultist. [040d] SUDACHI ISLAND – “The Island of Lost Secrets.” ===================== Places of Interest ……………… – PokeCenter – PokeMart – Sudachi Cave – Sallie’s House Pokemon Found (Levels: 84-100) …………. Unown Misdreavus Wobbuffet Gyarados[O] {Water/Dragon} [Fishing] Carvanha[O] {Water/Ground} [Fishing] Chimchar Doduo[O] {Normal/Flying} Rapidash[O] {Ice} Ponyta[O] {Ice} Bergmite {Ice} Remoraid [water’s edge, Surf] Remoraid[O] {Water/Steel} [water’s edge] Gemini {Normal/Dark} In the grass north from the Gate is the first Trainer, Satun. Nerd Saturn (Lv122 all Huntail, Tangrowth) Prize: P1952 **BATTLE NOTES: Tangrowth evolves from Tangela at Lv40 after teaching it Ancientpower. Dotted around the island are monoliths which tell the tale of the 3 warriors who faught against this Dark Fog. Climb up the hill on the left to meet Jesis for a Double Battle. Nerd Jesis (Lv122 all Luxray & Gleesy) Prize: P3904 **BATTLE NOTES: Gleesy (Normal/Fairy) evolves from Chansey at Lv35. Descend the hill and climb the rock mound behind the first 2 monoliths, you’ll see TM108 Fissure. Go along the path on the right, moving aside the boulders and circle round to a Priest and TM99 Dazzle near him. Continue all the way to a mini boulder puzzle and beyond that is a monolith which has clearly seen better days. The story it tells is incomplete, as Red wonders why a hole opens beneath him and he falls through. [XX58] BONUS CHAPTER 58 NIGHTMARE EATER ======================================= Sudachi Cave ———— Pokemon Found (Levels: 87-100) …………. Nidoking[O] {Poison/Fire} Nidoqueen[O] {Poison} Gemini {Normal/Dark} Haunter Gengar Slowking Slowpoke Huntail[O] {Water/Fairy} (Fishing, Surf) Girafarig[B] {Normal/Dark} The path goes all the way to the west where there’s a boulder puzzle to be solved. After that climb to the top of the rock mound to pick up a Rare Candy. Descend and continue east then south to another boulder puzzle. The item on the left is a Skull Fossil and on the right is a Sun Stone. On the left is a pool with a rock platform in the middle. At the top is a broken piece of the monolith that continues the tale, revealing that the warriors didn’t defeat Dark Fog but sealed it in a PokeBall. A green fairy Pokemon appeared from a portal and transported the warriors away before they could be asked about the PokeBall. It suddenly appears in front of Red and Dark Fog come out, free at last. Not too happy about being trapped in there for over a 1000 years, who could blame it? Red gets a vision of Blue, Green and himself attacking Dark Fog with their respective Kanto Starters. Ahh, so that’s why it is upset. Fair enough. It can be captured. >>POKE-BOSS BATTLE<< ==================== [040xvii] DARK FOG (Lv150) Type: Dark/Poison Ability: Levitate Moves Known: Dark Pulse, Destiny Bond, Hex, Nightmare A new pathway opens up on the left, follow it to another boulder puzzle and climb the rock mound to find TM104 Egg Bomb, and the Armor Fossil. Descend and continue east, passing an unreachable item, to find statues of Blue, Green and Red (!?). End of Bonus Chapter 58 Nightmare Eater. The 2 Fossils give us these 2 Pokemon once we pay Cinnabar Island a visit: SHIELDON (Lv40) Type: Rock/Steel Ability: Soundproof Moves Known: Swagger, Ancientpower, Earthquake, Endure CRANIDOS (Lv40) Type: Rock Ability: Sheer Force Moves Known: Assurance, Rock Slide, Ancientpower, Earthquake There’s a brief description of the statues, these are the warriors we’ve been reading about and it is said they came from the future. Time travel and manipulation and dark powers, are they the themes of this Expansion Pass update or what? The exit is just to the south, outside turn left and Red jumps down. We’re back near the first monoliths, let’s continue exploring this island. Head north from Nerd Jesis to Double Battler Lilif. Nerd Lilif (Lv22 all Eelektross & Nidoking) Prize: P3904 Further north is Sudachi town. In the first house we can enter there’s Rick who tells us about a haunted house nearby called Sallie’s House, apparently haunted by Sallie. After dealing with Dark Fog, I think we can handle Sallie…right? On the left is an X Defend. Outside you’ll see the Ninetales Master on the far left. June lives in the Ding Residence, tells us that a family moved into Sallie’s House and haven’t encountered the ghost. Yet 🙂 SUDACHI MART ———— PokeBall P200 Great Ball P600 Ultra Ball P1200 Net Ball P1000 Dive Ball P1000 Nest Ball P1000 Repeat Ball P1000 Timer Ball P1000 Luxury Ball P1000 Premier Ball P1000 Hyper Potion P1200 Max Potion P2500 Full Restore P3000 Full Heal P600 Max Ether P2000 Max Elixir P4500 Max Revive P4000 Max Repel P700 X Attack P500 X Defend P550 X Speed P350 X Accuracy P950 X Special P350 Guard Spec. P700 Dire Hit P650 HP Up P9800 Protein P9800 Iron P9800 Carbos P9800 Calcium P9800 PP Up P9800 Zinc P9800 PP Max P9800 PokeDoll P1000 On the right from the PokeCenter is TM59 Assurance and beyond the trees is the Gyaradosite Cultist. In the PokeCenter is the Rhydon Master on the left. Proceed north of town to find Odelia and Narelle the Double Battlers. Camper Odelia (Lv124 Magmortar & Lv44 Mienshao) Prize: P5760 Swimmer[F] Narelle (Lv130 all Butterfree[O] & Beedrill[O]) Prize: P5200 **BATTLE NOTES: Beedrill[O] is a Bug/Fire-type and Butterfree[O] is Bug/Psychic. She tells us that Tangerine Island is east from here. Noted. Swimming below from her is the Victreebel Master. Floating in the water on the left side is a Big Pearl. Then we touch down on Tang Tang Island and see Sallie’s House, now occupied by the Westwood Family. On the right is TM77 Psych Up. Come here at night (from 7pm onwards) because the house is locked in the daytime. In front of the door Red notes that it is getting chilly and has to find a place to stay. A little laughing girl appears from nowhere and rushes into the house. Who, what, where?? [XX59] BONUS CHAPTER 59 HAUNTED HOUSE ===================================== We meet the girl again inside, she runs on ahead and disappears. Move up and head upstairs, check each room for her and then come back to the main room downstairs. The girl appears near the steps and Red asks where her parents are but she only runs away laughing. This brings down the Westwoods, thinking Red is a thief…but father of the house Daren recognises him and everything is cool. They are big fans. Youngest Westwood Carl asks his parents if he can show Red his friend Sallie, but mom Hayley and Daren think that’s just his imaginary friend. Carl believes she’s real, since she plays with him every night. Red flags everywhere xD. Red tells the family that he followed their daughter here…except that according to Daren they don’t have a daughter… Must be fatigue or Red imagining things. He’s invited for dinner and afterwards Daren offers him the guest room for the night. Again Carl brings up Sallie but Hayley shuts that down. Leave the dining room, enter the room on the left and sleep. Carl and Sallie sound like they’re having a good time somewhere in the house. Red wakes up, leave the room and descend the steps on the right to find Carl. He says he’s talking to Sallie, but there’s nobody else with him (?). Then Hayley screams from elsewhere. Go the bedroom to the left of the guest room, we’ll see Hayley and a white Gengar attacking Daren! Defeat it! >>POKE-BOSS BATTLE<< ==================== [040xviii] GENGAR HAL (Lv150) Type: Ghost Ability: Insomnia Moves Known: Dark Pulse, Hex, Destiny Bond, Nightmare The parents don’t know what that was, while Red thinks that was Sallie. Hayley runs out to check on Carl and Daren is too injured leave. Go back to where we found Carl, this time that Gengar Hal has Carl above an open portal! Carl is dropped into it, Gengar Hal follows and you have a choice to make: jump in after them or not. If Red doesn’t jump in the portal closes, Carl is lost and the Bonus Chapter ends with the Westwoods no longer wanting anything to do with Red. So into the abyss we go. It is blacker than the blackest black x infinity here. We see Gengar Hal and Carl, go south after them and reach a house that’s about to go up in flames. There is a trio of Cultists, a woman, a girl and a man. Cipher is the password one of the Cultists uses to be granted entry into the house, #1 & #2 go in but #3 remains and notices Red. Double Battle. Occult Grunt (Lv132 Flydra & Lv143 Scizor) Prize: P5720 **BATTLE NOTES: Seadra evolves into Flydra {Dragon/Flying} via Ice Stone. #3 goes into the house. We can’t talk to the woman and the children. Inside the house it is raining and a Cultist can be seen on the left. Magma Leader Grunt (Lv143 Arbok 8) Prize: P11440 Continue north to another Cultist on the right. Occult Grunt (Lv134 Arbok 6) Prize: P2680 Up the steps and turn right. Bug Catcher Grunt (Lv143 Arbok 3) Prize: P1716 There’s a Max Repel further right. Descend the steps. Occult Grunt (Lv134 Arbok 10) Prize: P2680 There is a descending stairway just below, we’ll come back for it, go to the northeast room where you’ll find Silver Powder and a non-battling Cultist. The one on the left side of the room though… Occult Grunt (Lv145 Arbok 2) Prize: P2900 Backtrack west from the Bug Catcher Grunt and go north. Occult Grunt (Lv143 Arbok 9) Prize: P2860 On the left side is TM90 Substitute. Now go for the descending stairway. We appear just in time to see Cultist #1 being sacrificed (!) and for a moment there’s no problem, then the sacrifice fails because Cultist #1 was not a virgin after all. The remaining Cultists burst into flames. Harsh. Red reappears in the house, the rain is gone, we see the woman telling the man that she doesn’t feel comfortable being here because of a sense of being watched. They’ve just moved in here though so the man isn’t too happy about moving out. The little girl comes in, wanting to know why her parents are fighting. Same laughing girl from before. Red asks where Carl is but he gets ignored and then he’s outside the house again. Turns out the little girl is named Jennifer, not Sallie. Her mom tells her that they need to go even though Jennifer is upset…next thing the woman is dragged into the house things go south for her. She tells her husband Geoff to leave with Jennifer. Those are Sallie’s last words. Carl and Gengar Hal appear, Red is told by Carl that Gengar Hal is a demon. Gengar Hal is only interested in Carl so it tells Red to go into the house, he’ll be sent back to the human world. Red refuses and sends Carl into the house. Gengar Hal identifies herself as Sallie and says that she isn’t what’s haunting the house – there’s something much stronger doing that and Sallie has been keeping it at bay. Before she can reveal what that something is, her memories disappear and Gengar remains. Red hears something and returns to the human world. The Westwoods are safe and sound but it would be best if they moved. Red leaves and later on while Carl is asleep Hayley and Daren show their real colours: they were going to sacrifice Carl but didn’t know about Sallie. Now that Red got rid of it, there’s nothing in the way of the ritual. Carl wakes up just in time to see the summoned Cipher and… End of Bonus Chapter 59 Haunted House. So we would’ve gotten bad endings either way, dang. Go back to the house…or where the house used to be because it’s gone now! In its place is that Gengar, which can be caught now. Maybe Red not knowing is for the best… Prepare if you need to and then we will surf east for Tangerine Island. [040e] TANGERINE ISLAND – “The Island of Punishment & Divine ======================= Intervention.” Places of Interest ……………… Tangerine Prison Pokemon Found (Levels: 87-100) …………. Sharpedo[O] {Water/Ground} [Fishing] Tentacruel [Fishing] Gyarados[O] {Water/Dragon} [Surf] Carvanha[O] {Water/Ground} [Surf] First person we see is Kari. Swimmer[F] Kari (Lv154 Raticate, Lv134 Arbok[O]) Prize: P2680 **BATTLE NOTES: Arbok[O] is a Poison/Water-type. Then there’s Jamie before we reach land. Swimmer[F] Jamie (Lv150 all Dewgong, Noctowl) Prize: P2400 Officer Jenny is on duty, tells us that there’s a prison on this island. Home of the worst of the worst. Shiva is on the right but only offers a one way teleportation to the main Orange Islands. The other officer on duty is Henry, he’s got time for a match. Officer Henry (Lv150 all Chesnaught, Gumshoos) Prize: P5400 Up the steps for a pair of Jennys. Officer Jenny (Lv150 all Pidgeot, Aurorus) Prize: P5400 Officer Jenny (Lv150 all Sandslash, Stunfisk) Prize: P5400 Climb the steps on the left of the first Jenny and go along that path as it goes north to TM103 Tempest. The item seen below on the right is TM63 Endeavor and the fellow seen below on the left is the Muk Master. North from Jenny you’ll find the Pikachunite X Cultist, a PP Max and the Pikachunite Y Cultist. Come back down and head north after passing Jenny #2, we see another Officer Henry, turn left and before speaking to the next Jenny go up along the narrow way to pick up Myth Book 1, great. Youngster Jenny (Lv150 all Seismitoad, Talonflame, Mrs. Mime) Prize: P2400 She’s all that stands between us and Tangerine Prison, cue that Bonus Chapter theme. [XX60] BONUS CHAPTER 60 CISSY’S TRIAL ===================================== I was about to ask if any of you are also getting vibes of the Impel Down arc from the manga/anime series One Piece but according to Jenny on the left this place just so happens to be also known as Impel Down, ha! Jenny up top is glad to see Red here for the trial, it hasn’t started yet so we got time to explore the lower level. First Jenny wants to pat us down. Officer Jenny (Lv150 all Ariados, Lanturn, Sceptile) Prize: P5400 Only 3 cells are the ones we’re here to check, the rest are occupied by infamous killers. For a moment I thought there would be multiple levels here like Impel Down, dang. First cell on the bottom has Tesla, that fine woman who stirred up a lot of trouble for us. She tries to upset Red by reminding him of what happened to Pink and Mayla but he reminds her that she’s going to stuck in that cell for the rest of her life. Third cell on the top has Rudy…well, what’s left of him. He has lost his mind thanks to not being able to handle the reality of life imprisonment. Next to Tesla is Cissy’s cell. She is aware of Red being here to testify but she believes she deserves to be punished and has nothing more to say to him. Return to the main floor and when you’re ready speak to north Jenny. In the courtroom you can speak to the people before moving to the front for the proceedings to begin. Judge Rudy is in session. First defendant on trial is found guilty for stopping work on this hack. Swift justice xD. Next up is Cissy. She confirms that she knew about the connections between the Pokemon Association and Team Rocket as well as being a Team Rocket member. She was also in charge of the Pokemon Black Market. Red takes the stand. Cissy had Phoenix Wright questioning her but Red gets the other guy, Dragon Rong. Only for one question before Wright takes over and asks him if Cissy is good or bad. Red says she’s not a bad person, much to the surprise of everyone. She saved Red and his friends and fought the Pokemon Association and Team Rocket. Judge Rudy still finds Cissy guilty and she must attend 100 hours of the reform program, do 800 hours of community service and no more Gym Leader duty for her now that she’s got a criminal record. Cissy thanks Red. He hasn’t forgiven her for what happened to Grey’s Pokemon…but then Cissy reveals that his Pokemon is still alive! Before Red can get more information Cissy is led away. If Red ever visits Kalos he’ll find Cissy there, for now though… End of Bonus Chapter 60 Cissy’s Trial. Make room for one in your party, that slot will be occupied soon. We are headed southeast of Hamlin Island for Mirage Island. Don’t worry about the whirlpools in the way, you’ll get through them as if your Pokemon know the move. [040f] MIRAGE ISLAND – “The Island of Illusions and Mirages.” ==================== Pokemon Found (Levels: 3-254) …………. Unown (everywhere) At the top of the steps Red notes that this place wasn’t here before. He approaches a woman standing ahead, her name is Milly. It’s been a while since she last saw a visitor. If Red wants to know more about the island he’ll have to follow her. Go southeast to the only temple-like structure we can enter. Inside Milly is waiting, continue after her. How does she know his name?? [XX61] BONUS CHAPTER 61 TIMEKEEPER ================================== The corridor heads northwest to a set of steps, as you climb them Red has a vision which shows Yellow, Green and Blue talking about saving someone (Red?). After climbing another set he gets another vision, this one is of Green winning the Indigo League instead of Red. Huh. Turn right and descend the steps there to find a Dark Crest, a curious item which draws out a certain Pokemon’s dark power. Back up and go to climb the steps on the far left. Vision #3 shows Blue and Yellow and something terrible has just happened to Green. Blue tells Yellow to run. Just before climbing the next steps, there’s a 4th vision. In it Yellow is scared of Red, and soon after that he attacks her. What the..? Step through the doorway on the left and see Red back in Pallet Town. It’s the past because he sees little girl Blue searching for her parents. Milly is here too, warning Red not to do anything because his actions will alter reality. We return to the present and Milly tells us the other name of this island – the Island of Lost Time. Been there from the beginning of the universe but time is frozen here which explains why Milly the multi-millennial is still so youthful. Without her around time would overlap. Follow her all the way to another open doorway up top. Back in the past. Hoopa is trying to take over the island in order to bring back Cipher. Milly’s mom Judas has tried to stop Hoopa but fails. Regigigas is summoned alongside Hoopa. The man remaining with Milly, Gunther, tries to escape with her but Darkrai appears and does away with him. Milly manages to run off. Hoopa says Jirachi will deal with her. Back to the present. Red now knows what happened to the island and still Milly could not act because of being the Timekeeper and all. Follow her once more for another time jump. We go back to the scene between Pink and Brown. Ahh damn, you know where this is going. Red won’t stand aside this time, he wants to intervene. THe almighty question comes up: do you want to intervene or not? Here we go… – If Red Doesn’t Intervene – —————————- The scene plays out the same way it did and Pink’s fate is sealed. Back to the present. Red still blames himself for what happened to Pink. Follow Milly again through another doorway and we pop up for another dose of deep feels. It’s the scene of Red and his Mom in the Rock Tunnel. Milly asks present Red if he wants to speak to Mayla, although it will affect the timeline. Red declines. Back to the present. Red asks Milly why she has been showing him all this, she shows him Cipher! It defeated the God of Life, shattered the egg from which it was going to be reborn and each of those shards scattered into different dimensions. Each shard became Arceus. Cipher has been destroying the shards from dimension to dimension to prevent the return of the God of Life if the shards are gathered up. What Milly is showing Red is a future where Cipher wins. Cipher’s servant is called forth – Red! Milly says that is what will happen if Red goes down the path of greed and selfishness. She also reveals that Red has been here before (!) when he was here previosly he changed the timeline to secure his victory at the Indigo League (!!). Remember Super Red from the Celadon Cave? With the Lv255 team? Yeah, turns out now that he’s Red from the other timeline. Crazy huh? The timeline altering is what guaranteed Cipher’s win. Now that Red has a chance to make things right, Milly gives him a mirage of Mew. MEW MIRAGE (Lv150) Type: ???/GLT Ability: Serene Grace Moves Known: Mimic, Baton Pass, Nasty Plot, Aura Sphere Make the right choice she tells him. End of Bonus Chapter 61 Timekeeper. – If Red Intervenes – ——————— Though Red wants to save Pink, Milly says he has made the wrong choice again. Cue that unexpected battle theme! >>UNEXPECTED BATTLE<< ===================== Timekeeper Milly (Lv150 Rodan, Mothra, Ghidorah, Zilla) Prize: P2400 RODAN Type: Fire/Flying Ability: Flame Body Moves Known: Heat Rage, Shadow Claw, Flare Blitz, Giga Impact MOTHRA Type: Bug/Fairy Ability: Effect Spore Moves Known: Quiver Dance, Moonblast, Hurricane, Sky Attack GHIDORAH Type: Electric/Dragon Ability: Intimidate or Regenerator Moves Known: Crunch, Thunder, Outrage, Hyper Voice ZILLA Type: Water/Ground Ability: Intimidate Moves Known: Earthquake, Stone Edge, Hyper Beam, Giga Impact Despite Milly’s warnings, Red doesn’t care and hops down to face Brown. >>ANOTHER UNEXPECTED BATTLE<< ============================= Trainer Brown (Lv75 Stunpuff[E], Magcargo, Aquarius, Tangelor, Kadabra[O], Duskbell Prize: P6000 **BATTLE NOTES: Kadabra[O] is pure Fighting. Duskbell is pure Dark. Brown leaves and just after Pink thanks Red everything goes white. Milly says his actions have ruined the lives of 4 people that he knows: Geuron didn’t defect from the Pokemon Association and died on Pumello Island during that event…which leaves his daughter an orphan now. Rudy, Blue and Looker are also dead in this timeline. Red will not set foot on Mirage Island again. Beyond heavy stuff right there. End of Bonus Chapter 61 Timekeeper. Red reappears in his room. There’s a glitch here, you’ll see Mayla standing by the stairs. If you try to talk to her the game freezes. If she isn’t there then you’re lucky, no glitch, but if she’s there you should go to Red’s bed and sleep. When you wake up you’ll be able to pass through Mayla and go downstairs. Outside we see Pink, she thanks Red for saving her. It’s when Red asks if she has spoken to Brown that he finds out that Brown is dead. Pink leaves, she’ll be outside the PokeCenter and says that a dark voice keeps telling her that she shouldn’t be there. Go to Blue’s house, Pink shows up and isn’t sure why she’s here. She’s been having nightmares and feels like she took something away from Blue. Suddenly Pink is in pain and remembers Rind Island, where she died, and leaves to go there. [XX61B] BONUS CHAPTER 61B UNTOLD TRUTH ====================================== Make your way back to Rind Island and to the pit where Pink was killed. If you’ve forgotten how to get here hit CTRL F, search [035] Rind Island and scroll through that. Even while Red acts like Pink doesn’t know what she’s talking about, she has remembered everything thanks to that voice she keeps hearing. Red tells her the truth, he didn’t know about how Blue and the others would end up dying. Pink somehow blames herself for this and although she’s grateful to Red for saving her, she will not speak to him again. You’re welcome…? End of Bonus Chapter 61B Untold Truth. Despite that super sour ending, it is still possible to continue the Timekeeper Bonus Chapter. Return to Mirage Island, back to Milly’s building and go straight to the doorway up top. Don’t talk to the Milly whom you’ll find on the way up there, the game will freeze if you do. Up top go through the doorway and we’ll replay from when Milly shows Red the Rock Tunnel scene right up to the end of the Bonus Chapter. Speak to Milly. Red asks her how she got rid of the Wicked Deities that attacked in the past. She says the answer to that is in the Mirage Tower which is to the north from here, and Mew Mirage is the key to get there. From one Bonus Chapter to another. Seamless 🙂 [XX62] BONUS CHAPTER 62 MIRAGE TOWER ==================================== Milly also adds that she doesn’t feel the seal anymore and wonders if “it” has escaped. Which IT is that..? Exit the building and head north for the big building. Mew creates an entrance and we can step through. 1F Inside go to the north wall with the Big Brother eye and get a story: The Sages battled against the Wicked Deities Jirachi, Hoopa and Darkrai and won…at the cost of their own lives. A ladder appears, climb it. 2F Move up a few steps and look to the right, you’ll see an opening in the wall. Looks like a narrow space you can walk through to get to the north room. Interact with the northern wall there: A false priest summoned the Wicked Deities. They fed on his greed and lust for power, grew stronger and got rid of him. A ladder appears in the south room. 3F Red finds an unknown person here. They too note that “it” has escaped and then disappear. Use Strength to move the boulders out of the way as you head north. That person is there, revealing that they are one of the Sages. 6 Sages died to summon the Light Deities Meloetta, Cresselia and Diancie. Meloetta and Jirachi moved to an unknown dimension, Cresselia sealed Darkrai in the Ghost Realm and Diancie defeated Hoopa before taking a long nap. The Sage disappears, this time they leave behind an opening in the wall. Go in and meet the rest of them. The Sages gave up their lives to seal away Hoopa here but previous Red released Hoopa when he changed the timeline. He tried to capture it but failed. So present time Red has to succeed in catching Hoopa otherwise Cipher will happen. The God of Life appears in a form that is not its original one, just a mirage created by the tower. The Sages give Red a Prison Urn, which he must use to trap Hoopa. Hoopa will sense the Urn once Red leaves the island, he must follow the wormholes to reach Hoopa. End of Bonus Chapter 62 Mirage Tower. There are no wormholes as we leave the island though, were they scrapped before this update was released? To locate Hoopa we return to Route 8 in Kanto, get there from Cerulean. Red is caught in a bright white light. A voice asks if you are not entertained then we meet the troublesome creature. Catch it if you can, don’t let that low level fool you. Also note that the Prison Urn can’t be used, you gotta catch Hoopa the old fashioned way. >>LEGENDARY BATTLE<< ==================== [040xvix] HOOPA (Lv10) Type: Psychic/Ghost Ability: Magic Guard Moves Known: Destiny Bond, Astonish, Hypnosis, Magic Coat Random. Return to the Mirage Tower’s top floor and approach the centre. G.O.D descends, Red assures it that he’ll stop Cipher and after figuring out what he must do it’s battle time. A wild G.O.D. appears 🙂 catch it if you can. >>LEGENDARY BATTLE<< ==================== [040xx] G.O.D. (Lv5) Type: Normal Ability: Wonder Guard Moves Known: Seismic Toss, Cosmic Power There’s a sudden earthquake. Exit the tower, once Red is out we get a little scene of the big eye reacting. Big Brother Cipher is always watching indeed. Not sure what that earthquake has triggered or unlocked, nothing on Mirage Island from the looks of things. [XX63] BONUS CHAPTER 63 NEW HOPE (Continued) ================================ This Bonus Chapter was unresolved in the previous versions of Adventure Red. If you skipped the Orange Arch Saga you’ll have to play through the Voodoo Bonus Chapter and then the New Hope Bonus Chapter. This time after speaking to Prof. Ivy and learning about the Lunar Wing Red is given the Hoenn Ticket. Mount Crystal is on Southern Island. Head for the blimp, destination Hoenn! “””””””””””””” ~HOENN REGION~ “””””””””””””” [040g] SOUTHERN ISLAND (a.k.a EON Island) ====================== Pokemon Found [Levels: 87-100] …………. Kecleon Spoink Tentacool [Fishing] Sharpedo [Surf, Fishing] Carvanha [Surf] Tentacruel [Fishing] Seedot Wurmple Taillow Duskull Cascoon Shuppet Good old Hoenn…well, the very little bit of it we can explore anyway 🙂 Pokemon are in the grass and out of it. Go northwest to find TM119 Hydro Cannon before moving up to the residential area. In the northeast corner of the area is TM118 Blast Burn. The woman named Nola mentions seeing 2 dancing Pokemon which she could not recognise. Continue all the way north to the top of Mt. Crystal and pick up the Lunar Wing. A legendary encounter follows, catch! >>LEGENDARY BATTLE<< ==================== [040xxi] CRESSELIA (Lv150) Type: Psychic/Electric Ability: Levitate Moves Known: Psycho Cut, Lunar Dance, Psychic, Moonblast On the way to the steps, Red stops and calls out the person who has been following him – Alternate Red! He’s been following Red since Kanto! He reveals that originally it was Green who won the Indigo League and Blue won the Orange League (really? xD! She didn’t go there just for a vacation?). Alt Red did what he did so that he/both Reds could win the League and make Mom proud. Get ready, it’s Red vs Red and he’s still got a super team! >>TRAINER BATTLE<< ================== Trainer Red (Lv255 all Pika, Charizard, Venusaur, Snorlax, Blastoise, Omnion) Prize: P20400 **BATTLE NOTES: Pika holds a PikachuniteX. Snorlax holds Leftovers. Charizard holds a CharizardY. Venusaur holds a VenusauriteY. Blastoise holds a BlastoisnitY. Not sure if Omnion {???/GLT maybe?} is holding an Item, it has the Wonder Guard Ability and knows Necromancy. Red knows that killing Alt Red won’t change things or bring Mayla back so he doesn’t do it. Alt Red warns him that Cipher’s revival is imminent and disappears. Many thanks to Alt Red for getting us in this mess in the first place hahaha, what happened to just being silent Red who stands at the top of dangerous mountains waiting for challengers?? Descend Mt. Crystal and head southwest from the residential area. We got the Lunar Wing but there’s one more Bonus Chapter to be done here before we leave Hoenn. Follow that path as it goes south, picking up TM120 Frenzy Plant on the way, until we see an old man named Reginald. He tells Red a story about two lovers who were caught in a war between their homes Southern and Northern Islands. After the war they were buried on this island. [XX64] BONUS CHAPTER 64 STAR CROSSED LOVERS =========================================== Reginald leaves, we continue moving. The path turns east, keep an eye on the south side for an item – Myth Book 4, then take the first north turn to find the resting place of Damon and Katherine. Red sees some dirt on the gravestone and while trying to clean it off he is attacked by the first of two legendaries that appear here. Both can be caught. >>LEGENDARY BATTLES<< ===================== [040xxii] LATIOS (Lv150) Type: Dragon Psychic Ability: Levitate Moves Known: Heal Pulse, Magic Coat, Dragon Pulse, Mememnto [040xxiii] LATIAS (Lv150) Type: Dragon Psychic Ability: Levitate Moves Known: Heal Pulse, Magic Coat, Dragon Pulse, Healing Wish Red doesn’t understand why they attacked him. Reginald reappears to congratulate him, he saw what happened. Red leaves and we get a scene of Reginald revealing that he’s been around for quite a WHILE because of a promise. Now he’s ready to move on since he no longer has to continue his task. End of Bonus Chapter 64 Star Crossed Lovers. And that’s how we end our brief time in Hoenn. Back to the blimp and back to Valencia Island so we can wake up Sougo. Go to him, Red uses the Lunar Wing and Sougo’s long nap finally ends. Hallelujah! End of Bonus Chapter 63 New Hope (Continued). I don’t know if this is happening to you as well but I’m noticing that some of the Master Trainers that we have met are now gone from their spots. Even Grey is no longer in the Pallet Town PokeCenter and in order to play the follow up Bonus Chapter after Cissy’s Trial we need to talk to him. I’m not sure what’s up. I will be covering that Bonus Chapter next, with help from a video by Youtuber Mysterious Blaziken. [XX65] BONUS CHAPTER 65 NEW LEADS ================================= If you’re lucky enough to find Grey in the PokeCenter, speak to him. Red reveals that his Pokemon are still alive! Grey leaves for Mikan Island, Red says they should go to the Mikan Gym since that’s where Grey lost them. Once back at the Gym make your way through the dark to the northside doorway, in the next area continue north to another doorway and in the third room Red finds a stranger named Renee, the new Mikan Gym Leader. On the table behind her are Grey’s Pokemon but she won’t just hand them back to him, she says she has to hand them over to the police (following protocol and such…). It’ll be months before Grey is confirmed to be their Trainer if she does that….or Red defeats Renee here and now to get those Pokemon back for Grey. Be ready, she’s strong. >>TRAINER BATTLE<< ================== Pokemon Breeder Renee (Lv255 all Shiinotic, Tangrowth, Tangelor) Prize: P7140 At first what Grey finds on the table are empty PokeBalls, then Renee finally gives the Pokemon back. But they’re not his actual Pokemon. Another twisted joke by Renee. Really, that’s it? End of Bonus Chapter 65 New Leads. The last thing Renee has to say is that the Board of Directors are planning to replace Gyms with Trials. How original of them 🙂 on to the next Bonus Chapter, this one I can play through at least. We’re off to Tarroco Island. In the Gate leading to it we’ll learn from Sassouri that there’s a village on the island known as Flowerbud Village, home to people with family issues. The Gengarite Cultist is present too. [040h] TARROCO ISLAND – The Island of Dysfunctional Families.” ===================== Places of Interest ……………… – Flowerbud Village – PokeCenter – Mayor House – Tarroco Island Ranch – Tarroco Island Square – Tarroco Island Market – Tarroco Island Beach – Tarroco Island Florist – Tarroco Island Bar – Tarroco Island Vineyard – Tarroco Island Hill Pokemon Found (Levels: 87-100) …………. Ponyta Magmar Electabuzz Heracross Miltank Pinsir A lot going on here in Flowerbud Village, let’s hope that’s a good sign haha. To the south from the Gate is old man Injin, the resident one-man PokeMart: Antidote P100 Burn Heal P250 Ice Heal P250 Ice Heal P350 Awakening P250 Paralyz Heal P200 Max Potion P2500 Hyper Potion P1200 Super Potion P700 Revive P1500 Max Revive P4000 Energy Root P800 Heal Powder P450 Revival Herb P2800 Ether P1200 Max Ether P2000 Elixir P3000 Max Elixir P4500 Northwest side of town has the Mayor’s House, we’ll see Postman Harris drop off a package for Mary and she gives him a gift. You can go in and chat with the Mayor and his wife. West side has the PokeCenter, there’s Nurse Joy who has a Gleesy to give away if you can make room in your party. Lv150, holds a Lucky Egg. There’s also a Glalitite Cultist. Southwest has the Tarroco Island Ranch. That’s Gray standing among the flowers, he is silent at first but he’ll ask Red for help. Hours later a Nurse named Popuri shows up after seeing the flowers. In the end Gray and Popuri hook up. In the Ranch house there’s Doug the ranch owner. He has 3 baby Pokemon that were born deformed which we can have. He says 3 but there are 5 PokeBalls on the table and we can take all of them if the party space is available. Here are the Pokemon from left to right: MEOWSY (Lv10) Type: Normal Ability: Pickup Moves Known: Scratch, Growl, Bite, Fake Out CHIKS (Lv10) Type: Normal/Flying Ability: Early Bird Moves Known: Peck, Growl, Quick Attack, Rage PONI (Lv10) Type: Fire Ability: Flame Body Moves Known: Growl, Tackle, Tail Whip, Ember GRIMEY (Lv10) Type: Poison Ability: Stench Moves Known: Poison Gas, Harden, Pound, Mud-Slap POOCHY (Lv10) Type: Fire Ability: Flash Fire Moves Known: Roar, Ember, Leer, Odor Sleuth Having played Pokemon Clover a couple of months ago, I’m getting some familiar vibes from this baby squad haha. Chiks especially reminds me of a creature known as a Memenace from that game. At the center of things is the Tarroco Island Market where you can buy a wide variety of Mega Stones for P5000 each. East from the Market is the Bar, one of the patrons is the Altarianite Cultist. This is also where we pick up Myth Book 3. **MYTH BOOK NOTE: There are only 4 Myth Books. You go with them to the Cinnabar Island Science Lab and speak to a scientist named Almyra (he’s standing in the upper side of the room, the place is still dark). We got books and so what’s left is to find the right Pokemon for the fusion process. The 4 Pokemon we can get as a result of fusion are Zekyuram, Cukazam, Peryton and Beedot. I don’t know where Zekrom and Kyurem are in the game but Cubone, Alakazam, Porygon, Magneton, Beedrill and Seedot are available. If you’re interested in this fusion feature, now you know where to go when you have the proper Pokemon. East from the Bar are steps leading up to the Vineyard, approach them to trigger a scene: a man named Kai wants a woman named Karen to make up with her father but she says he doesn’t care about her and should focus on reviving the vineyard. She’s going to leave the island. After they separate, return to the Bar to find Karen drinking her troubles away. Kai tries to help but Karen leaves. Kai asks Red for help: in order to revive the vineyard some legendary assistance will be required – Celebi! It has been seen in Johto’s Ilex Forest. Kai gives Red a Johto Ticket and says he’ll wait for him back at the Vineyard. Make sure to have a Pikachu or Raichu in your party and head for the blimp, destination Johto! [XX66] BONUS CHAPTER 66 TIME PASSENGER ====================================== “””””””””””””” ~JOHTO REGION~ “””””””””””””” [040i] ILEX FOREST ================== Pokemon Found (Levels: 88-100) …………. Stantler Smeargle Skiploom Hoppip Natu As Red checks this classic place out, a familiar old face shows up. He recognises Red from TV and introduces himself – Pryce! He’s here looking for something that he lost ages ago, Red offers to help find it (we don’t find that thing, just so you know). Follow the path north, on the way we’ll see a woman named Taylor who saw a Pichu with a notched ear emerge from the Ilex Forest Shrine. It ran away from her when she tried to approach. Taylor thinks maybe if she had a Pikachu or Raichu it wouldn’t be afraid. Continue east after Taylor, you’ll find a Fire Stone before reaching the Shrine. In Mysterious Blaziken’s video there is supposed to be a Trainer named Kenny standing before we get to the Fire Stone. Kenny is actually Alternate Red and a battle follows. There is no Kenny as I’m passing through here. A Kimono Girl stands before the Shrine and asks Red if he’s looking for Celebi. She reveals that her ancestors constructed this Shrine because they worshipped Celebi. It is believed that the Shrine can repel evil spirits, but she knows that Red isn’t here for that but to seek Celebi’s time travelling powers. Her name is Yumiko and lives in Ecruteak with her 21 daughters (?!) Twenty One?! After she leaves, approach the Shrine. That notched ear Pichu comes out of it and the Pikachu or Raichu in our party has a brief verbal exchange with it before Pichu jumps back into the Shrine. Pikachu/Raichu follows after it, Red too. He appears in another place, not sure where he is until he sees a much younger Blue and her friend Silver. They’ve fled from somewhere but are soon joined by a younger Karen who wants to harm them since they are defecting. Another child named Will arrives, one of the Masked Children, and we battle him. He wants to keep this secret base hidden. >>TRAINER BATTLE<< ================== Masked Child Will (Lv100 all Natu, Exeggcute, Kirlia) Prize: P1600 After the battle Red suddenly vanishes from this time period, while he’s gone something has happened to Karen. In the next scene Red sees a little boy who has chased away a Salamence to protect a little girl. Then Red is sent to another period, he appears in his house. When you try to exit the house, Mayla walks in and thinks Red is a stranger. Kid Red comes downstairs, asking who Red is. Then Red’s father arrives. Them feels…Red returns to the present together with Pikachu/Raichu and Pichu. Celebi appears too and is willing to lend us its power. Celebi joins the party! *cue JRPG party joining theme* [040xxiv] CELEBI (Lv150) Type: Psychi/Grass Ability: Natural Cure Moves Known: Future Sight, Healing Wish, Petal Storm, Perish Song End of Bonus Chapter 66 Time Passenger. Speak to Pichu to initiate battle and try to catch it. >>SPECIAL BATTLE<< ================== [040xxv] NOTCH PICHU (Lv100) Type: Electric Ability: Static Moves Known: Discharge, Light Screen, Thunder, Wild Charge Done and done with Johto. Go back to the blimp, Tarroco Island and Kai. Place Celebi in your party then speak to Kai in the Vineyard. While Celebi is working its magic, Karen and her father Gotz show up to find out what’s going on. The vineyard is restored and all is well. Go for the long staircase which is just northeast from Karen’s house. It leads to Tarroco Island Hill and at its summit we find the Doctor from the PokeCenter. He’s here waiting for the Wish Pokemon (!) and soon enough Jirachi descends. Red faces it, catch it if you can. >>LEGENDARY BATTLE<< ==================== [040xxvi] JIRACHI (Lv150) Type: Steel/Psychic Ability: Serene Grace Moves Known: Future Sight, Cosmic Power, Iron Head, Doom Desire Item Held: Star Piece The Doctor asks Jirachi to grant his wish – to have the Night Bloom Flower (?). Not money or power or unlimited wishes?? Jirachi grants the wish, Red asks what the flowers are for but the Doctor doesn’t wish and tell. You can find him at the PokeCenter, speak to his assistant Elli to learn that he proposed to her. Huh, fancy that 🙂 congratulations. To the south from Karen’s home we’ll get another scene between a woman named Ann and a man named Cliff. Ann is bumped into by Cliff and doesn’t get an apology. He leaves, Ann is upset and the scene ends. No idea what that’s about because when you head down that path Ann isn’t there. Carry on to find the Tarroco Island Florist’s place, from it emerges that Gray guy and Popuri. Gray was there to buy flowers. Inside speak to Lillia if you’re looking for Berries to buy, among other goodies: Berry Juice P100 Gracidea P10000 Big Mushroom P5000 Lemonade P350 Revival Herb P2800 Energy Root P800 Further south is Tarroco Island Beach, where we see Kai and Karen. Karen may have figured out that Kai digs her and has decided to stay on the island. That’s the last scene, we can leave Tarroco now. Next Bonus Chapter continues from a previously unresolved one: Bonus Chapter 53 Hypno Nap Time. According to Mysterious Blaziken there’s a glitch in the new Bonus Chapter so we are advised to SAVE before attempting it. Go to the cemetery, we’ll see an old woman named Jolene trying to convince people that Tamara was murdered by “Elaine”, it wasn’t an accident (?!). Damn, Tamara’s gone?? Elaine makes Jolene out to be a liar and Mayor Howard believes Elaine. [XX67] BONUS CHAPTER 67 ANCIENT RACE ==================================== A few days ago… We get a scene of Tamara and Elaine at home. Tamara wants to leave the house, it’s been some days since she has remained inside. New Elaine grants her that freedom she wants so badly by killing Tamara. Back to Red, go to the northwest side of town and speak to Jolene. Red assures her that he believes her, noticing how Elaine has changed since he saved her. Tamara told Jolene the same thing. Red says they should do some investigating, go into the cave and let’s have a closer look at that old recorder. Red plays it and recognises the voice of the creepy stalker guy from the Hypno Nap Time chapter. Jolene notes the voice of Alan, the other person who was there with Elaine. The stalker guy, it turns out, was trying to save her. After hearing the recording a bit more, Red identifies the wall where the sound is coming from. Go to the portion of the north wall near the rock in the top right corner. An opening is revealed, in the next area Red sees the body of Alan a.k.a the stalker guy and he’s still breathing! Then new Elaine shows up to spoil things. Alan says that Hypno is controlling her. If it wasn’t for Jolene, Hypno would’ve remained attached to Elaine. It separates from Elaine and tries to attack but Red stops it. Jolene, Elaine and Alan leave while we deal with this monster. Defeat it. >>POKE-BOSS BATTLE<< ==================== HYPNO D (Lv150) Type: ??? Ability: ??? Moves Known: Nasty Plot, Zen Headbutt, ???, ??? Despite losing, HypnoD remains positive and takes delight in having been around for a very long time and in the losses people experience. But that’s not enough to save it, HypnoD disappears. Back in town, Mayor Howard doesn’t believe what Elaine and Jolene are telling him about what happened. Alan adds that HypnoD was just a devil which existed among the people for generations, feeding on children. People didn’t believe him, making him out to be a criminal…which Howard does too. No even Red as the Champion helps (he’s still a child). Howard decides to banish Jolene, Elaine and Alan from the island. A few hours later… We see Howard in the cave, meeting a woman named Raven. True colours revealed: Howard is possessed by another entity related to HypnoD. A new body is needed, Raven shows him his next one – Alan. Caught while he was leaving the island. Damn. End of Bonus Chapter 67 Ancient Race. The glitch is a change in sprites. Red’s sprite will be swapped with Howard’s sprite. Luckily this didn’t happen to me, I hope that’s the same for you. [XX68] BONUS CHAPTER 68 FINAL STARDOM ===================================== Not an “official” Bonus Chapter (in terms of having a title screen and all in the game) but it is listed among the Bonus Chapters for this Expansion Pass update. Thanks to Knuckle San from the GBA Hacks site who shared the list with me, it is from Discord. If you’ve done the Road to Stardom Bonus Chapter return to Oak’s Lab. Jigglypuff, who decided to go off on an adventure at the end of that chapter, has come back and is telling Prof. Oak all about it. But she’s not done journeying though, she wants to travel with someone. When Red shows up Jigglypuff chooses him to be its new Trainer, since Oak’s journeying days are long gone xD. JIGGLY MIC (Lv150) Type: Normal/Fairy Ability: Pixilate Moves Known: Charming Cry, Mimic, Hyper Voice, Double-Edge [XX69] BONUS CHAPTER 69 JOYFUL WORLD (Post-Pokemon Association ver.) ==================================== Another Bonus Chapter on the list is titled Nurse Graduation. I thought maybe it was a follow up to the Joyful World Bonus Chapter but it doesn’t seem that way. Instead we get a different version of Joyful World if you play through it after the events of the Orange Islands Saga. Triggering the chapter is still the same and everything is unchanged until Red sees Scientist Damon speaking to the Pokemon Association guy. This is where Red comments about the Association being disbanded. In the next area where there would be Nurse Joys to be battled, there is nobody. The only thing of note is TM73 Thunder Wave which is at the end of the northwest corridor. After exiting the mountain facility there’s a scene showing the Nurse Joy clones leaving, not knowing who they are, and the chapter ends. If you find out how to trigger Nurse Graduation, please contact me – [email protected] Same thing for the Blaine’s Research Bonus Chapter, contact me about that too. After those the one Bonus Chapter which remains is the match against Bruno on Mt. Moon, but before we go for that big showdown let’s find the last legendaries and take on the Gym Leaders in rematches. [040xxvii] LUGIA ++++++++++++++++ Remember the left turn which we ignored in that long Rock Tunnel corridor? That turn leads to a brief series of ladders and then a pool of water, approach it and the Silver version mascot appears. In order to enable this encounter you have to complete Bonus Chapter 48 Power of One first. I didn’t think it would work but I gave it a try and by George Lugia is found 🙂 catch it if you can. >>LEGENDARY BATTLE<< ==================== LUGIA (Lv150) Type: Psychic/Flying Ability: Pressure Moves Known: Future Sight, Nature Power, Calm Ming, Sky Attack [040xxviii] HEATRAN +++++++++++++++++++ We return to the Northern Cerulean Sector for this one. Once there enter the eastern cavern, move up to solve a mini Strength puzzle and then go northwest to see it. Red wonders how this Pokemon got here. Catch! >>LEGENDARY BATTLE<< ==================== HEATRAN (Lv150) Type: Fire/Steel Ability: Flame Body Moves Known: Earth Power, Heat Wave, Stone Edge, Sacred Fire [040xxvix] REGIROCK & REGISTEEL +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Head west out of Pewter, then north-northeast. Follow the path as it leads to another area of Mt. Moon. Make a note of how to get here because the rocky path which you see on the right is the way to Bruno. Continue north to a cave entrance, inside is a small chamber with a Braille-coded tablet. I’d guess it’s the same odd message which summoned Regice, read it and Red steps back as Regirock appears. Catch! >>LEGENDARY BATTLE<< ==================== REGIROCK (Lv150) Type: Rock Ability: Clear Body Moves Known: Zap Cannon, Stone Edge, Hammer Arm, Hyper Beam Next, we go north of Cerulean to Route 24 and that Dive spot to the east where the Lake Monster Bonus Chapter concludes. I found out that you can’t Dive there until you’ve reached the point in the chapter where Red goes down after Officer Jenny. Once in the underground cave surf northeast to the new opening, leads to a small chamber and… >>LEGENDARY BATTLE<< ==================== REGISTEEL (Lv150) Type: Steel Ability: Clear Body Moves Known: Iron Head, Flash Cannon, Hammer Arm, Hyper Beam [040xxx] GROUDON ++++++++++++++++ Teleport to Route 4, go east to the Mt. Moon entrance and climb the steps on the right of the entrance. At the top is the Continent Pokemon. >>LEGENDARY BATTLE<< ==================== GROUDON (Lv150) Type: Ground Ability: Drought Moves Known: Earth Power, Fissure, Solarbeam, Fire Blast [040xxxi] RAYQUAZA ++++++++++++++++++ Go east onto Route 10 from Saffron. Surf towards the Power Plant, then continue north past it and climb the steps found there. Move up and for a brief moment we’ll see Groudon and Kyogue before the emerald dragon shows up. >>LEGENDARY BATTLE<< ==================== RAYQUAZA (Lv150) Type: Dragon/Flying Ability: Air Lock Moves Known: Fly, Extremespeed, Hyper Beam, Dragon Pulse Shaymin I’ve already covered that, just hit CTRL F and search. When you’re ready, we revisit the Gyms. >>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<< [040j] KANTO GYM REMATCH TOUR >>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<< ++++++++++ PEWTER GYM ++++++++++ Brock has been ready to face the new Champion, he ain’t holding back! >>GYM REMATCH<< =============== Leader Brock (Lv255 all Geodudes x2, Probopass, GolemX, SteelixX, SteelixY) Prize: P25500 **BATTLE NOTES: SteelixY {Steel/Psychic} has Arena Trap Ability. ++++++++++++ CERULEAN GYM ++++++++++++ It’s been a while, Misty, let’s find out if we’re strong enough to beat you! >>GYM REMATCH<< =============== Leader Misty (Lv255 Starmie, Quagsire, Politoed, Golduck, Gyarados, Starmie[O]) Prize: P25500 **BATTLE NOTES: Starmie holds a Life Orb. Quagsire, Politoed and Golduck each hold a Sitrus Berry. Gyarados holds a Gyaradosite. Starmie[O] holds Leftovers. For a moment it looks like Misty is about to drop a confession on Red but she changes tactics, xD. This is made worse by the lack of a response from Red, I thought he would catch that. +++++++++++ FUCHSIA GYM +++++++++++ Since I skipped the Kanto Saga when I went back to this Gym there is the Janine mini episode. ++++++++++++ CINNABAR GYM ++++++++++++ It’s great to see the Gym up and running again, although maybe it is still under reconstruction judging from the interior. No Gym Trainers, no pop quiz. Go north and circle round to the northwest side to see the trouble we have to deal with before reaching Blaine: invisible floor tile puzzle. There are 3 platforms we must cross on our way to the top left side of the room and what connects the platforms are unseen tiles. Here we go: From the 8 horizontal tiles right on the edge above the first platform (8 orange tiles bordering a blue tile), move 3 steps down from the 4th tile from the left. Once on the platform move to the bottom left orange tile then 3 steps down, 1 step to the right and carry on down to the bottom platform which has TM68 Giga Impact. Back to the first platform, from the middle left tile move 2 steps left, 1 step down, 1 step left and you’re there. Bottom left tile, 2 steps left, 1 step down and we’ve made it. Hidden behind the far left flashing machine tower is a Rare Candy. Blaine isn’t looking to face us in a rematch though, he just comments about things getting back to normal around here but still gets paranoid when there are sounds in the Gym. +++++++++++ SAFFRON GYM +++++++++++ Now that Team Rocket is gone, Sabrina’s got enough free time to be a Gym Leader again. Walk into the Gym and watch as Sabrina appears and traps Red inside. She kept the Team Rocket gear, xD! I’ll give her points for that. Sabrina uses the teleport tile and a big game of hide and seek begins. The entrance tile takes us to the bottom right tile in the center right room. From there use the top right tile, that sends us to the top right room. Use the top right tile, sends us to the middle center room. Use the bottom right tile, sends us to the top left room. Use the bottom right tile, sends us to the bottom left room. Use the bottom left tile and we reach the middle room and Sabrina. We didn’t have an official Gym battle against her in the past because of all that Team Rocket business, so as far as Gym rematches go….. >>GYM BATTLE<< ============== Leader Sabrina (Lv255 all Hypno, Alakazam, Venomoth, Mr. Mime, Mrs. Mime, Moltres) Prize: P25500 **BATTLE NOTES: Hypno, Alakazam, Mr. Mime, Mrs. Mime each hold Leftovers. Venomoth and Moltres each hold a Life Orb. Just when it looks like she has teleported away as an escape, she returns and has unlocked the door. Good girl Sabrina is probably going to be something Saffron will need to get used to haha. Erika isn’t at her Gym, no Lt. Surge and no Giovanni so our Gym Rematch Tour has come to an end. Prepare yourself and let’s meet Bruno. The end is near. [XX70] FINAL BONUS CHAPTER BRUNO ================================ The man has been waiting, Red says he accepts Bruno’s challenge and hopes they have a fun match. That’s not the same for Bruno… >>FINAL BATTLE<< ================ Elite 4 Bruno (Lv255 all Hitmonlee, Onix x3, Machamp, Hitmonchan) Prize: P25500 Even if we win, story-wise Red is overwhelmed by Bruno. A stranger appears and pushes Red into the crater (!!) Pika is scared and runs off. No word from Bruno or from the new face…and the game ends on that note. Volume 1 is done and the story will continue in Volume 2. [040k] MASTER TRAINERS ====================== I was thinking of skipping this event because of the disappearances of some of the Master Trainers. But I’ve started a save file just for this, let’s see if that works AND if something happens after defeating all of them. 01 POLIWRATH MASTER =================== Sprite: Black Belt Location: Pewter Museum Uses Lv255 Venusaur (holds Leftovers) Prize: P10200 02 PIDGEOT MASTER ================= Sprite: Fisherman Location: Pumello Island PokeCenter Uses Lv255 Pidgeot Prize: P10200 03 ELECTRODE MASTER =================== Sprite: Policeman Location: Route 15 near Sudachi Island gate Uses Lv255 Electrode (holds Leftovers) Prize: P10200 04 RATICATE MASTER ================== Sprite: Camper Location: Vermilion City, near S.S. Anne Uses Lv255 Alolan Raticate Prize: P10200 05 MAGMAR MASTER ================ Sprite: (forgot to note, sorry) Location: west of the Vermilion City Pokemon Fan Club Uses Lv255 Magmar Prize: P10200 06 BUTTERFREE MASTER ==================== Sprite: Policeman Location: Pewter City west side entrance/exit Uses Lv255 Orangean Butterfree Prize: P10200 07 PERSIAN MASTER ================= Sprite: brunette lady Location: car area in Vermilion City Uses Lv255 Alolan Persian Prize: P9180 08 VENUSAUR MASTER ================== She’s the brunette woman found near the house next door from Yellow’s place. Doesn’t battle us, just says we’re powerful and deserve the Venusaur Master title more than she does. 09 PARASECT MASTER ================== Sprite: Camper Location: southwestern beach in Vermilion City Uses Lv255 Parasect[P] (holds Leftovers) Prize: P10200 10 DEWGONG MASTER ================= Sprite: blonde lady Location: car area in Vermilion City Uses Lv255 Dewgong (holds Leftovers) Prize: P10200 11 NINETALES MASTER =================== Sprite: Lass Location: west side in Sudachi Island town Uses Lv255 Ninetales & Lv0 ? Prize: P20400 **BATTLE NOTES: Surprise, it’s a Double Battle! I’m just as baffled as you might be because the ? has no moves left except Struggle and acts like a traded Pokemon disobeying orders. Fun times. 12 LAPRAS MASTER ================ Sprite: Tuber boy Location: Blimp corridor Uses Lv255 Lapras (holds Leftovers) Prize: P10200 13 FLAREON MASTER ================= Sprite: blonde guy Location: Route 15 east of Pumello Island, near “Drake training hill” Uses Flareon Lv255 Prize: P10200 14 WEEZING MASTER ================= Sprite: Tuber boy Location: Route 15 east of Sudachi Island gate Uses Weezing Lv255 Prize: P10200 15 VICTREEBEL MASTER ==================== Sprite: Male Swimmer Location: swimming north of Sudachi Island town Uses Lv255 Victreebel & Lv0 ? Prize: P20400 16 MUK MASTER ============= Sprite: Male Pokefan Location: west side of Tangerine Island Uses Lv255 Muk[O] Prize: P10200 17 RHYDON MASTER ================ Sprite: Male Ace Trainer Location: Sudachi Island PokeCenter Uses Lv255 Rhydon & Lv0 ? Prize: P20400 18 DRAGONITE MASTER =================== Sprite: Hiker Location: west side on Honey Island Uses Lv255 Dragonite Prize: P10200 19 NIDOKING MASTER ================== Sprite: Male Swimmer Location: northeast cliff on Honey Island Uses Lv255 Nidoking[P] (holds Leftovers) Prize: P10200 20 STARMIE MASTER ================= Sprite: Blonde female Swimmer Location: Dive Spot near east Pumello Island Uses Lv255 Starmie Prize: P10200 21 KANGASKHAN MASTER ==================== Sprite: Male Swimmer Location: Dive Spot near east Pumello Island Uses Lv255 Kangaskhan (holds Leftovers) Prize: P10200 22 LICKYLICK MASTER =================== Sprite: Male Swimmer Location: Dive Spot near east Pumello Island Uses Lv255 Lickylick (holds Leftovers) Prize: P10200 If you’ve found any other Master Trainers, let me know. I think that’s all of them, maybe more were going to be added into the Volume 1 final update that Aethestode was working on until he decided to drop it a few weeks ago. After defeating them I went to Mt. Moon to check if anything happens but as you know, at the top of Mt. Moon is Bruno for the final Bonus Chapter. Even after that battle and the end of the game, if you go back there you’ll still find Bruno and can fight him again like it’s the first time. [041] FINAL NOTES & OTHER RAMBLINGS =================================== We’ve reached the end of the walkthrough after yet another jam packed update for this massive game. How was it for you? Good, bad, meh?? The Expansion Pass content was okay to me, I liked that most of the new Bonus Chapters were tied to the main story (even though the horror story theme of these Bonus Chapters is still strong!). We got to visit Hoenn and Johto for a little bit and a couple of new islands were introduced. What I didn’t like were the small bugs present in this update, the disappearance of Master Trainers and Grey which must’ve happened after triggering one of the Bonus Chapters. On my first save file I played the Mirage Island chapters before Cissy’s Trial and even though I’d decided to not save Pink, whenever I returned to Pallet Town she would be standing outside Red’s house just like when you choose to save her. Maybe the final Volume 1 update that Aethestode had been working on before dropping it to focus more on Volume 2 could’ve cleaned those issues out…but since there won’t be a final update, you’d have to hope you don’t encounter them.