Detective Pikachu Full Walkthrough

After watching the opening sequence as a couple of Aipom had grabbed a necklace and now you have to have to chase them down to get it back. Once you have control you can move around along with interacting with other people to talk with to get any info that you can help by any info that they may give you to give you any kind of lead on where to go next or any other information that you may need. You’ll need to head right to track down the Aipom as you make it a little ways before the game triggers a cutscene of the Aipom at a hot dog vendor as you’ll get a quick time event as you’ll need to press A at the right moment to dodge the hot dog that’ll be thrown at you from the Aipom as it’ll eventually land in Pikachu’s mouth of all places. After that happens the Aipom will attempt to move the hot dog stand towards you as you’ll have to get ready for another quick time to happen as you’ll need to repeatedly press the A button until you can get it to stop rolling. Once you do that the Aipom will start running away again as they’ll get up on a ladder to higher ground. As you head to the scissor lift near the Aipom as it’ll happen automatically and when you’re near them it’ll shake as Pikachu has a near fall as he’ll be grabbed as you’ll need to mash the A button again to pull him back up by you and by that time the Aipom will have gotten away.

The Trouble with Aipom

Afterward the game will take over as there’ll be a text cutscene to go through as the lady and the girl will have caught up you about the Aipom as you’ll now have to try to interview witnesses to find out what you can about the case in hand and if you played any a game before such as maybe L.A. Noire for example as you’ll need to look around for any evidence along the way as well. Tap on the lower screen to access the case list along with evidence and whatnot throughout the game. When you have done that it’ll be time to go about trying to ask around on who seen any Aipom to get any testimony from potential witnesses that can help you solve the case and that’ll include any Pokemon that’s in the vicinity that you’re in.

If you start off by going to the right as there’s a Pokemon over there, a Diggersby and the only thing that you’ll be able to understand is its cry, ‘Dig’ and Pikachu will be the only one that’ll understand what Diggersby is saying and translate for you. This is when you’ll be using the notebook with questions as the questions will be asked to find out what they may or may not know. As you find out from Diggersby via translation from Pikachu as there had been quite a few Aipom in the area recently and will count as a testimony for the case.

When you finish the interview with Diggersby you can go over to the lady as you can get some information on what she knows about what’s going on with the situation as she is trying to figure out the situation herself as to why it’s going on with the Pokemon. If you talk with the girl you can maybe learn something about the necklace that the Aipom have taken from them as it turns out the necklace was given to her by her mother as it was blue and shiny.

After talking with the the girl there should be a woman standing in front of a door with what looks like a Aipom stamp on it as you may want to ask her to find out what she knows if anything. When talking to her you’ll find out that she had one fly over her head not too long ago and points in the direction in which it went as you’ll get a popup about it heading towards a bank.

After talking with the lady about the Aipom you’ll have a text cutscene go on between Tim and Pikachu about a signal on when he needs to talk to him about something so there wouldn’t be any weird looks from other people so he don’t look crazy about it later on in the game. At this point Pikachu will send a signal by tapping on him on the bottom screen but keep in mind that you can always talk to him even if he don’t send his signal so check as often as you need just in case. For the signal it’ll show Pikachu on the bottom screen near the Case List so you know when Pikachu needs to tell you something.

Looking around more as there should be a Furfrou with what looks to be its trainer only to find out as if something had messed with Furfrou making it not look as it’s usual self. As Pikachu has a talk with Furfrou only to find out it’s feeling like it is due to berries that its trainer wanted it to eat and nothing due to Aipom related.

While there’s one person left to interview in the area as you question him about any Aipom as you find that there was some that were there and one had gone towards the park as you get a popup about one in the park. Now that you’ve talked with everyone and all the Pokemon in the area while not knowing which way to go for the one that has the necklace and now is the time to try looking for what some like to call “evidence” to find out where you need to go from here.

Currently, the best thing to do is to examine the print on the door to find out what you can learn from it but when you think about it that’s not the only Aipom print as there’s one near the pizza box near the guy along with the Furfrou and its trainer. As the one with what looks like paint near the one lady where the Aipom went towards the bank while the one near the guy is done with ketchup.

After examining the print with ketchup now it’s time to ask about an Aipom with ketchup on its tail. Talking with the guy again as he mentions that the Aipom had flipped the table with just one hit but nothing else other than that except for asking witnesses again after finding out any crucial evidence found. As you talk with Furfrou’s trainer again but about the Aipom with the ketchup on its tail as she can’t tell you more due to her being really confused about what was going on. Make your way back over to Diggersby to ask it if it knows anything about the Aipom with the ketchup tail and as Pikachu talks with Diggersby as you’ll learn that it’s that one that’s wearing a necklace on it.

Not long afterward you’ll make a new entry for Case Notes and to learn where Aipom went off to. First thing is that a drawing will be done then to assess with the information that you’ve gathered so far at this point. Upon Pikachu doing a brief refresher as you’ll have to put in where the Aipom tail marks were left and this is where remembering where they came into play. Once that you do that you’ll have to pinpoint where you had got the information from as it came from Diggersby after you had placed the prints in their right place. After that, you’ll have to know which direction that it ran off to as it’s the one that ran towards the park and a cutscene will trigger afterward before making their way to the park.

The Unsconsious Aipom/Black Feather Investigation

Fountain Area

The moment that they make their way to the park to find the Aipom unconscious with a berry in its hand and the necklace is now missing from it. The only question now is where is it now and who has it? Now it’s time to investigate the area and find out where the necklace is now. Check out the Aipom for any clues and as you do there’ll be a magnifying glass as you press A to check on the Aipom as you find that it has some scratches on it as if it had been attacked. After seeing it with scratches as it rolls onto its stomach to reveal a Black Feather and once you do that take a closer look at the red spot on the ground from what seemed to be the berry that it had. As you look at it it seems to be a mix of the ketchup and the berry that it had apparently found along the way as you’ll pick up the Berry. Another thing that may be a bit of interest is the leaves not far to top of the ketchup/berry that’s been splattered and finally, there should be a copy of that day’s newspaper but as it’s shredded but anything that may be of any clue to help solve the case would help. When you think you have found everything but don’t be so quick to exit the examining the Aipom just yet and take a look at the bottom of its one foot as something near its foot. While you examine that it came from an empty can from the garbage as it becomes a potential clue.

Now that everything near the Aipom has been picked up and now to try piecing some of it together to find out what went on before moving on. With what was found and/or noticed like the trash can being knocked down for example and examine each clue to find out the possible next lead in the case. Out of all the clues in the case as you get the feather as it seems to be the strongest clue to go on as it more than likely came from another Pokemon. Now the question is which Pokemon?

Start looking around for anything else that could help out to answer any questions that can lead to what happened to Aipom as well as the necklace that it had. As we head to the left we’ll come across one of the park caretakers and ask about any bird Pokemon in the park. As you find out there are four kinds of bird Pokemon in the park in three areas in which you can find any bird Pokemon. The three areas that you can look in the park include the Fountain Area, Cafe Area and Nature Area. As it stands at the moment you’re in the Fountain Area as the Cafe Area is to the right and Nature Area to the left. After learning this you can ask about which Pokemon that may be in each area as you’ll discover that Pidove hangs around in the Fountain Area, Tailow in the Cafe Area, and Starly along with Murkrow that hang around in the Nature Area.

If we stick around the Fountain Area and head to the right from the park caretaker there’ll be a bystander standing by the fountain as you try talking to him but seem to be “busy” with something as it seems as he isn’t going to tell you why. Even when you ask him if he knows anything about Aipom situation he attempts to give you the cold shoulder again which isn’t helping you out any at all at this point. When you try asking about the feather if he knows anything about it as he doesn’t say anything about after asking but when asking what he’s doing there as he’ll finally say what he’s “busy” as he’s trying to look for his pen as it’ll bring up about finding the guy’s pen.

Near where the guy is standing is the map that shows that you’re in the Fountain Area as the Nature Area is to the left and the Cafe Area is to the right. After looking at the map if you ever get lost and as you do there’ll be some Pidove but unfortunately they fly away not long after you get near them.

Head over to the guy sitting on the bench and when asked about knowing anything about what went on with Aipom as he wouldn’t know what went on due to feeding the Pidove. When it comes to the feather he doesn’t recognize it but mentions Pidove having black on it. As it comes to asking about the necklace as he doesn’t know about it as he asks if you lost it as it’s mentioned to the guy that it was taken from the Aipam and tracked to the park. He mentions that the Aipom is always in the park and hardly wander out of it. While you try to get the Pidove back in the area as the guy mentions that he can throw food out but you can find some at the Cafe.

As you attempt to head towards the Cafe you’ll see a Scraggy. While Pikachu asks if it saw a necklace as it doesn’t remember seeing it or kicking it but when asked about Aipom as it’s said that it started with fewer pranks and started doing more mean-spirited stuff but had noticed someone take the necklace. After that asked if the kid is his trainer as Scraggy says he had come over and been coaching him since. At this point, you feel that Scraggy isn’t being too helpful as you can try asking the kid that’s kicking the ball to Scraggy. While asking about with Aipom and what happened the kid doesn’t know what went on as he’s been practicing with Scraggy the whole time. As for the feather, he thinks he knows it from somewhere but unsure but hasn’t seen the necklace when asked about the necklace.

Café Area

In the Café Area and make your way over by the trash cans pressing A until a cutscene trigger as Pikachu is now on the edge of the garbage can and manages to fall in the trash and probably will need a bath later on. Once Tim helped Pikachu out of the trash can, you can go over to the older gentlemen and ask to see if he knows anything. Upon asking about Aipom fight as he didn’t know there was one that went on but will mention that the Aipom seems to have gotten ruffled ever since Mightyena had made its way into the park as they tried pulling a lot of pranks that led to a lot of fights breaking out. As far as the feather when asked that the gentlemen mention maybe Tailow near the pond but unsure of himself.

Continue on heading right as there’s a ruffle in the shrubs and after investigating it to find a Tepig came out of the shrubs. Pikachu asks Tepig if it has seen a necklace but Tepig asked if it was something it could eat so that scratched that off any leads. Next is about the feather as Pikachu tells Tepig that it isn’t something it can eat but unsure if it’s seen it before and finally asked what Tepig was doing there as it was looking for berries.

If you head south of the Tepig you’ll come across a Tailow perched on a table. When asked about the necklace it doesn’t touch anything that’s on the ground and asked about looking at its feathers as it doesn’t want to be touched with their dirty hands.

In the distance to the right you can see two people sitting down at a table as you make your way over there and when asking the lady about a necklace as she thinks you’re referring to the one she’s wearing but when mentioned that the one you’re looking for is blue as she says she hasn’t seen it. As it pertains to the feather as she thinks it could be Tailow’s. When asking the guy the same questions as the only necklace he knows about is the one she’s wearing and for the feather mentions Tailow as well but mentions about feathers coming off after they preen themselves.

If you make your way all the way to the Café as you’ll see one more person but it’s someone that works there as she asks if you want anything. As Pikachu says he’ll take a coffee as they both get Slurpuff coffees and brought out by none other than Slurpuff itself. After the break, you can have the option of asking Slurpuff the questions and when you do there wouldn’t be anything significant to gain out of it as there is someone at a table with a coffee. Head over to the waitress and chat with her as you can ask about Pidove and food. As you ask for that as they do have something that they make from the bread as she can get some of it for you and as for the feather, Murkrow is sounding more of the one that attacked Aipom and not so much of the others at this point. Before you leave the Café area don’t forget to check the table near the older gentlemen as there’ll be a Tailow Feather laying near and you can search near it by pressing the A button.

As you head back to the guy on the bench as you hand him the food as he throws it out as the Pidove come flying in by you and once you can control Tim again as the Pidove to the right of you, you can try with that one first as it seems to forget not long after seeing something so it’s not much to go on with that. After trying to find out from that Pidove as a feather looks loose as you grab it.

Nature Area

If we head to the left to the Nature Area to look around for any clues along with any possibly Pokemon that could be in the area as well. Making your way through and you’ll come across some bird Pokemon on a bench as it turns out to be three Starly perched on the bench. As Pikachu asks the Starly if they recognize the feather only to find that they don’t and by the end of asking questions about them Pikachu asks them for a feather as they give you one of their feathers which you can use to compare to the feather found near Aipom after the interview with the Starly. Now ask about Murkrow as Tim and Pikachu haven’t seen it yet but Starly mentions how Murkrow like shiny things then takes it back to its nest. When asked where the nest is after an Aipom been attacked, Starly says that maybe one of the Aipom may know but when asked about if they know anything about Aipom and been getting plucked by the Aipom.

After the questions were asked continue to the left as you’ll come across an Aipom and Poochyena as Poochyena isn’t going to be of any help as it doesn’t want anyone or anything get in the way of it playing. Now if you try talking with the Aipom you wouldn’t be able to at this time due to the Poochyena being near so that’s out of the question for the time being as you’ll need to look around for information.

Make your way as you come as you’ll come across a bystander in the area. While the feather he doesn’t recognize but knows that the Starly are usually in groups of threes landing on tables or benches. Now when asked about the Murkrow as they do come around during the day and lastly mentions about sometimes fighting with the Aipom which may prove rather useful to the case. While asked about the Aipom in the vicinity as it’s mentioned that it’s been in the tree since Poochyena had arrived in that portion of the park.

We want to continue on heading left as we come across a Mightyena and as usual talk with this Pokemon to find out what you can. While talking with Mightyena finding out that it’s naptime for the Poochyena but one of them isn’t wanting to go for a nap. When asked about the feather as it replies with that it isn’t its fur so when asked about the Poochyena as it seems to always be in the flowerbeds and shrubbery as there’s a spot that likes to play in. As for being asked about Starly as we learn that Poohyena likes to follow them around due to their cry and as it concerns Murkrow as they don’t encounter it often.

After dealing with Mightyena need to try to find the other Poochyena so it can return to its mother with having an idea on how to look for it. To find the Poochyena head back the way you came back in the Fountain Area but once you’re back in the area head near the dumpster in the shrubs as you should be able to find the Poochyena nearby pressing the A button. We can now head back to the Nature Area as the Poochyena heads back to the Mightyena and the other Poochyena as you should be able to talk with the Aipom in the tree now.

Head over to the Aipom in the tree and ask it about the Aipom that had the necklace as he tells you that he doesn’t know about it due to being stuck in the tree all day but this is when it gets interesting. After getting into the tree there happened to be a Murkrow in it because it thought that it was intruding on its territory. Asking the Aipom where the Murkrow’s nest is as it’s the thick tree near the pond so finding the location of where the nest is then shown Aipom the feather as you find out that they quarrel quite a bit so that’s another piece of the puzzle down. At this point, you can attempt to examine the feathers to find out who the culprit is hopefully.

Checking it against the Tailow and Starly as it doesn’t match up against them so it seems to be narrowed down to the Murkrow as you want to head to the thick tree near the Aipom near where you entered the area. A cutscene takes place and as Pikachu starts climbing the tree as a quick time starts up using the A button. Not long after making it into the nest the Murkrow is making its way back knocking Pikachu out of the nest as another quick time comes up as it’s the usual as before with the A button once timing it right to catch Pikachu as a cutscene will follow. If you haven’t examined the other feathers it’ll automatically go to a cutscene with Murkrow’s feather as it’s determined it was Murkrow. After talking with Murkrow as we find out that it said that there was a Burmy nearby where its encounter with Aipom was as you want to head back to the Fountain Area.

Meeting the Burmies

Fountain Area [Revisited]

Once you make your way back to the Fountain Area head to the tree near the bench that Aipom is laying on currently and while you investigate the tree as Tim will shake the tree as a couple of Burmy come hanging down from the tree. The first thing we learn is about a ball flying around which can only mean the soccer ball that the kid and Scraggy are playing with. Next up they remember a fight going on but don’t know about any necklace but don’t remember much of the fight between Murkrow and Aipom. We’ll then find out that one of their buddies had got caught up in the fight and haven’t seen it since that happened. There’ll also be a mention of a black and white ball. After questioning the Burmy in the tree you can go to the guy that had lost his pen to see what he may know about the missing Burmy. When asked about the Burmy at first he doesn’t seem to know anything about Burmy and the guy on the bench when asked about Burmy he wasn’t paying much attention.

As you get near the Scraggy and says if it’s a runaway treat it nice so that isn’t much help. Asking the boy about the Burmy as he saw something but didn’t look like a Burmy to him and when asked about the ball as it did hit a Burmy and its cloak came off. Check the two threes near them to see if you get anything out of them only to find out that you aren’t able to find anything in them in terms of Burmy. Now time to head to the Cafe area to take a look there.

Café Area [Revisisted]

Once you’re back here try the tree near the elderly man but as it turns out there isn’t anything in there and when you ask him about if he saw Burmy as he hasn’t seen them around much but does see them in the Fountain Area. If asked the Tailow about it as it did see something go by but unsure of what it was as it was something pink that went through and as for Tepig he was too busy looking at Berries.

While checking the tree near the couple sitting down as there’s nothing there and when you ask the couple at the table as he doesn’t know if he saw Burmy but thinks there’s something in the grass while the lady hasn’t seen Burmy but knows of Wormadam in the big tree near. When questing the Cafe worker about it as she isn’t sure that if it’s the Burmy from the Fountain Area but it was a Trash Cloak Burmy and went to the big tree near the cafe.

As you investigate the tree as a Burmy comes down and when attempting to ask about what went on Wormadam in a pair of three drops down as they get rather protective of Burmy as if there are any questions it has to be through them. When asked about the quarrel and a necklace as there’s a missing Burmy near the fountain but as you try getting some answers as the Wormadam need proof that it was involved in the incident or they won’t allow you to talk to the Burmy.

If you ask the Café worker about it as she’s not really into the bug type Pokemon but do find them cute and asking the Tailow about it as it doesn’t care one way or another. The couple sitting at the table as the lady informs that there are at least three kinds of Burmy and the elderly man may know something and the guy sitting there knows that Wormadam is the evolved form of Burmy.

As we make our way over to the elderly gentlemen and asked about Burmy he gets excited that he’s glad that he asked as he always wanted to be a Pokemon professor. As we learn that it incorporates things that are around it for the cloak it makes and there are three kinds of a cloak: plant, sandy or trash. The plant cloak is made of leaves and grass, the sandy cloak is made of sand and dirt, and finally, the trash one is made of trash as you’ll find a lot of them in downtown. After the conversation with the elderly gentleman as Pikachu gets to thinking about the guy who lost his pen as the pen could’ve ended up in a cloak for a Burmy.

Fountain Area [Revisisted…again]

Head to the guy that had lost his pen to find out about his pen as he was there last night and was flustered when he was taking notes and eventually dropped it but that’s all he can give you. At this time Pikachu gets a bolt of brilliance and that the missing pen will be found in Burmy’s cloak. As they try asking the Burmy about checking their cloaks as they refuse due being ticklish when anyone does and at the time the soccer ball that the kid and Scraggy are messing around with hit the Burmy knocking them down as the pen now is found but no necklace is there. So at this point, it can only be known that it was incorporated into a different cloak for a Burmy and time to ask around about that.

Go over to the park caretaker and see what she may know about it and when you do there is something on her mind as she mentioned that the trash had disappeared near the tree that the Burmy live in with the contents gone. That morning it was full but the amount of loose trash after it was tipped was less than it was earlier. When asked about the Aipom on it as nobody has gone near it. Now take a look at the Case Notes and about the trash cloak as now you can try to solve the case.

As for the first part of the case being the leaves near the leave Burmy and the Park Caretaker mentioning no trash on the conclusion of that. As we head back to the Wormadam to provide proof as you’ll provide the leaves as it is then as Burmy allows you to search for the necklace and now you finally found the necklace. The case is closed and now there’ll be a cutscene returning the necklace to the girl as she walks off after thanking for finding it.

Baker Detective Agency

After the cutscene, you can look around the agency as you can take a look around but you aren’t going to find out much as you can have a small talk with Baker about Tim’s father as you’ll find out all that you can for now about the situation at the moment. Once done in there you can head back out to the waiting room and talk with Amanda as you can learn a few other things mostly her side of things of what went on. Afterward, after you look around you can exit out the door as Pikachu will head with you to Harry’s apartment.

Chapter Two: Litwick Cave

Harry’s Apartment

The chapter starts off with a cutscene of Tim and Pikachu heading into Harry’s apartment and once that it’s done it’ll be time to take a look around to find out what you can about anything related to him to find out anything about the case he was working on if you’re able to. As you take a look around there isn’t anything of significance but as soon as you check out the cabinet near the bed and at first it seems to be like anything else in the apartment but when you try opening the doors they’re locked so the first thing that comes to mind is a key for the locked doors. Going over where it could be as three of the options lead to the dead end but the third choice is when Tim thinks about how his dad was back home as he’d put valuable things in food containers. Now to check out any place that deals with food starting with the desk then the sink and when you think you’re out of ideas on where to head to as there’s a jar of sweets on one of the shelves above the television as you check there and voila, the key. Upon opening the cabinet you’ll find a piece of paper as one shows some kind of relationship diagram and the other is a map with locations that Harry had marked for the investigation. There are three locations marked: a warehouse, a lake and, Litwick Cave as we head to Litwick Cave first.

Litwick Cave Arrival

Arriving at the Litwick Cave as a Litwick makes its way towards you and finally floating past you as a couple of people of ladies will be already there as a Glalie looks as it’s ready to do something to them. While Tim tries telling Pikachu to use Thunderbolt but he can’t ever since the accident as it goes to them trying to use rocks as a quick time will appear as Glalie shoots at you as rocks fall at the entrance to the cave. When Tim noticed something with the ceiling of the cave as some quick times will come about as you need to time it right by pressing the A button as it comes at you.

Once it’s down there’ll be another quick time as you’ll have to mash the A button repeatedly to move it out of the way as you check up on the ladies as they introduce themselves as Meiko and Emilia as Emilia is the one that you ran into in the last chapter with the Aipom incident and currently hurt herself. Afterward, you learn that they were there to do a story for the station GNN about the cave.

Assess the Situation

After the cutscene it’s time to try to assess the situation and try to find a way out of there any possible way as the entrance would be a good way to find out how bad it is. You wouldn’t be able to get too far before being reminded of how dark it is and need some kind of light before doing so and the only way to get any light is by finding some Litwick as there should be two of them that you should see. Walk over to them as you need to wake them up so they can shed some light so you can check out the entrance and check out the entrance as there are some gaps but not big enough for anyone to crawl through it so scratch off finding any way of getting out the way you came in.

Once that you checked the entrance head back and if you talk with the Litwick about the cave as they say that they have a lot of buddies there. Afterward, you can talk with Meiko and find out what you can for right now from her. When asked about what they were filming there as it’s mentioned that they were filming as it would be a cool place to visit with the days being as hot as they’re getting and it was their boss’ idea but wasn’t expecting to get caught up by being attacked by Glalie. We learn as it wasn’t the first Pokemon to have attacked them as they tried filming. As for being asked if she knows why it’s going on as she’s just as lost as we are on why it’s happening.

Now we can have a chat with Emilia and find out what she may know along with making sure that she’s doing alright with what had happened by the time that we had arrived in the cave. As it turns out she’s alright right now as long as she stays in the position that she’s in. When asked as to why they were filming there as it was to show areas for family-oriented areas but seemed to be but lately couples trying to make the cave a dating place and along those lines. As Tim is asked why he’s there he just says that he’s just exploring the area as he’s new in town not letting in that he’s trying to find his father as it’s the main reason he’s there.

Once that you’re done talking with Emilia for the moment and try moving on towards the right of her as you try exploring more as Pikachu interrupts you as he then asks you to look up and to eventually see that there’s a hole in the ceiling now after dealing with Glalie after arriving earlier. As it looks to be a way out of there and the only thing to do now is to find a way out through there as it means maybe having to find a Pokemon to fly them out of there somehow. After seeing the hole in the ceiling maybe find out what kind of Pokemon are there in the cave.

While we may go talk with Meiko to see if she knows what Pokemon are in the cave as she knows of Litwick and when trying to think of others when Emilia comes in that they can look at the footage that they managed to get so far but the only problem is that the current battery doesn’t have a charge in it currently. Emilia reminds Meiko that she brought a backup but it’s in the bag and finding out that the bag isn’t near her as the bag was last seen somewhere near the entrance. As you start walking towards the entrance again, there should be what seems to be a small pile of rocks as you take a look at it as you can move the rocks but the only ones that you can seem to move are the ones where the cursor turns to a hand to move the rock out of the way. Once that you cleared enough rocks to reveal the bag as you can then take it back to Meiko and Emilia to take a look at what they had filmed to get a general idea of what Pokemon could be there in the cave other than the Litwick. Make your way back to the ladies with the bag and find out what they got on tape so far.

Once you watched the video seeing how Glalie’s mood changed and going berserk but it doesn’t stop there as there seemed to be flying Pokemon in the background with Glalie that could help get you all out of there. While identified as Drfitloon but the downfall is that they’re not too strong to lift them out of there which is a bit of a blow to everyone right now. As we see Glalie use an ice beam related attack as you’ll need to remember that move for later on in this chapter and with anything that it had frozen along the way with it. Just before the video is finished there is one Pokemon that gets noticed is a Driftblim as we now may have a way to get out of the cave but we now have to find out where in the cave it is to see if it can get us out of there.

Now we can head to the right but where it gets darker as there is a Litwick near as you’ll need to wake it up so you can go further into the cave to find out where the Driftblim is. Making your way further as you come across the Glalie that you dealt with after arriving at the cave as you can now try talking to it to find out anything from it mostly as to why it was acting the way it was at the time of your arrival. As Pikachu asked why it got like it did as it can’t remember why it did but does remember Meiko and Emilia filming before it did go berserk. While it feels better than it was before as Pikachu and Tim decide that it could use some water.

Not far from the Glalie there’ll be another Litwick to wake up to help further see where the area ahead of you and once it helps light the way a bit as you walk farther only to see as if something’s frozen to find out it’s the Driftloon that got frozen by Glalie earlier as you’ll want to unthaw it and the only way to is to take it back near the entrance. When you get back near the entrance use the two Litwick near there to help unthaw the Driftloon. If you had chosen to take the Driftloon back to the entrance to get unthawed then head back near where you found Driftloon as there’ll be a couple of Litwick that are out of reach and Pikachu will unable to wake them up.

The best thing to do is to head back to ask Driftloon if it can help you out by waking up the two Litwick as it agrees to do so for you since you had helped it out getting unthawed as we are now able to get those Litwick awakened revealing three caves with another Pokemon Noibat. When asking about the Driftblim as all three claims that it’s in their tunnel but trying to figure out which one is telling the truth about the Driftblim being in their cave is by asking the other Pokemon in the cave about it.

Finding Driftblim & A Way Out

The Driftbloom had followed you to in front of the three caves as you can ask it about the caves as it mentions that it lives in the cave next to the Litwick but have to try narrowing down to which one Litwick use to narrow down which cave has the Driftlim in it. As it comes to asking the Litwick which cave it sleeps in as you’ll want to head to the ones near the Glalie and ask them about the caves that the Noibats guard. The first Litwick that you come to near the Glalie as you learn that sleeping with the Noibats make them feel safe as if they’re like security guards as they sleep. As for the one on the other side of the Glalie you’ll learn which cave that the Litwick sleep in as it’s the cave on the far left from the river as it’s the warmest one for them to sleep in as it narrowed it down to where the Litwick alongside the Driftbloom sleep in. If you try talking with the Noibat again as it doesn’t seem to change their story as we have to find out more apparently before we can continue on. Best thing to do now is to bring out the case notes as it’ll be time to figure out where to go from there with the testimony gathered so far.

As we go through the notes as the Noibat questioned is the goes to the left, as the Driftbloom in the middle and finally, the second Litwick that gave you the info as you’ll have to figure out which Pokemon is in which cave and then try talking with Driftblim. As you’ll have to put Litwick in the far left, Driftbloom in the middle and finally Driftblim in the far right to solve the puzzle here.

As Driftblim is in the cave on the far right as the Noibat there can have the piece of candy for its efforts. Once Driftblim comes out as we learn that the wind is too weak to do anything as Driftblim needs a stronger wind to do anything to help everyone out of there. Head to the right as we find another Litwick and once Pikachu tells it to wake up as we find the river as we can head to it and grabbing some water for Glalie to drink. Once you get it head to Glalie to drink it and as it does it’ll perk right up after drinking it and now that it has its energy back it wants to help you to get out as it feels bad for what it had done while it went berserk earlier as it informs you that it knows Ice Beam.

If you get a chance to check out the river again as there’s a breeze blowing from the back and trying to figure out how to get across the river but need to head back by Meiko and Emilia. Talking to Emilia about the river and asked about how deep it is as it’s 16 feet as it’d be too far to try jumping which so scratch that of the list of ways to get across and when asking Meiko as it is brought up that swimming across would be a very bad idea to do. If you ask Driftbilm about the river as it can’t go over there due to the headwind so that may leave the only option of asking Glalie to freeze the rive to get across.

Go over to Glalie about freezing the river to get across to see if there’s a way out of the caves on the other side of it. Glalie agrees to freeze part of the river for you so you can get across. Now that we’re on the other side as it’s blocked and feeling as if there’s no way of advancing any farther than this but before giving up any hopes as there’s some wind coming through but isn’t much so the best thing to do is to find a way for more air to come through to create a strong wind for Driftblim to help everyone to get out of the cave.

As we try finding out what we can do to make the wind as we figure on making a pickax after a shovel isn’t the best idea to go with to make more of a wind to come through as we need the material to do so as there’ll be at least two of the three materials needed that’s lying around in the cave. Need something long and sharp, a rope, and something to act as a handle for it. Heading back across the river as you want to find something long and sharp as the best thing to find for that would be a rock. The best rock to find is near the entrance that isn’t that far off from Meiko and Emilia but should be right near Driftblim as you want to pick that up. As for the rest, you can ask Emilia if she knows of a rope that they could use and she offers her belt as it’s the next best thing but the last item you need to get to complete the pickax. Head near the entrance as there’s a piece of wood that you can use and now you can now piece together the pickax via Case Notes.

As shown above, you want to put the part of the sign on the left, the belt in the middle and the stone in the right to complete the pickax. Now we can head back over and across the river to use the pickax to bring in more of wind to get out of there as we get a text cutscene and afterward head back to where everyone is as everyone get on the Driftblim to get out of there. Meanwhile, Tim and Pikachu are at the cafe for a coffee as and once done as you’re ready to leave but before you do you’ll have to pay for the coffee. As they get ready to leave they run into Mr. Baker as they head back to the apartment to figure out what to do next as look at the map that Harry had and as they do Pikachu shows Tim a vile and looking at the drawing that it’s similar to the one on one of the papers he has as it could’ve come from anywhere like a hospitals, pharmaceuticals and research labs. Although it’d be impossible to check every one of them so that takes that out of the equation. When looking at where Harry got in an accident there and seeing there was a place near called PCL.

Chapter Three: PCL

Arrival to PCL

Starting the chapter off with a cutscene between Tim and Mr. Baker as it’s mentioned about Tim having a part-time job as a lab assistant for PCL and needing to borrow a car in order to do so. Pikachu informs you that it’ll wait outside for you as you finish up with Mr. Baker and once you do head on out of the office to catch up with Pikachu but the moment that you do as you think you’ll be meeting up with Pikachu the moment that you do but only to find that there’s a Pikachu without a hat. At first, it may look like he lost his hat possibly but when you talk to it all you hear is it’s cry until the other Pikachu comes along wondering how come Tim thought that the other Pikachu was him. As the Pikachu, you’ve been working with talks to him as it’s mentioned about making a dream come true and advises the other Pikachu to be the very best like no one ever was. Upon leaving to head to PCL another cutscene will commence with Holiday coming in and having a brief talk with Mr. Baker regarding Tim’s father along with Holiday finding out that Tim is in town and attempting to look for his father.

Arriving at PCL and after making your way out of the car going over that for the time being you’ll be going by Tim Ottman instead to be on the safe side while looking around on the vial if there is to be anything found regarding it while looking around. Talk with the security guard as he’ll inform you to head inside and report to the front desk. Now when you’re inside head to the front desk and report in as Rita along with her Pokemon Floette will welcome you to PCL as Tim informs that he’ll start working there today as believed to be the new part-timer as Rita tells him he’ll call her down. Have a look at the lobby/waiting room as you may want to take a look at the map near the copier/printer as you’ll need to have a copy of it in the notes. Once a copy of the map has been sketched, head to the seating area and have a seat that’ll trigger a cutscene with the PCL Director and one of the researchers will come into the lobby to greet you.

After the cutscene, you’ll have to follow “Fridge” as you head through the door and you should see him in the hallway near a door up the hall in little ways. When walking over to him as we’ll head into his lab as he introduces you to his Pokemon Garbodor as he’s conducting research on garbage disposal and gives a small demonstration by tossing what resembles a crumbled up piece of paper to Garboder as it eats it then omits some kind of odor out of its mouth as it eventually stinks up the room. We’ll be introduced to another character in this chapter, Nina as she scolds Fridge a bit about doing that as he was only showing what he does to Tim. During that there is a mention of another researcher by the name of Wallace and that he had changed a passcode again to where Nina can’t figure out what it could be.

When talking with Nina and asking about Wallace if he does what he does often as it turns out that he does when it comes to hiring anyone new that he decides to change the passcode to the courtyard. Although to figure out what the “new” passcode is there is a problem written on the whiteboard in the meeting room and the answer to the problem is the solution to gain access to the courtyard but Nina is unable to figure out what the solution to the puzzle that Wallace had written. Head to the meet room to take a look at the whiteboard in there to take a crack at the problem.

Taking a look at the whiteboard as you should see a chart to the top right corner and while you do, eventually you’ll get a hint of check the plants as he seems to be rather elaborate on the whole problem thing. Checking the plant there in the meeting room as you’ll come up with nothing so onto the next area of interest which would be the library which is at the opposite end of the hallway. Although on the way to the library if you decide to take a look at the door to the courtyard as you’ll notice a keypad next to the door. If you take a look at it you’ll have a chance to see the chart copied from the whiteboard as it makes getting to the library more crucial. Keep in mind only one Pokemon is already listed in the solution already, Garbodor. Once that you make your way to the library but if you press X for a Pika Prompt as Pikachu will mention that it’s cold as this is something to keep in mind for later. While in the library as there are two plants in there and checking the first plant as there’s nothing there as we then check the other to find a clue to help with figuring out the code.

Right now would be a good time to write this down for when you figure out the code to gain access to the courtyard and probably calls to try doing a little research on each of the Pokemon that you’ve seen on that list for whatever information that you can gather on them. If you try solving the puzzle as it may be difficult and if Pikachu mentions about checking the Pokemon you should be able to check out the books after that is mentioned. Read the books on the shelf to the right of where the plant is to browse any information on the Pokemon to solve the case as you should be able to get the information from reading through. Once that you have gone through the books that we’ll have come to the following conclusions on the Pokemon that’s on the list.

PokemonTypeSymbol on List
FloetteFairyTriangle [upside down]
RotomElectric + GhostTriangle [normal]
TreveantGhost + GrassDiamond
ShuckleBug + RockCircle
Rotom [Triangle] Garbordor [Star] Treveant [Diamond] Fennekin [Square]

With this solution, we can now head to the door to the courtyard and enter the code to gain access to the courtyard to investigate the area more to find out about the vial to try to gain any leads on Tim’s father’s disappearance that took place near the area. After the passcode has been entered as you gain access to the Courtyard along with anything on the other side of it as well as we see Pokemon such as Shuckle, Treveant, and Feenekin from the note living in the courtyard. If we go straight to the other side to see what we can find there and in the other hallway if we head to the door at the far end as a cutscene is triggered and we’re introduced to Wallace as we find out that he apparently studies Pokemon cells.

When asked what kind of cell research Wallace does as he informs that Solosis and Duosion are able to live in any environment and researching on how that is possible. As we can take a look around his laboratory as the first set of Pokemon that you see in the tank are Solosis while Duosion is in the other two tanks. When we ask Wallace about the Pokemon in there as he’s working on being able to try talking to them telepathically as it seems that’s how Solosis and Duosion are able to communicate. After taking a brief time exploring Wallace’s lab as we can head out of there and head back out to the hallway.

If we head to the next door as we end up in another person’s lab. Entering what appears to be another lab as a cutscene had triggered upon entering it and when trying to get a brief look around. As Pikachu hopped onto the table as Rotom pops right out of what’s on the table as Pikachu goes to make a friendly hello to it as we have someone enter the room not noticing you and Pikachu right away. He introduces himself as Carlos and that he works with Rotom as Carlos informs you that his research is energy. Energy as in taking a motor and inserting a tiny amount of power to turn it into something much more by trying to borrow some of Rotom’s energy to test out the theory but the problem is that when Rotom is asked to get into the motor it doesn’t exactly listen to it. Instead, it ends up in Carlos’ computer. After the cutscene is done and if you talk with Rotom as it tells you that Carlos is HIS servant which is typically the opposite of any human and Pokemon interaction in any way. Before leaving if you head to the shelf that’s in the corner to the right as there’ll be a vial on there but as Pikachu takes a look at it as it’s not the one they’re there to find.

If we head back out to the hallway and as we get near the other door near the door that we came in through as we come across a key Pokemon, Klefki. As we talk with Klefki about getting into the storeroom of Building B and finding that it has the key to the storeroom but don’t get too excited just yet as it’s not going to be too easy to get the key to the storeroom just yet. So how do we get the key to the storeroom? First off we need to gain Klefki’s trust and now brings another question “How do we gain Klefki’s trust?” Another thing that we learn is that Klefki has a key to everywhere in the building except for the courtyard with the whole passcode thing. Now onto about how to gain its trust as we find out all we have to do is to get juice [not medicine] made by Shuckle and that should be satisfactory for Klefki to unlock the storeroom for you. Sounds simple enough considering that Shuckle can be found in the courtyard.

Now back in the courtyard to talk with Shuckle but a tip that I can give is that if you run near Shuckle it does go into its shell but if you just walk it’ll stay out but either way you’ll still be able to talk to it without any problems whatsoever. As you get near Shuckle, Nina is there near it and before you have a chance to get any closer to them as something goes on as Nina asks you if you felt the chill just now as it’s something that’s been happening lately. Learning that not only with her being a scientist as she seems to enjoy weird stories and with some of the events like that going on as she’s been writing things down for a report about it.

Now when we ask Nina about why she’s there we’ll find out that she’s trying to do an experiment using Shuckle on medicine as she’s trying to get it to an orange color along with the right taste to it but been unsuccessful at making that happen thus far. As Tim offers to help as we gather some info on what we’ll need as she tells us that we need two berries along with some liquid to complete the experiment. If you ask Nina about the liquids that she had used she’ll give you a chart of what she had used so far.

For the berries, all but one tree will be able to provide you with a berry for the experiment. The trees that would be on the left as you originally walked in the courtyard as the first tree has a red berry, next tree has a green berry, and checking the last tree on that side has a blue berry. As the ones on the other side, the first tree has a yellow berry while the other tree on that side doesn’t have any berries to provide you with. Now that we got the berries now we have to get some liquids as we can now focus on getting the liquids for the experiment.

If we head to Building A, you can head to the Meeting Room for coffee for the liquids and once you have that head to Fridge’s Lab and to the desk that’s behind him as there’ll be some Grass Juice. Now we have two liquids as there’s two more that you can find as you can head back to the Courtyard as you can grab water from the tank that should be in the background before entering Building B. Once we’re in Building B head to Carlos’s Lab and ask about colors as he’ll hand you a color chart that you can use for when mixing the two berries together for the right color. Finally, head to Wallace’s Lab as he’ll give you some Culture Solution from Solosis. Now that we have the berries and the liquids and if we take a look at the stuff that was given from Nina along with Carlos we can figure out where to go with the mixture of the berries and liquid.

Liquids Tested
LiquidEffectWhere Found
Grass JuiceIt got even smellierFridge’s Lab [Fridge’s desk]
Culture SolutionThe aroma got milderWallace’s Lab
WaterNo changeTank in Courtyard
CoffeeIt’s bitter and color got weirdMeeting Room
Color Chart
Color MixtureEnd Result
Red + BluePurple
Red + YellowOrange
Yellow + BlueGreen
Green + YellowYellow-Green

Once that we have all the things that we may need for this experiment as we can head back to where Nina is in the courtyard and get the experiment underway. When looking for the berries they’ll be in the courtyard. Wanting to head to the trees as we’ll be able to get a berry. The two trees that we can see while talking with Nina have berries. Left one has a red one and the one on the right has a green one. As we head to the left as we’ll be able to get a yellow one. There’ll be a tree to the right of that one but it doesn’t have a berry. Looking at the information that we have gathered we should be able to figure out how to make the right combination of the medicine that Nina has been trying to make. First up we take the two berries and we’ll need to mix the Red + Yellow berries into Shuckle followed with the Culture Solution from Solosis as it turns out to the orange color with the right smell. The experiment is a success.

Upon the success of the experiment, a cutscene will trigger as Carlos comes to the courtyard to find that Nina’s experiment worked with the help of Tim and Pikachu. Not long afterward PCL Director Dorothy arrives at the Courtyard with Emilia as we find out that there’s going to be a TV shoot there the following day to show what goes on during a typical day at PCL. While Dorothy introduces Emilia to everyone as it gets to Tim as she nearly blows Tim’s cover as he’s able to quickly tell her to just call him Tim in the sake of keeping his real last name out of it, at least for now anyway.

After the cutscene is over remember what you had promised Klefki some juice from Shuckle as we ask it for some of its juice for Klefki. As it agrees to make the juice that’d be good enough for Klefki as it prepares the juice and once that Shuckle finishes it you can head to Building B to give the juice for Klefki in order to gain access to the Storeroom. Head to Klefki, handing it the juice and after it’s done drinking it’ll be time to take a look around the Storeroom to see if there’s anything that could help out in finding out about Tim’s father.

Once that the door is unlocked and being able to look around at the boxes to the right of the door will have stuff that Fridge had put in as you take a look around more as you get to the other side of the room as you see some shelves and whatnot against the wall. The one on the far left of the shelves is where you’ll need to investigate as you find a vial and as both Tim and Pikachu take a look at it to see if it’s the same kind of vial as the broken one that they have as they confirm that it’s the same one as the one that they have. Just around the time that they finish up the conversation, it appears as if someone decided to eavesdrop on the conversation but who exactly was it? Another cutscene follows with them at the Cafe trying to figure out who it could’ve been that could’ve been involved with what went on with Tim’s father, Harry. After the cutscene is over time to leave the Cafe and get ready for tomorrow but after you leave it’ll trigger another cutscene of someone mysterious talking to someone on the phone about Tim. The tension rises.

The Next Day

As we get to the next day as we’re already in front to of the PCL building in front of the guard and Herdier as we do the same as the last time walk up to him but he’ll mention about hearing about yesterday then allows you to go in for the job as Rita is the next to congratulate Tim on yesterday. After congratulating Tim and Pikachu, Rita mentions that Carlos wants Tim to meet him in the courtyard to set up for the shoot that’ll be happening there at PCL. When the conversation is over we can now head to the courtyard to help prepare for the TV shoot.

Once that we’re in the courtyard as Dorothy, Emilia and Meiko are there along with the Pokemon that live in the courtyard as if you feel that we can get straight to Emilia. Go with her to check over the Pokemon for the television shoot as it’ll trigger a cutscene and not long after Meiko starts filming Treveant goes berserk as everyone heads to the hallway of Building A. After that everyone takes a look back into the courtyard as it seemed to have calmed down and Wallace tries throwing Tim out of there out of anger while Emilia and Meiko defend Tim. During that time Pikachu mentions about Meiko having the camera out as Meiko agrees about watching the video to see what could’ve made the Treveant get in the state that it was in. Once we get to the video as they don’t notice anything out of the ordinary but when viewing for the second time they notice something coming out of the ground and purplish as it reached for the leftovers that were on the plate.

Upon watching the video and seeing a mysterious Pokemon in the video that grabbed the leftovers as Emilia along with Meiko ask if Tim could investigate the issue as he’s been able to solve a couple cases already at this point as one or the other had witnessed as Dorothy agrees to let Tim investigate after Emilia and Meiko insist letting Tim do so.

The Mysterious Pokemon

Now it’s time to investigate this mysterious Pokemon and find out what it was doing there while the Treveant had gone berserk while it was eating. Walk over to Nina due to if you remember about her mentioning about Ghost Stories that she was documenting for a report about it. As we ask her about it and that she’s been recording mysterious things that have been happening at the facility that she’s encountered. While you can ask her about the report but does mention that she had lent out a few others as it can be crucial to have any information to lead to what was caught on camera not too long ago as you’ll have to ask around to find the other reports that she had done as she hands you one that she has on her already.

While most everyone’s there it’d be a good idea to ask around to who may have a copy of any reports that Nina had made as you can try asking Wallace first to see if he has any as it turns out that he did have a copy of one but didn’t read it as he doesn’t truly believe in such a thing before handing it back to her. As you try asking Dorothy if she had read any as she has read one as the one she had should be in her office. Before making your way out of the courtyard there should be a Pikachu Prompt as it should be best not to tell anyone else about the possibility of someone being behind as if controlling the mysterious Pokemon, at least until they know for sure about it. At this point, it’s going to be best to ask around with the staff and the Pokemon there at the facility what they may know about what’s been going on if anything.

Now if we ask the staff that’s still there about it as neither of them have the slightest idea on what Pokemon it could be and Nina believes that it isn’t one of theirs so that is likely not to be the case of any Pokemon that’s there. While asking Emilia about if they may know as she doesn’t know what it could be and after that Pikachu mentioned about heading to the lobby but before doing so if you talk with Meiko if she may have any idea but once again no idea what it is as she wished she could’ve got a better view of it. When asking Treveant about it as it doesn’t remember anything and the same when Glalie went berserk in the cave and when asked if it saw anything while it was eating as it turns out negative about seeing anything.

As we talk to Fenneken about anything it may know as we eventually learn that it heard a voice that said I was here first, as Pikachu asks if it’s sure if that’s what it heard. Now we can try asking Phantump about it as it hid in the grass as it went on but at the same time, it was getting a presence of something else that was near as could this feeling have been the Pokemon that was caught on tape by Meiko? When asked if it had a chance to see what it looked like but the time it turned around it was nowhere in sight.

Finally go over and talk with Shuckle to see what it may know about it as we talk with it as we find out that it has seen it but doesn’t know its name and mentions it stealing food as that’s something that we may be able to go on with this Pokemon that’s lurking around.

After learning about that we can go over to Building B to see if Carlos in his lab as we head over there as we find him there and when talking to him he had seen the video as he can’t believe something like that had happened. Now when asking about Nina’s reports as he does have one but it’s as if he isn’t a full believer of anything like that but still has a report that she had done on him as he’ll hand it to you to look over. When asked if he may know what Pokemon it may have been as he says he never saw one like that to his knowledge.

Once we’re done with Carlos let’s head to Dorothy’s office and to get there cut through the courtyard and after you get back to Building A, head towards the Meeting Room as her office is the door before the Meeting Room. As we enter her office as we find her there with a Maccino. Talk with Dorothy about Nina’s report as she had just finished going over it as she hands it to Tim then ask about if they may know anything about it as she doesn’t know anything about it so it’s time to head on to the next area to investigate.

Head out of Dorothy’s office as you want to head to Fridge’s Lab as there’ll be a couple Ghost STories reports on Nina’s desk and after you grab those have a talk with Fridge maybe he may know anything about this unknown Pokemon that’s been lurking around the facility. When talking with Fridge as he thought that everything would be about the shoot but as something else had decided to show up and is now more of a talk than the shoot itself. As we talk more about Fridge as he has one of Nina’s reports as he’ll hand it to you. He isn’t sure what Pokemon it is and figures it may have somehow come in from outside the facility.

Now if we head to the lobby where Rita is as a brief cutscene will commence as it’s shown that she really adores Pikachu but as it comes to an end as she wonders if the sound that was going on was due to the TV shoot that was going on and finds out through Tim that it was due to Treveant going berserk. When asked if anyone came through whether a person or Pokemon as she hasn’t seen anyone come in at least through the front door anyway as we attempt to take a look at the surveillance videos to see if we can learn anything from them. Upon checking the videos and nobody had come in just as she thought. As Tim didn’t realize there were surveillance cameras installed after the facility had been rebuilt. While Tim takes a look at the video himself as we find out it was from yesterday but when it is mentioned about when the cameras were installed when it was rebuilt due to the director at the time being rather cautious after it being rebuilt. As for the new building that we’re currently in wasn’t due to the building being old but was due to rather something going berserk during an experiment destroying just about the whole building apparently. While Rita doesn’t know much about it but feeling that Dorothy may know something about it if she does.

Head back to Dorothy’s office and while we’re there if we talk with Maccino about any Pokemon as it’ll mention about seeing something messing around with a clock as it was spinning fast and spooked Dorothy a little. As we ask Dorothy about the old PCL building as she wonders if Tim thinks it could be related to the incident as there may be something in the library about the old building so that could be a good place to look to find out if there’s anything there about the old PCL building.

Now we have to head to the library as we head down the hall and once in the library it should be the second shelf from the left on the bookshelf you’re able to see upon walking in. Read everything that you can about the old PCL building and the first entry that we read should be from someone by the name of John Waals. Next file we read we find out some of the Pokemon that were at the old facility such as Herdier – Gangar – Mudkip – Aipom. While we read on with the next file we find out about a Pokemon that went berserk and they were unable to continue to maintain their activities there after the incident to the point they had to close the building. Also, we find out that apparently, it wasn’t until at least two years possibly that the new building started construction or was rebuilt. Now we can try finding out about the Pokemon that was listed in the one file and if there’s anything about them that could be the mysterious Pokemon that showed up.

Go over to the shelf to the left to learn about the Pokemon that we had just found out about as the first we look up is Aipom as its tail is more dexterous than its hands and likes to hang from a tree even in its sleep. Next up we read about Mudkip, we learn that it can lift boulders and be able to breathe underwater but likes to bury itself in mud to rest. Gangar is the next one we learn about as it can put a curse on someone even to placing hypnosis on someone and now that is kind of creepy if you ask me. It is also known to hide in shadows and even make a room drop up to ten degrees. Hmm? Could we be onto something here with that information right there? Now finally onto Herdier, as it’s one that can take care of other Pokemon to even being very loyal to its trainer.

Once that you’ve obtained the information from those books as Pikachu will prompt for a talk as he remembers what Fenneken had said about hearing a voice I was here first, as it possibly is one of the Pokemon from the old facility being there at the new facility? Are the pieces slowly coming together now? It’ll be time to take a look at the Case Notes and see about putting the first piece of the puzzle together.

As we piece together the first part of the puzzle as we go with Gangar and the reason for that is due to how cold the room can drop suddenly without messing around with the room temperature found in Ghost Stories report #2. Now for another piece of the puzzle as we try to decide how it was able to take the leftovers as we go with the being able to move through shadows in order to do so.

After we figure out that the mysterious Pokemon has been Gangar this whole time as it’s time to maybe try calling it out as Pikachu tries calling it out. The only problem is that it isn’t wanting to come out and the only way to do so is to turn out the lights then bring out a flashlight to see if that’ll work. A cutscene will commence and when Gangar finally appears Tim tries grabbing it but moves right through it as Pikachu will shine the flashlight at it as it’ll send out a confuse ray towards Pikachu as a quick time will appear as you need to time it right in the yellow and press A. Now after being nearly attacked from Gangar as it escapes and have to find a way to capture it so we can question it as to why it had done what it did.

Leave the library and head to talk with Dorothy maybe she may know a way to. As you make your way there as you’ll see Gangar sticking out near the Meeting Room as it’ll run into that room as you head in to talk with Dorothy. We inform Dorothy that Gangar is the mysterious Pokemon and need to find a way to capture it as she knows it’s a Ghost-type so trapping it is going to be the tricky part. She mentions that there are some tools that she made and there may be one that could capture Gangar and the only place I can think of where the tool would be is in the Storeroom.

So now we have to head to the Storeroom where we found the vial as and once we’re there it should be on top of the table as you want to grab it. Head back to where you had seen it run into as it should be in the Meeting Room and now is the time to try capturing it so we can find out what it knows. Once we’re in the Meeting Room as a cutscene will be triggered and eventually another quick time will happen like the last quick time that happened as you need to time it right once the ring reach the yellow spot then press A to fire the ghost capture at Gangar.

The time to question Gengar has come and first off that we find out that it was only wanting to pull a prank nothing more than that and that Treveant got an intensely spicy berry as it doesn’t know what was really in the food. The person that Gangar’s been hanging with was wearing white clothes so it points to someone that works there at PCL that’s the culprit behind everything with Gengar along with the possibility of Treveant going berserk. Gangar doesn’t remember what the person looks like exactly but does remember about a device in the library and we then learn about something in the library as we have to look for books that have some kind of sticker on them in the colors of yellow, blue, green, and red on the spines of the books. Pulling them in that order activates some kind of device but it seems that’s about all we’re going to be getting out of Gangar.

Finding The Culprit

Once again it’ll be time to hit the library and check out a few books but not for any kind of research either. When in the library it’ll be the third shelf from the left as you’ll be able to check it out as you’ll see the symbols on the four books and remember what you learned from Gangar in what order they should be pulled in to activate some kind of device. After the last one is pulled the bookshelf starts moving inward like something out of a spy movie to reveal a ladder leading downward like to some kind of secret laboratory. The moment that we get into the Underground Laboratory the first thing that we can find out on the table once we get control of the game is the leftovers that were meant for Treveant that was stolen when it went berserk. Not far from the leftover there’s a document by John Waals as we read it to find out what we possibly can find out as it looks like Waals was trying to make some kind of medicine that resulted differently than expected.

Heading over to a shelf desk as we find another document that was dated with last year on it as it’s mentioned in the log that materials found in the old facility library and finding out about this secret room. Apparently, it was used for secret experiments and mentions about Pokemon going berserk. Also, it looks like R is to be used to strengthen Pokemon as it doesn’t say much more and nothing about what the side effects are never mentioned so maybe the Pokemon going beserk be a possible side effect? Another entry talks about being contacted by someone about something that causes Pokemon to go berserk and offering money to continue the research on that. Next entry talks about Gengar was already there and was a partner to someone that used to work there to where it had been living alone due to the other place had shut down. Now we get to another entry as it mentions Gangar one cannot see it on surveillance and can move around freely. Next entry mentioned about not being able to work with prying eyes and needing to move equipment. A most recent entry mentions that R production can move after analysis and conduct the research as the person wishes.

If you check out where you got the leftovers as you’ll come across another document of John Waals as it’s mentioned about combining materials and needing to mature for about a day. Learning that the basement was built so he could do the research and the experiments in. While the basement had a stable temperature but isn’t getting the results that he was aiming for and the experiments have been to help a Pokemon’s healing abilities but effects have been too strong. There was a batch that was supposed to mature for a week but a co-worker Simon had misunderstood as it was the opposite of what he had expected to where he had to try finding a way to stabilize the effects. The entry ends with that the cells were not from a Pokemon but rather something else and there isn’t a way to find out exactly what as the pages are smudged.

After grabbing the vial as Pikachu takes time to figure out with what they have looked over and has figured out who the culprit is but there is still one piece of evidence left as Tim wonders what Pikachu is talking about as we eventually can leave the basement back up to the library. Head to the lobby to talk with Rita about looking at surveillance tapes. Taking a look at the surveillance footage from yesterday as see Wallace going into the library at some point but isn’t in there for very long more than likely in there long enough to hide the passcode chart than to the Meeting Room. As we continue watching as Carlos is the next to enter the library. After watching the surveillance footage as Rita printed out a photo.

Now a cutscene will commence once everyone meets up in the library about the whole situation. As we’ll have to find out who the culprit is.

Who is the culprit?

  • Carlos

What is the proof someone planned this?

  • Trevenant’s Leftovers

What is the proof they made the medicine?

  • Research Log

What is the proof they didn’t go for a walk?

  • Surveillance-camera image

Chapter Four: Cappucci Island

Waiting on Information from Interrogation

Starting off with a cutscene with Tim and Pikachu at the park feeding the Pidove before Amanda’s Fletchling lands on Pikachu’s head with something in its mouth as it turns out to be a letter from Mr. Baker that he has news for them to hear. As we get back to the Baker Detective Agency to meet up with Mr. Baker and Mr. Holiday to find out what he had learned from Carlos interrogation. Finding out that he wasn’t the only one responsible for what went on at PCL as it turned out that he was taking orders from someone and was giving him orders on what to do but at a price of receiving funds for R research. We learn that it was due to this person that they wanted Carlos to find a way to get Tim out of there and more than likely the same when Harry was there. Before Carlos interrogation Harry’s accident was written off as a driver error but it was discovered via interrogation about Harry being attacked by this mysterious person due to “knowing too much.” Now we learn that Carlos doesn’t know who exactly the person was as any conversations was done over the phone and delivery of R via proxies, never meeting in person.

While Carlos was working on R secretly as it seemed that this mysterious person had somehow found out what Carlos had been working on but the question remains that if Carlos is telling the truth is How did the person find out about R? Carlos did hand over what he had on R, and who knows what they plan on doing with it as whatever it could probably be rather dangerous to even think about. Although one of the ingredients of R is the cells of a certain Pokemon which one even baffled Carlos. The police are looking into it as well as they can find out what they can with the information that had been written down by Dr. Waals.

Although after talking with Holiday with what he knew as we talk with Mr. Baker as he’s surprised that Tim got attacked by the same person that attacked Harry which is rather puzzling that this person would try anything to keep what’s going on under wraps. As we continue talking with Baker as he figures that it’s possible that Harry was attacked due to wanting to find out about this R stuff and if it’s the cause of the Pokemon going berserk as it seems as the incidents involving Pokemon, for the most part, have been showing the same symptoms thus far.

Once we’re done with Baker as we’re left with more questions than answers as Tim talks with Pikachu while trying to find out some answers about R as there’s is a possibility of finding some answers and that’ll be Dr. Waals himself as we decide to try finding him. As the game cuts to a cutscene after talking with Pikachu Tim asks Mr. Holiday about Dr. Waals as he had just found out where he’s living, over on Cappucci Island. Although to get there, a ferry runs only once a day but Baker knows someone that can help them get over there and Pikachu doesn’t like the sound of it as the person he knows is none other than Amanda.

After the cutscene it’ll be basically time to head on out as a cutscene will commence afterwards with Tim and Pikachu at Hi Hat Cafe and during the visit there, learning about something called the Pokemon Carnival that’s held there in Ryme City where people and Pokmon alike come to with a big parade at the end to wrap it up. After learning about the carnival it’ll be time to head on out to meet up with Amanda to head to Cappucci Island.

Docks/Cappucci Island

Arriving at Cappucci Island after a crazy ride from Amanda on her boat as Tim was not prepared for her driving on the way over as it seemed to be a bit overboard. The first order of business is to go to Dr. Waals house to ask him about R as we leave the docks with Tim and Pikachu still feeling the aftermath of the boat ride there. Not far into the walk as we’ll find a couple people talking with each other as one is identified as Louise as Pikachu starts running towards her and starts taking a whiff of what he’s smelling. She noticed Pikachu as if smelling her as she informs that it’s her perfume that Spritzee helps out on. When Tim is asked if he’s a tourist but says he’s there to visit someone, Dr. Waals as a matter of speaking as he’s told that his home is located down the path that they’re currently on.

If we go about attempting to head straight to Dr. Waals’ house and as we do we eventually come across a Ducklett as if it seems to be injured possibly. As you attempt to help it as a kid that lives there on the island thinks that you’re trying to harm it kneels down by the Ducklett healing it with some kind of potion. We learn his name’s Milo and he’s trying to become a Pokemon Ranger.

As Tim hasn’t heard about a Pokemon Ranger as Milo tells him what a Pokemon Ranger is about. When Tim mentioned he’s looking for Dr. Waals as Milo assumes that he’s with the other guys as Tim doesn’t know about the other guys as he agrees to take you to see Dr. Waals. On the way to see Dr. Waals and upon arriving it looks as if someone’s there to see him as we decide to head to see who it could be as we walk in finding someone trying to do something with Dr. Waals as we initially hear him say he’s a police officer as it turns out to be the Brad character that Mr. Holiday had mentioned back at the agency. From the start, it seems as Brad is bent that Dr. Waals is the culprit to whatever it is that’s going on currently as Tim eventually challenges Brad that he’ll find evidence and if Waals is innocent in hopes that it’ll change his mind.

Talking to Brad to find out what exactly he’s trying to accuse Waals of as he brings up about a fog situation that’s apparently going on then finding out that somehow Pokemon are being injured. As we talk more with him he’s really convinced that Waals is the culprit and there’s evidence proving it along with conducting strange experiments on them. While Tim says he’ll go take a look at the lake himself but unfortunately Brad mentions that the bridge to the lake has collapsed which may make things impossible unless there’s another way of heading to the lake to find out anything about what’s going on with the fog.

Investigating the Fog Situation

Learning about some kind of fog and injured Pokmon going on it’s time to investigate as to what’s causing not only the fog but what’s been injuring the Pokemon as it seems to be such a mystery at this point as there should be another way of getting to the lake with the bridge being out of commission currently. As we head out of Waals’ home to find out what we can start our investigation and not long after heading out Milo catches up to us informing us that there is another way of getting to the lake known as the “secret path” as those who took it always had something with them.

As we head to the first area after leaving the docks upon arriving there on Cappucci Island to gather what info that you can obtain to help out in the case with Dr. Waals. Maybe we can start with the one that Louise was talking when we first ran into her and before you have a chance to do so you’ll come across some Timburr Pokemon. Checking the billboard as you see there’s stuff about deliveries and whatnot then we can talk with the guy standing next to the billboard as he informs you that if you need any baggage to leave it for Timburr Transport. If we ask him about a secret path as he tells us that he remembers going down it when he was younger when there was a lake festival going on there on the island but that was before the bridge was built. Another thing we learn is that there would be scrolls that would be handed out to the children with riddles on them to help them along the path that they had to solve to know where to go from the sound of it. While he doesn’t have a scroll on him but will mention of the old man may still have one so there’s a possible lead there on what to do.

When it comes to talking with the old man he’s the last one that you come to before getting to the area of Dr. Waals’ home so head to the last house before Dr. Waals’ area to talk to him about the scrolls as his place should have a flag with a circle with an X over it. Once you get to his place talk to him about the scrolls as he was told to them via the chief of Timburr Transport. As we ask if we could borrow one of the scrolls as he initially says that Tim seems a bit old to do so but if he wants to do so he’ll be happy to oblige with the request as he’ll go get you a scroll to use.

As we take a look at the scroll as we find three images on with what looks to be a phase of the moon on it as we look left to right as it’s the Full Moon – Half Moon – New Moon. Once we see those as there’s text above and below the images that are on the scroll as we want to take a look at those to see what the text is about but before you have a chance to read them the old man will mention about two scales as that probably means that’s where the path starts.

Secret Path

Now think back to Dr. Waals’ house and if you remember that when you were at Dr. Waals’ house as there looked to be a path there as that would be the first place to start and once that you’re there take a look around as you find something that appears to have been broken to eventually finding with what looks like scales on them so finding the path is right there in front of you. After making the discovery as Milo then comes over asking if you found the secret path yet as he wants to tag along for himself as well. As we’re now in the secret path let’s have another look at the scroll to figure out how to get to the lake via the Secret Path.

Moon PhasesBackground Color
Full MoonGreen
Half MoonPink
New MoonBlue
Moon PhaseHint
Split MoonLake shall bestow its blessings and pass through the darkness
Half MoonLake shall bestow the beginning

One thing we have to keep in mind is the colors on the scroll with the moon phases if we have a chance to get through this path and reach the lake. As we take a look around as you’ll notice that there are three statues as it looks like these are the paths the scroll had mentioned about as we have to take a look at each of the statues to find out which is the first path that we must take. Take a look at the first statue that you come to on your right as it’s a Tropius as its green leaves are well made on it and taking that this is the Green Path. As we then try checking out the statue in the middle as there’s a Pokemon in the lake as if it’s injured as it turns out the Pokemon there is a Feebas and is injured according to Milo as he uses his potion on it as it feels better afterward.

If we have a talk with Feebas as it tells us that the lake’s in trouble and it needs to head back. As we ask it about the statues as it tells us that they’re modeled after Pokmon that live on the island but don’t know what they have to do with the scroll. When asking Feeba its wounds have healed as it takes it as a yes as we find out what it was doing there as it remembers being thrown there. Although it’s been living in the lake as it never seen anything like it has and the Pokemon don’t know what’s causing the fog.

After talking with Feebas as we take a look at the statue that we were going to look at as we don’t know what Pokemon it was but the only thing that we have to rely on is it’s color as it looks to be pained blue. Now onto the other last statue as it’s a brown Pokemon as Milo informs us that it’s a Stunfisk as it lives near water and it does give off a jolt of electricity. Now we have a reason to watch our step along the way to the lake after learning about Stunfisk could be in the area.

Now it’s time to take a look at the case notes to look at what we know so far and as we look at what we have to figure out the puzzle as it’s the colors from the scroll along with the colors that are on the statue as that’s the key to finding out which path that we have to take. Next puzzle we take a look at the colors from the scroll as we have to match them up with the right colors as it should be green – blue – pink. When we have that taken care of now we have to with the path of green and think about which statue represents green and as we take a look at the statue puzzle as the only one that should match for green is Tropius.

We take the path past the Tropius statue and when we get there this is the area with the Stunfisk are in as you’ll have a quick time that’ll come up involving Pikachu after finding out he is on the Stunfisk. Time it right on pressing A in the yellow mark. Now take a look at the statues and if we start with the right side again as it’s a statue of Timburr but the color of it isn’t on there anymore so knowing the color of what it is may be tough. The middle statue as we check it as it’s a Wingull and once again there is no color on the statue and finally the statue on the left is that of a Ducklett with no color on it as well. Now we have to figure out what color that they are.

Opening up the case notes as we know that the second path that we have to take is blue as we have to figure out which Pokemon there is blue colored. If you remember the color of the Pokemon when you had seen them at some point after arriving as Ducklett is blue, Wingull is white and Timburr is gray so that narrows down the choice of the blue path being the statue of Ducklett but before we can go any farther we have to match up those colors with the statues. Once that we do that it’ll be time to choose the path of the Duckett to move on to the third challenge.

After taking the path of the Ducklett as we’re on the last path before making it to the lake as once again have three statues to examine to determine which is the final path to take. As we look around there should be a Pokemon to the left if you try going to the one over there as it’s a Shellos and be sure to examine it well. As we have a talk with the Shellos as we discover it’s mad about its friends being injured. We find out that the Shellos looked different then compared to now as we wonder what that could mean.

After talking with Shellos and if we head to the right there’s another Shellos in the area as that one as we find out was worried that it’d get caught up in what’s been going on being so close to the lake. Once we have a quick chat with the other Shellos there’s a statue near that one as it’s a Shellos but if we look at it closely it doesn’t look like the Shellos that we see there on the third path and could this mean what the one had said about them looking different before? We could ask Milo about why the Shellos look different now compared to the statue.

Now to the statue in the middle and as we do there’s a Pokemon over there known as Grotle. If we talk about it as we find out that it’s been living there long before people ever came along and the area had changed since humans started developing it including a change in the water. After the talk with Grotle as we take a look at the statue in the middle as it’s an Azumaril as there was one if you had looked closely enough in the area after arriving there that was near a lady. We notice that there isn’t any paint on it just like the ones in this area.

As we head over to the far left as we find a statue of Grotle and once again no paint on it as we’re unsure if the coloring of it is the same as it was when the statue was made. If we had to wait until now to talk to Milo about anything like Shellos as how it looks can change over time even if the water quality had changed at any point so the water quality could explain the change in Shellos. Also, we learn a little more about Shellos as it can either be blue or pink so that helps out for when solving the next puzzle on which way to go.

Bring out the case notes as Pikachu wonders how the last one can be pink as we think about what Milo had said about Shellos as it can be blue or pink so the choice to go with on this would be with Shellos. When solving the puzzle we put in Shellos followed by testimony based on what we learned from Milo along with Grotle due to the water quality of the area had changed over the years. As for the path to take, go the path of Shellos as we’ll end up at the lake then and to find out more about the situation.

Lake Cappucci

Arriving at the lake as we try taking a look around as the fog is making it a little difficult to fully investigate and next thing we know is that a couple of Polywag will come flying in at us as to how they are coming in like that is a mystery. Taking a look around to try finding out where they came from and not long afterward Milo spots a couple Masquerain as it looks like we figured out the whole fog issue. As we learn that they had started doing the fog as they’re worried about outsiders. Feebas will come in to talk with the Masquerain as they lift the fog so we’re now able to see better around the area.

Pikachu had found out that they had done the fog was due to something that had started living in the lake and wanting to protect their friends. As we want to talk with the Masquerain first about what’s been going on as we find out that a Pokemon just showed up one day and attacked any Pokemon that got anywhere remotely close to it. Not only that but seems to have somewhat of a temper on it.

Now if we go talk with Feebas to see what it knows about the Pokemon that Masquerain has mentioned that arrived in the lake. As we ask it about it as it isn’t sure if it’s the same one with it being foggy out but remember it’s body being collapsed by a pincher as it hurt Feebas a lot.

When looking around a little bit as if we make our way towards the tree as there’s a gash in the tree as if something attacked it as we hear Masquerain say that it was left by the scary thing that showed up in the lake one day. Not long after checking that out as something starts going on in the lake as Tim and Pikachu walk over to the edge near the water wondering what could be going on. Not long after that Feebas swims over to try to get a look at what it could be and boom a Crawdaunt comes out of the water then proceed to throw Feebas in your direction. Freebas doesn’t have any serious injuries as it looks as if Waals is innocent thus far but we’re far from out of the woods yet as Milo realizes that Crawdaunt isn’t native to the area.

Let’s have a further look around as if we go to the left as there’ll be a broken fishing rod over there and as for on the other side there should be a piece of wood with some kind of marking on it with white paint. If we go back over to Masquerain as we find out through questioning that it had tried scaring off with their eyelike antenna but didn’t seem to do so well in scaring it off as it didn’t seem to do well with its short temper.

When headed over near the Polywag as we start with the one on the right as it was playing with its buddies when it was suddenly attacked by Crawdaunt and worried that it’ll throw them off the island with it being as strong as it is. As we take a look more around and to where we’d come in from as there’s a broken bottle laying on the ground. If we go to talk with Milo if he may know anything as he doesn’t know about it except for what he got from books as one thing that he knows that it’s very territorial. There is something that should be in the lake on the right of the small island area you’re on as you’ll find a box fragment with a gash in it just like with a gash in the tree.

As we want to take a look at the case notes about Crawdaunt as the first thing is why it was hurting the other Pokemon as we use Milo’s testimony about it being territorial. For the next part of the puzzle as to how did it get there as we want to use the box fragment and the mark on the tree on that as we figure out that someone had to put Crawdaunt in a box that ended up there at the lake but the question is who?

Proving Waals’ Innocence

As we’re back at Waals’ place as we inform Brad what we had found out at this point and at this point he still wants to try to pin everything on Waals making it sound like it was him that had the Crawdaunt there at the lake with him being a Pokemon Researcher. He will allow you to search for evidence to prove him otherwise but insists that he has undeniable proof that Waals is the culprit behind what’s going on Cappucci Island as it’s time to find out who the real culprit is behind the whole ordeal.

Leaving Waals’ house and by the time that you get to the gate as Timburr Transportation is walking by with logs of wood signaling that they’re going to be putting the bridge back together that leads to the lake and be able to investigate that part of the lake. Although they have the stuff to repair the bridge but wondering that the flags are all about as we have to find out what’s with the flags so let’s find out what it is about them.

Head over to where the chief of Timburr Transport and ask him about the flags as we learn as the flags are for the Timburr so they know where to take what needs to be taken where with things like supplies so that way they are able to get the stuff to the right location. It also is mentioned that they only need to be guided once to know where anything that has to go to that spot in the future they’ll know where to go just by the flag logo alone. The whole flag thing has Pikachu thinking that whoever the culprit is, is what could they have used Timburr Transport to get Crawdaunt to the part of the lake that it was at. Now we have to find out more about as we now have some kind of lead to go on. If we ask about if there’s any chance that the Timburr would’ve taken anything to the lake as the chief says that there isn’t any special mark out there for them so it would be impossible for them to have taken anything out there as if there’s anything to be delivered by Timburr Transport it’s usually posted on the bulletin board. There should be a chart that of each flag with any deliveries made along with any record.

Let’s head to town to the bulletin board to check to see what we can learn from it if anything and if we can then investigate anything that’s on it to further to try proving Waals’ innocence. As we take a look at the bulletin board and the chart on the left as we take a look as there are symbols with numbers next to them as this is a good way to check each place that has the corresponding flag to find out what has been delivered there if anything.

Going about checking each house to see if they got what they were expecting as the first one that we come two as they got two packages but nothing unusual about them but there was something off though about the Timburr as they were carrying a large box that day. Possible red flags already? Next up is the old man as there were three packages scheduled to be delivered to him as we find out he got his as it was a camera, tripod, and another item as the camera is being used for to take pictures of the island before construction begins. For the next one we go next door to find out about anything he got as he got his and it was a record player but the needle was busted as he tried asking the chief but said it would be hard and Louise suggested about ordering replacement parts.

With only one place left to go and ask Dr. Waals about it but by the time that you get there, Louise is there with Brad as he still seems to be convinced that Waals is still behind the whole mess. Now there’s only one more place to check and that’s at Waals. During the cutscene, Spritzee gets too close to Menectric as it starts sneezing due to the scent coming from Spritzee’s scent it’s giving off. Now we can head in to find out if there’s been any kind of deliveries made to Dr. Waals he tells us that hasn’t gotten any lately to where he hasn’t been expecting anything nor hasn’t ordered anything. Now some red flags are starting to go off now probably more than ever on the whole situation as something does seem to be smelling fishy and it isn’t Feebas.

If we go ask the chief about the package as he should be by the bridge as we find out that Brad has already gone across the bridge but as we ask about the package due to Dr. Waals not getting any and not expecting any. The chief mentions that he could’ve messed up when placing the chart and as he wished he could ask Timburr himself but he doesn’t realize that Tim has a way to find out about it.

As we talk with the first Timburr as it says there wasn’t anything set to be delivered but there was something that was showed to be delivered apparently. When asked about anything to the lake as there was something they carried with a doughnut-like mark on it as something isn’t making much sense right about now considering all the flags that they’ve seen were on the chart unless there’s one that wasn’t on the chart. The other Timburr confirms that nothing was delivered to Dr. Waals but something had gone to the lake that had the same sign as the other Timburr had said was on it.

Now if we ask the chief about it as he doesn’t know about it as it seems that only the Timburr know something about it. As there is one thing that we find out is that Louise did seem to help out with the sorting. Also, we learn that she helped place the stickers on the boxes. We find out that Louise didn’t have the usual smell to her as she usually has when he’s been around her as I feel like I’m starting to smell a rat here. Next up he had to go to do something in office which only took a few minutes and when he had returned there was something weird with how she smelt as if the scent had disappeared.

Head to the lake and see what we can find there and as we do making the turn to the right as we catch up with Brad as there’s some stuff on the ground as he still trying to put the blame on Waals about doing everything that has happened along with his “evidence” that was pulled out of the lake. One of the things that are held up is the symbol that’s found in front of Dr. Waals house and if Dr. Waals is innocent it’s as if someone’s out to put the blame on him.

If we talk with Feebas as if he’s been keeping an eye on Crawdaunt. When asked if Feebass can ask its friends to look underwater but it did see something strange. The strange thing that it had found happened to be a piece of wood and with a paint mark on it no less and hope that this piece can maybe help prove Waals’ innocence.

Now head back over to where the evidence that was pulled out of the water as the officer says don’t move anything out of there as we take a look at the what was brought on land. First off take a look at the piece of wood with the paint on it, then the sticker that would be found for Timburr to use to deliver anything to his place and then take a look at the piece of wood at the bottom left as it doesn’t seem to be anything special about it but when it’s flipped over as we once again see white paint on it. As for the bigger piece its as if it’s big enough for Crawdaunt to have been in. Be sure to look at the soccer ball and dirty plate just in case.

If we go to the case notes to try making the doughnut symbol using the wooden pieces together and as you do you want to look carefully at the pieces before putting them together. From left to right, the first pice goes in the bottom right – the second piece goes in the upper right – the third piece goes in the upper left – the fourth piece goes in the lower left. Now we have the original mark but how do we make it look like a doughnut? Of the soccer ball – flag – dirty dish, let’s go with the flag to see what goes on as it turns out that’s the right piece to go with and the puzzle is solved.

As we figure out that the best way to have done something without the chief knowing is when he wouldn’t have been looking and the best thing to do is to recreate the sticker then have the Timburr lead us to where that symbol would be. While we’re in front of Waals’ place as the Timburr starts leading us to where they went as we end up going to the lake where we just came from and by the time that they get near the broken down stone dock as they stop in their tracks when Crawdaunt comes out of the water as the Timburr stop in their tracks. This is when we find out that the Crawdaunt is blocking their way as we may have found out where that large box had gone.

Milo tries to do something with Crawdaunt when it tries attacking Milo when Feebas comes into Milo’s add and takes the hit from Crawdaunt landing in the water on the other side. Not long after it takes that hit as Milo jumps in the water next to Feebas as something starts happening to it as it starts evolving as it evolves to Milotic getting its payback on Crawdaunt. After that happens we can safely go down to the end as we’ll eventually find the flag that had the symbol on it as we’re one step closer to revealing the culprit. Eventually, Pikachu takes a whiff of the flag as it seems that he smells something on it and you know what time it is now as we just need confirmation.

As we talk to Milo about it and after we talk with him it’s time to head back to Dr. Waals’ place and let Manetric smell the pole as it eventually sneezes as we finally get confirmation on who it is.

Who is the culprit?

  • Louise

What is the proof that Louise is the culprit?

  • The flag with the ring mark

What did Louise prepare?

  • The box that had Crawdaunt in it

Who did the signal?

  • Spritzee

Case solved and time to learn what you can find out about R from Waals and once that you do it’ll be time to say your goodbyes to everyone as it’ll be time to leave. Once you’ve said your goodbyes head to Amanda to head on back.

Chapter Five: Fine Park

Hi-Hat Cafe

For the next chapter opens up with a cutscene as Tim and Pikachu had decided to check out Fine Park an amusement park that they thought that they would check out and as they try leaving someone comes in through the doors knocking Pikachu down as it turns out to be Meiko and Emilia as thy happen to be in the neighborhood for a shoot and of the Pokemon Carnival of all things. As they get to talking a bit before Meiko’s and Emilia’s boss Roger comes up to the door as he introduces himself to you as he heard so much about them from the ladies.

After the cutscene and when we try leaving another one will commence as Tim says he’s going to be heading out to Fine Park as Meiko and Emilia said they had covered there for a story as it was mentioned that an accident had occurred as this could be something to go on when they get there. During that time Emila asks her boss if it’d be ok if Tim looks at the video after he had asked about seeing it as Roger says that it shouldn’t be a problem as to stop by tomorrow about it as it’ll be time that we finally get to head to Fine Park.

Investigating Fine Park

Upon arriving at Fine Park as it looks totally abandoned and while Tim and Pikachu step out of the car as Pikachu starts looking around as a spoon suddenly drops as it grabs his attention only to find out it belongs to the one and only Alakazam. Talking with Alakazam about the accident that happened a while back as it knows some Pokemon that are around as it can call them out and as it does we see the Pokemon that happen to be here with Alakazam such as Stuffel – Loudred – Trubbish.

After the cutscene as there’ll be a pika prompt to remind Tim of why they’re there as Tim knows it’s to investigate what went on a year ago and the Pokemon that went beserk there as Harry believed that it was more than an accident as it was told that it was. And as we’re here it seems that the only ones that we’ll be investigating are Pokemon only as there doesn’t look like there’s going to be any people there to interview to find out what happened as we can now get to asking the Pokemon what they know starting with Alakazam.

As we start talking with Alakazam as it tells us not to hurt anyone as it looks as if it don’t trust us just yet as we may have to prove ourselves worthy in some way. We find out that a good chunk of the Pokemon had either left or were taken away by a person somewhere as only a very small handful remain there to live. Next, we learn that it wants to know the truth of what went on as well so we’re not alone on finding out the truth as we have a Pokemon behind us on this and why it wants to help out in any way possible. When asked about the parade as it turns out we need to ask the others as it wasn’t around at the time of the incident due to being somewhere else for a performance but all it knows that when it got back Charizard was unconscious.

Interview the Pokemon

After talking with Alakazam as we try talking with Stufful next but it runs away before we can talk to it as it’ll need time to adjust before it’ll be able to talk with us as we go with the next best choice for right now, Loudred. First off we find that it was nearby but from what it could tell it suddenly went wild but before it did it seemed to be perfectly fine prior. When it went wild is when everyone started going into a panic and threw everything into chaos. As we try finding out if we can talk to Charizard after learning about it being weird just before it went wild but unfortunately aren’t able to as it was taken away.

Next up if we try asking Trubbish what it may know as we learn that it had recently moved there to see about any trash and as far as the accident is concerned it only heard about what went on. As for the next Pokemon to try asking about what went on as we can look around for a Murkrow if you have seen it flying around and once that you find it we can find out what it knows if anything. It remembers the parade as it was flying in the sky but doesn’t know much about it as it was a noisy but just a typical day for Murkrow due to living in another area at the time and amusement parks were just too noisy.

After interviewing Murkrow if we go to the left of where Alakazam is and up the stairs, we’ll see a painting along with a Pokemon as it’s a Smeargle. If we try talking to Smeargle as it doesn’t seem to notice you as it looks to be rather depressed at the moment but afterwards examine the painting and after you do as you try walking back as there should be a pika prompt as it’ll be time to try looking at what they’ve gathered so far. As it looks like Charizard was the first incident of any Pokemon going berserk then the ones they experienced with Glalie and Treveant as there could be a connection with R possibly.

Once we talk over about the possible R connection with Charizard as we should be able to talk with Smeargle now to find out what it may know as we initiate the questions as we find out that it’s a painful memory for it. We eventually learn that it was in charge of painting hence the picture that’s painted nearby and find out that it’s upset due to the mural being busted like it is from the accident that happened.

At this point, we can try to fix it up best we can as the puzzle shouldn’t be too hard to do as all you need to do is put each piece in where it should be as you need to look carefully when you place each piece where it has to be placed. Once the pieces are back in place to help cheer up Smeargle as it seemed to have worked. Now we can take a look and Smeargle can tell us something about each one that’s in there as the Skiploom in the bottom right as they left not long after what happened. The Pokemon in the bottom right of Charizard is Hippop as that one had been blown away by the wind but should come back when the spring breeze happens. As for Charizard itself, it always enjoyed being around its friends and looked cool flying through the sky. The Pokemon near the upper left between Charizard and another Skiploom is Litten as it’s a bit of a troublemaker and got along with Charizard just fine as we learn it’s still around waiting for the day for Charizard to return.

Charizard and R?

When we learn that there’s still one Pokemon from those days that’s still around and that’s Litten as we have to try to find it to see what it knows as it could be hiding anywhere. If you had a chance to look at and there should be an open door near the coffee cup ride if you had a chance to look over there by any chance as that could be a possibility of where it could be as Pikachu tries calling for it to find out as it eventually comes out of there as we can talk to it now if it decides to talk to us. As the question begins as it seems to have a thing against anything human with what went on after the accident. While it wasn’t part of the parade but it did see the accident that happened that led Charizard and a few others to be taken away after it went berserk. Upon asking if it knows anything about when it went berserk and as Charizard calmed down it didn’t remember going berserk. Are we starting to see a pattern here? While between shows Litten and Charizard would show each other tricks with their flames as we then assure Litten that Charizard didn’t go berserk because it didn’t like Litten anymore.

With the information that we got from Litten about Charizard not remembering going berserk maybe one of the other Pokemon may know something more about it and let’s try asking Alakazam on it if it knows anything related to it. As we ask to find out that it was normally full of energy and vigor after it went berserk it was feeling drained out as it could’ve worn itself out.

If you see Stufful around by any chance and by this point if you walk over to it, it should be ready to talk to you by now. Let’s see what it knows. Finding out that everything was going according to plan just like any other time that they’d do the parade along with the flashes of cameras going on from people taking pictures of the parade. Now comes the fun part as we learn about Charizard going berserk as the color of its eyes changed as things are now sounding too familiar with what went on with Glalie and Treveant.

After Stufful’s testimony may be a good time to look over the case notes so far and as we look at what testimonies that we gathered that could give away about it being an R related symptoms in Charizard. As we go with the testimonies from Alakazam – Litten – Stuffel as we see that it’s due to the influence of R but the question remains is what the deal with these outbreaks like this? As we are going over what the cause of Charizard going berserk as Alakazam interrupts wanting to know if we know anything yet as we tell it that Charizard was not acting on his own accord as if someone or something was controlling it. We then learn that Alakazam remembers someone that had come there a few months back with a Pikachu and probably Harry.

The Person With Pikachu

Now we have to find out for sure if the person that was there was really Harry or not. Talking with Alakazam as we find out that it mentions that it’s that Pikachu that was there with the guy as that sums up on who was there from the sound of it already. When asked how they seemed to be while Pikachu doesn’t seem to remember much prior to the accident with Harry as it seemed that the two of them were rather agitated about what went on as we then can try asking the other Pokemon to see what they know about Harry and Pikachu.

When we try asking like Litten about it as the only thing it’ll mention is the people that came and made a mess as nothing related about Harry so that’s not going to help us out any. Murkrow and Stufful won’t know much about what went on as Murkro only notices shiny things. If we talk with Loudrel to see if it may know anything and as we do it mentions that if Pikachu was his partner that he’d know more than him about anything. Now the next one we can try asking about anything is Trubbish and as we do it mentions that it saw Pikachu with someone as they gave something to a Buneary and what that something is, is unknown currently as we may have to find out this Buneary. We find out that Buneary is still around as it’s at the ferris wheel located in the back as we have to go to it see what it could be holding onto along with maybe know something about Harry. As we’ll have to head to the steps and clear the blocks that are there to make our way to the Ferris wheel.

Buneary and the Feris Wheel

Once we are past the steps and walk up the ramp to the Ferris wheel as we’ll be seeing a Pokemon as it’s a Heliolisk while a thunderstorm has started to roll into the area as it seems to be in a panic of some sort and soon we’ll find out it’s because Buneary is trapped on the Ferris wheel. As we see it stuck up so high as there’s no way to climb up to it as we’ll have to get the Ferris wheel moving before we can even talk to it.

Well if we try opening the door to the operating controls for the Ferris wheel as we’ll be greeted to a surprise of four Joltik in there as they run out of there before Tim has a chance to get a good look at them and finding out that they’re Joltik. After they had left as we take a look at the wires as they were cut and likely due to the Joltik being in there as Pikachu had noticed that they had something in their mouths as it could be parts of the wiring and now to try tracking them down to get the wires. Head back down the ramp from the control area as we attempt to get the wires as the Joltik split going in four different directions and now we have to chase them down.

While trying to look for them as you’ll need to really look around at how small they are. As we want to find them as there should be one by heading right as one should be under a bench as you attempt to get the wire that’s in its mouth as we’re able to get the first wire part and now onto finding the next one. Next one should be in a cannon that has a Loudred by it as it’s not the same one that you already ran into as it’s a different one that’s here. As we examine the cannon as we use Loudrel to get this Joltik out of the canon to get the wire part from it. The third one should be on the ramp that you took to get up to the Ferris wheel as that one gives you the wire it was nibbling on and for the final Joltik as you try looking for it but when you hear the noise of a pika prompt press X as you should see the final one on Pikachu.

Once that we have all four wire parts it’ll be time to connect them to back in the control room. The first one goes in the top left – the second one goes in the bottom left – third goes top right – fourth goes bottom right as all of them are in the correct order as we should be able to attempt to get Buneary down from the Ferris wheel hopefully. As Heliolist starts powering up the Ferris wheel but after a few seconds or so it stops as the circuits are now completely fried and now have to find a new way to rescue Buneary.

While Tim gets the Bolt of Brilliance as his idea ends up being shooting Pikachu out of a cannon as this may be one of those “rare” times that you’ll be able to get a chance to do something like this. With the helmet on as Pikachu eventually climbs into the canon to be fired out to where Buneary is and while Tim is aiming the cannon and when a quick time appears as you’ll need to time it just right with the A button to shoot Pikachu out of the cannon to Buneary. Once it as Pikachu ties a rope to part of the Ferris wheel but without going through the hole to the other side as we’ll have a quick time quickly pressing the A button as Pikachu gets into by Buneary.

If you timed it right when Pikachu came down with Buneary as a cutscene will trigger as a locket will land on the ground as there’s a picture of what turns out to be Tim’s mother and Tim when he was much younger. As we ask Buneary some questions starting off with the locket as it was given to it by a guy with a Pikachu as it looks like that settles that question about that. While Buneary is confused about what Pikachu just said as he informs Buneary that the guy is Tim’s father and currently trying to find him and Buneary tells Pikachu to take the locket with him. When asked about what it remembers as Bunerary says that he was there with Harry about the accident a few months back but then was attacked by someone with a Skorupi. The plot thickens. During the attack, Pikachu attacked back as Harry managed to what he could to get Bueary to safety in any way he could and as Harry gave Buneary the locket to hold onto until either of them returned. As we try to find out more about this person as Buneary don’t remember anything about him other than being attacked. Although Buneary asks about Charizard as Pikachu tells it that it’s innocent and done what it did due to some kind of chemical. This case is wrapped up.

After talking with Buneary as we learn a little more about Harry and what he was trying to investigate and time to see about heading back to the car. Once back to the car time to get in but as they do we’ll have a cutscene trigger as we’ll be seeing a MewTwo in the background as it mentions about Pikachu is keeping his promise as we all have to wonder what it meant by that. Once we see that as the game goes to another cutscene back at the agency between Tim, Pikachu, Holiday and Baker about the locket with the investigation that Harry had gone to Fine Park along with discussing the possible R connection. Once we’re done watching that cutscene time to head home and another cutscene will trigger before the end of the chapter is done.

Chapter Six: GNN

Arrival at GNN/Tour de Studio

Arriving at GNN as we have a security guard along with a Herdier standing out front and when we have control of Tim as we talk with the guard as he seems to know us as we find out it’s the guard that was at PCL. Once we head inside, head to the desk as she calls Meiko and Emilia as they come down to greet you. Afterward agree to head upstairs as we head upstairs and once we are, there should be a map of the floor where Emilia is standing. When you have sketched a copy of it head to the end of the hall where Meiko is standing and head into Studio to meet up with Roger as we do he’s talking with someone as we find out is the president of GNN, Ethan Graham. Some point after meeting up with Roger as Meiko goes off to grab the video that they had talked about watching that was taken during Fine Park to find out more about what went on as it’ll be a good time to try to maybe take a tour of the studio.

Taking a walk around we can have a look around and interact with anyone that’s in the studio at the moment as we already have met Roger and Ethan as we take a look around as we head to the other side as we see someone sitting on a couch as we head over to him as we find it’s a comedian Max Warhol. At first, he thinks that you’re a new guy on the job and tries to ignore the fact that he’s a celebrity but as Time tells him that he never heard of him let alone his act of Max and Chatot. Not long afterward we’re introduced to Chatot as it can mimic voices and after that Tim may have seen him in a commercial after hearing the intro to his show as Max then gives Tim an autograph.

After talking with Max if we take a little more time to look around the studio as we see Yanma’s flying around with video cameras as we find out that they’re part of the camera crew to get shots from various angles. At this time we are introduced to the assistant director, Keith and while Keith is telling us about the Yanma with the cameras someone comes we’re introduced to another character Olga who is the music critic. As she says that her Purugly is missing and don’t know where it could be to eventually as if demanding Keith to go look for it then wondering who Tim could be before storming off like a crazy old lady.

When that is done with as we can then go over to talk with Roger again and as we do Meiko hasn’t come back yet as we’ll have to find something more to do in the meantime as Roger suggests checking out the Yanma cameras for himself. While talking to Roger on that as Pikachu gets excited about it and heading onto the stage as Roger says to check it out from the Sub-Control room. After talking with Roger, the best way to get to the sub-control room by heading out the doors to the right then all the way down to the last door the left as you can enter the sub-control room.

Upon entering the room as we meet Hiro behind Maximum Music along with his partner HootHoot learning that HootHoot is a timekeeper for around the studio. After being introduced to Hiro and HootHoot as Pikachu is getting anxious as to why it’s taking so long as Hiro’s informed to show Tim about the Yanma camera system but be sure to look at the directions on how they work. There are six movements that you can choose from as this is one if not the only part where it’s not going to matter which order that you put them in as this time you’re free to choose which way you want to go and once you got the way that you like then you can finish up with that part of the chapter. When satisfied with your result head back to Studio 1.

Once that we’re back in the studio head over to Pikachu and have a chat with him after doing the video from his end. While talking to Pikachu Olga comes by to see if her Purugly had come around by any chance as Tim says he hasn’t seen but Ethan comes in asking what’s going on as Olga tells him what’s going on as there isn’t much time before rehearsal will begin. Now we’re asked to find Purugly and the search begins.

Search for Purugly/The Missing Magnemite

When we first arrived and up the current floor we’re on as there wasn’t any way to access the dressing rooms prior to heading into the studio as we can now look around in the dressing rooms to search for Olga’s Purugly. If we head out through the door to the right to the hallway we took to get to the sub-control room and to the door at the other end of the hallway as if you check out that room as there’s music coming from there. As the door opens as we find someone with a Kricketune practicing and after Kricketune stops to see the two of you in there as the person stops as we learn she’s part of the show as she introduces herself as Carina. She asks if you’re part of Maxim Music as Tim tells her that they’re not but looking for Purugly of Olga’s as we learn it was there but glared at Kricketune before it had left. When asking Kricketune about it as it had come by as it tried taking its spot on the sofa for a nap regardless if anyone there or not.

Now if we leave there and head to the next room that you should’ve seen earlier when you went to the sub-control room as you enter there to find Max and Chatot. Ask Max what he knows as it has big purple ears as big as his face and as we talk with Chatot as it says that it usually goes from one dressing room to another to check on young Pokemon stars so they don’t get full of themselves.

We can leave after talking with Chatot and take the hallway between the sub-control room and the studio but while you do you’ll come across a Pokemon in that part of the hallway known as a Mimikyu. If we stop and talk with it Mimikyu thinks that Pikachu is trying to take its shine away as we learn that it’s looking to make an appearance on the show after the music portion is over. Not long after that Keith comes along and wondering what Mimikyu is doing there in the hallway as it was told to stay in its room until it was its turn to be on the show. Head to the end of the hallway and to the dressing room that’s past the door to the studio as we head in there and while in there as we see there’s some kind of cage there as there’s a sign on it about not letting the Magnemite out before any filming begins as they’re in there for a reason due to being an electric type that can cause electronics to mess up.

If we talk with the lady in there as she’s there for the contest as she hasn’t seen Purugly but when she got there the door was unlocked as it shouldn’t be if there’s any Pokemon in the room so they don’t run off to be on the safe side. After talking with her there’s a Pokemon there named Mawile and if we talk about it we learn that it didn’t see anything. Now there’s Mimikyu and we talk to it and while we do it’ll mention that it had passed a Magnemite in the hallway and with that testimony there one has to think if Magnemite was in the hallway could there be anything in the box? If we try examining the cage again and if we get a Pika Prompt as we take a look at the case notes about it.

Looking at what we know for the testimony and whatnot as we know that it likes to take spots no matter what which we learned that from Kricketune. Next would be that if another Pokemon is involved as it would be Magnemite and for the last part it’d be the testimony given by Mimikyu and the lady that’s there for the contest as we had figured out where Purugly is hiding and in the dressing room where the Magnemite cage is placed.

If we’re in the dressing room when solving that as the Magnemite cage falls over revealing Purugly as Pikachu and Purugly start having a staring contest as Tim eventually goes to get Keith to let him know that Purugly has been found.

Now we have to find the Magnemite and starting with heading to the sub-control station first to see if we can find it via the cameras in there to try tracking it down. Arriving at the sub-control room as we talk with Hiro about tracking down the Magnemite and learning from the other person in there with Hiro that there had been some interference with some of the broadcasts that they’ve been doing. Hiro will allow Tim to get ahold of Yanma to sweep the building to try to locate the missing Magnemite by finding out which areas will have the most interference as that’ll be where Magnemite will be located and it isn’t going to take long before the Magnemite is found.

The Rehearsal

After the cutscene, it’ll be time to be back in the studio for the rehearsal to begin as the rehearsal begins with Max/Chatot and Olga/Purugly. After Max/Chatot had left the stage of their part of rehearsal as Olga will introduce the violinist, Carlina, and Kricketune as it doesn’t get off with the performance as Carina seem to have a bit of stage fright with the cameras around. Now if we talk with Carina first as we try to help her out in trying to be more confident in herself when on television and afterward head left to find Olga and Max as it looks like they’re having a bit of a disagreement going on between them.

When Olga leaves as Max does something if you look closely enough then Chatot will mimic Olga as if Olga was still there herself. Finding out that it seems that Chatot does things when Max sends out some kind of signal from the sound of it and to test it as Pikachu mentions to do a signal as if we go with stomping foot as we get Chatot doing its Olga impression. The moment that Tim asks Max if there are other signals as there are but not really going to give them away as there wouldn’t be much fun in that as he’ll head back to his dressing room. It’ll be time to check in again with Hiro about the rehearsal again as it’ll get underway again as we watch Carina alongside Kricketune rehearse together.

When Carina and Kricketune are done with the rehearsal as Emilia will then go get everyone else so the rest of it will be done for the show as Hiro suggests putting the violin backstage when Carina asks what she should do. The next part that’s going to be rehearsed according to Hiro is a Pokemon that’ll bring out the violin for Carina as Keith is supposed to fetch the Pokemon that’ll be rehearsing that part but when he arrives to inform us that the Assistant Pokemon isn’t going to be making it due to mixing up the dates on the schedule. So Hiro is in need of another Pokemon as Mimikyu is standing there near and starts getting excited at least until Hiro asks if Pikachu can fill in as it gets disappointed to where it leaves as Pikachu agrees to fill in for the Assistant Pokemon. Hiro shows Pikachu the spot where the cart needs to be pushed to as the rehearsal get into their positions and once Pikachu got in position as the Yanma somehow mess up ramming into each other as the cameras fall down as Tim and Pikachu manage to get out the way. As for the violin isn’t so lucky as it’s destroyed and wonders how can something like that happen with the Yanma.

The Case of the Broken Violin

The Aftermath

The first ones that we’ll want to talk to are the Yanma as we find out that they were only following the directions that they were given and with their statements have to wonder what was going on as if maybe one of them got the wrong set of directions. Once that we’ve got their testimony as we can try talking with the assistant directors about what they may tell us about the Yanmas. We find out from one near Emilia that she was busy looking at the script of how the show should progress to notice the accident at the time it had happened to know what exactly went on, as we get the script to take a look at it. on when it had happened and as for the other assistant director not far from her to the left mentions that the new AD was in charge of Yanma’s movement.

Talking with Emilia as she knows that it’s going to be hard to film after what had happened as we can try talking with Hiro to see what he thinks about what to do possibly. While talking with Hiro he thinks that the Yanma had either misunderstood the directions or there was a delay in HootHoot’s signal. After taking with Hiro talk with the other two assistant directors to find out what they may know what might’ve caused the accident as the first one that you come to after passing Hiro is that he thinks that the Yanma misheard the directions but the other is trying to figure it out as he gives you the cue sheet that was given to him by Hiro.

As we take a look at it and looking at the patterns on there for the instructions to give the Yanma as the directions was shoot from above – shoot from the left – shoot from the right – move in so they know which shot to go for as Keith should have the cue card for the other Yanma. Head out through the door near the assistant director that we’ve just spoken to and Keith should be right out there not far from Carina’s dressing room as we talk to him about the accident. He blames himself for possibly misreading the cue card and eventually shows you his cue card that he has on him for the rehearsal.

Taking a look at the cue card he was given as it’s supposed to be shoot from above – shoot from the right – move away – follow as we learn that the cue cards are given a few days in advance before the shoot. As we talk more with Keith as the original cue card should be in the sub-control room so we can check that out as soon as we can. While we’re at the spot that we are we can try talking with Carina to maybe learn more about the violin that she was playing as we know so far that it was special cause her grandfather had made it. If we have a quick word with Kricketune as it’s sad about what had happened and after that head out of the room to head to the sub-control room to find out more from there with the Yanma.

When we’re in the sub-control room as we talk to the one in control of the broadcast as we try to understand what went on with the Yanma as we eventually get to the cue card that he has for his end for the Yanma.

As we take a look at his cue card that he has on him as Camera 1’s movements were shoot from above – move away – shoot away – move in and as for Camera 2’s movements were shoot from above – shoot from the right – move away – follow as it’ll be time to take a look at the case notes and figure out whey the Yanma crashed into each other. As we do as this puzzle as we need to take the Master Cue Cards and Cue Card 1 to find out that’s the difference right there as the Cue Card 1 is different from Master Cue Card 1 as it looks like we got ourselves a case to solve and to check out everyone’s alibis.

Gathering Everyone’s Alibis

At this point, the most basic thing to do is to gather everyone’s alibi to find out where they were at the time that the accident first starting with Carina first due to her being the victim of the whole mess. Once in Carina’s room, we inform her that the accident was no accident as it was planned by someone by giving one of the Yanma’s fake instructions doing the rehearsal. While questioning Carina as we find that it was made by her grandfather sometime before he had passed away and also learn that there was a message inside of the violin in the back somewhere. Now we talk with Kricketune as we find out that it was there when the message was written from the inside back as it had read the following.

To my darling Carina, Even when I’m no longer with you I will always love you and your music.

Once that we’ve talked to both of them maybe it would be a good idea to take a look at the violin for that message that was inscribed by Carine’s grandfather. While Pikachu had helped pick up the pieces of the violin but will mention that he doesn’t seem to recognize any kind of message that was mentioned by Carina and Kricketune as if that’s the case could the one that Carina was playing be fake?

Upon reviewing the violin we have confirmed that the one that she was playing was a duplicate/fake so the culprit could take the real one for whatever purpose they have intended for it. After reviewing that it’s a fake violin as we have to tell her about it as and wondering where the real one is as Tim tells her to keep it secret until we can find out more about who it could be and reveal them out in front of everyone. She had thought it was the real one with the tune of how it played as we need to find out more on the situation and as for Kricketune it could tell that something was off due to the material that the violin was made out of. Once we have those we have to open the case notes and figure out when the culprit had made the switch as it was when Pikachu was carrying it as by that time it had already been swapped with the real one. Now as when the real one was last seen was during the performance as you want to go with Carina knowing the tune of the real one for it. Now is the time to get people’s alibis.

[__]Person of InterestAlibi/Testimony
[__]HiroWas in Studio 1 when Carina finished
[__]KeithWas in Studio 1 when Carina finished
[__]EmiliaWas in Studio 1 when Carina finished
[__]MaxWas in dressing room going over script
[__]OlgaWas in dressing room and giving Purugly a brushing
[__]RogerWas in Sub-Control room
[__]EthanWas in Sub-Control room

Head back to the studio to find out who’s there and what alibi they have for when the accident had happened. If we talk with Hiro first on getting back to filming as it’s 50-50 on getting back to filming right away but trying to find a new violin for Carina and for his alibi he was there in the studio as everything had gone down. Now talk to Keith as his alibi was that he was looking for the assistant pokemon after finding Olga’s Purugly and after the mixup that he had told Emilia as she was in charge of letting Max and Olga know to get ready for the next rehearsal. As we talk with Emilia as she was able to tell Max and Olga what she needed to through the door along with seeing Keith in the hallway. Before we head out we can let Hiro know about the swapped violin and it could be someone that’s there at the studio that’s behind it. Other than that he had heard a rumor that Max is in debt and the violin is rather valuable.

If we leave the studio and talk with Olga for her alibi as you want to head to the left and out through those doors as her dressing room is the first one that you passed when you initially got to that floor as we enter to talk to Olga. She gives her alibi about being in her dressing room giving Purugly a brushing and as for someone stopping by as she says someone stopped by as she didn’t open the door at the time that they had stopped by but something strange happened too. There was a loud bang at the door as she went to see who it was as she didn’t see anything.

Afterward, head over to get an alibi from Max as we do we find out he was in the dressing room going over the script and when asked if anyone had come by as he couldn’t answer as he said he’d be right out. Once we got his alibi head to the sub-control room to get one from Roger and Ethan as we tell Roger as things look to be someone had planned it to happen. Roger confirms that they were there in the sub-control room at the time everything had gone down with the accident. If we head back to talk with Carina again to see if she may have seen anyone when she had put her violin away as she didn’t but wished she would’ve paid more attention at the time and after getting Carina’s alibi as Pikachu believes that we had found the culprit until he realizes that everyone had an alibi for where they were.

Head out to the hallway and as we think about the alibis but wondering if there was someone that had given us a fake alibi to where they were and the question becomes who was the one that gave us the fake alibi. At this point we can narrow our suspects down to Max – Emilia – Olga – Keith but which one of them is the one behind the mess? While there was one Pokemon that was wandering around and that happened to be Mimikyu as we have to find it to see if it knows anything as you may be able to find it in Studio 1. Once there find out what it may know as something kicked the door after it knocked as it probably was Purugly and someone got mad at it as it knocked on the door as it heard “Get out of the way!”. Right now it seemed as if Olga was in Max’s room but Olga was in her room but at this point remember earlier with a certain mimicking Pokemon as there’s only one there that can do that.

Let’s go have a quick talk with Emilia to find out how she knocked on the doors when she went to Olga’s and Max’s dressing rooms to let them know to get ready and all she did was knock three times on their doors as its standard at GNN. It’ll be time to gather everyone to reveal the culprit. The culprit is Max, as proof for the fake violin was there was no message in the broken violin and when he tries to say he couldn’t be in two places at once as it’s proven that it was Chatot that was in the dressing alone by using the three knock trick as Chatot gives Max away.

Upon revealing the truth on what happened it’s at this time Meiko finally comes back to the video that she went off to find of Fine Park. After watching the video something seemed out of place if you had noticed that the balloon had been popped as the tape is rewound to try getting a better look on that but when rewinding a second time while rewinding as it looks as something went through the balloon to pop it. Rewinding more as we find out where it had come from as we see Keith on the side with a Pokemon, none other than Skorupi, finding out that he wasn’t working with GNN at the time as we now try getting Keith to find out more if we can.

Finding Keith

Before we are able to go find him the part that gave it away of taking Tim out was when he was standing near Pikachu when the fake one had been busted and after that head out in the hallway to try heading to the elevators and Olga’s room as we see Keith running towards the elevators as we head there to take them to where he had gone. Once we caught up with him and there’ll be a couple of quick time events as the first will be when Skorupi uses Poison Sting as it’ll be the quick time that’s been the usual at this point wait for the circle to get in the yellow and press A. Noivern will come in as another one will happen when it starts using Gust as it’s the same quick time as before and during that time that Tim grabs onto Pikachu as he notices something with the locket that was given to him from Buneary. While Emilia came up with Meiko as Keith manages to escape for now.

Chapter Seven: Ryme Wharf

Investigating Ryme Wharf: Shipyard

As we start off with a dream sequence that looks to be that Pikachu is having as it looks as if repressed memories that are trying to come back to him about what went on with Harry’s encounter with Keith and Skorupi as it ends when it gets to when Harry got into that accident over the cliff as Pikachu wakes up eventually waking Tim up in the process. While early but eventually Tim gets out of bed and talk with Pikachu about heading to the agency and once there finding out that the locket that Harry had was a secret camera as Baker had the film that was on it developed. While looking at the pictures as Baker recognizes the area of one of a warehouse as it’s down at Ryme Warf as that’ll be the area where we’ll be investigating next to find out more about happened with Harry if possible. Once the cutscene is over as we can leave the agency while taking Accelgor with us to help out on this case as the first time we ever had help in any way since we started on the adventure.

Arriving at Ryme Wharf and looking like it’s a shipyard as a cutscene taking a look around before we can start investigating the area. When the cutscene comes to an end as Pikachu gives us a reminder to ask us why we’re here as we’re there to investigate the warehouse. Needing to take a look at the photos as Tim only has the one with the warehouse but Accelgor has the rest so we find him so we can take a look at the other photos that Harry had taken. Looking for Accelgor to look at the other photos shouldn’t be too hard as the first container crate that you come to you should be able to head over to it to look at the photos that it was given from Mr. Baker.

Check the Photos/Gather Testimony

If we take a look at the one with just a blonde guy in the picture as it looks as if he’s the buff kind of guy and one that one wouldn’t want to try to mess with. One thing to mention is to check the dates on each photo if you decide to. Next if we take a look at the warehouse photo and looking at each area that you can figure out what you can with it as it seems as if that’s their hideout with the Machamp in the area like that as one of them looks to be opening a gate. As for the Machomp carrying something as it may have came from the warehouse as there’s a guy to the right of it as if it’s giving it orders where to go and there should be another guy to the left in the photo but not much to go on what his position is other than a possible guard. One of the next phots that we should be able to see is of Keith with the blonde guy like if they’re having some kind of discussion as we have to find out more about the blonde guy if we manage to find out what we can get any intel on him.

Now if we see one of what looks like the inside of the warehouse with a conveyer belt as the small packages on it as we wonder what could be inside the boxes as Machomp is carrying something that looks to be heavy to be placed on the conveyor belt. Looking at the guy near the door as it’s probably the supervisor and look up at the second floor as if we can get there as that may be a good place to try getting up to if possible as it looks to be some kind of storage. Next photo that we should be able to see is of what appears to be a scientist working on something, possibly ”R’ from the looks of it. Take a look at what he’s standing by as it looks like the machines for producing R but something with the photo triggers something with Pikachu but isn’t sure what at this point in time. The next photo that we see should be a container that has vials in it as it looks to be R in them and looks like that Pikachu somehow photobombed the picture as he wonders if it could be him but something about the photo makes him feel uneasy.

If we had looked at the date of each of the photos as it was the day that Harry had his accident as we can now go about finding out more info after looking at the photos. Taking a look around as it doesn’t seem like there’s much to look at around here and there are only a few people here along with a few Pokemon with them. Now if we head all the way to the right until we come to like a block in the way as there’ll be a worker with couple of Machamp and when we talk to him he’ll start off telling you to be more careful but when we ask him a couple questions as he’s not sure which warehouse that’s in the photo. When showing him one of the blonde guy as he knows that person as he drops by often to pick up the goods and for where he comes from as it’s either Area A or Area B as it is from the south direction. Talk with the Machamp as find that they’re the carriers there.

Head the way that you came and when you come across a guy with a Pelipper as he’s in charge of communication between ships and deck crew as he’s currently waiting for a notice to come. Once that it’s ready he sends it to the ship staff and when asked about how they get it as it’s explained that it’s sent by Pelipper. When asked about the warehouse as he can’t say which as they all look the same to him and when asked about one of the photos of Keith and the other guy as he seen them around. Finding out that if they had some kind of machine as he doesn’t know what kind but could tell that it was expensive as it seemed Keith had kept saying don’t damage it. If we have a quick word with Pelipper as the job that it does is to put the letters in its mouth to take them where they need to go.

If we head the rest of the way towards the one worker that you have seen not long after arriving there at the shipyard you’ll come across a Rattata along the way as it may be a good idea to talk with it as we find that it’s looking around for a way onto a ship as there’s a lot of tasty things on board as it’s been trying to get on board via the ropes but something seems to stop it when it gets near the end as it seems that maybe some kind of decoration that’s stopping it from going all the way. Pikachu gives the Rattata some tips on trying a different approach to see what it can do then about getting onto a ship.

After chatting with the Rattata we can go talk with the last guy to see what he knows about it as he doesn’t know which warehouse that it is as there’s so many in the area. We eventually get a map from him as there are three areas but when asked how many warehouses there are as we find out that there’s at least one hundred of them as there’ll be no way that we’ll be able to check that many without narrowing down our search first. Learning that each area has at least thirty of them as we have to try narrowing down to which area that we have to go searching in for sure. When asked about the photo of Keith and the other guy as he doesn’t recognize them. Now that we have a map we have to figure out what’s in the warehouses in each area to help narrow down the search of where to go.

Digging Info on Warehouse Districts/Checking the Containers

Asking the guy that you had just talked to about what he knows about each district as he doesn’t know about Area A but as for Areas B and C he knows that there’s oil that’s stored there from the oil that’s brought in as he’s in charge for unloading those. So finding out what two of the three areas have so that helps out in some way but still need to gather more information before we can find out where to go.

Heading to the worker with the Pelipper to find out what he knows about each district as he says that each one has its share of goods to be stored. We learn that Areas A and B have machinery stored in them so that’s another check on information on what we’re looking at where to go as it looks that we have narrowed it out of either going to either Area A or B at this point.

Finally making your way to the worker that’s near the barricade as we find out what he knows as we learn from that Areas A and C have food in them so could we have finally narrowed down on where to go? As it may look like that Area A is the way to go at the moment but have to look into it more to find out for sure before we make that decision.

Now when we ask the worker that we had just talked to as we learn that the guy that comes there always handles stuff within the blue containers but don’t know what’s in them as there’ll be a mention that the Machamp was staring at him for some reason. As we talk with the one Machamp that isn’t carrying anything like that one will tell us that carrying something that smells as it had dropped a container once and got scolded for doing so.

Head to the worker with the Pelipper to find out about the containers as he isn’t exactly sure what’s in them as he can put in to know what’s in them as the letter goes in the Pelipper to find out. Now we have to wait for a response to find out what we can about the containers as we find out what’s in each container. The Food [Blue] – Oil [Red] – Machinery [Green] as we now know what’s in the containers and the one that the one Machamp had dropped sounding like it contained food that had a bad smell to it.

If we go talk with the worker at the area when you got there as we talk to him as he mentions about a Rattata sniffing around the containers as it gives us a chance to talk to it again. Before we do as we can talk with Machoke to see if there’s any information it can give as the containers it carries are square as it doesn’t know what’s in them but they are heavy and the color of them are red. If we talk with the Rattata again as we find out that it’s been sniffing the blue containers apparently. As we can try taking a look in our case notes afterward to find out what we can with the information that we’ve gathered thus far and the testimony that we can use is from the Rattata – Machamp – Shipyard worker to find out which warehouse area we have to go to as we then go with Food being stored there to complete the puzzle to learn that whatever it is it’s with the blue smelly containers. Now it’s time to choose where to go to as we go with testimony from the Shipyard worker along with Pikachu’s as we narrow it down to being Area A.

The Warehouse

As we start off with a cutscene as figuring out a way to get in and looking around before a truck comes along as Tim and Pikachu use that as cover to sneak into the area via using a quick time to sneak in beside the truck. Once in as they use some of the containers near to get to the high ground but now to get over there as you’ll get over via quick time by timing it right in the yellow with the A button then as a Metang comes out of the warehouse as you’ll have to wait until it comes near for another quick time with the same as the last to get across to gain access but this time you’ll have to be ready for two of them. Once we’re on the container we’ll have to push a crate by mashing the A button and once in place as we’ll be able to get into the warehouse but before we can do anything need to scout to find out what we can before trying to get down on the main floor.

Warehouse Interior

Now that we’re in as we need to figure out the layout of the ground floor before we can do anything else as we head towards the ledge as a cutscene is triggered as more Metang head out through the door as the guards tell them to take it easy and not long afterward the guy from the photo appears as he wants the security tight to where not even a Rattata can come in the building. Time to try to gather what info you can from the distance starting with the guards at the front by listening to their conversation.

Head on the bridge between the gaps and listen in on the conversation with the guards as the first thing we learn is that they’re going to be on high alert so nothing can get in without them noticing as don’t need the boss getting mad at them or worse being fired for it. As the back room is brought up and hearing something about an incubator or something similar in that nature as it can only be done by someone that knows something about it. Upon hearing that could Keith be showing up here as well and could the thing that’s being incubated be Mewtwo’s cells? As they still continuing to talk as something about if it came back yet and the possibility of giving it a treat as to what, that is the big unknown right now what they’re referring to. After they finish their conversation look around as the door is the only way in or out along with the stairs being the only way up or down that we can tell.

If you go to the left side of the ledge as we’ll see the conveyor belts as there’s a switch near the one on the left figuring that’s the one for the conveyor belts shipping and receiving of the stuff in the building. As we see the conveyor belts as the one on the right has stuff coming to the room while the one on the left has stuff going to another area. The one on the right has someone as an inspector of what’s coming through on that one and the one that we have seen in the photo isn’t too far off as it looks as if he’s in charge of everything going on here. As you look more as there are two people near the left belt as we can listen to their conversation.

Learning that one of them had just started there as it’s their first day on the job as the first thing that we learn is the warehouse is being acted as a factory but is it for the manufacture of R:? As we listen in further with their conversation as the one that started don’t know what they make there as the other informs him that they make healthy food but if it’s that it sure smells bad as the guy had seen the commercial with Max and Chatot (remember those two?). From the looks of it that the health food is just a cover-up so the development of R can be done, very sneaky and there’s one thing that he’ll mention to the new guy is that don’t touch the switch for the belts as it’ll reverse the direction of the belts as the last guy that did that got fired for doing so as it took a few hours to get things back together. Lastly, we find out the whereabouts of the scientist as it’s the door that you can see near them so knowing where he is but still need to know the layout of the ground floor before we can even try doing anything to get down there to that room. Before we can continue on as you want to take a look at the door that the scientist could be in and not far to the left of that as we find a fire alarm.

Now go against near the ledge and the wall as we get to the end before coming to some shelves that’ll block you from going farther as we can take a look at more of the area as there are more workers that seem unmotivated as the Machamp looks more energetic. Looking around as Machamp looks to be putting the lids on the boxes and as we look around more as there’s a crate as we wonder if this is a warehouse or not. Keep searching as we find a power board to the right maybe we can use that to our advantage like with the fire alarm. As we look around a bit more as there should be a ladder that you can see if you haven’t looked at it already as there’d be no way of getting to it to use it. Before we can leave Pikachu picks up on something as a Spinarak comes down at you. While talking with the Spinarak finding out it had snuck in to try finding something to snack on as it smells something good and guessing from the disgusting smelly food that’s there in the warehouse but apparently not to Spinarak.

If we head to the bridge where we listened to the guards’ conversation as we get so far before a cutscene is triggered as something is coming up the stairs as Tim and Pikachu hide as they hope it’ll walk by without noticing them. As it starts walking by as it eventually loses its balance and falls then seeing that it’s a Pokemon known as Pansage as it dropped what it was carrying after it losing its balance. Deciding to help it as we learn that it’s the assistant to the scientist as it was getting back from washing his clothes as it usually does and the scientist’s name is Simon. Show Pansage the photo that you have of a scientist as it confirms that its Simon and ask what it knows about what he’s working on in the warehouse. Learning that Simon has been unhappy since being there not being able to get around like he has and hasn’t been able to leave in months as someone is always watching, as it sounds like the manager always seems to be nearby.

Finding out more that the guy is forcing Simon to do research and do something with some kind of cells and only two people could do anything with cells particularly Mewtwo’s cells as they were Dr. Waals along with his assistant which means that Simon has to be the assistant that Dr. Waals had. After learning that Simon is Dr. Waals assistant as we ask Pansage more about the people there as the guards aren’t as bad as the other guy as the guards are nice to even give it treats as we find out its Pansage that they were referring to. Although when it comes to the first floor we can’t go down there as its well covered so we have to think of a plan of getting down to the room and the only way we can is the help of Pansage – Accelgor – Spinarak. Once that we have Accelgor and Pansage to agree to help out head over to Spinarak to see if it can help as it can by using its thread as it can support a person but it’ll help if you can get it a treat with something from one of the containers. Afterward, time to come up with a plan.

Operation: Distraction

As we look at who can distract the guards as we can use Pansage – Accelgor – Spinarak to head to the room where Simon is in to learn what he’s doing. Once you do the first part of the puzzle of who to go with now to go with the reason as with Pansage is with the guards, Accelgor’s speed for the belts and Spinarak’s thread to get you down there and once the plan is figured out now to eggsecute it. Once the plan has been done as we can go down the thread as we want to go to the far right as its the last door that you come to, enter it as we’ll find Simon.

A cutscene will trigger upon entering the room that he’s in, after Pansage jumps up by Simon as Tim and Pikachu come in as Tim mentions the Mewtwo cells as Simon wonders who you are and how he knew but before he can reply as someone’s coming more than likely the manager as Tim and Pikachu try to hide for when he comes in. Once that he leaves as Simon asks again about how he knew and as Tim apologizes about surprising him like that as he found out through his former assistant Waals. As we talk to Simon what how we knew about it but wondering why since Tim’s not a scientist as he’s investigating the R incident due to his father was investigating before he was involved in an accident and now that he’s missing as the information that they’ve got lead them to R. We learn that Simon’s been there for six months and beein working on R since he’s been there but says that he’ll be good to go if the manager wasn’t lying about letting him go once everything was done.

As we ask Simon about Waals as he was the former director of PCL before the original incident that occurred with the old building. When the explosion happened it was something that Simon had done but Waals took full responsibility as he eventually left after that happened as Simon wanted to go with him but wouldn’t let him but Simon learns that Waals is doing good as he found a nice place to settle down as he was worried about Waals after the accident. We learn about the mistake using Mewtwo cells instead of Mew’s cells as Mew is one of the rare Pokemon out there and was tricked by someone thus how R eventually came to be. Then we learn that it was from Mewtwo’s berserk gene and now we learn about that as Mewtwo was created trying to recombing Mew’s genes to try making a powerful Pokemon. As we try seeing if Simon knows Harry by showing him the photo as he doesn’t recognize him as two months ago the manager had said that upset due to R being stolen from the chemical storage area. Since then they beefed up the security.

After talking with Simon as they wanted to make the right medicine but ended up with a terrible thing that’s become known as R and seen the effects that it has on Pokemon that came into contact with it. Talking with Pikachu as when Tim mentioned about Mewtwo as it made him feel a little uneasy for some reason and once we’re done talking there should be a can of that food as we want to grab it for Spinarak. Before we leave to have one more talk with Simon about if they can get to the other room. The room we need to get to is above where they are but a chance that it could be locked as Simon will hand us a key to gain access to the room in case it’s locked. When asked about R one more time and if he knows where it’s going as he hasn’t been told about where it’s going other than he has to make the stuff.

Chemical Storage Room

Once we’re done talking with Simon head out and over to Spinarak as we get back up to where the door is located from across the stairs but we’ll have to move some things out of the way before we can get to the door. Staring off with the two ends pushing them in, the middle one push it to the left, then push the one in the way between you and the door so far as you then want to push the one to the right of you towards the wall and finally you can put the one that you had pushed prior to the edge of the railing. Once you do that we should get to the door and have access to the room above where Simon is. Now that we have access to the room as we can now look around to find out what we can.

Now in the room we head over to the table as we find something about Extort R, and looks to spread it around the world. Reading the file we find out that what went on at PCL that they need a new facility where they can start producing it once again to execute the plan as they found a place a few days ago along with where they’re at is the start of having that stable base. Next they intend to find a wealthy person that is good at keeping secrets using underground connections and upper-class people. Once that happens to be able to reach out and expand their sales while Carlos is close to finishing up with R, and when they establish a better base as they plan of moving the stuff there so they can do more on a larger scale.

Once that we’ve read that go to the shelf as there’s a report there by Carlos and looks like one he did before he went to PCL. Reading the report we find out that R can be done in more than one way as well as the only Pokemon that can detect it are the ones that have a keen sense of smell. The incident at Fine Park is a good example with R as a gas with a range of three feet but efficient enough for most cases. As for the liquid form it has to be injected into food and enter the Pokemon in their digestive system but amplified when two kinds are mixed, red and green as it’s the easiest way of doing so as it amplifies with any Pokemon that eats food. While R is being transported by vials and can easily break as something about a capsule is being made to help put R in to avoid any drawbacks. Also with the capsules that there are no restrictions when using them but R has two setbacks right now is that it’s only temporary and the Pokemon affected are out of control. And Carlos was hoping to find a way to improve on what he had known of R to try gaining control of Pokemon that was affected by R for those that wanted the stuff developed.

After reading all that it’s scary on what was being done with Carlos messing around with R like he was at PCL as we now know what Keith’s plans are and afterward Pikachu will be interested in some box as we eventually take it out to find out what it is as there’s some container in there as once it’s opened there’s a bit of a flashback of some kind. Once Pikachu comes to again he realizes that he had made quite a commitment to none other than Mewtwo. The promise that was made that he’d get the Berserk Gene so Mewtwo can dispose of it along with the mastermind behind the R case.

As we try heading out but one problem is that we’ll run into the manager as he’ll try getting to you but after closing the door and no way out as we let him in when he’s about to charge at the door using a quick time as the meter. Time it right as Tim will open the door and the manager will come in. While making a break outside of the room as when the manager comes back out using Accelgor for a distraction as we need to mash the A button to push a crate onto the manager. When you think you’re done as he’ll stand up and at this point he’ll try finding you with his arms but as he can’t as that’s when can push him overboard after he reaches the railing by using a quick time as the usual A routine. Once that is done a cutscene will trigger as Simon will hide you away in a box so you can get out of there as Tim and Pikachu will be disguised as shipment as we give Accelgor what we have so he can get it to Baker.

Chapter Eight: Where R Goes

Cargo Area / S.S. Prime Treasure

Starting off the chapter inside the box that we were put in by Simon to help find out where a shipment of R would be showing up while he wasn’t told of where it was going to be heading and listening in on a couple of guys talking. During the conversation Keith is mentioned in it and after a while when the conversation seem to come to an end as Tim will take a look outside. While he does the guys are heading up a flight of stairs as they now get out of the box as Tim helps Pikachu out be picking him up then setting him on the floor as he gets at him for treating him like a Pokemon but look at the left of Pikachu as we have a Pokemon that looks familiar from the previous chapter as it looks as there’s another stowaway. Upon looking around looks as if we’re in some kind of storage area as could it be another base that they have to store R for the time being?

Right now we have to find out where R is being sent to and try to stop it from going anywhere in the world if possible and head up the flight of stairs then head all the way down until you can see a couple of Rattata nearby as one of them is the possible stowaway while the other is from another region likely. When talking to them it’d be best to go with talking with the stowaway Rattata about if it has seen two guys in the area as it tells you that it got on one of the elevators as we’ll have to do so to find out where we’re at.

Once the elevator comes to a stop and the doors open as we find out we’re on a cruise ship of all places and at this point have to wonder what we’re doing here even if we’re in the right area in the first place but better to try to find out what we can find something regarding R if we can. As we can see there are people along with various Pokemon on the ship as this may be interesting to see what all goes down during this chapter as we have to wonder if this is a way of them trying to smuggle R to where they want to take it.

The first thing we have to do is to try to find the guys that with the luggage or at least find out where they could’ve gone to find what they’re carrying. Head over to the other side of the pool as there’ll be someone there as we talk to the person as if they seen anyone as they did as they headed towards the longue as you can get to it through the double doors near where you had come up. Once we head through the doors then straight down then through some more doors as we’re now in the longue as it’s quite fancy if you ask me. Now if we ask anyone about if they saw anyone as we can start with the guy on the stairs on the left as we talk to him as he says he saw them heading up the stairs that’s behind him as we head up the stairs and to the center area as we see someone with a couple Pokemon around him that turn out to be a couple of Krokoroc as they aren’t to allow just anyone in. When asked if two guys had gone in and found out that they are beyond that door.

No matter what we had tried we’re unable to get into the room as it’ll be best to try heading back downstairs and after we do that we’ll run into Emilia as we find out she’s there doing a story. When asked why Tim and Pikachu are there on the trail of Keith has led them there with R but the only question is “Why? at this point. She suggests helping you out but is hesitate but eventually letting her do so as she can find out something to help out on the case. As we talk with Emilia as we ask about the cruise ship as it’s the S.S. Prime Treasure but as for where it’s heading at this time as she doesn’t know for sure as it travels around the world. The destinations are decided by the passengers that are on the ship. As we ask her about the back room on the second floor but she hadn’t noticed it but we tell her that’s guarded by Krokoroc at the moment and currently can’t gain access to the room. While she shows you a picture of Krokoroc as that’s the one we saw as we found something new about Emilia having her own kind of Pokedex but mentions that we can find out what’s going to be held there with the cruise newspaper.

As we take a look at it as what’s going to be on there is the Prime Treasure Show and after seeing what’s going to be in there that we know of as we then learn that Emilia and Meiko are working separately this time around with their own stories to cover. Learning she’s nearly done as she only has an interview left and with a famous chef Gino Farina. After learning a little about the chef that Emilia’s going to be interviewing and as for her knowing anything about the show as she doesn’t know anything about it but when she’s done with the interview she’ll try to ask around about it. She’ll mention about meeting back up there at some point but before she leaves she shows you a slip for if you want to get something to drink as all you have to do is fill it out, hand it to a Frillish as they’ll go fetch the drink for you. After that Emilia will leave to do what she has to do.

The Prime Treasure Show

We have to find out what we can about the show as the first person we can ask it the person at the cafe if he may know anything about it as he knows that it’s a tradition on the cruise as tickets are always sold out for it but at the same time never heard anyone talk about the show after seeing it. If we ask the guy by the stairs about it as he’s not one for the events so we have to try asking others as we head to the right as there should be a couple of people sitting in chairs over there as the lady there says it has to be a good show if it has the ship’s name in the title as she thought maybe asking her daughter about seeing it. As for the person sitting across from her didn’t know there was a show on the ship. If we ask the couple that we see in the background as the guy said he heard of it but as he tried getting tickets for it the show had already been sold out. As for the girl he’s with as she wanted to see it but since he couldn’t get them makes her want to see it more.

Leave the longue as we want to head to the deck to find out from anyone out there about the show and learn anything about it if they know. Now if we go to the one that told us about the two guys heading towards the longue as she doesn’t know about it as she really interested in the events along with not knowing there was such an event going on. Head straight to the left until we see someone relaxing on a chair as we ask her about it as she doesn’t know anything about the show. So far not really getting anywhere on finding out but let’s not give up trying to find out at least something about it. Heading over to the couple that’s looking over the railing of the ship as we find that he isn’t a fan of shows and having to sit still throughout one and she’s curious about the show but the tickets are hard to come by. Feeling like the only thing we’ve been hearing is tickets for it are hard to come by and nobody seems to know anything other than that.

Let’s try asking the crewman of the ship as he knows all the tickets are completely sold out for it but suggests enjoying other things that are offered on the ship. Not far after talking with him there’ll be someone else taking it easy on the chair as we can talk to him to find out what he knows about the show if he does know anything. He doesn’t know if he heard of it but wouldn’t mind seeing it. As there should be at least one more person that we know of on the dock near the steps on the side you’re on now but when asking her as she seen the show on the newsletter but isn’t sure what kind of show it is. At this point, those who heard of it passenger wise and wanted to see it but were unable to see it due to not being able to get any tickets to it.

By this point Pikachu will recommend taking a break and get something to drink by placing an order via Frillis as Pikachu will take a coffee but then choose what you want to drink with ice and the quantity of the drink you want as we go sit down at a table waiting for Frillis to return with the drinks. While at the table trying to figure out what to do now knowing that Keith has to be there possibly with R but could this show have anything to do with the whole reason with the guys walking into that room? We figure as there’s something that has to be going on in there if nobody there had seen the show at all and some had only heard of it while getting a ticket for it is harder than an Onyx.

Returning to the Longue/Case of the Stolen Mask

Maybe by this point, it may be a good time to try meeting back up with Emilia in the longue and see if she found out anything about the show if she found anything out. Once we’re done at the table time to start heading back to the longue but as we do as we get almost there when we hear a scream from one of the rooms on the way to the longue as we end up finding out what’s going on in the room only to find an elderly lady as she apologizes for startling them like that. As she invites us in her room as we find out what the problem was is that there’s something wrong with her luggage as we find that there’s a mask in her suitcase as we learn that it doesn’t belong to her to a point that the mask to a point frightened her Snubble. She introduces herself as Rose Milton and when it comes to traveling that she always has her personal things as we find out the last time she had looked into it was this morning prior to getting on to the ship. When she got to the ship the staff had taken it but eventually was able to go pick it up as Snubble helped her take it to the room that she’s staying in. It wasn’t until she wanted to open the suitcase to get a blanket out and thus when she discovered the mask in this one as I have a feeling that the luggage somehow got mixed up with hers.

If we take a look at the mask as it looks maybe like an antique as Pikachu doesn’t think it looks to be very valuable at all. Talking with Rose as we can take it to the captain of the ship and have the crew try looking for the right suitcase that belongs to Ms. Milton as we leave the room as the game will trigger a cutscene with Emilia’s interview that’s going on in the longue. As we want to pay attention closely to this cutscene and hearing that the chef says he’s close to recreating a recipe of the Henry brothers.

Once that Tim and Rose make their way to the longue as they find the captain as they inform him of the situation and he’ll do what he can to get it straightened out. As Emilia takes a look at the mask as she believes that it was on the news about it being stolen as the captain will take it up to the bridge for safekeeping until they can figure out who owns the suitcase as he tells Tim that if he should need anything as he’ll be up in the bridge. We can get to the bridge on the second floor of the longue via elevator.

As we talk with Emilia real quick as she’ll try to join you on the investigation after she’s done with what she’s doing currently. When asked about that thing on the news about the mask as it was stolen from an art museum a few months back and reportedly to be very valuable but if this is the real mask what it’s doing here on the ship other than possible other thieves on the ship? If we head upstairs to go to the bridge as we get to the top asking the crew member there if he knows where the elevators to the bridge areas they’re right near them. Once we’re on the bridge talking with the captain to see what he knows about the show since we couldn’t get any tickets to see it. We learn that he doesn’t know much about the shows even though he’s the captain of the ship but the shows are planned by the committee as the owners are the passengers on the ship as everything is privately owned. When we eventually turn the interest to the mask as it’s near Nosepas as its taken a shite to it but learn that whoever has the suitcase was interested in the show apparently.

While we check the suitcase as there’s also a note in there as well as there looks to be a list The Prime Treasure Show – Iced Tea – The Usual Frillish – Umbrellas and Yellow Deck Chairs. The list has been written down by Tim as there’s a ticket for the show. If we try talking to Nosepass as it wants us to be in front of it to talk to it as we take a look at the suitcase as there’s a ticket in there. Now when thinking about what was on the note and if there was anything that stood out but as we think about as the one that did was The Usual Frillish as it’s a good time to try asking the Frillish that you see around.

Head out of the bridge then down the stairs but as you do you’ll run into Emilia and Ethan in the longue as they ask if there’s anything on the show as there wasn’t anything new but had found a note about the Prime Treasure Show. As we continue talking with Ethan and Emilia as Emilia will try looking into it to see if there’s anything she can find. Heading out of the longue as we head to the deck and if we find a Frillish on the ground level of the deck as we try talking to it as it doesn’t know who the “Usual Frillish” is but did have an unusual customer. Learning that the person had tried ordering something that wasn’t on the menu as the person was persistent about it and eventually chased him away as we find out he was trying to order a book of all things. Finding that he’s in one of those chairs and was blue but as we figure out that it meant blue clothes. The only one that has any blue clothes on is the one guy in the chair when we had tried finding out about the show that’s supposed to be going on.

Heading over to the guy in the blue shirt to find out what we can and as we do as he did try ordering a book feeling embarrassed about it now giving up in the end on it. When asked as to why he was trying to order a book as he was trying to blend in like the others on the ship as he saw someone getting a book from a Frillish so he figured how things worked around here. He figured he’d give it a try but didn’t turn out like he hoped and when asked which one gave the book the person as he says he isn’t sure cause they all look the same to him. When asked who received the book as it’s the lady on the other side of the pool with the Cincinno near.

We head over to the lady to ask her about as she denies having a book delivered to her as we mention about someone seeing it happen as she says that the person must’ve seen something else then. Next, the best thing is to talk with the Cincinno and see if we can get anything from them about if there was a book brought over. Talk with the one on the right as we talk to it as we find out that she did receive a book from a Frillish and when asked which Frillish as we find it’s from the one on the second-floor deck. If we talk with the other Cincinno we learn something about counting something with her as we have to wonder what’s going on now.

Head to the other side then up the stairs to find the Frillish as we start talking about it to see what we can gather from it. As we ask it if it’s in charge of delivering books and we get a confirmation that it does but when Pikachu tries getting one from it as we have to order it “properly.” Now we have to bring out the case notes and figure out what this “proper” way has to be as we get to do a puzzle to find out what to do as we take the note about the chairs and umbrellas. Next, we have to figure out as to why for that choice as we take Cincinno’s testimony about counting something while up on the second-floor deck as we have to go to the bend to look out towards the pool to count the umbrellas along with the yellow chairs. Finally the last part of the puzzle is the order sheet for the Frillish with the number of drinks along with how much sugar.

As we get around the middle of the turnaround on the second-floor deck as we look over as we can now go about counting the umbrellas along with the yellow chairs. After we do that head to the Frillish then order the following Iced Tea – Six Sugar Cubes [6] – Quantity of Seven [7] and after placing the order the Frillish will bring a book over to you but when it does we find out it’s some kind of list for an auction. In order to be at the auction have to have a ticket along with being formally dressed. As it turns out it wasn’t a show as it was an auction this whole time. Taking a look at the list as we find Detective Cape – Henry Brothers’ Recipe Book – Mask of Antiquity as one item looks rather familiar as it could be the one in the suitcase as it was supposed to be up for auction apparently but also keep in mind another item that’s on that list. We then learn that R is on there as well and the winning bidder will have exclusive buying rights for it for six months as we have to head back to the bridge about the ticket.

The Missing Mask

Upon arriving back at the bridge to find out the mask had gone missing and the question is to find out how did it go missing. The captain turned his back for a moment and when he looked there again as it was gone as we’ll have to talk with Nosepass to see what we can find out as we learn from Nosepass that it disappeared in the blink of an eye while the captain and Nosepass were the only ones that were there. As we talk with Nosepass more as we learn that the ship had changed direction which made Nosepass take its eyes off the mask for a brief moment and when it got back to face it as it was gone. We later find out there was some water that was splashed onto it when the mask was taken out of its view as there’s no leak anywhere that we know of.

As we talk with the captain as the only people that’s been in there the whole time been him and Nosepass as there have been only three people that came since the incident which included Tim but also two crew members as one was in charge until the captain showed up while the other had a report to bring. As we head out of the bridge and to find the two crew members to get their testimony to find out more about the situation as we learn they should be in the longue.

While we talk to the crew members as we find the one on the left wondering if something happened as we tell him the mask is missing. When asked what he was doing on the bridge as he was steering the ship until the captain came and relieved him of duty as he took over steering the ship. As there was nothing strange that the noticed except for when in the longue when a Pokemon had spilled its juice. Now talking with the other crew member about his testimony as he went to the bridge to take the captain his periodic report and leave after handing it to him as he didn’t notice anything strange but before he finishes he remembered that there was water on the floor when he stepped back out of the bridge. He thinks that the captain could’ve spilled a drink up there. One last thing he’ll mention was someone had asked him when he’ll be going to the bridge again as it turns out the person that asked was Gino.

After the other one’s testimony wondering why Gino would be interested when a crew member would be going to the bridge but the main question is “why would he want to know? The only thing we can think of is that the suitcase could be his and try to get the contents back. If we head over to the right to talk with Ethan if he saw Gino as we find out he was there but went to the deck and figures it’d be almost time to get him as he wanted to interview the captain. If we talk to Emilia before going to the deck about the investigation of R as Ethan said that GNN will cooperate to help solve the case and afterward want to interview Tim.

Once we’re done there and to head to the deck. As we are we run into Rose and her Snubble as they were just heading back to their room but there’s something wrong with Snubble as we find out that it was the Pokemon that had spilled the juice in the longue that we heard from one of the crew members. While Pikachu gets at Snubble about it but finding out that it wasn’t its fault as we find out that was due to something else as something invisible had drunk the juice in front of it. Snubble growled it and at the point, the Pokemon had appeared a bit saying my juice. Another thing we learn it was wet and cold so we have to wonder what’s really going on right now.

Making it out on the deck and near the pool as we see Gino up on the second-floor deck as we head up to him to talk to him. While we talk with Gino as he said he’d try heading to the deck to get out of the longue and while he was he got splashed by a Pokemon so he had decided to head up the second-floor deck to dry off. As we continue talking with him as he tells us that he’s close to re-creating the Henry Brothers’ recipe in hopes to gain the attention of everyone in the world. If we mention about a book with their recipes in it as he said that if such a book existed he wouldn’t be going through all this trouble currently and says that there’s someone that can vouch that he got drenched by the pool after he feels that it’s starting to sound like an interrogation.

As we finish with Gino as we figure the only way that he could get drenched is if he was near the pool as we head on down and heading to the right until we get to the pool as we’ll talk with one of the Pokemon in the pool, Brio. We learn that it had been playing with bubbles as one of them did go towards someone and got them wet but when it was heading in that direction it looks as nothing was in there but after it popped there was a Pokemon that landed in the pool. When asked how that could happen as Brio will give a demonstration of how that could happen. After that happened to try to make sense of it as there’s no way that it could’ve happened unless it was invisible and that’s when it strikes us.

Enter the case notes as we figure out via testimony about the situation as to figure out as to how it got onto the bridge as we use the testimony from the one crew member of the wet floor. As we then figure out how we would know that it’s a Pokemon that can go invisible as we use Snubble’s testimony with its drink. Afterward, find Emilia and look through her notes to see if we can figure out there’s a Pokemon that can go invisible as we look through eventually finding one that does Klecleon as it can go invisible but the downfall is that it can’t hide its zigzag pattern and will reveal itself if surprised.

As everyone is gathered on the bridge as we reveal that the one that stole the mask as it’ll be time to reveal what happened with the mask.

Who stole the mask?

  • Kecleon

Who is the culprit?

  • Gino

What was Gino’s objective?

  • The Secret Auction

Secret Auction/Finding Keith

Ms. Milton’s Room

After solving the case with the mask as it’ll be time for the auction but as we’re in Ms. Milton’s room as Tim wonders how he’d get in wearing just a hoodie as Emilia says she has a dress that she can use to get in. Ms. Milton suggests that maybe her husband’s suit may fit him and if so that’ll be able to use that to get past the whole dress code part. As Emilia is now ready as Tim has the suit worn by Ms. Milton’s late husband as it looks as they’re ready for the auction but there’ll be one more thing, Ms. Milton reveals that she has a little bowtie that Pikachu can wear. When that is done it’ll be time to leave the room to head to where the auction is being held on the ship.

Auction Hall

Upon arriving the Krokoroc try giving Pikachu bit of a hard time on getting past them and into the room as it’s as if they feel suspicious of him. Showing the man the ticket and once that he looks it over as he approves you going in but hands you some masks to put on as if to protect part of your identity while in the room. While entering the room as there’s no sign of Keith just yet as the best thing to do is have a look around before the auction begins and when we do we can find out what we can about anything about it.

If we head on the stage as there’s a guy there as we can ask him about the auction as he explains how the whole auction process to you. We learn that the items up for auction are the ones that were on the list that was given by Frillish as some items are located there as they’re on display so everyone can have a look at any items in which that they may plan of bidding on. When it comes to the ticket as the guy asks to take a look at it and as he does we find out that we have a $90 million budget for the auction.

After talking with the guy on stage as we head to the right as we see a Pokemon hovering around one of the display cases as it’s a Chandelure and finding that it’s admiring the necklace as if it’s attracted to shiny things as we need to get it away from the display case. Talking to Emilia as we ask her and she decides to give Chandelure her earrings as they’re shiny as it takes the earrings then moves away from the display case. Afterward, we see someone with a couple of Cincinno as it could be the same one from the deck and if we talk with the Cincinno as we find out that they are the same ones and if we talk to her as she’s there to bid on the necklace that Chandelure was admiring. As we talk more with her as she mentions that we should try finding out more about the competition during the competition about how they are for the most part. So head over to the other side to find out what you can about the other people as the only items that we’ll be bidding on will be a cape and reciepe book.

After we got the tips from here as there’s a display case not far from there but it was where the mask was going to be but isn’t after solving the case prior to arriving there. On the other side, we’ll find a Detective’s Cape as well as Henry Brothers’ Recipe Book as we scope out the Detective’s Cape first as there’s someone that seems content on wanting it but when we ask the person near him as we find out that.

When it comes time go to Emilia and choose the begin auction so the auction can start as the first item up for grabs is the Detective’s Cape with a starting bid of $10 million. Put in a bid for $13 million as the guy that’s interested in getting it as well will raise it up to $23 million. Now put raise it up to $28 million while the other guy will raise it $10 million by taking it up to $38 million for the total. For your final bid put in $10 million as it’ll take it up to $48 million and at this point more than likely he isn’t going to raise it his bid any higher due to having a $50 million budget as we had discovered. So we’re able to win the detective cape for a whopping $48 million leaving us with $42 million to spend.

Next time up for grabs is the recipe book that Gino was hoping to get his hands on as the opening bid for it is $15 million. Put in a bid to raise it up to $25 million as the lady that’s trying to get it will raise it by $3 milling putting it $28 million and for the next bid put in $10 million to raise it $38 million as you should be able to win the recipe book. We now won both items as Keith should be the next one to appear as we’ll have to get ready for him to make his appearance as Pikachu will have a prompt as he tries on the cape. After that head over to Emilia as she asks if you’re ready as we are ready as we’ll ever be.

Once we are for Keith to come on stage and as he does he’s carrying something as it’s R no doubt but could that be the capsule form that we’ve read about? When he takes the stage as he explains what he has as it’s R, and that it’ll give your Pokemon tremendous power when given to it as it won’t leave any traces after the effects wear off. He then mentions that the incident at Fine Park was caused by R, and when Tim asks if Emilia’s getting it as she is. At that point, Tim will ask Keith a question about if using it to commit crimes without being caught and he confirms that one could do possibly do so as he reveals Keith’s name as Keith will wonder who he is until Tim takes his mask off to reveal who he is.

As we have tried getting the leg up on Keith before he eventually brings out Skorupi to use an attack at Tim, Emilia, and Pikachu as he manages to use that to his advantage of getting out of the room. After that happens and when we can head outside to the longue as we’ll find him there but when we think we can get him now until he uses one of the R capsules on the Krokoroc as it triggers them to go berserk as the cutscene still continues as Tim eventually grabs the fire extinguisher to deal with the Krokoroc as it’ll trigger the usual quick time. After doing so as it looks as Keith is trying to escape again as Pikachu suggests putting him on the handrail and let him slide down and at some point, another quick time will appear so time it right as Pikachu will be able to knock Skorupi off Noivern if you timed it right.

After that Keith will still attempt to get away by hanging on Noivern’s tail and while he does he’ll try getting Skorupi to get on him but as he does Tim will latch onto Keith as Skorupi will fall off Keith landing on the floor as Keith tries getting Tim off of him but is unable to. During that time we’ll get one more quick time for this chapter as we mash the A button to try getting Keith to let go of Noivern and take him down with you to the floor. As we’re on our way to the floor as Chandelaur will fly to grabbing the two of you during the fall as the rest of the chapter will be shown in a cutscene so be sure to watch very closely to know what you may be able to find out for the final chapter of the game.

Chapter Nine: Pokemon Carnival

Meeting up with Baker

Now for the final chapter of the game and to stop R from being released to where the Pokemon will go berserk that’ll be in the parade during the Carnival as we start off with a cutscene but when we’re able to control Tim head until you see Pablo alongside Ludicolo and head up the flight of stairs to the Baker Agency to figure out a plan of action. Once inside the Baker Agency as we got all that we need including a map of the city and anything on the Carnival. As we talk with Baker as he says that it seems reckless but with the results that we’ve got by this point of the game but the results do speak for themselves.

Now we can go ahead to about pinpointing where the culprit plans of releasing R as we then figure out what we know about the release of R during the parade as we deduced that someone at GNN has to be the culprit. We know that the culprit plans of releasing it where there’ll be a lot of Pokemon and people around along with GNN camera to get footage of it happening. As for clues about it as it should be near one of the GNN cameras as we have to figure out exactly around which camera for that to happen as we’ll eventually have to take a look at the map to determine that.

Opening up the case notes with a sketch of the area where the parade will be as there’ll be three groups with cameras in certain locations but as we take a good look at it as it looks as all three will eventually meet in one spot as we go with that camera location at central square as they’re going to be there by 8 pm. Once we have figured that out it’ll be time to get ready to go there as it’s already past seven o’clock as we don’t have much time to find out where it is and put a stop to it being released as it’s time to head to Central Square.

Central Square

Arriving at Central Square with Emilia as we have to find the three spots that R is going to be released from as we have to look hard enough and try to think of areas where they could have them at. Once we’re able to start looking around as the first thing to do is to try asking around about anything. As Emilia will go to GNN and find out what she can as it’s time to split up as we only got thirty minutes before the finale with the parade as we’ll have to start off with the section we’re at now of the square as there are a few people that we can ask about anything that we can use to locate the areas where R’s at.

Starting off with talking with the guy as he’s excited to see Eggecutor with it’s long neck as we learn there’s a flight of stairs near there as another flight of stairs on the other side of the fountain as there is a police officer not too far from where we are. Now when we talk with the lady nearby as she’s excited to give the Pokemon their treats as it’s something that usually happens during the parade handing out treats for the Pokemon taking part in the parade. When we talk with the officer near the lady that we just talked to as she heard about you as the police force is out looking around trying to help out in any way possible.

As we go about making our way down the stairs and the first person that we come to that’ll be on the right as we talk with her as she’s excited and we learn there’ll be a gathering at the end of the parade. Continuing on down the stairs as there should be a spot to the right where we can talk with one of the cameraman as he has to try to get every possible shot of Eggecutor when it arrives in the area. As there’ll be two more that are there for the parade as the guy finds the event to be lively and the lady at the end says that she has to be careful with the food there as trying to make the right healthy choice. As we talk with her we see one of the vendors of the parade there as he says what he serves is delicious but when he hears about GNN he wishes they’d do a story on him. When asked about the treats as every vendor pitches in for the treats for the Pokemon of the parade.

Once we’re done with the one vendor as we head left at the end as we run into Meiko but remember that it can be anyone that’s at GNN so always be careful even though that we have got to know a little bit on Meiko as we need to keep the stuff on R on a low profile for the time being. Trying to make it look like that we’re there just to enjoy the show in front of Meiko in case whoever the culprit is wouldn’t get too nervous if we act casual. Learning Meiko is there and to do reporting as she means it as we can continue after we talked to her. As there’s a vendor next to Meiko as we talk to the person in charge there as he says it’s a great night for a parade and looking forward to it with everyone that’ll be showing up for it. When asked about the treats as we find out that they’ll be picked up around the time that the parade starts at eight o’clock.

One of the last if not the last vendor we can talk to right now serves ice cream as he learns that Tim’s from out of town but when asked about the treats as the person next to him already finished his treats but seemed to be rather odd. Odd as in always seemed to be looking over his shoulder and wearing a bright yellow hat as we may have a description of a suspect in the area dealing with R at this point in time. There’ll be some steps nearby as we head down them and an officer at the bottom of them as we talk to him as he heard about you as they’ve been doing what they can to comb the area for anything like suspects and locations of where R is placed. After we talk with him there’ll be a guy and his daughter nearby as they’ve had an encounter with the guy with the hat as he was rather rude when his daughter asked for a balloon rudely telling her no. As we talk with the girl the guy in question was putting up four balloons at a time and she had asked about a pink one and that’s when he said no.

We head to the next area as we come to the other flight of stars and the first person we see is none other than Brad, as you should remember him from when we had gone to see Waals. Finding out that he’s there to help look for R alongside Manectric as Manectric has the nose on it that should be able to detect R with no problem whatsoever as that’ll be a plus for sure. After talking with Brad as it seemed that he wasn’t as cocky as he was when we met him back on the island as we try to ask anyone else to try to get anything while trying to maintain the low profile.

The first person you come to is really looking forward to it as she enjoys the balloon decorations as there should be at least a couple or so people left to try talking to before we finish on these stairs. Talking with the girl there as she says something about a couple of paths with one that nobody seems to know about. Now when talking to the guy as he’s there for the parade but when he noticed the cops as he initially thought they were there for security but seeing as if they’re looking for something. There’s one more person as he says that there’s more than just the parade as there are the shops too to visit as its best to visit them before it gets crowded.

Once we’re at the top of the stairs as the first guy is from the committee that organized the festival as he thanks you for showing up to it. As we head over to the cameraman as he hopes to get good shots of the Pokemon coming up the stairway and for the balloon vendor that’s near the cameraman as she’s there to see the adorable Pokemon as she got that spot now before it got too busy. By this time Emilia should be back as we can go near the fountain and talk with her as she didn’t see anyone suspicious as she was out within the GNN staff. Telling Emilia as we have some information but need to find out for sure where each of the locations of R is before we can fully continue to end the whole R thing going on.

Time to go over the three kinds of forms of R and where they could be located at starting with the gas form as the gas form could be looking at being in a balloon if you remember about the Fine Park incident with Charizard. Next up the liquid form of R and the only way that can be done would be in the treats that’ll be handed out to the Pokemon after the parade is over but as for the last kind the capsule form that we seen Keith have at the auction but for now we’ll focus on two of the three before thinking about the capsule form.

If we check out the gas form first the location of the balloons that have head down the stairs that you just came from and should be on the right side near where you had talked to the girl about the paths. As we check there as Brad will show up with Manectric to confirm as Manectric confirms it being R related. After the R from there being sniffed out as Roger will appear hearing about R before leaving as he mentioned we better be careful since Pikachu doesn’t know any moves. If I didn’t know any better, that sounds a bit suspicious coming from him as it was never mentioned to him about it.

After he leaves we head to tell Emilia about it as Ethan had shown up for the parade as he needed to have a break from the ordinary and if something happened there’d be a scoop as he tries making a joke the whole scoop thing. Once we talk with him have a talk with Emilia letting her know that we found one of the forms of R and after telling her it’ll be time to look for the next one. Now it’ll be time to move on to the next area where R can be located as we have to look for the liquid one now. As for the liquid form as we’ll have to head to where the ice cream vendor is and it should be to the vendor that’s on the left of where he is as you’re looking at them as Brad and Manectric will come over to confirm it and hoping that the treats from there will be disposed of properly.

Once that we have two of the three down now it’s time to find out about the capsule form if we’re able to but who could have it? Think about the one that we’ve been told about the guy with the yellow hat as we have to try tracking him down and get the capsule R from him. Once that we figure out who has it as the game briefly shows him by the stairs as it turns out that should be the guy that we need to go after as Brad will help out in capturing him as the guy will try going down that one path that the girl had mentioned. Brad will go on the other end to try cutting him off on that end as we’ll have to go to the other side so he’ll be trapped with nowhere to go. Once we got him cornered as Holiday will come to take him away but we then learn about there’s still R but saying that you won’t find it in time.

As we learn that Keith had received orders via phone calls and letters as they came rather regularly than to hire a fourth replacement. When finding out if Holiday found out who the mastermind is as Keith doesn’t know who it was from the orders that had received. As we try seeing if he found anything about Harry as he hasn’t been able to find anything about him yet and for Keith’s motives was simple really that he was getting a good pay from it as it seems t be with some people that they can be easily bought if having enough money to flash at them. Finally, Holiday will have you help in finding the last location of R and take care of it so none of it reaches the Pokemon in the parade. After talking with Holiday as it seemed that Keith had decide to leave us with parting gift as we try to figure out where to check as there could be only one possible location, somewhere in the central square as we head up and ran into Emilia as we tell her there’s one form of R still out there after finding what we thought was only three.

Once we’re able to look around as the last location of R is in the Clock Tower as we only have ten minutes left to see for sure and as we get there as Emilia will come over as we head inside to confirm that it is there in big quantity. As Emilia will go find Mr. Holiday as we’ll find a way to stop the machine from spreading R as we take a look at it and after taking a good look as we find what looks to be the control panel as we get it open mashing the A button then now to disarm we’ll have to unscrew the panel then finally time to pull the cord out by mashing the A button again of it as a timer will begin. To stop the countdown press the red button and hit the buttons in the order that they flash as you’ll have to do this with the number of times that you have to do so before we’re able to stop it for sure or so we think.

For the final thought as there was one time where Tim nearly got hurt badly as we have to choose of six times that we have to choose from as we go with the time that the cameras nearly dropped on him from the incident at GNN that was set up by Keith. As for the next part was that he had received orders by either phone or letter. For the people that knew that we were going to head to GNN were Emilia – Meiko – Roger as for that it would have to be Roger as if you remember what he said about Pikachu not being able to use any moves as Keith was the only other person that had known prior.

Just when we figured it out here comes Roger with Emilia as he caught her leaving as he got there as he’ll then try doing what he can to get R to spread by using the failsafe that the had installed just in case something like this happened. He tries getting Tim to turn the valves but as that is going on as he tries as there’ll be a couple of times to try stalling while Pikachu eventually goes out of sight of Roger. When Roger has been distracted long enough Pikachu will jump down at Roger and not long afterward Roger called in Noivern with R in it as the new and improved R allows the person to have control of the Pokemon with R in it. As he has Noivern attacks to try releasing R that way and at some point, Pikachu will finally be able to use Thunderbolt as this will be the last button mashing that you’ll have to do with the A button. Once that is over then it’ll be time to watch the ending as I will not spoil it for anyone as you can watch it for yourself.

Pika Prompts

Chapter One
CheckPika PromptRequireement
[__]Pika PromptsNone
[__]A Trace of the CulpritNone
[__]A Trace of AipomNone
[__]The Ketchup StainsBe near Ketchup Print
[__]Imagine if you’re the victimBe near the unconscious Aipom
[__]Who’s the Owner of the Black FeatherCollected the Black Feather
[__]The Soccer BallBe near Scraggy
[__]We Can Always TalkNone
[__]Inside the Trash CanBe near the trashcan in eastern part area
[__]A Coffee SaleBe by the Cafe
[__]Aipom’s MischiefBe around Aipom
[__]A Fletching HatBe around Amanda & Fletchling
Chapter Two
CheckPika PromptRequirement
[__]Case DocumentsNone
[__]How Far is the Exit?Be under the gap in the cave
[__]Drifting DrifloonBe around Driftloom
[__]The Place Where The Wind BlowsRestore Glalie
[__]The Water in the CaveBe by the river
[__]EchoesFreeze the river and be on the ice
[__]Careless on the IceFreeze the river and be on the ice
Chapter Three
CheckPika PromptRequirement
[__]What’s Your Name?Talk to Pikachu outside of PCL
[__]A Troubled PikachuTalk to Pikachu outside of PCL
[__]Fridge’s RoomBe in Fridge’s Lab
[__]Garbodor’s StenchBe in Fridge’s Lab
[__]The Garbordor MachineBe by the Garbodor machine
[__]Intensly Spicy CakeNone
[__]Sour CakeNone
[__]Looking for the VialBe in the Hallway
[__]Pikachu Came Running Out!Be in the Courtyard
[__]Fennekin’s Favorite FoodBe in the Courtyard
[__]Shuckle’s ObservartionsBe around Shuckle
[__]Looking for the keyBe around Klefki
[__]Wallace’s RoomBe in Wallace’s Lab
[__]A Glance from MinccinoBe in Dorothy’s Office
[__]No Need to Stick AroundBe in the Courtyard after Treveant went berserk
[__]A Cold RoomBe in the Library
[__]Sad CreaturesBe in the Courtyard after Treveant went berserk
[__]How to Catch GengarDetermine Gengar’s involvement
Chapter Four
CheckPika PromptRequirement
[__]Accelgor and the DoughnutBe around Accelgor
[__]Ludicolo’s Dance MovesBe around Ludicolo
[__]Flight of the WingullBe around Wingull
[__]Louise’s scentBe around Spritzee
[__]Lovely LocaleNone
[__]Scent of a PotionBe in Waals’ room
[__]Manectric StaredownBe next to Manectric
[__]Tropius’s FruitBe around Tropius
[__]Sticky ShellosBe around Shellos
[__]Grown-Up ProblemsAfter Brad makes deductions
[__]Manectric and the Flying DiscBe around Manectric when trying to prove Waals’ innocence
[__]Feeba’s EvolutionBe around Milotic after it evolves from Feebas
Chapter Five
CheckPika PromptRequirement
[__]Waiting Out the RainNone
[__]Coffee CupBe around the coffee ride
[__]Pokemon foodBe around the Pokemon food in the south west
[__]The One That Matches the DoughnutBe around the doughnut sign
[__]Comparing Voices with LoudredBe around Loudred
[__]PortraitCheer Up Smeargle
[__]The Stufful DisconnectBefriend Stufful
[__]Gashes on the WallBe around the Ferris Wheel
[__]The Ferris WheelBe around the Ferris Wheel
[__]What’s Stuck to it?Hunt for Joltik
[__]The CannonRescue Buneary and be around the cannon
Chapter Six
CheckPika PromptRequirement
[__]Even if I Become a TV Star…Be outside the GNN building
[__]HootHoot’s FeetBe around HootHoot in the sound room
[__]Dancing with KricketuneBe around Kricketune
[__]Who’s in the Mirror?Be in the dressing room
[__]Carina’s VoiceBe around Chatot
[__]Drink ServerBe around the vending machine in hall
[__]What’s inside Mimikyu’s DisguiseBe around Mimikyu
[__]Purugly’s WhereaboutsBe around Purugly
[__]Pikachu’s PosesBe in the studio
[__]Don’t DillydallyBe in the hallway during investigation
[__]Just a Little MoreBe in the hallway during investigation
[__]A Chance to Show Our SkillsBe in the hallway during investigation
Chapter Seven
CheckPika PromptRequirement
[__]The FrieighterStand near the frieighter
[__]The CraneStand near the crane
[__]The Man at the PortNone
[__]Infiltrate and InvestigateBe on top floor of warehouse
[__]The Conveyor BeltStand near conveyor belt
[__]Machomp’s MisunderstandingNone
[__]Pansage’s LeavesStand near Pansage
[__]Mewtwo’s CallsBe in Simon’s laboratory [Warehouse]
[__]A Shard of MemoryBe in Simon’s laboratory [Warehouse]
Chapter Eight
CheckPika PromptRequirement
[__]ContainersBe by the container
[__]Deck ChairsFind a chair on the deck of the boat
[__]A Cup at the Caf�Be in the lounge
[__]How about The Piano Skills?Be by the piano in the lounge
[__]Krokorok SecurityBe by Krokorok
[__]The OneTalk to Pikachu after meeting with Emilia
[__]A Glance from CincinnoBe near Cincinno
[__]Nosepass Faces NorthBe near Nosepass on the bridge
[__]Mythical CoffeeObtain auction list
[__]The NecklaceGet ready for auction
[__]Chandelure’s FlamesBe around Chandelure in the auction room
[__]A New CapeWin the Detecive Cape at auction
Chapter Nine
CheckPika PromptRequirement
[__]Rush to the AgencyNone
[__]Pikachu’s ResolveBe near Ludicolo
[__]Where’s the Scene of the Crime?None
[__]Find the R Dispersing MachinesNone
[__]The Clock TowerBe near the Clock Tower
[__]Do Your Best!None
[__]Calm DownNone
[__]Who’s the Mastermind?Find Keith’s accomplices
[__]The first R Dispersing MachineFind the first R Dispersing Machine
[__]The second R Dispersing MachineFind the second R Dispersing Machine
[__]The third R Dispersing MachineFind the third R Dispersing Machine
Coffee Notes
CheckPika PromptRequirement
[__]Detective Coffee Note #7None
[__]Detective Coffee Note #8None
[__]Detective Coffee Note #13None
[__]Detective Coffee Note #16None
[__]Detective Coffee Note #21None
[__]Detective Coffee Note #22None
[__]Detective Coffee Note #29None
[__]Detective Coffee Note #30None
Detective Tips
CheckPika PromptRequirement
[__]Detective Tip #1None
[__]Detective Tip #2None
[__]Detective Tip #4None
[__]Detective Tip #5None
[__]Detective Tip #8None
[__]Detective Tip #11None
[__]Detective Tip #12None
[__]Detective Tip #15None
[__]Detective Tip #17None
[__]Detective Tip #24None
[__]Detective Tip #28None
[__]Detective Tip #33None
[__]Detective Tip #34None
[__]Detective Tip #45None
[__]Detective Tip #48None
General Pika Prompts
CheckPika PromptRequirement
[__]Hey NowNone
[__]Contents Of Your NotesNone
[__]Top-Notch StaminaNone
[__]Aerobics with PikachuNone
[__]Know How To FallNone
[__]Gear MaintenceNone
[__]Leaving the Interrogation to MeNone
[__]Begging for CoffeeNone
[__]The Mystery of PikachuProtect Emilia from Glalie
[__]Steady EffortNone
[__]A Busy FellowNone
[__]Let’s Talk MoreNone
[__]Try Your LuckNone
[__]Break TimeNone
[__]Slow ReflexesMiss multiple button prompts
[__]Cover Me!Don’t miss any button prompts
[__]Pikachu’s TeachingsNone
[__]A Bolt of…?None
[__]Quick AttackProtect Emilia from Glalie
[__]Iron TailProtect Emilia from Glalie
[__]FlyProtect Emilia from Glalie
[__]ThunderboltProtect Emilia from Glalie
[__]Double TeamProtect Emilia from Glalie
[__]SurfBe by the pool
[__]The Nature of a Great DetectiveNone
[__]First ImpressionNone
Credit by Stephen “Warhawk” Harris